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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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a man with suction cups just arrested for climbing the trump tower. he made it nearly 20 floors up the building. finally, just before "on the record" he was pulled inside the window in a moment donald trump, he will join us. first, fox news correspondent bryan llenas is live at trump tower. brian, what happened? >> hi, greta. can you hear me? we are on the north side right now of the tower. left side fifth avenue. around 3:30. a man, a climber divide to do climb the southeast corner of donald trump tower here on fifth avenue, new york city. as he was climbing over the hour, the nypd went in and they essentially what they tried to do is break through a window to try to catch him
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and corner him as he was climbing the southeast side of the building. as he was doing that the police missed him in that hole. so he continue to do climb up. so what happened was over the course of a few hours, hundreds of people stood on the streets here watching, looking, ewing and you aing aweing. the police took out fully two windows on the southeast side so they could corner him on that corner. once they cornered him using those two window holes and they also used a -- it was a window washer, they cornered him on three sides and brought him in through the window and dragged him. in we are waiting for him to come out of trump tower. it's going to be a perp walk essentially. just carried out his equipment. he is now about to be brought out of trump tower as we are speaking right
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now. again, this was a three hour fair. began 3:30 began to climb on the south side of the tower. coming out right now on the south side of the fifth avenue. this ended about 6:30 in the police finally cornered him on southeast side. they took out two full windows and used kind of a -- what the police would use -- people would use to wash the glasses on these buildings and trapped him in that corner and brought him in afterour fair. right now we are waiting for him to be brought out. nypd here. hundreds of people on the street on fifth avenue. traffic has been stopped here on fifth avenue completely. you have got people here who are still using iphone. people facebook living and taking photos. this was the scene for three hours here as people were again, ewing and aweing and trying to see him. he was using suction cups as he was climbing the southeast side of the building. at one point one of the suction cups fell and he kept on climbing. he did not stop. finally they cornered him. we are about to see him now
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come out of building after they apprehended him. here is he coming out right now on a stretcher. you see him there. and there you go. >> here he comes. we are on a little bit of a delay. that's why. we are just seeing it now. there he is on a stretcher coming out of the building. >> why is he on a stretcher? >> that's a great question. when we saw him being brought in, he was brought in by two police officers and at that point we didn't see that he was injured. i mean, maybe they brought him in with such force. obviously the police did not want him to fall. they had inflatable matts on the ground for him just in case he did fall. they brought him in with a pretty strong force. two police officers grand him one from the our body and leg and dragged him in to the building so perhaps maybe from just the impact of being thrown in on the ground, again, speculative but they brought him in really quickly. they didn't want to take a
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chance by essentially grabbing him and not grabbing him correctly essentially falling. so that's what we are doing with now. so that's essentially why we think he may be on a stretcher. he never fell. we didn't see anything in which he fell or anything like that. greta. >> brian, thank you. and, of course, as we learn more about who this climber is, we will bring it to you right here "on the record." now to donald trump. well, is he not apologizing and no, he won't be changing his ways on how he responds to controversy. and today he is knocking the mainstream media for twisting his words and using it against him. in moments former speaker newt gingrich is here. but, first, donald trump "on the record" and responding to the outcry over his comments that second amendment people need to stop secretary hillary clinton from winning the white house and appointing supreme court justices. >> you are getting a little heat over this second amendment comment that you made. and, in fact, senator elizabeth warren who is a supporter of secretary clinton tweeted real donald trump, that's your twitter handle makes death threats because is he a pathetic
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coward who can't handle the fact that he is losing to a girl. your response to that? >> well, look, you know what i think of her. she is not much, believe me, not much. and a lot of other people. she has been a totally ineffective senator. everyone knows it. i will say this. what i said was absolutely, everybody was there. they heard it. they thought it was fine. rudy giuliani actually was there he defended it this morning and said it was absolutely fine. what we are talking about is political power. tremendous political power to save the second amendment. tremendous. you look at the power they have in terms of votes. that's what i was referring to. obviously that's what i was referring to. everybody knows it. i have to tell you the the nra came out. >> speaker ryan thought it was just a bad joke. what you are saying this was intentional statement about the power of the second
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amendment advocates? is that what you are saying? >> speaker ryan didn't see it because i think they just asked him about it he didn't know about it. they just said well maybe, hook, this is showing the power that people have for the second amendment. they -- there is a lot of power for the second amendment. they want to be able to keep their guns. they don't want them taken away. hillary clinton wants to have the guns taken away. you look at what her agenda is. and if she starts appointing judges and other things that she wants to do, she is very much against guns. and i'm a very pro-second amendment person. and there are a lot of people that agree with me. and, frankly, if you look at all of the comments this morning. the comments have been tremendous on that statement. it's really awaken people having to do with the second amendment and the voting power they have. it's a block. it's tremendous. the nra came out with very positive statements last night and this morning. now, people want the second amendment protected. it's very important. and they have a lot of power in doing it. voting power. >> now former speaker of the
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house newt gingrich is here to go "on the record." nice to see you, mr. speaker. >> food to be with you. >> of course he pivoted to the nra issue and the second amendment. what he is getting heat for is the second amendment and his remarks about secretary clinton. >> such garbage it's unbelievable. of course what happens is a reporter rubs up to paul ryan, gives him the reporter's version and given the reporter's version ryan responds. everyone republican should eleven this will be the most decisively one sided news coverage in american history. and that you assume every day that people are going to take trump on and going to try to distort what he said. i saw what he said, i read what he said. i thought the coverage the first couple of hours was absurdity and then, of course, they spent the last 24 hours on it by the way, you look at what strickland said which is clear on tape and in which he said to a huge audience about being
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happy that scalia died. >> to be fair and balanced here is what happened in 2008 when secretary clinton was running against then senator obama for the nomination and this is what she said. >> my husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the california primary somewhere in the middle of june, right? we all remember bobby kennedy was assassinated in june in california. >> ouch. she got a lot of heat then because the implication was that she should stay in the race in case senator obama were assassinated. >> i suspect she was in a stream of consciousness memory. i don't think she was suggesting that barack obama was going to get asass sib sib -- assassinated? >> we all jump on it. >> this is the year they are going to jump 80 or 90% on donald trump and 5% or 10% of the time on hillary clinton. we have to understand that's the business we are going to be in for the next couple of days. >> let's bring in then
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senator now president obama, today john kess a columnist with the chicago tribune tweeted this, obama also joked about rubbing out his opponents the chicago way. bring a knife to the fight we bring a gun. obama philly, 2008. they all say it they all do it. as long as we don't talk about chicago for one second, nine people were killed in chicago on monday. this president has had over 3400 people killed in his hometown since he was sworn in. more than we have lost in iraq and afghanistan in the same period nobody talks about it. hillary clinton's birthplace. she was born in chicago. nobody says we have to find fundal mental change. this is about real killings not rhetorical language. >> a story we reported on gang snipers want to kill a cop in chicago. mr. speaker do not go away because we have more with you. right now, everything that you haven't seen in our interview with donald trump, here it is.
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>> >> they're talking about coal mining and we're talking about the miners being put out of business and totally put out of business. as you saw hillary wants to put them out of business. wants to put the mines out of business. wants to put a lot of things out of business. we're not going to let it happen. so, we have a lot of mining equipment behind us and around us we have a hot of equipment not being used because the mines are in very bad shape. >> i know the criticism of secretary clinton about mining. it erupted, i think, in march. but back in november she did put forward an energy program that i think -- i think perhaps more people might have thought it was not so anti-miners. she did have a program. i'm curious for you. do you have any sort of concerns about the environmental impact of mining and do you have any concerns about the danger to the miners who work down below in these mining -- in these mines. >> the miners want to work. they want to do it.
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that's what they love. i asked them in west virginia where we had such tremendous turnout and tremendous returns. i spoke with the miners, that's what they love to do. and the safety now is really, you know, they have really brought it to a new level. it's really wonderful from that standpoint. that's what they want to do. they want to be miners. and clinton said not so long ago, you know a few months ago, she wants to put the miners, she wants to put the mines out of business. it's ridiculous. she tried to retract it. it was a little bit late. if you remember, she was sitting around the table with a beautiful mining family, a man who is a miner. and she was not very successful. she certainly was not very successful in west virginia. that, i can tell you. no, she is looking to put them out of business. there is no question about it. >> i know the miners are very unhappy with her but on a broader perspective, in a trump presidency, would you be focusing on other alternative forms of energy as well? i'm wonder are, sir, what your short program is on
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this. >> all forms, yeah. all forms of energy. i want everything. i mean, frankly, you know, clean coal is really a new thing that really does work. and you look at china, what they're doing with coal. they are using coal and i doubt they are cloning it. in fact, they are not cleaning it. but they have technology now that's wonderful. we're just not being able to use it we are having a tremendous hard time with the environmental protection agencies and all federal -- federal government is putting a lot of different kinds of industries out of business. but, in particular, when you get to energy and the coal and even natural gas is having tremendous problems, we could be energy independent. energy independent within a very short period of time. they won't let that happen. >> all right, george p. bush, the son of governor jeb bush has endorsed you. and that is -- a member of the bush family. at the same time maine republican senator susan collins says she is not going to vote for you. tell me your thoughts.
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you are getting some republicans inside the tent but some republicans are leaving the tent. >> well, i'm very honored by george p. bush. i thought that was really terrific. i saw it. and i watched the statement. i thought it was really terrific. i don't know susan collins at all. i know nothing. you know, i don't know anything about her. but she came out, but, you know, people don't talk about all the people that are supporting me. we have tremendous support in congress. we have tremendous support in the senate. jeff sessions as an example. i mean, we have tremendous support in the senate and frankly, you look at the polls the way they are tightening up, people are starting to get it and then you look at what's going on with hillary, with selling government and all of the things come out today on the front page of the papers and what she is doing pay for play and pay for play and all of the different things and they name it different -- you know, all of the different things she's doing. i'm telling you it's starting to come out. look at the way the polls are tightening up.
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they are tightening up very fast. i think a place like virginia where i am now or a place likes a an example pennsylvania, i think pennsylvania is going to be very strong for us. now, she is spending tremendous numbers of dollars, i mean tremendous amounts of money on ads. like i just got here and they say ads are all over the place and i haven't done that yet. we will be doing it but we haven't done it yet. we have been very successful in raising money from small donors. $61 a shot. last month we raised $82 million. we haven't done it yet. but i will say this. i think we're doing very well and we have a long way to go. >> all right. let me turn to the debates and they're just being set up. i mean, they are being arranged. i happen to like sort of the concept of the lincoln-douglass debates where there is no moderator. that's just me. i'm curious, do you have any sort of thoughts on how it can be -- the debates can be more effectively done for the american voter? how would you like to see them done? >> well, i just like to see
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a fair moderator. that's all i'm looking for. we have a lot of unfair people treating us as republican and as conservatives. if you are a republican and conservative, you get very unfair treatment. look at what the "new york times" said the other day, they practically admitted it i have never seen anything like that. they practically admitted it. you look at the unfair treatment by the media, it's incredible. the good news is people understand that people know it's unfair. and i think that maybe we'll reverberate and see what happens. no, i want to do the did he baits. i did very well in the other debates. obviously, otherwise, i wouldn't be sitting here. think we are going to have very good debates. i do think this. i don't think they should put them opposite nfl games because i think that's really unfair to do that. and, you know, i probably hillary clinton would like that. but, i don't think they should be opposite nfl games and i want to see a fair moderator and whatever else we'll look at. certainly i want to do the debates. >> all right. what about the format and what about selecting the
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moderators? i mean, what's sort of the impact? what are your thoughts on that? are you dealing with the debate commission now? any part of this? >> we have just started. in fact, i think rudy giuliani will be working with them. and paul and a couple of my people. but rudy will be very much involved in terms of that. i think we should have them similar maybe to what we did with the republican debates except there will be two people instead of ultimately there were 17, i guess. in the end we had 17 people we started. we actually had two stages. we don't have to worry with that. but i think that debates between the two of us would be very good. i think it would be very interesting. i think it's going to be very revealing for the republic. i look forward to it. something like we had with the republican debates or with the democratic debates. those debates they had hillary and they had bernie and they were standing up, talking, and i think that's probably about as good as you are going to do. you want to have a fair
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moderator. that's all. >> you mentioned the swing state polls and i looked at the quinnipiac polls. it's close in florida and ohio, which of course is very important to the republican ticket. pennsylvania not so much. the one i saw was about a 10-point difference. what is -- do you have a ground game? you have already gotten started on that? what are the plans there? >> we do. and i think we're going to do very well in pennsylvania. i was a little surprise to do see a 10 point gap in ohio. we're doing well in florida, we're doing well. but we haven't really started yet. we haven't started any adds. she is spending a fortune on ads. i literally came to virginia and said all you see on here are ads. ads are false ads. ads absolutely in many cases. many of the things they say are absolutely false. not 100 percent but much of it. and i will say that i think that's disgraceful and they know it's false. putting on ads where they know some of the things that they are saying are wrong but they put them on anyway. we haven't started that process yet and we will be starting it pretty soon.
4:18 pm
i think pennsylvania with the mines, with the coal miners, with the steel workers and how poorly those elements of business are doing and, you know, i think we are going to do very well in pennsylvania. i was a little surprised. now, pennsylvania hasn't been won by the republicans for quite a while, but i think we are going to win pennsylvania. i think we are going to win pennsylvania easily. hillary, again, you have a lot of miners in pennsylvania. you have a lot of steel workers in pennsylvania. look at what's happened to steel production in pennsylvania. look at what's happened with the mines of pennsylvania. they're really becoming nonexistent. and she is totally against them. i think we are going to do well in pennsylvania and all over the state not just with the two industries i talked about. >> you have never run for office before. this is the first race have you ever run. what has surprised you the most to date about the process? >> how smart the people of this country are because they are reading false
4:19 pm
anywherives and reading false newspaper articles and seeing things on television. i mean, really biased reporting. and here i am. i'm sitting here in a very close race what will be and what already is shaping up to be a very close race. the people are so smart. they get it. they really get it. and they are seeing it more and more. and i think they are going to get -- i think they are going to get a great lesson. it's not a fair situation. it's a rigged situation. in a certain way it's rigged by the media, if you think about it. now the other day in north carolina i was there yesterday, and we had amazing crowds in north carolina as you probably noticed. but we were talking about voter i.d., voter i.d. was -- seems to be eliminated in north carolina. i think that's, you know, very unfortunate. voter i.d. that means -- does that mean that anybody can just go and walk in and vote? that's very unfair. that's very unfair. so, we'll be working on that situation with the governor of north carolina who is, i think, going to be asking for a stay. but, when you see that you don't need identification to go in and vote or proper
4:20 pm
identification to go in and vote, a lot of states fortunately have been upholding it. in the case of north carolina, they didn't. so, that's a problem. but, look, you know, when i look at the media, how one-sided it is, how biased it is, it's incredible. i mean, it's incredible. >> donald, thank you very much for joining us. and i hope secretary clinton joins us as well. we have invitations out for her to join us as well to talk about these issues. >> thank you very much. >> and hollywood actor john voight backing up donald trump. >> what are your thoughts about the comments trump made today or the other day about assassinations, possible assassilinton? >> all these things are being blown way out of proportion. >> wait until you hear what else the actor said. that's coming up. also more with speaker newt gingrich. plus are the eerily similar murders of two young women in two different states connected? ted williams is investigating. that's coming up.
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one democratic senate candidate in a key swing state also finding himself in hot water. former democratic ohio governor ted strickland is running for the u.s. senate in ohio and now an audio recording capturing strickland making a joke about the death of late supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> my friends, a lot of average citizens out there don't understand the importance of that court. i mean, the death of scalia saved labor from a terrible decision. [ applause ] and i don't wish anyone
4:25 pm
will. [ laughter ] but it happened at a good time. >> speaker gingrich is back and i should add that since then strickland has said it was insensitive remark and i apologize. >> that was nice of him. but he said it to an entire labor audience and you could hear people laughing about scalia's death. it's just unfortunate. i mean, it's, again, how partisan we have become. how polarized we have become' that strickland could even think of that. >> well, i went into his twitter account and this was what troubled me is that in reference to the trump comment about the second amendment this is what he tweeted. this is ted: this is beyond any decency. trump just suggested that someone should shoot hillary clinton, absolutely disgusting. so, he finds that absolutely disgusting but he finds laughing at the death of someone else as funny. >> this is also greta, this is also a good illustration. there is nothing in what donald trump said that
4:26 pm
suggested shooting hillary clinton. what he just did and see democrats all over the country do. this take a trump statement leap out to hear and condemn this thing out here that was not in trump's statement. >> this is what secretary clinton said in part today. she said let me say something that i think is critical difference between my opponent and myself. words matter, my friends. so, i am interest to do see what she says about the words of the senate candidate strickland in a key swing state that could shift the power in the senate. >> you were very good at keeping people calm and reasonable in this show. i'm going to try to respond in a calm and reasonable way. >> for a candidate who is a liar, who lies about lying who as recently as this morning had emails revealed indicating that they were selling the secretary of state's offices in order to raise money for her to say words matter is bizarre. i mean, she has done nothing all year except lie. how could she possibly think
4:27 pm
words matter if she doesn't use any words that are honest? >> can i just say one thing? everybody hates lawyers. but lawyers -- i mean, we don't hold a candle to this kind of stuff. we're saying things about each other both ways. and they always get caught. all the politicians get caught because we have cameras, we have tweets. we have everything. >> right, that's crazy. >> mr. speaker, thank you. brand new problems for secretary hillary clinton. you guessed right. it has to do with those emails. that's next.
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actor john voight coming to donald trump's defense. the actor telling tmz that people are distorting what trump said about the second amendment. >> what are your thoughts about the comments trump made today or the other day about assassinations, possible assassination of hillary clinton? >> all of these things are being blown way out of proportion. people are trying to make him look foolish. is he a terrific guy. i know him personally. he has a good sense of humor. he is off the cuff. he is a lot of fun, just like we are today. just like that. >> do you think that that statement is irresponsible for anyone to make, to joke about assassinating? >> first of all, you are using that word. he didn't say that word. don't do that. don't distort what he said. >> his exact quote was. >> is he fooling around. listen, is he fooling around just like you sometimes fool around if you have a sense around. >> always fool around. >> get in a lot of trouble if people want to distort your words. that's what he goes through all the time every time. >> should he clarify and
4:32 pm
come out and apologize? >> look. he is being attacked continuously. they are taking apart everything he does. he made a wonderful speech yesterday. >> yeah. >> everybody should sit down and listen to that speech because it's full of substance and tells you what the problems are and tells you how to handle those problems. >> do you think dog whistle politics to say second amendment people might know how to -- >> -- i don't know where you get these words but you are on the other side. put that thing down and listen. >> the "on the record" political panel is here from the "boston globe" tracy jane and "weekly standard" kristin. back in 2008 we played sound both. rfk a reference to reference then senator obama would get shot. we hammered her unmerciful in the media now this donald trump sound bite. is john voight right we are making too much out of this.
4:33 pm
>> supporters are not going to be affected at all. the biggest damage is that it draws attention away from hillary clinton and her many shoit combings. she should be having a bad week with all the release of the emails. that's what donald trump should be focusing on not recovering from this. >> chris? >> this is one of those things where i would say two points. number one, it's probably a good thing that their campaign's message coming out of this has been uniform. if you remember the khan family controversy deals that carried on for 96 hours in the weak of this now. trump and his campaign surrogates are all been on the same page. the yra is out dropping $3 million for him that's been a good thing for his campaign. king of ambiguity with some of these staples. we heard him say he wants to hit back hard at bloomberg. is he rhetorical? that's a lot of stuff we see on the campaign trail. >> so many campaign issues. i am guilty of this too. i asked him about this too. he is in west virginia and virginia tonight and actually florida as well
4:34 pm
tonight. is he all over. things like energy, coal, the whole issue what should we do about coal miners? what about the environment and alternative energy? we never in the media get to those things where we are too busy saying some of the weird stuff or. >> or covering the weird stuff is he saying. is he distracting from his own message. that's a day ago he was giving a great economic plan and getting his campaign back on course and now we are talking about whether what he meant was the second amendment. >> that's one the things modern media cycle. we are all guilty of it to a certain extent. what drives web traffic? what's the thing that get the attention of people's eyes? sometimes it's this outrageous stuff on the campaign trail to which we have become accustomed. you see people across the country the ones driving donald trump's campaign disaffected because they are angry about the economy and frustrated about wages and these are the things we don't get to. >> the debates are coming up soon and we don't know exactly what the format will be. i'm all in favor of the lincoln-douglass where there
4:35 pm
is no moderators so we basically put a camera on them. i think the debates will be the best chance for the voters to make a decision -- those undecided. a lot of people have dug their heels in. people won't change their mind no matter about clinton or trump. where they can see them side by side. >> definitely must see tv. >> do you expect bad behavior? >> what do you mean by bad? >> you know what i mean. do you expect that these two candidates when they get up on the stage are going to be slinging insults at each other and taking the bait from each other do you expect them to be talking about policy and telling them what direction they are going to take the country if elected? >> probably follow the tone of the campaign so far certainly going to be personal attacks with squeezing in policy. >> yeah. and it's one of those things, too. where donald trump has been stirring for this fight to a certain extent. he understands that both of them are in the mud right now when it comes to unfavorable ratings. and right now it's kind of a contest hough is driving the other a little bit lower. he has been stirring for these fights to get on the
4:36 pm
debate stage with them. we heard about maybe donald trump doesn't want to have these sorts of debates. the polls hold struggling as we get closer to october, is he going to want to have that opportunity to mix it up out in the debate stage. >> swing states all important states. ohio is so close. and then now you have got senate candidate strickland making that comment about justice scalia: well, this is a fox news alert. new york police department giving a news conference about the man just arrested climbing trump tower. let's listen. >> everybody up? yep. hold on. good evening, everybody, i'm chief william morris, i'm the chief of mid-atlantic south. -- manhattan south. i will give you information about the incident today. about 3:30 this afternoon we received a 911 call for a male who was scaling the
4:37 pm
outside glass here at the trump tower. the address is 725 fifth avenue. responding units from midtown north came and they observed a male on the outside of the atrium, which is approximately the fourth floor of this location. the responding unit secured the interior of the trump towers, walking with private security here. then also utilizing additional resources for patrol. the ambulance response group and critical response command and also including traffic management center. we extended our perimeter beyond the building to the outside area and vincent. once we stabilized that perimeter, we requested the fire department and the emergency service unit, emergency service unit under command of chief took command of the scene tactical and commenced operations. >> responding, we got it as
4:38 pm
a jumper, somebody attempted to jump from the building. personnel responded, first contact was on the fifth floor of the eight -- atrium. we were able to establish some type of dialogue. we then three jumper airbags and numerous amount of equipment. the individual continued to ascend and vertical and horizontal. at which time what we tried to do is isolate and contain him to a point where would give us a tactical advantage to take him into custody. we want to do proceed slow. we didn't want to individual's right to fall. we want to do do the most safe manner as possible. it came up to a point where we came up with a very good plan with the emergency service personnel on the to do remove some of the glass and, again, try to prevent him from ascending any further up. we had some assistance from
4:39 pm
some -- brought to the scene. removing panes of glass. removing issue on the side of the building. 54th floor down. isolate him to ain't to where he no longer had the advantage of ascending. once we removed the panes of glass and he got to a point where his only way to ascend was to go pretty much through -- probably 2 feet pane of glass between the scaffolding and the officers that were at the window on the 21st floor. we pretty much advised him that putting his section cups and all weight on that window would possibly cause it to crack. that information was very influential in providing that information to us. once he proceed to do pretty much ignore that and tried to ascend, detective williams and detective
4:40 pm
walker found the opportune moment to tactically take advantage of that opportunity and bring the individual safely into the window. lieutenant ranking supervisor at the location as well as inspector gal vin and inspector finnegan who were coordinating me on the 21st floor. so, again, we had a real good plan between ground operations and tactical operations on the where the individual was climbing to take that person into custody in the safe and most efficient manner as possible. >> chief -- chief of manhattan detectives. this individual is a 20-year-old individual from virginia. he came up here yesterday. is he staying at a local hotel. what he explain to do us is that he wanted a personal meeting with mr. trump and he posted a youtube video on tuesday. that youtube video explains that he is an independent
4:41 pm
researcher and he wanted to meet with him. and that's the reason why he was climbing this building. at no time did he express that he want to do hurt anybody. his sole intention was to meet with mr. trump. it took three hours to get him in custody and upon getting him in custody he explained the same thing that he wanted trump -- mr. trump's attention and he wanted a meeting with him. >> any questions? we're taking questions. >> what was in the backpack? >> in the backpack were -- what we got from him were the five suction cups. we have identification that we recovered from him, his various identifications. he was explaining that he previously went by one name and now he goes by a different name. we're researching that. we are looking into that. it's part of the investigation. >> where was he taken? >> what's that? >> where was he taken? >> is he taken to bellevue hospital. is he going to be psychologically evaluated and placed under arrest. we are working with the manhattan district attorney's office to
4:42 pm
determine the appropriate charges. [inaudible] >> i'm sorry, what? >> [inaudible] >> we're looking into that. the suction cups could have -- he could have gotten them from any mountain climbing type facility, a store. so, that's part of the investigation. we're going to look into all of that. >> where was the secret service during all of this? >> during the course of the operation we were in the consultation with the secret service. >> was the building so secure -- how did the guy even get close to being able to climb up? >> that matter is under investigation at this point. >> [inaudible] can we talk to the detectives? >> we have the rescuing officers. >> we were in consultation with the secret service throughout this operation.
4:43 pm
i would refer that question to the secret service. >> can we talk some about the moment you brought him in, what you were waiting for, the situation you were waiting for and how it presented itself? >> the chief can speak about when the decision was made and then he will have the two officers. >> that will be great. >> basically was conversation that was said he want to do climb to the top so that he could talk to mr. trump. that was the basis of most of his conversation. but, again, what we want to do do was get to a point where we would have the advantage, again, to be in close enough proximity to safely secure him and take him into custody without endapg jerrying endangering the officers or his life. when he got to the point, like i said, when he was on that pane of window where if he would have put all his weight there was a possibility it could have cracked. chris williams and walker, again, felt that that was an opportune moment for them to make that rescue and bring
4:44 pm
him into the location. >> you can talk about that moment what you were waiting for or what you were looking for and how you took advantage of this? >> i was waiting for present itself when i felt that it was safe for him and myself and my crew, so that when that time came, i did talk to my crew and let them know, listen, he is at a level where i am able to grab him safely and bring him in. when it presented itself, i reached out, i took ahold of his hand and i said sir, you need to come with me. and i brought him inside with the help of my partner. and we placed him in custody and handed him over to e.m.s. >> when you tried to bring him up, you see a little bit of a scuffle there. >> he thought about it. >> what he say? >> he didn't have much to say at that point. >> what happened inside the
4:45 pm
building? was there a scuffle? did you have to wrestle him to the ground or anything like that or did he go peacefully? >> no, sir. he went peacefully. >> you can talk about the conversations you had with him as he was climbing up? what were you saying to him? what was he saying back to you? tell us the moment look down and having to talk. what were those conversations? >> i was lowering the safety line for him to explain he should lock himself in god forbid something happen. he was climbing for a while and i could see that he was getting tired. i say if you in get tired you will have it and you won't fall. he refused to take the line. his thing was he wanted to -- talk to trump. >> who made the decision to cut the glass? >> my supervisor. >> did you realize that he was right below you when that glass was cut? >> it could fall on top of him. >> it was to the side of him. we took all precautions for
4:46 pm
everyone's safety. >> thank you, folks. >> when we made the decision, we initially made a decision we actually took some glass but he was in a position where it wasn't going to endanger him because he was off to the side. once he swung over to the other side the plan was developed upstairs that we couldn't do that anymore. again, the concept was remove the window panes and, again, this would provide safety to not only him but also the officers and anybody below that were in rescue operations. so that decision was subsequently made based upon where he was and our ability now to contain him and isolate him to that location. >> thank you, chief. thank you all very much. thank you. thank you, guys. >> we're going to take a quick break. we'll be right back.
4:47 pm
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this is a fox news alert. the nypd just wrapped up a news conference about the man climbing trump tower. bryan llenas is at trump tower. brian? >> greta, we now know that the man was climbing trump tower is a 20-year-old from virginia. he came into the city yesterday, booked a hotel with the sole intention of coming here to meet mr. trump. he also posted a youtube video. the nypd confirming with me that the youtube video that's out there was about 1 minute long. he put up a manifesto on august 9th, which was yesterday, in which he said he was independent researcher. he wanted to meet with mr. trump. and at the end of that video, he said he encouraged people to vote for mr. trump. we now know the nypd talking to us that he is now at bellevue hospital. it appears that he was just
4:52 pm
really exhausted while he was climbing. the police took us step-by-step as to how they did it they made sure they cornered him and brought him in safely. he is expected to be okay. the secret service and you will of that will be following the investigation. a 20-year-old from virginia who simply wanted to do this to get trump's attention to meet with him. we will get more and bring it to you as we get it greta. >> brian, thanks. i tip my hat to the first responders in new york. they did this without incident to anyone. congratulations to nypd and many others. brian, thanks. new email headaches for secretary hillary clinton. a possible pay for play scheme newly released emails from her time as secretary of state raised questions about the state department's relationship with the clinton foundation and wealthy donors. too cozy? fox news correspondent rich edson is live at the state department. rich? >> good evening, greta. and former clinton political donors and those who used to work for the clinton global initiative and clinton foundation asking for favors of the state department while secretary of state hillary clinton was in charge here, asking for
4:53 pm
favors like setting up different meetings with ambassadors or perhaps a job meeting. this one is from doug band, a long-time advisor to former president bill clinton. he once led the clinton global initiative. in 2009 he emailed cheryl mills and huma abedin both top aids to then secretary of state hillary clinton. he forwards email from associate entitled favor. the associate was looking for a job, band instructs be a be dean and mills that the matter was quote important and need to do be taken care of. abedin responds almost immediately that we have all had him on our radar. what we have gotten from the clinton campaign in response to all of this neither of these emails involved the secretary of state or relate to the foundation's work. they are communications between her aides and the president's personal aid and indeed the recommendation was one for the secretary's former staffers who were not employed by the foundation. these emails are the result of a lawsuit filed by judicial watch, it's a conservative watchdog group and freedom of information act request. back to you, greta.
4:54 pm
>> rich, thanks. now here to respond former presidential candidate and trump supporter businessman herman cain. good evening, sir. and now we have more emails. these were not the ones surrendered by secretary clinton but obtained pursuant to a deposition or foia request from judicial watch. your thoughts? >> first of all hats off for judicial watch for continuing to push. this i'm not on the board of judicial watch. i wish everybody watching this program would go to that website and support judicial watch. because if it were not for them, these would not have been out in the public. now, the main point is, this confirms that there was a direct connection between the state department and people who wanted favors from the state department. the fact that they said it wasn't directly hillary clinton, the last time i checked, if the people worked for you, you're responsible for their actions. that dog won't hunt, greta. it simply won't hunt.
4:55 pm
>> i don't like the fact that 44 -- that's these emails weren't turned over. it's like pulling teeth. >> it's like pulling teeth because they are trying to hold back as much as they can because they want to drag this out for as long as they can. these emails confirm some of the things that people have been talking about. and that is hillary clinton lied. she held back information. and secondly, now it confirms that she lied about the lies. this is what is coming out. >> and we need a whole lot more information but there's a lot more -- i think we should dig deepner this one. mr. herman cain. thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> more "on the record" in just moments.eq but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens flonase gives you more complete allergy relief.
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5:00 pm
why i climbed the tower. can you see this on my facebook page. go to my facebook page. he was taken to the hospital and he will soon go to jail. stay tuned for updates all night. good night. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get right to our top story. new revelations in the hillary clinton email scandal about 300 pages of emails released tuesday are raising questions about quid pro quo relationships between clinton foundation staffers and hillary clinton's state department. joining us now with reaction from washington tom finton, the president of judicial watch, the group which uncovered these new emails. doug, i mean, we have heard about these emails for most of the day. but, again, doug band, a top clinton foundation official asking the state department


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