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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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but instead of getting a sufficient knee -- souvenir he got a faceful of nachos and beer. happened at at pittsburgh -- padres game. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in warren, michigan, where hillary clinton has been attacking donald trump's economic plan, saying he is just trying to help him and his rich friends and donald trump talking about the economy today, saying it's time nor united -- for thed states government to take on more debt. he says he has good reason for it. the republican national committee's chairman, secret warning to donald trump. ahead what reince priebus reportedly told the billionaire candidate at best campaign, and donald trump giving his side of the story. know thin who -- anybody who pokes weed? a major decision by the federal
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government. good thursday afternoon from the deck. 3:00 in new york city. hillary clinton says donald trump wants america to work for him and his friends at the expense of everybody else. she made that comment just a short time ago at a speech on the economy at a manufacturing company outside detroit. the democratic nominee accused trump of proposing a man that would slice his company's tax rate in half. and that's not all. >> the estate tax which trump wants to eliminate altogether. now, if you believe that he is has wealthy as he says, that alone would save the trump family $4 billion. it would do nothing for 99.8% of americans. >> trump slammed secretary clinton's tax plan, ahead of her speech. here's what he told the national association of home builders. >> the plan will tax many small businesses, you folks, by almost
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50%. enjoy your tax increase, folks. that's what it is. i've cut mine down to 15%. 15%. for businesses. >> donald trump says he would have the united states take on more debt to pay for construction projects and upgrade the military. he told cnbc, this is a time to borrow and borrow long-term. hillary clinton says she would have the government team up with private companies to rebuild america's roads, rails, bridges and airports. >> that means for us creating an infrastructure bank to get private funds off the sidelines and compliment our private investments. $25 billion in government seed funding could unlock more than $250 billion and really get our country moving. >> secretary clinton accused trump of talking about only,
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quote, failure, poverty, and crime, when he gave his speech on the economy, on monday, in detroit. trump painted his democratic rival as a candidate of the past. >> we will offer a new future north the same old failed policies of the past. our party has chosen to make new history by selecting a nominee from the outside, and that is outside of the very, very, already proven, rigged system. >> trump also accused hillary clinton and president obama of destroying jobs in michigan, by waging a war on the coal industry. politics 2016. mike emanuel is live, warren michigan, where secretary clinton gave the speech today. what else did clinton say about trumps, well, tactics? >> reporter: essentially she is accusing donald trump of trying to scare the american people. she said that essentially she -- he wants the country to hide
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behind walls and then hillary clinton made an olympic reference, saying that america is not afraid to compete. >> if team u.s.a. was as fearful as trump, michael phelps and simmons biles would be caring in the locker room, afraid to come out to compete. instead, they're winning gold medals. >> reporter: hillary clinton described donald trump's economic policies as a more extreme version of trickle down economics. >> she seems to bet renewing her push to get donald trump to release his tax records. >> reporter: that is absolutely right. hillary clinton is saying that
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>> trade has become a big issue. part of her talk today, right? >> know question about that. and it was a big issue here in the michigan primary. bernie sanders hammered away at hillary clinton on free trade deals and that was something that was key to him winning michigan in a supreme in march. so hillary clinton said she is against the transpacific partnership now and will be against it after the election and she will be against it if elected president. trying to reassure folks in the
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rust belt she is not for deals that may expert american jobs. >> mike emanuel, thank you. let's turn to a national political reporter for the "associated press." help us with these dueling economic plans? one thing people are interested in is taxes. what does even etch one do for the middle class? >> what is interesting is that each candidate used the speech to sort of highlight the worst characteristics of their opponent. it's no surprise but fits in well when thinking about taxes and the economy. for clinton today, what she tide was she used her speech to portray trump's economic plan, which he just discussed a couple of days ago, as benefiting himself and the wealthy more so than the middle class. and conversely, trump the other day, when he discussed his economic plan, used it to really hammer her on being more of the
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same, just a continuation of obama policies, which in his view have not helped middle class americans. >> regarding taxes, her plan is very similar to what we have now. right? the middle class wouldn't see a change. >> that's true. she used her speech a lot to talk about some of the opportunities that she would like to increase in the economy in the future. for example, pointing out that maybe we are too focused on college education and sort of with that segment of the population and reminding people there are other types of trade type jobs out there. so that was one way she tried to get at that middle class issue, and as you have already discussed, also on the transpacific partnership, reminding people she is not going to be for it at any point. >> she had to be pushed into that position, though, didn't she? >> she did. that is one strong consequence of the lengthy democratic primary and a lot of people have been wondering if now that we're in the general election she would start to walk that back,
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and today she seemed to give herself almost no wiggle room. >> back to taxes. regarding hillary clinton's tax plan, as it is demonstrated on her web site and all of us. middle class taxes stay the same. with donald trump, middle to upper middle class, 100,000 plus range, taxes go up. >> yeah. it gets back to what clinton was saying, that if -- sort of an update of trickle down economics. trump is banking on people believing that as more money becomes available for the upper echelon of earners that trickles down into the economy by creating jobs at different levels, two complete live different approaches to the economy. >> there is this discussion today of trickle down funding, if you will, on the republican side. the reporting of "time magazine" how a lot of big important republicans, 70 of them with an open letter to the rnc, saying, lock, we want our candidates
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down ballot to do well. we want you to move the resources from donald trump who is not doing well, over to these people. is that bubbling in d.c.? >> oh, sure. that's a huge point of interest today and it's something that it think we'll hear about as poll numbers are not so great for trump. we're still 89, 88 days out from the election so we all fully expect poll numbers to move around. when they're not looking good for him, that scares people downballot and they have a stronger case to press the republican party and different political groups to focus on downballot, cutting losses if the trump. but 89 days left so the talk today, who knows if itself will be the talk. >> less than 30 days until ole miss football starts. nice, too sew you. >> few. >> you know how donald trump yesterday proclaimed that
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president obama is the founder of the islamic state. today he says hillary clinton should get the terrorist mvp award. his comments his double down, the clinton team's response. and carl cameron reports. great to have you in routine. it's a hard thing to break. day in, day out. from point a to b, and back again. there's a difference between being alive and living. for those who can't imagine life without two wheels, allstate offers a genuine parts guarantee, that promises to fix your bike with original parts. talk to an allstate agent about all the things they do to keep riders riding.
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speech in miami beach. >> i'd call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they're the founders. in fact i think we'll give hillary clinton the -- you know, if you're on a sports team, the most valuable player, mvp. the mvp award. isis will hand her the most valuable player aired. -- award. her only competition is barack obama. >> for clarity they're not the founders but the clinton campaign says this is a false claim from a presidential candidate with an aversion to the truth and an un -- unprecedented lack of emergency. what else is trump doing? >> reporter: he moved onioned his meeting this morning with the national builders association where he made the remarks before the the so-called founders. his argument -- -- for the last
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year and a half is because of the way in which barack obama and the u.s. withdrew american troops from iraq, they opened the door for isis to grow. although, most historians well tell you the principle organizers of isis were also the remainders of al qaeda in iraq, when we pulled out and that is organization has flourished around the world. donald trump has repeated that at a pastor's meeting in orlando underway, talking to members of the church, where he is making the argument that he'll do away with what is referred as to the johnson amendment, named after lyndon johnson, who said that in ford or churches and religious organizations to maintain a tax exemption, not to pay taxes, they have to steer clear of partisan politics. they shouldn't be advocating for particular candidates. trump promised pastors for several weeks he would do away with that rule. met with pastors in new york and iowa and south carolina, and
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today he is doing it in orlando. a group that marco rubio will be talking to tomorrow. he is running for re-election in the state. probably not something that trump can make real for them. to undo this would take an act of congress and get sent to president trump, and at this point, even republicans are arguing their senate majority is in jeopardy, which would make it difficult to pass congress and even some democrats think they can pull off a victory in the house, though that's still close and presumes trump will be a drag on house and senate republicans. >> others think that. i read this morning and have sent the open letter from 70 republicans calling for the party to cut off trump's cash. >> that's a petition circulating. has not been completed yet. they have 70 names on it now. it just a draft by a firmer doll and good gingrich staffer in 1994 and '96 and says donald
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trump is divisive, dishonest, and ill prepared, incompetent, and that these petitioners, which include members of past presidential campaigns going back to reagan administration, it includes lots of former members members of the republican national committee and former members of congress and they're saying the rnc should stop giving money and resources to the trump campaign if he doesn't curb his rhetoric. the republican national committee has been aggressive talking to trump who has been talking out of bounds. they're trying to explain trump and distance themselves. this is not an rnc beef. the rnc can't do much other than provide money and resources to the republican nominee. they've got legal contracts to do that in terms of fundraising
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and mission statements and an entire party platform agreed to at the national convention they have now root identified. so it's -- ratified. so not between the republican national committee. they're under pressure, however, from republicans, mostly former actors and operatives and the dump-trump crowd, and reince priebus is trying to get the republican nominee to stay on a more even keel so as to not alienate swing voters in battleground states. that's the issued. and just today trump was asked, what if some of the rhetoric about obama and clinton being the founders of isis turns off swing voters in the battleground states and he said in effect, i'm a truth-teller. tell the truth. i'm not politically correct. sometimes that may work against me if i lose i lose and will go back to a fine life. that type of rhetoric scares republicans. they want a republican nominee who hayes the fire in the belly and wants to win rather than who wants to say what he says and
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just have it accepted as is. so, it is an unresolved division between republicans and the candidate, and now the rnc is very much under pressure by its party to do something about it. >> carl, thank you. we'll get into necessary of that. ahead of the republican national committee is said to have warned donald trump what will happen if he doesn't turn his campaign around. donald trump has a slightly different memory. details of a report threat and what donald trump says and also, because food is important, probably like oreos, right? and how about you like swedish fish? do you think this is a good idea? this whole make them two great things in one sort of thing like this? is that good idea? there's a reason for this. hang on. ife ahead. big plans.
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oreos and swedish fish coming. first more on the growing division in the g.o.p. i mentioned more than a dozen republicans are calling for the republican party to cut off funding for donald trump and use the that money for senate and house races. after the chairman of the republican national committee is reported to have warned trump to get his act together or risk losings his party's cover, according to "time magazine." it reports reince priebus called donald trump and told the nominee to turn his campaign around or the party will shift its focus to the hoss and senate races. priebus suggested trump should have taken some time off in florida instead of hitting the campaign trail. trump has plunged in the polls since the conventions. the real clear politics average
12:23 pm
has him trailing secretary clinton by eight points. "time" reports trump denies the story prince has denied. and the republican party pointed out a chief from the chiefstratg the story. alex altman is a -- >> they're really pushing back hard and saying they can't do this, what "time" says they want done can't be done and some of our reporters are like, you need to check into this, but it happened? >> yes, it happened. you're not surprised to see this kind of pushback for what is obviously a tricky issue. the rnc has a joint fundraising agreement with mr. donald trump. reince priebus worked very carefully with him to forge a
12:24 pm
partnership and is in regular contact with mr. trump about all facets of the campaign. we reported that last week, precip priebus told trump that internal polling suggested his campaign is on the wrong trajectory and needs to turn it around and if that doesn't happen all options are on the table to redirect the party machinery going forward. >> so priebus tells him, turn it around. what is your reporting enthusiasm responded? >> well, trump has -- one thing he mentioned to us he listens to people much more than people realize. he believes reince is a friend, says reince is a great guy. the trusts his advice, and as we have seen, he has attempted at the urging of priebus, and many other republican strategists to temper his tone, to dial back the rhetoric. so he is listening.
12:25 pm
whether or not he continues down the path or everts to the more attacking style he deployed during the premiere is an open question. >> i know that writers and editors don't make covers but is this "time" cover reflective of the campaign, based on your reporting? are they in meltdown? >> i know there's a great deal of commentary on the language. we thought it was merited in the reporting we did sort of throughout the republican party, there's a great sense of panic, across downballot races, candidates for house and senate. there are discussions taking place within the republican national committee, and there are a growing number of republicans who urgeed the feature think about how to spend its resources. we have seen an extraordinary barrage of misfires, since the conclusion of the republican convention for mr. trump so we felt it was warrant it. >> before we go, i would like to talk about the debastes --
12:26 pm
debated scheduled. donald trump spoke to you about the article. he says regarding the donald trump debates trump says i have to see they moderators, certain moddate are unacceptable and i will absolutely do three debates. i look forward to dough -- debates. >> show is good to do the debate order if he likes likes the mids and do know which moderators are acceptable. >> a good question. he has feuds with national broadcaster. >> lick regan -- like megan kelly. >> this is trump's attempt to quash a growing rumor -- nothing that gives credence -- he was looking to wiggle out of the debates. that eminmated from this claim to have received a letter from the nfl.
12:27 pm
trump said i will do the debates and look forward to them but reserves the opportunity to re-negotiate the format, terms, the moderator -- >> that's normal stuff. >> because he has feuds. he was able to push back on network broads but we'll have to where it goes. the commission said the terms are set. >> the small talk happens every cycle. but i don't remember any candidate ever saying, yeah, i'm just -- that's not for me. i'm not going to that this year. that would be unprecedented. >> well, he has broken the mold in so many different ways, it's unsurprising to see him do this now. he again had success trying to push back during the primaries and certainly feels this gives him a little leverage. obviously he is a great draw and he knows that everybody is hoping to see him and hillary clinton this fall.
12:28 pm
>> that's for sure. alec altman, a compton the story for "time." it's on your news stands now if those still exist, and also online. ahead, word of an american who has been killed fighting islamic state. a man who was not in the united states military. instead he traveled on his own to take on the terrorist. his story, how he reportedly died, and what his family says moved him to fight in the first place. we're approaching the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on america's choice for news and information on cable. this is fox news channel.
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12:34 pm
this week we reported about the word of more than 100 americans who traveled to fight the islamic state. a think tank shipments a third of foreign fighters taking on isis are from the united states. trace gallagher has more on this. mctagert had no military experience? >> reporter: not at all. his father said he tried to steer his son toward the u.s. military but instead jordan did hi respeech and decided to fight with a kurdish military group. his father said he died while helping another soldier who was injured with an ied. jordan's mom says he had a huge heart and was always affected by any injustice. this was actually mctagert's sect tour of syrian he was wounded and returned home and headed back to syria in january. his friends say he was not giving up. >> i was very proud of him, and i don't speak for all of my
12:35 pm
friends all the people that knew him, but in general, we were all really proud of him. he was so inspiring to us. >> reporter: jordan mctagert's family says the last message said, no news is good news. sorry it's short. have to go back to work. >> what else do be wi know about the kurdish soldiers. >> it's a kurdish militia that is volunteer and made up of both men and women. talked about how jordan mctagert didn't have military expert but the ypg provides training, equipment, logistical support good medical aid. the younger, more inexperienced fights are relegated to noncombat roles, at least in the early going, but there's also a shortage of fighters so combat is often a necessity. keith broomfield, the first american believed to have died fighting isis in 2015, was also fighting alongside the ypg, as
12:36 pm
was 24-year-old levi shirley who was killed by a land mine last month. he was also from colorado. >> trace gallagher. thank you. we're learning more about a suspected isis supporter police shot and killed during a raid in ontario last night. cops say he recorded a martyrdom video in which he threatened to attack a major city in canada. police told a newspaper that the suspect set off a bomb in a cab last night, after police surrounded him. he survived and cops say they shot him before he could blow up a second explosive. the taxi driver reportedly escaped with minor injuries. police say they arrested the suspect last year after he openly declared his support for the islamic state but never formally charged him. nor' and more cities and towns are allowing people to text during an emergency instead of calling 9-1-1. officials say while texting has
12:37 pm
pep fits but not always the best way to ask for help. laura ingle has more on this. pros and counsels of texting. >> you can text 9-1-1 in an imagine if glory a dangerous situation where being overheard could cause you great physical harm, like orlando. the night clubshooting where people were frantically texting loved ones to call the 9-1-1. the fcc requires mobile providers to allow customers to text to 9-1-1 but because not all call centers can accept the messages, groups have some concerns. >> the number one concern that i have with texting is the assumption that people have that they are capable of texting to 9-1-1 and having that text received in that 9-1-1 center. >> unless spelled out in the text, texting 9-1-1 in an emergency doesn't provide location information like if you called on a land line. so dispatchers say if you can call do that, but if you can,
12:38 pm
text. >> it doesn't take as much space to text so sometimes when you can't get a call out, you can get a text out but all 9-1-1 centers don't have the able to receive text inside. >> that's right. awful about the technology and cities are far behind on this. in fact the service is only operating in part of 36 states, and the puerto rico. based on the call center's ability to receive a text. as of mid-july texting became available in new jersey where lawmakers say the service is part of a public safety tool kit. >> you're in a closet and can't talk, you can text. if you're with an active shooter, getting a live message how many people in the room, if anybody is hurt. >> and major cities are working on this, including new york city, but officials here save it's going to take a lot of infrastructure work to make the changeover from the hard wire to
12:39 pm
digital, which could take up to $7 million and two years to get going. >> we can't text 9-1-1 in tiny town? >> nope. not right now. >> i don't think i've ever called them. jew have to call them, can't text. >> thank you. reefer madness is not a thing. smoking weed is more acceptable. except the feds still are not cool with it. and today they made a decision about the legality of marijuana in america. lsd, mdma, plant that grows in the regard. all one thing. that's next. picking up for kyle.
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here you go. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. matters not what your state may say about marijuana. it's still illegal to smoke pot for any reason under federal law. the word of the drug enforcement administration. the dea will keep marijuana on the list of the most dangerous drugs in all the world, along
12:43 pm
with heroin, lsd and mdma, or ecstasy or molly or whatever the kids call it. according to the food and drug administration, substances in this category have no medical use and high potential for abuse. dea officials say marijuana has -- benefits do not outweigh the risks. those who support legalizing the drug for medical or recreational use say the feds should just stay out of it. mercedes is here, a fox news legal analyst. lsd, mdma, weed, it's the same thing. thank you, dea. a lot of credibility. >> a lot of doctors can't prevein medical marijuana but can recommend it and there are scores of people that need it for pain management. for seize sures. there are other states at the local level that it have decriminalized marijuana and allowed for individuals to be what they call patients under medical marijuana. they get certified by doctors
12:44 pm
and can ingest medical marijuana. so there's a groundswell of support to decriminalize. >> but at the dea all drugs are put in categories, and this one goes in a category with lsd, and mdma. why -- and heroin. >> there hasn't been enough certification, at least at local levels for it to rise up to the federal level. now it's becoming a fiscal reality. do you know what it is to try to manage mars knar when you do these arrests? 700,000 people get arrested. it costs $10 billion to this country to just manage these infractions of medical marijuana. so if someone at the federal level is saying we should do something about this. this is crippling our economy and there's just a ground swell of support to do it and we have doctors who don't prescribe is because they can't but recommend it for patients. so, finally, the doj at least has done a memo talking about medical marijuana and saying that there may be in the future.
12:45 pm
we may be able to certify, and dee certify is at a class one and allow for medical marijuana ingested in the country in controlled settings. >> the idea this is a states issue. for instance in new york, has its rules, mississippi has its rules, california has its rules and they can peacefully coexist, sent the federal law being contradictory is weird. >> it's weird, what happens with employers dealing with patients that are using medical marijuana, what do i do here? we have someone taking medical marijuana at the love level, and i it's back and forth some the courts are saying you have a known drug policy? if you do, you can fire these people that are still protected under the state law but not federal law. so lots of back and together going on. eventually, someone has to wake up and say, fiscally doesn't make sense to continue having this to be criminal, especially when at the love level you have
12:46 pm
28 states that have decriminalized marijuana. >> is it weird to you've it's such a big part of the economy, and it is -- you can order weed, i'm told, as quickly as you can pizza in big cities and yet it's not taxed and it's not part of our economic system. don't understand why that product should be eliminated. >> specially on the legend and say costs us $10 billion and 700 thumb people are pressed a year. what are we doing here? that's why states are saying decriminalize it. colorado -- >> tax it. >> tax it and that's what the states they have allowed medical marijuana and recreational use. it's hundreds of millions of dollars to the bottom line. when there's a cottage industry that cropped, and colorado being one of them. they can literally save all the money and help on the bottom line. >> it's not like they've stopped in places where it's illegal. you would think if they
12:47 pm
regulated they could keep it away from kids. >> that's the argument. you can put it in -- then you, work with law enforcement and make sure it's regulated, make sure it's taxed and that doctors recommending it are doing it lawfully. they're not doing it sleight of hand. >> i'm sure they'll figure out a way to -- do like swedish fish? >> i like that what about ore years. >> i like the white stuff. i eat the white stuff first and then the cookie. >> at least sugar highs are legal. >> for now. >> there are new ways to get your fix. thanks to creative thinkerred in the cookie industry. swedish fish and oreos. >> i'll take a swedish fish. >> i decided couldn't hate it until i tried it. what has happened here? >> just announced they're selling -- only going to be at
12:48 pm
kroger's so you have to -- >> love me some kroger. >> limited time only. on ebay or you can do what you've did, which was create your own, i guess. >> i did. >> how was that? >> i was a hater to start. but i was thinking it was probably something to hate. but it's not as horrible as i thought it would be. the idea they're going to take the white cream filling out. >> that's the best part. >> but they're make this into a creamy filling. >> i'm not a fan of that. doubling the filling was brilliant. >> it's only at kroger for a limited time. >> you like it? >> not as horrible as i thought it would be. the standards are low, very politicness that way. >> we have more cookie news. the girl scouts just came out with this -- s'more flavors. there's two varieties, one is the graham cracker with chocolate and marshmallow on the
12:49 pm
inside or get the graham cracker dipped in cream and then covered in chocolate. it will be available in 2017 and will be around forever. >> what are the round ones with the cookie and carmel. >> samoas. >> so good. >> i'm more of a then mint person. >> i like those, too. those are good frozen. maybe you can try this new oreos and swedish fish. it's not perfect but a little extra shelf space and a good gimmick to get on television. we have a chipotle mcdonald's thing coming up. >> chipotle making a burger? >> another week. you're supposed to know things. we'll have food on the deck in a week. so watch all the time and everything will be fine. what is left to do -- the
12:50 pm
markets are going crazy today. we'll do something on that and something else between that and now. i don't know what that is so we'll find out together next.
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12:53 pm
investigators say they're still searching for missing people after an explosion and fire killed at least two people in an apartment building in maryland. police say more than 30 other people went to hospital, including three firefighters. this happened around midnight in silver spring, maryland, north of -- north of d.c. the police chief says an off-duty officer reported the explosion and fire and then immediately started to rescue people. the fire crews say people were dropping kids and jumping out of windows to escape. one woman who lived in the building said it felt like a bomb went off.
12:54 pm
garrett tenney is live. police aren't optimistic about finding more survivors. >> reporter: they're really not. they're in the process of transitioning from a search and rescue to search and recovery operation there are still five to seven people not accounted for, and first responders still don't know whether any of those individuals were actually home when this fire and explosion happened last night. folks from more than a mile away heard the blast. neighbors and firefighters were frantically working to rescue families trapped upstairs and all of this as the fire was quickly spreading throughout the building. >> firefighters responded, were met with heavy fire conditions and multiple rescues to be made. the went to work and did make multiple rescues, and transported 31 people to the hospital. >> reporter: the explosion was so strong that it nearly leveled parts of the four-story
12:55 pm
apartment billing and left the rest on the verge of collapsing. now crews are working to stabilize the building so that investigators can actually get inside and get to work. >> what caused the explosion? do they have any idea? >> reporter: officials say just the last hour it is still too early to say until they get inside but we do know that talking to residents today, some of them said the smelled gas in building prior to that explosion last night. that is something that investigators are now looking into, and in fact just a few weeks ago the fire department came to this very building when another resident called 9-1-1 and said they were smelling gas inside. when crews came to the building to check it out they did not find any signs of a gas leak. the gas leak -- officials say that is something they're looking at closely. >> thank you, garrett. we'll be back with landmark moment for anybody who has been on a boat. a landmark moment that happened
12:56 pm
on this day in history.
12:57 pm
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12:59 pm
on this day in 1909 the first s.o.s. call went out in north america on the coast of north carolina when a ship's propeller snapped. s.o.s. doesn't stan for anything, just a signal to send in morse code. after the titanic sank, the u.s. officially adopted this system. crews have used it to call for help and other famous shipwrecks including the andrea dora in 1956. now a satellite system has taken the place but the letters are still a universal signal for help after a steam ship put out the first s.o.s. the dow is in record territory, all-time high for the dow, all-time high for the 500.
1:00 pm
ring, bell. oil is way up. jobless claims down. oil up four percent. a good day 0 to look at your 401(k). "your world" is coming up now. >> trump's agenda will pull our economy back into recession. >> going to raise taxes, $1.3 trillion. i'm going to cut taxes big league. big league. >> the result would be a loss of 3.4 million jobs. >> going to create millions of jobs. >> and the battle is on. hillary clinton and donald trump going at it over jobs today. who has the best plan to get the job done? hi everybody, william, i'm maria bartiromo in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." clinton trying to win over blue collar workers in michigan with


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