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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 11, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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ring, bell. oil is way up. jobless claims down. oil up four percent. a good day 0 to look at your 401(k). "your world" is coming up now. >> trump's agenda will pull our economy back into recession. >> going to raise taxes, $1.3 trillion. i'm going to cut taxes big league. big league. >> the result would be a loss of 3.4 million jobs. >> going to create millions of jobs. >> and the battle is on. hillary clinton and donald trump going at it over jobs today. who has the best plan to get the job done? hi everybody, william, i'm maria bartiromo in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." clinton trying to win over blue collar workers in michigan with tax hikes on the rich.
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trump says it's going to force jobs to take a hike. first up, mike emanuel in warren, michigan, where secretary clinton made the pitch. >> reporter: hillary clinton portrayed herself as the candidate who will fight for the middle class. she ripped donald trump's proposals as being extreme version of trickle down economics. she referred to trump's ideas as, trumpian, baste owned fear and not strength and called on the corporations and wall street to pay their fair share of taxes and hillary clinton talked tough on trade. >> my message to every worker in michigan and across america is this. i will stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down wages, including the transpacific partnership. [cheering] >> i oppose it now, i'll oppose
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is after the election, and i'll oppose it as president. >> reporter: ahead of clinton's speech, donald trump offered a rebut t y'all in miami blasting clinton's ideas. >> going to raise taxes $1.3 trillion. i'm going to cut taxes big league. big league. a massive cut in taxes. a massive cut in regulations. >> reporter: hillary clinton's expected to release her 2015 tax returns in the coming days. she is trying to keep up the pressure on donald trump to do the same. trump has said that he will not do so because he is being odditied. >> thank you. who has the better plan to jump start the economy. >> want to bring in a democratic strategist, former reagan economist, and former. afl/cio organizer. your reaction to the plan, jessica?
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>> i think it's a great plan, first and for most because it's clear on her web site. and she has been talking about these things for a month now. there has been -- it's not as easy to find the tax brackets but she was talking about how her top rate is 35 mrs. and trump is at 33%. so they're actually kind of -- he is slashing tacks -- taxes for the rich, doing away with estate take which i would be $45 billion bonus for for family. and this would help the rich. she said i'm going to lose friends but apparently not. >> i want to point out he asked the clinton campaign provides -- we were told that had no one available. art laffer, i'm having a hard time looking the plans apples to apples. we're not clear on what the tax
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brackets are that hillary clinton is coming up with. the highest at 35% but what about that section of people between 100,000, for example, and the 450,000? where you get that big 5% century tax. what's your recollection? >> let me just say i'm not one of clinton's economic advisers. >> that we know. >> let me just juxtapose the two plans. we tax people cigarettes, why do we tax people who earn more income, why tax them more imthey employ more? why do we tax companies more if they make great products? it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. what she believes and she really does believe this, is that poor person can spend himself into wealth. that's silly. she is raising taxes on the productive members of sew state
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paying people freebies. so is so clearly delineated the difference between trump and hillary clinton that it couldn't have been a better planned speech for donald trump imaginable. i think the game is on now. it's really on -- >> can i respond? >> absolutely. go ahead. >> yes. art is right. they have delineated the difference. the truth is hillary clinton wants to invest in america, invest in the bottom of the economic ladder so that we generate more consumer demand, so that the wealth moves up in the economy. we have seen 35, 40 years now of trickle down economics. it does not work. we have had stagnant -- . >> stag -- stagnant wages for 35 years and time to try something different. when talks about debt free education, talks about
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$275 billion in infrastructure, economists won't tell you that infrastructure development actually improves productivity and generates more wealth for the country along with providing good, middle class family sustaining jobs. trump wants to cut corporate tax from 35% -- 35% down to 15%. what a massive giveaway? he wants to give the country's treasury to those who are already rich, who have failed to invest in america dish. >> but you know what -- the think about what you're saying is the majority of tax revenue that goes to the treasury is not coming from businesses. because they're able to really change -- >> that's right. >> so in terms -- >> that's right dirks -- the effect on the deficit cutting taxes on the corporate sector might incentivize them to create nor jobs. >> maria, you're much smarter than i am so i'm certain you
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know this. giving more wealth to those who are already rich has done nothing to invest in america since the bush recession of 2007. it's done nothing. all of the new income in america has gone to the top one percent. it's time to reverse that and mrs. clinton would do that. >> jessica, we know that infrastructure is a big crux of this plan. >> both plans. >> stewart is saying this is important but the truth is, president obama promised all these shovel-ready jobs and never materialized. >> no. >> oh, yes, they did. where the congress let the money through they did, absolutely. just visit my home state of maryland and you seek what shovel-ready jobs did. >> art, do you agree? >> no, i don't. in fact i really disagree with the corporate task one. we have the single highest corporate tax rate -- >> let me tell -- >> let me finish.
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the fourth -- >> pay -- no tax. >> can i finish? >> sure. let art finish. the highest tax rate and the fourth lowest revenues which tells me we aren't creating jobs. if with cut at the tax rate we'll bring the jobs back and revenues through the ceiling. >> monica, there's a market reaction here as well. if we were to see this kind of taxation on the highest earners, small business do you think the market reacts? >> what i think is interesting is the market would actually have a more adverse reaction to trump but a he is a wild card. we don't know what we're going to get with trump as far as this conversation i find her plan to be unimpressive. not many original ideas. we have had the argument of tax the rich, give it to the poor, create politically expedient jobs like green jobs. nothing very original here. it seems as though what is new is that trump at least is trying
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to simply identify the tax code, which is a huge point for america, and also talking about revitalizing growth by getting corporations more involved. to your point, corporations pay a 11% of total irs tax receipts. that's nothing. >> they the point i was making. >> that's right nothing. >> revenue from to corporator sector so maybe that's a move to not impact the deficit. that was the point. >> i read from moody's, they have to re-praise the plan since trump changed the bracket. it would add 10 trillion to at the deficit and -- >> that's entirely incorrect. since he changed his plan, the cometee for responsible federal budget says it's 2.5 trillion. >> and waitogy floody's -- >> we all know that trump is not a patriot. we need continue vest in america. we need a president who wants --
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>> how do we know he is no at patriot. >> because of his relationship with russia -- >> well, what is wrong with america? tell me what is wrong with america? >> nafta -- >> we need to invest in america and trump doesn't do that. he is investing in the one percent and that's just wrong. >> well, you're investing in the corporate sector under the idea that the corporate sector will create jobs. that's the point. >> it's proven they won't do that. >> a lot of companies -- >> they hide their taxes overseas. >> because they say they get tasked twice. >> -- jobs overseas. >> good point to bring up. that's one of trump's plans, and that is a repatriation tax of 10% so all the money comes from overseas, comes back to america. that's the whole idea of the 10% repatriation, isn't it, art laffer? >> that is his idea but we want
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to brick the jobes back and the lower tax rate -- if you have two locations, a and b, and you raise taxes in b and lower them in a, producers and manufacture l manufacturers move from b to a and bring the jobs back with his corporate thing, create jobs and get the revenue, and mr. acuff, i give him a crow to eat on that day. >> this is the same argument -- the same debate we have had nor a long time and it's the approach to economic growth. do you make government bigger or do you put the money and the incentives near business and they credit jobs. we'll keep watching. thank you, everybody. >> thank you. >> let's look at the markets. stocks took off. the dow jones all-time high. 18,613. market is up 117 points here. the nasdaq and the 500 the s&p a hundred closing at record highs. and big news out of macesive's -- mace -- macy's
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closing stores and stock was up. we'll look at retail coming up. a critical report from house republicans accusing our military's central command of manipulating intelligence reports about the fight against isis. new details on the canadian terror suspect killed by police in a dramatic bust. we're now learning where he was planning to strike next. back in a moment. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. >> a new report from a house republican task force, clueing the military -- accusing the military command of manipulating intelligence reports on isis, making it look like the fight is going better than it was, to danny mcknight. what do you make of this? >> well, i find it almost amusing but really disturbing they would think that people
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would believe that some of these reports are accurate. i think there's probably some words being told from the higher-up, probably to the commander-in-chief down to the secretary of defense, et cetera, that has led central command to possibly have to do that. >> basically you're saying there was word from the top, let's make sure it doesn't look so bad. >> exactly. i mean, how can we say it's looking good when we look at what has happened in france twice now, paris and nice, and even look at san bernardino and it's like that didn't happen now. and we know that was related in one way or another to isis, and for them to really think the american public would believe that it's gotten better, i believe the last thing i remember the president saying, once upon a time, about the jv team. nine countries that had isis there now today there's 24. so how can we say that it's
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making it better. it's not better. >> of course, let me ask you this. putting the outrage of the lies aside, making it look rosier than it is, such a serious issue. put that aside. what are the implications, did this put us behind the eight ball? because we were selling this narrative it wasn't as bad as it was did we send fewer troops, use fewer equipment, things like that? did it actually have material implications to the fight? >> well, i think the idea that it was better than it really is, and sending less troops is always, i think, been one of the problems witch fighting isis -- with fighting isis, we weren't ready to commit, and we have committed forces but not enough fighting forces to do it and i said it's long time ago, the first time neil ever asked me about what was it going to talk, i am not one that wants america to have to go fight everywhere in the world, to go fight isis,
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but at the sam have got to fight to win and we have to fight to protect our country, and we're not doing that. in my opinion. well enough. >> right. so, what now? is it too late -- too little too late to change direction? now that we know the truth? >> i don't think they can change the direction when you look at what was said a long time ago there was nine countries and now there's 24 of them that's got isis impacts there. that's hard to turn that around. >> it's hard to turn it around, and it's hard to also change the mentality on the ground. do you think our service men and women were aware, this is what the report says but we know better, we're on the front lines and did that hurt their morale and their fight? >> well, when they hear those kind of things, i think they know whether it is true or false to them. and does it hurt morale? probably not. they're very focused on what
1:19 pm
they're doing mission-wise, and they probably just sort of disregard those kind of thoughts that isis is not a big deal anymore. and believe me, the american soldiers, the men and women in uniform, they can handle it. doesn't make it easier. makes it tougher but they can handle it. >> were the analysts on the ground just sort of bullied into saying this is the narrative go with it? >> that's hard to answer. it's okay to say just go with it. i just think we need some honesty to tell american public the truth and to say that we've got it under control and all those things we have heard, it's not true. and i still believe, unfortunately, one day, we'll see it right here in a bigger way than we have seen it in the united states of america, and that scares me to death. >> of course. >> that could happen hear. >> me, too, and our viewers. is that coming soon? what are you suggesting?
1:20 pm
>> well -- >> are we ready for something like that? >> well, we're probably as ready as we could bet but you don't know if you're ready enough because you're not sure how many places it could happen and that keeps you challenged right there. but with the election coming up, it sort of makes you wonder, are they going to sit back and wait until they find out who is the next president and then make something happen? i believe if we look back to 9/11, that happened right after -- it was within that first year of president bush being the new president. >> that's true. >> i wonder if that's what they're thinking this time, too. >> the timing, interesting. colonel good, to see you. thank you. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> as clinton and trump battle it out, libertarian nominee gary johnson is climbing the polls. he's next live. stay with us.
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trump and clinton battling out and libertarian presidential nothing knee is now at 9% of support. now the president wall debate commission is telling venues hold thing debates prepare for a possible third-party candidate. get that third podium ready. can he make it to he 15% thresh hold to make it on the stage? former new mexico governor joining us. >> thank you for having me on. >> we have been going through the economic plans of donald trump and hillary clinton. make the case. why should viewers vote for you? >> well, certainty, first and formmost.
1:25 pm
we didn't raise taxes a penny. when it came to regulation, there was certainly when it came to regulation, getting better, not worse, and i was able to cut taxes 14 times. bill wells was able to cut taxes 21 times. really think when it comes to economics, the certainty that there will be lower taxes, corporate taxes, income taxes, simplifying the tax system. i'm not getting elected king or dictator here. i'm getting elected president. so whatever comes out of congress, either gets support or veto. if i were king and could wave a magic wand i would eliminate corporate tax, i would eliminate income tax. who pays for corporate taxes? you and i do. if with a zero corporate tax rate -- we could replace those taxes with one federal consumption tax, but if there were zero corporate tax rate, i believe tens of millions of jobs would get created in this
1:26 pm
country. why would you start up or grow a business anywhere in the world other than the united states with a zero corporate tax rate? i also think we would issue pink slips to 80% of washington lobbyists because they're there to garner tax favor. >> so you think that a consumption tax in place of a corporate tax and in place of individual income tax will raise enough revenue for you to actually get the job done? what kind of revenue raise are you talking about by eliminating the two taxes and replacing it with a consumption tax? >> well, i asked everyone to look at the fair tax as a template how to dot the i's and cross the t's when it comes to implements one federal consumption tax but it's designed to be revenue neutral. bill wells and i are pledging in our first 100 days to submit a balanced budget to congress, and balanced budget to congress that has to include the entitlements, reform, medicaid and medicare,
1:27 pm
insuring there still is a safety net. it would be reforming social security, not cutting social security. but raising the retirement age. you could have a very fair means testing when it comes to social security. how much money did you pay in, how much money should you bet back? given a certain level of income. and then military spending. the pentagon itself says that we could reduce u.s. bases by 20% and yet there's not the political will to do that. our heads are in the sand over all of this. there's a fiscal crisis out there looming with don't cut spending to go along with the equation. >> look, i'm glad you mentioned entitlements. you're the only one talking about entitlements and that takes courage, so thank you for that. you said you whatnot to cut spending, including military spending. how does that jibe with what we're going through right now in terms of the new threats we all face from isis and from eye
1:28 pm
terrorists around the world? you want to cut military spending at a time that perhaps we need to be raising it. >> well, as i pointed out just a few minutes -- a minute ago, the pentagon itself says we could eliminate 20% of u.s. bases. that's coming from the pentagon, maria. i like to point out a poll that came out a couple of weeks ago month active military personnel and whom they favor to be president. they favor evidence me above trump and clinton to be president. i think we have to have an impenetrable national defense but i think our support of regime changes in other countries has resulted in a world that is less safe, not more safe, and when you talk about isis, i'm afraid that a lot of that is unintended consequence, not intentional. of our support of these regime changes, starting with iraq, syria, libya. >> well, look, we didn't support
1:29 pm
egypt, and as a result we alienated our friends the middle east. tell our viewers -- we talked bet the economy i would want get to your take on the tax plans. tell our viewers your plan to dep e keep the country safe. what's your plan for national security. >> well, we involve congress in a declaration of war that, we do have an impenetrable national defense but you can't make this up. obama and hillary go in and support the opposition? both libya and syria. the opposition is aligned with isis. we arm the opposition, the opposition gets beaten. the arms end up in isis hands. seems to me we're delling with the consequence -- dealing with the consequences. so i don't want to support or get involved in regime change. i think the country is fed up with seeing us involved in military action.
1:30 pm
i would withdraw from afghanistan tomorrow. look, are we going to be there for 20 years or forever? and initially i did support going into afghanistan. that was about getting osama bin laden. al qaeda. i think after seven months we clearly got al qaeda and could have left our options open to come back in and get osama bin laden. >> let me switch gears and ask you about the two tax plans, clinton and trump. hillary clinton has talked a lot about raising tacks on the rich. she has this five percent sure surcharge, up to 43.6%. has not talked about lower income. want to bring our viewer's attention to something. she has seven brackets here and one bracket -- let's say -- 91,000 to 190,000. so if you're on individual and you make 19,000 to 190,000 your effective tack rate on a federal
1:31 pm
level will be 28%. 28%. add on state tax, which in new york is 10%. that's 238%. add on three and a half percent if you're in new york city. that's another 3-1/2 pressure and own kaz identity 3-1/2% you're talk can bat task rate, 44% of your money going to the government if you make 91,000 to 190,000. do you think that's going to be a job creator? >> i don't think it's going to be a job creator any way. sounds like taxes are going up, to the tune of a trillion and a half bucks, and it's going to be more complicated to file your taxes. look, with hillary, government is the solution to everything. government is going to grow. and i just don't believe in that at all. i believe that leaving money in my pocket allows me to make choices in my life with that
1:32 pm
money, as opposed to government knowing best. >> that's a argue. bigger or smaller government. governor thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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. .
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>> details about the terror suspect killed by a canadian s.w.a.t. team. what police are tells us that it starting to spark concerned right here. back in 60 seconds.
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welcome back. donald trump not letting up over the latest clinton e-mail controversy, accusing her of a, quote, pay for play scheme when she was secretary of state. we go now to blake berman. >> long become the complaints of many about the firewall between hillary clinton's state department and the clinton family foundation was never as strong enough or as transparent enough as it should have been. those claims were re-ignited this week when the conservative advocacy group, judicial watch, released new e-mails. doug band, personal aide to former president bill clinton and of the clinton foundation had e-mailed hillary clinton's top aides in the first month that christians to would secretary of state, asking for, quote, favor to take care of one whose name has been reticketed.
1:37 pm
at that time, huma abedin, a top aide to hillary clinton responded: we have all had him on our radar. personnel is sending him options. donald trump has been campaigning on these e-mails over the last couple of days and says this amounts to the very definition of pay for play. >> the single greatest achievement in the career of hillary clinton will be getting out of these problems. pay for play. called pay for -- not allowed to do it. it's illegal. it's illegal. and i would imagine other things are going to be coming down the pike. >> the clinton campaign put out a statement saying it nowhere rises to that level. here was their explanation, quote: neither of these campaign e-mails involved the secretary or the foundation's work. they are communications between her aides and the president's personal aide. back to you. >> thank you so much, blake.
1:38 pm
reactions now from david -- congressman david sisslin. >> this is typical donald trump. makes an assertion which is false. this has nothing to do with pay to play. an e-mail that christian tong has nothing to do with, between an aide to president clinton and employees at the state department. he throws this out there, he makes the assertion, and then he campaigns on it. >> but you know capacity dirks. >> an effort to distract from the enact he just called on second amendment protectors to assassinate his democratic opponent -- >> he didn't say that. >> -- said the president of the is the founder of isis. disgraceful. republicans are running from his campaign because it's an embarrassment. >> all of this on a day that we know that there is a report that says let's make this isis fight look rosier than it is.
1:39 pm
in terms of e-mails, it doesn't have to have secretary clinton's aide in it would i would would an aide have somebody -- to get somebody a job and make sure a big donor to the foundation makes sure to meet the executives or ambassador in libya or wherever else. why would hey have -- >> the request -- maria, the request is a communication between an assistant to president clinton -- >> exactly. >> an replyee of the department tame -- requests a meeting that didn't occur and the reality is this is an effort by donald trump to distract attention from the issues in the campaign. >> i don't in the it's donald trump -- >> no, no. >> irthere is an active investigation of the clinton foundation -- >> maria, they reality is this is an e-mail which does not involve secretary clinton at all. it's an e-mail which does not involve the work 0 the foundation and an effort by donald trump to make a statement
1:40 pm
to distract attention away from the statement he has made about the president of the united states -- >> a person getting the direct call to -- >> -- isis. a reason that republicans are fleeing his campaign. look, i'm a democrat. but we need a republican party. we need an opposition that has robust ideas, that can engage and improve our democracy. we losing the republican party a because of the crazy necessary of these statements. so this is one more exhibit -- one more to go -- o'lit fact has done an objective assessment. 70% of the statements made by donald trump are false. so this is another example of that. and -- >> let me give you another stat. 60% of people polled said they do not trust secretary hillary clinton. that is a fact. and -- >> but the reality is that the fact is she -- >> there's something there, whether it's these e-mails that is was pay for play or this easy access to the state department. how can she change that
1:41 pm
perception in that's the reality. >> the reality is she is winning this campaign. her lead is widening in key states. all this -- best estimates she will be elected our president. i'm sure that will be the case, and the arrest is because people trust her to fight for things that matter. trust her to fight for making college affordable to deal with the issue of climate change to raise people's incomes, raise the minimum wage -- the things that matter. the has a record of doing that. from her early days before she was in public service, working for children going door to door to advocate for children with disabilities, while the helped to create the children's health insurance program. they looked at her life. her life of service and trust she is going to fight for. the, which i why she is winning. >> definitely winningif the election were today she would win. bailed on these polls. congressman, good to see you, sir. we'll be getting the g.o.p. reaction to this story from wisconsin republican congressman
1:42 pm
sean duffy in a few minutes. a terror plot north of border was foiled by canadian authorities after an fbi tip showed the suspect in the final statements of planning an attack during rush hour in the next 72 hours. the latest is next.
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1:45 pm
welcome back. 0 terror suspect planning a suicide bombing during rush hour in the next 72 hours was killed by canadian police after detonating an explosive device in the back seat of a taxi. >> reporter: canadian authorities were in a race with time to stop a man detonating a bomb. canada's national law enforcement agency, the royal canadian mounted police were tipped off by u.s. officials during a news conference, the rcmp played a video provide by the fbi in which a masked man talks bat terror attack in canada.
1:46 pm
the man says, quote, oh, canada, you received men warnings, adding we thirst for your blood. within hours canadian authorities identified the man as driver, who was arrested last year for suspicion of terrorism and was prohibited from owning firearms or using social media. police say driver has had a history of espousing terrorism views. police set up surveillance at a home where he was staying in ontario, 100-miles northeast from detroit. officials say a taxi cub pulled up. the driver exited the home and entered the vehicle. police opened fire and the driver detonated an explosive twice. when the police operation was driver was dead and the operator of the taxi was injured. the question is, what was driver's intended target? >> the intelligence that came to us, broad-based, that mr. driver was looking for a location that was highly populate but there was no definitive location.
1:47 pm
in fact when it first came to us it was canada-wide. so i really -- even up to this point in the investigation we don't have any specific location he may have been intending to travel to. >> reporter: authorities believe driver who converted to islam as a teenager was radicalized by information on the internet and he said, don't believe muslims belong in the west. the suspect, aaron driver, was arrest fed released last year after expressing that support for isis on social media. former navy seal says these are the type of terrorists we need to be on the lockout for. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> how do you look out for them and how do you know who is around and who is in a sleeper cell just waiting for direction? >> i think this has to come from within internal the muslim community. it's problem in the islamic
1:48 pm
community that needs to be addressed from first, and we need to have human intelligence on the ground in law enforcement, informants, and looking at these areas. >> in terms of the u.s. and taking the fight to where the terrorists are, how comfortable with the strategy in place so far and do you think we need ramp it up? the report today that things have been a lot rosier on paper than they were in reality is quite outrageous, actually. >> it is outrageous but completely believable. think we in the united states and our government has been pushing a narrative of success that hasn't existed. we did the same thing with al qaeda. we did it with the taliban. and now we're doing it with isis. we need to go ahead and confront the honest, real truth. and say where we stand. >> just getting this headline across the wires right now. says the fbi just saying now that it provided actionable threat intelligence to the
1:49 pm
canada plan police to -- so the fbi was first in terms of learning of this and then passing it on to its canadian authorities colleagues. >> this is what we want to happen. we want to see cross-international sharing of intelligence and being able to wrap up and kill these guys. >> it what needs to be done from the u.s. perspective? >> there's a couple of different thingses. so, multiple prongs of the strategy. one has to be overseas and attacking enemy their territory -- them in their territory. that has to be a military action, not law enforcement. you have to lift rules of engagement and fight like it's a war. then on in the law enforcement side in the u.s. we have to get deeper in the human element so we shifted to looking at the technological piece and tracking social media. we need to get more people on
1:50 pm
the ground, develop more informants in these communities that will help us. >> dave, good so see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> take a short break. hillary clinton putting pressure on donald trump to release his tax returns much. hillary clinton putting pressure on donald trump to release his tax returns today. whyt congressman shawn duffy agrees. back in a minute. ndall. every stitch and seam of your home insurance, tailored to fit you and your budget. with unique features, like claim free rewards... ohh! customized home protection extra features all at an affordable price! i'm going to live in this. in means getting more from your home insurance with an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. . you do all this research on a perfect car,
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welcome back. hillary clinton and tim kaine both expected to release their tax returns in the coming days, adding more pressure to donald trump and to do the same including from some of his own support es. one of them joining me now, congressman shawn duffy. thanks for weighing in. >> thank you, maria. >> you think he should release those returns? >> well, what i think is, i
1:54 pm
think hillary clinton should release all of her e-mails. the transcripts of her speeches, and all of the contributions to the clinton foundation, and with that, donald trump should release his taxes. if he wants to wait until after the audit is over, that's fine. but before the election, he should release them. >> you know we're not going to get all the e-mails from the clinton foundation, that's not happening. >> we can only hope, right? maybe that's why donald trump says i don't feel obligated to release my taxes, as well. but there's an issue of transparency that comes into play with the whole campaign, and as you know, donald trump does more enter views and more press conferences than any candidate in our history. and hillary clinton more than any candidate hides from the press. and is unwilling to take questions and do interviews, because i think when you lie, when you're dishonest, you don't
1:55 pm
want to get caught again being dishonest with the american people. >> i think that's a really good point, because wikileaks is promising they're going the release something else in october. let me ask you about the tax plan released today, congressman. hillary clinton talks a lot about the ultrarich and this $5 million or more in income, you're going for an additional 4% surcharge. that takes the federal rate for the ultrarich up to 43.6%, that's just federal, not including city and state and all the rest. but i want to go into the corporate numbers, $100,000, something like that, where it's going to impact more people than the few that have the $5 million. and we went on the tax foundation website. i think everybody should go to you actually get a complete rundown of all the tax brackets. she's got seven tax brackets and in the last tax bracket of
1:56 pm
43.6%, if you're making $190,000 right now, your federal tax rate is 33% under clinton's plan. so that's 33%, add on state tax of another 10%, city tax, 3.5%, and an obamacare tax, 3.5%, that takes you up to 50%. if you're making $190,000, you're only going to take home $100,000. that's got to hurt. is that really going to create jobs? >> here's the problem. i listened to her speech on the economy. this is the traditional liberal proposal where the solution to every problem is to be a government -- mandated government program, government spending. and we know that we make our country prosperous and economically viable when we have a free enterprise system. we're going in the wrong
1:57 pm
direction. >> congressman, thank you so much. go to the website, check it out. i'll see you tomorrow morning on the fox business network 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. eastern. i'll see you then. have a great night. stay with fox fews. "the five" begins now. she spent summer binge-watching. soon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great. this week sharpie singles now twenty-five cents. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. craso come dive into disheser like the new
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