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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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political revolution, 74 votes for bernie sanders. >> you think they would figure that out. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report" fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. donald trump is about to take the stage at a rally in florida. "on the record" is monitoring this rally for any news that comes out of it. but right now you are being lied to. and no, it is not a mistake. it is intentional and it's dangerous and it's putting american lives in danger. a damning new house republican report finding intelligence generated by the u.s. central command was manipulated, the reason? to fool you, to payment a better and false picture of the american people about the american people about isis. just a short time ago u.s. congressman major in the u.s. army reserves and donald trump endorser congressman lee zeldin went "on the record." congressman, nice to see you sir. >> it's great to be with you.
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>> congressman, according to the news, the intelligence reports from u.s. central command has been tee acceptive about the state of our fight against isis painting a skewed or rosier picture. what do you say, sir? >> this is a pretty explosive initial finding. i'm looking forward to seeing what the ig's report is going to show as well while congress continues to investigate this as well. whistle blowers coming forward with pretty important information because our military commanders rely on accurate intelligence analysis for the military decision-making process, development of operations orders. the decision is relying on accurate intelligence. and then the other piece of this is back home, domestic politics should never trump national security and if this is coming from the top to try to paint a rosier picture for the president's domestic politics, you are putting american lives, service members in harm's way and risking national security. >> you say it's so much
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nicer than i'm thinkingonight bi think it's just terrible to lie to the american people. imagine sending your husband or your wife to war or your children to war and thinking that it's a much rosier picture. meanwhile, that the american people are being lied as to what the state of the fight is. let me take it one step further. i'm looking at the report. it says the joint task force is troubled that despite receiving the whistle blower complaint in may 2015 and receiving alarming results in 2013 neither centcom, the dia, under secretary of defense for intelligence have taken any demonstrable steps to improve the climate within centcom. not only are they cooking the books, lying to the american people, but even though they know what they have done nothing to correct it according to this report. >> yeah. i mean, it risks our security. we have hot spots in iraq, in sierra. -- syria. when you look further out, libya, afghanistan.
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centcom has -- that is the hot spot on the globe right now for american security for global security. so. of the threat we see in europe, that we're facing here at home is coming from that area of jurisdiction. >> what are you going to do about it? i mean, what is somebody going to do about it? apparently they are doing nothing about it because they have known about it for over a year according to this and nothing is being done. and it may be packaged together in some nice little report but the problem is lives are at risk. what are members of congress and the president going to do about it tonight? >> yeah. i think the next step is we need to see this inspector general's report. we need to know exactly who is responsible in order to hold them accountable. as we saw with this president, when he placed 50 special operations forces in syria in the hottest pot on the entire globe, he says they weren't there on a combat mission even though that was completely divorced from reality. what we need to know is exactly who is responsible so that we can hold them
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accountable. what's further concerning is that we had new senior leadership at centcom come in with general as you austin coming in and leadership. time something important. i remember seeing some press conferences. i don't know their relationship. i have served with general austin. i have known him since he was a colonel. i when we hold individuals accountable it didn't go up to his level or even higher. >> there is something really wrong with this picture when you have got a report like this. and the president is on vacation in martha's vineyard and all the members of congress are on recess and the house and the senate and meanwhile the books are being cooked for the american people and we have men and women in military who are in harm's way and we find out that they are lying about the state of the fight against isis. it's not just a lie. it puts people at risk when they think it's a lot different than what they are facing. >> yeah. exactly. so, i was at the battalion level when i was in iraq
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with the 82nd air division. our brigade commanders division commanders at the level are relying on accurate intelligence. they need to know not only what type of resources manpower and equipment they have available but exactly what to expect from the enemy. when choosing a course of action, when you have three available courses of action, you are choosing the one based off of the accuracy of it. so, from that standpoint, we are absolutely seeing if true and goes higher we are seeing highest level of military putting our men at risk. it is outrageous. once we can identify who is exactly responsible, those people need to be held accountable. >> and i would love to fax my copy of this report to president obama in martha's vineyard if i had the fax numbers. i'm sure he read that this tonight. i think this just awful. congressman, thank you very much for joining us, as i remember.
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>> thank you, greta. >> former army pilot in iraq and afghanistan veteran amber smith goes "on the record." nice to see you, amber. >> nice to see you, greta. >> outraged at this deceit. but you arpaio lot. you fought in the war. tell me, am i wrong to be so outraged? >> no. you are absolutely correct. and i am as well. i think it's a really sad day for the military that i spent a good chunk of my life. in it's a sad day for america. and kudos to the g.o.p. house investigation task force for making this -- for investigating this as it should be. because this is a much bigger deal than i think it's been made out to prior to this investigation. and there are life and death consequences when it comes to intelligence manipulation. and for those war fighters that have to be on the ground in iraq and syria and carry out the missions, based on the decisions that our leaders that are getting this intel have to make, it's just absolutely ridiculous they have taken it this far. >> i'm old enough to
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remember the pentagon papers which proved that the government was lying about what was going on in vietnam and we had many americans over there fighting in vietnam. all right. what should happen? i mean, it's like everybody is on vacation. there is this explosive report that they are cooking the books. they are lying to the american people. they are lying to our military. they are lying to the troops. what should happen? >> look, i would love to see some accountability. i would love to see president obama step up and say, no, this isn't going to happen while i'm the commander and chief. unfortunately, president obama has sort of facilitated this culture of looking the other way and painting a different picture to the american people, especially when it comes to isis. especially when it comes to the war that is being fought in iraq and syria and how it's being carried out. they continue to down play the threat that isis has played. so, in a weird way, he is playing in to this role that isis isn't the way it should be with what they were trying to do with cooking the books at centcom. >> i think the american people are entitled to the truth. entitled to the truth when it comes to war.
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i think the men and women who are fighting are entitled to the truth. unless there is some national security issue. and the fact that these -- you know, the books are being cooked, that's a nice way to say it they are being lied to, it's deceitful. to me it's absolutely appalling. is it dangerous? >> it's absolutely dangerous. don't send our men and women in to harm's way with miss information. so when they go out from a lower level war fighter's perspective, don't send them out on a mission where they are going to get misinformation. they may be talking about high level intelligence, but every piece matters when it comes to fighting a war. and so it's putting our men and women in uniform at risk in both of those countries right now. not to mention other places around the world. >> and it's just appalling. the under secretary for defense odni centcom, dia that they all know about it and have taken for over a year and there are no demonstrable steps to improve the analytic climate with centcom. this is no accident. this is the worst coverup.
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>> no, absolutely not. i think it's important to say what those whistle blowers did when they came out and said that they were being told i saw that report 40% of analysts say they were being told to support or suppress intel. >> amber, thank you. since you came i want to do at least tip off the viewers you have a book coming out soon "danger close" check that out on amazon. am per, thank you very much. >> thank you, greta. >> who does donald trump blame for isis? he doesn't beat around the bush on this he blames president obama for isis. >> our government has unleashed isis. i call president obama and hillary clinton the fowrngdz of isis. they are the founders. in fact, i think we'll give hillary clinton the you know if you are a sports team most valuable player, mvp. you get the mvp award. isis will hand her the most valuable player award. her only competition is barack obama. between the two of them. [ laughter ]
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>> the "on the record" political panel is here from the "boston globe" victoria and from "the washington post aaron blake. donald trump doubled down on this he had a chance to walk it back a little bit. is he absolutely certain. he said obama is the founder of isis. >> i guess it's no surprise that he is not going to back down. he doesn't back down from anything he says even when the press gives him an opportunity to. it was an interesting back and forth this morning between trump and hugh hewitt. >> al radio talk show host. >> yeah. he was trying to give him out. you mean that the policies led to the rise of isis i said no, they are the founders of isis. >> no, they created the environment that led to the rise of isis. >> no. they are the founders of isis. he has dug in deep. there is a lot of criticism he went too far in saying this about the president of the united states. is he not going to back down. >> victoria, governor mike pence running mate tried to a little bit walk it back. he said it was a controversy
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over semantics when people were jumping all over trump for this. >> when the problem is when you are explaining you are losing in politics. here is another example of donald trump and his team having to spend a day or more explaining comments that he has made instead of, for example, taking advantage of the latest on mostly hillary clinton's emails. it's playing in to the narrative that hillary clinton has been trying to create about donald trump that he doesn't have the temperament and the more that trump is saying these outlandish things the more that plays into that narrative. >> i think i would expect -- i don't know this and i'm not giving advice to donald trump but is he probably going to marry this controversy that obama is the founder of isis with this report coming out. president obama claimed antiwar and going to be the most transparent administration. now, he himself didn't dock
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these reports but none the less it's his chain of commands these reports tonight saying the fight against isis that the american people were lied to. >> here's the thing. there is some fertile ground here for donald trump to play with. there is the red line in syria. there is kind of the general criticism among more conservative foreign policy types that obama not been tough enough on isis hand has allowed for them to be as powerful as they are to attack europe and united states with their propaganda campaigns. but he is taking this a step further and making the story about the words that he chose and not the conduct of the administration and president obama. and i think that's kind of a mistake that this is something that really could work for him but he insists on talking about it in a certain way that a lot of people by the way mike pence is one of those people that isn't comfortable talking about it that way. mike pence was given two chances this afternoon to say founder of isis and he declined to do it on both instances. >> it the exchange with hugh
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hewitt, here is donald trump. >> last night you said president obama is the founder of isis. i know what you meant he created the vacuum >> victoria, he doesn't back down, not at all. does this hurt him with the republican party or not? >> this is exactly what his base, his base trump supporters. >> that's the primary. >> exactly, that's the primary, the word pivot get a lot of play these days, but donald trump is donald trump and he is not changing the way he is. and i think he even said that explicitly today. he is not going to change his style, that is in fact making a lot of republicans uncomfortable. squandering opportunities to have as aaron said very legitimate debates on policy
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on isis and gain persuade some of those skeptical voter. >> if you would both stick around. now i want to ask the viewers now is your chance to vote on twitter, did donald trump go too far in saying president obama is the founder of isis tweet yes or no using #greta. we will show you your live twitter votes throughout the show. and this will send shivers up your spine. a canadian isis sympathizer, a terrorist detonating a suicide vest in the middle of a police raid. the terrorist injured himself and one other person. canadian police opening fire, killing the suspect and even more terrifying, the suspect's death coming just in the nick of time. an imminent attack was planned. >> the attack at the time based on the information, the attack was supposed to be taking place within the following 72 hours. and was likely to target an urban center either during morning or afternoon rush hour. >> a tip from the fbi helped
4:15 pm
the canadianing take out this terrorist. the suspect has been under surelings for nearly a year. he had previously supported terrorist group on social media donald trump is holding a rally in the key swing state of florida. >> hi, greta. as you were talking about earlier, he has been pounding hillary clinton and barack obama as the founders of isis, but it's worth pointing out that as early as 2007, donald trump was saying it was time for the u.s. to get out of iraq and in 2008, he said it should be taken very seriously and done as fast as possible. in 2007, barack obama was running for president but hadn't been elected and in 2008 he was the president and that was the policy. so he blaming them for being founders for a policy that donald trump himself actually expressed some support for at the time. trump has had a very interesting day. very busy in florida. a state where the polls are tied and he acknowledges that. just before this event got
4:16 pm
started tonight, a confederate was unfurled just to the left of the stage as you see it on tv. and it said trump 2016 on it. the trump campaign found about it, saw it, obviously, took them 15 minutes to go over there and ask the gentleman who had unfurled it to ask for it to be removed. it was. as soon as the trump staffers left he unfurled it again in a matter of a few minutes police went over to him and it disappeared and since be replaced by an american flag. just another controversy. but is the kind of thing that republicans worry about particularly those running for office this year because they could be constantly explaining what happens at trump rallies, greta? >> you don't know who is going to show up at your rally. look at the clinton campaign had the father of mateen, the killer at the nightclub in orlando. he showed up and sat in the background. so you never know who is going to show up at your rallies. >> and trump has been complaining about that since it happened on monday.
4:17 pm
last night sitting behind him at a rally here in florida none other than mark foley, the former u.s. congressman was sitting behind him and he, of course, had to resign his seat after acknowledging sexual text messages to male underaged page. who comes into your crowd is certainly who you are not responsible for. but trump's rhetoric has created miss givings among republicans. there is a petition circulated across the country by former republican congress people, former members of the rnc and some veterans of the last 8 republican presidential campaigns calling on the republican national committee to cut off any cooperation of money and resources with trump in order to help the down ballot candidate, the other politicians on the ballot this year try to avoid any blow back from his candidacy, greta. >> carl, thank you. and secretary hillary clinton laying out her economic plan. three days ago donald trump
4:18 pm
laid his plan out. yes, the dueling economic plans. >> wall street corporation and the super rich should finally pay their fair share of taxes. >> hillary clinton short circuited again to use a now famous term when she accidently told the truth and said that she wanted to raise taxes on the middle class. >> i will stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down wages, including the transpacific partnership. >> hillary clinton will enact the tpp as sure as you are sitting there. his or her donors will make sure of it. >> i oppose it now. i'll oppose it after the election. and i will oppose it as president. as a senator from new york, i fought to defend new new york's manufacturers and steelmakers from unfair chinese trading practices. >> she was all talk, no action upstate new york is a
4:19 pm
disaster. >> trump senior economic advisor and former ceo of new core corporation dan goes "on the record." nice to see you, sir. >> nice to see you tonight. thanks for having me. >> okay. so listening to secretary clinton's speech today, what is the single thing that you disagree with most? >> >> most everything. you know, donald trump put out a 4 point plan that included taxation, trade, energy and regulatory reform. each designed to stimulate and grow the economy. in fact, the title of the talk was how to get us to be more globally competitive. each one of these four sectors is key to that. what i heard today was more taxes, more regulation, more strangulation of the private sector whose job it is to get the economy going again. the government doesn't could that. the government gets in our way. donald trump's plan is a plan that recognizes we're
4:20 pm
in the global world, global trade. we have to be more competitive in order to bring the jobs back and to create new jobs here and get ourselves back on the track that's different than what hillary and obama have done for usook office. >> neither one of them touched the topic of entitlements and the growing number, you know, these numbers are getting giant. and, you know, i sort of wanted to hear from both of them how they intended to address this issue. >> well, i think trump has actually spoken to that in earlier talks where his whole focus on that is not to do away with the entitlements but to take the waste out which would be significant. in huge numbers. but he is committed to maintaining the programs that are there to help those who need it. it's just that he wants to be more efficient, less government waste, and he will do that. now, we heard what hillary want to do do today. she wants to give more money
4:21 pm
away, more of the taxpayer's money. she wants to raise taxes on everybody, not just the rich as she says. donald trump wants to give money back to everybody. >> and the one last thing i want to say to the viewers is that a lot of people have been paying in social security for years and years and years and the idea it might be cut has got a lot of people understandably very upset. neither candidate is talking about that. >> dan, here is the solution to it, greta, the solution to that is grow the economy, get interest rates up, people start earning interest a decent amount under savings and that's what the retirement community needs. >> the computer is going to cut us off. dan, thank you. why is grif jenkins milking a cow? next part of wildly popular decider series. you meet the voters next. stuffm that airline? let me show you something better. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase... not just...(dismissively) airline purchases.
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well, now it's time for incredibly popular series the deciders. "on the record" griff jenkins went to the great state of wisconsin which is all important swing state. badger state griff found a lot of cows and some undecided voters. ♪ ♪ [cow mooing] >> you are in wisconsin on my dairy farm. according to usda we are the most average farmers around. >> wisconsin is the land of beer, cheese, and dairy cows and the dairy farm is right at home in the badger state. >> we have 200 cows that we will milk and average cow is going to give about 35 to 40 pounds of milk. >> for decades, farmers fred kasan and his son jim have
4:26 pm
been working hard milking 200 cows twice a day and churning out gal after gal after gal of milk. >> i purchased the farm in 1967, so we have been here going on -- well, a long time. >> i'm usually out the door by 5:00. milking cow sass commitment and if you want to be successful, you have to be consistent in when you milk them. typically wrap up here on this farm around 9:00 a.m. >> life of a farmer 16 hours seven days a week. pure all-american work ethic. while these farmers spend their day getting the job done, they feel like politicians haven't been showing up to work for them. >> politicians have got too far away from the people elected. always about the big power and what you can do for the big person. >> that's one reason why these swing state voters have this year's election on their mind. that's not all. this farm stays in business by selling dairy to people in other countries. a big deal since both presidential candidates are threatening to take on free
4:27 pm
trade agreements. >> that's very troubling to us. because we live in the united states and we are able to overproduce almost any kind of commodity that we produce, we really have to rely on foreign trade. on the other side, there is also the fact that when you start overregulating what we can do and what we can't do and the cost of that regulation has a big effect on basically on our bottom line. >> trade, regulations, and disgust with politicians seems to dominate the mood. and while it's still a long way to november, this father and son are not in total agreement on who to vote for. >> i would just like to see an independent that is not backed by some big corporation, an outsider like trump. >> i'm a trump person. >> safe to say who i'm voting for today is tough. >> undecided? >> i'm undecided today but if i was voting today i would still probably would
4:28 pm
vote for trump. i could be swayed over to the clinton side. >> and with all the time they spent talking to me, things got a little behind on the farm. so to pay them back, i offered to pitch in. >> you just grasp the top and then squeeze. >> on that one or that one. >> on this one. >> okay. >> here rego. grab the top and pull down? >> i'm milking this cow. "on the record" in wisconsin where they are making a lot of dairy and cheese and milk ago lot of cows, i'm griff jenkins. >> yes, we have been sending griff all across the country. keep watching more on the deciders. and there is war. the email problems for secretary hillary clinton. they keep piling up. what is it this time? well, that's next.
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4:33 pm
investigation into the clinton foundation. the fbi was telling us around january. we had reported on fox news with catherine herridge that there was an investigation into any possible intersection between the clinton foundation and the state department as run under then secretary of state hillary clinton. fbi officials and doj officials are not commenting to us now or responding to these reports that fbi officials brought this case to the doj and then it was just dropped. and we do know that james comey was testifying, the fbi director, last month before capitol hill. he would not confirm or deny the existence of any type of investigation into the clinton foundation. but what we're now learning is what we have had released in these emails thanks to freedom of information act requests the judicial watch is that there were requests from clinton foundation donors to those in the state department for meeting, for job offers and these requests now and these
4:34 pm
lawsuits now continue to try to get more emails out from the state department. state department officials and from hillary clinton. >> in other words, the plot thickens? >> the plot thickens and on top of all of that, greta, you have the separate dnc hack which is somewhat unpredictable what's going to come out of that. >> rich, thank you. >> the "on the record" political panel is back from the "boston globe" victoria mcgrane and boston globe aaron blake. aaron, now, where do we go from here. >> it's another drip, drip, drip of this whole controversy over hillary clinton's emails. you know, there were -- these were not hillary clinton's personal emails that were released but they did shed some light on some instances where clinton foundation business could be construed to have intersected with state department business which by the way was something that hillary clinton promised there would be no impropriety in that regard because, obviously, they had this global foundation. she was going to become secretary of state. and so, you know, given that
4:35 pm
promise, that raises the specter of impropriety with these emails that were released even though there wasn't a smoking gun so to speak. >> the thing that caught my attention, victoria, said there was one from doug band who we all know was part of the clinton global initiative for a long time and had his own business is that he was looking for a job for somebody. the state department replied back from one of secretary clinton's close aides was that they sent the applicant options. i thought to myself options? since when do you get -- you are looking for a job, someone finds you a job and you get a list of options you goat pick. i will take ambassador to portugal. >> there is no question this looks so bad, you know. it shouldable so much more damaging than it seems like these drip, drip, drip allegations and revelations are actually ultimately being. this is going on while big name republicans are saying they are going to vote for hillary clinton in the fall. so it's just, you know, normal rules of politics that this should be really hurting secretary clinton. >> i want ireland to decide
4:36 pm
not portugal. >> there was the one email where they were seeking contact for a big clinton foundation donor with an emissary in lebanon. another was seeking a job for by the way we don't know who that person is or if they got the job. the state department is not revealing who that person is they are saying there is nothing improper about that whole thing. for now we are left to take their word for it. >> these emails should have been turned over before. they have now subject to litigation from civil litigant. whole idea is how many other emails out there. i think it would be unreasonable not to be suspicious that there are more emails out there because the more emails we get, the more reasonable to think that there is some more there. why didn't we get them from the get-go? >> the state department has said that they will be releasing more of these missing emails that the fbi said they found in their forensic investigation. and it also makes me wonder why did the clinton team not just come cleaner with this?
4:37 pm
>> they did. is that when she first sent her emails she turned them over to her lawyers. the lawyers went through and separated 30,000 that they said were personal. they only read the headers, they didn't read the content. so then what did they do? they didn't put them in some lock safe on hard drive they destroyed them so no one else could check what they were. reading the headline these were personal and then they destroyed them. >> if the interest is showing being completely transparent and nothing to hide here, you know, this is just the latest that adds to the drum beat of new information that, you know, people can interpret how they want but it certainly leads to more questions. >> anyway, thank you both. >> thanks. >> and what no american family wants to hear tonight. a new report spelling disaster for obamacare. this will impact you. that's straight ahead. plus, two brutal murders of two young women jogging. raise new question whether there is a question.
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this is the seventh time that homeowner has had a trump sign stolen. and the captivated america trump tower now charged. steven ragata also known as charles joseph ryan charged with trespass. he blew off a family vacation to europe. he drove from virginia to manhattan with the sole purpose to climb trump tower to try to meet donald trump. disney's main street electrical parade coming to an end. the parade made its debut at the magic kingdom back in 1977. its last run is set to take place in october.
4:43 pm
and that's tonight's speed read. now the 2016 election. the healthcare reporter for the hill says an obamacare meltdown is imminent for the next president, whoever it might be or she is. sarah is here to go "on the record." nice to see you. >> good evening. >> i saw this article first thing this morning and captivated by this on the hill i read online. it's a great article. let me ask you first. next president faces possible obamacare meltdown. what do you mean by melt down? >> we could really see so. big insurers in the obama care marketplace make their final decision on whether or not this is a good idea to remain in the market mace. the impact of this could be very huge for competition and, of course, if we don't have the competition, that the officials are expecting it in the marketplace rates are going to group. people are going to have a harder time finding plans that they are going to like. this could have really catastrophic impact if we do
4:44 pm
see that go down. >> price is going up. insurance companies say they can't make money or they are losing money. so they get out of the exchange that leaves fewer people in the exchange and one insurance company in some exchanges across the country. so there is no competition. the price goes up and so then people can't afford obamacare. we're not quite there yet. we are at breaking point. next enrollment period fourth time people are going to sign up for the exchanges. these numbers are going to be a huge test on whether these big insurers are going throw main in the marketplace. i couldn't know nighted healthcare say already they are going to pull out. anthem and etna on the fence. look like they are backing off. decisions they make as well as other big insurers are going to have a big impact. >> let's assume it's not a robust enrollment, that's the worst case scenario. >> worst case scenario we don't see these young people that the obama administration has said they are recruiting very heavily.
4:45 pm
if we don't seat young people who are more likely to be healthy, those medical costs are going to keep going up. >> and so what's the next president to do? >> well, donald trump has said that he would repeal obamacare in the first day of office. this could be the nail in the coffin. hillary clinton has said that she is really committed to making these marketplaces to work to strengthen them. she has said she would increase the subsidies that people get so that they can then pay for higher premiums and get these bigger plans but then the issue is the price tag and where the money comes from. >> where is she going to get the money from the subsidies? >> we don't have that information yet. it's a bit early. presumably the money would come from -- she has proposed other players higher taxes on other pieces. so, we're not quite clear yet. >> what's the obama administration saying? >> the obama administration has been working really aggressively on trying to get more young people in, trying to get these insurers to see the long-term state of it. there are some insurers making money on this.
4:46 pm
especially those focused on low income populations before. but the big insurers all top five insurers in the u.s. right now have said they are losing money on obamacare. this is the last two months. >> there in lies the melt down term in the headline. >> right. >> when are we going to know the headline on. this next enrollment open period ends a week before the inauguration. this is kind of crazy timing. we will start to see that data, really important data come out just a couple weeks after the next president is national guard rated. >> thank you so much. great article in the hill. i will continue to follow. this it's an important topic. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> disturbing new clues in the murder mystery of two young women. "on the record" ted williams has been investigating. ted is here next. poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone.
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new clues tonight in the horrific murders of two
4:51 pm
young joggers vanessa who lived in new york city who was murdered in massachusetts and macano who lived in new york city. police log into whether the two were connected and today chilling update. >> evidence and information that we have, in this case, again, leads us to believe that there was a struggle between vanessa and her assailant that led to scratches, cuts, scrapes, and/or bruises. anyone who has observed a male with these types of injuries, we would ask that you contact the massachusetts state police tip line at 508-453-7589. anyone who observed any type of vehicle moving on the road or parked on the road during the 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. time frame, contact the state police tip line. >> "on the record's" ted williams has been on the ground investigating. ted? >> yeah. greta, a warm sunday afternoon around 1:00 that
4:52 pm
vanessa marcart visiting with her mother, who lived in this home, decide to do go for a jog decide to do go for a jog. she came out of this driveway, went down this highway in this location we are now at the location of this crime scene. it was in this location in this vincent that canine dogs picked up a scent, and it was in this location to the body of vanessa marcart was located, burned, a crime scene, greta. come to the road here. there were two items that immediately caught my attention and those two items was this water bottle
4:53 pm
that has been crushed and what is most interesting is a small liquor bottle that was found in this area in the vicinity where vanessa marcot's body was found. clearly we don't know if any of these things are associated with her death. but it tells me that there are other people who are, in fact, in this area. >> greta, i can tell you that while i was there on the scene, we picked up some more important information. "on the record" did its own investigation, came upon a witness and perhaps the witness -- the last witness that would have seen vanessa marcotte alive. told me saw her driving down the road.
4:54 pm
in front of her was a car. the witness observed the car, went up the street, turned around, came back into the area. the car was still there, vanessa marcotte was no longer in the area. >> looking for someone with scratches. that means she put up a fight that means she probably has d.n.a. under fingernails if the person was under d.n.a. bank but her hands were burned. >> her hands from what we are being told her hands and other portions of her body was burned. but, as you have said, i'm sure they put out a bulletin because they are looking for anybody who may go home with scratches all over their body. >> ted, thank you. my off-the-record next.
4:55 pm
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4:59 pm
colleagues kim gearly guilfoyle on the a and ainsley on "fox & friends." they have served as ambassadors for new york junior special olympics. that organization heps athletes family and coaches to participate free of cost. last night kimberly and ainsley were both honored at the summer social to benefit special olympics nyc they were honored by matlin stuart first supermodel with down syndrome. >> we are so honored to be here and it's a little embarrassing that we are getting awards because mattie, you are the one that should get the award. >> oh. >> and all the special olympians should get the awards. >> we have so much love for the special needs community and i know myself mother special needs teacher working in classrooms throughout san francisco and the bay area that i'm following in her footsteps. >> i mean, enormously to call ainsley and kimberly my
5:00 pm
colleagues and my very good friends they are. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. that's all for tonight. the factor starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get right to our top story. donald trump in the no spin zone. the republican presidential nomineeins us now by phone from orlando. now, mr. trump, i want to first ask you about this sound bite from yesterday that's been getting a ton of attention. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. set founder of isis. okay? he is the founder. [cheers] >> he founded isis


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