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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 11, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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reason to sweat over his gold record. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, a stunning new congressional report backing up whistle-blowers in the u.s. military intelligence who say their warningins over the growt of isis were buried because they didn't fit the white house narrative. this is a story fox news has been following from the beginning. it broke wide open last year when more than 50 u.s. military intelligence analysts blew the whistle, claiming their reports on the fight against the islamic state were manipulated by senior officials attempting to paint a more administration-friendly picture of a successful campaign in the fight against isis. some of those rosy assessments
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shared by president obama himself, who in january 2014 declared the terror group the j.v. team. they weren't. in 2014 and 2015, isis made major garms, overrunning an overmatch the iraqi army, establishing new footholds in iraq and syria, and catching the u.s. military off guard. now congressional investigators have officially concluded the books were cooked. in their five-month probe, over and over again earlier today, republican congressman mike pompeo, who was part of the investigation, charged this administration with putting american lives at risk. >> these are the kind of things that get people killed. this is incredibly dangerous. we haven't seen this kind of manipulation of intelligence, tactical and military intelligence in an awfully long time, and it's a direct result of the culture from a white house and administration that didn't want to confront this, didn't want to tell the american people, did not want to tell
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congress about what was really going on and the resources that were going to be required to fight this fight. >> in moments, we'll speak to congressman peter king, a member of the house intelligence committee, which was one of the three committees writing this report. but first trace gallagher has the details. trace. >> reporter: sandra, at issue here is the key intelligence that tracked the rise of isis in 2014 and 2015. but instead of giving the american people the straight scoop, a house republican task force says the u.s. central command essentially cooked the books. in other words, intel analysts would assess what was happening on the ground in syria and iraq, but the higher ups at sin com would take those reports and manipulate the information to make things appear much rosier. it's unclear exactly how high up the sugar-coated intel went, but listen to a march 2015 statement by then sen com commander general lloyd austin. when the general says he, he means isis. watch. >> the fact is that he can no longer do what he did at the
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outset, which is to seize and to hold new territory. he has assumed a defensive crouch in iraq. and although he has greater freedom of movement in syria, he's largely on the defensive there as well. >> the culture inside of this administration is one that bad news doesn't sell well, and they wanted to tell a story that isis was the j.v., that we were -- had al qaeda on the run. >> reporter: but when the facts on the ground didn't match the intelligence, there were questions. for example, just before isis conquered mosul, the second largest city in iraq, sent com says the terror group was on its heels. but it took months before a department of defense employee finally blew the whistle, alleging that intel was being skewed. military analysts say that intelligence can lead to deadly consequences for troops on the ground, and general jack keene says this will not end well. listen. >> so this manipulation of reports inside a major command, i have not seen since the
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vietnam war. so this is a very serious thing that has taken place here, and believe me, people will be held accountable for it. >> reporter: and when he took office, president obama said he did not want intel shaded by politics. well, now the pentagon inspector general will try to figure out exactly who at sen com was providing the shade. sandra. >> trace, thank you. joining us right now, new york congressman peter king, a republican and member of the house homeland security and intelligence committees. you were one of the committees that conducted this report. congressman, you just heard from general keane, this will not end well. what did you learn specifically in that report that reveals that the books were cooked, that the american public was misled about our progress against isis? >> yeah, this was a special task force of the committee and they've been reporting to the full committee all along. and it's really dramatic. i mean this is -- you have men and women who are in the
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battlefield, and their tactics and their strategy is being based on false analysis, which is coming from sen com. and there's no excuse for this. listen, intelligence is never exact. mistakes can be made. but in this case, as i understand it, all the mistakes were in favor of making a rosier picture. they were also overestimating the gains and underest estimating the strength of the enemy. they were very wrong on ramadi, very wrong on mosul. they continued to be wrong, and it was -- coordination was going on here, and the analysts felt -- they testified that their analysis was being taken and changed, and there's no excuse for this. and this puts lives at risk, and we have to find out how high up in the chain this went. >> that is the question. until we know who demanded that this happen and why, we're left with that question. why? what was the motivation, do you believe, behind this? >> i would say the most honest
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conclusion is that people in the pentagon, people in sen com, they knew that president obama did not want us to get further involved in iraq, that he was saying al qaeda was on the run. isis was barely even mentioned. and to have reports come out showing that actually isis was back in many cases stronger and more dangerous than al qaeda ever was, this would totally upset the obama administratio s administration's -- the story they would pursue. >> we heard president obama refer to them as the j.v. team. meanwhile, when you look at a map of where isis is, they have only spread. since 2015, isis was in 13 countries. today, isis is operating in 18 countries. meanwhile, we were being told this very rosy picture about our progress in this fight. >> this is disgraceful. it's inexcusable. the fact is it puts lives at
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risk and totally misled the american people. ultimately the president has to be responsible. whether he knew everything was going on day to day. it's his people who somewhere down the chain of command were allowing this to happen. inexcusable. >> congressman, if that's not enough to be outraged about, going back to what representative mike pompeo said, that may have resulted in putting american troops at risk. as policymakers, we're relying on this intelligence when deciding our strategy over there. >> well, i'll tell you, mike pompeo is doing a phenomenal job. he's a west point graduate, army veteran, and he hit it right on the head. this puts lives at risk because they have to make decisions based on the analysis they're getting. if that analysis is false, if it says the enemy is weaker than it really is, if it says our position is stronger than it really is, that puts lives at risk. we're not sending men and women into battle with the right precautions. and general jack keane is entirely right on this.
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pompeo and keane are totally on target. >> still a lot of questions about that. thank you for bringing that report to us and thanks for joining us tonight, congressman. as we learned, the obama administration was selling americans a very different version of isis than the actual reality of the situation. donald trump has stirred up some controversy of his own, remarking five times in the past 24 hours that president obama is the, quote, founder of isis. here's just one of those occasions. >> last night, you said the president was the founder of isis. i know what you meant. you meant that he created the vacuum. he lost the peace. >> no. i meant he's the founder of isis. i do. he was the most valuable player. i give him the most valuable player award. i give her too, by the way, hillary clinton. >> but he's not sympathetic to them. he hates them. >> i don't care. he was the founder. >> democrats were quick to pounce on those comments as inappropriate, but can they really claim the moral high ground when they have made equally inflammatory comments in the past toward their political opponents, including mr. trump?
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>> i think it's somewhat ironic to see some members of congress wanting to make common cause with the hard-liners in iran. it's an unusual coalition. i think the kinds of rhetoric that we've heard too often from mr. trump and others is ultimately helping do isil's work. >> he is becoming isis' best recruiter. they are going to people, showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> all right. joining me now is dr. sebastian gorka, author of "defeating jihad" and a distinguished chair of military theory at marine corps university. larry korb is a senior fellow for the center of american progress. dr. gorka, i'll start with you first. what do you believe that donald trump, to speak of his rhetoric
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first -- we'll get to the democrats in a second. but what do you think that donald trump meant when he said that president obama is the founder of isis? >> well, i'm not his spokesman. i'm not part of his campaign, so let him talk for himself. but if he means that the obama administration and hillary clinton facilitated the growth of isis into the most powerful jihadi insurgency the world has ever seen, he is absolutely right. let's just look at the facts. in 2008 when the senator from illinois became the president and afterwards appointed hillary as his secretary of state, at that moment in time, isis didn't exist. al qaeda in iraq, the forerunner of isis, was one regional franchise inside iraq. when we withdrew our troops, when we started to cook the books on intelligence, as you hear from the sen com analyst, then we facilitated the rise of isis with these false red lines
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in syria that meant nothing. all the things were put in place by this administration to help this former al qaeda franchise become a trans regional insurgency with more than 80,000 fighters today. that's fact. >> all right. well, larry, the media is really running with this. i mean donald trump has had many occasions to either clarify that statement, but he's doubled, tripled, quadrupled down on calling president obama the founder of isis and also making the same insinuation with hillary clinton. but they've started to use words like donald trump said that the president created isis. he didn't say that. >> well, i think if he'd take a look at what he said and compare it to his own statements, dr. gorka seemed to ind by us leaving iraq in 2011 under the agreement that was signed before obama came into office, and malaki, the prime minister,
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refused to modify, trump said we should leave in 2007. he also said we should leave in 2008. he said it again in 2011. so if that's what he's blaming isis, and if you go back to how did isis start, za cow which who was really the founder of isis was a nobody until colin powell went before the united nations and glorified him and said he was associated with -- >> are you saying it's -- but let's go back to the rhetoric that's being used because the left is on the attack on donald trump for saying such a thing. dr. gorka made the case for why he could mean it the way he did. he explains it. but then you have the use of the same rhetoric on the left. hillary clinton, in addition to what you just heard from president obama, hillary clinton at the democratic debate in december said he is becoming isis' best recruiter. i mean isn't that similar? >> well, i think if you take a look at what he said today --
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what he said yesterday, basically it's the same thing that mr. putin and the ayatollah are saying. and in fact the ayatollah says we created isis so you'd have sunnis killing shias, and that's why we have to do the things that we do. and, again, it contradicts he, himself, has said. never mind what the democrats are saying. 2007, he said we ought to get out. he said it again in 2008. he said it again in 2011. so if that's the problem, he is responsible for it. >> dr. gorka, you mentioned the sent com report. we just led with that at the top of the hour. a lot of outrage learning that the american public was misled. the intelligence, the books were cooked, and we weren't really told the situation that was happening. >> yeah, it's outrageous. we didn't even have that during the vietnam war, and i find it just as stunning that mr. korb, who engineered our withdrawal from beirut, which sent the wrong message to the jihadis in
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the '80s. >> i'm glad that reagan did, let me tell you that. >> worked in the reagan administration and is now attacking colin powell. really? where is the integrity in washington? how about talking about the facts on the ground, please, mr. korb. >> all right. >> well, i'm happy to talk about the facts on the ground. czar cow which was nobody. read what colin powell said before the u.n. he claimed he was in league with saddam, which he was not. saddam was trying to kill him. >> thanks to both of you for joining us. dr. gorka and larry korb. next, newly released e-mails show top aides of secretary of state hillary clinton conducting favors for her family's personal foundation. the details so damning, charles krauthammer calls it the definition of corruption. he joins us ahead. plus a new report suggesting chairman reince priebus is leveling warning shots at donald trump as the gop nominee faces an uphill battle in the polls.
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breaking tonight, a new report claiming to pull back the curtain on a major disconnect brewing between republican nominee donald trump and the higher ups at the republican national committee. "time" magazine dropping a cover story today titled "inside donald trump's meltdown," where they take the reader behind the scenes during a time that even mr. trump's supporters have admitted was a challenging few weeks. that report claims rnc chair reince priebus is thinking about real locating funds and staff working to elect trump and moving it to struggling down ballot races. campaign carl cameron is here for us to separate fact from fiction from kissimmee, florida, where mr. trump spoke tonight. >> reporter: hi, sandra. well, what's happened here is the trump campaign has been in regular contact with the republican national committee, and routinely the rnc has suggested that he curb the rhetoric because he could put
9:20 pm
down-ballot candidates, house and senate members, governors, and any other republican politician on the ballot this year, in jeopardy with some of his rhetoric if they're constantly answering for things he's said that they may not agree with. as a consequence of that, there has been this back and forth. but it has not resulted in the kind of relationship where the rnc can stop the money. they in fact have a contract to raise money together. it is true that is a petition is circulating around the country by some republicans that include former rnc members, former members of congress, as well as operatives who have worked on the last eight republican presidential campaigns saying that trump's rhetoric is divisive, that he's incompetent and ill suited for the presidency and that the rnc should stop giving him money, sharing the donations they've raised together, and pull back on the resources and dedicate them just to those down ballot candidates. there's a petition for that, but it's not from the rnc.
9:21 pm
it will be delivered to the rnc next week. so it's not as though reince priebus hasn't been trying to get trump to curb his rhetoric, but there's no way they can take the money away from him and/or the support given that he was just nominated by the republican party by acclamation at the end of their convention in cleveland. trump's now taken the stage here. it's been a very, very busy afternoon. just before he took the stage, some audience members unfurled a confederate flag with trump 2016 on it. they were approached by the trump campaign and asked to take it down, and they did after about 15 minutes, but then put it right back up again, whereupon police came over, asked them to take it down, and it's been over, and it was removed before trump took the stage. sandra. >> carl cameron, thank you. joining me now, the man who introduced donald trump earl your today in orlando florida, mike huckabee. good to have you, sir. >> thanks, sandra. great to be here. >> all right. so you just spent a bunch of time with the republican nominee.
9:22 pm
how is he do something. >> i've been with him the last two days. it has been an amazing thing to watch the crowds, the enthusiasm, and when i hear this report by "time" magazine, i want to tell you it's absolute fantasy. that's not true. look, there has been communication both from the trump camp and from the rnc. they've made it expressly clear that there has been no ultimatum. that simply hasn't happened. i mean this is a fabrication, and it's the kind of thing donald trump is having to deal with every day. >> so, governor, there's really two pieces on the cover of time's website today. the one is inside donald trump's meltdown. it mapaints this picture of the gop nominee that's facing sinking polls, that he's defended unended attacks and public blunders. that's kind of true, right? that part? do you deny any of that? >> you know, i do, sandra. in fact, he's tied in florida right now. the polls have shifted. he's beginning to come back up in some national polls. he's within the margin of error.
9:23 pm
so the idea that he's just tanking and he's in a meltdown, look, i've been with the guy two days. there is no meltdown. this is a guy -- the only thing melting down is the people half his age who can't keep up with him. he has run 20-hour days. he goes from early in the morning. we didn't finish dinner last night until after midnight. i mean -- >> all right. >> there's no meltdown, i'm telling you. >> that same piece says that the gop is reconsidering its strategy for november. is that happening? >> i don't see it. in fact, donald trump just did a fund-raiser for the rnc. they're going to get a lot of the money. he's doing those all the time. if there is some great big friction between the rnc, reince priebus, and donald trump, it's the best kept secret to those of us who are literally standing right beside him on the campaign trail. i just think this is the kind of stuff that media maybe they want to believe it's true, but i just don't see any evidence of it, and i hear outright denials and
9:24 pm
almost derisive laughter coming from the trump camp saying this is nonsense. >> so there's no warning coming from reince priebus to tone down the rhetoric or get more professional? >> no. >> or we're pulling funding? >> no? >> none of that's happening? >> it's nonsense. let me tell you one of the reasons why it is nonsense. reince priebus is the chairman of the rnc, but the rnc just nominated donald trump as the presidential candidate for the republican party. you know, you don't have the chairman of the republican party telling the nominee, hey, if you don't toe the line and do what i want you to do, we're going to cut off the funds. >> i also want to ask you about his response to a question he had this morning on another television network. he said he's a truth teller. he was asked what happens if this all doesn't work out, and he falls short. his response was, it's okay. i go back to a very good way of life. that stands in sort of contrast to what he said right here speaking to megyn kelly. he said, if i don't go all the
9:25 pm
way, i will consider it to be a total and complete waste. >> i don't think those are contradictory, sandra, because on one hand, he says, able to spend 60 million plus, maybe north of $100 million of his own money. spent more than a year of his life out there taking the kind of shots he's taking every day from people at "time" magazine and other publications that have lost their credibility. so, yeah, it would be a real waste of a lot of his money and his kids' inheritance. but at the same time, it's not like donald trump, if he loses this election, has nothing to go back to. this man has built quite an empire, and that doesn't disappear or go away. so i think both statements are true and not at all contradictory. >> well, that time piece also sourced some unnamed republican officials as saying priebus told trump himself his days would have been better spent since the convention at his mar-a-lago club. >> it's interesting, sandra, aren't they always the unnamed republican --
9:26 pm
>> right. >> when they have the guts to stand up and tell us who they are and where they heard this stuff, then maybe we believe them. but this is nonsense, and it's absolute fantasy. >> you just spent a bunch of time with him, so it was good to have you come on and clear the record. governor huckabee, thank you for being here. >> good to be with you. an update on a controversial police incident we brought you earlier this week as we learned the officers involved in the pursuit and eventual death of 18-year-old paul o'neill are not being named out of fears for their safety. we'll speak with attorney michael oppenheimer, who is representing the victim's family. and chicago fraternal order of police president dean angelo senior. plus thousands of hillary clinton's private server e-mails have yet to be uncovered, and charles krauthammer says whoever is sitting on them could have the ability to bring her down in october. he's here next. >> there is absolutely no connection between anything that
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breaking tonight, a newly released batch of 44 private server e-mails is shedding light on questionable ties between top hillary clinton aides during her time at the state department and
9:31 pm
the clinton foundation. now with an estimated 33,000 deleted e-mails yet to be uncovered, some are wondering if the democratic nominee is sitting on a looming october surprise. "the wall street journal" reports, quote, if those e-mails do surface, she will try to blame donald trump or vladimir putin or wikileaks. but the fault will lie with mrs. clinton's willful deception and gross negligence about handling official state business that have left her wide open for an october surprise. joining me now is charles krauthammer, syndicated columnist and fox news contributor. charles, thanks for being here tonight. >> my pleasure. >> so will there be an october surprise as that editorial in "the wall street journal" today indicated? >> well, no one knows, but if it is -- if it does happen, it won't be a surprise because we've seen a small sample, a small number of e-mails that were not declared. we know that even within that small sample, there were at
9:32 pm
least two examples of self-dealing between the clinton foundation, which is a sort of a machine for siphoning money from rich, foreign, sometimes unsavory sources into an organization whose one purpose is to create a network self-funded for clinton cronies and hanger onners, the administration in waiting. and that it was getting favors for the people who are contributing to it from the state department. now, that is so obviously -- it may not be illegal. you may not be able to prove a quid pro quo, but this sort of use of the foundation and then working with the state department, whether it was hillary personally or not, does not matter. to get favors is a form of corruption at the least. >> and that's just -- >> if this comes out, this could be very, very serious.
9:33 pm
>> and that's just what we learned in these 44 new e-mails, this latest batch. we know that there's 33,000 that were still never turned over. what's in those? >> well, then the question is will we get those? is somebody sitting on them? is wikileaks sitting on them? are the russians sitting on them? if they are and they want to either help trump or hurt her for whatever reason -- and remember putin has a -- he blamed hillary herself personally for the demonstrations that followed his electoral victory when he won the presidency, which was obviously a fraud. he blamed her, the propaganda from russia was blaming her, saying he may have a reason. and if he drops this stuff and you want it to hurt her, what would you do? you would do it in the middle, the end of october when there's no time to respond and it could explode her candidacy. >> well, and to be clear, wikileaks founder julian assange has hinted that that may happen.
9:34 pm
he told a competing network that he might release, quote, a lot more material, noting that they are having so much political impact in the united states. it was almost a hint that this is coming. >> well, it could be a bluff. we never know. the irony is she would know. she would know generally speaking what was in those e-mails and whether there is incriminating evidence, whether there was a quid pro quo. i doubt she would have put that in writing, but i could imagine that some of the stuff between staff at the foundation, staff at the state department would give indications of favors. and if it came out en masse among the 30,000 e-mails, i think it could have a very negative effect, a catastrophic effect on her candidacy. >> and what do you make, charles of this new report out that a top clinton state department aide helped the clinton foundation -- we're talking about cheryl mills, chief of staff for hillary clinton while at the state department, that she got on a train, went to new
9:35 pm
york, and conducted interviews for the clinton family foundation for a person to run it. >> well, i hadn't heard that, but assuming it's true from a reliable source, it's simply a symbol of what the entire operation was. people were coming in and out of the foundation. they were giving their cronies, their lackeys jobs there, holding operation. they had $50 million in travel expenses, and this is supposed to be a charity. it was not a charity. it was a sort of headquarters of clinton inc., and the fact that they did not draw a strict line between state department and the foundation is, to me, astonishing not because it's quite politically amoral, but because it is so stupid. it's so easy to discover and, in the end, so distasteful that if you know you're going to run for the presidency, which i assume she did, then it makes no sense. but they did it. >> knowing she was going to run
9:36 pm
for president, keeping that private server and, as you say, you can't keep secrets in washington. charles krauthammer, thank you. >> sure. >> i'm joined now for reaction by richard sock re teez, white house advisor under bill clinton, and charlie hurt, political columnist for the washington times. charlie, your reaction to charles. >> well, you know, he's exactly right. you know, maybe this isn't illegal, but if it's not illegal, it's only because nobody could have ever dreamed up an operation like this. you know, what we're seeing with these e-mails, not only as secretary of state is hillary clinton responsible for so many of the messes around the world, she was literally profiting off this entire operation the entire time she was secretary of state. and if she does succeed and gets into the white house, she will go into the white house as the most tainted, most compromised, most self-dealing candidate that
9:37 pm
we have certainly seen ever in modern history. >> richard, this editorial in "the wall street journal" today, the very first sentence, funny how the word "e-mail" continues to haunt hillary clinton. i mean she continues to dismiss all of this as old news, but this is 44 new e-mails. >>le with, sandra, you know, i don't really know where to start on this theory that your guests have tried to concoct here. but it is really all, i think, an effort to distract attention from mr. trump, what he's been saying. i think it is much more likely that he will be removed from the republican party ticket between now and november than it is that any of this will come of anything for hillary clinton's campaign. >> so what is the theory -- >> i mean you've talked about this at some length. so let's talk about the e-mails that were released today. >> sure. >> there was one e-mail in which someone asked for a meeting for a prominent businessperson, a meeting which never took place. there was one e-mail where there
9:38 pm
was a request that a candidate be considered for a job, a former staffer. all of these things happened in the normal course of business. there is nothing in these e-mails that were released voluntarily to a right-wing legal organization -- >> there was nothing else to see, she said. she's turned over everything she has. >> now, these e-mails were turned over by the state department to this right-wing organization that has been suing the clintons for 20 years. >> what does that have to do with anything? >> charlie, get in here. >> what do you mean what does it have to do with anything? you have to look at where these come from. [ overlapping voices ] >> i got to get charlie back in here, richard. >> i will tell you that if there was anything untoward about these e-mails, the fbi wrote ha -- would have taken action, and they did it. this matter is closed. >> i got to go, charlie. >> you literally have an e-mail
9:39 pm
with the word "favor" in the re line. this is a request that someone be considered for a job, sir. have you never sent an e-mail asking someone to consider someone you knew or someone that worked for you for a job? have you never done that? >> richard, i've got to get charlie in here. play nice, would you? [ overlapping voices ] >> this is just -- >> there will be -- richard. >> -- piece together a conspiracy which does not exist. >> charlie, will there be an october surprise? will there be more? >> i think that there's -- i think without a doubt, we've certainly gotten a lot of indication there will be. by her own definition, hillary clinton's own definition, she agreed to this idea that there would be a wall between the clinton foundation and the state department. >> as there was, sir. >> no, there wasn't. what they're hiding behind now is they're saying, well, she personally didn't have any interaction with the foundation. >> that is not the case. >> but all of her top aides did,
9:40 pm
including cheryl mills, and it's just absolutely -- >> next time i need you both in studio. >> great. that would be great. none of these e-mails -- >> i got it leave it there. thank you. growing fears we have tonight. very serious story coming up. the safety of police in one major u.s. city. we're learning that the chicago officers involved in the pursuit and eventual death of 18-year-old paul o'neill are not being named, at least not yet. we'll hear from both attorney michael oppenheimer, who is representing o'neill's family, and chicago fop president dean angelo sr. plus a democratic senate candidate is in hot water after an off-color remark about justice ska lcaliscalia's death. his comments and the fallout ahead. >> my friends, a lot of average citizens out there don't understand the importance of that court. i mean the death of scalia saved labor from a terrible decision. ♪
9:41 pm
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new concerns tonight about a story the kelly file brought you on tuesday night as we are now learning that the police-involved shooting in chicago has reportedly inspired threats against the city's entire police department. the officers involved in the pursuit and eventual death of 18-year-old paul o'neal are not being named out of fears for their safety and the concerns over this case are inspiring growing questions about whether these threats are based on the facts of o'neal's death or the interpretations of a select few. michael oppenheimer is a civil rights attorney now representing the family of paul o'neal. michael, what do you make of the reports of these threats for the entire police department as a result of what happened? >> so i have heard these reports. i think first of all, no one, not the o'neal family, not me -- no one wants police officers to be injured or hurt.
9:46 pm
there have been way too many this year alone. they have a very, very tough job, and they lay their lives on the line every day for the community. however, i think that these reports are a distraction. they are a distraction from actually what's going on here, and that is you have an unarmed african-american kid who was shot in the back by chicago police officers. i think that this is a distraction. no one -- no one wants any police officer to be hurt. nobody wants anybody to be hurt, but this is a distraction. >> all right. so you said that the officer who fired the fatal shot intentionally shut down his body camera. how do you know that when no camera actually captured that happening? i mean we know that there was nine different cameras that you have seen the video of, five attached to the dashboard of police cruisers, and four attached to the officers themselves. >> well -- >> but none of them captured the actual fatal shot. >> correct, and that's exactly the point.
9:47 pm
there are so many unanswered questions. in the age of go pro and instagram and all these other things, we have these body cams, who are notoriously high quality, very clear quality. all these other officers' body cams were working. it is strange to me. it is peculiar to say the least that the officer who apparently shot paul o'neal in the back, that his body cam was not working. to say that it wasn't working or we don't have it, it's insane to me. >> all right. >> how was it not working? how was it not turned on? >> and one other question for you, but we have to move on. >> sure. >> the not naming of the police officers involved, how is the family reacting to that? >> well, look, we filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in federal court. we don't know the names of the officers yet because they have not been released to us. eventually those officers' names will be out as part of a public lawsuit. >> all right. thank you for joining us tonight. >> sure. >> joining me now with reaction to that is dean angelo sr.,
9:48 pm
president of the chicago fraternal order of police. your reaction to our discussion there with the family's attorney. >> well, it just feeds the frenzy again, making statements like the individual officer purposely turned his camera off when that's completely . the officer's camera would have been on, then shut off, and then it was turned back on later on throughout that event. the officers just got those cameras about four days earlier. they're still through the processes of getting used to them. to get involved in a situation that these officers were engaged in and then have the wherewithal to focus on the implementation of that new device and then to think that it was a conspiratorial type of a disconnection that the officer went through to not capture that is, again -- >> well, what is your interpretation of the video that you have seen? because i assume you've seen all of it. >> yes, i've seen the -- i've
9:49 pm
seen the videos. i've seen an incident that occurred over a matter of seconds. i've seen officers that are involved in a vehicle pursuit that get out of a vehicle -- their vehicle, put themselves in harm's way when the car coming crashing down through the two parked vehicles towards an officer. he's able to get out of the way. the gunfire starts, and then the officers start their foot pursuit shortly after the car hits head-on. so we've all seen, you know, the incident play out in video. but the mind set of the individual officers that are there is what's being brushed over. to think that someone is particularly -- or participating in the event to cover up and not capture his confrontation with the young guy as he's running through the yards is -- >> this young 18-year-old man is dead, and the police force is
9:50 pm
under threat, we're being told now. this is a horrible situation in the city of chicago, one that has to be dealt with. what is the morale of the police right now? >> well, the morale is probably the lowest i've seen it with my 36 years with the police department. everyone is wondering when the next shoe is going to drop. we have a narrative out here that's inaccurate. it started with statements coming from the attorney that this young guy was shot in the back of the head execution-style, which was not true. we have the head of the investigating units making statements to the effect that the video is horrible and shocking and difficult to watch even before it gets played. >> all right. >> and that's the narrative we're dealing with here. >> we've got to leave it there. dean angelo sr., thank you for joining us tonight. new reaction to a controversial remark by a democratic senate candidate, and it's all caught on tape. trace is here with the audio next. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief.
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[ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we want to make sure you won't have
9:54 pm
to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. ted strickland implies that justice scalia's death saved labor unions. >> former ohio governor is now
9:55 pm
running for the senate, trying to unseat ohio republican senator rob portman. during strickland's campaign rallies, he focuses heavily on how important control of the white house and senate will be to the future of the supreme court. the death of conservative justice scalia's left the court divided along ideological lines and recently the court split on whether a california's teacher's union could continue to collect dues from nonmembers. gofr strickland said this. listen. >> the death of scalia saved labor from a terrible decision, and i -- i don't wish anyone ill, but it happened at a good time. because once that decision had been made, it would have been tough to reverse it.
9:56 pm
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go to kelly file. tell me what you think about tonight's show. thanks for swatching. i'm sandra comgo to, i'm sandra smith in for megyn kelly tonight. this is the kelly file. trump an new controversy. >> they cannot support donald trump because he lacks self-control. >> donald trump may have spoken clumsily. >> the liberal mainstream media trying to take down donald trump. laura ingraham is here tonight with reaction. then a drug report raises new questions about hillary clinton's health while the press ignores the story. dr. benjamin carson responds. and a major scandal from clinton's past resurfaces. hillary helps a man accused of raping a 12-year-old avoid major charges and then brags about it later. judge jeanine pirro, monica crowley and lisa boothe have reaction. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of


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