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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  August 12, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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colleagues and my very good friends they are. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. that's all for tonight. the factor starts right now. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey. >> coming up on the big show. donald trump said president obama founded isis. it could have been worse. he could have saided obama founded maroon 5. and cbs' new fall lineup has six new shows with six white men. or as tom shillue calls it, the golden age of television. and finally an air b and b guest used the apartment to shoot a porn scene. she was found out when someone recognized the furniture. >> let's welcome the guests.
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tonight's forecast sunny with a chance of thunder, breitba are t contributor, sunny. and charles cook. he is a green better ray -- green bet. terry safert. and sitting next to me -- does anyone understand your intros anymore? comedian and author of "bad dad" tom coder. >> donald trump the latest controversy. play it. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he is the founder of isis.
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he is the founder. he founded isis. >> what are you rolling your eyes at for? >> it is a fact. >> many said it was an insydney yary claim. he then took back what he said. >> last night you said the president was the founder of isis. i know what you meant. he lost the peace. >> no, i meant he is the founder of isis. he is the most available player. i give him the most available player award. >> okay, i was wrong about that. i guess it doesn't count as a take back. hewitt asked if it was a mistake. >> using the term founder they are hitting with you on this. mistake? >> no. everyone is liking it. i think they are liking it. >> they are liking it. the original alfred on "batman." do you remember him? >> yes. >> the media didn't get it. they denounced him. he is the first person ever to
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link a u.s. president to a terror organization. or is he? >> dick cheney, he is the one who created al-qaeda by taking the holy land in saudi arabia and he created isis. >> was it cheney or someone else? in 2015 the new yorker asked did george w. bush create isis? the huffington post didn't even bother asking. they told. for the record, that's true. how cool was it i looked up all of those things? i knew they would be there. i typed up george w. bush created isis and it came up. >> did you use the internet? >> google search. i am pretty good at it. >> first of all, it is a fact. president obama did found isis. i have intercepted e-mails which i printed, but forgot to bring them. jay details. i also have satellite photos i
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forgot. i was going to bring them. i didn't want to get you involved. of course president obama didn't find isis. he enabled it, but it is donald being donald. >> charles cook, i think he winged it. he said founded and it got applause and then said it again and again and again. when he repeats it four times i think he is proud he gets the applause. >> which is just the quality you want in a president. >> i think he is on to something, but it is typical donald trump in that he doesn't understand how to put things. he doesn't understand that there was a vacuum. president obama did not deal with it. this organization moves into the vacuum. he turns into a high per bowl lick way. president obama was the founder and then he doubled down on it and makes it seem
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he was there on the papers and it was an organization. >> isn't it like saying literally? like i literally flew up in the air. i literally flew up in the air. >> joe biden does exactly that. >> president obama says things that he disagrees with. he says them clearly and i clearly disagree with them. i would rather have someone say things i disagree with unclearly. >> are you talking about the vacuum. now inside this vacuum you can have people throwing rocks at each other and you can have people throwing sticks a the each other or have them shooting tanks at each other. you left the weapons there. whether you wanted to leave iraq or not, if you wanted to leave, take the weapons with you. at least they would have been throwing rocks at each other instead of having our weaponry and using it to kill everybody
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else that does not agree with their sick, sick ideology. in that way you weapon -- weaponise them. if that is not finding then i don't know. >> you are not in support of isis. >> no way, no shape, no how. >> they showed the obama administration that they would be hiding the isis stats from the beginning. >> can we acknowledge sonny's dress? >> fantastic. >> this is for the olympics olympics and simone biles taking it all the way. go girl. >> i feel like i should be standing with my hand over my heart. >> i have to salute her. >> the fear is with the hand over the heart. since i am a man and six months ago i started growing this. >> without the hand over the
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heart you become obama. >> there you go. >> i need you to continue to attack obama. go. >> he did not found isis. he finded isil because that's what he calls it. he called them the jv which is jihady victory. it is a hyperbole. everybody knows what he meant. it is semantics. nobody sits on a baby. come on, use your head. >> that's perfect. it seems like there is a lot of clutching here. anything he said, oh my god. you're right and you're right. >> it is left wing language. i think a lot of people on the right are saying i don't care what it is. that's what they like about it.
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trump was asked how his comments about obama would play in battleground states. take a look. >> i am a truth teller. all i do is tell a truth and if at the end of 90 days i fall some short because i am somewhat politically correct even though i am supposed to be the smart one and have good idea, that's okay. i go back to a good way of life. it is not what i am looking to do and i will have a victory, but we'll see. >> i like when you say schappert of the. >> vschappert, i don't care if he goes back to his life. i care about america. it doesn't matter to me. >> that's the first time i heard that. i don't watch the news or do any homework for the show. that's the first time i saw that. that's alarming. it is like, f it. i don't care. doesn't it seem like that?
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>> he is trying to make america great again and not make his life great again. >> no, but there comes a point in time where this is me and i will give you the best of me. i am going to serve you. i am going to be your voice and i am going to be your leader. if you reject all of that, like at what point -- what is he supposed to do? if he cries they will call him a baby with thin skin like they do now. all he says is i am giving you me. i am not going to do what is politically correct. this is who i am. if this is not enough i have to go back to my life. i am saying that to republicans right now. if i am not enough i will go back to my life and watch the party crumble, happily. >> sonny, you may have taken me to your side. take me back, charles, to where i was before. >> what he is essentially saying is look at this wrecking ball i pushed through the entire conservative movement. it will be all right because it is hard.
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it is just not good enough. i'm sorry, i understand what you are saying. >> i will say this. what can they give to donald trump? coming in from the get go because of republicans have done the last 60 years you are thought of as racist because of everything the republicans have done over the last 60 years. this is not donald trump. this is a republican problem that donald trump has awakened you to. and if the republican party does not understand it, this is the cow bell going off. and wake up to it. you are going to be sitting there twid rig your thumb -- twiddling your thumbs with nobody else listening. >> one of the primary reasons they are racist is they nominated donald trump. >> no. >> no, would you like to go back to the record? they are standing up for the republican party and that was pre donald trump. it has nothing to do with
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donald trump. when they want to claim themselves to be the party of lincoln, when you have black people in republican parties that are trying to go into black communities and actually do good and they are ignored by this current republican party who then wants to turn around and pat themselves on the back, they are no party of lincoln. they were racist before donald trump -- well they weren't, but they were plagued as that before donald trump. the republican party accepting responsibility for the last 60 years. conservative movement included. >> the last person to call you racist is me. the last person to contend that the republican party is racist is me. i am a conservative. the fact of the matter is 10% of blacks voted for mitt romney and 1% seem to be voting for donald trump. that is a massive reduction. >> i don't believe that. in the end you will have to see those numbers.
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my whole team went out in the primaries and voteett for donald trump and they are all black and all conservative and been in the movement for four to five years now. >> moving on, there is no better way to spark change than writing an open letter. this week they sent a sub miss city -- sub miss city blaming them for the rise. dear enablers of donald, you have been stressing me and most of the nation out to the point of a diagnoseable sickness. we are being poisoned. you are holding us, the public, hostage and you are holding us to a massive disease. there is stomach tightness and wildly elevated stress levels. you all had a hand in this. you must take ownership of the situation. reverse course. be brave. unplug the microphone and stop
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covering him and turn out the lights. >> seems well thought out. >> she looks kind of ill. she has a shaw made o'connor -- sinead o'connor thing going on. it is shocking a hollywood actress is opposed to a trump presidency. rose mcgowan have been in "encino man" and" monkey bones" both of which made me vomit so back at her. "monkey bones" i become walked out which says something because i was on a plane. >> i think she looks cute. >> not that one. the other one. >> she is good looking, but i think she has -- she has troubles. >> i don't really pay attention. tom is right. i am nobody. >> but she is relevant.
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>> you know saying? i don't really care, but she is not that important. >> the media is enabling trump? they are attacking him every day, are they not? >> it is yours and [bleep]. >> we do this every day. there are a lot of people who dislike trump, me included. who gives a [bleep] what she looks like. i am not knocking "red eye." >> let's knock "red eye." >> i don't know why we do this. we do this with pop stars and movie stars. we say they are worried about this political issue. >> she wrote an open letter. doesn't everyone have to read it on the air? every time i see an open letter i bring it in and read it. >> i think there is a marilyn
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man son rash that takes a decade to go away. i'm sure they have a clean one there. >> she dated marilyn manson. >> i'm sure that left scars. >> and you have in the world beheadings, people being drowned, being raped, tortured, murdered, whole populations being exterminated. you are telling me donald trump makes you nauseous? have you seen san bernadino and what happened in florida and what has happened in france, what happened in belgium? at what point world traveler she called herself citizen of the world, at what point does anything going on in the world make you sick? how many people do you have to see killed? how many heads do you have to see beheaded before you get
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sick? or did manson make that impossible? >> it bothered me too. they crucify kids. and that didn't get to the international community which is bs anyway. they couldn't work with that. this is a first world problem. the feminists complaining about this, i have been to a lot of countries -- the gay people here, like you mentioned too. if you are a christian in these countries you are done. to hear rose mcgowan, a lucky, talented i guess, star with a lot of money and a lot of protection talk about the sickness it falls flat. >> she has knots in her neck. >> she sleeps on a mound of cash at the end of the day and i have no sympathy. >> i agree with these points and the big question is given that why on earth were you so selfish as to feel sick during
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her movie? we can apply these same things to you. >> that's true. >> i have to go. >> it is all on you. >> coming up, how do you get americansented in olympic handball? easy. talk about basketball instead. your olympic update is next.
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live from america's news headquarters. i'm joel waldman there is concern about the fate of the presidential race. donald trump's people and republican party leaders will meet in orlando, florida to discuss their nominee's struggling campaign. one source calling it an emergency meeting. it comes in the reports of
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mounting tension between trump and the republican national committee. the rnc is said to be under pressure to redirect the party funds away from the presidential race and instead focus on the re-election of republican lawmakers. at the same time senate majority leader mitch mcconnell admits gop prospects for keeping control of the senate after the general elections are in his words very dicey. new concerns about the dreaded zika virus has a case load of infected patients rises to 25. but health officials say there are active transmissions of the mosquito-borne virus that are contained in a tiny region of miami. pregnant women are advised to avoid the zone. the u.s. surgeon general is urging puerto rico to step up the public education of zika. they warn 25% of the island will be infected by year's end. no to legalize marijuana.
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the white house says they will keep pot on the list of most dangerous drugs. that's despite laws in 25 states in dc that legalize weed for medicinal or recreational use. america's golden boy shines again. michael phelps won his fourth gold medal of the rio olympics, the 22nd of his career with a victory in the 200 meter i had individual immediately. and simone was the first african-american to win a gold medal in the freestyle. back to "red eye." >> lebron james has two olympic gold medals in basketball, but could he add a third in a different sport. the handball squad said if james took up the sport it would take him six months to be the best player in the world. a danish handballer says we always talk about it. if the americans really wanted to play handball they would be
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amazing. they have so many good athletes and really big strong athletes. playing against lebron james. that would be hard. what if lebron played other sports. here he is as an equestrian and an olympic diver. by the way, those photos were not photoshoped. they are legit. why would i do that? he is the coach of the handball squad and he said lebron can take over the sport? >> that's not giving your team confidence. handball? stop it. >> they are very athletic people. >> it was created for people who couldn't afford rackets in the third world. and it gives north korea a shot at the medal. they will not only destroy the other athlete, they will
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destroy groupies. >> charles, i bet it was from britain. you have lots of your own sports over there. summer curling they can't move because it is all melted. it is basically sweeping. inside people's houses haven't been cleaned. >> could lebron jeams dominate? >> it is funny to hear the coach of the handball team, yeah, guys, you would get your -- >> you said that like you have never heard of him. >> the way he does his athlete stuff -- >> the way he does his athlete stuff -- >> he is a top athlete and he plays the round ballgame. >> he probably won many awards and decorations for his athletic prowess.
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>> i used to play handball and it is the same game. >> the number of zeros on the blind check means he will never play handball. he will never make the money in handball that he does in basketball so it is a moot point. >> leonardo dicaprio won a silver medal. this week ellison nabbed a silver medal. he says i personally don't see a huge resemblance. he is a good looking dude, so i guess it is a compliment. i don't know what to say about it, but it is really cool. leo is not the only celeb with a top -- dopelganer. mill who wishes he was phil keating. and jay gib is the rich
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man's -- he smiles like a certain giant i know. a dead ringer for zach morris. >> there you go. you got it right there, clearly. >> i can't believe we didn't make fun of ben kis se l. >> what do you think? >> that was the most laid back archer. yeah, he seems like a cool guy of the. >> it is a very impressive sport. jay to shoot -- i mean a regular old bow and arrow and i did it in the boy scouts. >> in 9th grade they had arch rein my school and i tried out for it and made the team and was the best archer on the team and was very happy about it. then they took it out because they said it was too dangerous to have. >> really? i don't know why. >> i was like a beast.
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it was a bulls eye. i could have had a gold medal. if it wasn't for liberals taking them out of the school. >> i want the medal. >> these are the medal and lebron zeros. >> they have absolutely no shooting implements. they should check the air pressure on that bow. that's all i'm saying. >> it took me awhile. >> he breathes more fire than a fairy tale dragon. don't forget, the "red eye" pod cast is next. subscribe on fox
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levey. >> hi, tom. >> how are you? >> excellent. donald trumped is obama was the founder of isis. you said hewitt was the original batman. that was napier. a common mistake. by the way, napier worked with giants but if you look him up on wikipedia it was early years, batman and later years. poor guy. shillue, isn't it like saying
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literally when you mean the opposite of literally and it is hyperboly. he was given the chance. he couldn't have been given a better chance to say of course it was high -- hyperboly. >> feeling good about yourself, andy? feeling good right now? i got tom coder. i kicked his ass on "red eye." is this on? andy levey hates america. >> yes, andy, how are you, love? >> so good to see you. >> here we go. >> that comes later. you said if obama wanted to leave iraq he should have taken the weapons before isis, et cetera, could get them. it was too late. they had the weapons. i cannot rep the last team we fought a war when we weren't facing enemies that had our weapons. >> that should have told the united states to learn a
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lesson from history. you get blamed for creating it. >> shillue you didn't like the quote about how if he didn't win in november he would go back to his life and it was alarming. this is weird, but i will be one to defend trump here? >> wow. >> he clearly said if he doesn't win he would go back to his life, but he is not hoping to go back to h. >> the callusness. that bothered me. >> i am sick of you attacking donald trump. you know what he meant. you know what hement. >> thanks for catching that. >> i think he was thumbing his nose at everybody. i have a great life to go back to and ted cruz is in the fetal position and sucking his thumb. in december of last year hillary clinton said trump is,
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quote, becoming isis's best recruiter. four months ago she called him the recruiting sergeant for isis. not a lot of outrage. >> i haven't heard a lot of people yelling about that. >> you can't seriously think trump has not made things worse in terms of republicans being viewed as racists. >> i can seriously think that. andy levey. don't you make me come down there and get you. >> you know i love you. >> good enough. >> the answer is no. >> the answer is not know. did you skip one of the symptoms of the disease? >> she had knots in the shoulders and pains and aches. >> i read excerpts. it was an open letter. >> you said mcgowan looks a
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little ill with the sinead o'connor's head. i do want to point out it was not because of a physical illness. terry, i am would you. i don't care what rose mcgowan thinks. she doesn't care what i think in this election. she has had a really tough life. she escaped a cult that was like a child sex abuse. >> i didn't say all. >> you are thinking charles manson and not marilyn manson. >> you have a weird passive aggressive thing going on. >> do i? >> yes, you do. >> lebron and handball. shillue, when you read that
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from a danish handballer it sounds like you wanted to do an accent and then couldn't commit to it. >> i thought i owed it to the public to wrap it up. >> go for it. >> you called team handball the curling of the summer olympics. first of all, go to hell for nearing at the beautiful sport of curling. i was so mad about what you said about curling i didn't write down the second part. >> sorry about that. >> it is a great sport. >> it is a fine sport. >> it is an activity. it is not a sport. >> why isn't team handball a sport in your mind? >> why isn't it a sport? >> come on. >> you have guys running down a court with a ball throwing it into a goal and you have a defense trying to stop them. >> handball sounds like a medical condition.
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>> your move, levey. >> i will not dignify it. >> you asked if team handball was a british sport. it is a norway, sweden, germannish. >> i stand bay my curling reference. >> i am here, aren't i? >> just checking. >> i am actually on this show. jay i thought for a moment everything i said was so perfect . >> it was hard to tell that you were on the show for the first half. it was more of that. >> maybe i won't be next time. >> don't you think -- what they said all the time if the americans wanted to they would be good at handball. don't you agree that americans would be the best at pretty
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much everything if we wanted to? >> except maybe half time and in which case they are [bleep]. >> thank you. >> you said the number of zeros on lebron's check makes sure he will never play handball. on thursday he signed a new three-year deal with the cavs so that ends in 2019 which means he will have just enough time to gear up for the 2020 olympic handball team when his contract is over. >> then he will be signing his new check for nike and then one for gatorade. he will not get the endorsements for handball either. my sources say he wants to play handball. >> send me the hillary e-mails. >> and just lastly, a lot of people requested you do your thing again.
12:39 am
>> i am not a performing monkey. >> it is for the viewers. >> go ahead and team me. you are carrying 80 pounds. >> hey shaq? shaq? >> schappert. don't call me shaq. >> 12 miles, 80 pounds? >> go. >> i have a 12-mile march, 80 pound pack. >> one more time. get a close up on this. >> i am not -- i am not a trained monkey. not doing t >> 80-pound -- -- >> i am not doing that again. a week ago i did this and -- >> people on twitter told me to do that.
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>> and by the way, everybody else, i am wearing flip-flops so suck it. i like it. >> jesus wore flip-flops. >> and it turned out pretty good for him. for me it did. that was a joke. >> thank you, andy. coming up, are there too many white males starring in tv shows? this white male says no. see if the panel agrees.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm joel waldmam. a house republican task force says intelligence reports from u.s. central command were skewed to make it appear the ground war against isis was going better than it actually was. the report covers isis action in iran and syria from 2014 through 2015. it says higher ups manipulated analyst reports to paint a rosy picture for the american public. the pentagon has not commented on the report citing the on going inspector general's investigation. hillary clinton e-mail problems should no sign of going away. another batch have just been released and some raise questions about ties between the state department and the clinton foundation. the e-mail suggests top aides were pulling strings and asking for favors to the
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foundation. the clinton campaign says the newly released e-mails had no bearings on the foundation's work. three new cases of the mosquito-borne zika virus. they say 25 cases are now confirmed. the spraying continues and students are advised to spray insect repellent at home before going to school. the city schools open in 10 days. >> thailand is rocked by bombings killing four people. dozens more are injured. four cities are hit including popular beach resorts. no one is claiming responsibility yet. they don't think they are linked to islamic terrorists. the military is on high alert as the wharf words with russia escalates. vladimir putin announcing war games will beheld in the black sea. russia has 40,000 troops in the region and russia annexed crimea from the ukraine in 2014.
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i'm joel waldman. now back to "red eye." cbs has six new shows this fall and allstarring white heterosexual men. codder is nodding in approval. glen geller appeared at the press tour in better looy hills. pressed about the lack of diversity he conceded, quote, we need to do better. actually he said that seven times. he must mean it. he noted "we showed you photos of the 16 new series regulars and 11 of them are diverse. i know they are not leads, but 11 are diverse and that is our commitment to diversity. those just aren't words. that is real action." wow. what is a diverse person? >> i have no clue. these people are crazy. they are crazy. the reason they don't have black shows is because black people don't watch black
12:47 am
shows. if you have more black people who actually watched the show like "uncle buck" and they don't make it a full season because we don't watch it. we don't put the effort and energy into it and then turn around and want to cry because white people actually watch their actors work. get up and watch your actors work. that's how it happens. supply and demand. >> why make black people do all of the work? why don't you watch the shows? you don't watch black shows. >> i do watch black -- >> he is coming after you. >> i watched the lineup for black entertainment television, bet, and they have the atkins diet because there are no crackers. cbs stands for caucasian broadcasting service and they would look into having jack black on one of the shows. there it is. covered. >> can't top that. can't top that.
12:48 am
>> first of all is there a problem? >> you know what, you know what this crap is for everything is the pro-nouns. where are these problems? when did we have to have a new pro-noun if you are a different gender? why do we have to have bathrooms for people and freak out about black shows. i agree with sonny -- you can tell i am not black. >> is it the skin color. >> will defer to sonny and say if there was money to be had then you would be seeing it. but the fact that there is diversity and it is funny. they look like idiots. >> if you are talking about the market, the black shows are doing well. >> the black shows. the black shows love me. i don't think this is a problem in movies, right? if you go and see a movie and
12:49 am
i can't think who is in it i just watch the movie i want to watch. there are black people and white people and hispanic people and men and women. for some reason on television that doesn't happen. they are on to something really. >> in movies they pair a black star with a white star, don't they? >> but it is not a thing, right? "yps -- independence day" was on and it was made in 1996 and i don't think anybody thought oh one of the leads was black. >> yes they did. that was the whole era. that was the entire era of pitting a black and a white person together in a movie and then you got so many of them coming out right behind one another with that. but like we have a chance right now as black people to actually invest in ourselves and make our own movies. make them color-blind movies that everybody would want to watch and that would get us open to more markets and more money in our personal
12:50 am
economies. this is how you play the game. >> beautiful. beautiful message. >> just say shut up. >> coming up -- jiet black shows love -- the black shows love him.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" ben kissel. >> a california woman says an a you air b and b guest shot a porn in her home. sharon rented a room in her house to a seemingly nice young lady named vera who claimed i am a student. i am quiet and clean. i don't drink, smoke and do drugs. i don't throw parties. a few days in she found flooding from an over flowing bathtub. she also found sex toys and a selection of high heeled shoes and a handwritten checklist of pornographic scenes to be filmed. air b and b says they are taking action against vera and they will pay for the damage. that's good, right? >> technically everything she
12:55 am
said in her original message was true. she did not anyway correspond to what she did. jay she paid her bill. well she didn't damage the apartment. >> she said she wouldn't smoke, do drugs and she was clean. she didn't say i might screw up your apartment and i am a whore. she said i won't do those things and she did them you have a us ka. she is golden. >> first of all all air b and b things end happily and this was videotaped. >> that makes it legal. you can't hand somebody money unless you film it. >> the film distributes it you are all right. >> i got nothing. >> do you use air b and b? >> i don't like the idea of it.
12:56 am
>> why don't you like the idea? >> i like going to a nice hotel site and check in and get the room and it is all ready for you. what do you think 1234. >> am i uh you looed to speak -- aim allowed to speak? do i have a time limit? >> one mile-per-hour. we have time. -- one minute. >> we have time. i don't care. >> the woman thought she was going to air s and m and not b and b. she tried to call and apologize, but it is hard to annunciate with a ball gag in your mouth. >> she was playing handball and it got out of hand. >> we tied it all up. >> what do you know about this? air b and b likes us to hear about this because it was a disaster and they paid for everything and it puts people at ease. >> it is part of the casual porn campaign. not sure where you go with that one. they are watching the black shows. >> they stood up. i am going home -- >> doing call backs. >> i am watching those shows
12:57 am
when i go home. special thanks, charles cook, i'm tom shillue. see you next time. the
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aisle. >> very touching. they have miss an episode. "special report" is now. the justice department passes on an fbi request to investigate the overlap between the clinton foundation and the clinton state department. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. what you don't know apparently is just fine with the obama justice department. when it comes to the clinton foundation. it is refusing to look into a story we reported wednesday on fox about e-mails suggesting an inappropriate relationship between the clinton charitable foundation and the state department when hillary clinton was in charge. this comes as democrats are said to be bracing


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