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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> we he have to go. here's bill hemmer in today for shep. see you next week. >> the, shannon. i'm bill hemmer in today for shepard smith. hillary clinton's time as secretary of state under the microscope, involving her family's charity organization, the clinton foundation and dealings with the state department. officials at state confirm that back in 2012, secretary clinton's chief of staff interviewed an applicants to are top job at the foundation. the chief of staff's name, cheryl mills, and the fact she did work for the foundation while in the state department's payroll is fueling claims that the foundation blurred the lines of of ethics and the law. the clinton camp denying this, is the state department
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spokeswoman calling it permanent activity and said the government did not pay for her travel. this is just the latest in tough week nor the clinton foundation. on tuesday, remember, newly released each i'ms raided similar -- e-mails raised question how closely the foundation was tied to the state department when clinton was in charge in one e-mail, an attorney with the foundation, asking clinton's aides to connect a wealthy donor to state department officials. clinton's critics pounce, claiming it proves donors could buy access to government officials. he republican price donald trump, calling that pay for play and slamming hillary clinton as corrupt. every day this week. her campaign aides say that clinton never took any action as secretary of state because of donations to the foundation. however, there is a report that the fbi officials met several months ago to consider a corruption charge against the foundation. that is according to cnn. it reports the feds got a tip about suspicious activity
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involving one of the foreign donors for the clinton foundation. we have not been able to confirm the report. fox news cannot confirm a potential bombshell from the daily call it quotes a former senior law enforcement official who claims there are several federal investigations into the foundation underway right now. the testifieds would not comment whether or not that report is true. it could be one more headache for hillary clinton as this race enters the key final stretch. >> rich edson is in washington. what are you hearing about the investigations? >> reporter: senior justice department communications officials maintain they know of no current investigation into hillary clinton or the clinton foundation. however, these same officials admit if there were an investigation by other officials, they may not know about it. fox news reported in january, federal officials wering and the
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possible enter -- examining the possible intersection of the clinton foundation and state department now. serb run senator, has written attorney general loretta lynch asking why department officials refused to open a case on the christianphone foundation, writing, quote, this kind of conduct is unacceptable and reflects the worst concerns harbored by the public about the abuse of government office to benefit powerful at the expense of the american people. it violates the commitment secretary clinton made to congress and the executive branch to separate the foundation from the state department's work, during a hearing last hong kong asked james comey about an vision into the clinton foundation. he refused to comment, bill. >> as for the clinton camp, it's defending cheryl mills. >> it is. while mills worked at the secretary of state's office as her chief of staff the traveled to new york to conduct high, level business for the foundation. clinton critics see the foundation as a way for donors to buy influence at the state
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department. clinton's allies say that's not true. a clinton campaign spokesman says, quote, sheryl volunteer it her personal time for a charitable organization as she has to other charities. cheryl paid for her travel personally and it was clear to all involved that this had nothing to do with her official duties. the idea that this poses a conflict of interest is absurd. a state department spokesperson says mills used no government money for the trip and that government employees can work elsewhere on their own time as long as they follow federal ethics rules. bill? >> thank you, rich. in washington, dc. fox news political analyst with me. an adviser in hillary clinton's campaign. a lot to go through. what's the here? her best difference what? >> i think the understanding that hasn't been talked about needs to be the first thing on the table, what does the clinton foundation do? i had a chance to travel with the clinton foundation to r would da, eatopen ethiopia,
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senegal, there are 10 million people in the country that have access to hiv/aids medication. in are 80 to 90% decreases in the cost of malaria medication in countries that people were dying from malaria. >> i had malaria has a child. >> we have talked do. >> a normal foundation. >> i get it. there is some good work being done here and we admit that and we have talk about in the past. that's not the issue here. the question from the state department said cheryl milts' trip to new york was not paid for by the government. but that's not the question. the question is whether or not there is double dipping and a backhanded. >> we have to look at the facts here, bill. she pays for her trip to go and see if she could give advice in a very important hire for someone she hays worked for, for decades. and the e-mails we're talking
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about, that are coming from a right wing group have been coming after hillary clinton to do political damage for years. we're talking about two e-mails. one so that someone would worked for secretary clinton could get a reference. if given a young kid a reference. >> i saw 44 e-mails this past week. the issue here is this. until there is a stated clarification of everything that happened, knowing there hasn't been a press conference since december 4th, and knowing that you get inconsistent and twisted answers, that's what helps fuel this. even you as a democrat would admit you would like a clarification of all this to put it behind you. true or not. >> we have got son many clarifications and as the e-mails drip out, this is exactly what judicial watch wants. they want to create political damage. there's no clarification that hillary clinton can make because republicans have nothing else to run on, bill. >> we mentioned daily caller, mentioned cnn, other outlets in
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october "the wall street journal" found that 42% of americans have questions about the server issue, and they said it was an important factor in their votes. that number is now 50%. or higher. >> i don't think it's a surprise because it's really the only conversation that is happening about hillary clinton and what her candidacy means for the country. why are we not asking what are the differses between their economic plans? it's because the republicans have nothing else to offer except for digging through e-mails, one by one, and we are contributing to this. we in the media are contributing to this -- >> how many more -- >> let's analyze -- what are in donald trump's e-mails? what in your e-mails? my e-mail's? , we're with talked belt the economic plans for the past 48 hours. how many more e-mails are forthcoming. >> who knows because there is an agenda from the republican party, knowing that donald trump, what his campaign is going to do, is just continue
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with incendiary and outlandish attacks. they can just dig into their e-mails even while she just released her tax returns, ten years of tax returns on the site. they've been releasing tax returns since 1977 and yet donald trump has not released them even after he said he would. what is he hiding? what are in his e-mail? can you imagine if we got one year of tax returns from system the only reasonable answer, why we're not looking through this papers, is because there is something to hide. >> trump and pence see a target here. >> of course they do. >> when they see pay for play. >> well, that's how they're phrasing it. >> a phrase they used all week you. gut the last word how to defend that. >> it's very easy to defend the clinton foundation when you've got millions of people whose lives are beter because of their work. foundations don't usually work to put themselves out of business. and it is incouple bent upon news the media, cover the story, to say if the e-mails are an
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issue we have to look at the impact, kids in this country are healthier because of the clinton foundation. that has to be part of the story. >> thank you. we have spoken about that before. thank you for your time today. in a moment, new polling today showing hillary clinton pulling ahead in some of the critical battleground states. we show you the numbers we're getting today and we're learning that donald trump's team is meeting with republican party officials today in one of those key battleground states. we'll talk about that with campaign carl cameron. that's live on our friday afternoon. at safelite, we know how busy life can be.
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>> trump and the republican party are said to be united and he will win the white house, from ryan priebus, introducing trump at a rally in pennsylvania. >> don't believe the garbage you read. donald trump, the republican party, all of you, we're going to put him in the white house and save this country together. >> a live look right now at trump speaking at the rally, erie, pennsylvania. we'll listen in and let you know the news as it comes into us. this happening a day after more than 70 former republican lawmakers, staffers and officials, sign a letter to the republican chair, asking him to suspend all funding into trump's campaign and shift the focus and
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the resources to the congressional races, house and senate. that was just the latest sign of a rift between trump and republican establishment. he has been trailing in the polls in a new survey today, shows him losing background to hillary clinton dirk losing ground to hillary clinton. the poll from "the wall street journal," nbc news, has clinton pummeling trump in colorado, 46 to 32%. the poll shows clinton up in virginia, 46 to 33% in north carolina, a poll has clinton on top, 48-39%. and that survey has the billionaire doing better in florida but losing, 44% to 39%. campaign officials are set to meet with republican party leaders in orlando today, and they'll talk about a strategy in florida. more on that in a moment here. that poll is just the latest in a series of recent surveying to the trump in trouble. now the billionaire is admitting he could lose in november. he told a group of evangelical
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ministers in florida he is, quote, having a tremendous problem in utah and could cost them the supreme court. also told cnbc he plans to stick to his strategy and, quote, it's either going to work or he's going to have a very, very nice long vacation. with that as a backdrop, carl cameron is live in p.a. where trump is set to hold a rally. what should we make of the polls? >> reporter: there's a lot to unpack there, bill. if you go back in the polls, prior to the convention, the republican convention, trump's actually not really moved very much in the polls and has been stable. what has happened is hillary clinton has begun to game ground. she -- gain ground, she is getting better numbers and trump has been fairly consistent. not that he is losing ground so much. it's that hillary is gaining it. now, as to those 70 people who have sign on to this petition, the petition has not actually been delivered to the republican national committee at this point. they're not planning on
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finishing the actual collection of signatures until next week, and what was made public yesterday is a draft. so they may change the language but what they do want to do is have the rnc take away some of the funding and resources going to the republican nominee, donald trump. reince priebus presence at the rally making this happening in florida between staffers of the trump campaign and staffers at the rnc is really about ground game and organizational stuff. the trump campaign wants the rnc to open up headquarters offices in all 50 states. thatis something the hillary cln campaign and democrats completed months ago, and the reason this meeting has been referred to something as a come to jesus meeting is because republicans have been increasingly worried about trump's rhetoric and lack of organization. so, this is about trying to put
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together for the last 90 days a ground game strategy and tactics, field organizations, that can get voters to the polls on election day. that usually takes months and months if not years of organizing. the democrats have been doing it all year long think triple campaign was saying we're not going to worry about the general election until we win the primaries and get the nomination. now they're working on it and the republican staffers at the rnc have been described as somewhat freaked out as how little work has been done so far. >> what about the meeting today in florida in orlando between republican officials and trump staffers? >> reporter: well, that's what we talking about. this whole idea that trump has to get his rhetoric and his organization in order. and the trump campaign asked for this meeting to see if they can't get the rnc to do some of the work they haven't been doing. as to the rhetoric, good example of it is part of the discussion that has been unfolding in the last couple of days about
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mr. trump's accusation that president obama and hillary clinton are though, quote, founders of isis. he has taken a lot of heat for that and last night he tweeted that it was all sarcasm, and he took at shot at cnn saying they didn't get it. just a few moments ago at the erie event mr. trump against said, i was just being sarcastic and saying, not much. so he is actually hedging his suggestion that people were taking too seriously things he repeatedly said he meant. in fact on the hugh hewitt radio show he argued back and said, that's exactly what i mean. it wasn't a joke, wasn't talking about the fact that the withdrawal of american troops from iraq was something that trump expressly supported in 2007 before barack obama was president, as well as in 2008, and the timetable for that withdrawal was established during the bush administration. so, he says he is being sarcastic but not entirely in
12:18 pm
his words to be honest with you. >> steamy day in altoona, carl. >> reporter: man, it is. >> good luck out there. i see the ambulance behind you. hope everything is okay. we'll talk next week. in a moment elsewhere talk to trump team on what is next for the republican nominee and what this gesture from reince priebus indicates today about the republican party, its candidate, and the election. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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more now on the renewed support from rnc chair reince priebus. you saw it introducing trump at rally in pennsylvania. boris epstein, campaign advise for the trump team. good afternoon.
12:22 pm
jamelle green just gave me an earful and i expect you will now, too. reince priebus, how significant is that he was there in person. >> it's expected. the rnc is fully behind the trump campaign. something i know from behind the scenes being at trump tower, from talking to people on the rnc team. there's no issue there. >> seemed to me like this was a suggestion of unity. >> symbolism when you think about how many republicans, prominent, have been out this week saying they can't support trump. >> of course it's important to have the chair of the rnc there, important to quell people who are screaming and crying, well, the republican party is not united. it is absolutely united. 40 million people voted for donald trump in the primaries. more than ever for any g.o.p. candidate. more than for reagan or eisenhower, of course somebody s going to write a letter. somebody always writes a letter. >> not j though. it's 70 yesterday. trying to keep the rnc money
12:23 pm
toward congress and not trump. you had 50 two days earlier saying they can't vote for him, people in intelligence community in washington. you wonder whether or not a tourniquet needs to be applied to this now. >> we need to stop talking about letters. these folks who are write these letters need to realize it's a binary choice between hillary clinton, life-long failure, proposing just a continuation of obama clinton and donald trump would just on monday gave a speech on the economy. >> "the wall street journal" polls in the battleground state, has to be a concern for you, north carolina, and florida, and colorado. >> look at the cue poll that came out this week, within two points or tied in florida, tied or within four points in ohio. nationally, "the los angeles times" poll, within one point. so 87 days to go we're fine.
12:24 pm
>> sam clovis was with us and said, chill out. it's august. i said, okay, well, what about utah? what explains what is happening there? >> governor of utah said utah is completesly behind donald trump and polling is just from august 4th. trump is up by 12 points in utah. no issues in utah. going for trump for sure. >> what is the strategy, knowing that the clinton foundation news is out there, so significantly this week? what is the strategy to go after that now within team trump? >> it's to let the americans know what is actually happening. not be distracted by polling or by something -- concentrating on ten second of an hour and a half speech, by pointing out those pacific pay to play issues -- specific pay to play issues for clinton. a nigerian lebanese man give a billion dollars to the clinton foundation and then look at people like morgan stanley ceos, lobbyists, consultants hillary
12:25 pm
clinton was asking to set up meeting with when she was secretary of state. and the cheryl mills meeting in new york with amazon executives and walmart. >> there are plenty of targets. it's the question how you prosecutor it -- prosecutor it effectually. you talked about youngstown ohio. but this is going to be a speech on isis. what will he say? >> you know, ohio better than anybody. if you look we have two issues in the country. the economy is one. just gave a great speech on that in detroit on monday. national security is the other. isis was born on the watch of obama and hillary. isis flourished under hillary clinton. libways failed state. syria a failed statement pulled out of iraq and told them we would. isis is using 2300 u.s. made um sees. donald trump will talk about how we secure our borders and then fight terror jim so we don't turn into france and nice
12:26 pm
doesn't happen in the united states of america. >> that speech is on monday. boris, thank you for your time today. in a moment we'll show you the poll numbers i mentioned how trump is faring with hispanic voters. analyst says latinos could turn out in record numbers. what they're saying about both candidates coming up here inside the fox news deck, next. she spent summer binge-watching. soon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great. this week sharpie singles now twenty-five cents. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. but in fifteen hundred miles, you'll see what you're really made of. after five hours of spinning
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i'm lea gabrielle with a fox report and more headlines. four people are dead and dozens hurt after a series of bombings in thailand. investigators say attacker with fire bombs and homemade explosives hit popular resort areas south of bangkok. no word on who is responsible. crews say they have recovered two bodies after an explosion at and a fire at an apartment building in maryland. it happened this week in silver springs outside d.c. 30 people went to the hospital.
12:29 pm
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>> more now on the race for white house. planned new polling numbers show trump has work to do with latinos. good day to you. clinton maintain asthmassive lead with latinos. >> it's not only a massive lead. she is bolstering the lead. since may when we did the first poll she is up seven points to the lead she had from a 39-point lead versus trump now a 46-point lead. donald trump versus hillary clinton with the hispanic vote nationwide.
12:32 pm
if you bring in a third party candidate, gary johnson, this is fascinating. he is in a virtual tie with donald trump for the hispanic votes. 17% for donald trump, 16% for gather johnson. gary johnson just hired his latino outreach director recently. we asked hispanic voters before the favorability of donald trump. well, four out of five hispanic voters, 82%, have unfavorable view of donald trump, just 15% have a favorable view. begin, that it is up eight percent percentage points in terms of his unfavor ability with hispanic voters and hillary clinton has maintained despite the fact we did this nothing may. she has maintained her level of favorability. >> whatter we learning about puerto rican voters. >> comes town to the electoral map though battleground state of florida because arizona and georgia are considered tossups.
12:33 pm
those states lean republican and how to considered tossups. attention is on florida. stakes are high for donald trump. in florida the port reek -- puerto rican population has doubled. a million voters who can sway the election. when we asked hispanic voters and we brought it down, puerto rican voters more than any other hispanic demographic view hillary clinton more favorably. at 65% versus 31%. they also had the biggest gap when it came to the view of donald trump. 12% view if favorably. this is the big deal. republicans leaned on the cuban american population in south florida to bolster the hispanic vote. the puerto rican vote matters now more than ever. it's larger than ever. >> we'll break that down county by young. thank you, brian. want to bring in ab. in afternoon. you heard brian lay it out for
12:34 pm
you. what do you see? >> he is right, making this case that florida is a must-win state for donald trump. looking at the -- where he is now with latino voters we're not sure they're decisive but can be. much more energized and galvanized and organized in 2012 when romney lost them so badly, 27 to 71 to president obama. so, he ended up winning 39% of florida's latino vote and still lost the state. donald trump is down around 13 percent. be has a lot of work to do, and the influx of port reekans is a -- port -- port ricoan has an influence. >> looks like florida is a virtual tie. you agree with that. >> well in some polls she is up but i think for the state of his campaign, he should be very happy for his polling numbers. >> i asked you that because you made a great point to our
12:35 pm
producers earlier. al gore could have been president had it not been for ralph nader and florida's 90,000 votes in 2000. and you look at the numbers about gary johnson. how do you see the third party as a factor now? >> i think you have latinos looking at hillary and don't like her and don't want to vote for her but feel very strongly in their opposition of trump and looking at johnson as an alternative. the cuban vote is becoming less republican but has been strongly republican and if they good to johnson this creates a splintered market share, the outcome is uncertain. it can help hillary in some states, hurt her in others. we won't be able to know that for sure. if take thursday debate stage and reaches that 15% threshold that will throw the race to a new dynamic. >> week in latino vote. nevada colorado could be a factor. the opposite could be argued in places like pennsylvania, could it not? >> in pennsylvania, you have only a five percent hispanic
12:36 pm
eligible vote, which is always larger than the actual turnout vote. which is usually lower. so, trump's best opportunity is in pennsylvania where he can turn out white voters outside of the philly suburbs, get his white vote out and over come, which is an insignificant latino vote. he has to win the states like that, and virginia with the latino vote is not as high, but he is looking at some really tough mountains to climb in nevada and colorado. >> we have made a lot this past week out of the run republics going against trump. do you see it as significant that reince priebus was there in the last hour? >> yes. i think it's a very overt move to try to tamp down speculation that the rnc might be separating from trump and let going of the trump campaign. pooling resources in the down-ballot races. they might still happen. he i on a short leash. this reset was only five days ago and we have already forgotten it. he reads a teleprompter and then
12:37 pm
goes off script. so they're trying to protect the senators in ten states. obama won twice. a really tough challenge for them to protect their majorities in congress. this is not the last we'll hear about at the trump campaign panic but reince priebus made a symbolic move to say we're with him, we're behind him and still a team. >> i agree with that observation, thank you, a.b. fiorina anyone said to be laying the ground work for a bid to become chair of the republican national committee, the rnc. they report fiorino will be traveling a lot to help republican candidates before the election come november, and has been reach taught party officials across the country in february the former ceo of hewlett packard dropped out of the race and then ted cruz announced she would be his vp candidate if he won the nomination. that did not happen. david lee miller picks its up from there. what have we heard? >> reporter: fox news reached out to fiorina and so far no
12:38 pm
comment on these reports she plans to run for the head of the rnc. fueling the speculation, two domain names. carly for and car carly for rnc were registered last might. a fiorina adviser has said fiorina plans on talking to shade chairman -- state chairman and has been helping out with major races in the country, and slated to travel to virginia. experiments say fiorina might be able to use funding from two political action committees to finance her quest to chair the g.o.p. >> i think those leadership pacs can be used without restriction. she has to report it to the fec but there's no limitation on the use of fund piston pro -- funs to promote their candidate so i to the chair. >> she was replace reince priebus who has not indicated if
12:39 pm
he is going to run for a fourth term to lead the rnc. >> how does donald trump figure into this? >> trough. success until his bid to win white house it's all but certain the next rnc chair will not be fiorina. a republican president hat considerable say who chairs the party, and during the primary season you might recall that fiorina and trump had a number of very harsh exchangeses. fiorina became the running meat of ted cruz and to date has not endorsed trump and no indication she will do so. itch elected to chair the rnc is it likely she will oversee changes to rnc rules and give him some power to select party officials. the changes could help pave the way for ted cruz to make another run for president. >> more on that. thank you, david lee miller. there was word that hackers can get inside your car without busting through a window or prying open a door. a new report says computer security experts figured out how
12:40 pm
to hack the keyless entry systems senate cars now use. in some cases that it sale the only hardware they need is a cheap homemade radio. at risk, 100 million vehicles volkswagen. experts are saying thieves can get into a different system that ford and gm, shy, mitsubishi and other cow companies-using. has a detailed list of the effected vehicles. gm officials downplaying the report saying they don't see it as a, quote, significant risk. officials also volkswagen are working with researchers and some new models are not vulnerable. there's a square mile of land in miami that is home to all of florida's new zika virus cases. according to the governor, it's in miami's wynwood neighbor and the state has reported more than two dozen locally transmitted cases of the virus. those are cases in which mosquitoes in the area bite people, not when people get zika
12:41 pm
from somewhere else. for further south to the east in puerto rico the number of seek seek cases higher. nearly 2,000 in the that brings the total there to more than 10,000 cases. including more than a thousand pregnant women. doctors have linked zika to severe birth defects, as you know, and just yesterday the u.s. surgeon general says he expects a quarter of all the people in port reek cove will get zika bit the end of this year. two dozen people ended up in the hospital after a plane ran into intense turbulence. one woman says it felt like they plummeted 50 stories in the air. passengers saying that some people hilt their heads so hard on the ceiling they damaged that ceiling. >> the crazy thing was i happened to just look my head out the window and we were going through a cloud. and, boom, flew up in the air. >> that jetblue fight from
12:42 pm
boston to sacramento. a passenger took the photos after they landed and others said emergency crew were waiting and as the plane dropped in the sky, people floated in the air. abc news reports that hospital officials say they released all 24 people and they had only luckily minor injuries. and we will be right become. what's it like to put your home in good hands? like having something fit you, just right, thank you randall. every stitch and seam of your home insurance, tailored to fit you and your budget. with unique features, like claim free rewards... ohh! customized home protection extra features all at an affordable price! i'm going to live in this. in means getting more from your home insurance with an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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rupert murdoch announces management changes at fox news channel. let's turn to media analyst howard kurtz. >> murdoch who took over as chairman announced a new management team. the network will have would copresidents, one is bill shine who had been in charge of all programming for fnc and fox business network and will
12:46 pm
oversee all programming. and chief financial officer mark crans is retiring. two other fox news veterans are part of the announcement. suzanne scott has been promoted to executive vice president of programming and jay wallace in charge of the news division. the message is for all the controversy and speculation generated by ales depart temperature, murdoch has been saying with ales team. >> thank you, reporting out of washington today. meanwhile, overseas today, at least 18 people said to be dead after bombs fell on a hospital for women and children in a series of airstrikes in syrian that's according to activists and rescue workers. two employees among the dead,
12:47 pm
including a nurse, we're told. happened at the only hospital for women and children in that town. rescue workers say they pulled ten people from the rubble still alive. this is a northern syria, areas that opposition forces still hold today. activists saying that medical facilities are a common target of bombings in sir ya -- syria's ongoing civil war. >> a teenager who went to syria to join the islamic state as a so-called jihadi bride is now apparently dead, according to a lawyer for her family. she was 16 years old when she and two class mattes travel from london to syria a year ago. her family's lawyer telling the bbc that her relatives are devastated when they learned she died in raqqa. fox news, however, has not confirmed her death. uk police estimate she is one of at least 800 brits two traveled to iraq or syria to support isis, including dozen weather have died.
12:48 pm
but dozens who have died but their case was feet tired prominently in the media. >> one of the most polarizing men every to play pro ball is calling it quits tonight. this is a-rod's last day on the field. we'll have more on a career filled with controversy and records at the same time. when my doctor told me i have age-related macular degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula that the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd... after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
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if there's one thing we have leadership from the olympics michael phelps is a special human being and despite what he says about retiring, his teammate is not buying it. ryan lochte saying phelps will be back help said, i guarantee he will be there.
12:52 pm
phelps' coach doesn't see it happening. don't count him out. after london four years ago, phelps said he would retire. that was 2012 and announces a return to the pool. he as won 26 olympic medals. 22 of the 26 have been gold. for in context, fox sport notes if michael phelps were a country and you ranked him bill gold medals he would be 39th on the list. one of the most fame now controversial players in baseball is hanging up is pinstripes. alex rodriguez, a-rod, will play his final game with the new york yankees tonight. spent more than half of his 22-year career with the bronx bombers. a lot of baseball fans say it's the end of an era and a career marked by incredible highs and very difficult lows. risk leventhal is like at yankee
12:53 pm
stadium. what plans are there for a sendoff. >> you remember when yankees shortstop derek jeter retired it was season, long celebration with fonds farewell and gifts. this isn't that. a-rod getting cut loose with 50 games left and when asked if he could play third base, his last game in a yankees uniform, his manager said, no. rodriguez has had a rocky career, marred with missteps and lies about using performance-enhancing drugs, and despite being a three-time mvp, a-rod is not getting hall of fame treatment. >> it's not this warm, cozy, cuddly feeling help defied the institution. he damaged himself. he damaged the game. it's pretty hard to put your arms around that and want to cuddle up to that, and then think that it's going to be this wonderful goodbye.
12:54 pm
i think people are just happy that it's over. >> reporter: well, the start time for tonight's game has been pushed back a bit to allow for a pregame ceremony to honor a-rod so there's that. >> there's talk his playing career might not be over. true or false? >> reporter: well, hard to say. he is not hurt and does have 696 home runs, putting him fourth on the all-time list between barry bonds and hank away and babe ruth. back to jeter. tickets for hiss last game weapon or two $200 on game day. you can go on stub hub right now and find thousands of tickets available at the low low price of $18 for tonight's game. >> has he confirmed whether teams have contacted him or not? >> reporter: as far as i know he has not confirmed that.
12:55 pm
but there are reports that there are teams that are interested in him, and according to one general manager, the miami marlins are 100% ready to sign him to play baseball, maybe this season. >> well, 18 bucks, come and get it. thank you, rick. >> a bargain. >> it is. >> back in a moment here with a look at the debut of one of the biggest fans to take the stage, happened on this day in history. [ crowd noise ]
12:56 pm
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appeared at a restaurant in brooklyn, new york. also on this date in 1967, fleetwood mac put on the first show, starting off at a traditional blues band that took the name fleetwood mac. now, they released classic albums. "rumors," a best-selling record of all-time, including several top hits including "go your own way," and "dreams" and folks first heard what would become one of the biggest bands in music history, 49 years ago today. a nice friday. check out the markets real quick now. 18,576. off a little bit but if you're in it you have to love this stuff. for the past yankee, -- past
1:00 pm
week, markets are flying. where else would you invest. they love the dow. see you on monday in america's newsroom. for now, here's charles payne working for neil cavuto. >> the department of justice reportedly dropping criminal investigation of the clinton foundation. now one top lawmaker is demanding answers. welcome everyone. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." john cornyn calling on loretta lynch to explain why she won't pursue an investigation of the clinton foundation even though the fbi is recommending that she should. to fox's rich ed son in washington with the latest. >> reporter: good evening, charles. texas republican senator john cornyn says the department of justice should continue investigating the connection between the clinton foundation and the state department. in a letter to attorney general loretta lynch, cornen in writes, quotes, representative of the foundation


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