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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 12, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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event go to for details, this is mike huckabee in for sean. have a very wonderful weekend. donald trump on a tear ripping in to hillary clinton for new emails that prove clinton foundation donors got special access. hell loy i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for greta van susteren. tonight trump is holding nothing back. >> they had yesterday a scandal with emails. another one. i'm not talking about the 33,000 emails that she deleted or got rid of. can you imagine what was on those can you imagine? i love that you can imagine what was on those emails? 33,000 emails were deleted. and she said, well, it had to do with the wedding and yoga. i give two to yoga and five
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to the wedding. [ applause ] i'll tell you, the lies, the deception. we're running like they run right now a third world country, folks. okay? you saw what happened. it's running like a third world country. we are being talked about all over the world. nobody can believe it in fact, when they were going over the charges against hillary clinton, one after another after another after another, however, and, yet, other people, their lives have been destroyed for doing much less. all right? their lives have been destroyed. >> fox news campaign carl cameron out on the trail where that rally wrapped up just moments ago. carl? how is it going? >> hi, kimberly. trump now here in altoona on the stage. and he has continued in pennsylvania two events today trashing barack obama and hillary clinton and sort of redoe baiting his own assertion that they are the founders of isis.
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today he said it's true they're the founders but i was being sarcastic when i said that he was being the founders so this has been now four days that he has been sort of arguing with himself whether they are the founders and whether he was being serious or sarcastic and today his summary statement was because it's true but sarcastically says it. here in pennsylvania he said the only way he can lose is if people are going to be cheating at the polls and he encouraged some of his supporters here to actually call the sheriff at the polling place on election day if they see anything that's irregular. having said that, this week a number of polls have come out across the country surveying the battleground states and there has been particularly from the marist polls today illustrations in florida, ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina, over the course of this week trump essentially stayed pretty flat since the republican convention. hillary clinton has been gaining ground. and here in pennsylvania she leads by double digits.
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and so trump is obviously beginning to sort of lay the ground work for the argument that voters and democrats specifically will be sending people to the polls more than once and cheating and the system is rigged. last night, trump actually argued that the system is rigged mostly by the media. and he has been pounding the media collectively all this week. he wraps up here tonight in pennsylvania. eagle -- he'll have a little bit of time off over the weekend and next week run in battleground states. flying state-to-state throughout. he recognizes that he has some work to do with only 87 days before the election. he had reince priebus traveling with him today the chairman of the national republican community this is a show of unity a day after it was revealed that a lot of the republican national committee staffs are upset with the trump campaign arguing they haven't done enough in terms of organization. the rnc staffers met with trump staffers today to talk about the types of ways they are going to boost the
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ground game in the days ahead. recognizing that the clinton campaign has been working on getting out the vote literally for two years and the trump campaign acknowledged throughout the primaries that they weren't focusing on general election organization until after their convention. we're here now having known they are trailing a little bit. kimberly? >> we will keep monitoring that donald trump rally that's on the way right now. don't worry, anything good we will bring it to you the second it happens. >> the new fallout between the possible ties between secretary hillary clinton state department and the clinton foundation. clinton's then chief of staff cheryl mills helped introduce candidates for the clinton foundation. fox news correspondent rich edson is live in washington, d.c. with the very latest on another clinton scandal. rich? >> and good evening, kimberly. the state department and the clinton campaign are defending a trip taken by cheryl mills. she traveled to new york to conduct business for the clinton foundation while she served as then secretary of state hillary clinton's chief of staff. in a statement the
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department spokesperson says, quote: the department can confirm that the trip in question was for personal travel and was not paid for with government funds. federal employees are permit to do engage in outside personal activities within the scope of the federal ethics rules. the clinton campaign says those involved knew her trip to new york had nothing to do with her duties at the stated department and charges of a conflict of interest are, quote, absurd. critics claim donors used the clinton foundation to pay for influence at the state department. clinton and state have denied that this as republicans are now calling for the department of justice to investigate the relationship between the clinton foundation and state department. attorney general loretta lynch texas saturday john cornyn writes quote senior officials, state department. this kind of conduct is unacceptable and reflects the worst concerns harbored by the public about the
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abuse of government office to benefit the powerful. fox news reported in january the fbi was examining any possible interception between the clinton foundation and state, justice officials now tell us there is no federal investigation they know of, acknowledging other offices could be looking into the clinton foundation without sharing knowledge of their investigation. kimberly, back to you. >> rich, what everybody wants to know is now that this has been exposed and a write light shining on them, are they in fact going to reopen. there is a call to say reopen this investigation any chance what are you hearing that the doj might reconsider. >> >> justice isn't commenting on this. we heard from the fbi in the past that they were looking into this issue and obvious that doj officials saying in the d.c. level, the national level there really is no investigation but there are plenty of fbi field offices out there also department of justice offices out there that could be conducting their own investigations and are just not sharing that information with others inside the department.
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>> fascinating. sounds like a story that is going to continue to develop. rich, thanks for that update. and republicans on capitol hill are outraged. texas senator john cornyn as you heard is formally asking the obama justice department why did t. did not investigate the clinton foundation. michael mukasey goes "on the record" to discuss this developing story. thank you for being with us tonight. your thoughts and reflections on why would they refuse to do this investigation and now that we are talking about it and being exposed, do you think there will be a reconsideration? >> good to be with you, kimberly, i don't know whether they are going to reconsider. i think the first question you have to ask is what are they investigating? what possible crime was committed here? and i think you can find a clue to that in the response of the clinton campaign. when they said that, well, she wasn't herself involved in the -- in giving an interview to somebody for a job or in giving access by a
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donor to possibly to a an ambassador that they stressed that she wasn't herself involved. so the question is, what law is it that would turn on the question of whether she was directly involved or not? well, there is a statute that bars her personal and substantial involvement in any matter in which she understands that her spouse, among other things, has a direct financial interest, like the foundation. the question is did she have a direct and substantial involvement? it seems to me they are asking the wrong question. it's not whether she had a direct and substantial involvement in the interview or in access to the ambassador in that particular situation but whether she had a direct and substantial involvement in creating the practice in her aids pursuing a practice of giving access. if she had a direct and
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substantial involvement, then that could be a crime. >> yeah, it sounds right there you are able to make a very simply in a way that people can understand a potential causal connection that would tie her to this. now, i guess what bothers me as a former prosecutor is why would they preclude right from the outset and say a reject on this and not investigate when there appears to be sufficient evidence to at least open an inquiry? >> that's an excellent question, kimberly. you don't really have to have probable cause. you just to have to some reason to investigate. and as these emails indicate, there was some reason to investigate. now, the question is whether there is any matter in which she had a direct and substantial interest. the only way to find that out is personal and substantial involvement, i should say. and the only way to find that out is to look. >> right. and here's the problem that i'm sure is bothering people at home. these are emails that were supposed to be just about yoga, yoga pants and a wedding.
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instead, there is something that is considerable, you know, questionable credibility here in terms of whether or not there was pay for play and any kind of favoritism showed and any kind of nexus with the former secretary of state. your anticipation as to whether or not if they decide to open an investigation what much, if anything, can happen before november? >> i don't know. obviously, it's going to take some time to take a look. and simply the question of whether there is investigation or not would be a major cloud. i don't know whether anything can happen before november or not. they have to really turn on the after burners in order to get an investigation done. >> um-huh. and it's interesting to me, again, as a former prosecutor, sort of suggest a little bit of consciousness of guilt that one of these crucial emails were in the part that was deleted and not turned over. but, judge, thank you as always for your time going "on the record" tonight. >> good to be with you, kimberly. >> the "on the record" political panel are here. take a look from the "wall street journal" shellie holiday and real clear
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politics caitlin huey burns. let's talk about this. you were able to hear the judge, michael my crazy talk about this. a man considerable experience. in positions like this to make these calls, shelby i will begin with you. this really stinks more people thinking perhaps is it crooked hillary clinton? why would they do this? why were the emails hidden especially as it relates to subject matter. >> the word email is not going anywhere for hillary clinton any time before november. number of advocacy groups journalistic organizations that have filed freedom of information lawsuits against the state department. we will likely see a constant drip of emails from now until the election. so, hillary clinton and her staff going out and saying that this is absurd and this is crazy that people are concerned right now is not the way to handle the fallout from these emails. moving forward, what we saw when clinton did that with her email server, the fbi came along and basically disproved a lot of the comments she made. the risk here is if they try
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to down play it now, we get subsequent emails that say that sort of lead to this if there's smoke there's fire question a lot a lot of voters have in their mind and she has a huge problem with voters. >> that's the important point that this came out of a foia request judicial watch group and that's how it was revealed. this certainly plays into the trustworthiness argument, the hornet argument she has been struggling with and fits neatly into donald trump's against her. the problem however is that donald trump is not staying necessarily on message with this. he continues to blow path opportunities to hold clinton accountable and instead goes on tangents about trying to connect obama and isis and that sort of thing. that gets him off message and turns off a lot of people. >> the "wall street journal" had a poll recently, too. after the fbi released their statement about clinton's emails. more that be half of voters reacted and said she doesn't have the judgment to be
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president. if that happens again with maureen mills. >> this is what people at home are thinking. sure, obviously the trump supporters are going to say yes we always knew this about hillary, they agree with crooked hillary clinton. but the clinton supporters it doesn't seem to matter. i mean, they are more nonstick surface than my last set of wedding pans. nothing matters. right? >> what a comparison. >> did i hear a lot of people today say who cares? it's not crazy that cheryl mills would go interview people. it was in her best interest to set people up at the clinton foundation. a lot of voters do care. that poll i reference. more than half of the voters they care. >> by the way a note for our viewers trump? pennsylvania he is telling caitlin supporters and people out there at the rally that if he doesn't win pennsylvania it's because it was rigged or they cheated. is he back on this point again. oh my goodness. this is what you are talking about. >> right. exactly. pennsylvania is a really key state. this cycle.
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donald trump had tried to make the case that he could flip it he is down several points on this double digits in some of these polls. and this is kind of underscores why. right? he was supposed to turn the page on -- turn a new page on his campaign on monday. with an economic speech. look where we are now. >> here we go and let's take a listen. >> those subcontractors are making a couple of bucks. how stupid are we to let this happen. how stupid are we? $1.2 billion for hospital. that should be a tiny fraction of that to build it. to build it. so, here's the story, folks. we have to get out on november 8th. i'm going to come back. i'm going to be in pennsylvania a lot. [cheers and applause] i will come back again and visit you. but, you got to get out and vote. i got to get out and vote. i mean, i promise you we're going to do such a great job. you're going to be so proud of your country. you are going to be so proud
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of your -- less important but you are going to be so proud of your president. i'm a messenger for common sense. i'm a messenger for doing what we all know has to be done. but we don't win anymore but we're going to start winning again. we're going to win with our military, which i said before is very, very depleted. but, we're going to build it up and we're going to make it strong and we're going to make it powerful and hopefully we are not going to use it other than to knock the hell out of isis. we have no other choice. [cheers and applause] >> and we're going to take care of our vets, our great vets. they have not been taken care of. [cheers and applause] and we're going to have strong borders and, by the way, we're going to build the wall and we're going to stop drugs from coming in. [cheers and applause] and mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> all right. and there's donald trump. mexico is going to pay for it. speaking to supporters in
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pennsylvania where he told them if hillary clinton wins pennsylvania, then she cheated. our political panel will be back with us to discuss and the pentagon lying to the american people about the fight against isis. and it could cost american lives. rob o'neill, the man who shot and killed usama bin laden here next. also, they are the deciders. grab a beer, folks with our griff jenkins as he takes you to wisconsin to meet the people who could pick your next president straight ahead. ♪
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new outrage tonight a
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house g.o.p. report showing isis intelligence was skew to do paint a much better picture of the fight against isis. >> this is the natural result of an administration which has been lying at every level. [gunfire] >> if we don't really understand what's going on you can't fight this war properly. they were manipulating intelligence in a way that put our soldiers, sailors, airmen marines at risk that. >> means assets weren't delivered to the place they needed to be in time maybe to save people's lives. >> this is coming from the top to try to paint a rosier picture for the president's domestic politics. you are putting american lives, service members in harm's way and risking our national security. >> this is a very serious problem. >> former -- man who shot and killed usama bin laden and navy seal rob o'neill goes usama bin laden. people want to hear what you have to say. this really infuriates the american people. >> i hope it infuriates the
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american people. i'm assuming this infuriates a lot of the educated american people, kimberly, a lot of people aren't paying attention to this. >> and they should. >> some of them do and some -- you know. it doesn't surprise me that it does get skewed a little bit because i have seen it before on certain levels, it depends on who your audience is where you are going to present your intelligence reports: there are senior intel officials giving it to their bosses and their bosses don't like it so they want to change it part of the way to go maybe paint a rosier picture of what's happening on the ground. nobody wants to hear about the end game, the -- what is happening. what's going to happen. what we need to do. we have seen it even before with even president bush that they made mistakes and they had a rosy picture of the invasion what is going to happen. 2007. that was bad and now we are changing it and if we don't stay here i believe there is going to be a evangelical consume and coming back because it's going to get so bad after hundreds of thousands of murders, that happens, too. no one wants to hear that
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stuff you hear the term i personally love war weary. i'm amazed that 99% have never been to war and they are weary about it somehow. they don't want to go back to war and a lot of political decisions are based on public opinion. nobody wants to fight and don't realize whether or not they like it or not we are in a global jihad, i'm not surprised at all. >> how reckless when i think about the men and women who serve who are in the theater like you and number of assets that we determine that we need to commit to an area to a region based on conflict and realtime intelligence coming in could be vastly underestimated. >> it's totally wrong. >> based on this impression and distortion. >> if they're getting that different view of what's happening on the ground and it goes further and further up the chain of command, they are going to start to worry more about collateral damage than they will about the actual fighter on the ground and they will think things are going so well we don't need this much air support for this and that i have a lot of friends, a lot don't want to commit it they are fighting in northern iraq against isis every day. they said it's so hard to
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get air support because the assets are not there that must be a direct result we don't need them if everything is going so fine. it's frustrating. i have seen it before. good at painting what everybody wants to hear. prime example for me in afghanistan and iraq towards then end of my career it was always well, we're doing an afghan led hit. we are doing iraqi. that is all a bunch of nonsense. bringing the guying out there. look what happens when we spent billions of dollars on the afghan army they fight isis they leave everything, they drop their guns, three their weapons, don't fight and running away. we paint a picture based on whatever decision people are making. a lot of times just so people can get elect to do the next cycle. >> that's the problem you have like political influence and ideology, bleeding in and corrupting, especially in an area where you really need to get it right. you need to have the right you be in of assets. and also when i think about it things restrictive and debilitating to the truth on the ground thrnks ultimately effecting the troops, too. >> overly restrictive rules of engagement?
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>> yes. >> don't get shot at. you can't return fire, et cetera. then when you hear things like, this i mean, no wonder isis went from jv in one season to varsity. this is the problem. >> the problem there too is just because we have our phone can you say on isis right now, what happened to al qaeda? maybe because we're not talking to them maybe they don't exist because head is in the sand al qaeda is smart enough to realize if we don't say anything or do anything we will let isis take the headlines for a while and then bam. if you recall they attacked the world trade center in 1993. it was bad, lost some people. no way they will come back. they came back. >> they come back and sometimes they regroup and have a different name and that's the deal. whether you have ansar al sharia or akac. >> they say al nusra front. it's not al qaeda inspired it's al qaeda. same brand as isis. do the same thing which basically armageddon. have their brand of sunni islam take over the world. as long as we don't say that maybe i will get the next promotion or someone else
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will get elected where we want them to. it's not being real. reals are not fought in surges they are fought as wars you fight and end it. we go in and nation build and politically correct which is going to result in all kinds of. >> making america less safe in general. i will tell you what i think about with you. i think about the homeland and american soil. i wonder if we are grossly vastly under estimating and skewing the numbers about what's going on here at home as it relates to domestic glarm even our friends in europe are doing the same thing. they are not talking about -- they barely do but they talk about the massive problems with my grants. i know i have friends in germany that say they don't want to leave their houses at nights because the migrants are running wild. it's crazy out there. see what happens on new year's sexual assaults. hundreds of them. we don't want to talk about it because we might offend somebody. that leads all the way back down to the political correctness that we see in the streets. we see for our rules of engagement and we see in war. we are so -- we would rather see people physically get hurt and killed or injured
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than get offended. >> unbelievable. i never saw anybody do well by having their head in the sand it makes it easier for them to come and chop it off. rob o'neill my favorite person. >> always good to be here. thank you, kimberly. >> donald trump getting a special guest at a rally today. who was it? start guessing right now and i it will tell you straight ahead. next part of wildly popular series the deciders is here. we sent griff to a brewery. you know what doesn't pair well with bill? taxes and regulations. buzz kill right, rob? next. >> a trump town hall exclusive. attacks across the world, threats against america. how do we stop radical islam now in the g.o.p. candidate lays out what needs to be done as sean hannity hosts trump town hall tuesday.p?p?h
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time now for the incredibly popular the decider series. "on the record" griff jenkins stopped by the lake front brewery in wisconsin. griff talked to the owner and so. employees who are all hopped up on the 2016 election. >> lake front brewery here in milwaukee was founded in 1987 by russ klish with a couple of kegs and crafty wiring. today they sell 50,000 barrels of beer around the world. here is what they think about this year's election. >> we started in 1987
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overgrown home brewery, a bunch of old 55-gallon stainless steel drums put them in the back of an old bakery started making beer and we owned the barrels down the street river neighborhood. from there we equipment there and pieces of equipment there. and built frankenstein operation where everything had lived and died a previous life for the equipment. eventually everything kept onioing and moving down this to building and now we are starting to buy new equipment. last year we sold about 46,000 barrels. >> the craft beer industry in america is exploding. last year growing nearly 13%. in 2015 alone more than 22 million barrels sold. exported outside of america. voters like russ klish need a candidate who can help build his business. >> we were laughing stock in the world for our beer now we have gone from imitator of european styles to innovator. we do export about 5% to 10%
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of our beer. a lot to canada with gluten free beer we make. sent beer as far as ukraine to korea, to japan. i know everybody is against the tpp. i look at the fact that it's important to have open barriers or open trade dialogue with different countries and i don't know how it's going to affect us if all of a sudden they start pulling back on all these agreements. whether all of a sudden there would be more tariffs. >> owning a business is a big risk. it's also rewarding. but business owners like russ are scared of drowning in excessive taxes and regulation. >> right now we are hoping to get our beer tax reduced. take all that money either spend it on jobs or equipment. and so that money goes right back into the economy. >> one of his biggest concerns is a section of the tax code you probably never heard of. >> called section 179, i don't know whether you are familiar with that or not obscure. it gives everybody a half a
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million-dollar write-off at the end of the year. put in around 2008 to help the economy go so companies like myself would continue to buy equipment and so then you could write it off completely in one year. and every year the congress and democrats and republicans don't seem to agree until like december. so should i spent money and hoping can i write it all off and not go on my taxes that those one other thing i would like to see one of those candidates support. >> which candidate will he support? >> i will probably hold my nose and vote for hillary. >> it's not just russ who isn't so sure. some of his employees are also still deciding. >> i think i'm going to be writing in bernie sanders still. but i don't know, i still have like a few things to consider. >> myself personally, hillary clinton. i was a bernie sanders supporter but i personally very much opposed a lot of things that donald trump says. >> but the door is open and there is still time for russ to change his mind. >> i love the donald trump
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around here and tell him the tore. >> yeah? >> yeah. cheers. >> for now russ will have to settle for a beer with me. >> wow. >> for "on the record" in milwaukee where the beer is fresh and cold, i'm griff jenkins. >> cheers, griff. donald trump getting a surprise visit at new pennsylvania rally. who was the surprise gift rnc chair reince priebus to prove that the party is still behind donald trump. >> donald trump and mike pence will tell the truth. they will protect your second amendment writes. they will protect our southern border. they will protect the sovereignty of the united states and our great country. do you want four more years of barack obama in the white house? >> no. >> do you want four years of hillary clinton? >> no. >> the "on the record" political panel by popular demand, they are back. and the "wall street journal" shelby holiday and from real clear politics
11:35 pm
caitlin huey burns. all right, ladies, i have got to tell you something nobody is going to say that reince was low energy. '. >> he was fired up. he has been so loyal the entire prommary well since trump became the nominee. he stood by him rules committee meeting on the floor when there was a delegate rebel i don't know at the convention. this is the kind of thing trump supporters want to see. every day in the news they are seeing the never trump movement. last selg segment i never said emails aren't going anywhere for hillary clinton? >> he seems to be in command and like he is in charge of the wagon. all the wheels to go in the right direction is what he is thinking. he wants to be, right? >> yeah. >> this is an important sign of unity. behind the scenes, remember, you have over 70 republicans, some former rnc members. some former lawmakers urging reince priebus to withdraw funds from the presidential race. this is a huge deal given that it's august. >> is he not going to do that, right?
11:36 pm
>> he says he is not going to do it. what the rnc is dealing with here. it's very complicated. they know they are getting push back. they know if they withdraw they risk turning off all the trump supporters that they actually do need to turn out for them. especially with the senate at stake. and right now you are seeing a lot of candidates running for the senate right now incumbent republicans playing that fine line. if this continues though i'm wondering, you know, when it comes september, october, if trump kind of continues the way that he is going whether they will be. >> they won't have the time. they have to get on the ballot. if they want to replace trump, this person has to be on the ballot now. they don't have time to sit and wait and oh, let's see how he does after the debates. so ryans knows that and he knows that they can't just bring in a white knight scenario candidate. and, you know -- >> -- trump is trying to build some bridges though, right? right, shelby? he has tried to build bridges. he endorsed which i think is fantastic obviously paul ryan. senator john mccain, ayotte.
11:37 pm
>> maybe priebus had a role in that. i'm not sure. he reached out. you know, yesterday we heard him say has maybe he wouldn't raise money for the rnc and the down ballot candidates but overall he has been nudged in the right direction, yes. >> nudged is the good word because, remember, he flirted with the idea of endorsing paul ryan's opponent. and he has not necessarily been supportive of some of these republicans who are in congress right now. so, there is a loft mending fences to do. just three months to go. >> yeah. well what about this though, caitlin? what about all the people that signed a pledge and said they would support the republican nominee? there is a serious issue there. >> and he brought. >> and he brought that up today. and i think that's a really popular line among republicans saw the push back convention. i talked to rick santorum what are you doing here? it's sad. i'm one of the few people who said i would be here and i'm here. is he a standup man.
11:38 pm
he is man of ethics, rick van tore rum is. he says is he going to do and he does it picking old battles by bringing that up up telling republicans to get over it, that's a hard pill for some people to swallow you got to imagine. something working like a republican strategist and president want the party to be inclusive for the future. don't want to alienate die hard trump support supporters, exactly right how much work trump has between now and november. we had polls out today. trump is not winning the groups that he needs to win. is he not consolidating his base. >> all right. we will see what happens. it sounds like you have got to get her done shelby, caitlin, thanks so much. another incredibly lenient sentence nothing makes me angrier for a college student accused of raping a college classmate. you are not going to believe this
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it has happened again a convicted rapist given an extremely light sentence by a lien yent judge. you might remember stanford swimmer broke turner. the judge gave turner just six month behind bars for raping a passed out woman. and now austin wilkerson a former university of colorado student given no jail time for raping a drunk classmate. judge patrick butler giving wilkerson work release and probation only. "on the record" ted williams is here. remind you, before ted became a lawyer he was a cop and then a super hero. ted? >> hi, kimberly. i got to tell you, every time we do these kinds of stories, i wonder just what is in these judge's water and what are they drinking? >> awful. >> we have this case here, where this young woman was a freshman in college. she had gotten intoxicated. she knew this guy.
11:44 pm
he said he would take care of her. he winds up raping her bagging about portions of it. then, when he is sent to trial he denies it. said that the sex between the two of them was consensual and then once he is convicted, he does this mea culpa where i did it, i did it. and the judge says well wait a minute. i'm looking here at how to rehabilitate this guy and i'm going wait a minute, judge. what about this woman she has been raped. she is psychologically impaired. she has panic attacks. she is socially can't go out. and you are worried about this rapist and how he can be rehabilitated? what's going on in this country? >> there has to be punishment for violent crimes committed against women like we're seeing. and this is all too familiar and i'm really tired of it
11:45 pm
as a former prosecutor, i tried these cases. rape cases. domestic violence, child abuse cases. people who prey on the most innocent and vulnerable. and that is someone that you have to worry about being a repeat offender, a rerecidivist. no lesson learned here. sure, ted, rehabilitate. what about the punishment as well as a deterrent? >> you know, the woman was victimized by the rapist and now she is being revictimized why the system that it just says we don't give a damn about you. you are just a piece of meat. don't worry about it he can do whatever he want. we're going to give him work release where can he go out in the community? give me a break, kimberly. >> yeah. you have worked all sides of cases as a detective tia as well. and when you see something like, this it just really must outrage and offend you. there is a petition now and a motion for a re-sentencing
11:46 pm
tell us what if anything can be done at this point? >> probably nothing. unfortunately. the judge has a great deal of discretion under the circumstances. he is -- he may revisit it. you remember many years ago we had the affluenza case in houston texas. but we don't know what's going to happen here. >> very disturbing and, ted, thanks for that excellent update on this case. be well my friend. >> absolutely. >> did the nfl go too far with uniform policy? a small sticker to honor the five murdered dallas area police officers denied. super bowl champion benjamin watson straight ahead. if you have a typical airline credit card, you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop? you should be getting double miles on every purchase! the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just ...(dismissively) airline purchases.
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[ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. the nfl throwing the flag on honoring fallen police officers. the league denying a request from the dallas cowboys to
11:51 pm
wear a decal paying tribute murdered last month in am an ambush. the envelope has strict rules about uniform policy. baltimore tight end and super bowl 39 champion benjamin watson is here. he just got out of practice. how devoted this guy is he said he was going to show up and he did. he joins us on face time. great to be with you tonight, benjamin. a lot of people at home upset about this. thinking what a great gesture on behalf of amazing athletes to honor the fallen officers that protect and serve us all. what do you think about the nfl's decision? >> first of all, i think it's honorable that jason and the dallas cowboys would do something like this. the dallas community is reigle reeling from these events. no one condones this type of violence. the nfl, however, has strict uniform codes as everybody knows and i'm sure that this was something that they discussed, something that they probably brought all the heads together and decided where they want to make their stand on this.
11:52 pm
but i don't think in any means that it means they don't support the police officers. i think they have a strict uniform code that we all go by. they do a lot to support our military. there are different things they do every month whether it's breast cancer awareness or stuff like that. this was obviously one of those things that no matter if it was maybe the timing it was so quickly or whatever it was, they decided not to get behind fully to allow players to wear these decals in actual games. >> you bring up such a good point because people at home are thinking and i wrote down here about breast cancer. it was so moving when you see the players have like the pink, you know, symbol for breast cancer awareness. saving women and children and mothers and sisters and daughters across this country in that fight. it's inspiring. people look up to nfl players. and when you do that to see strong men fighting for strong women. you know, it's really moving. what about these officers? i'm having a hard time reconciling unless it's perhaps something that's just too politically driven or too much of a hot topic
11:53 pm
issue right now. >> it definitely is a hot topic. i can't say if it's politically driven. can i say, however, that there are plethora of different causes people come up with all the time. i do know that the nfl does support their officers and their families. and i support their families. i think that everybody in the nfl community is heart broken for them as i was when i saw these things happen. but, look, again, they have to pick and choose the things that they want to put their name on and things they want to allow players to do. players, believe me, there are a lot of times i want to wear different decals or i want to wear my sock as certain way they say no, you have to wear the uniform. >> i just remember one time back when the rams actually had, you know, hands up, don't shoot, they didn't get disciplined for it. >> well, that was something the players did. that wasn't. >> nfl sanctioned. >> that wasn't nfl sanctioned uniform thing where they actually put the
11:54 pm
decals. and as i understand, the decals have been worn during practice. and i think the next step obviously was to get permission to do that in the game and the nfl said no, look, again, all i can say is that nobody condones the violence that has been done in this country against police officers. we support them 100 percent and the things that they go through. i think this is -- when you talk about it being political, however, i believe that this is a both and proposition. i am heart broken for the police officers. i don't think anybody should take out any type of violence against police officers. but i also think that those police officers that use their force in a way that is not proper should be reprimanded. and you don't want something like this to be political. >> no, you don't. but i will tell you i know that your words tonight coming out like this means a lot to the families of those fallen. we certainly thank you for your time tonight. benjamin, a super bowl champion. thank you so much for your time. the your book is out "under my skin."
11:55 pm
thank so much.
11:56 pm
test test.
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energy lives here. this is is a fox news weather alert. >> we have the potential for catastrophic flooding tonight across parts of southern louisiana. already over 20 inches of rain just in the last 24 hours: this is not a tropical system. a lot of tropical moisture. you get an idea here primarily to the west and to the north of new orleans. unfortunately the rain is going to continue. heavy rain will fall overnight tonight and over the weekend this exact same area potentially seeing an additional 10 to 15 inches of rain. that means we could be looking at a flooding situation in southern louisiana like we have never seen before. major problems here and the night is going to be dangerous. flash flood warnings in effect right now. and get ready over the weekend. a lot of this moisture is going to be pulled up here in the mississippi river valley. in across the ohio river
12:00 am
valley and we are going to be watching a pretty widespread flood event as well. kimberly. >> that's all for now, folks. we will see you 7:00 p.m. eastern. never miss an episo welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> top democrats warn hillary to not get too cocky about her chances of beating donald trump. i don't see how she could get cocky. it is not like time after time she avoid federal prosecution. and hollywood has four gender switching reboots in the works. if your early childhood was ruined plan to have your teens obliterated. sorority girls are back at it again.


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