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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 13, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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from the city of maryland. >> all right. if you have your own hit or miss, tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel. thanks to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. we start this afternoon as we get multiple reports of police and emergency personnel rushing to the scene of a possible shooting at a mall in raleigh, north carolina. you're looking at live pictures of the crabtree mall in raleigh, north carolina. these are from our affiliate there. they are reporting gunshots were fired inside the mall this afternoon. we are still working to confirm those reports. there is no word at this moment whether anyone has been injured or what type of possible shooting it was there at the crabtree mall see mall. police not allowing anyone to go in or out of the buildings. they are telling drivers there to avoid the area. again, reports of a shooting inside the crabtree valley mall in raleigh, north carolina. we'll bring you the very latest
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as we get it throughout this hour. and another fox news alert. louisiana now under state of emergency after relentless rain triggers massive flooding claiming the lives of at least two people. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's election head quarters. i'm laura ingle. >> hello, everyone. i'm eric shaun. crews are rescuing 1,000 people from their homes and cars. forecasters say even more rain is expected all throughout the later part of today across the gulf coast. it's all from that slow-moving system that's already dumped more than two feet of rain in some places just in the last two days. will carr is live in dallas with the very latest. your heart goes out to these people. how does this compare to the other floods that have occurred in louisiana in the past? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, eric. this is a historical event right now. the rivers and creeks in this
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part of louisiana are expected to crest at record-setting levels in the coming days and comes as the rain continues to pound the area throughout the course of the weekend. many neighborhoods in this region that have never flooded at all before are now surrounded by water. cars have been swept away. roads and interstates have been shut down. areas received so much water so quickly that many residents have been trapped and had to be rescued by boats and helicopters. others just wait out in the yard for nation safety. >> as of right now, over a thousand people have been rescued not just from their homes but from their vehicles. some people not even from their vehicles, they have been clinging to trees and other swift moving floodwaters. we have also rescued more than
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100 pets at this point. >> we have also seen cemeteries flooded, coffins unearthed that went floating downstream. the governor's mansion overnight flooded. the governor's family had to evacuate so he's dealing with this on both a personal level while also telling the state that it's going to continue to rain for the next 36 hours. so real concerns over what is playing out in the coming days. he is urging who lives in this area, eric, needs to get out and get to safety. and we have come to politics. turns out "america's election headquarters" is letting you know that donald trump is holding a reallily tonight in fairfield, connecticut. this after donald trump discuss
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his latest opportunity with hillary clinton. peter doocy is lye in fairfield, connecticut, with the latest. what is happening now? >> reporter: here's how sis pishis polls are showing up. his website has an application to fill out to be a trump day observer. he wants to make sure the election day isn't rigs. trump is actually turning out to his rallies. the voter fraud he thinks in large places like pennsylvania forecasts a victory for him in the state unless his opponents break the rules. >> she can't beat what's happening here. the only way they can beat it in my view, and i mean this 100%.
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if in certain sections of the state -- the campaign is saying that hillary clinton, quote, turned over the records nobody wants to see from her. the person public wants to see the 33,000 e-mails she deleted to obstruct an fbi investigation. they were fighting about the best way to use white house officials. and if you have never seen the chairman of the rnc give an interview, you know this is a lot more exciting than he normally presenting itself. >> don't believe the garbage that you read. let me tell you something, donald trump, the republican
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party, all of you, we're going to put him in the white house. >> it will be interesting to see how trump pitches himself here about three-and-a-half hours from now. the state has not gone red since 1988, almost three decades. but thank you for that report. >> peter doocy, thank you. and senator tim kaine is visiting new england today stomping in new jersey and then rhode island on the democratic duo turning up the heat on the rival donald trump. it released their tax returns yesterday and are calling for mr. trump to do the same. brian is here with more on what to do for the taxes.
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first up, brian had a lot to say about donald trump and the taxes yesterday. speaking at an organizing event at st. a -- they say the republican nominee likely doesn't donate to charity as generous as he claims and he avoided pairing his fair share of taxes. >> every and including nick -- richard nixon said the american public has a right to see my tax returns. >> reporter: yesterday the clintons and the kaines release
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ed this tax return saying they paid a federal rate of 34.2% and gave more than a million dollars to charity. more than 6 million of their income came from speaking fees. mostly before mrs. clinton launched her campaign last april. meanwhile, virginia senator's *- is weighing in as well. >> he had choice words, didn't he? >> yes, the president downplayed the fbi's findings that clinton sent three e-mails from her privateer is private e-mail server.
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>> when he testified before congress, he had to amend his previous day's statement that she had never received any e-mails or classified. they saw two little notes with a "c" on it. this is the biggest bull. >> he said bull. we'll talk about that in 20 minutes with a reaction from the trump campaign live on the fox news channel. brian, thank you so much. laura? eric, police are trying to figure out why a man set a fire on a train in switzerland and then stabbed several fellow passengers. authorities say the 27-year-old suspect had at least one knife and poured out a flammable liquid. at least six people are now being treated for burns and stab wounds including a 6-year-old child. the attack happening as the
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train arrived in the town near salez. so far they don't believe this is terror related. we have a disturbing report to tell you about in queensland, mosque. two men were shot when a man walked up to them outside the mosque and shot them in the head. there are reports that the imam is one of the victims. we have no identification yet as that area of queens is largely arab as well as islamic. there were several mosques at that point and we'll bring you any information as when it come s the reason for it being classified. this is a hate crime at the moment, but so far there are reports that two men have been shot outside a mosque in queens, new york. we'll bring you the latest as we get more. all right, eric, terrible
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story. the u.s.-backed fighters are thwarting a stronghold in syria. hundreds of thousands in the northern area are now free from the extremist brutal rule. the search operations to hunt down any militants who night still be hiding in town. john muddy has more from the fbi bureau. >> reporter: the city of this isis-supply corridor stretching to raqqah, isis is the capital in syria. this is a huge victory. people today take a look celebrating in the streets. again wanting the 2,000 civilians i took hostage to use as human shields. and it was a rule of brutal rein
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in many cases, we have seen the video and the pictures of men cutting off their beards, and the emotional pictures of some of the hostages embracing female kurdish fighters. now the suffice lasted a vicious and 73 days. hundreds of people were killed. we are talking men, women and children as it is a major victory strategically and symbolically. this sits along a main road that leads to aleppo and raqqah to the southeast. so this base you cannily paves the way for the u.s.-backed and
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kurdish forces to get to raqqah. isis is the capital and stronghold in syria. and it also cuts off the major supply route that isis was using to smuggle weapons, equipment and also foreign fighters from europe. laura? >> thank you, john huhdy. keeping an eye on the things in the middle east. thank you. coming up, we'll talk to a special forces officer about what it means for the stability of the region and why putin wants, what he intends, what his goal could be, talking about that next. and plus, crews yet on another gruesome discovery after an explosion at a maryland apartment complex. the one thing residents noticed just before the blast. and hillary clinton's campaign launched a new podcast. what it means when you talk to a reporter. >> hillary clinton is run by
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time now for a check on the headlines. police in maryland uncovered a third body after an explosion and fire in an apartment complex on wednesday. crews expect to find more victims there. they have not officially determined the cause of that blast but several residents said they did smell gas before the explosion. meanwhile, a huge industrial explosion killed a worker at goodyear in danville. this is the fourth death at the facility in the last year. and police reports are shedding more light on the fatal shooting of the 18-year-old in chicago last month. chicago officers say the victim paul o'neal did not comply with commands from police when they say he crashed his jaguar after they thought shots were fired from it. then he reached into his waistband before he was shot and killed. and hillary clinton's campaign launching a new podcast with less than three months to go before the election. at the clinton camp they are
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marketing what they call "with her" and an inside look at the campaign trail. this is a way for mrs. clinton to avoid tough questions from the outside press. donald trump slamming clinton's admission that she short-circuited in her statements about the e-mail investigation while speaking before a group of minority journalists. >> unstable, hillary clinton, and you saw that -- you saw that when she short circuited. it wasn't a press conference because that was about 250 people, but some friendly reporters asked her some friendly questions. >> let's bring in our experts, the radio talk show host and fox news contributor, and matt bennett the senior vice president and vice president of third way.
1:20 pm
i want to start with the campaign podcast. we are hearing she is giving the access when in reality it is giving her a safe space to speak publicly. >> well, the fellow is admitting to supporters there's a declaration in the beginning, a disclaimer, that he's not a journalist or adversary. i think podcasts are good. i do bod capodcasts as well. but this is clearly not about answering serious questions, this is about getting cozy with the existing supporters. and it could be argued that they want to give the appearance that they're being or she's being transparent. the appearance of accessibility. of course, that is false because it is not matched with actual real press conferences or actual real questions that latino and black journalists asked two questions, and that is not a press conference. so the question has to be in general, what is she afraid of? and what is she trying to avoid? >> matt, the american
1:21 pm
republicans crave tidbits during the election cycle. some are questioning the podcast, but it is giving her supporters the inside look at her life while out on the campaign trail. >> right. and look, this is what campaigns do. they try to communicate with the public with their supporters and undecided voters and they do it by advertising, they send mail, social media, this is just another format of communicating with the public. and the idea that she isn't accessible to the press or answering tough requests is ridiculous. she appeared on chris wallace's show on this network that is not an easy format for a democratic presidential nominee. >> this is true. tammy, you and i have done radio for a long time and now how shows can be crafted any way you want them with no live q&a component, and the host on this podcast says, look, i'm not a journalist, i'm a supporter, so it shouldn't be a surprise that we'll hear things like her campaign routine, what she had for dinner. and not talking about the e-mail scandal or short-circuit moment.
1:22 pm
>> well, my colleague here is right. candidates do communicate in a variety of different ways, but this only highlights what hillary is not doing. she's not -- look, you have a one-on-one interview with chris wallace, that is fine as well, but press conferences are especially important because you've got dozens of individuals, especially for someone like hillary, and she can't control the entire environment. when you've got one individual, you can prepare for that person's style with the expectations there and what you want to convey. in a press conference, that is all out the window. there is -- you can't tell where it is going to go, you can't control the questioning, and even with chris wallace you can't control the questioning but you can anticipate more readily. so she is doing as many facings as possible. in part because she can. they believe they are ahead. for her to answer questions, there is always a negative impact on the numbers and that is what she wants to avoid. >> matt, i listened to a good chunk of the first episode with hillary clinton talking about visiting a family-run brewery
1:23 pm
and hearing and meeting the owners and how to help run their small business if she becomes president. and she talked about meeting with the survivors of the orlando pulse nightclub shooting. there is substance there that voters on the fence might find interesting. >> sure. and this is a really effective mechanism for communicating with voters. look, when her husband ran for president in 1992, the internet did not exist. podcasts wouldn't come along for another 20 years. i mean, you've got to stay current. and one of the things her campaign has been very good at is using all the tools to communicate with voters and this is a very good one to use. >> but they are not using all the tools, are they? they are refusing to have a press conference and has for almost a year. that is fascinating here. yes, she wants to communicate, but i find it interesting, laura, this podcast really is for her own base. end dependents and undecides are not running to hear the podcast. it tells you she's concerned
1:24 pm
about maintaining the appearance of transparency with her base because the accusations are true, she's not transparent and having an impact. >> donald trump could always have his own podcast, too. it could be even there. >> he's too busy having press conferences. >> i have to leave it there, guys. >> you don't come on fox news if you're worried about covering things up. >> all right, guys. thank you so much. tammy and matt, thank you. vice presidential candidate mike pence is sitting down with chris wallace on "fox news sunday." that's at 2:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on fox news channel. you can check the local listings for more details. >> we are all politics almost all the time. meanwhile, we just told you about bill clinton, he called it bull, like bull feathers or bull something else, the controversy over his wife's e-mails, but some republicans are calling that claim spin and deflection from the controversy. so what does the trump side call it? we'll get a campaign official to
1:25 pm
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investigators say the cyber attack on democratic politicians affected more people than they originally thought. the fbi now broadening its investigation telling more than 100 party officials that russian hackers may have breached their personal e-mail accounts. rich is live in washington with this one. hi, rich. >> reporter: good afternoon, laura. hackers continue to release stolen personal information, memos and e-mails of democratic operative. last night a hacker calling
1:30 pm
himself gucifer 2.0 publishing e-mails and addresses of 200 members of congress. the hacker says that information is the result of a breach into the democratic congressional campaign committee. that's the group tasked we electing democrats to the house. the house minority leader nancy pelosi just sent a letter to her democratic colleagues confirming the authenticity of the posted information with a personal experience. she writes, quote, i was in the air flying from florida to california when the news broke. upon landing i have received scores of mostly obscene and sick calls, voice mails and text messages. please be careful not to allow your children or family members to answer your phone or read incoming text messages, end quote. in a statement, congress manconm schiff posts, i hope the administration will disclose who is attempting to interfere with
1:31 pm
the american political process. several dnc staffers lost their job including debbie wasserman schultz. they are creating a national security cyber committee as a response. >> when he testified in front of congress, he had to amend his previous day's statement that she had never received any e-mails that were classified. they saw two little notes with a "c" on it. this is the biggest load of bull i have ever heard. >> you got that right, load of bull is what the former president said about hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. he's use that strong and choice term in response to director comey's response to the matter. the republicans still say no, not so fast and they are criticizing mr. clinton accusing
1:32 pm
him of trying to spin the controversy. so, what does the trump side say? the national co-chair and senior policy adviser to donald trump's campaign is here. sam, when it comes to the e-mail investigation, is it bull? >> no, i don't think so. i think the american people have a right to know what is going on inside those 33,000 e-mails that we haven't seen. i think it's also important for people to understand that the carelessness and the negligent behavior with the -- any material classified or deemed classified even after the fact is something that would get a federal employee in hot water and probably prison before things got too far along. the fact that this person still receives national security briefings is an absolute mystery to me. that's where the bull is right now. there's a lot of that going on right now, by the way. >> the fbi director said there is no criminal intent, it may have been sloppy, but look, the president, mr. clinton said it's
1:33 pm
only three little small "c's," it really is nothing. nothing to see, folks. >> we start with classification of material. there's a reason we classify material and there's a reason we have the originator intent. there's a reason we protect the sources and methods. and it doesn't matter, again, it doesn't matter. this is the point of perhaps mrs. clinton saying, what does it matter? well, apparently it doesn't matter about benghazi. so maybe it doesn't matter about what she has in her e-mails either. so this is an issue. and i know what's coming, you're going to ask, what about the tax returns? and i think that mr. trump's made it clear about that, that when we're through with the audit, we'll release the returns. >> sam, you're really good, because that is coming but not yet. we are not done with the e-mails yet. business daily says clinton was and still is lying about when
1:34 pm
she started using her account. in fact, the latest batch of e-mails prove that her private e-mail address was already in wide circulation long before she claimed she started using it. these e-mails where clinton is conducting state department business were sent and received at a time when xwlclinton's ser was completely unprotected, it was wide open to hackers who might want to steal personal information. do you think that is fair? >> i think she aught to be brought in front of congress and sworn in or takes the fifth. or if we have sworn testimony. at the very least, she's publicly lied about this over and over and over again. and i think this is really what the american people are looking at, a person who is running for president of the united states that has no moral compass. >> what about releasing the -- >> this is really disturbing. >> she sat there for hours at the fbi without releasing those,
1:35 pm
but that wasn't under oath. >> well, that's what i'm saying. what is the issue here? i think that if you go in here and want to lawyer up on this stuff, maybe the fact is that she wasn't under oath is her escape mechanism here. sooner or later, we are probably looking at the president of the united states to bapardon her f acts she did or didn't do. sooner or later that has to happen to save her candidacy. th issue. >> it is serious but they are not there yet. there's no indictment or any charges and that sort of thing. let me get -- let me get back to what you predicted before we run out of time. why doesn't he release them? he's hiding something. wait, let's not show that yet. i want to ask sam what is he hiding? because most americans think he's hiding something because he won't release his taxes. >> well, i think there's a presumption that perhaps his lawyer might say it's not evidence in fact yet, we don't know if mr. trump is hiding
1:36 pm
anything. what we know is that mr. trump is very protective of his financial operations as he should be, as every american has a right to and is entitled to, until such time as we have completed the audit. he has accounts working with the irs on this. richard nixon in 1968, this is 2016. we are at a different time with different levels of scrutiny on this issue. we cannot turn around or say anything that is not under scrutiny. and i think that mr. trump is cautious and prudent. >> what shall we pay, no taxes? could it show he didn't give money to charity or not worth what he claims he is? >> i have no idea, eric. it is not my tax return. i can tell you what is in mine. i have no idea what is in mr. trump's. >> here's what "the washington post" says today, they say he
1:37 pm
paid no federal income taxes for at least five years. 1978, 1979, 1984, 1991 and 1993. tax analysts say it is possible that trump has continued to pay little or no income taxes thanks to generous tax deductions including real estate depreciation and trump fights very hard to pay as little tax as possible. so look, if he didn't pay any, would he be embarrassed or come out to say, that's why i'm running for president because the system is cooked when it comes to this stuff. so why doesn't he just get it out there? >> well, i think that mr. trump is very generous in his views about the fact that he's a wealthy man and accumulated wealth over time. he's not embarrassed by that. frankly, the people who vote for him are not embarrassed by it either. it's not going to matter one lick to the american people. it will matter to those people inside the beltway and people who talk on page six. and maybe a little bit in the
1:38 pm
media, but i really think that the one poll that counts, eric, we have said this all along, is the poll that takes place on november 8th. and i think you're going to be surprised and in full wonderment at the fact that the american people have finally found their voice and finally have formed a movement and found a leader to get him over the finish line. and that is donald j. trump. >> all right. they may do that if sam is right without ever finding out about the taxes. by the way, page six is the magnificent gossip column of the new york post for those folks around the country not familiar with that. sam clovis is from washington, d.c. sam, thank you. >> thank you, eric. vladimir putin making moves in crimea stoking fears that russia is preparing for war. we talk to a former special officer about what he thinks the russian leader is doing and what it means for diplomacy around the world. are those circular brews
1:39 pm
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(howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey!
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(announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. star wars fans around the world are mourning the death of kenny baker, you may not recognize the name, but he's the iconic character who played r2-d2. baker died two weeks shy of his 82nd birthday. he had been ill for a long time. mark hammel paid tribute to him has a lifelong friend. there are growing tensions between russia and ukraine. moss cocow is increasing its presence around crimea annexed two years ago by invading. that's fueling fears today that moscow may be preparing for a possible conflict.
1:44 pm
this coming amid and surge of violence in eastern ukraine. that's where government troops have continued to fight the rebels there. kiev says they are getting cash, weapons and fighters from russia. so where is all this heading and what does vladimir putin have in its sights? mitch is a former special officer. good to see you, mitch. it's been quiet in terms of the headlines but not so on the ground. russia is pouring in tanks into the eastern part of the country. >> good afternoon, eric. yes, russia is -- they are engaged in an assymetric moveme movement. they are planning a military exercise next month as well as rotating troops on what they call a free planned rotation of the troops in crimea.
1:45 pm
historically what the analysts are concerned about is many countries have used troop movements like this as a prologue to an invasion. >> they have apparently lied before about this saying we are not sending anyone in there. and the russian forces aren't in there. it turns out the russians are coming back to moscow in body bags. >> truly, they have 9500 people kill in the conflict in the last two years and reports coming out of russia right now giving analysts concern again. another thing that looks like a roos, then a is as the russians say there are attacks being conducted there. and the ukrainian special forces engaged in a border skirmish in eastern ukraine and crimea. now, special forces operations do indeed have one of their key missions as to conduct sabotage behind enemy lines. but until another source reports this, we have to take what is coming out of russia with a grain of salt, a huge grain of salt. >> so what does this all mean potentially next month?
1:46 pm
i mean, the general assembly at the u.n. will be here, sergey lavrov will be here. i interviewed him last year and he was calling on a coalition of the freedom of free countries to come to yeukrain's defense. >> what putin is doing is setting the conditions for two things happening within his own country. first is the parliamentary election. the united russia party is facing a great challenge in the parliamentary election next month. we have seen for decades if you create a rise of militarism in your country and nationalism, your party often does well in elections. the other thing is, international peace talks about ukraine occur next month. how many times have we seen over our lifetimes where a leader of a country, creates international turmoil before an international coalition comes together to talk peace so they can extract
1:47 pm
concessions from the international community. i think that is what is going on there and many other people do also. >> sounds like a perfect strategy. we have seen that before to try to gin it up to get more concessions with the forces on the border. mitch, we thank you for your analysis and we'll see what happens next month. it certainly will be crucial in this crisis. >> thanks, eric. >> absolutely. laura? athletes in rio causing a cupping craze. folks in the u.s. are clambering for more information on the ancient eastern practice. but is it really good for you? we'll take a closer look, next. awwhawhwhawh ... this! this is why i love it here. that fresh air all up in your face. my cousin wilbur in the city has to wear a leash just to go for a stroll. i'm sorry, but with propane, you can live where you want and how you want. and since it's both clean and reliable, you could say propane is "man's best fuel."
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some quick thinking bystanders coming to the rescue of a teen who nearly drowned in dripping springs, texas. that 17-year-old boy was swimming with a friend at a pool when he went under water. the teen had no pulse when he was pulled out, but thankfully a doctor and nurse happened to be at that pool and they were able to revive him. >> it's difficult especially at any age, but seeing a young male with no pulse it's definitely like you said we're never going
1:52 pm
to give up. >> he was hoisted out of the remote area. >> the teen was flown to a hospital where he is now in serious condition, but luckily is expected to survive. if you're watching the olympic games in rio you may have noticed strange marks on some athletes. the red and purple circular marks are the result of cupping therapy that's alternative medicine used to relieve blood flow and relax muscle tension and relieve pain. the effectiveness of the procedure remains open to debate. joining me now is a doctor who works in emergency medicine. a lot of people do demos. i'm not doing a demo. we're going to talk about the effectiveness. explain what it is. >> it's a technique that was done way back when when they would take these small cups and they put them on the body.
1:53 pm
before they put them on the body there's two ways of doing it. they can put a little suction on it or burn incense in it and the heated air inside, once the fire stops when you put it on the skin, draws the skin up because of the heat. you can do that with a small vacuum pump and suck out the air to give you a vacuum effect. it draws the tissue up into the cup and you'll get that circular marks when it's completed. >> everybody wonders if it hurts. some of the tv news personalities we've seen do it are making sounds like it hurts. you've done it. >> i had it done a while ago when i lived aure and it helped the muscle spasm. >> science tifly do we know if it helps to relax muscles. >> we know it increases blood flow, decreases pain and decreases some of the spasm. the way they think it works is it works on the fascia.
1:54 pm
all our musclear groups are surrounded by fascia. when it gets inflamed or spasms or tightens up by relaxing and if this therapy does that can cause increased blood flow and a feeling of well-being. >> it's funny how things pick up. this has been around for so long, thousands of years, and if anybody follows ginth paltro and she showed up with these marks. how long does those marks last. >> they can last up to two weeks. it depends on how much suction has been applied and how thin your skin is and if you have any issues with bleeding or clotting. it is a bruise but most people say it really relaxes the
1:55 pm
musclear spasm. >> i read about fire cupping. that sounds painful. >> fire cupping is where you burn the incense in there to create the heat and you pour out the hot incense before you put it on the body and that heated air inside causes the suction. >> before everybody runs out and makes a cupping appointment, who should not be doing this. >> people who have bleeding disorders or chronic diagnose or issues with the integrity of their skin, those folks should at least consult their doctor before they do this. if you have open sores or skin rashes you should not be doing it. >> who should be doing it. >> folks who are in tune with their body and know that massage or other types of therapy is not as comfortable as they like. this is described as a reverse massage and maybe it will work in those cases. >> thank you for enlightening on this trend that's been around for a long time but has peeked a
1:56 pm
lot of cur lot lot occur of curiosity. they've been evacuating from the severe floods in louisiana. we'll talk about that at the top of the hour. >> i'll see you on the fox report tonight 7:00 p.m. eastern. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads to this. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. ssoon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great. this week sharpie singles now twenty-five cents. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. i wodon't know where i'd be without itre so when i heard about con-artists committing medicare fraud...
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leaving the victims lying on the ground in their own blood. the injuries are life threatening. one man shot in the head and the other in a chest. that shooter was wearing a dark blue shirt and had a hand gun and fled the scene. the police is not releasing the identities of the victims. we'll bring you more details as we get them. hello everyone. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. >> good to be with you. topping the news this hour donald trump,


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