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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 13, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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oh whatever you're making. triple cheddar stuffed sliders. sold! a fox news alert, the nypd just wrapping a news conference a few moments ago about a troubling shooting outside of a mosque in queens. an imam has been shot in the head after walking home from afternoon prayers from the mosque in the ozone park neighborhood. he and a second man were gunned down by a lone shooter. the second victim was shot in the chest. he's in critical condition. police telling reporters there is no motive at the time and no indication that the men were targeted for their religious beliefs. at this time, they are not treating this shooting as a hate crime. no arrests have been made.
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witnesses saying that the shooter fled the scene. we'll bring you more details as we get them. >> and there is new controversy for donald trump tonight. the republican nominee telling supporters in pennsylvania that the only way he will lose that state, it's as if there is voter fraud. i'm eric shawn. welcome to a brand-new hour of the election headquarters. >> and the most recent remarks coming on the heels of trump's controversial comments earlier this week calling president obama the founder of isis. peter doocy is live from fairfolk, connecticut. >> reporter: as you see behind us in fairfield, connecticut, donald trump can really attract a crowd even in a state that is
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so blue and hasn't gone for a republican in a presidential election since 1988, almost three decades ago. now, the trump team kicked off this weekend ahead of this rally by pushing back against the idea that clinton releasing her tax retur returns on friday afternoon changing the race saying that, "hillary clinton has turned over the only records nobody wants to see from her. the american public wants to see the 33,000 e-mails she deleted to obstruct an fbi investigation." and after a "new york times" article suggested that donald trump is having hard time staying on message and he's growing scared of a potential loss in november. the nominee said, "i am truly enjoying myself while running for president. the people of our country are amazing. great numbers on november 8th."
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and the campaign is displaying a new united front rolling out reince priebus with the crowd and dismissing any talk of drama behind closed doors. >> don't believe the garbage you read. let me tell you something, donald trump, the republican party, all of you, we're going to put him in the white house and save this country together. >> and trump is asking his supporters to be election observers, to stop the results from being rigged, which he told voters in pennsylvania yesterday, is the only thing that could stop him there. >> she can't beat what's happening here. the only way they can beat it, in my opinion -- and i mean this 100%, if in certain sections of the state they cheat. >> reporter: trump hit a fund-raiser this afternoon and should be here for a rally
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that's set to start in the next hour. arthel? >> it's a big crowd and mr. trump isn't even there yet. our peter doocy, thank you very much. hillary clinton releasing her 2015 tax returns. secretary clinton and her husband made about $10 million last year and paid a federal tax rate of about 34%. brian has more. brian? >> reporter: arthel, republicans and donald trump want to keep the attention on hillary clinton's e-mails. hillary clinton's running mate senator tim kaine is attacking trump for not releasing his tax returns. speaking at a college in new hampshire earlier today, kaine said trump doesn't want people to see his tax returns because he is hiding something. saying the republican nominee likely doesn't donate to charity
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as generously as he claims and has not paid taxes. >> every president since richard nixon, including richard nixon and he was not known for the most elevated ethical standards but i will say, even richard nixon released his tax returns to the public when he was running for president because he said, as has every major party nominee, the american people have a right to see my tarx returns. >> and clinton asked people why they think trump won't release his returns. so far, the leading reason is that trump inflates his wealth. the clinton pointed out that they have 40 years of tax returns available to the public. the kaines released ten year's worth. former president bill clinton saying last night, the notion that his wife sent e-mails with
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marked classified materials at the time is quote, bull. >> well, the fbi director said, when he testified before congress, he had to amend his previous day's statement if she ever received any e-mails that are classified. they saw two little notes with a "c" on it. this is the biggest load of bull i've ever heard. >> the fbi found three e-mails marked classified at the time sent fton's private server. arthel? >> bryan llenas, thank you. mean whiwhile, after u.s.-bd rebel forces liberated it from isis, the terror group ruling over manbij as a place to recruit and train its fighters. john has more from our bureau.
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john? >> reporter: the city of manbij was a major supply route for the terror group. this helps pavement way to raqqah in syria. take a look as people celebrated in the streets today in manbij, including 2,000 civilians that isis took hostage, using them as human shields. this was an example of isis' brutal reign. men were not allowed to be clean shaven, women forced to cover up their whole body and if found in violation, severely beaten and in many cases executed. we've seen videos of men cutting off their beards and women taking off their burqas. this lasted a brutal 173 days.
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hundreds of people were killed, men, women and children. the city is devastated but it's a major victory both symbolically and strategically. it's close to the turkish border and sits along a main road that leads to aleppo to the west and raqqah to the southeast. this helps cut off that transportation and supply corridor used by isis to smuggle weapons, equipment and foreign fighters from europe. arthel? >> very strategic. john huddy, thank you very much. we'll have more in 20 minutes when we talk to ambassador john bolton. eric? joe biden is planning a trip to turkey just weeks after the failed coup attempt to rock that country. erdog erdogan has met with vladimir
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putin calling him a dear friend. the vice president will make that trip on august 24th. this comes with rising tensions between the u.s. and that country. they are asking to extradict the muslim cleric. others are asking, are we about to surrender control over the internet? technology groups are asking the obama administration to give power over internet domain boards. critics are saying that it could give foreign governments too much control over the web. here is more from washington. >> reporter: the u.s. government has controlled the domain name system worldwide. this group manages domain names like dotcom,.gov or .ninja.
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critics argue this move will allow countries like russia and iran to have greater control over a key part of the internet and potentially the ability to stifle free speech. now a coalition of technology groups are pushing congress to sue the obama administration. in a letter to congressional leaders this week, 26 tech organizations wrote in part, without robust safeguards, internet governments could sway under the freedoms protected by the first amendment. twice now the government has prohibited any tax dollars from being used for the transition and both times the presidents signed that into law but now the administration says they are not bound by those bills and plans to move ahead. in a letter to lawmakers, larry
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strictling wrote, "free expression exists and flourishes online not because of perceived u.s. government oversight because of any asserted special relationship that the united states has with icann." in washington, i'm garret tenney. >> thank you, garret. hillary clinton's top aide and her simultaneous work with the state department and clinton foundation. how this will impact her presidential campaign. that's ahead. and a deadly and harrowing flooding in louisiana. you won't forget this if you see the video that we've been getting in here at the fox news channel. heart-stopping dramatic rescues that show how treacherous floodwaters can be. >> it was scary. it was scary for a while.
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a fox news alert.
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the second victim who was shot at a mosque in queens, new york, has died. another imam was also fatly shot. the pair had been walking home from afternoon prayers at the mosque in the ozone neighborhood. police are now looking for a lone shooter. they say there's no indication that the men were targeted for their religious beliefs. this time, they are not treating the shooting as a hate crime. no arrests have been made. witnesses telling reporters that the shooter was wearing a dark blue shirt and carrying a large handgun. the shooter fled the scene. we'll bring you more details as we have them. now to the horrible flooding in louisiana, that state continues to be under a state of emergency. some relentless rain has triggered massive flooding there and throughout the deep south. it's claimed the lives of at
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least two people so far. crews have already rescued about 1,000 people from their homes and stranded cars. we've seen dramatic and harrowing videos and there's no sign of any let up yet. forecasters saying even more rain is expected throughout the rest of the evening. for the very latest, let's go to will carr who is in dallas with more. >> rescues are wonder way in louisiana after days of torrential rainfall that has swamped the state causing widespread flooding. >> they had to rescue us because the water was that high. >> reporter: the storm is expected to dump more heavy rain throughout the weekend. governor john bell edwards saying residents are advised to evacuate and do so quickly. >> we have record levels of flooding along rivers and creeks. and because these are record floods, we don't know how wide the water is going to get in those areas. >> it's been flooding
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progressively more and more as the day goes on. it's just getting worse. >> reporter: the louisiana national guard going home to home to save residents and pets stranded in waist-high water. >> they are in active search and rescue right now. they are trying to coordinate with officials on the ground and make sure we get to the critical areas. >> even impacting the governor's basement. there is rain in this region for the next 36 hours. the rivers and creeks across the area are expected to crest at record levels and the worst flooding may not be over yet. eric? >> thanks. the governor has called it a major disaster. arthel? hillary clinton's e-mail controversy continues to dog her presidential campaign. we're now learning a top clinton aide assisted the foundation in hiring while she worked as a senior official in the state department. this now raising more questions
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about the link between the foundation and clinton's tenure at the state department here and how it has impacted hillary clinton's campaign, political reporter for "the daily beast," betsy, good to see you here. so out the gate, is there anything that hillary clinton can do to put this e-mail controversy behind her? >> you know, the thing that reporters are wanting to hear is that clinton has a real-live press conference, take questions from reporters from a number of outlets. she hasn't done that in upwards of a year, which has left many members of the press corps scratching their heads. if she did that, she could answer a lot of the questions that are unanswered about potential conflict of interest between her foundation and the state department. the fact that she's been so media shy, first off, doesn't do much to build goodwill between her and the press corps. secondly, when she answers
3:20 pm
question, it could potentially be quite close to the election. >> you know, some of the questions out there, is this more about hillary clinton being dishonest or does it speak more to clinton critics who say that the clintons think they can get away with anything, they are above the law? >> i think one of the largest issues that these e-mails have raised is the possibility of growing trouble over the state department and over how the u.s. department does foreign policy. that's one of the e-mails in the latest batch that just got released is uniquely troubling. it suggested that there was a culture of back scratching between the clinton foundation, its donors and the state department. a former bill clinton aide who worked at the foundation e-mailed somebody within the state department saying, please help out this person who is a clinton foundation donor. he's been good to us. i'm trying to call it a favor. the idea that corporations and corporate leaders would see the clinton foundation as a way of giving money and in exchange
3:21 pm
potentially hopefully maybe getting favors from the state department, even that perception is itself a problem and can undermine the u.s. and diplomatic integrity. >> betsy, as long as mrs. clinton can have a huge advance over donald trump in the polls, maybe they will just ride it out for the next 86 days until election day? >> i imagine that's what they are hoping for. the keep your head down strategy has served hillary pretty well thus far and, of course, the reality is that these e-mail stories, even though they damage her, don't necessarily do much to make her be viewed as a worse politician than donald trump. a poll from earlier this month shows that about 61% of americans said they didn't think they could trust hillary clinton. meanwhile, 62% said the same thing. you can't trust hillary clinton,
3:22 pm
it doesn't necessarily differentiate him from her and that could be why third-party candidates are getting the momentum that they are getting. >> speaking of trump and hillary clinton e-mails, it's a cut over her eye. the question is, can the trump campaign get trump to focus and stay on message and keep jabbing hillary clinton over her e-mails? >> yeah. exactly. and historically, trump's ability to stay on message and zero in on what his advisers would like for him to do is not particularly impressive. the fact that he told voters in pennsylvania that the only way he could lose the state would be because of some sort of misconduct or fraud is really astonishing, questioning the entire function, the u.s. electoral process is functioning. i know that trump aides, trump confidants hear him say comments like that and think, why is he questioning the democratic process instead of focusing in
3:23 pm
on hillary and on the vulnerability she has. we're seeing new vulnerabilities over the course of the past week and trump has really struggled to zero in on those. >> we leave it there. betsy wooddrift, thank you. >> uh-huh. police continue to investigate a reported shooting at a north carolina mall. how witnesses say they stayed safe until the cops could leave them out of the building. plus, thousands of people are celebrating after u.s.-backed rebels liberate a city from isis control. ambassador john bolton is up next on what this means in the fight against the terror group. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. i've from nature's bounty to support my heart. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future, my "future self" will thank me.
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(announcer vo) you can commute. (man on radio) ...40! no flags on the play! (cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. we have an update on a developing story we've been following this afternoon, a reported shooting at a mall in north carolina. raleigh police say they have not found anyone with gunshot wounds and no suspects have been arrested.
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witnesses described a chaotic scene after the shots were heard. shoppers and employees say they hid in stores until police led them out. [ screaming ] >> may god salute you, you are our children, you are our heroes, you are the blood of our hearts, you are our eyes. go out, isis. >> she and other people are celebrating in the streets after u.s.-backed forces recaptured the syrian city of manjib from the radicals. they are hoping to separate isis from the turkish border and some think it could make it harder for the terrorist group to smuggle goods and more fighters into syria. so what comes next in this development? joining us is ambassador john bolton, senior fellow at the american enterprise institute and a fox news contributor. good to see you.
3:29 pm
>> good to be with you, eric. >> residents were shaving their beards, they were smoking, because you can't do that under isis control, and they are actually burning burkas. how significant is this? >> this is a significant victory. it represents another loss for isis as part of the overall campaign. but i think that it's important to look at what else this tells us. there's no doubt isis can be defeated with the proper application and force. the question is, why is it taking so long? why have we been so unwilling, not unable, but unwilling to press this campaign more effectively. moreover, according to press reports we've got, significant numbers of isis fighters were able to get out of manbij before the town fell and there's a real similarity to what just happened in libya where a u.s. bombing
3:30 pm
campaign -- by the way, the second u.s. bombing campaign in libya in the last five years, brought them back into the government supported militia. but there, too, thousands of isis fighters got away. so what this indicates is that isis isn't so committed to death by suicide that they are going to get pounded into the dust before they execute a tactical withdrawal and it's an indication, i think, of a much more coherent military strategy that we might have expected. all the while, the isis-held territory permits them to redeploy and continue their internet and other propaganda activities to recruit and train terrorists in the united states and so this really is a significant victory. no doubt about it. but it raises a lot of questions about why so long and why so slow. >> you also raise the point that
3:31 pm
points specifically say that 500 of the isis fighters, they had a convoy, they drove in in vehicles and picked up trucks right out of the road. remember the highway of death in kuwait as the fleeing iraqi soldiers of saddam who stole stuff in kuwait and kidnapped kuwaitis, they were just completely strife. >> you have to wonder what the role of the u.s. was here. this is a complicated battlefield, no doubt about it. while we want to destroy isis, we want to do it in a way that it doesn't enhance other terrorists in syria, anti-assad forces, to be sure, anti-isis forces but no friends of the united states or the west or enhancing the baghdad government, which is the satellite of the ayatollahs in iran. there's a lot of complications
3:32 pm
here. we have erdogan trying to make up with putin, maybe coming to a point where he'll no longer be part of the anti-assad coalition. there's a lot of moving parts here and the slowness with which the u.s. and its surrogates in the region have been going after isis simply gives them more time to kill in the united states, europe and elsewhere. >> well, while we're at it, you talk about erdogan. he just met with vladimir putin and called him "my dear friend" and turkey is a member of nato. so what happens? >> well, i'm deeply concerned about the direction erdogan has been taking for a long time and now especially in the wake of the failed coup, he's arrested at the latest count 16,000 supposed coup plotters. he is an authoritarian. he is an islamist. i think what he's trying to do is move turkey out of the west orbit, at least that's his objective. this meeting with putin could be very significant with negative
3:33 pm
consequences for the united states and the effort against assad, perhaps even leading -- although it may sound strange, to russian, turkish, iranian cooperation. we're simply absent. the president is just not paying attention to it. >> well, vice president biden will be. he'll be there later this month. we'll see if that keeps our air base there that we are operating ambassador, good to see you. >> look forward to it. see you tomorrow. how many credit cards do you have in your wallet? credit card debt is making a comeback in a big way. so how do you keep your credit score high and your card debt low? we'll talk to a financial planner about that, next. plus, this. >> i think it's going to help.
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the case was a major focus of a documentary and now the judge has overturned the conviction of brendan dassey. you may recall, this case was the subject of the widely seen netflix story "making a murderer."
3:39 pm
the judge said "having thoroughly reviewed the trial transcripts, these repeated false promises when considered in conjunction with all relevant factors, most especially dassey's age and the absence of a supportive adult, rendered dassey's confession involuntary." we're told that his confession was not used in the trial that convicted avery but his current lawyer said that avery is thrilled and happy that brendan's conviction was overturned and does expect avery's murder conviction to eventually be overturned as well. american household debt is on the rise and increase driven by credit cards. the balances are not as high as
3:40 pm
student loans or auto loans but credit card ownership has increased to it is highest level since 2008 when the meltdown happened. pat powell is here, a certified financial planner. a couple of questions off the bat. first of all, pat, hi, nice to see you. >> nice to be here. >> very good. why are these credit card companies sort of on the prowl and why are people getting into so much credit card debt? >> it's all about money, all right? banks have a harder time making money today. it's a very low interest rate environment. and so they are looking for more and more places to lend and so they've opened up the spigot again to lower and lower credit scores. and so we're back to where we were in 2008 as far as the ease of getting some of these credit cards. >> so is that the ease that you're talking about, is it alluring to the shoppers, here i go, i have another credit card
3:41 pm
in my pocket and i want that blouse? >> there's a whole bunch of people that cannot help themselves. credit is a wonderful thing. debt not so wonderful. >> right. >> and so we will have this combination now of credit standings coming down off of credit cards and spigots being turned on. >> truthfully, there are people who actually are underemployed and they have to use credit cards, unfortunately, just to make ends meet. what do you say to those people? first of all, how do they get from behind the eight-ball from under so much debt and are there certain cards that will be better for them if they just use it for real-life purposes? >> when i've encountered people -- and we've talked about these issues, i'm a big believer in cash. cash cannot get you in trouble. >> of course. >> get the credit cards out of your wallet.
3:42 pm
when the cash is done, you're done. whatever it is, you are done. it's a wonderful discipline. it takes about two weeks for people to work it into the way that they think but it really does help. start looking at all of your bills and see where are you spending your money. people have no idea how much debt they have. if they make the minimum payment, they get rid of the bill. they don't go back and look. they don't know that there are things sneaking up on their bill. sometimes there's false charges on their credit cards. they don't know anything about it because they are not scrutinizing the bill. so get yourself in control of everything and then things will start to happen for you. >> forced charges like what? >> suddenly something appears on your credit card from a vendor you don't recognize. >> how does that happen? >> well, sometimes it's out and out fraud. it's just an oopsie
3:43 pm
daisy or they went to the wrong card. but many times, it's out and out fraud and it's so small, you know, it's $10 a month on your credit card but at $10 a month on maybe trying to hit a million credit cards to see -- it can be major fraud when you add it all up. but on yours, you're not going to the district attorney to complain about your $10. >> right. wrapping up, even for the people who use it for real-life stuff, if you feel you can't do without this, trying to make ends meet, you can look closely and see -- >> you can do better than you think you can. >> pat powell, good to see you. >> thanks. all eyes are on michael phelps tonight as he competes in his final race at the olympics but could also mark the end of his historic career.
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after a spectacular career, michael phelps will take his
3:48 pm
final swim tonight in the 4x100 meter relay. he came into these games as the most decorated olympian of all time. he has 22 medals and he's added to that four more golds. >> and that is more than anybody in the olympics since 152 b.c. >> since they were in the roman coliseum. >> phelps tied last night's 100-meter butterfly. it's been a very eventual olympics so far. jay gray is joining us. tonight is going to be a big night. we could hit a thousand gold medals and that would be, of course, the record, ever. >> that would be, including b.c., eric, and i know you were there to cover it.
3:49 pm
michael phelps has been sensational. he's the most decorated olympian not only in modern time but now in history. he, by his own admission, said he really wasn't in the greatest shape and didn't prepare properly for london. to come back at the age of 31 and to see what he has done, this will be a big, emotional night for him. his son boomer is three and his fiance and mother. all of the accolades he's getting, he deserves. >> he's had his issues, he's had some problems and he's persevered. he has faith. he's gone through it. and in that way, he's a symbol for all of us, jay. >> he is indeed. you can have you will a of the talent, all of the pride and courage in the world but none of it means anything if you don't have the ability to endure. michael phelps has had all of those qualities and he has endured.
3:50 pm
endured his own personal problems and competition and look where he is now. >> we'll see what happens. it's spectacular. >> and you have ledecky so far ahead of the other swimmers. let's talk about her. awesome a. >> she's incredible. for 19 years of age, she's never lost a race in the olympics, even in the preliminaries and in the final. what she did last night. . >> and what about simone manuel? >> just a great story. to break this barrier that has taken so long and to become the first african-american to win an individual gold medal, it was just a great story. . and to see her reaction and the reaction of her teammates, it
3:51 pm
was just beautiful. >> she made me cry. so proud of all of the team usa >> that is great. it went from wheaties to special k. simone is called the greatest gymist ever. and you go back to nadia and before that olgan and gabby dougs. simmoan is incredible to watch. she's one you can't take your eye off of her. my goodness. it is incredible and unfathomable. >> and she makes it look so easy and the legal of difficulties of her routines is above and beyond. >> that's what they said about michael jordan and mohammed ali.
3:52 pm
they make the routine look spectacular. >> it is so nice. i love the way they get along they talk about how nervous they were before they walked to the mat a rea. i would have told you. you are gaeb douglas. you made it here again. don't let the distractions get in the way and be proud you are here again doing it. >> she won a gold medal and it can't be the reigning gymastic's team and see your own time mate take it from you. and just getting back to this
3:53 pm
point. what happened to ally. and gabby who is on in her years and great and knows what it is like to be the focus of everybody in london and now seeing it happen to the team mates. >> you can see the performance it is and see gabby and simone. and the reported of the polluted waters and the crime and other issues. the olympics, the performance and trowse and challenge and beauty and inspiration that we have seen and watch. athletes every night in the whole gapes. >> aside of the doping scandal and the russians excluded, the lite lot performances in all of these olympics are amazing.
3:54 pm
it is a lifetime of training for 10 or 12 seconds for one performance and what we have seen is exceptional. it has been historic and spectacular and seeing all kinds of world records. and nothing to do with the polluted waters and security irregularities or presidential impeachmentes. these athletes have shown the commitment and knows what it means. >> you are the best, jim great >> thank you. i appropriate that. >> you said it so well. it is spectacular. nmeanwhile coming up. we'll tell you about a reunion six years in the making of a veteran and a retired military dog brought together for good
3:55 pm
after their military careers ended. >> i have been trying to find him for six years. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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>> a retired military dog and a veteran reunited after six years apart. >> there he is. >> mike lamonand his dog adam worked together as a canine bomb team in the middle east. now that he's retired, adam gets to go home with his old friend. i love that. >> isn't that wonderful? >> yes, it is. hands off to mike and adam for their service. they are speckacullar. >> thank you so is much for this evening. we'll be back 12:00 and 6:00 and 3 hours tomorrow. fox news channel. and thank you for spending time with us on the fox news channel. i know you have a choice, around
4:00 pm
the country, but we are number one. >> laurel ingle is up next with the fox report. enjoy your evening. >> it's a fox urgent. widespread flooding killing three people in the south and heart breaking pictures of the devastation and rescues come out. rivers in louisiana and mississippi breaching their banks after days of of downpours. more than 1000 people were rescued in lous lose where flooding roach the record levels. we'll have much more on this developing situation ahead on the fox report. >> we are waiting on a rally with donald trump and his supporter ares. i am laura in


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