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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  August 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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"justice" at 9:00 p.m. you will get a dose of "street justice" too. the greg gutfeld show is next. good night. see you in 24 hours. lylylylylylylylylylylylylylylyl. violent protests in milwaukee. one officer was hit with a brick that was thrown at him. the protest started after a man was shot and killed by an officer when he and another man took off running during a traffic stop. police say the suspect was carrying a gun that had been stolen in march. joining us on the show is the senior producer with with wifox
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news channel. . chad, what can you tell us now? >> well, it's been pretty tense. there are fires that are being doused with water right now. there was the gas station that was very combustible. there was the beauty parlor and an auto parts store. the problem for firefighters is they cannot get into some of these locations because of the violence and bullets flying overhead. for their own safety, they pulled back. multiple news agencies indicated they were kind of roughed up and had to pull back from the scene because of gunfire. this has been a very combustible situation. some of the authorities here are asking the question. again, there has been a lot of violence here in milwaukee in the past 24 hours. there was just a homicide near the site of one of these fires earlier, just last night, and apparently there have been nine shootings in milwaukee in the
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past 24 hours or so here. but if you're mad at the cops, why do you go and stop burning down local businesses? one police officer has been taken to the hospital, apparently there was a brick thrown through the window of his cruiser and hit him in the head. we're unsure of the condition of that officer right now. things are pretty tense here in milwaukee. this is mostly on the north side of town and these four fires seem to be burning within a several block radius of one another. there are still demonstrators in the streets. the assistant police chief indicated that his officer had to fire his gun because, you know, it was a split-second decision, that was his term, a split-second decision you have to make. they didn't know what was going to happen at that point but that seems to have been what sparked this very combustible situation in milwaukee. >> thank you so much, chad. the chief there also saying they're not sure if shots were fired at the police officer and the suspect pulled out that gun.
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that's all to be determined as they go through this very volatile night tonight. thank you so much for your time. we'll continue to be on top of this here at fox news throughout the news. viole violent protests in milwaukee after shots were fired. several buildings on fire, a bank, gas station, beauty parlor and auto body shop on fire at this hour, a little after midnight there in milwaukee. stick with fox news. we'll continue to follow the news but right now back to the "greg gutfeld show." symbolic tolerance we scrap security. anyone can slip through, even a pro-taliban crackpot. now trump could have won the week on that alone had he just shut up. but instead, he says things. >> hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the second
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amendment. by the way, if she gets to pi pick -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> i know, i know, he didn't mean what he said. but that's not the point. it's that you have to keep explaining what he said. it's exhausting after awhile. i like donald but he's like that pet who keeps breaking stuff. >> oh, [ bleep ]! >> i'm not going to keep cleaning up after him every single time. but there are times i admit he's hilarious. >> go home to mom. go momhome to mom and your moth is voting for trump. she's voting for trump. >> it's true.
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he's got their mothers. but then he calls obama the founder of isis. when he could have said something else, like obama's foreign policy helped birth and spread isis. same thing. but not as bad, but he didn't. still, let's remember that as absurd as this claim is, his critics say he's a threat on-toe universe. maybe he's playing their game, stealing the left wing's knack for exaggeration. it's entertaining as hell but is it working? the polls say no. it's a bummer because there once was a message to be made, not just america first, but we are americans first and our securit unity and saves lives. but that big vision has been lost. in 2016, there's never a need to shoot the messenger. the messenger shoots himself. >> period. >> thank you. thank you. bonnie, thank you. thank you for your applause.
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>> yeah. i always applaud. >> you do. >> can i just say this? what a fantastic diverse audience you have. they clearly -- >> you are going for the easy win. >> they have clearly all come from retired from different jobs but the same socioeconomic background. i love it. you are speaking to such a huge group of people. >> i just love it when a guest comes on and insults the audience. >> i enjoy the challenge. >> you have a challenge tonight because now we're coming after you. >> that's why i said that. >> you invite somebody to a cocktail party, the first thing they do is insult all your other guests. >> i said i like that. i love white people. >> well, we have a white sofa. maybe you can defecate on that, young lady, because you are defecating on my show. i'm going to talk to your husband later. i even had a question for you.
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now i don't remember. >> is it about trump? >> yes. it's about trump. >> i think you're asking me because i'm an expert on joking. i know when to do it and how to do it. >> except here. >> well, trump is a -- he's a racist and he's sexist and he's a tyrant which is why this, you know, comes as such a shock that he would incite violence on someone. i can hardly believe it myself. >> well, rick, respond to her opinions which are obviously ill-founded. >> there are so many i don't even know where to begin. look, i think the fact is that donald trump speaks like a non-politician like we always want. >> yeah!
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>> and i do think there's an argument to be made right now that the political establishment in washington, including the political journalists, including all the people who evaluate politics, are absolutely panicking about somebody who is not playing their game. because of that, i think there's a lot of value and tolerant liberals should not look at the situation and immediately say racist, homophobe, you know. >> i never said homophobe. i think he's down with the gays. >> he is down with the gays. he's the best gop nominee the gays have ever had. >> i don't believe he's racist. he just says things that sound racist. aren't we all like that? we always say things that sound racist. >> i want to make one thing clear. >> i'm proud to be white. >> like that. >> why? >> i'm not defending everything
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that donald trump has ever said. that's not my point. i think there's a lot of value, though, in breaking washington. because washington is not working. >> okay. ben, i don't want washington to work at all. so -- i don't want trump to make it great again. i want it to be incompetent. i want nothing to happen. >> first aftoff, gridlock is a wonderful thing. jesse helms said every day these buildings are closed the republic grows stronger. i think that's true. this week, i'm not someone that would typically come on and defend donald trump but i saw the most asinine media coverage of him this week, especially on this founders of isis line which he actually explained, he goes on the radio and actually explained exactly what he was doing. hewitt said why don't you just say essentially the line you were saying. he said if i say that, nobody reports about it.
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they get to ignore it. the other thing is this. he was saying this back in january, three times in january he said hillary clinton is the inventer, creator, founder of isis. okay? back in january, the media was looking at trump as this sideshow and they were like oh, we are fine with him going around and smacking all these conservatives who we don't like either, we will play along with this. now he says he's the gop nominee and they all just lose their mind. people go crazy. >> one other point. in december, hillary clinton literally said donald trump was the recruiter for isis. which has no basis of reality. >> trump is constant. it's like he never says a normal thing or says it in a normal way which is why people like him but you know who i feel super bad for in particular is mike pence. he's constantly having to defend donald trump. it's like if you bring a date to a party and he gets super drunk, and you have to be like oh, no, he's just tired. i know this happened last time but he's working on it, i
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promise. it's like kind of your fault and it gets exhausting after awhile and you're like maybe he's an alcoholic. that must kind of be how he feels. >> you just didn't describe mike pence. you described a lot of cable commentators who are constantly trying to figure out new and inventive ways to say well, what he really meant was. i have said this before. i would just like a candidate that speaks for me, not the other way around. i do enough work. i can't do this pro bono. >> you are the candidate. if you look for somebody you totally agree with, congratulations, greg gutfeld for president. >> so wait. you wouldn't vote for me, why? >> well, i'm not going to vote. i'm a pedophile. >> you don't vote? >> no, i'm canadian, actually.
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>> now we know. >> are people booing because i said i was canadian? >> no, they were saying oh, how great it is to have a canadian here. >> that's why i'm sitting way over here. because i'm a pedophile. >> anyway, go ahead. >> i was just going to ask, when it comes to your perspective as a canadian on american politics, why do you think that donald trump is a tyrant? you used this word before. i feel like it gets thrown around a lot about this guy. >> i was trying to get enough words in there to make a statement. no, i mean, he does seem like a guy who will become president and change all the laws to suit himself. >> like president obama? know why i said that? why i said that? because i'm a racist, right? because i'm a racist. no, i'll tell you something. i actually disagree -- i understand your impression but i disagree with you.
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i do believe he sounds like an au auto c autocrat, he wants to be king. that's why he likes putin, says nice things about hugo chavez. he has a thing for strong men. well, who doesn't? but then once he gets into power, he's going to get so bored that he's not going to do it anymore. thnchlg >> this is the hypocrisy of the media. because president obama cut a deal with the iranians and the cubans and somehow, the "new york times" celebrates that as oh, he's moving on and moving forward and is a deal maker. donald trump literally says, you know, why can't we get along with the russians which i am a very anti-russian foreign policy guy, but my point is -- >> where's the applause there? >> my point is that why doesn't donald trump get the same -- >> because of the way he says stuff. it's because the way he says stuff.
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which some people love, some people love it. it's exciting, it's not so boring, but he's running against the most boring person of all time so i feel he could tone it down just a little bit. >> if he shuts his mouth for three days and allows hillary to lose a cycle, i'm talking about the news cycle, by the way -- go ahead. >> the shutting up thing, the reaction to -- reaction that we saw to this guy standing behind hillary clinton, i don't know about you but i haven't seen a presidential candidate stand that close to somebody related to terror since, oh, barack obama started his campaign at the house of the guy who tried to find the pentagon, okay? >> oh, my god. >> yeah! >> let me just say that i think hillary might be a little bit busy hiding e-mails to check out all the -- how many -- all the mass shooting relatives that
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might be in her audience. >> all right. we have to move on. we will talk about hillary in the next block and say lots of nice things about her. roll, roll, roll, roll. there you go. coming up, more e-mail trouble for hillary. see, i said i would do that. i say she should follow bill's example and stick to the oral legend.
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hillary clinton could be enjoying some pretty encouraging numbers like the 538 chart showing the electoral college figures falling in her favor. if i look at it another way, it reminds me i'm overdue for a colonoscopy. thank you, nate. know what the problem is for hillary? it's only august. light years away from election day. especially when you consider that state department e-mails keep coming back like a bad case of herpes. is there ever a good case? call me. the latest batch show a clinton foundation official reaching out
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to clinton aide asking for favors from the clinton-run state department. and another aide cheryl mills holding interviews for jobs while working at state. was this inappropriate? was it pay for play? i don't know, i'm drunk. but it's a race against time for the clinton campaign. what comes first? some smoking gun e-mail or election day? they're hoping election day, when i will be getting my colonoscopy. all right. i'm going -- i don't know why i'm going to you but i am, bonnie. >> because i have all the answers. >> you do. they're wrong. but let's say trump -- stop. this is turning into geraldo 1994. >> you say that like it's a bad thing. >> i know. i don't want to get hit by a chair. >> this audience hates comedy. >> apparently. >> this is the thing.
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i do hope that when hillary is president, we still continue to find out -- >> let her finish. >> -- all about her e-mails because this is one of the most compelling political stories since andrew jackson married a divorcee named rachel. >> she wasn't divorced. that's why it was a story. >> yes. she thought she was -- no, no. she thought she was divorced, then she thought she wasn't, then it turns out she was divorced. she made a mistake. >> what about ross? what did ross say? >> that's the 1990s reference, everybody. >> kat, you have strong feelings about hillary. where do you see this thing going? i feel like it's a race against time with the e-mails and the election. >> yeah, the cheryl mills stuff, maybe she just did it for fun. maybe she's getting nothing in return. i'm sure they never even talked about it. maybe she didn't even know it was hillary's foundation. she's like wait, that clinton,
10:22 pm
that's inappropriate. come on. clearly, clearly, it's not just a one-time thing, it's a consistent pattern of behavior, oh, this could be shady, this could be shadshady. maybe at least some of it's shady. it's called logic. >> you said there was no smoking gun. >> not waiting for a smoking gun. >> we have seen a zillion smoking guns. i will tell you one that disturbs me the most. hillary literally telling jake sullivan, who's on her staff, cut off the top and send it on the unsecured line. that is an instruction to take classified information and just cut off the marking and send it in the form that she can receive it which is like a normal fax machine. that's outrageous. i don't know why that doesn't immediately make her someone who instructed someone to take classified information and throw it out in public. >> you know what's crazy to me
10:23 pm
was that when huma abidine left her schedule an open bed in the hotel room when she wasn't there. >> because they continue to get away with it. they know this looks bad. hillary's not an idiot. she knows people would find out about this. she knows how the media works. she doesn't care. she has so much power. >> first of all, i have to say your audience, there was a place for you to boo right there. she said hillary's not an idiot. >> you are such a devil. you are a devilish little creature. ben? >> the thing about this that bothers me the most is, there was this huge push over the course of the past several months that the doj, department of justice, attorney general, we will listen to whatever the fbi tells us to do when it comes to whether we should indict hillary over this stuff, if there's en they made this whole thing about this is going to be the fbi's decision, not us. but on this, on a request from
10:24 pm
the fbi to investigate and look into the clinton global foundation and to look at their relationship exactly along these lines, the doj just shut it down. they said we don't think there's enough evidence to even look at that. in both cases, it's like how can you trust any of these entities, the institutions that our elites run in washington to be fair in any capacity, where all that matters is what your last name is? >> you know what, it's good not to trust. i don't trust anyone. >> me, neither. >> yeah. i'm very -- i don't even go outside. i don't do anything. but sit at a desk. when everybody leaves, i'm still here all the way until next saturday. kind of sad and scary. i have a bag. all right. koala bears, adorable animals or spawns of satan? probably both. first, libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson is coming up next. no, he's not phoning it in. that's how it works here, people. what's it like to put your home in good hands?
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a man was shot and killed by an officer when he and another man took off during a traffic stop. earlier fire crews were not able to respond to calls because of shots being fired. >> a mother who is watching this right now and your young son or daughter is not home and you think they're in this area, get them home right now. get them home right now. this is a serious situation and
10:30 pm
this is a neighborhood that has unfortunately been affected by violence in the recent past. i know this neighborhood very, very well and there a lot of really, really good people who live in this area, in the sherman park area who can't stand, just like any of us, who can't stand this violence and they want order restored. our police officers are doing everything they can right now to restore order. we have lots and lots of police officers there. the firefighters now again, they are fighting the fire. as i said earlier, it was set in the last few minutes, they have entered the scene at the b.t. and they feel it is now safe to work on that fire. >> you hear the mayor there saying, parents, get your kids home right now. it's a little after 12:30 in milwaukee. we're now talking to chad, a senior fox producer in
10:31 pm
milwaukee. good morning, chad. you listened to this. >> the mayor indicated there was a body camera of this police-involved shooting. there were two suspects they were chasing in a foot chase. there were 23 rounds according to the mayor in the stolen weapon that one of the suspects had that he wielded or at least showed in some fashion to one of the officers. that's who that officer shot and killed. this started about nine, ten hours ago in the middle of the afternoon in milwaukee. the county president here in milwaukee says "our city is in turmoil tonight." mayor barrett is just trying to get people off the streets. that's been the problem. one of the big issues that the fire department had was that they could in the fight these four fires because of gunfire and violence and there were fist fights in the streets, multiple arrests. one news crew reported that they were assaulted. somebody just came cruising down the middle of the street, side
10:32 pm
swiping cars and firing weapons and so the fire department, rightly so, refused to go in and that's where you had the fire at the gas station, the bank, the beauty parlor and also at the auto supply store, all within a short radius of a couple others. we're told two of those fires have water on them now but the other two, the gas stays and auto parts store are still burning. but they want to get people just home. that's what mayor barrett was saying, get people home. if your kids are out on the street and you love them, if you're a parent and you don't know where your kids are right now, text them, call them, e ma -- e-mail them, get them home by the ears. people are going to be looking at what happened in the videotape. when they had the protests in baltimore, maryland. some of the video has been very
10:33 pm
telling. there was an incident in cincinnati last year where the university of cincinnati police officer shot and killed someone. that officer is now facing murder charges. if you look at the videotape and it's pretty clear that, you know, the suspect really didn't deserve what the outcome was there. and so this videotape is going to be very, very interesting to see and, as you know, sometimes the videotape doesn't tell the whole story, too. >> right. >> i know the officers, those that spoke at the press conference say there was suspicious activity and the two men got out and they ran and then the one 23-year-old who had a gun was shot. now, the police say there was no word if that 23-year-old pulled out the gun or shots were fired, as you were saying, there's no word if that happened. the police officers' body
10:34 pm
cameras will hopefully give us insight to how the 23-year-old was shot. i know bus shelters have been turned over. we were talking about there are some stop lights that have been also bent and having some problems there in the streets as well. it's a lot of unrest. what are you seeing? are you seeing any of that? >> that's the thing, too. top barrett, the mayor, said there's been violence in this neighborhood before. this is a very dangerous situation where you've had police officers, one taken to the hospital where a brick was thrown through the window of his police cruiser and they started torching some of these buildings here. there has been other situations of violence in that neighborhood in just the past 24 hours. there have been several homicides in that neighborhood and nine shootings in that neighborhood in the past 24s are 36 hours or so. >> all right. live from milwaukee tonight, we
10:35 pm
will continue to follow the story out of milwaukee. a lot of unrest, police and civilians in the street. we're going to go to commercial break and we'll be right back.
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they're turning snowflakes into snowmen and women. had to put that in there. all right. east carolina university, it's in the east carolina somewhere, started a counseling program to help kids learn adulting. the school came up with the idea after seeing a sharp increase in counseling appointments over the past two years. the idea is to teach students how to deal with inevitable setbacks in life and how to respond to them. i.e., how to stop being a big baby and act like an adult. as one official noted, students often struggle at managing failure, adding quote, are you beating yourself up because you got a c? if you change the self-talk you can change the behavior. you should listen to that, bonnie. they also blame social media because kids see the
10:40 pm
picture-perfect versions of friends' lives and they feel their own doesn't add up. that's why i refuse to look at myself in the mirror. also why i won't look at pictures of lou dobbs' huge deck. takes up half his backyard. they say everyone loves a big deck but not me. nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. this is coddling or toughening up? >> it's just sad that the university, the point at which you would hope a lot of these kids have learned something in life before they got to that point, they would be able to deal with failure. they would be able to manage that. the problem is that we have basically a portion of a generation, significant portion of it that basically has ptsd just from life. just existence itself is getting them stress disorders to the degree they can't handle getting cs or getting anything less than an a. there is actually a great book
10:41 pm
from a few years ago that was all about managing failure and it quoted all these crazy comments from kids like saying to her well, i'm not taking your class because i don't think that i will get an a. >> yeah. >> that in itself is something that you have to learn how to fail in order to succeed. >> that's a smart thing. i did that all through -- i look at this is too hard, i'm dropping out by the third week. you write about such things on a daily basis for fasnational rev. you are doing a mediocre job. i'm trying to hurt you so you toughen up. >> the thing is, i had parents who told me when i was bad at stuff. i think that's made me emotionally normal-ish. because they can't handle failure because they haven't had it. they haven't had anyone tell them they can't do anything. they are sitting on the couch watching the olympics and their parents are if you just try, you can be in the olympics some day, too. you know, if he doesn't want you, it's his loss. like no, some of you won't have olympic bodies and sometimes you're the nightmare and the
10:42 pm
other person is much better off without you. that's just true sometimes. >> well, rick, we know she had honest parents. i happen to like this idea, because i could have used this. like when you get out in the real world there's stuff like how do you rent a car. >> i'm sure that's part of this emotional training. >> you got to learn to do things to be an adult. like pay your electric bill. >> look, i agree with everything that's been said so far. i think everybody needs a tiger mom. that's when we need in life. this whole generation of everybody gets a trophy, everybody participates, nobody strikes out. i went to my godson's baseball game last summer. i literally watched as the parents said get out of here -- >> what are you doing? what is this single man doing here?
10:43 pm
>> for the record, i'm not single. second of all, it was a baseball game. but one kid in particular went up, he got three strikes and i was like okay, we're moving on, right? oh, no. you sit there and we kept going and going and going until he got a hit. >> oh, so there's no limit -- >> there's no limit. >> pick another hobby, bro. you're not good at it. >> right. i literally was sitting there thinking am i the only person in this entire crowd that thinks this is fine. all the parents kept cheering and everybody was fine with it. i'm like society is going downhill. >> you need three strikes. that's why they did that in california. i always wondered if they based that on bowling and there were ten frames. you could have ten crimes. number nine, i got to worry about it. they base the entire crime issue
10:44 pm
on a sporting thing. oh, my goodness. >> as you know, i'm sure you know, i am pro-bullying and i think we need to get back to that, some good schoolyard bullying because it really, i was bullied as a kid, all through middle school. i matured so quick, i had a full beard in eighth grade. i still have it but i bleach it so you can't see it. but it made me, yes, now i love the sound of children crying, but i also face challenges head-on. >> that's good. that's good. >> which i think is -- more people need that. we need more bullying. >> wow. up next, my delivery from hickory farms. first, could it be illegal to drink coffee while driving? we have been asking that question and it probably means the answer is yes or no. find out.
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could you go to the big house because of maxwell house? could starbucks put you in the slammer? probably not. but it was a good lead. a new jersey lawmaker, they have them there, proposed a law effectively banning eating, grooming and drinking coffee behind the wheel. the bill outlaws quote, any activity unrelated to the actual operation much a motor vehicle in a manner that interferes with the same operation of the vehicle. the penalty would be up to $400 for the first offense, $600 for a second and for a third, you are sentenced to life in new jersey. saw that one coming. actually, it's $800 plus a 90 day license suspension. the guy behind the bill says the issue is distracted driving and that it won't explicitly ban drinking coffee. still, there's much cooler stuff you can do while driving. like me and my friends did last weekend.
10:50 pm
♪ >> that was interesting. good idea, bad idea? >> idea. i think this is going way too far. because if you are in the car and are singing to a karaoke song, if you have a child in your car, if you have a passenger in your car and you are talking to them, you could be distracted. >> right. >> why are politicians worried about what's going on inside of a car? let it alone. >> what's next? i'm not going to be able to pee in a cup or do macrame while i'm driving anymore? silly. >> or i can't text and drive? >> by the way, texting and driving, anything that takes your eye off the road should be banned. i believe. >> that was a joke. >> i know. you have problems. you can text without even a phone. it's very creepy.
10:51 pm
although can you text like if you come to a stop sign or stop light and can you then text? >> i don't think so. no. it's not about safety. it's about gaining revenue from people. it's not that they actually think you don't know when is an appropriate and not appropriate time to eat a ham sandwich if you're at a light you can take a sip of the coffee. they know that's okay. but they're like what can we possibly think of we can say is dangerous to get more money. >> anthony weiner is totally against this because he wants to sext while driving. >> guys will try to one-up each other by doing multiple things, watch this, i can eat this hot dog, drink this soda, steer with my elbow, which is something i may have done on occasion but it is going way too far to say i think drinking coffee on your commute is banned. that's terrible.
10:52 pm
>> what if you have a really long straw? your cup holder has a long straw? >> kids are a total distraction, more so than coffee cups. >> or someone in your passenger seat that's chatting away or telling you to turn. where do you stop? >> all of this is irrelevant with driverless cars. once the driverless car takes over, it will actually be good and bad. you know when seat belts came into popularity, people sped more and there were more deaths. i have no facts to back that up. but i'm assuming that's the case. you have seat belts and an airbag you end up driving faster. with driverless cars you will have like car parties. people will be in cars, they will be sex caravans and sleeping drivers and people are going to be harassing their driverless cars, they will be
10:53 pm
taunting them. it will be a very ugly kind of road warrior scene in the way i look at it. by the way, the cars will make the moral decisions for you. i said that. if say you are winding down highway 1 in california and a deer gets in front, the car will have to make the decision hit the deer or drive off and kill your entire family. i talked about this many times. sometimes alone in my room. i don't know. >> what does the car decide to do? >> the car should kill the animal unless the family's annoying. >> take everything into consideration. >> you should. >> like if they're doing karaoke in the car. >> exactly. or that stupid license plate game. if you are doing that, the car says that's it, i'm taking you out. again, with artificial intelligence, the car will be able to make decisions. so the car's sitting there, he sees the deer and he's suddenly googling the family, like going are these people actually worth
10:54 pm
saving. >> the problem is there are no deer near highway 1. >> i know. i should have said seals. >> exactly. it would have been more believable. >> there are seals everywhere. don't go anywhere. final thoughts are next. we always were told we were german. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. allstate offers a't imagine genuine parts guarantee, that promises to fix your bike with original parts. talk to an allstate agent about all the things they do to keep riders riding.
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we're almost out of time. >> what you wanted to say all show but haven't had the chance to say, so here's your chance to say it right now. >> bonnie? >> i just want to say this audience has been fantastic. >> very good. >> i would like to get safely into my taxi. so thank you. >> yes.
10:59 pm
you don't have to worry about them. worry about me. >> thank you for having me because i'm never coming back. >> you will be back. you will be back. rick? >> i want to say something to the establishment. where should i look? what camera? >> look at yourself. >> you have a choice to make in the fall. hillary clinton and 5,000 liberal appointees and donald trump or 5,000 republican appointees. make your choice. >> ben? >> i just want to say to all the people who have been playing up this second amendment thing that trump said, i don't get it. we already know hillary clinton is a gold medalist at dodging sniper fire. >> good point. kat? >> my little sister's hedge hog has moved into my old childhood room. is that -- yeah. yeah. it's great. the hedge hog's got a room. i do not. >> i didn't know people to
11:00 pm
colorado have th could have them as pets. >> they sure can. >> thanks to my guests. i'm greg gutfeld. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey. >> coming up on the big show. donald trump said president obama founded isis. it could have been worse. he could have saided obama founded maroon 5. and cbs' new fall lineup has six new shows with six white men. or as tom shillue calls it, the golden age of television. and finally an air b and b guest used the apartment to shoot a porn scene. she was found out when someone recognized the furniture. >> let's welcome the


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