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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 14, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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lot of work on social media trying to identify him so that there are a number of people here who want to do that officer harm. he happens to be african-american and he has several years of experience and is a very active officer. and we are concerned for his safety and he's been staying with relatives out of town. >> have you talked about the initial stop? what was the initial reason for the original stop and what was the body camera able to reveal as you looked at it? >> first part of it, and i have to just give you my understanding of the initial stop. the officers have not been interviewed formally yet and dci officely ultimately controls this investigation. i can say i was advised it was a suspicion stop. they thought this vehicle was behaving in a suspicious manner. it's a rental car. it turns out we have not ascertained its status whether it was lawfully rented, stolen, we do not know.
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but this event, i did look at the tape and i can tell you, this event not only took 20 to 25 seconds. i mean, it was virtually no time between the officer unhooking his seat belt, turning on his body camera, getting out of the car and immediately he was in a foot chase and that foot chase went maybe a few dozen feet before he encountered this individual in a fenced yard with two houses and not really an ally way and two houses. the incident occurred very, very rapidly. so it was very fast and the individual was armed. the individual did turn towards the officer with a firearm in his hand and can't tell when the officer discharges his firearm because there were many body arm cameras. all of ours there's a 30 second delay before the audio kicks on.
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i don't know when the shots were fired. it's all evidentiary. >> have you encouraged dci to release the video for the public's benefit? >> i think that's going to be part of an ongoing discussion. we have to weigh the public's benefit, would he have to weigh the rights of the officer involved, we have to weigh the concerns bci has to have an investigation that's untainted. i suppose there might be people out there who might say, you know, we might need to protect the potential jury pool some day. i don't know. at this point in time it's not being released. whether that changes or not -- >> mayor, people in the community just don't believe whatever the police have to say. they want to see the video. on camera, they say until we see the video we don't believe anything. >> i would like to see the video released as soon as possible, but i agree that the officer has not even been interviewed yet is my understanding, the officer
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who was involved, and there is -- there is a state investigation, but i do think it's in everyone's best interests to be as transparent as quickly as possible. and so i'm hopeful that this will not be a delay -- that there will not be a serious delay but, again, i respect the process right now and i will assure this community that i will do everything that i can to make sure that this is released. >> do you want it released tonight before you say i don't know what happened? >> again, this officer has his legal rights as well so i don't think it's appropriate for it to be released today. again, as i said, i have not seen it. i did see a picture that was lifted from it and i want our community to know that the individual had a gun. now, again, i think that there were events that were going because it was so fluid, but i saw a gun in his hand in the still shot that i saw.
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>> why won't that still shot be released? >> again, that's going to be up to -- >> just because you said last night was the worst situation that anyone in your department -- >> and, again, i want it to be released. i want it to be released as quickly as possible. >> was that before he was shot? >> i believe it was before he was shot, yes. i believe it was before he was shot. >> [ inaudible ]. >> yes, he was. yes, he was. >> [ inaudible ]. >> again, were there other officers involved as well? >> yes, there are people calling for violence against police officers? >> how is that being handled? >> are federal office officials involved? >> well, we're doing the best we can to ascertain the source of those threats. if it requires federal assistance, they have raised their hand to volunteer to do anything we ask for in the near term to track down the sources. not only is that credible but -- >> can you tell how many threats? >> i haven't got a number but
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there's been threats of violence. >> based on past investigations in officer involved shootings, is doj receptive to request that that information be released before the completion of the investigation? >> we'll have to see. this happened last night, okay? i don't think there's anybody in our country that's going to release a body worn camera of an officer involved shooting in 24 hours, 36 hours. i think chicago set a record in a week. police departments are aware of the delicate balance and what the community needs to know and our need to communities down or at least keep them informed and also the processes and systems of the criminal justice process. there is a balancing act. every time one of these is released it's usually achieved erring on the side of transparency at some risk to the criminal justice process. i mean, you're going to find very few, you know, career attorneys who are going to say, oh, yes, get that out in the public as fast as possible.
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you may get police chiefs who say that, you're certainly going to get some political figures who believe that as strongly as possible as well as community activists. this is a balancing act. we're going to try our best to get the balancing act right. >> family, friends and protesters say yes he was armed but he did not deserve to die. can you explain on how police are trained to react to these types of situations? >> our officers are trained to protect life, including their own. i'm not going to get into anybody deserving to die. that's really not thei issue here. the issue is whether or not when the officer used deadly force he faced deadly force to himself or another person. ultimately that will be the conclusion of the investigation. i know what i saw in the video, in the still. it certainly appears to me that at the time he made that decision it was a credible and legally protected decision. >> other than the release of the video, can you describe in your
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words what you see? >> what i saw i think is a representation of a very brief foot chase and a circumstance in which the individual that was confronted by the officer had a firearm in his hand and turned towards the officer. i don't know when the trigger was pulled. i don't know the point of entry. there's no autopsy done yet. there's like 100 more credible questions investigators are going to want to get to so when i get the script if i'm looking at a silent movie, all right, it doesn't necessarily tell me everything that will come out in a thorough investigation so, again, i'm walking on ice, too. i want to be transparent but you know the flog of war. first reports are wrong and that's a whole other news cycle so we're trying to be both open and contained at the same time right now. so i know what i saw based on what i saw, didn't hear, don't know what the autopsy results
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are going to be. he certainly appeared to be within lawful bounds. >> we know that the suspect was hit twice. is that how many shots were fired? and also were there any other tapes from surveillance that would shed light on this from other cars. >> that's something that we're looking into now. i obviously in the short term don't know the answer to that question but it's a key aspect in any investigation to look for other videos, other perspectives and so on. the number of shots that were fired again, i don't know that. i know the investigators have taken his firearm. i know the scene was searched for shell casings. again, the officer hasn't been interviewed so i don't know exactly. my short answer would be not many but, again, i don't know. >> he did not comply to the drop your weapon order? >> that's correct. >> how about -- people are saying there's reports that the gas station owners were mistreating people of a certain community in the neighborhood. do you guys have any record of
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police being called to that gas station recently? >> this is a busy area for us. we've been called to virtually every business at some time or another. there was a recent controversy there covered by the local media involving the buyers of that store and some unruly customers that they confronted. i know there have been some issues there but we have worked with the community and i know the mayor's office of violence prevention did extensive work in the neighborhood to protect the business owners from local residents on the same page and my understanding progress has been made there. >> that would point out from what i believe i was told it was community members who helped the three employees get out of that building safely which i appreciated. >> 24rr people in the cumulat e cumulative -- there are people in the community that say he was shot in the back. can you say definitively he was not shot in the back? >> only reason i can't say definitively is the autopsy
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hasn't been done yet. i would be foolish to say definitively. i do know he was shot in the chest and the arm. i don't know that he was shot in the back. i'm not being cute. i'm not anything. the autopsy reveals that, that will be news to me but to my understanding that's not true. >> it appears he was facing the officer as opposed to turning away. >> again, you know, i'm going to have to count on what the angle is. i saw what i saw but, you know, if you've covered these kinds of incidents before, body mechanics, the bullet is going 900 feet per second. it can move inches. i don't know precisely. >> and in that video do you see the suspect was hit, did he fire? >> we don't have any reports that he fired his sidearm, no. we do have, you know, video of the officers administering cpr. >> again, back to the still
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photo. can you show us what the gun -- was he holding it in his right hand? where was it? >> it was in his hand. he was raising up with it and -- >> can you show us maybe -- >> you know, i don't want to, you know, play act here. hopefully we'll be able to provide you some information shortly and based on that you will be able to evaluate the accuracy of what i'm saying now. >> is it a matter of routine that the officer had not been debriefed or questioned yet? and is there an aspect of that? >> yes, we're able to take a public safety statement at the time there's an incident like this. then there's generally at least 24 hours pass before we will interview the officer. >> is that officer female or what's his status? >> he's on administrative status. >> any other burning of the buildings, the investigation going on there, is there video of it, who may have been involved? what are you seeking for
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charges? >> we're working hard on publicly accessible social media to identify videos taken contemporaneously last night with the events of last night to see if we can identify people engaged in law breaking, including arson and that's extensive so there's a lot of work that needs to be done before we can make a statement. thank you. >> the individual had a gun so says milwaukee mayor tom. we saw a press conference in which the mayor urged parents of young people in milwaukee into the to go out to the streets tonight. authorities clearly hoping to avoid the unrest they had last night that so stunned the city of milwaukee. also learning about the suspect, 23-year-old sylville smith. the authorities praising the restraint of the milwaukee
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police department last night saying they used no force at any time, no pepper spray, no batons. they did not even fire a single shot but the spot shotters that record shots that are fired in neighborhoods found there were 48 shots fired by guns presumably in the crowd of those who were engaged in that mayhem last night. we also understand and now have learned for the first time that the police officer involved in the shooting is african-american. they are not identifying him as of now. the national guard has been activated, not deployed said the authorities. 125 members of the state national guard on stand by tonight. clearly authorities in milwaukee as of this afternoon hoping to avoid another repeat of what happened last night. even as the police of that city are under threat and under harm. 17 people arrested last night. more details will be coming throughout this hour. we are live with all the news. you're watching the fox news channel.
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and hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. >> and i'm eric shawn. >> meanwhile we're going to get you to politics. donald trump ramping up his feud with the press. tweeting this morning, quote, it's a disgusting and corrupt media covered me honestly and didn't put false meepg into the words i say, i would be beating hillary by 20%. the last attack coming after a "new york times" article described the trump campaign as, quote, sputtering saying that internal efforts to rein in the real estate mogul have failed. peter doocy is live in our newsroom with more. peter? >> reporter: arthel, donald trump is blaming his troubles on the polls. he said, quote, i am not only fighting crooked hillary but the dishonest media. people get it. the gop spent a lot of time last night ripping on reporters,
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especially from "the new york times" threatening to revoke their credentials, something the connecticut crowd roared approvalingly for. that was just hours after the ti times did publish that story that his advisers were having a hard time keeping him on message. >> they didn't use names. i don't think they had any names anyway. but anonymous sources have said there are no anonymous -- my campaign, i'll be honest with you. it's me. it's me. they never called me. they don't call me. but these are the most dishonest people. >> trump also went into specifics last night about bill clinton's affair with monica lewinsky saying he's so glad she kept that blue dress and this morning his running mate, mike pence, kept up the criticism of clinton, of the new accusations that her state department did favors for her family charities' biggest donors. >> the public has a right to know because this -- really and truly, this is exactly the kind
1:16 pm
of pay to play politics the american people are sick and tired of, but it's -- but, frankly, it's -- it is -- it's just one more example of the way i do believe the clintons have been operating over the last 30 years. >> tomorrow trump is heading to ohio for a speech about combatting islamic extremism. that is a speech pence pointed to when he talked about ways the republicans will get back on track. >> thank you, peter. meanwhile, mrs. clinton is widening her lead in key swing states according to polls. this comes as we've taken a look at the clintons' tax returns. they show mr. and mrs. clinton made more than $10 million last year. senator tim kaine releasing his tax returns. didn't make that much as his running mate did. that puts more pressure, of course, on donald trump to release his tax returns, which is something he refuses to do. molly hannonberg is live with
1:17 pm
that. hi, molly. >> hi, eric. there are new e-mails released from hillary clinton's time when she was secretary of state and one of those e-mails concerns gilbert shigori, a convicted money launderer and big donor for the clinton foundation. he gave $1 million. it's from doug bahn to um uma abideen. he urges her to connect shigori. he says he's a key guy to the clinton foundation. donald trump says the new e-mails say there was some setup of paying the clinton foundation for access inside the state department. the clinton campaign and its campaign says shigori, a lebanese billionaire, didn't want favors he wanted to give his thoughts on the lebanese election to members of the state department. >> it was just somebody who wanted to give the state department information.
1:18 pm
there's no evidence that hillary clinton every changed anything she did in the state department based on any activities of the clinton foundation. there's none. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton and her running mate, tim kaine, released their tax returns on friday in contrast to donald trump who has not released his tax returns. according to her campaign, in 2015 the clintons made $10.6 million in income, much of it from paid speaking appearances. they paid 3.6 million in taxes and paid a federal tax rate of 34.2%. kaine and his wife released ten years of tax returns. they earned the most money in 2014 with an income of $314,000. trump has said he will make his tax returns public when a federal audit is complete. trump's running mate, mike pence, has indicated that he's preparing his tax returns now for release. eric? >> all right, molly. thanks so much. arthel. >> as molly is reporting.
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the clinton campaign is working to swing attention away from the e-mail scandal and toward donald trump's tax returns. they're stepping up pressure on mr. trump to release the documents in the wake of hillary clinton doing so earlier this week. at the same time, mr. trump's running mate, governor mike pence, telling a radio station last night that he will publicly release his tax returns saying, quote, when my forms are filed and when my tax returns are released it's going to be a quick read, rita. talking to my friend rita cosby, wabc radio, right? yup. let's bring in our panel, dave jacobson, democratic strategist and partner with j&z strategies and thomas with thomas partners strategies. >> thanks for having us. >> john, i'll start with you.
1:24 pm
does this put more or less pressure on mr. trump to release his tax returns? >> you know, i think it's pretty consistent with what donald trump has said from the outset, which is he would release his tax returns if he weren't under an ongoing audit. i think he fully intends to release his tax returns when they are ready. i think the bigger question is, look, hillary clinton released her tax returns. good on her. she made $10 million i think it was in 2014. she made on average 225,000 per speech to wall street companies. why won't she release her tax -- her speech transcripts? because who in the world would pay $225,000 for a speech. >> >> the washington post earlier this. >> 49% found in the voters unworthy. >> 40% untrustworthy number.
1:25 pm
whether or not he really gives all of that money to charity. >> okay. let's move on. >> arthel -- >> go ahead. >> to dave's point, it was revealed that hillary clinton's tax returns, that 98% of all money that hillary clinton gave the charity was to the clinton foundation. we all know how crooked that foundation is. hillary lives in a glass house in this instance. >> i spoke with trump spokesperson katrina pierson about this topic of mr. trump releasing his tax returns in our noon newscast. here's a clip from that. >> this really has become much of a novelty in presidential campaigns. it just really shows how much -- >> what has become a novelty, katrina? what has become a novelty? >> just simply releasing tax
1:26 pm
returns because it's been -- >> it's been going on since the 1970s, it's now a tradition, not a novelty. the voters want to know. >> it's a novelty tradition. >> so, john, i mean, you know, does katrina pierson have a point? this is a novelty and perhaps it's not as important as everybody's making it out to be even though it's been a tradition since the '70s? >> yeah, i don't think novelty is the word i would use to describe it. i think it is important and we're probably going to find that, guess what, mr. trump is rich. guess what, he used tax exemptions that real estate developers used. i think he needs to release those certainly before election day, but there's going to be no bigot cha mome-- big gotcha mom. there's no law that requires him or any candidate to release the tax returns. >> repeat the last thing you said. i didn't hear you. >> there's no law that requires any presidential candidate to release their returns. i don't think there's going to be any smoking gun there when
1:27 pm
the audit is complete. i'm sure he'll release the returns. >> all right. so, john, you see easier days take on that. mr. trump promised a year ago that he would release his taurgtax returns. he still hasn't done so. that's why we're still talking about t. everything mr. trump has done thus far in the campaign has been unconventional. can donald trump win the race for the white house without releasing his tax returns? >> what he's doing right now is working. >> the reality is -- he's losing the battleground states. six of those states he's losing by double digits. so if they were held today or tomorrow, donald trump would lose the race. hillary clinton would far surpass the 270 electoral college vote threshold that she needs to become the 45th commander in chief so i think that's the challenge is what he's doing right now clearly isn't working. his untrustworthy numbers are
1:28 pm
skyrocketing. voters are increasingly being turned off by the outrageous, cellacious comments he's made. going after the khan family, going after the judge. these strategies are not working and they're leading to donald trump taking a nose dive in the polls. >> john, let me give you the last word please. go ahead. >> dave's right. trump needs to get back on message obviously talking about the economy but focusing on, look, hillary clinton lives in a glass house like i've said. the fact is news on the clinton foundation came out today. these pay for play allegations quite frankly only cede into the fact and explains why a wall street company would pay over $200,000 for a speech especially in 2014 when it looked like she was then going to become the presumptive democratic nominee who can sell favors in the white house.
1:29 pm
>> john thomas, dave, i thank you both. >> many thanks. there is no let up in syria's raging civil war. only one day after people there celebrated the liberation of one town from the radical islamic terrorists of isis, take a look at the scene today. another day of intense and deadly fighting. the city of aleppo. so when will this overwhelming humanitarian catastrophe finally end? ambassador dennis ross is here on that next. everything you're pretty good at now, you were once... pretty bad at. it's the same for credit. because credit isn't just a score. it's a skill. go to and start getting better at credit today. trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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heavy fighting today in northwest syria where battles between pro government forces and rebel groups have killed dozens of people. the two sides fighting over the city of aleppo. russian airstrikes pounding a nearby province where many people have fled to escape the violence. joining me now is ambassador dennis ross, a former special
1:34 pm
middle east foreign affairs analyst and the author of "doomed to succeed." ambassador ross, great to have you. >> nice to be with you. thank you. >> thank you. we first start here. is the victory over isis in manbij a good news/bad news scenario? >> it is a good news scenario as it relates to isis because manbij is a critical strategic access point getting to raqqah, which is the self-declared capitol of the islamic state and it's a key point of access between that and getting to turkey. so if you're going to get fighters coming in from the outside trying to join the islamic state or isis, they really have to go through there. most of the other access points have been cut off. so taking manbij actually is quite significant in terms of increasingly choking off the capitol of the islamic state,
1:35 pm
not only their access to people but also i think their resources. it's not great news in terms of the larger story as it relates to syria because the larger story as it relates to syria is really focused much more on aleppo. there you see the other side of this. there are really two wars going on in syria. one is the war that we're fighting against the islamic state or isis which we have to fight. the other is a war between assad and the vast majority of the syrian people. . he will end up being a kind of recruiting tool for isis. you can defeat isis in raqqah. >> and how is that that president assad is a magnet for that type of character? >> because in effect what assad has done is he's engaged in a war on the sunnis.
1:36 pm
he represents a regime, really a kind of minority. the alowese represent 12% of the state. he really turned what was a reform movement into a sectarian war and it's pretty much seen by most sunnis as a war on sunnis and isis tries to present itself as a protector of the sunnis. so long as there's an on slot of the sunnis, we can tdefeat isis on the battlefield. we need sunnis to discredit them and take their place so we don't get sons of isis even when they're defeated. >> how does russia factor in. >> vladimir putin make a decision that he was going to help the assad regime. when they intervened it was at a point when the assad regime was
1:37 pm
teetering. the aloeweis in syria and the russians intervened when they thought the regime might not survive. he hasn't used a tremendous amount of force. they've used the force that has changed the balance of power on the ground at least as it relates to the regime and it probably adds to the potential for the partition of syria itself but here again what you see putin doing is making it clear that that regime is important to the russians and sending a message that those who think the russians understand, it does and it can change the balance of power that it makes it an arbiter of what's going to happen in syria. >> there's more questions that i have which would be how does the u.s. communicate with russia on this, specifically president putin, but unfortunately, ambassador ross, i'm out of time now. i ask you to come back and we can discuss that further later. yes? >> be happy to do it. >> thank you, sir.
1:38 pm
>> meanwhile, arthell, hillary and the e-mails. will we soon know what she told the fbi? what the bureau has reportedly just promised to members of congress. what that could mean for mrs. clinton's campaign with 85 days to go. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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gear up for school. gear up for great. therthat can be serious,ere. even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. will we soon learn what hillary clinton told the fbi about her e-mails? new reports say the fbi will provide notes to congress about her private e-mail system, those notes being handed over as early as possibly tomorrow. this comes after agency director james comey promised to respond to lawmakers' requests for the documents. he did that during testimony on capitol hill last month but some government officials are raising concerns about providing what they consider potentially sensitive records to members of congress. so what does this all mean for her campaign if those notes are
1:43 pm
handed over? we have the washington examiner chief congressional correspondent joining us now. susan, if congress gets those notes tomorrow, monday, that means we'll be reporting on them on tuesday. why do you think these notes and what's in them could potentially be significant? >> well, first i'd like to know exactly what the fbi is going to turn over, if anything. the reporting that i've seen today says according to a source those notes are going to be delivered to congress, so i'm curious, is the source in congress saying they expect to receive the notes or is the source in the fbi saying we're going to hand the notes over? because there's been a bit of a dispute between the two branches over what to hand over, whether to hand over those interview notes of clinton. however, if they do receive the notes and they get a thorough copy of them and it's not redacted or withheld, we'll get some insight into this three-hour july 4th weekend interview that the fbi conducted at hillary clinton's residence about her, you know, keeping of
1:44 pm
a private e-mail server and use those private e-mails while she was head of the state department. so it, you know, could be huge. it could be disclosed when fbi director comey said he wasn't going to charge her criminally. we'll get insight into what the conversation was about, what the fbi asked her and how she responded. so it could be a lot, could be nothing. >> yeah, or it could be a lot or, as you say, again, they weren't -- apparently there wasn't a stenographer there. there weren't actual transcripts. she was not under oath although this went on for 3 1/2 hours. she could come out and say, i didn't say that. that's what those notes say. that's not me. these are apparently 302s, official fbi reports that are -- i've seen them as reports in criminal cases. if they are the 302s, she could dispute what's in them. >> it's possible she could. and she could also make the case
1:45 pm
that the request for the notes is partisan and that the case is over, that director comey has said there's no need to file charges against hillary clinton and this is about election year politics and nothing else. i think, eric, it all depends on what's in those notes and how much of it the fbi is really willing to turn over. we don't know that on today, sunday, hearing sources saying they're going to get those notes. what we're missing is a lot of work involved between what hillary clinton has said and what director comey has said. where she said i never sent classified information. comey said she did send classified information. >> she said that's not true. everything was handed over to the state department and he said that's not true. no charges were filed. let me read you something from investors business daily editorial. they say these e-mails turned up, the new ones, only after a
1:46 pm
state department search of huma abedin's computer files. clinton is a bold faced, if not pathological liar. she very likely compromised national security. she most likely broke the law, a fact even the fbi acknowledged when it dismissed the case. >> there you see the disconnect between director comey's decision not to press charges and the evidence that's laid before the american people. and i think how does that intersect with our world right now? we have a presidential campaign going on. she is leading in the polls, she's leading in the battleground state but she's got a real press problem with the voters. it stems from all of this. she said she was truthful to director comey. there's all kinds of problems on that. you see the whole trust thing boiling down to in part this whole e-mail server issue.
1:47 pm
that's why the public will be interested in seeing what's in these notes and how she responded, how persistent was the fbi when they questioned her. there are a lot of people who thought the obama administration won't ever let criminal charges be pressed against her. how much of an investigation was this to begin with? i think all of those questions were out there and could or could not be answered by the notes. >> if, if, if, if we ever see them. >> exactly. >> we'll see if and when those notes are produced. good to see you. >> thank you. >> okay. great to see you. another successful landing for spacex as the company goes out. what does this mean for the future of space travel, private and public? answers coming up next. this is also the period of
1:48 pm
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[ inaudible ] >> falcon 9 has landed after a successful launch yesterday. you just saw it. setting the japanese satellite up in orbit. and marking the eighth successful mission for spacex this year. there now have been a total of 6 recovered rockets the most ever. what does it mean for the future of america's private and public space programs? we now have president of diversified financial consultants. dominic, great to see you. it is unbelievable. >> rockets are going up all the time, six by spacex. obviously this is an indication there a future for privately- funded --. >> through is a huge demand on gallonnal scale for satellite lawns and that is not even talking cargo and bringing people to the international space station. there is a huge need. unfortunately after the space program here in the united states came to a screeching halt
1:53 pm
with the space shuttle, we needed a resource to pickup the ball and run with it. companies like spacex filled the void and are doing a terrific job. spacex is a privately company. >> elon musk? >> the principle owner. a lost private venture money has gone into it which is part of the story. although the government has funded some of this by creating the contracts to deliver the merchandise and the products to the space station, it is almost private money that went at risk to create the company and this technology. >> is this an indication as you think of the glory of the private equity and the private use of this type of thing that has been public? will nasa go out of business? >> maybe this is the good foundation or example of a good public-private partnership. we still need the resources of government to dictate drive where this should go but let the
1:54 pm
private sector come in and solve the problem. >> they do it cheaper. >> according to nasa the last launch of the space shuttle cost about $450 million. it is an apples and oranges comparison but spacex will put a satellite in orbit for $630 million a fraction of what nasa was spending. frankly, with the budget deficits today, we don't have the luxury to spend money in sectors like this. we can let the private sector take the risk and let them make a profit. >> what is the future of this? elon musk has the electric car and we will be going around like the jepsens. >> they even have to drive the cost lower part of the re-usable technology reusing the actual space...the space shuttle >> the rocket. >> booster. >> booster. they are expecting to cut the cost another 30% so you are
1:55 pm
talking about a company that can take world demand and bring it back to the united states. >> i want one of those little jettison things that they get in. jane is the wife, the dog on the jettisons is pluto. no, the dog is astro. can you imagine just zipping off like that? that is where we are going. it is a demand and the private sector will find a solution and do it profitly. >> they have chartered spacecraft if you want to go on vacation. thank you, dominic. >> another launch happening overseas involving more than 100 hot air balloons, a stunning sight and the flynn steps, straight ahead (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here.
1:56 pm
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(announcer vo) you can commute. (man on radio) ...40! no flags on the play! (cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. >> an estimated half million people gathering in the city of bristol, england, and taking in a spectacular show at biggest balloon festival in europe. take a look. this is this morning. look at that. more than 100 hot air balloons filling the sky. the event draws balloonists from all over the world. they enjoyed ideal conditions this morning after a strong winds grounded festivities
2:00 pm
yesterday. beautiful. >> really, really beautiful. >> that does it for us for now. we will see you in one hour. stay with us, get some coffee and come on back. we will see you in an hour. >> on the "media buzz" donald trump accuses "new york times" of publishing "fiction," as the media announced rhetoric, and the comments on hillary clinton, judges and a second amendment. the latest firestorm from what he called "the dishonest press." >> donald trump spoke off the cuff and took the campaign off the rails. again. >> did donald trump cross the line? >> at home with donald trump and a potential new controversy simmering after a remark that, at best was a joke and at worst, an implied threat of violence. >> let me say this to my republican party: you are letting donald trump destroy the party. you have done it from the beginning. >> he is operating in an environment,


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