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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 14, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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campaign with a news story every single hour, every five minutes. back here next sunday. >> welcome to america's election headquarters. >> topping the news this hour, donald trump's campaign manager strongly defending his boss blasting media reports claiming that the candidate's campaign is spiraling out control and what donald trump is saying. >> there are reports that an olympic medalist and three teammates were robbed at gunpoint while in rio de janeiro and we are on the group with the latest on that. >> also, growing questions of who is responsible after the ten-year-old boy was killed on a water ride in in kansas city. our legal panel weighs in.
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first, donald trump's campaign on the offensive. campaign chairman call out mainstream media and again denying reports of turmoil among trump stammers saying he is moving forward and has raised $130 million over the past two months. this comes after a scathing "new york times" article said that his campaign was in a state of chaos and that prompted donald trump to call "new york times" "a work of fiction." peter doocy has the latest on this. >> when donald trump was revealing the dnc speech of bill clinton on hillary clinton he thought the former president last out the most interesting chapter. last night, donald trump started to fill in the blanks. >> remember what he said he did not have sex with that woman?
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then a couple of weeks later, well, you got me, i'm so glad they kept the dress. i'm so glad they kept that dress. all right? it is great. you know why? because it shows what the hell they are. all right? it shows what they are. >> trump spent a good portion of last night's rally and all of the time on solve media complaining about coverage of his campaign by mainstream media reporters emily from "new york times" whose credentials he is threatening to revoke because he disputes details of a story published yesterday suggesting that top advisors are struggling to keep him on message. he asked the packed gym at the university in conneticut to vote for him as a roast against general electric's addition to manufacture headquarters from there to blast-- boston.
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he introduced the cloud to a local teen fighting cancer and said he wanted to meat mr. trump and the child who is a future movie star and he referenced many times calling out to the boy on stage through the rally, ended up on their podium because trump trouble wanted him up there on stage with him. >> our very best and hope he is better. and now to milwaukee, david clark has more news from milwaukee after the fatal shooting of a man who police say was armed, 23-year-old who had a lengthy arrest record we are told, and the national guard has been activated but not deployed. 125 members of the state's national guard are on stand by in indeed there are any other violent unrest following the fatal mess shooting. today, the milwaukee mayor and the city police chief indicated that suspect did, indeed, have a gun.
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we will listen to milwaukee county sheriff david clark. thank you for being here. i wanted to give folks a briefing in terms of our activities last night as the situation unfolded. at sherman boulevard, 43rd street. i will have a briefing moving failure, as well, into tonight. i will start by saying this, because there is a lot of misunderstanding in terms of what causes these situations.
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the police use of force serves as an igniter, no doubt, to an already volatile situation, a volatile mix of urban pathologies. failed urban policies that exacerbates fail public schools, inadequate parenting and father absent homes, we all know when fathers are not around to shape the behavior of young boys, they often times grow up to be unmanageable misfits that the mess have to deal with in an aggressive fashion, pa this will joy like questionable lifestyle choices, gang involvement and drug and alcohol abuse and massive unemployment. those are the ingredients, the things that cause resentment, anger and frustration to boil beneath the surface and suddenly the police situation comes along and that is why i said it is
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igniteing, igniting an already festering situation. this left couple years, coming out of ferguson, there has been a last focus on police and police use of force. that is fine by me. we get our consent, our authority from the consent of the governor. something is borrowing them, we should have discussions about it. this has been hijacked for political construct. i mentioned that two years ago if you want to look at some of the tapes. i said it was a political construct this war on police. and in fact it is a war on police that mirrored what went on in the 1960's, same thing, same model, same subversive groupsd but with different names and a different generation, of course, as the folks and students in the democratic society got old and probably are
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senior citizens now and tired for this, or tired of it. i was acutely aware of what was going on and exposed it as such. we get interest what happened last night. you all received a briefing from the milwaukee police department this afternoon, there was a traffic stop and occupants got out of car and confronted the pose. one was armed, they may is both been armed but i am aware one was armed. an officer useed force fearing that his life was this danger. it is ongoing organization and that will sort itself out as time moves forward. last night, then, some of the residual affect of what i opened up talking about, the anger and resentment and the frustration of people boiled over.
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we had an untenable situation in milwaukee. i made it clear as it related to the riots of ferguson and of baltimore this people have to find a more socially acceptable way to deal with their frustration, their anger and resentment. this is an orderly society. we have processes. we have institutions which to deal with these things. it is frustrating, but sometimes it takes a long-term to work through the institutions and the processes we have. it is still what we have to do because we cannot have the social upheaval and chaos we saw last night that frightens good law-abiding people and the neighbors and destroyed businesses where people work and some, probably, as a means to support their family. and they are going to have to deal with that. i made it clear this afternoon in some discussions i had the goal moving forward is we can mutt have a repeat and i said we
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cannot have a repeat of what happened last night. some additional forces have been mobileized. we put together a plan that is in place. the plan fluid. it involved a lot of my resources. i made a call of all of our personnel this morning to be on stand by. though of actually mobilized. you cannot wait too long. as they found out in ferguson when the mayor put out the call to the governor and those additional resources never showed up or showed up late and in baltimore the call was never made. i have an obligation, folks, under the state statutes and i have an obligation under the route i took to preserve and protect life and property. that is job one. to the extent i have that responsibility, i have to reresources. i have to make sure the people
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are put in harm's way like last the night and when the sways arrive that they have the resources necessary to complete the mission. what is the mission? job one, preservation of life and property. pretty clear mission. you apply your resources to do that. you go back, you reassess, hopefully minimal amount of damage, minimal life or injury to life and hopefully so far it has been the case, after last night other than the officer use of force, no one else killed. but it is important to point identity because we gloss over there and we focus on police, we focus on the police, i have said publicly before, stop trying to fix the police, fix the get to. urban pathology has to be
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addressed. we saw those behaviors on display, you shrink the underclass. you reduce poverty. you fix the schools. you put people back to work. meaningful work. i hold people accountable for effective parenting. and the lifestyle choices. that manns in they are going out even gauging in certain boyfriends the society will say we will not put up where that. we have to have sanctions where the criminal justice system comes in and the prosecutor comes in. i look around and everyone in this room has heard me the last five years, minimum, talking about the role of the criminal justice system and the prosecutor's office, the sentencing practices in this area in milwaukee county and i guess people didn't think it played a big role but we see it now. not just last night but time and time again when an individual
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goes out and does something heinous, we look and they have a long criminal list and no one applied sanctions or meaning of sanctions, maybe a slap on the wrist, but that is not meaning ful. as i look at the two individuals involved in the traffic top i have their criminal histories in front of me, we will provide their booking photos later on, fran will put that out. i look at the individual who lost his life 13 arrests. some serious stuff. recklessly endangering safety. felony. first-degree. felony. dismissed. i don't know why, i don't have the resources. but someone, not me, if you have an interesting you can go back find out what happened.
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sometimes it is no fault of the prosecutor. can you not get the witnesses to cooperate, i understand that. that tells the individual who was involved that not much is going to happen and they repeat the behavior. that is how human behavior works you punish the behavior you see less of it. you do nothing about unwanted behavior you see a repeat and do more of it. i have a bunch of drug arrests here on the record. robbery use of force. no prosecution. i don't know why. i am not going to blast the prosecutor's office at this point. however, somebody ought to go back and look and see why. there has to be a reason. that is called accountability. in the d.a. said we try and the victims failed...i get that. but in this is one of the second chance, deferred, those are the sorts of things that are having a debt transcriptal effect to
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this community. the second guy who is in custody now, possessing of a dangerous weapon under 18, dismissed. drug dealing. two year probation. interlock system. time served. 12 days. pretty light sanctions. two counts of bail jumping. two years probation. time served. 45 daves -- days. possess cocaine. probation proceed violation. he is on probation, given a chance. in an early arrest he has been given a chance. son, we put you on row bay be we will give >> chance, you have to watch the straight and narrow and he does not. he is arrested several time for
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probation you have layings and he gets time served:30 days, time served 45 days. it is why we continue to see the behavior repeated. i will go through the timeline here. from saturday to sunday august 13 to august 14 starting at 7:16 p.m. last night, the inspector requested supervisor and the milwaukee county sheriff office. at 8:30, shotspotter arrest, shot you are fired, and mess called shots fired east of her map and the squad responding to sherman park area to meet at the lay ground to mobilize forces. 9:00, squad advises state to washington park.
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and await orders. we have two locations we marshalled the resources in case something happens at one, they are not all tied up and you cannot get them out of there. 9:1 2,reports of 200 subjects in the area at 42nd, possibly a march, 9:15, subjects are facing police trying to insight the crowd. 9:18, reports that subject are breaking up concrete, and throw toward police officers and 9:21, first squad 700, that would be our commander on the scene at the time, he makes a decision that all patrol and airport deputies be extended, meaning although their shift is over they have to stay. 9:22 comand post is established at midtown shopping center and then request for milwaukee county sheriff bearcat to meet for deployment.
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9:41, reports of multiple shots fired in sherman area, and 9:44, 100 to 150 subjects looting at the been station sherman. and 9:53, b.p. station fully engulfed but we cannot respond because the area is a hot zone, meaning there are gunshots and the sound of gunshots in the area. they do not have that kind of protective gear, by the way. >> 10:04 requesting of additional officers and large crowds throwing rocks, and 10:00, due to large crowds rocks long and shots fired, squads fall back to rally at a safe location. and redeploy. 10:12, squad 216 hit by a brick. we passenger side front window smashed. 10:14, staging area established at corner of roosevelt. and 10:36, squad 700, our
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commander, on the scene. all available squads should assist to perform arrests behind a skirmish line and mobile jail is in the area. 10:39, reports of light poles knocked down at sherman. and 10:45, arriving and ordering subjects to disperse, and 100 people reported in the area, b.p. gas station almost completely bound down. we 10:46, to 11:16 rocks and random shots fired around sherman street. 11:02, request for bearcats. and state patrol takes over because we so-called all squads in to assist in the hot zone. i thank the state, the commander of the superintendent of the state patrol for doing this for
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us. 11:16, skirmish line is moving toward the area of sherman. and 11:30 officers at midtown hear random shots fired. midtown security reports subjects made verbal threats to come to the area to shoot it up. another example of why we deploy in several areas. 11:37, request for squad cars. 11:46, skirmish line is clearing. and now sunday morning after midnight, unit 6, is secured and several areas are reporting areas throwing rocks and then several garage dumpster fires in the area and cannot respond without the police accident escort. reports of shots fired at 53rd
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near the command post. 12:30, fire reported at playground atship an park. and then reports of goal mobile to address crowds in the area at 35th and squads report back to roosevelt to go mobile. 12:55, request for swat team to take position on rooftops around command post. 1:00 a.m., the mill walk fire department requests milwaukee county sheriff to have escorted and responding to the hot zone for our commander at the scene. a deputy was following the rig in a squad car so the fire department could get to the scene with cover. and subjects listening to mpd radio chatter and reporting it,
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and all radio communication case is ordered changed to f2, which is the frequency they were doing their communicate on. 1:43, request for medical for police k-9 dog bite, three subjects burglarizing a liquor store at 36th. a suspect received a dog bite. 1:45, squad 700, the commander, orders the deputy to remain to keep sherman park secure. and 1:45 additional deputies ordered to return to assist milwaukee fire in needed. 1:45, a.m., now, the commander asked all deputies return to roosevelt for further deployment 2:00 a.m., to 3:30, fire department requested escorts to several medical and fire calls in the area around sherman park. 3:30 a.m., reporting of crowds being fully dispoliced and squad
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7 all airport deputies can return to the airport and strand down. then a third shift patrol is ordered to head to normal assign ment. state patrol is asked for assistance and 4:00 a.m., milwaukee county sheriff swat arrests rescue teams return to the command post at 4:30 a.m., fire department due to the milwaukee police having new and available resources will remove deputies from the fire rig escort when they return. at 4:45 swat teams on rooftops are cleared. 5:00 a.m., request use of bearcat and resources at sherman park for the afternoon, evening of 8/14 of 2016, today. 5:30, clear the command post.
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sheriff clark. calls the governor to request mobilization of the national guard and 8:15, the sheriff calls major general donald dunbar about the national guard mobilization and at 9:00 i called the mayor barrett regarding the national guard request and asked what else they had in blind for today, tonight, and moving forward. you can see it was a very dynamic situation for everyone involved, fortunately, the loss of life of innocent civilians and law enforcement personnel did not happen and only by the grace of god bullets are flying all over the place and we see what happens when bullets fly all over when a woman was sitting if her house, got to be just a horrible anxiety filled situation for all law abiding people in those areas. that is my first concern, the duty that i have to reserve and
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protect life and property, the business owners, they are counsel on it and everyone in milwaukee county when you live in milwaukee or not has a vested interest that the city of mull walk not bun down like ferguson and baltimore, maryland i was kept ariseed as i was out of town, in wisconsin but out of town kept appraised of what gaining on with the inspector schmidt and i made the decision early this morning to make sure that we do not have a repeat of what happened last night with the resources taxed. calls for service start the back -- to backup and part of the responsibility i have is to make sure the resources are in place. we cannot wait for resources to
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be mobilized i have had discussions with general dunbar in the past and he reminds me, we are not the minute men. they have to have time to mobile ize. i understand that. i made the call this morning talking to governor walker, briefed him and explained the situation and requested his order. only he can order them. i said we need 'em. there is a state statute that covers the power the sheriff in terms of the national guard. >> sheriff can i and you about that? you made the first call to the governor. and then to the national guard. is it your understanding that you want them just in the area or do you wish they were actually more involved and more
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engageed? >> first of all, san franciscos do not district national guard that is the military. military commander. i help those decisions to the military commander. general dunbar and i it is not the first time we have done that. you know that. back in december...we did the same thing. this is not unfamiliar to me, to what is required. as a matter of fact, the law said the d military affairs called the state active duty and the governor may order into state active duty members of the national guard under the following circumstances. the case of war and rebellion and riot and invasion, terrorism, blah, blah, flaw. two, in the event a public disaster resulting from floods or disaster or tornadoes or in the governor declare as safety emergency relating to public
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health, and four, in order to assess damage or potential damage and to recommend responsive action as a result of an event in the listeds of what i just read, and here is the important one for me, five, upon election of any marshall of the united states, the president of any village, the mayor of any city, chairperson of any town or any sheriff in this state, i do have the authority to call the governor and request those resources. i did it because we were, like i said, i cannot emphasize this enough, i can't guarantee what going to happen tonight. i said we can not have a repeat. hold on. hold on. knowing these resources and to answer your question directly, though are not, the military
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does not perform a law enforcement function. the military acts as a force multiplytory certain things but the general, he will determine. >> fix the ghetto that was an eloquent and detailed responsibility milwaukee county sheriff david clarke gory through societal problems that have led to the unrest and violence we have seen in the aftermath of the police shootings pointing out the suspect in this one in milwaukee, 23-year-old smith had a lengthy arrest record, 13 arrests including felony accounts and some dismissed and the man that he was with in the car when the shooting happened, also has a lengthy arrest record and on probation. the police officer involved in the shooting, we are told, african-american, and police certainly showing a great resolve as well as restraint, last night we were told that they did not fire one shot, they did not use any force yet the authorities said there were 489,
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48, 48 shots fired in the crowd of people when they were rioting and you have to wonder if there was a dead cop we would be mourning right now as in some of the folks in milwaukee were causing suspect destruction and damage if they would show up at a vigil, a candlelight vigil for a police officer slain in the line of duty as sad as any loss of life but clearly sheriff clack say he cannot guarantee what will happen tonight and national guard are on stand by, basically, not deployed as some -- as the sun is setting in milwaukee. >> the sheriff said people have to figure out a way to deal with their own anger and frustration and social upheaval is unacceptable, and as pointed out the sheriff highlighting a social spectrum of systematic issues that boil down to what the sheriff called "festering situation." everything from poor education, single parenting homes, and poor
3:30 pm
personal choices, a very exhausted and depleted sheriff clack not wanting to see such respect television. >> we searchly hope this is calm trying to get the message out to the people in milwaukee earlier, the miles an hour saying that if you have a young person in your home in milwaukee, keep him home. hopefully he will be quiet tonight. (vo) stank face.
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a universal expression of disgust, often caused by inadequate cat litter. if you or your a loved one suffers from stank face, the cure is tidy cats. it's new and improved with guaranteed tidylock protection that locks away odors. so you don't have to face one more stank face. tidy cats. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that. >> we have a newspaper that is failing badly, it is losing a lot of money, it is going to be out of business very soon: "new york times" and what we will do, maybe we will start thing about taking their press credentials away from them when they where dishonest stories we should be a little bit tough. don't we agree? >> that is the latest in the presidential race.
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first crooked hillary and now the crooked media attack "new york times" saying the coverage is wrong, slanted and unfair. he tweeted this early today saying and i quote, "in the disgust asking corrupt media covered me honestly and did not put false meaning into the words i say beating hillary clinton by 20%," does media attack strategy help this is a fox news an limit and fox news contributor. so, i hate to break it, but trump said you guys, tv pundits, you are into and pathetic. >> what do you think? >> i don't think the "new york times" is going out of business they survived the great depression and are not going out of business. >> what is the strategy? >> do you not win votes by bashing the media. most conservatives accept that most of the major media are bias but it does not win you votes
3:36 pm
and did not win votes for spiro and richard nixon. new "usa today" poll shows trump losing millennials and the before bernie sanders supporters are coming over to hillary clinton. he has to do something to stop the bloodletting and bashing the media is not getting it done. >> back then it was the negative ism and more baseball blunt with donald trump? >> i don't remember what you were referring to, eric, so: the trump knows better than anyone that he won the republican primary with a huge assist from free media, $2 billion worth. contribution cruz got $300 million and he clobbered the candidates and now he is getting beaten at his own game, and he has hat a long strange strained relationship with the press. it worked in the republican primary because those voters
3:37 pm
those 14 million voters do not like the media. but he does not understand this is a new election and he refused to pivot and he get interests a his and he thinks it is okay to fall back on the same blame game but the media did not tell hin to say that he should call for the assassination of his rival, the media did not tell hin to attack a gold star family or tell him to make all of the blenders that keep him from stay on message -- the blunders that keep him from stay on message. we want a message candidate to talk about substantive hows and hillary clinton's five point plan to rebuild the economy. >> before we get into sin stance and it is not this segment. >> do not go into substance. >> he was talking about the second amendment, and he said things and said he is sarcastic but these are "new york times"
3:38 pm
had lines, has this been said? is donald trump a racist? the trump failing efforts to pain the pump. is trump wrecking both parties, implying he is wrecking one, the g.o.p. waits and waits for donald trump to grow up, imply he is not. my favorite he likes trump, she doesn't, can this marriage be saved. they accusing him of breaking up marriages, next they will say he killed tinker bell. >> most people did not read "new york times" but they do ride the coverage. you are right on the headline but they said ron was a cowboy and that opened could not be trusted with the nuclear codes because he was going do blow up the world. reagan managed to overcome the media. he went around, over, under and through them before fox news and before talk radio and before much of the internet and alternative news sources so there is a way to do this but trump is not doing it. he is still focusing on himself.
3:39 pm
that is not gaining votes or win the election much the election is going to be won not just whether crooked hillary is crooked and more e-mails come out showing they may be in the possession of russia or china or wikileaks but won on substance. so far trump is not focusing on substance. >> we are out of time but last word, will it stop? >> do you? give that guy a rid -- ritalin and see if he can focus. >> thank you. >> e-mails leading to suggestions of pay to play and tie between the clinton foundation and the state department. when hillary clinton was at the helm. how soon the democrats are spending to the can you savings. at safelite, we know how busy life can be.
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>> new reaction to allegations of proof for pay to pay link between the clinton foundation and the state department. missouri senator talking to chris wallace on fox news sunday insist there is no wrongdoing. >> we know there is no evidence based on what the state department has said in the last few days, based on all of the investigations that have been done around an unprecedented release of e-mails in government that there are no laws that have been broken, no evidence there was any pay to play and, frankly, this is a distract for the trump campaign which is a dumpster fire at this point. >> e-mails suggesting that the state department may have given favors to some donors, former c.i.a. director also addressing the accusations.
3:45 pm
>> that is something that obviously will continue to be look at but staff people trying to make connections in washington is a pretty prevalent behavior by pest people in washington. >> and now, we have an investigative reporter for the washington examiner and sarah, do the allegations have roots? >> the senator is right that there is no evidence of any pay for play with the clinton foundation because there has been in investigation of the clinton foundation. the state department said repeatedly this week that they did not see any proof that rules were protecten but they were then forced by prosecutor to admit they have not looked into it. and that is the same with the justice department, they received pretty serious alleges of suspicious activity from a bank and, yet, the few senior staffers in the washington, dc headquarters of justice department dismissed it without looking into it. it is difficult to write off the allegations without hacking into it and that is what the
3:46 pm
administration is trying to do. >> sarah, it seems with hillary clinton there is a new wrinkle every three or four weeks. can the hillary clinton continue to slough off the allegations as smear attempts? at some point can here supporters ask anything on the table that is questionable question and put it on the table the audit f.b.i. criticize the behavior but exonerated her criminal wrongdoing but the e-mails continue to be a story because each time she is asked she does not tell the truth and show makes statements and mischaracterizes fbi testimony. for that ron the story caps being a problem. the same thin with the clinton foundation because she is not worth coming with voters it continues to be a problem and we get a string of information that
3:47 pm
proves her past statements wrong. she was forthcoming, in she were, she could put the scandal to bed but that is not the clinton m.o. >> a recent washington post/abc news poll finds 52% of the registered voter whose support donald trump a head-to-head matchup do so because they oppose clinton. and 46% of registered voter whose support clinton do so because they oppose trump not a ringing endorsement either, could it affect voter turn out? >> there are some experts this is looked at the unpopularity of both and say it could be historically low turn out, with both donald trump and hillary clinton trying to make this a referendum on their opponent. you can see hillary clinton running hard against donald trump but not necessarily speaking about her own platform and the same goes for donald trump in a last speeches. >> thank you, sarah.
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kansas governor sam brownback wants the state to review the regulation of amusement rides after the death of a 1 a-year-old who died on a
3:52 pm
water park that is billed as having the tallest drop in world. some past customers describing their own scary experiences. >> i was worried that the velcro straps were not going to hold me in. just because i'm afraid of everything. the lifeguard looked at me and assured me it's not really a big deal. the velcro straps are just to make you feel safer. they are not technically to hold you in but to make you feel safer. >> let's bring in the legal panel now. david bruno is a criminal defense attorney, and former prosecutor. richard st. paul is a defense attorney. that's incredible to hear the straps are just there as a prop to make you feel safe. let's start with some specific questions. i will start with you. let's talk about liability. the park, what's their liability? >> here's how you have to look
3:53 pm
at it. first of all, when you talk about liability you typically look at negligence, duty breach causation injury and did the operator, was the operator who operated the ride trained properly? product liability, were the straps proper for that potential vehicle? these are the analysis you will look at. in this case i think you have product liability and negligence because of the failure to operate the ride correctly. >> when you said product liability we are talking about he manufacturer possibly. >> manufacturer or any other company responsible for putting parts in to the slide. but that's a good point. it's who's responsible? i'm concerned with what will happen next. what we are learning is there's zero federal regulation on these waterslides. it's really the state that's responsible for regulating -- and there's even none from the states.
3:54 pm
there's an inspection that happens every year and potentially the state comes in with a random audit. we what we are learning is there needs more regulation. >> the state department of labor randomly audited the records that david is talking about but the schlitterbahn had not been for four years. >> we talk about regulations, whether there is too much or too little government regulation. in this case there's no regulation. what we are dealing with are children and families and we believe these rides are safe to go to. there has to be some regulation so it isn't the last time we see our kids when they ride these. >> people going to amusement parks have an expectation of safety. when you look at it, there's nothing stopping companies and amusement parks from going
3:55 pm
bigger and faster and really taking these risks that us, as people, and our children are now having to bear. >> the other thing we have to look at also is the fact that it is too little too late. there are 330 million people who visit these type of parks a year. according to a recent study that came out in "usa today," 100,000 people in 20 years have been injured. clearly there's an issue with safety at these attractions. it's going to be addressed and unfortunately we lost a child before something can happen. >> very unfortunate. these are privately run r50ids. these amusement parks are privately owned, right? >> right. they are in the business to make money. here they built a slide, which was the biggest in the world, the fastest, featured on tv, on various different channels and programs and they did it to get a buzz, to bring people and make money. they took on risk.
3:56 pm
they did it to make money. when people die, they should be financially responsible. >> you were talking about the name of it. >> the translation is insane. to david's point, bigger, faster, scarier. what is scary, faster and bigger than insan sane. that -- insane. the father is a legislator and i think we will see more legislation here. >> we want to recognize the 10-year-old who died and his father. our hearts go out to them. thank you very much. that's going to do it for us. laura ingel is up next with the fox report. >> have a good night. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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a month after 9/11, i got a call from david and he told me he was going into the national guard. he was sent to iraq to be a gunner on a humvee. a car pulled up in the driveway and three soldiers got out, and the sound of their boots as they came up those stairs will, will stay with me the rest of my life. you have moments when you really don't want to live anymore, it's a fate that i would not wish on anybody, not anybody. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage.
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...wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably... i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like, the sense of emptiness, that only losing a child can bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness for the rest of their life, and i don't think that donald trump will ever understand that. priorities usa action is responsible for the contents of this advertising.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
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kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. maung on wedge. the national guard is on stand by after a night of violent protests. i'm laura ingel in for harris faulkner and this is "the fox report." it started with the death of a man who tried to run away from officers during a traffic stop and he was armed. both the suspect and officer who shot and killed him are black. last night, as many as 100 protesters clashed with officers, torching one squad car window of another. six businesses were burned. police worked together, pushing angry protesters out of an intersection at the highlight of the violence. four officers were


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