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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  August 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. maung on wedge. the national guard is on stand by after a night of violent protests. i'm laura ingel in for harris faulkner and this is "the fox report." it started with the death of a man who tried to run away from officers during a traffic stop and he was armed. both the suspect and officer who shot and killed him are black. last night, as many as 100 protesters clashed with officers, torching one squad car window of another. six businesses were burned. police worked together, pushing angry protesters out of an intersection at the highlight of the violence. four officers were injured and least 17 people have been
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arrested in last night was unlike anything i have seen in my adult life in this city. what you saw last night was tremendous restraint by our police officers. not a single shot was fired. >> matt, how are things there tonight? >> reporter: things are volatile right now. groups are intoxicated, yelling. they are loud. neighbors call the situation ta could turn bad quickly potentially similar to last night. this gas station is one of those businesses that rioters destroyed with fire. you can see all that is left is the building and some of the cars. we are learning more about the shooting that led up to these riots. we have learned now the unidentified officer involved in the shooting did have a body camera on and did capture the shooting yesterday. the milwaukee police chief has watched the video and said the entire incident happened very
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fast. police say the offer told smith to drop his weapon but he did not comply with the order. police say smith was armed with a semiautomatic gun that was loaded with more ammunition than police had. when smith did not comply, he was shot and killed. the milwaukee police chief says he watched the video and it appears to show smith get shot in the chest, not in the back. tonight the mayor is urging for the body camera video to be released as soon as possible. the national guard is here. it has been activated and the milwaukee mayor is urging parents to keep their teenagers inside tonight. take a listen. >> if you love your son, if you love your daughter, text them, call them, pull them by the ears and get them home. get them home right now before more damage is done. >> neighbors are calling it a "powder keg of a situation." we are amongst the crowds and we will keep you posted. hopefully nothing as close to
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what happened last night. >> matt finn in milwaukee. stay safe out there. four american swimmers are safe after being robbed at gun point including ryan lochte. he said the assailants posed as police officers and put a gun to his forehead. steve, can you give us anymore details on this attack? it sounds pretty brutal. >> no one was hurt. all four swimmers are safe. it happened sometime after 3:00 this morning the four swimmers, including the six-time gold medalist ryan lochte were leaving a party at the french hospitality house. they were heading back to the olympic village when their taxi was stopped by what they assume were gunmen posing as police officers. ryan lochte refused to get down as ordered until one gunmenman held a cocked pistol to his head and told him to do so. all four swimmers are safe and
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unhurt. >> this attack must have an affect on athlete's activities in rio. what's happening moving forward? >> already they were concerned about security in the games and the high-profile attack made things worse. already we are seeing some moves by the australian delegation. they have banned their swimmers being on the beach after 6:00 p.m. we could see other countries follow suit. already in the game athletes or officials from eight countries have been robbed here. back to you. >> steve harrigan live in rio. thank you, steve. a fox news weather alert for you now. flooding knocked out cell phone service in parts of louisiana making it difficult for rescuers to communicate with people who need help and each other. the outage complicated efforts to cope with record flooding which is blamed for four deaths. 7,000 have been rescued. 7,000. others forced to find their way
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out of flooded neighborhoods. >> it's horrible. >> we try to pack clothes and get out of the house. there was really no way for us to get out. >> reporter: will carr is live in baton rouge, louisiana. what's happening right now? >> we're in east baton rouge with the police department. they are using military vehicles because these are the only type of vehicles that can go to neighborhoods just like this without stalling out. throughout the last 24 hours, thousands of people -- audio breaking up ] >> we got video of an entire family that thought -- [ no audio ] >> i'm heart broken.
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i'm heart broken. my home isn't where i grew up. >> you never think it will happen in your neighborhood. i know everyone says that but it is happening. it's happening. we're trying to get out and protect our lives. you know, home, we hate to lose it but it can be replaced. >> as you can see we had a bad signal problem there with will carr. he's on the move showing us those dramatic flooding pictures. we will get back to will carr as we can in this show. turning to politics and a new line of attack from donald trump. but it's not against hillary clinton. it's targeting the media. he launched in to a new rant on twitter writing this "i'm not only fighting crooked hillary, i'm fighting the dishonest and corrupt media and her government protection process. people get it and if the disgusting and corrupt media
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cover me honestly and didn't put false meaning in to the words i say i would be beating hillary by 20%. this is a day after trump threatened to add the new york city times to the list of outlets banned from attending his rally. paul manafort denied the reports we are hearing about turmoil in the ranks. governor pence is shrugging off claims he's essentially a cleanup crew at this point. listen. >> you have to clean up. you have to explain some of the things he says. >> we have different styles, but as i told the little boy we have the same convictions. we both believe we can make great again if we turn to time-honored principals, rebuilding our military, unleashing the full potential of the american economy and letting the american people stand tall again. >> peter is live in the newsroom with this. what's the new way donald trump is trying to damage the credibility of the clinton family? >> he is introducing a new
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generation of voters to monica lewinsky and reminding people of a false denial bill clinton made almost two decades ago. >> remember what he said, he did not have sex with that woman? a couple of weeks later, ah, you got me. i'm so glad they kept the dress. i'm so glad they kept that dress. all right. it's great. you know why? because it shows what the hell they are. all right? it shows what they are? >> some of the language there is more specific than what trump said after watching bill clinton's democratic convention speech when he complained the former president left out the most interesting chapter. trump looks like he is doing his best part to read that chapter aloud. >> is there anything specific that trump is accusing reporters of doing to misrepresent his rallies. >> they are thinking they are
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focusing on the protester instead of the crowds. he said my rallies are not covered properly by the media. they never discuss the real message, crowd size or enthusiasm. and one of trump's most reliable surrogates, jeff sessions says the stories about trump being stressed behind closed doors are somewhat true but not for the reasons laid out in the "new york times" article trump is calling fiction. >> he had a lot of fun in the primaries. he was really charging away and he enjoyed that t. it is a different thing to run a presidential election. you're dealing with a different constituency. he has to wrestle in his own heart how does he communicate who he is, what he believes, the change he thinks he can bring to america while he is fulfilling the desires of the american people. >> tomorrow trump goes to ohio for a speech on what he would do to combat islamic terrorism. last monday, we got an economic policy outlined. this monday a foreign policy
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outline and another chance for trump to try to change the subject. laura? >> peter, thank you so much. >> donald trump will lay out his ideas for fighting terror on a special hannity this tuesday. at 10:00 p.m. eastern here on the fox news channel. you don't want to miss this. the political insiders joining at the bottom of the hour. we will break down the headlines including a preview of donald trump's foreign policy speech tomorrow and why hillary clinton's e-mail scandal won't likely go away anytime soon. that's ahead. plus right now chilling new footage showing the moment that a new york imam is gunned down outside of a mosque. the latest on the hunt for the killer as the community searches for answers. >> you need not be a muslim. you need not be a person of any faith. you just need to be a person of conscience. imagine your father gunned down
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with nausea relief and regularity support. add trunatal from one a day for relief and support you can trust. graphic new video showing the moment a new york city imam and his friend were shot and kill while leaving a mosque. we have to warn you the footage is disturbing. it shows the two men walking on a sidewalk when the suspect approaches them from behind and opens fire. that suspect still at large. you have been in the neighborhood all day, brian. what's the latest on the investigation? >> the nypd is searching for the gunman responsible for executing these two muslim men in broad daylight in queens, new york yesterday afternoon. and police are investigating whether or not this is a hate crime. i spoke to neighbors and obtained the surveillance video captured from a home security system. you can see the gunman walked calmly and then ran away after
4:15 pm
executing the two men. police say 55-year-old imam and his friend were likely targeted. at 1:50 p.m. they were walking back from prayers at the mosque, when they turned this corner and the gunman shot them point blank in the head. their bodies hit the sidewalk here and the gunman headed back down the street where he came from. this is all caught on the sir veil lance tape from across the street. authorities are offering a $2500 reward for anybody with any information that leads to the suspect's arrest. police describe the suspect as having medium complexion, wearing a dark polo shirt and shorts. the nypd says so far they have found no evidence to suggest they were targeted because of their faith, but the hate crime task force is assisting with the investigation. >> the reaction from the community? >> it is fear. it's anger. it's sadness thch is a muslim
4:16 pm
enclave with immigrants from bang he dempblt both men were father and arrived from that country within the last five years. earlier today the community led by muslim leaders gathered with new york city elected leaders at the mosque. the locals there shouted "we want justice." many are convinced this was an anti-muslim hate crime. >> they are feeling very vulnerable and they are looking for answers. they are wondering if they have the same protections that other communities throughout the city have been afforded. >> i think it was -- because as you can see in the video he had money in his pocket but he didn't take any money. he ran up to the two guys, shot them and ran off. what was the motive? there was no motive so it has to be a hate crime. >> out of an abundance of caution, the nypd is beefing up police patrols at all mosques in new york city. >> tragic story and good find on
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getting that surveillance video. hopefully it will lead to a tip. new signs the clinton e-mail scandal isn't going away. it has been a thorn in hillary clinton's side for over a year. donald trump has been fairly quiet on the issue as of late, choosing instead to go after the media. the political insiders are here and will weigh in on the 2016 headlines. it will be a good night. a train attack overseas. what we are learning about the victims as the investigation continues. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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you know that thinkorswim seamlessly syncs across all your devices, right? oh, so my custom studies will go with me? anywhere you want to go! the market's hot! sync your platform on any device with thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade. new details on a vicious
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train attack in switzerland. one victim has died from her injuries, three others are in the hospital, including a child who was hospitalized in serious condition. police say the suspect stabbed passengers with a knife and set a fire inside the train. investigators are trying to find out why this happened. connor powell has more on this. >> a 34-year-old woman has died of her injuries after a man wielding a knife attacked a train in switzerland. two other young women are fighting for their lives. according to police, train video shows a 27-year-old swiss man attacking passengers with a knife, and then burning a liquid. the suspect later died of his wounds from the flammable liquid. police say he acted alone and he has no known ties to extremist groups, but it isn't clear what his motivation was. >> we absolutely have no idea about his motivation. there's no sign of a politically
4:22 pm
motivated attack. he has not been known to the police previously in any way. >> saturday's attack shows, once again, how hard it is for european authorities to protect the region's mass euive transportation system. last year a gunman tried to open fire on a train bound for paris. the attack was thwarted by two young marines. laura? >> connor powell, thank you so much. ompblts. on the 4r50i9er side all systems go in cape canaveral today as spacex launched a japanese satellite in to orbit. how cool is that? the falcon 9 rocket going supersonic, leaving a fiery try across the sky. they recovered the rocket's second stage. that's the sixth time they have done that in 11 tries. the company hopes to reuse one of those stages in a launch later this year. great stuff. congress may not be finished with the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. fox news confirming new details
4:23 pm
tonight about the latest request from lawmakers to the fbi. plus, plenty of politics. donald trump going after the clintons and the media as he tried to close a gap in the polls. the fox news insiders are next. you can hit me up, to too @lauraingel at twitter insta gram. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin.
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now developments this the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. a congressional source confirming with fox news that house lawmakers could soon be receiving notes detailing clinton's closed door interview with the fbi. molly has more from washington. wa cube in those notes? >> the fbi agents' account, a summary of their notes of what hillary clinton told them and how she answered their questions about her private e-mail server and her deleted e-mails. utah congressman and other investigators on the house oversight committee have been pushing for the fbi to turn over the investigative file on hillary clinton. that may happen this week. although fox told the justice op justice maybe holding up the
4:28 pm
process. this is a highly classified report because fbi agents asked clinton questions about the 22 top secret e-mails on her personal server and those e-mails were deemed too damaging to national security to release publicly. laura? >> now to those new e-mails released last week and accusations of play to pay. what can you tell us about that. >> pay to play between the clinton foundation and the state department. one of those concerns a convicted money launderer and big donor to the clinton foundation. in the e-mail, a top clinton foundation official asks one of hillary clinton's closest advisers to connect chagoury saying he is a key guy to the clinton foundation. clinton supporters say he didn't want favors. he just wanted to give his thoughts on a lebanese election to officials at the state department. >> it was just somebody who
4:29 pm
wanted to give the state department information. there's no evidence that hillary clinton ever changed anything she did in the state department based on any activity of the clinton foundation. there's none. >> reporter: donald trump disagrees and says the e-mails indicate there was some set up of paying big money to the clinton foundation in exchange for access inside of the state department. >> laura? >> thank you so much for that. a lot to talk about. for reaction to all of this, we want to bring in our political insiders. a former pollster for president carter and fox news contributor. doug -- shown pollster for bill clinton and fox news contributor and ed rollins, former campaign manager for president reagan and chief strategist of the great america path that supports donald trump. we want to get reaction from you. >> i guess sort of on two levels. there will be raw notes that may
4:30 pm
or may not be fully accurate as to what secretary clinton said. there's no r0rding. either video or audio that was made of the fbi report. and again, there's a lot of suggestive stuff, i would acknowledge, in the stuff that broke on the clinton foundation, but there's no hard evidence of pay to play. put another way and we will talk about this later. the secretaries of state nothing happened last week that molly talked about i think will impact those numbers. >> we have some poll numbers to put up. the real clear electoral politics map. they show clinton winning with over 300 electoral votes at least. what do you see when you look at this and hear the news? trump is not seizing on this. >> that's the problem. he's been given gift after gift he's not seizing. he has a country which is very
4:31 pm
unhappy with the economy, unhappy with its direction, worried about its future and he has the dominant issues if he would use them. he gets sidetracked. these e-mails are a disaster. the one a week ago -- let's not forget about the dead iranian scientists, she mentioned the e-mails that anyone in their right mind knows was hacked in their house. you have a book. you have several things. you have clinton cash, which in detail and worked with the "new york times" and "washington post" about stories of uranium being sold off to a clinton contributor. same thing with the raping of the haiti people. another book by mr. corsi suggests millions have been skimmed. this is a scandal and most of us believe it's the biggest scandal but not in terms of coverage
4:32 pm
because the media is in the tank, dive in terms of doing its job well. >> i want to get ed in on this and i want to read you a tweet. i don't understand why mr. trump doesn't talk about the issues that got him nominated, immigration, et cetera. why is he not getting on this? >> first he should. he gets distracted and he gets in front of an audience, tries to be humorous and entertaining. and you have to understand he's been around for a year but he hasn't been in politics a very long time. message is important. you have to drive your message. there are many things that he has a dominant role in. people think he can handle the economy and terrorism better. obviously the incident in milwaukee last night. he should be a law and order candidate. he gets distracted, he says things. the media picks it up and you have to understand going in to these things, if you want to talk about guns and other stuff it will be picked up.
4:33 pm
he needs to drive the message. it is not too late to do that. and drive paid media. the reason you have paid media is you reach a point in the campaign where fox and cnn will not take your message, per se, and you have to put your message on. she has been on the olympics every night. that's his fault, not their fault. >> can't somebody give him a cue card or index card before he goes to the podium? >> in ed and pat we have two of the finest minds in politics today. pure and simple. i'd like to believe what they have said has gotten through to donald trump but he can't stay focused. i want to mention what ed is saying is very important. the swing states have moved in the direction of the secretary of state. i think in large measure because of what ed says, massive expenditures that are now close
4:34 pm
to 100 million and will get to 2 billion by election day. so far unmatched by anything from the trump campaign. >> let me say, i think most of these states are moving because the national numbers are moving. i don't have they have been outdistancing the movement. this is untypical of any election we have had. we are massive amounts, a quarter of voters that dislike both candidates. it is more involved than we have ever seen. the old rules don't apply. i go back to the in the absence of big message and if you are pummelled every day and not responding well, you are going to hit like this. i have to tell you, it's interesting because i still believe, i don't know what ed believes. he's a republican on this, if you look at the structures of the election, trump, if he were becoming a candidate for real would have a real shot here.
4:35 pm
>> i think in politics there are controllables and uncontrollables. a lot can occur. big incident last night in milwaukee. he should be stepping forward and talking about law and order. we have a war on cops. a cop killed yesterday outside of milwaukee. all of the things about the guy getting shot, running off with the gun and nothing about the cop that got shot doing his duty somewhere else. he reality is he has to talk about i'm a leader, always been a leader. i survived the toughest market in the world building in new york and she's not a leader. >> when you see him talk about the "new york times" and threatening to take away press credentials and other subject matter going on. what goes through your mind? >> don't read the "new york times." if it bothers you forget it. >> it works. don't do interviews with the
4:36 pm
"new york times." >> when donald trump gets distracted, whether the second amendment comment, that obama was the founder of isis, all he is doing, or to stop the new york time an the media, all he is doing is playing in to the hands of the secretary of state. i say this has a clinton supporter. we try to be honest and straight here. she is vulnerable. with no money being spent. donald trump being distracted all it does is help the secretary get elected. >> both hillary clinton and bill clinton made 220 million when he left the presidency, including $10 million last year. that's a lot of money, they made it through the clinton foundation. they made an agreement. they signed an agreement when she became secretary of state of what he would not do and what she would not do. they have violated the agreement repeatedly.
4:37 pm
>> she's had employees working for her, 207 two closest aides have been involved in running the foundation or working on companies. the company that is a front group for all kinds of mischief in the world and part of the clinton operation. millions of dollars here. this is,let me just say, the most corrupt enterprise in the history of the united states about to be moved from the state department where it was conducting its business to the white house. that is an issue that bothers people and if it doesn't, it should. it's outrageous what's gone on. the pay for play is hard to prove buff it is pretty obvious. you could be indicted most places for what they have done. >> we want to get your thoughts on the tax returns. and donald trump's vp announcing he is repreparing his tax returns for release.
4:38 pm
does this up the pressure on donald trump to do the same? hit us up on twitter and facebook. we'll be right back. crabfest is on at red lobster so come dive into dishes like the new alaska bairdi crab dinner with sweet crab from the icy waters of alaska. or try crab lover's dream with tender snow and king crab legs. love crab? then hurry, crabfest ends soon. ... 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day vitacraves gummies.
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and these feet would like to keep the beat going. ask your doctor about lyrica. let's talk tax returns. does donald trump need to release his? our political insiders are back. you guys are all here. thank you for being here tonight. obviously a big issue is creating a lot of steam this week. ed,ly start with you. what do you think -- >> i have historically always wanted a candidate to release his tax forms for transparency. i don't think it hurts or helps him. i think people basically make up their miebd on him.
4:42 pm
they know he is rich. all you will do is nitpick, i'm sure he took a lot of deductions. i don't think there is any benefit to it. >> people say who cares, i don't care about the tax returns but there are a lot of people that do care. trump says i'm under audit and will release it when i'm done. what about the past years, where are those? >> first, his level of taxation that he has paid is probably very low. the returns that are publicly available because he had to file them with new jersey showed almost no tax when he owned casinos. if he were to release returns that showed income in excess of 100 million and limited amounts of tax plus relatively low levels of personal contributions made, that would hurt him. if i was advising him, which i most assuredly am not, i would tell him not to release his tax returns because it can't help
4:43 pm
him. could hurt him. >> it wouldn't matter. >> you can't do it now. it wouldn't matter what was there, if he paid 80% in taxes and gave the rest to charity. the media would be attacking him. they'd find something and the clinton people and others to pick up. this is just an invitation. look,ing hong kong, i was impressed they gave 10% of their money to charity, through the clinton foundation which is like moving money in one pocket and out of the other. the thing is when we are not covering the campaign, hillary clinton has not released her wall street speeches. i would care more about that because she's out there saying she will put it to the rich people and she is going to put it to wall street and we know she has taken hundreds of millions of dollars from the hedge fund industry, over $100 million. trump has taken 19,000. folks you want to know -- who do you think will be taking care of hedge funds? >> trump ask her to release the speeches? >> bernie sanders did and bernie sanders should have never gotten
4:44 pm
out. the point is she won't because she told them what they wanted to hear. that's what people do when they pay you 150,000, $300,000, you tell them what they want to hear. she sit with a in a robe with the father of the taliban behind her. an the press doesn't think that is very much of an issue. you must admit that trump is facing a united political class that is devoted to not just stopping him but the american people. >> isn't he helping facilitate -- >> i'm not denying that, doug. what i am saying is making another point. you have made that point. i have made that point. ed has made the point. the larger point is the political class in the country in which most americans believe is corrupt and ruined this country at this point and they want done. that's what this election has been about. they are the ones -- and he's got to face up to his own fault
4:45 pm
and he has to begin to take them on the way they did which made him the nominee. >> pat, i want to get to a tweet, don't care about tax returns. want to see those 33,000 e-mails, transcript of wall street speeches, agreeing with you and paper trails for clinton foundation. and we don't care about taxes, it's not required. the only people that care are the nosey press. move on. but people want to see this. >> they are nosey and they want to know. he's a rich guy. obviously rich guys do things different ways and that doesn't mean they do it improper. if he violated the law, they would have been all over him years ago. my sense at this point in time it is one more thing to nitpick him. if you want to get the e-mails out there, there are 35,000 e-mails that are undisclosed that relate to the clinton foundation. bill clinton was in charge of
4:46 pm
the clinton foundation. she was the other side of it. why can't they say -- >> he told me he attacked the fbi director saying he had to change -- >> the bottom line the democrats and hillary clinton's lead is expanding, up to 7, 7 1/2 points and pat can cherry pick the polls but the bottom line in the election is getting away from trump and there are calls this week, 70 republican elected officials said we want trump to go. 50 national security aides want him to go. his base is weakening to the point where where we are sitting in a position where the republicans are divided, the democrats are organized. the senate is in play and potentially even the house. >> i don't believe half of what you just said. >> i know. you know, what, you can make those points but if you look at what will happen here, things move around and this particular element of this nonregular election this new paradigm election we have a long way to go. and democrats should stop counting on the senate and
4:47 pm
house. there's nothing to indicate they are getting votes. >> we will talk about the speech donald trump has tomorrow. when we last left off with you we were talking about the speeches the two of you gave this week. what did you think of the two speeches? >> i thought it was a good speech. meaning trump, but then he got off speech. his speech was basically to lower taxes for businesses and most taxpayers. her speech was to raise taxes. he quit talking about it. he needs to pound -- went you put a subject out there you stay on that message. >> doug, what about clinton's speech. >> standard fair. didn't get a lot of attention. she probably didn't want it to get a lot of attention. she will stay negative for reasons that are clear. she can't make a compelling argument for herself stick and can't make a compelling argument against trump. >> her speech was what you wanted but doug said not having
4:48 pm
attention. her argument is let's not only raise tax but have a stimulus program. let's look at the great trillion dollars that shovel ready projects, remember, that obama talked about, how this works more money for their cronies and less for changing the economy. you can't have a message on one day. you have to sustain it. >> the two actually did agree on a couple of things. they want to ramp up infrastructure spending and improve manufacturing. >> both are good. >> two agreed on that. donald trump has a big speech tomorrow on how to defeat radical islamic terrorism. an area of ohio that has been supportive of him in the past. what does he need to do to accomplish his goals. the insiders weigh in next. when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts duracell quantum because it lasts longer.
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. donald trump set to deliver a big foreign policy speech tomorrow. it will focus on combatting terrorism and will come only days after his controversial remarks calling president obama the founder of isis. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. okay? he's the founder. he founded isis. and i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> our political insiders are back. i'm going to toss this to you, ed, hot potato. >> the over arching thing is you have to look at him and say i'm the commander in chief.
4:53 pm
i lead the greatest military in the world. i'm going to knockout isis. i don't care who the founder was. i'm going to be the finisher. >> here's what i take from this. there is a serious argument that because of the way that president obama handled the middle east, particularly iraq, afghanistan, syria, that that facilitated the growth of isis. i think that is a fair argument to be debated. had trump said that i think it would have helped him. by saying obama is the founder of isis which is false, he creates another gaffe for himself rather than an opportunity to get votes. >> what did he mean when he said isis is honoring obama. >> no idea what that means. they are not having dinners for the president of the united states. >> trump went on the radio after this, on a radio show with hugh
4:54 pm
hewitt and said he felt that obama was the mvp for isis and hugh hewitt gave him an out saying you didn't mean he was the founder right, that he created a vacuum. no, i meant he was the founder and mvp and hillary clinton also mvp. >> now he is saying, well, he was saying it -- making a larger gesture. i think the point -- i agree with my colleagues here. it is hard to understand, except for one thing, he got it in people's minds and certainly people believed him. that is if he uses his speech tomorrow, were to do that, i say that that's how they came about. the man that thought they were jv, the woman that let benghazi happen, let libya be turned over to isis. but let me tell you it doesn't matter who founded them. i love ed's line, i will finish them. the point about leadership is to be in there. she doesn't lead.
4:55 pm
i do. and i will lead. >> ed, do you think he will be able to stay on track with his speech? >> i hope so. i hope it is a written speech and the critical thing here is obama had eight years. he didn't finish it. we don't feel safer today and basically you give me the ball. >> i have no doubt it will be a good speech he will deliver probably just fine. the problem is can he stick with the message, tuesday, thursday. that's the real question. >> we have to get to break and have the final thoughts with the insiders next. i love my shop, but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. blades here, blades there. some more over there... whoa! that's not a blade. this is gillette shielding. with lubrication before and after the blades. shields from irritation for a close, comfortable shave. proshield from gillette.
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tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card we have final thoughts with our political insiders. i will start with you, ed. >> critical thing about great winners in the olympics have been the finish. these guys have dove in, that's what trump has to do. get a message and finish this thing. >> look, there's a big issue he hasn't spoken about yet for tomorrow, which is iran. their nuclear program, their
4:59 pm
ties with rogue nations like north korea and their ties with the russians and chinese. huge theme, huge opening. one trump should take. >> we were talking during the break. >> terrific point. i'm wearing my u.s. olympic association tie in honor of our olympians who have set the tone for our foreign policy, which is we win. we don't lose. >> right. >> profound words. >> profound words. we win, we don't lose. >> thank you so much for our perspective, as always. >> thank you. >> good to see you, ed, on the panel tonight. >> good to have you here, ed. it was fun. >> thank you for being so kind. >> harris faulkner will be back next week. i'm laura ingel. i hope you join me on twitter and instagram, too. legends and lies starts right now.
5:00 pm
>> previously on "legends and lies: the patriots"... >> king george has declared us rebels. he threatens us with death. >> now, i see you all hanged upon liberty tree. >> now it seems we must all hang together, or we most assuredly will hang separately. spies are everywhere! >> we must put a spy behind enemy lines. >> captain nathan hale.


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