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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 14, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> now let us convict king george himself! tonight on "justice," a clinton foundation investigation. >> the public has a right to know because this is exactly the kind of pay to play politics the american people are sick and tired of. >> the fbi is interested. the justice department, not so much. i'll talk to clinton cash author peter schweitzer. plus, get ready for street justice. i'll take the pulse of voters. and some future voters. >> donald trump is out to destroy the u.s. >> he is? and is hillary trying to -- >> yes, she is. >> all right. look at the skyscraper here. who the hell built it? not hillary.
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"justice starts now. hello and welcome to a special sunday edition of "justice." thank you for being with us tonight. you know, newly released e-mails suggest the power of the state department was used to show favoritism to the donors of the clinton foundation. and in case you missed last night's "justice," you will hear my open and take on those newly released e-mails later in the hour but joining me now is author of "clinton cash" peter schweitzer. all right, peter. good evening. listen you wrote this book, "clinton cash" well over a year ago and we are now just finding out that some of the stuff that you wrote about in the book is being released by the state department in e-mails as a result of a federal judge
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requiring the state department to release information that previously they weren't willing to release. so, what is the latest in terms of the information that we are learning about the clinton foundation and that relationship between the foundation and the state department under hillary clinton? >> well, judge, i wrote in "clinton certain" about what i call the clinton blur and that's the blurring of lines between the private activities, some of them commercial, some of them related to the clinton found decision and the state department, blurring them and the problem, of course, ethics laws don't allow you to blur them. the e-mails that are now coming out as a result of the work of judicial watch and also citizens united are confirming that contrary to the agreement hillary clinton made with barack obama, that there would be no overlap between the two, that indeed favors were done and access was given to clinton foundation donors by senior state department
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. this is a fox news alert. reports on shots being fired at john f kennedy international airport. port authority police are now telling us it appears that no shots were fired. they say no bullet shells were found, no one was hurt and there have been no arrests. but earlier they did evacuate t two terminal and a nearby highway as a precaution. jfk is one of the busiest airports in the world and creating a mess for travellers and carriers. fox news correspondent joins us by phone. what is the situation like now? i understand you have a witness with you? >> that is right. about 9:30 there was a call for
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shots fired inside terminal 8 here, american airlines. two dozen airlines and r and what you said is correct. there is reports of shots fired it appears it is nearly all year. the nypd and port authority are working at clearing terminals here. if we have had s.w.a.t. team walking into terminal 8 so people have been out front of the terminal, some with luggage inside still. it's just utter chaos with police officers and dozens and dozens of bomb squad vehicles and other emergency response on the highway to arrive here, people just getting information based on what other passengers saw. i have one of those passengers in terminal 8 at the time.
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his name is joe haviland. if you can give us a play by play from when this went down. >> this is robert. >> hi. >> thanks for joining us. tell us what happened. >> so i was in the airline and waiting for a check in there. and in the corner there is a bar area there. like where you buy cookies and stuff we heard a big celebration. i looked over there. it was startling and it was like there was something wrong. i heard a loud pop and a bunch of people just 80 people just running for exits on the other side of the check in adjacent to
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where we were. we couldn't see that check in. we told people to run out of the door. i asked my wife what do you want to do? should i find out what is going on? i walk over this. a guy told me there is a guy with a gun. the door was broken so i went to get my wife and in five minutes i heard two more pops go off and everyone just got to the ground. just very startling, especially for an airport. >> did you have security? or police officers coming in and telling you to exit this direction? how did you know to evacuate? were you following their lead? >> that is the startling part. look. people were screaming for police and there was no security, no police, nothing at any point in that seven minutes. people were screaming and looking for police, i need police, i need police officers. there was nobody. people worked for air lines were taking off shirts saying i'm getting out of here.
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and "it's not worth it i'm leaving". and after the second shots of what i heard, what i thought were shots, that is what it sounded like, police officers i heard them scream to somebody on the other side "show me your hands". they stormed in. and we were in the check baggage area, so those armed officers came by and had said exit, exit, and people were on the ground like -- just chaotic. >> so where did you exit? >> through the front, through the front doors there where you first walk in. they said everybody cross the street, get down. get down. and initially, there was only regular nypd officers and 10, 20
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minutes after that, you saw assault rifles with weapons. >> so you've been outside for how long now? >> since 9:45. since the initial shots we had heard. it's been two hours or so. >> and how are you getting updates on your flight? we hear there is an all clear now but they're not letting folks in. have you gotten any update from the airline? are there personnel talking to you? how do you know how to proceed from here? >> that is a good question. we don't have anybody giving us information. the airline people say they have no idea what is going on and they know as much as us. so police enforcement just pushing us back saying no flights are leaving. it's grounded now. and you need to clear the way. so right now, it's at a stand still. nobody has an idea what is going
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on. >> are you on the sidewalk immediately in front of the terminal? do they make you go across the street? where are you being held? >> yes. i'm right in front of the mean entrance there where you'd walk in. i'm looking through the glass windows. i can see officers in there with dogs and stuff like that, just checking everything. and we're at the initial sidewalk, right to enter. >> where are you heading if i may ask? >> my father-in-law, my pro brothers in law and two sisters are leaving to peru. >> right. and you were just dropping them off? >> we were going to drop them off and say our goodbyes. now, we're here, waiting for -- we left one of the bags there. the officers said everybody get
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out, leave your bags and cops were in a chaotic state. and it's like you can see that they this scene was serious and reiterated to me we needed to get out of here. and airline personnel were all going crazy. so it was like -- it with a was just you didn't know what's happening. you see 80 people running and tripping and falling and breaking a door to get out, it makes you think oh, my god. what's happening? i went over there to speak to the team. i walk over there, and at that point, i find out what i found out, i walked back and it got crazy again. the police had come in.
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>> i'm looking at some live pictures here we're seeing those now. looks like there is some traffic there. are people coming up to the terminal now? is traffic stopped out in front? what are we seeing now? >> police officers walking around and blocking off everything. this is a couple personal vehicles in the way here that have been here from dropping off people to take their flights that are still trapped here. as far as i can see there is just a stand still. there are no cars moving at all. >> so no idea of how you're going to talk to a representative if the airline that your relatives are flying on out there and so you've had no communication thus far. are you going online trying to find out anything? what is your next step? >> yes. when looking at it, we went to
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see if there are any updates on it. in peru they made note of it. and so that is where we got our information. and now, starting to dwindle in from different sources of what happened. >> we wish safe travels to your relatives and hope this situation tens to iron itself out. if we can please have brian real quick, we have to move on to another story. thank you for your time and sharing insights. brian? great. our fox news correspondent joins us on the phone here. we've been listening to an eye witness from this situation to
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turned out to be no shots fired, no casings found. brian, are you with us? >> yes, i am. >> if you can recap with us and any updates. are you noticing flights resuming? do you see how many flights have been affected so far? >> well, robert, yes. about 9:30 p.m. tonight, reports of shots fired at terminal 8. there is initial confusion. we understand there is response to terminal one. most of what we have seen is terminal eight. right now, we're seeing is that policemen in there that have knocked down any signs of shells or gunshots. but again, a few, two and a half hours here, you heard from our eye witness in terminal 8.
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from flights to peru, they heard what he thought was gunshots. half of the terminal panicked in trying to go out. they hit the ground and saw police coming in. and police are saying now that there is no signs of gunshots and people are waiting. no signs of airplanes landing that i can hear of now. people, employees are just trying to figure out what do they do next? all of these flights coming to a halt here at jfk here. people trying to figure out what to do next. today, and tonight, thankfully, what it seems right now is this is nothing but a false alarm if what we can understand right
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now. police are here, bomb squads, and it looks as though it should be normal soon. i don't know how soon. >> sure, and any idea, are most of the people there, can you see folks standing around? are they able to come and go freely? >> well, cars are not allowed to come in to terminal 8. and so imagine, gunshots from what we understand. this has been a departure terminal. people had luggages and waiting to be ticketed. police just allowed people to come into terminal 8. people are rushing in to terminal 8. they're gathering their luggage. and so all things are getting
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back to normal. people are now allowed to go to terminal 8. >> looked like bags were where folks left when they fled the terminal. and were evacuated? >> i am looking right now and it appe appears -- looks clear. i hear a little bit of an alarm but all clear was given, terminal 8. people are rushing to get in line as if nothing ever happened. >> do you have any idea if they reopened? did you have any trouble getting out to traffic? >> we were stuck in traffic getting in here. we got here at about 11:00.
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and we're able to get los to terminal 8. i do have to imagine they opened up the terminal, that means security line, like i said is formed. so imagine that people are going to be allowed to enter any time soon. >> right. >> and yes. was it continuing to run the entire time? or halted and in the making stops? >> i saw the air train go by a couple times within the last 10, 15 minutes so it appears that they're given all clear on the terminal and resume operations.
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>> no doubt. >> are you able to see updates in terms of departures and delays? are any of those in your immediate vicinity? >> i'm looking for those now. there is a flood of people trying to figure out what to do. i'm looking right now, people are running as though nothing happened. lines are packed with people trying to figure this out. i'm looking at the board right now. it appears, looks like there are flights still on time according to the board. you have a flight at 12 -- well, 2:08:00 a.m. flight is now scheduled for 1:38 p.m. so maybe not so much delayed but.
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>> we appreciate the update and will be checking in with you. brian joining us from phone. no shots fired no, shells found, into arrests, no injuries at this time. brian, thank you for your reporting and for getting us the eye witness as well. now, we need to move on to another breaking story. again in milwaukee, protestors on the streets. shots have been fired there. one victim has been rushed to a hospital. and this is after a night of proet yosts where cars and buildings were set on fire. police say the man was armed and pointed a gun during that chase. joining us now is matt in milwaukee. matt, thanks for joining us. and bring us up to speed.
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what is the latest right now? >> right now, we're standing across the street from the gas station that was torched last night. we have heard large bricks and rocks being thrown at police. there is probably going to be injuries. we've seen police taking rocks and bricks to the face. right now, police got on the megaphone announcing that this was an unlawful assembly and told everybody to disperse and whoever is sticking around is going to be arrested. there are still crowds around here, and still approaching police. there are dozens of police officers in heavy riot gear, it appears they're trying to take control of what you would call a mob down the street there. they have issued a warning of what's happening here is unlawful. they're asking everybody to disperse, but people aren't. we saw people picking up bricks
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and cracking it in half so they can hold it and throwing it at police. you can see some police in extremely heavy riot gear. they have helmets and shields. this is a little bit more calm than what we saw 15-20 minutes ago. but it is an extremely volatile situation. we've seen protestors and rioters get in the face of police and one rioter told us this is about to get physical and you might hear more than rocks being thrown and shots were then fired. the situation has grown more tense over the past cupel minutes. back to you in new york. >> how does gathering compared to last night? is it swelling? a smaller crowd out?
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same faces? same instigators? >> you know, i wasn't here last night but a short while ago there were probably a thousand protestors here. now, in the beginning they were more peaceful, lighting candles and saying prayers and people were encouraging each other not to turn violent tonight. unfortunately, that happened. we walked with these pret yo -- protestors for several blocks and the group got smaller around this neighborhood. now, before police issue that had warning there were about 100 protestors. it's hard to tell how many are down there now. we saw a crowd that was intent on walking towards police after that issued warning for everyone to go away. so it looks like maybe a couple dozen here this mean business.
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guys who are here are here to start trouble and to try to hurt police. they have no regard for anyone's safety in this area right now. >> matt as you look around, and you see this current scene there, do the police, do you think they're lining up? do they appear to be not on offensive but move the crowd. are they going to try to close ranks a little bit here? what is going on at the moment? >> yes. there are hundreds of officers in this small radius. and yes. they did line up, single file with shields a short while ago and were, you know, rushing towards the protestors in a very organized fashion. at that point, they took bricks and rocks to the body, to their shields, you can see these buses now that are unloading dozens of officers. they're definitely on the
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offense and fully armed and in riot gear. they look prepared prepared for whatever may km next. >> you said you're talking with pre pret -- protestors. was it a blue line? cops versus residents? what is the feeling there as you're walking with protestors? >> this neighborhood and this city described it as a powder keg. they said something like this shooting that happened was going to spark this type of activity. because everybody has been on edge. now, some of the people i talked to say initially the news went around town that the gentleman was, let's say massacred or
9:25 pm
executed by police and everyone stormed. the looters and rioters stormed a gas station and burned it. and other businesses nearby. then, it was revealed that it was a black police officer who killed a black man and that black man, as police say was armed with a semi automatic weapon and did not comply with stop and drop your weapon orders. i talked to some rioters and said does that make a difference to you? they say no. they say he should not have died and that this is, this national tension that we're seeing all over coming to a head here in milwaukee. and you know, typically as everyone knows these rioters cannot be reasoned with. they said he did not need to die and police have blood on their
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hands. >> have they released a picture of the man with a gun in his hands? >> no. there is a body cam video and the mayor is urging for that video to be released. police are saying that is probably not going to happen because it would interfere with the legal process. the chief of police told us he viewed the video that he, after watching, he believes that he saw the officer approach the gentleman, mr. smith who was killed and ordered him to drop his weapon and the victim did not drop his weapon and that he did not comply with do not move order and he was shot in the chest. there is word on the street that the victim was shot in the back. the chief of police says it was
9:27 pm
in the chest. so we'll see it. there is a still frame that is going to be released according to police. >> if you notice, a bus just came by. is that a city bus? or a police bus? i'm just curious what the traffic flow is like. is there everything shut down? is this still traffic going on? >> sure. we do have security that are being great and helping us out. there are multiple buses. the national guard is here. whether or not they're here we're trying to determine. you can see here there are officers in full riot gear and more, if you can pan down you
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can see these bricks, remnants of just random things people were chucking at police. and police officers were taking to the body, you know, the shields to their helmet. right now, i guess the main focus, objective here is right down this street here is where the mobs and crowds remain. they're there after police ordered the order to disperse. the objective is to secure that scene that we unfortunately can't see. it seems like police are trying to secure that scene. >> ap is reporting milwaukee police used an armored vehicle to get an injured shoot taken t. are you seeing armored vehicles out where you are? >> yes. there are national guard or police. >> yes. absolutely. we might want to pan back down
9:29 pm
this way. there are multiple armored vehicles. and down in that direction, we cannot confirm who made -- who pulled a trigger but the milwaukee police tweeted out a short while later they did rush someone with a shooting injury to the hospital. we did not see that victim or the shooting. police here now are kind of inching up back towards this way, down this street, where is where shots were fired. more calm scene now. this this is chaos, but there are people in the shadows and people who are close to officers within arm's length away. so unfortunately, anything can happen. but police seem to have the situation under control. >> have they been lined up? or making an aggressive stance and getting closer to where protestors are? >> they have been lined up like
9:30 pm
this for a while. they're facing this direction and you can see opposite direction. i'm not sure if they're just trying to prevent anyone from getting access to this area or if they're going to be marching down the street. >> got it. >> they have been lined up and on the offense and they have been aggressively approaching and coming out. >> matt, thank you for your reporting. i'm robert gray, now back to judge jeanine. earlier on "justice" peter schweitzer made his case about the impropriety of the clinton foundation and did clinton state department. in case you missed "justice," here's an opening statement from last night.
9:31 pm
it wasn't about convenience. and this is not old news. she set up the personal server to prevent us from learning her private business. and it is only because of a government watchdog group and an ethical federal judge that we found out why this week. why? because bill and hillary clinton are the bonnie and clyde of american politics. now, follow me on this one. why would a woman, a lawyer no less, one experienced many times over in the ways of washington, risk placing classified information, our live assets, the placement of satellites, drones, and our most secret plans on an unprotected, non-government, non-capturable server? why would she violate federal regulations upon which she was schooled just before she became secretary of state? not to mention violate federal
9:32 pm
criminal laws that would put her in jail. she's too smart to do that. why would she take the time to make the effort to hide, destroy, and delete 33,000 e-mails? now we know. she did it for the most selfish of reasons. the oldest of motives. she did it for greed and for power and for the almighty dollar. she did it to hide her shady clinton foundation dealings. she did it in order to do favors for clinton donors and to put a price tag on our state department. the same duo who came up with a scheme to rent out the lincoln bedroom is back in business with a new and bigger scheme, one that is more far-reaching and worldwide, one that violates not only the law but all codes of
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moral and ethical conduct in government. a couple willing to sell anything to the highest bidder for money and power. this is why the e-mails were hidden from the beginning. and this is why they were ultimately destroyed and deleted. this week we find out top state department aide sheryl mills, formerly of the president bill clinton impeachment team, aligned with hillary ever since, and also on that private server, was advised in 2012 that a freedom of information request was made for the number of e-mail accounts used by hillary clinton. now dozens of senior officials throughout the state department including clinton's immediate staff obviously concerned, exchange e-mails with the secretary and sheryl mills. they actually used the personal account to discuss the official business and advise her of this
9:34 pm
foia request. their response to the request? there were no records. they were in active defense mode to hide their scheme. and when truth is put to the lie, that, in fact, there was an e-mail account, they say they made a mistake. had they been honest, that personal server would have been exposed years earlier. and also this week we find out a clear pay to play relationship between the clinton foundation and the clinton state department. an urgent e-mail from doug band, formerly assistant to president bill clinton, now overseeing the clinton foundation to sheryl mills and huma abedin, those two jewels on that private server, request that a huge clinton foundation donor meet a high state department contact in lebanon. the individual paid the price of admission, folks.
9:35 pm
gilbert shaguri gave between $1 million and $5 million to the clinton foundation and pledged a billion dollars to the clinton global initiative. so of course arrangements are made for him to meet with jeff feldman, the former u.s. ambassador to lebanon, the country where shagori was doing business. abedin, ironically, paid both by the foundation and the state department, immediately responds with i'll talk to jeff. ignoring the agreement between hillary and president obama to create a wall between that clinton foundation and the state department, confident that it would never be found out. and when we learned there was a private server, what happens? you do what anyone looking to hide the evidence does. you erase. you conceal. you hide.
9:36 pm
you destroy. now, i've told you this before. the clinton foundation is nothing more than a money laundering operation parading as a charitable foundation where estimates are that only 15% of its money goes to charities. the rest to expenses. a veritable slush fund for clinton operatives and ex-employees. a convenient way to get money from foreign countries and donors not allowed to contribute to presidential campaigns but willing to dump hundreds of millions of dollars into a foundation of a powerful secretary of state and possible future president. why and for what? for access. for information. for power. folks, politicians on a much lower level, of course have gone to jail for much less. and we find out this week that when the fbi, three separate offices, approach the department
9:37 pm
of justice to commence an investigation into this so-called not for profit 501c3 the department of justice refuses to do so. you know, when fifth amendment pleading lois lerner, when she opens files on small conservative organizations, she gets away with it, too. a few years' vacations, a bonus, and a pension. so it's no surprise that the doj refuses to investigate the clinton foundation. no surprise at all. the collusion between loretta lynch and bill clinton was on display for all to see in an astounding meeting on a tarmac in phoenix while an investigation of bill clinton's wife was being conducted by loretta lynch. and consider this one. isn't it curious how miss lynch is willing to listen to the fbi when they recommend not going forward with charges against
9:38 pm
hillary clinton but when the fbi recommends going forward with a criminal probe on a blatant pay to play bribery investigation of the bill, hillary and chelsea clinton foundation their answer is a resounding, no. and you know what, folks? the clintons, they're not even grateful. they are classless. take a listen. >> the fbi director said when he testified before congress he had to amend his previous day's statement that she had never received any e-mails marked classified. they saw two little notes with a "c" on it. this is the biggest load of bull i ever heard. >> you know, the fbi's ability to lose decades of hard-earned and well-respected credibility is now on display for the country to see.
9:39 pm
you know, jim comey's the fbi director, and i told you, jim, last week what happens when you run with these kinds of people. >> jim, you're running with dogs, and you know better than i that when you lie with dogs expect to get fleas. >> jim listened to that comment from bill clinton. jim, my friend, you deserved it. when we come back, donald trump's newest attacks on the media. is that a good strategy or is a for those who can't imagine life without two wheels, allstate offers a genuine parts guarantee, that promises to fix your bike with original parts. talk to an allstate agent about all the things they do to keep riders riding.
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this week i hit the streets of new york to ask people who they're voting for. and why they aren't voting for
9:53 pm
the other person. take a look ahere we are in the jewelry district of new york city. live. >> with everybody here is a trump fan. >> good to know. >> what will you do about trump? what's he got to do to get the numbers up? >> open his big mouth. that's it. tell the truth. >> i don't really trust him. so, if he could be straight up and honest. doesn't matter what stance he seems to have on something, you find tape or voice of him being the exact opposite somewhere around, you know, over the years. >> but who's better at that than the clintons? >> that's where we get in the system and so turned off about it. >> that's what she thinks of the presidential candidate. >> yeah. miserable. >> who are you voting for? see that ring? i want that ring. how much is that ring? 1,000? ah whochlt are you voting for? >> donald trump. >> why? >> because if hillary clinton wins this country goes to the bottom, the bottom, the bottom.
9:54 pm
donald trump has a business mind. hillary clinton is a pathological liar. everybody knows that. america has to see this. >> why are you voting -- can you stop for a second? what about the fact that hillary clinton says that she is a better candidate? is she? >> she is a liar. >> who would you vote for? hillary or donald? >> none. i would not answer this question. i'm sorry. >> it's america. it is a free speech. hey, live strong. who will you vote for? >> hillary. >> why are you going to vote for hillary? >> just a strong democrat. >> what does donald trump need to do to move the numbers up? 9 points below hillary. >> get a little trouble. be nicer to everybody. you know? he has to bite his tongue a little bit. i think he's going to do it. hillary's a crook. we all know that. >> bernie sanders didn't get the nomination. now who are you going to vote for? >> hillary clinton with her nose held. >> what about the fact that the clinton foundation, you know, is collecting money from russian ol garks and all that?
9:55 pm
>> lesser of two evils. awful. >> what does donald trump done to steal your money? >> to steal my money? >> yes. >> don't you see the clintons as people who have gained hundreds of millions of dollars by being in the system? >> oh, absolutely. >> whereas donald trump made his own way. >> they're masters. noble is the system more so than the clintons. >> so do you know who you're going the vote for? >> do. gary johnson. >> come over here you. i'm the judge. >> you're the one? >> i'm the one, honey. now listen. >> i watch you all day long. >> you do? why? are you outside my window? why do you think that hillary clinton gets away with all she gets away with? >> liberal media. you know the story. >> but at the end of the day, aren't americans smart? don't they see through the liberal media? >> no. they only listen to what they want to hear. >> what are we going to do? >> we have to fight. you have to get stronger. >> me? >> yes. >> oh my god. they'll put me in cuffs.
9:56 pm
>> she has enough money to pay them off. >> donald trump has money, too. >> he does but he hasn't done anything like the benghazi and e-mail scandals to be investigated by them. >> this lady that didn't do anything last eight years between her and her husband, i'll do it better for you. >> she's tired. donald told you. why are you voting for hillary? >> i would not vote for donald trump. >> why? >> donald trump is trying to destroy the u.s. >> he is? >> yes. >> and is hillary trying to rebuild it? >> yes, she is. >> all right. look at the skyscraper here. who the hell built it? not hillary! all right. now who are you voting for? >> ♪ what's up guys- we're dude perfect. make sure you don't miss out on the bass pro shops fall hunting classic. we'll see you there. the classic starts this weekend with savings on great gear. extra trade-in savings up to $100 on binoculars, scopes and range finders. plus, free seminars.
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we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. maung on wedge. the national guard is on stand by after a night of violent protests. i'm laura ingel in for harris faulkner and this is "the fox report." it started with the death of a man who tried to run away from officers during a traffic stop and he was armed. both the suspect and


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