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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 15, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> we are up and running. good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. ism abby huntsman. thank you for starting your dwek in a brand new way with us. >> riots in milwaukee. police are pelted with bricks and rocks. >> rich edson is live with brand new information just revealed from the officer's body camera. rich, good morning. >> good morning abby and heather. police are saying the body camera shows the shooting was justified. there was a turn in the fashion with the suspect who was shot and showing a gun. although there are plenty of
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protestors calling for police to release the video. they say they have yet to finish their investigation and that's the reason they are giving for not releasing the video. all is quiet and calm here now. pretty remarkable considering a couple of hours ago there were rocks thrown on the street, shots of gunfire, reports of gunfire heard in this area. police say they took one person to the hospital after they were shot. another police officer to the hospital after he was hit by a rock. then considering just a couple of days ago this is the gas station that really all folks had seen on saturday evening after the shooting of sylville smith 23 years old. sheriff clark talked about that today. >> use of police force servings as an igniter.
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young boys often grow up to be menaceful miss knits fa that the police haveh an aggressive fashion. the shooting occurred after a traffic stom whep where smith gt of the car. the shooting was warranted. but we will see how it goes later on today and if there are any more protest activities scheduled for lart on. it is sort of middle of the night as it is in new york. the street cleerns have been cleaning up debris. you hear a couple officers coming by. all cleanup crews. much quiter for now. we are going to talk a little bit more about this. the national guard ready and standing by after the angry mobs burned businesses to the ground following the deadly police shooting saturday night.
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>> we want our community to know he had a gun in his hand. the police officer didn't know it at the time, but there were 23 rounds in that gun which means he had more rounds in his gun than the police officer had in his gun. >> we have homicide detective rod wheeler. >> first off, we heard there from what we know now based off the camera that was wion the police officer, was this shooting justifiabljustifiable? >> when you look at the fact that the police officers in uniform were chasing this guy. it initiated a traffic guy. they took off running. it was a suspect and another
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individual in the car with him. they chased this guy with gun in hand and that's when the police officer shot him two times. it appears it was a good shooting in law enforcement a justifiable shooting. hopefully when the tape is released more of the community will be able to see the videotape. >> 23 rounds in his gun more than the police officer had in his gun. what about the national guard. they are on the ready and on stand by. >> thankfully they didn't have to deploy the national guard. they have been activated they are there at the ready. they didn't have to use them because the police department as well as the state police were able to keep the situation under control. i don't think going forward they have to deploy the national guard. >> what are sflirss told to do when they are face to face with someone with a gun on their
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hand. they don't know how many bullets are in that gun. how are they told to respond in this type of situation? >> this is what they call a felony stop. we are chasing after an individual. we have every legal right to chase after this person. whenever a person turns toward a police officer or any other person and the a hand gun or any other weapon in their hand. we order them to drop the gun. if they fail to comply the officer has every legal right to use lethal force to bring it to a halt. >> in terms of buildings burning down it is interesting the chief mentioned the firefighters, they don't have the equipment available to go into an active shooting type of situation. they had to stand by and wait. >> we see that more often than not. we saw it in ferguson. the firefighters cannot be in the line of danger. any twooichl a situation in
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milwaukee they would have been in the line of danger. there were people in the audience or people that were there that had hand guns and weapons. until the situation is under control, we don't send firefighters in until we know for sure we are going to be safe. >> kudos to the first responders over the weekend. all of the businesses are impacted by that. >> rod wheerl, thank you for being with us. we want to go to extreme weather. rescue efforts. >> four people dead with more than 20,000 people fulled to safety from the muddy, dirt brown water both in boats and helicopters as the governor warns it is not over. >> borders are going to continue to rise in many areas. so this is no time to let the guard down. >> some areas have been blasted with more than 20 inches of rain since friday. some towns completely cut off where you can only see rooftops.
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one of the worst affected areas is baton rouge where 10,000 people are packed wall to wall in cheshelters. their homes were totally left under water. >> the torrential rains flooding hundreds of roads, stranding many for more than 24-hours, that's without food or water. >> president obama has declared the state a disaster area. >> maria molina joins us as they bring more rain. this remind me of when i looked at albany, georgia. they called it the 500 year flood. >> we are talking about the event oef the gulf coast. we have concerns not only a threat for additional heavy rain that brought more flooding but also river flooding. the problem with that, it takes several days for that water to
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continue to recede. it could get worse as the areas continue to crest. i want to share with you how much rain the region picked up since tuesday. it is quite incredible. more than 24 inches across portions of louisiana. a pretty widespread area more than a foot of rain over southern mississippi as well. this region picking up significant rainfall. you can see some spots in particular seeing more than 30 inches of rain. like we mentioned, the threat for more flooding and more heavy rain is not oef just yet. we had heavy rooifrn eastern texas. a bit of a break across parts of louisiana. now i want to share with you one of the computer models so you can see how much rain is in the forecast here. some of that red shading is potentially more than 4 inches. locally heavier amounts are going to be possible. we have flood watches and warnings in effect. further off toward the north
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tropical moisture will be working toward the midwest and across parts of the great lakes. flooding will continue as well. >> maria molina, we will check back with you. >> robbed in rio, officials ramping up security after swim her ryan lochte and three teammates are held up at gun point by thieves dressed as police. we have brand new details unfolding. >> olympic teams on heightened alert after this latest incident. the u.s. olympic swimmer say the taxi was stopped by a group posing as police officers. took their wallets but not their credentials or cell phones. they put a gun to his head during the robbery. >> while it is true my teammates and i were robbed earlier sunday
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morning what is most important is that we are safe and unharmed. >> teammate michael phelps noted security is paramount especially when traveling abroad. >> i have a team who personally is always looking out for everything. the usa swimming is always making sure we are as protected as we can be. >> an international olympic committee spokesman initially said reports of a robbery were not true. he later apologized and reversed himself after the u.s. committee confirmed it in a statement. they left the house early in a taxi heading for the olympic village before the hold up and all four athletes are safe in cooperating with authorities. officials from australia and port gall have been robbed in the games. now the australia team banning the athletes from rio beaches from 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m.
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>> we are certainly glad that they are okay, though. >> to the race for the white house. donald trump in ohio outlining his plan tore fighting terrorism. kristin fisher is live for us in washington, d.c. another busy weekend on the campaign trail. >> this monday he's focusing on foreign policy in ohio. both times his campaign is hoping the speeches will help turn the page on what has been another tough week for trump. his posteriorly numbepoll numbee continuing to drop. he's blaming the media for disgusting and corrupt coverage. he unleashed a series of these tweet after the status of campaign. it is not freedom of the press when newspapers are allowing to
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say anything they want even if it is completely false. make pence came to his dpeens. ligs ento his message for voters still on the fence about supporting trump? >> stay tuned. it is very early in this campaign. this coming monday you will see a vision for confronting islamic terrorism. it is too early in this campaign. i am very confident. >> as for clinton today could be the day that lawmakers learn what she told the fbi about her e ma ill. the fbi will be handing over some of the files as early as this week. today as clinton's campaign in pennsylvania along side vice president joe biden they will be facing renewed scrutiny about what she told the f bishg. who do you think is to blame for
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donald trump's drop in the poll numbers. send us your comments on facebook at fox friends the time is about 12 minutes after the top of the hour. panic at one of the nation's biggest airports have passengers flights have evacuated. >> army of officers swarmed two terminals. why the disgraced olympian is monitored 24-hours a day behind bars. >> going for the gold the olympic record team usa just broke.
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>> a teenager behind bars accused of trying to murder police officers. he allegedly fired at two cops who called at a southern california university home. an admitted gang member faces attempted murder charges. police in georgia are looking for this man. roy heen detroit. he responded to a 9-11 call. smith was a 5 year veteran of the eastman police department. he would have turned 31 years old today. he leaves behind a fiancee and two young children. planes taking off again overnight at one of the nation's largest airports after two reports of shots fired. flights were grounded as hundreds ch travelers were vacated in two terminals. >> everybody down.
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show me your hands. >> conducting a three-hour floor to floor search before giving the all clear finding no evidence of a shooting. >> thousands of people in the path of an explosive wildfire in northern california. 20-foot tall planes inching closer and closer to san francisco. these chilling pictures of houses and cars reduced to nothing but ash showing what the crews are having to deal with at this hour with triple dig get temperatures adding fuel to the fire keeping the flames active. >> the time is 20 minutes after the hour. mike pence taking aim at hillary clinton. >> the public has a right to know. really and truly this is exactly time of play ay to play politic. >> should there be an investigation into the clinton foundation? hour panel on deck to weigh in.
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>> #self face one man taking the trend to a whole new level.
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>> donald trump feeling the heat on the campaign trail az he is no longer running against hillary clinton. >> i am not running against crooked hillary clinton. i am running against the crooked media. >> joining us now republican strategist katherine taylor and democratic strategist. >> the last few weeks things
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have not been great for the trump campaign. does he have a point when he says there's a double standard when it comes to media bias in my combine or is there something more going on? >> when you look at some of the media reporting it has been very, very one-sided showing clips of hillary, rallies are a lot of people when actually there are many empty seats. the ridiculous thing with the second amendment. on the other hand, trump's biggest achilles heel is his own volatility. the only entity that can be unpredictable as trump is mother nature. he needs to reign it in and be very, very focused. he keeps saying that and to show that he can do it. he doesn't have a lot to turn around. >> juk, y chuck you just wrappep
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a campaign with hillary clinton. is this the beginning of the end for him? can he turn it around? >> it is early as far as campaign life goes. we haven't gotten this to labor day yet. you know every day is not going to be good. you may stream together a few bad days. donald trump has had a bad couple of weeks. plenty of time to turn that around. he hasn't spent one-tenth of the money in the battle ground state. even though he's within most he's well into reaching most to her. he does get a lot of media coverage. >> i want to transition to this topic and get your thoughts as well. they have requested to see the interview between hillary clinton and the fbi fkt it could go public as soon as today regardless of how well the polling look s for her. she wacan't get away from the
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investigation. >> the clinton foundation is a ponzi scheme. how she has played to pay herself. it is not right. we are in a presidential election campaign and we don't want to dig a whole so deep we can't see what's at the end of it. we have to be focused on the gop. he is a very valuable player. he may be the most valuable player at the end of this. >> since you just mentioned pens and what he had to say let's listen to it from his own mouth. >> the public has a right to know. really and truly this is he is actually the kind of pay to play politics they are sick and kiered of. it is just one more example of the way i do believe the clintons have been operating over the last 30 years. >> i tell you what, donald trump has been the best news that ever
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happened to hillary clinton. he has kept this off the front page of the newspapers. if your hillary clinton and trust worthy as hers over the last few month you don't need anything out there other than your message. talk about the differencen between you and donald trump talk about two visions for america. i could write this over and over again because i run campaigns. what you don't want is something you have to address when your numbers are so low. when you don't have any other options this will be an election we never seen before. >> like we never seen before? i can't imagine that. >> chuck and kathy, thank you so much. >> thank you guys. >> thank you. >> the time is 26 minutes after the top of the hour. a killer caught on camera. the brand new surveillance video that could help police catch the man who murdered a new york city imam.
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sorry, not sorry. the new warnings he's sending out on social media. you don't want to miss it.
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thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? >> it is monday august 15th. mayhem in milwaukee. they throw rocks at police as tensions boil over for the second night. the brand new video showing the deadly moment that sparked it all. >> donald trump taking on terror. the gop nominee set to outline his foreign policy as he rails against the media. >> i am not running against crooked hillary clinton. i am running against the crooked media. >> is the media really to blame
2:31 am
for the drop in trump's campaign in the polls sfl>> thanks but no thanks. she revealed why she gave up an offer to perform at the super bowl. ♪ >> that looks like a painting this morning. quit dreaming, wake up. it is time to watch "f" fox & friends first. gunfire exploding in milwaukee
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as protestors pelt police with riot gear and bricks and rocks. a second night following a police involved shooting. brand new information just revealed from the officer's body camera. good morning, rich. >> the police department shows the body was found within law -- was shot within bounds. there is no audio on the video and they are still conducting their investigation into what exactly happened. the police sound confident they call this a shooting that happened within lawful bounds of a suspect. a police officer was injured. a man was shot. rocks were thrown and this just one day following what was an
2:33 am
even more of a widespread damage following that shooting on saturday. this is the bp gas station that was up in flames after saturday after smith was shot by a sflirs. the 23-year-old shot not all that far from here. police officers in that shooting say the man was pulled over during the stop and the man had a gun and officers shot him soon after. one of the fox affiliates spoke to smith's father. here's what he had to say. >> got out of jail two months ago going back and forth in jail. i would like to apologize to my kids. this is the role model they took up to. this is like jordan was a role model and i was the role model. when you have the wrong role model this is what you get. >> the cleanup has been quiet.
2:34 am
it has been quiet the past couple of hours in milwaukee. rocks thrown, gunfire. the street cleaners are coming through and police officers are here there appear to be more reporters thaning in else. we continue watching the scene as the day goes forward. the national guard is here. it is on alert. they have yet to be deployed here. we will watch from the local officials. >> quiet is definitely good right now. >> rich edson, thank you. >> and now to the race for the white house. donald trump outlining his plan to fight terror today. >> as vice president joe biden makes his campaign debut with hillary clinton in the keystone states. >> kristin fisher is live with the latest on the campaign
2:35 am
trail. it will include replacing nation building with foreign policy realism. he is expected to propose ideological test on issues like religious freedoms for any one entering the united states. this speech is coming on the heels of another tough week for trump. he is continuing to blame the media for what he calls disgusting and corrupt coverage events. he said i am fighting crooked hillary i am fighting the media. trump's running mate mike pence came to his defense but he denied ever having to play the role of trump's cleanup crews. as i told that little boy we have the same convictions we both believe we can make america great again if we return to the time honored principles standing tall on the stage unleashing the
2:36 am
fully con me. hillary clinton will be in pennsylvania along side joe biden. the fbi could release notes to to the e-mail server. as much as clinton tries to put this issue to rest it won't go away. >> kristin fisher live for us. thank you, kristin. >> we asked what do you think is to blame the mainstream media or something else? >> it is the perfect storm of media and never trumpers slash the mead yaw. >> they are bought and paid for by the media coverage. she talks about important coverage. all that is covered is one line
2:37 am
remarks. >> the media has not performed the way a reporter should since obama. >> keep sending your comments in. >> a suspect being questioned about the murder of a united states imam a gunman walks up outside of both. there goes no motive yet. police revealing this sketch of the shooter. >> robbed in rio. olympic swimmer ryan lock tee and three of the teammates are held up by gun point dressed up as police. what is most important is we are safe and unharmed. michael phelps says security is essential when traveling abroad. >> i have a team who is always looking out for everything. the ussc, usa swimming is always
2:38 am
making sure we are as protected as we can be. >> australia banning athletes from the beach during dark hours. >> team usa hitting a landmark surpassing 1,000 gold medals in the summer olympic history. >> usain bolt remaining the fastest man alive beating american justin gatlin by 800s of a second a oo simone biles continuing her dominance. this time on the vault. she is the first to win three gold medals in one olympics. she will have a chance at even more gold later on this week on the balance beam and floor ex sides. >> she has a great smile. this time squeezing out a nail
2:39 am
biter of a win in trance. it run to 97. they have yet to leave the game. >> leaving rio with 69 total medals 26 gold, 21 silver and 22 bronze. makes you proud to be an american. >> the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. in historic range we will see a second look at the story. tens of thousands poof homeless. dramatic rescues underway. maria molina is up next. >> what makes it okay to drive around with this now? >> we will show you what that is. to the rescue going viral this morning. they went out of their way to save a squirrel.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first." the death tole is rising in louisiana. oh oo five people dead with 20,000 people pulled to safety from the muddy dirt. by boat and helicopters. some towns where you can only see the rooftops completely cut off. in baton rouge 10,000 people are pa packed in water. -- in shelters. >> they were stranded without any food or water. >> the news is it's not over yet. maria molina is live and she is tracking the latest.
2:44 am
>> it is not over just yet across portions of louisiana. expecting to see significant flooding across portions of eastern texas. the concern is we have another round of heavy voe rainfall. we will see flooding potentially worse out there. some areas picking up 30 inches of rain. very significant. we have rooifrn eastern texas. we have seen it over portions of louisiana. take a look at the radar. we still expect several more inches of rainfall, potentially 4-8 inches across parts of louisiana. that will make matters worse. a number of watches and warnings remain in effect across the gulf coast and watches and warnings as well where a lot of the tropical moisture made its way across parts of the great lakes and the midwest. heads up if you live in missouri
2:45 am
and even portions of indiana. you are going to be dealing with flooding as well. the big weather story was the excessive heat. take a look at the heat index values out there. triple dig get forecasts out there in dc and portions of delaware yet again. >> be aware and be careful. thank you so much, maria. >> switching gears for you new overnight, the blade runner on suicide watch. last week disgraced para olympian oscar pistorius was looked at when they found razor blades in his jail cell. he claims three nurses tried to kill him with toxic medication. this after the sentence for murdering reeva steenkamp. >> that happens to be spotted
2:46 am
for the first time walking free john hinckley picking up sandwiches and a drink from a subway in williamsburg, virginia. he spent 35 years in a mental hospital for shooting former president ronald reagan to impress actress jodie foster. he was released last month. >> thanks, heather. a license plate lawsuit said a woman in new jersey taking his wife atheist with the number 8 replacing the a. it could be considered offensive. a judge agreed ruling in her favor and awarding her $75,000. the air force academy contributing to world war ii. the team unveiling this legacy series shark tooth helmet on a twitter page. it is most notably used by a group of fighter planes known as the flying tigers. the director posting a look at the complete legacy series
2:47 am
uniforms. they will ware it in their september 10th game against georgia state. football are already starting again. those are great. very intimidating. >> it is time to check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "f" fox & friends. we are talking about a change for this trial that was shown on netflix. >> everyone is talking about this, steve. i watched this on netflix. unbelievable to see the news. >> it was a 10 part series called making a murderer. it was about did receisteven av kill this photographer by the name of teresa hall beck. not only was he convicted but so was his nephew at the time a 16-year-old kid. here's the big news. over the weekend his conviction was overturned. court documents noted he was only 16 at the time of the
2:48 am
confession. he had a below average intellectual ability and there was nobody in his corner acting on his behalf. it also sound like during the four our interrogation it was littered with leading statements and balance promises. in the end it was determined that his conviction life in prison overturned. now the state of wisconsin will have to decide what to do. the big question is does this mean a killer has been sprung, and how does it impact steven avery who is the subject of "making a murderer" on netflix. we will have the reporter that covered it all on your channel you trust for making news. >> can't wait to see that. >> you bet. see you later. >> we will be right back. stay with us.
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time now for one of our favorite segments of the morning going viral, thanks but no thanks. singer adele revealed that she turned down the super bowl halftime show. >> carly shimkus with sirius xm 115. it has everyone talking. certainly has us talking this morning. >> you're right. bad news for adele fans. you said it. the british songster said she turned down the chance to perform on one of america's biggest stages. >> well, come on, i mean, come on. i had to say no. >> the singer was responding to rumors that she would headline the halftime show. the nfl released statements
2:53 am
saying they have had conversations with several artists. >> adele, i wonder if she's a big football fan, i don't know. >> she certainly is chock full of charm, right? >> so, so talented. >> this one we were talking about someone taking it to their whole new level. >> the epic stare down. many calling it phelps space. he got the stare inked on his right calf. self determination and focus. >> i want that on my arm forever. >> that's certainly some determination right there. >> speaking of determined, there have a squirrel with a cup on his head and he was determined to get across the road. he had some help. >> emergency responders in connecticut rescued a squirrel
2:54 am
caught in a nutty situation. ems crews responded after the rodent got its head caught in a cup. the scared squirrel is jumping up and down with all of its might trying to get the cup off its head. they were able to remove the cup. >> it's so sad but a happy ending. >> little guy. he's a hopping squirrel. >> i know. who knew they could jump that high. when i first saw it, i'm like, what is that? is that a bird? look at it go. >> yeah. now it can go back to its little family. >> happy ending. >> almost five minutes now to the top of the hour. caught on camera, a speeding driver slams into the back of a police cruiser with the officer inside. this is heart stopping video you don't want to miss. sorry, not sorry. justin bieber firing back at
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hhis stellar notebooks will last through june. get back to great. this week sharpie twelve-packs just three dollars. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. i just want to find a used car start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new about two minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. five police officers injured and six buildings burned to the ground. the national guard stands by following a deadly police-involved shooting. flood ravaged louisiana
2:59 am
bracing for a new round of storms. at least five people already killed by rushing flood waters and more than 20,000 others have been rescued. donald trump heading to ohio where he is expected to unveil his plan for fighting terrorism in a foreign policy speech. talking about trump's speech. do you think it will shift media attention back to his message? weigh in now on our facebook page #keeptalking. now it's time for the good, the bad, the ugly. charlotte police officers are helping kids get books. they're encouraging a community to donate to their reading program. more than 500 books have been donated already. i love that. next, the bad dash cam video capturing the moment a police officer is t-boned by another car. the officer's car flipped over on to its roof. luckily the officer is okay. finally, the ugly. justin bieber's warning for his social media fans. ♪ ♪
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>> saying people can't be mean to his ex-girlfriend. if you can't handle it, stop posting pictures. >> drama. drama, drama. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> have a good monday. it is monday, august 15th and i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. several officers injured as riots are raging again overnight in milwaukee. cars are being set on fire. protesters are throwing rocks at the police there. the national guard has been activated as we learn brand-new information about the shootings sparked all of that view owelines. we are live from milwaukee. >> meanwhile, ryan lochte robbed at gun point in rio. people posing as cops. apparently with a badge surrounding the swimmer and three other american olympians. the dramatic new details just in. he's robbed in rio. >> yeah, right


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