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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 15, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> saying people can't be mean to his ex-girlfriend. if you can't handle it, stop posting pictures. >> drama. drama, drama. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> have a good monday. it is monday, august 15th and i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. several officers injured as riots are raging again overnight in milwaukee. cars are being set on fire. protesters are throwing rocks at the police there. the national guard has been activated as we learn brand-new information about the shootings sparked all of that view owelines. we are live from milwaukee. >> meanwhile, ryan lochte robbed at gun point in rio. people posing as cops. apparently with a badge surrounding the swimmer and three other american olympians. the dramatic new details just in. he's robbed in rio. >> yeah, right outside of the
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olympic village. donald trump ready to lay out his plans as he focuses his fire on a brand-new target. >> i'm not running against crooked hillary, i'm running against the crooked media. >> wow. does he have a point? what do you think about that strategy? we have some great guests to discuss that. we also want to get your advice and keep in mind mornings remain better with friends. >> now live from mid town manhattan, good morning, everybody. come on in to the tv show. ainsley, look who's back. >> so glad to have you back. >> special thanks to everybody that filled in. steve, you did that in a way, welcome in. like captain kangaroo. >> mr. rogers. >> welcome to the show. put on a sweater, enjoy it. >> welcome everybody to the
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program. >> i was in montauk. >> 20 miles. >> not far from your house. >> i could use the roadway. >> pack the car instead of a plane. >> let's get to the fox news alert this morning. riots raging in milwaukee since saturday actually. gunfire exploding, officers in riot gear are pelted by bricks. >> that's not good. the violence escalating following a deadly police-involved shooting. rich is live with brand-new information just revealed from the officer's body camera. i assume we're going to see this body camera footage soon, right, rich? >> ainsley, brian and steve, we are looking to get that body camera footage. police say they are still doing their investigation and they are not yet releasing it. the mayor has seen a still shot photograph essentially of that
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footage that shows, he says, someone raising their arm, the suspect who was shot at the moment police shot him another law enforcement officer says that the shooting and the body camera show that that shooting was within lawful bounds. they continue their investigation with the police chief noting the police officer and the suspect are the same race. >> normally i like to think that doesn't matter. there are a number of people here who want to do that. happens to be african-american and he has several years of experience and he's a very active officer and we are concerned for his safety. >> last evening, an evening of car fires, gunshots. one officer was struck by an object and taken to the hospital. another person was shot. police took him to the hospital in an armored vehicle. they've cleaned up the streets here. the street cleaners were here a
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couple of hours ago. you really can't tell much has gone on here. of course, aside from the building behind me, that's that gas station that was on fire saturday night. police preparing for yet another day here in milwaukee. back to you. >> let's bring in david webb, a friend of the show. been watching what's going on out there. is it a racial thing? >> no, it's not. what we have is a criminal with a gun who goes against a police officer, doesn't follow a lawful order. but you brought this up in the break while rich was doing his package. this is not black, a black cop, a blackman. so now the narrative is going to be cops killing blacks. if it was a white cop it would be white cops killing blacks. it's not about the facts, it's not about the fact that there was a cop shot and killed in new mexico, cop shot and killed in georgia doing his job. i think that's 36 police officers now killed in the line of duty. when you look at the predominant
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amount of incidents, it's with blacks. the crime issue in the black community has to be dealt with. whether we have a black lives matter that is entorsed by obama, clinton, by dnc. >> it's gone international. >> they're having black lives matter marches in germany. >> let me read you his rap sheet. he has been arrested, ticketed nine times for shooting, rob bring, carrying a concealed weapon, theft, possession of heroin and more and now you have people in the community, protesters, who are targeting white people, white people driving through the crowds, targeting their cars. let's see what some of the people are saying. the sister of the guy who was sh shot. >> black power.
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[ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. we need [ bleep ]. i don't wear it, but we need it. >> i asked if it was racial. >> no, that's not it. >> there's so much race in it. this points to such a larger problem with the total destruction of the black family. this young woman is part of the problem. the fact that you have a family structure that doesn't exist anymore or to the level where that they think that there was a time when you turned in the bad person in your family. you had somebody who was on heroin or dealing heroin, illegal weapons, stealing a gun which apparently he did according to earlier reports, you've got something like that, you don't want him in your family. now we have families backing them up. this is wrong. wait until they roll out the picture of him in the high school. he was such a good kid. he wasn't a good kid. he was unlawful. >> he pointed a gun at the police officer. what was the police officer supposed to do? >> two dead cops new mexico,
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georgia. what if this cop didn't do what he did? would he be number three? >> we don't know. we do know this. there is video. anxious to get the video out. you do pose a different problem, the cops are becoming the disciplinarians in the inner city. you're never the good guy when you're providing the discipline. but then when cops come in and refereeing domestic disputes and providing the type of enforcement that's not coming from home. >> >> it's not only coming at home, it's actually the bad behavior in some homes, not all, are being reinforced. the black community is not one monolithic block. there are many people in america who are black who hate this behavior. it puts them on edge just as much whether they're in an urban
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environment, suburban environment. this has become much larger than race. this is the narrative from breaking down the culture, the black lives matter crowd. obama's endorsed them. think about who their endorsements are. obama, democrats. the democrats have given them the voice and the platform and the community, by the way, they pay the price. burned down buildings. they're not going to be rebuilt. >> absolutely. >> not the way they should be. they're going to be probably destroyed forever some of them. >> it takes a while. i read in i think the milwaukee newspaper this morning that one of the places that was burned out, o'reilly auto parts, ten employees out of work there so they tried to move them to other locations in the area. >> that's not the people that need the work. one business just reopened two months ago finally since august of 2014. >> let's talk about a little bit
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of politics. as we know, the trump campaign did a message and focused on hillary clinton's problems. all pushed back against a "new york times" story yesterday that said they're fracturing on the inside and frustrated with a candidate who seems sullen. these are unnamed, anonymous sources. here's manafort yesterday slamming the media. >> she laid out her plan which is frankly what this administration is doing, raising taxes, raising spending, increasing the national debt. there fs a debate that could have had there. instead the media chose to take the clinton narrative and attack donald trump. donald trump in the course of this week was very focused about what he did in a number of battleground states. you didn't cover it. the campaign has to move forward and it's very strong. >> donald trump is right though,
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most of the media wants him to lose, but they wanted both the bushes and reagan to lose, too. >> this is not news. look, i gave a speech this week in spokane, actually in idaho. somebody asked a question. what would you do if you had 30 minutes with trump? i'd pull manafort and a few of his advisers in there and ask why they're not staying on message. i get it. in the next 90 days the media is not going to change, but when you give a great speech on the economy and you don't reinforce that with day after day of talking to the economy and going to the next policy point or the things that got you wins, you get off message, thank you that the "new york times" is -- i'm a little pissed off at donald trump because he's better than this. >> he did send a message. >> the media's not your target. they're not in the ring with you. hillary clinton is the one in the ring. think in boxing terms. hillary clinton is your
3:11 am
opponent. >> what does he need to do in milwaukee? this is a free standing event. he's going to milwaukee tomorrow. what does he need to be doing there? >> he talked in the convention about being a law and order president. talk about why law and order matters to the american culture, the community, what it means to have a true law and order society. here's a moment where he can focus that message and have it mag any feud by the horrible events and he has sheriff david carr doing his best to bring some calm to that community but do it by law and with law and order. also talk about the economy. the failed economy is in an inner city environment and the black community. >> maybe run an ad, any ad. >> yeah. >> abby huntsman, thank you very much. >> you've been asked to do double duty, triple duty. >> i love it. welcome back. great to have you back. >> great job the other day.
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>> thanks, brian. appreciate that. we have some headlines to get to this morning starting with this. active shooter overnight at jfk airport. planes taking off again after two reports of gunfire in the terminal. >> get down! get down! >> everybody down! show me your hands. >> police conducted a nearly three hour floor to floor search before giving the all clear finding no evidence of a shooting. now to extreme weather. the death toll rising from the flooding in louisiana. five people are dead with more than 20,000 people pulled to safety. one of the worst affected areas is baton rouge where right now about 10,000 people are packed wall to wall as you can see in the shelters there as their homes are now underwater. >> come on. come on. >> the torrential rains flooding hundreds of roads stranding many
3:13 am
for more than 24 hours without food or water. and robbed in rio. officials ranting at security after olympic security ryan lochte and three of his teammates are held up at gun point dressed up as police. the terrifying ordeal saying one of the men cocked the gun as he put it to his head. these dangerous men still have not been caught. lochte is thanking fans for their support tweeting what is most important is that we are safe and unharmed. the olympians are so inspiring. >> why are we having them in rio again? between zika and this. >> having the games there is a mistake but the athletes have been great. >> coming up this morning, donald trump expected to outline his plan. john roberts is out on the trail with a plan. >> caught on camera.
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talk politics in just a couple of hours. donald trump heads to ohio, youngstown in particular, to outline his plans to defeat
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radical islamic terrorists. >> yeah, fox news national correspondent is in youngstown, ohio, with the latest. john, never boring? >> reporter: never boring. welcome back, brian. steve, ainsley, good to see you as well. 2:00 we'll be at youngstown state university, home of the penguins, to deliver a speech on how he would defeat radical islamic terrorism, in particular at isis. here in ohio, big battleground state where hillary clinton leads him by a narrow margin. she leads by 2.6%. trump will unveil a three pillar policy this afternoon to defeat isis and radical islamic terrorism beginning with an explicit statement that anyone who wants to work with the united states will be our ally. he'll also illustrate a policy of no more nation building. no longer seeking to remake the middle east into one democracy.
3:19 am
pillar number two, change immigration policy. stop issuing visas where they cannot effectively screen applicants and apply a test to immigrants to determine if they support u.s. values. the third pillar, he will declare a cold war like struggle against radical islamic terrorism, spread a better message of life while at the same time militarily degrading and destroying isis in other terror networks. this is going to be a big idea speech not so much in the details. he is expected to go after hillary clinton and barack obama very hard. policies that they pursued in iraq, libya and syria have laid the foundation for isis to thrive in that area of the world. brian, just before we leave you here at youngstown, one quick sports question. youngstown state university is famous for inventing what? >> inventing what? >> a sports question. >> ray mancini.
3:20 am
>> no, the penalty flag in football back in 1941. >> look at you. >> they are the founders of that. >> the coach here was sick and tired of the refs blowing whistles and said it was confusing. he invented a simple piece of cloth. >> he's covering politics, he's diving keep in trivia as well. john roberts live on the trail in youngstown. john, thank you very much. >> in terms of invention, take that, edison. this is bigger than thomas edison and electricity. >> i think i prefer the light bulb. >> i like that. now you know something that you didn't. >> there you go, folks. >> and john roberts is smiling. meanwhile, a bombshell in the real life making a murder case that you saw on netflix. captivated the nation. brendan dacey, a 16-year-old. his conviction has been overturned. does that mean a killer just walked free? what does that mean for his
3:21 am
uncle steven avery who is still in prison. our reporter who covered it from the beginning is still here. they were embarrassed by iran. this morning one of these sailors fights back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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a fox news alert. the man wanted for killing a georgia police officer has been caught. royheem deed was just caught. he shot and killed officer tim smith. smith was a five-year veteran of the eastman police department. he would have turned 31 years old today and he leaves behind a fiance and two children. >> that's terrible. meanwhile, huge news for anybody who is following the wildly popular netflix series called "making a murderer."
3:25 am
a federal judge has overturned brendan dassey's murder. >> he and his uncle were convicted in the rape and murder of a young lady called theresa hallback. >> many believe dassey didn't deserve the life sentence. they claim police coerced him into the confession. >> here is aaron keller who covered the case from the start. are you surprised at this? we have heard and you have been on the program before talking about this dassey. he was 16 at the time. it looked like when you read the transcript and you watched the video, it kind of looked like the prosecutors were leading him down the road. >> that's what the federal judge found. if you studied this as i went to law school after i covered the case, the decision that came down on friday late in the day really didn't surprise me under the due process clause analysis that the judge applied.
3:26 am
>> here's what they -- a statement from the judge said overturning the conviction said, quote, these repeated false promises when considered in conjunction with all relevant factors, most especially dassey's age, intellectual deficit and the absence of a supportive adult render dassey's confession involuntary. >> it has to do with whether the police were shoving him beyond the ability to incriminate himself. it's tricky to describe but basically the u.s. supreme court has said in order to have a voluntary confession someone has to have spilled the beans. >> sure, which he did, kind of. kind of. >> yeah, for people at home that didn't get to see it, just so you know, the younger guy, the nephew of the uchkle -- the uncle is still in prison. the younger guy, his conviction was overturned because they're saying he was coerced, low iq.
3:27 am
we have that confession on tape. watch this. >> this is going to help you, brendan, no matter what you did. we can work through that, okay? we can't make any promises, but we'll stand behind you no matter what you did. >> told me not to do it. told me. >> i'm going to come out and ask you. who shot her in the head? >> he did. >> okay. so do you have -- so now the question is whether or not they're going to retry it. >> they'll decide that. if they do retry him and parts of this confession are going out the window, it's going to be really, really hard. >> what are your thoughts on netflix putting this together and the fact that it is changing this case? because you lived the case. >> it's -- well, a couple of things. this part of it, this petition in federal court was filed long before the story came out.
3:28 am
to say this decision came out because of the netflix show, i don't think that's true. >> do you think his uncle did it? >> knows are tough questions to answer. i never said whether i think he did or didn't commit the crime. as a journalist, which i was at the time, i don't like to give opinions at the time. i was much more concerned about whether he did or didn't do it. am i happy about this? i'm happy that a federal court took 91 pages to go through this and dig deep into what dassey said and didn't say. he changed his story so many times when he was being interrogated. how many theresa was shot? it was two times, three times, ten times. where was she shot? he changed his story four or five times. it was here, it was over there, it was over there. we can't really tell what happened based on this so called story. >> because they interviewed him after he had seen so many tv
3:29 am
news stories they thought maybe, you know, he saw the tv, got confused. it's all part of the case. now it's up to prosecutors to figure it out. >> aaron kelly, thank you very much. >> back to your new life. great to see you. >> congratulations on your law degree and moving here and dating a girl that lives in this area. welcome to the new york area. >> meanwhile, let me tell you what else we have planned in the next 90 minutes. what does bill clinton have to say about his wife's e-mail scandal? >> this is the biggest bull i've ever heard. >> that's the fbi that put out that load of bull. why is the mainstream media debating that? >> the patriotic bride and how you at home can help. >> first, happy birthday to ben affleck. he's got 44 candles on his cake today. >> happy birthday. >> took something that doesn't belong to you. the world is not polite. i'm billy,
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♪ >> wow. what a medallion. a road trip across america in support of our troops. >> this wounded warrior family support mustang is here on its annual high five tour rallying americans to thank all the military families out there. >> that's right, ainsley. it is on a four month mission driving at least 26,000 miles for more than 100 cities with the goal of raising $1 million. and our buddy, fox news contributor david webb is back. he also -- >> in addition to talking about the news of the day he is on the board of directors for the wounded warriors family support. today he starts his week on the
3:34 am
tour. now this is separate? >> this is a separate organization founded by kournl bolson, $1500 started it off with marines coming back. now we do mobility equipped vehicles. an explorer f-150 we've adapted. if you've lost your legs or use of your legs, we do that. we also give help to the indian tribes. we've given our 20th vehicle to indian tribes across the country. we do it with the help of americans. >> how much does it cost to adapt a vehicle? >> it can range from 50 to $70,000. >> whoa. >> depending on the needs of the vehicle. but i'll tell you, it's americans who make this happen. it's the people who really do this. >> that's incredible. so individuals who have lost limbs that can now drive a car thanks to your organization, the organization you're part of. i'm reading the car. people have signed it in the tour across america. >> right. >> some of the messages, god bless bernie. >> who signed it?
3:35 am
>> americans. americans come to us. >> i drive from here to detroit. we stop at ford dealers, we stop at different veterans organizations. we're going later on to a municipal town, municipal hall here in new jersey in scott' plains. i'll be working my way down to trenton. people come out and donate, go online and donate. high five this is a shelby mustang. you have volunteer drivers. >> we're all volunteers. mustang clubs, veterans. phil bradford over here with me, one of our guys. again, people come out. you could be a volunteer driver. i'll put you in it and let you drive it. brian i know likes to drive. >> my first car was a mustang. this is nicer than i have. >> you're running out of space for people to sign. >> time for a new car. >> i like that plan better. >> really, seriously, this is about helping the warriors. we're a four star rated charity. we put our money and the money americans entrust us with into
3:36 am
these vehicles whether it's an explorer or f-150. >> you have two outfits. the logo here. >> and i have something else for you guys. >> thank you very much, steve. >> thank the organization for your support. >> this is our coin. purple heart and flag on the other. >> if you would like more information go to thank you guys. >> keep the motor running. >> abby huntsman keeping her motor running all morning long. >> that is a hot looking mustang, you guys. we have other headlines to get to. a suspect now being questioned in the murder of a new york city mom. brand new surveillance video showing the men run up and shoot two men outside of their mosque. police calling it a hate crime. there is no motive yet. police released this sketch of the shooter. it is not clear as of now if he is the man who is now in custody. remember the american sailor who said this after being captured by iran?
3:37 am
>> it was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. >> now the navy lieutenant is appealing his punishment. the navy reprimanded his role saying he failed as a leader. they did not reveal the exact punishment. they have 30 days to decide on his appeal. well, a swirling inferno caught on camera. battling a field fire coming across combined with a blaze known as a firenado. you can see the dust devil spinning up flames as it moves across the field. this happens when the heat from a wild fire is so intense it's able to create its own wind. that is crazy. crews put out the fire tornado without anyone getting hurt. incredible rescue. strangers rush in to save puppies trapped in a hot car. >> here we go. >> two puppies found panting
3:38 am
both dehydrated desperate for a tase of wat taste of water in a parking lot in michigan. she was in the mall getting her nails done. she was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. the puppies luckily are okay and are now at an animal shelter. those are some of your headlines. i'm going to toss it over to maria on the plaza. another week of crazy weather. >> we're anticipating more flooding. i want to share with you some of the reported rainfall totals from parts of louisiana, mississippi, even extending into portions of florida. they were very impressive and historic out there with some areas picking up more than 30 inches of rainfall. the reason for all of this rain is that we had an area of low pressure lingering out here, very slow moving. tapping into some tropical moisture across the gulf of mexico and producing the historic rainfall totals. right now we have heavy rain coming across portions of eastern texas. right now a bit of a break across parts of louisiana. take a look at what happens here
3:39 am
with a forecast, several more inches of rain are expected out there. that will make matters worse. river flooding forecast to happen out there. we have a number of warnings extending farther north as it keeps moving northward into portions of the midwest and great lakes. quick look at your forecast. they are forecast to be into the triple digits across places like philadelphia, also into d.c. and in parts of the carolinas. now let's head over to steve. >> all right, maria. thank you very much. meanwhile, straight ahead. what does bill clinton have to say about his wife's e-mail scandal? >> biggest load of bull. >> why is the mainstream ignoring that headline? the woodhouse brothers are here next for a fair and balanced debate. that should be good. and it's a terrifying new report no parent should miss. the one thing parents are doing wrong and the tips that do save your baby's life. ♪ ♪ you can run an errand.
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spread some quick headlines for you. scary new study for families. it turns out most parents put their babies in unsafe sleep positions without even knowing it leading to an increased risk of death. the risky positions include putting our babies on their side or stomachs using soft sleep surfaces, loose bedding or sharing a bed with a parent. one small change could make drinking a little more healthy. ♪ red solo cup ♪ i fill you up ♪ let's have a party >> according to researchers, drinking weaker beer helps reduce alcohol's harmful effects like accidents, injuries or diseases. that is because most people are not going to drink more to compensate for the lower alcohol content. steve? >> good to know. thank you, ainsley. meanwhile, donald trump says he has a new opponent in the race for the white house.
3:44 am
>> i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton, i'm running against the crooked media. >> he says as he points out at all the cameras. that after the mainstream media generally overlooked this comment. >> the fbi director said when he testified before congress he had to amend the previous day's statement that she had never received any e-mails marked classified. they saw two notice with a c on it. this is the biggest load of bull i've ever heard. >> does trump have a point? brad woodhouse and his brother the executive director of the republican national committee. dallas, let's start with you. why did the mainstream media for the most part not even cover bill's bull comment?
3:45 am
>> well, a couple of things. i think that, number one, the media and to some degree the american public has accepted that the clintons don't tell the truth and they didn't tell the truth and that this issue of the e-mail and how she destroyed public records has been settled. she wasn't arrested and put on trial, but she was indicted by the fbi director. and the real danger here is people know -- people know she lies to the american people and they're either going to accept it or they're not, but what's really scary is the clintons lie to themselves. the clintons looked like, i've said before, baghdad bob denying what comey said to chris wallace and now baghdad bob's gotten married and bill clinton is just denying things that everybody saw plain as day. >> brad, your brother makes a good point. there is a large majority of the country that does not trust her when it comes to whether or not she's honest. >> well, look, steve, dallas has
3:46 am
never made a good point. let me just pick it up there. >> some brother you are. >> some brother i am. i mean, look, with respect to this one measure of trustworthiness, you see probably in every poll that comes out, the american people increasingly trust hillary clinton, partly because, look, they're looking at the dumpster fire that is -- >> but when you start at zero. >> the trump campaign. >> when you start at zero it's not hard to go up. >> dallas, look, if you want to sit here and talk about your candidate, you want to suggest to me that he's never made a mistake or never lied, he has worse numbers in the poll than she does on trustworthiness, she has worse numbers on approval and by the way he's losing in every battleground state including north carolina, dallas. you're the executive director of the north carolina republican party and he's down by 10 points in north carolina. >> that poll -- >> you tell me, is that because the american public or the north carolinans trust donald trump. obviously they don't, dallas. >> i do think that donald trump
3:47 am
needs to get on the message and go after hillary clinton every day about how she lies and how she has these e-mails that came out this week show that she was just willing to sell american safety and security -- >> what e. snails what e-mails are you talking about? what are you talking about? >> the e-mails that show -- >> involving her. what e-mails? what e-mails? there's no e-mails involving her that came out this week. >> here's what we know. >> you're making that up. you're making it up. >> fellas, one at a time. one at a time. >> here is what we know, that the whole reason she did not want her e-mails public, the whole time, the whole reason the server was set up was to keep their dirty business of the clinton foundation secret. >> what dirty business? what dirty business, dallas? what dirty business? >> two brothers are not going to agree on this. bradley, let me go into something else to talk about. >> sounds like a number of dirty deals here. >> don't interrupt steve, dallas. >> it's okay, you're brothers. >> but the moderator, please.
3:48 am
>> brad, you know, you were talking about the polls and stuff like that. trump is now down in. but you've got to look at the -- when you look at the mainstream media coverage, it does look like they are in her corner rather than his, and that's i think one of the reasons he's picked a fight with the "new york times" yesterday. he was talking about, hey, they made up a story again where he called the report fiction on tweets and stuff like that, but the mainstream media for the most part, and you wouldn't admit this, leans to the left, is going to help her out. >> well, look, steve, i know you lean to the left, but i'm not sure about the rest of the mainstream media. no, i'm just kidding. >> ow. that is just wrong. >> i didn't hear it. the producer was talking to me. >> steve, i think the issue here is donald trump has run a campaign where he has wanted the media to come out and cover his rallies and cover what he says. i think the only thing that you've seen recently is they've covered what he says. they cover his attacks on a gold star family.
3:49 am
they covered his second amendment comments. they covered his comments about hacking into her -- russians hacking into her e-mail. >> right. but they don't seem to cover her comments the same way they cover his with wall-to-wall coverage. >> i don't think she's saying something stupid every time she steps on stage. her rallies are fairly scripted. she delivers a very crisp message and he, you know, goes off tang gets. >> she's very boring. who wants to listen to her. my lord, if we have to listen to that -- by the way, steve, i don't believe you lean left. i'll climb up to the nearest water tower to defend your honor. >> dallas and brad, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> your mother must be a saint. we actually know your mother and she is a saint. speaking of donald trump, what's really going on with his campaign? rude did i giuliani's been campaigning with him. he has the inside scoop coming up. before the kids go back to school, we have the lunch pack that even the pickiest eaters
3:50 am
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that can be quite a challenge if your a a pussy parents we we all are. >> sometimes parents forget and kids open it up and they have absolutely nothing. >> we want to save that and give them some money. >> chef diane hendricks is here. she's a culinary nutrition and chef of health inspired safety.
3:54 am
are you ready to impress the da network. always ready to impress? >> always ready. >> here i have five great creative ideas, something different and interesting. bento boxes. i was doing bento boxes with my kids before they were cool. it's kind of a smorgasbord like separated compartments for the kids which is great. proteins, vegetables, fruit. a good balance. here are some other options. makes it easy. >> and fun. you can buy the separate disposable container. >> right. >> it has its own compartment. looks like you put a lot of time into this. >> kids love shapes, especially the little ones. you can use it for cheese and sandwiches and fruit. little hugs and kisses and -- >> so much more fun to eat a sandwich in the shape of a camel. >> absolutely. >> keeping it in line with the shapes, these are some organics -- they're little shaped take on a cheddar snack.
3:55 am
>> healthier version. >> all organic. they just hit the shelves. it's awesome. >> you can say we can put stuff in a pocket. kids love to put stuff in a pocket? >> you can put it in the pocket for them or put it all separately in the bento box. this is 100 calorie, whole grain. they're wonderful. to get fruits and vegetables into your kids, try the individual vegetable cups. they're wonderful. >> we did state fair a lot of coverage. everyone at the state fair walked around with sticks. kids love things on a kebab. >> they love things on a kebab and they love to dip. >> this is? >> cucumber wraps or sushi. i created that for adkins for the low carb lifestyle which is wonderful. a good balance of protein. it's wonderful for kids too though. this is what i love. kiwi. this is really a cool hack. you take a kiwi.
3:56 am
i'm using kiwi, because it's awesome and it's green and gold. you can scoop it out. give it to the kids like this. then they can scoop it which is really delicious, packed with vitamin "c" and potassium. >> she sliced the apple, so when the kids get to school it's already sliced. >> you can put lemon juice or true lemon on there. put it back together and put the rubber band on it. >> keep it from turning burn. >> fill them up and eat healthy. >> great, thank you. all right, we have a fox news alert to tell you about. more unrest in milwaukee. cars were set on fire for a second straight night. we'll there at the top of the hour. and trump's plan to take down isis. what can we expect? rudy giuliani has a preview for
3:57 am
us. he's here right now. what will steve tell us? a car,
3:58 am
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4:00 am
good morning to you and to your family. it's monday, august 15th. it's the start of school for many people around the country. i'm ainsley earhardt. a fox news alert. milwaukee erupts for a second night. >> black power! >> [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]! >> the national guard has been activated after a second night of violent riots in milwaukee. demonstrators are clashing with police throwing rocks as at least one person is injured after gun fire erupts in the crowd. rudy giuliani is here to react to it in just a few moments.
4:01 am
then ryan lochte the athlete right there, robbed at gun point in rio. people posing apparently as cops. they had a badge. surrounded the swimmer and three others. the dramatic new details just in coming up. and there could be changes coming to the white house intern program over fears that a future occupant, the former president, might have trouble keeping his hands to himself. that's presumptuous. still a lot of fighting left to do on the right and the left to find out who will be in 1600 pennsylvania avenue. two hours left. let me remind you, mornings are better with "friends." all right. thanks for joining us today on a monday. ainsley, as you mentioned a moment ago, you're right, today is first day of school. palm beach county, a lot of
4:02 am
counties in florida, today is the happiest day of the year for many parents. >> my sister is a teacher over charleston, south carolina, and they start today. a lot of mothers are crying after dropping their kids off at college. >> it's hard to say good-bye to your 18-year-old. >> game show host family in durham? >> no. my friend todd, the car guy. not the quiz show -- >> okay. >> of course. >> cut off relationships with them. >> i don't blame you. you had to make a stand. >> a lot happening in the news this morning. we'll start with a fox news alert. riots are raging on in milwaukee overnight. the national guard on stand by right now after protesters hurling rocks and bricks at police officers. destroying patrol cars and actually hurting the officers. >> wow. rich edson is live with more. on what we're learning right now about the cop involved in the deadly shooting. hey, rich. >> reporter: hey, brian,
4:03 am
ainsley, steve. right now the police and city officials are discussing the body camera a video that he had on him. the police chief says it makes it clear that the shooting was one lawful bounds. the mayor saw a still shot -- essentially a photo of that video that shows that the suspect did have a gun on him. now, the police have yet to relet's the video. a number of the protesters said they want to see that video. police say they're still conducting their investigation and not going to do so. last night, more rioting, not as bad as the night before. one police officer was hit with a rock and another one was shot. and another armored vehicle, police vehicle, escorted him out of here. that person out of here and took them to the hospital. so last evening there were more gunfire. more gunfire, there were rocks thrown at police officers. cars damaged. this after the evening before
4:04 am
which was the day of the shooting where you saw much of the damage across this neighborhood in milwaukee. the building behind me is that bp gas station that was caught on fire and destroyed. so all waiting to see what happens as we go into day three here. back to you. >> rich, live outside that bp gas station, thank you. rudy giuliani is joining us. what do you make of the sheriff and the governor activating the national guard, just in case? >> what i make of this is how bad things have come in america and we have a riot in which we don't know all the facts yet. first of all, you should never have a riot. even if the facts were bad, never presume anyone guilty. here the police chief has told us and there seems to be some witnesses that this guy had a gun, he was running away. turned around and pointed the gun at the police officer. >> right. >> we have two black men, the
4:05 am
black perpetrator running away and a black police officer. what was the black police officer supposed to do? wait and get shot and then shoot back? doesn't his life matter? doesn't the fact that he had to take action in self-defense matter? otherwise, instead of talking about this man being -- this other man being dead, we'd be talking about a black police officer being dead? where is black lives matter defending him? he took action in self-defense. i'm sorry, if a guy runs away with a police officer and the guy turns around and points a gun at him, -- >> you're in trouble. >> it's a new rule i have to get shot before before i shoot back? of course it isn't. if they can riot over this, it makes donald trump's point that law and order is out of control in america. it's out of control not because we've having bad weather. from the very top we have had anti-police rhetoric. anti-disgusting comments.
4:06 am
hillary clinton proclaimed all the police officers in baltimore guilty. they turned out not to be guilty. three found to be not guilty by an african-american judge. she everyone in apologized that. they were found gill by before they were found innocent. it's supposed to work the other way around, ms. clinton. i'm sorry. and that atmosphere created by the president, mrs. clinton, first holder, now the justice department. the four police officers get cleared and the justice department puts baltimore police under arrest. ferguson situation. the guy had his hands up. never happened. seven witnesses. i have read the testimony some of some of the witnesses, some were african-american, and they say he was charging the police officer. never had his hands up. that officer is found not
4:07 am
indictable. obama's own justice department which we know is anti-police officer -- and they brought a lot of cases against police officers, found no charges. yet nobody apologizes for saying hands up. it's fair to say they have created an atmosphere in which this kind of rioting can happen when a perfectly justifiable shooting happens between men of the same race. >> how important is it for the body -- body video camera that was on the officer, how important is it for to be released? the governor of the state, scott walker, is asking for them to release that. >> i released -- i saw two big riots in new york before i was mayor. one was a drug dealer named kiko garcia. she was supposed to be -- he was supposed to be an altar boy, turns out he ran a drug gang, had been arrested 38 times. there was an audiotape with the police officer calling for help as he was being killed. didn't put it out for four or five days. >> big mistake. >> my rule was i put out everything right away. >> i want to talk about what
4:08 am
donald trump is going to be doing today, but first let's talk about what happened over the weekend. he clearly is going to war with the media, which oftentimes is not a wise thing. but the new york times story say they talked to 20 unnamed staffers, trump insiders who say that donald trump is preoccupied with slights. he's beginning to acknowledge that he will lose. he still talks with corey lewandowski and is described as exhausted and frustrated. >> one of the names in the article is you. actually. >> i saw just the opposite in the article. i say the opposite with him. i played golf with him he's in great shape. i spent the whole day with him. he was -- he is in better shape than anybody else in the campaign in terms of focus, in terms of being totally optimistic that he's going to win. does he kid around and tease and nobody can do that anymore in politicians sometimes, yes. but the reality is he's determined to win and his effort
4:09 am
against the press is not for him. it's nothing against -- his effort against the press is fight for the american people. >> that do you mean? >> look, donald trump is a successful man. how much damage can they do to him? the press by being one sided and writing an article like that which is largely untrue and putting three articles the day before, anti-trump, imagine that on the front page. the american people are not getting the facts they're entitled to. they're not getting both sides of the story. you pointed out the language about bill clinton, what he used. >> you're a good friend of his and a skilled politician. you also know what needs to be said on the stump. how -- why is heiding saying the things that need to be said to point out his opponent as opposed to saying things about isis being the founder of isis and then keeping that going for three days? you must be able to talk to hip and say, how does that help you? >> i like that debate. i'll tell you what. if all he said was that both
4:10 am
hillary clinton and barack obama played a material role in the development of isis which they did, no one doubts that -- >> we get that. >> founder of isis, that cracks through. >> it's shorthand. it's donald trump short hand? >> it's way of getting attention in the press that goes after him. >> what can we expect today? >> i think he's going to talk about how to deal with islamic terrorism. i think maybe two big takeaways he'll use the word radical islamic terrorism unlike the president and hillary clinton has who has only used it reluctantly once. and he'll talk about the war of ideas. not only are we not fighting the military war, we'll talk about that which we should be. but not fighting the war of
4:11 am
ideas. we are 234not doing what we did during the cold war. we are not sending in the values of our country, the values of our civilization. we're not talking about what happens to women in these countries under shari'ah law. how they're stoned, how they're hurt and harmed and how they're misused. i would like to hear hillary clinton talk about that. she's a so-called feminist but she's taken a lot of money from the countries. maybe she can't talk about it. >> we'll have the coverage from youngstown on the channel later on. >> a good speech. >> you said you played golf with donald trump yesterday. who won? >> our team won. i played with him. >> okay. our team. team america. all right. america's mayor, thank you. let's go over to abby huntsman. >> good morning. we do have this headline this morning. an active shooter scare overnight. this at jfk. planes are now taking off again after two reports of gunfire in the terminal. >> get out! get out! get down, get down! get down!
4:12 am
>> police conducting a nearly three-hour floor to floor search before giving the all clear. find nothing evidence of a shooting. and robbed in rio. officials rammiping up security after ryan lochte and three teammates are held up at gun point. he detailed it saying that one of the men cocked the gun as he put it to his head -- can you imagine? even more chilling, these dangerous men have not been caught. he thanked fans for their supporting, tweeting we're safe and unharmed. and hillary is in the hot seat again today. could be the day that the lawmakers learn what the democratic nominee told the fbi about her e-mails. well, fox news learning that the fbi will hand over some the files to the house oversight committee. last month, the agency recommended no charges after speaking with clinton for hours over the use of her private
4:13 am
e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. if hillary clinton is elected president, she has to decide whether to allow bill to interact with the interns. the program would have to be restructured to prevent harassment if he becomes the first gentleman. this is because of his affair with then white house intern monica lewinsky. a little bit awkward. probably the first time that's happened or would happen. >> yeah. a lot of firsts. >> yeah. >> abby thank you. more than 20,000 people rescued from the deadly floodwaters in louisiana. >> get my dog -- >> they went after the dog and got the dog. >> wow. incredible video.
4:14 am
saved her life and the dog's life? >> yeah. >> with more on the way today we're live with more. >> there's the dog right there. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit.
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you can use whipped topping made ...but real joyful moments.. are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip. ♪ reddi-wip. share the joy. i'm drowning! >> we're coming. we're coming. >> we're breaking the window. breaking the window.
4:18 am
>> get my dog, get my dog. >> get my dog. and they did. fox news alert. that incredible video of a woman and her dog being rescued from the flooding in louisiana as they rip open a soft top convertible that was submerged. >> he saved her life and her dog's life. six people are unfortunately dead with more than 20,000 people pulled to safety. one of the worst affected areas is the area of baton rouge. >> yeah. will carr has been there the whole time and he has the latest. hey, will. >> reporter: good morning, guys. more than 10,000 residents are in shelters this morning, hotels across this area are sold out. major thoroughfares, i-10 and 12 are shut down. many are still waiting to be rescued. in fact, last night we went out with search crews on military vehicles. take a look at what we saw.
4:19 am
the police department is going street by street, block by block in east baton rouge looking for any residents who have not left their homes or cars so far. homes like this, they have several feet of water going up, water going halfway up to cars where the driveway used to be. over the past couple of days thousands of residents have been rescued by boat, by vehicles like this. some even rescueed by helicopter. take a listen. >> i'm heartbroken. i'm heartbroken. my home -- this is where i grew up. my grandmother and my grandfather and my aunt lived in that house. just trying to cope with it. >> disbelief. shock. that you know it can happen anywhere, but you never think it's going to happen in your
4:20 am
neighborhood. i know everyone says that. but it's happening. >> reporter: to help, president obama has issued a disaster declaration. but so many here have lost everything. and i was talking to one resident yesterday, she was fighting back tears. she said the only thing she can ask from people across the country right now is simply for their thoughts as they continue to battle through this disaster. guys? >> wow. will carr, reporting live down along the gulf coast. a real good chance nor rain today. >> pray for those families. so sad. 20 minutes now after the hour. straight ahead, we work to help others beat cancer until another disease forced this doctor to fight for his own life. his incredible story of survival. what's the man who nearly changed the course of american history, john hinckley, what is he doing right now at a subway? t coming back on my long-term control medicine.
4:21 am
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built for business. all right. time for a quick rio olympic roundup. usain bolt is still the fastest man in the world. he won his third gold medal in the 100 meters beating american justin gatlin by 0.08. it was that close. before he crossed the finish line, he posed for the camera, this smiling photo. now up going viral. hello. usa's simone biles continues her dominance. this time on the vault. she's now the first american female gymnast to win three gold medals in one olympics. she has two more chances for gold later on this week. michael phelps's death stare now immortalized a a tattoo. the man got his angry face tattooed on his leg. the fan is from canada.
4:25 am
all right. that's your roundup. brian, ainsley? all right. let's change gears. as a duke oncologist, neil specter was saving lives of patients. his own body was shutting down because he was suffering from an undiagnosed case of lyme disease. >> when he showed up for the routine pacemaker checkup he was told he needed a heart transplant immediately. >> now luckily for specter -- >> a donor was found and he has been living his life ever since. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> you focused your whole life on cancer research, drugs for individuals to change their lives. you had lyme disease and didn't know what it. what was it? >> i started to have palpitations, i had an episode of brain fog which i described as if you were taking 50 benadryl isa day.
4:26 am
i walked out, i had no recollection of what i had just spent an hour talking about. >> so you expressed frustration explaining to a doctor who said you were fine and i said i was not fine. >> i was told i was stressed. no one thought of lyme disease. i didn't have the typical rash which a fair amount do not have the typical rash. i didn't remember being bitten by a tick. blood test after blood test, not the lyme disease test was normal, and i was told nothing is wrong with you. >> how did you find out? >> i finally developed arthritis four years into the course. i was given the antibiotics and then within 24 hours the arthritis resolved. i had third degree heart block meaning that the electrical system shut down and i needed a pacemaker. even with all of that, i was told that that can't be lyme disease. >> right.
4:27 am
>> so you can imagine the frustration. >> so you're a doctor, who's saving lives and then all of a sudden you become a patient. what changed for you now as a physician after being the patient? >> so i always thought i was very come passionate, but now i have a perspective from the patient's side. i know what it's like to be waiting for test results. sitting in a waiting room, seeing sick people around you. i have a greater appreciation for the fact that, you know, none of us is given any guarantees on life. i mean, i still run marathons, boston marathons. i never did -- i never smoked, i got bit by a tick and i was misdiagnosed and sended up -- and ended up with a heart transplant. >> back in the day, lyme disease was treatable, but i hear more and more about this like your case. >> disease, you treat it and you cure it. thankfully for many people that's the case, but there's a lot of people who fall between
4:28 am
the cracks. there are people who have chronic problems. and people who have other parts -- other infections. you get bit by a tick, you don't necessarily get lyme disease. it's a serious problem. it's growing. >> it's all in your book "gone in a heart beat." and it talks about what you went through. ultimately to end up with the heart transplant. >> i did, yeah. i lived 11 years with 10% heart transplant, developing cancer drugs and coaching my daughter's soccer team. it was a story i learned about perseverance and living your life and not being defined by a medical illness. >> you look great, and thank you for writing the book. >> so i'm from the south too, we're proud of you, duke university. we're following a fox news alert. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ].
4:29 am
>> all right. the city of milwaukee devastated by weekend violence after police shot and killed a young black man. but we just learned the officer who pulled the trigger also black, does that change anything? we'll talk about that next. and this is what freedom looks like. how did this man who changed the course of history by shooting the president, how did he celebrate his newfound freedom? she spent summer binge-watching. soon, she'll be binge-studying. now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. today, the only spanish words he knows are burrito and enchilada. soon, he'll take notes en espanol. get back to great with the right gear. from the place with the experts. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. well, here we are go. a fox news alert now. the national guard activated after a second night of violent protests. milwaukee on edge after angry mobs trashed cars after a shooting suspect by a police officer. many are asking how do we stop this again from happening and at
4:33 am
least stop it in milwaukee for now? joining me now to talk about this is a fine panel. he's from free think, camille foster is back with. demass who wrote a great book and a perfect guy for this segment as well. retired nypd lieutenant and founder of watch guard 24/7 john rafferty to get the law enforcement perspective. we have a fleeing career criminal even though he's 23 years old and the body camera will reveal in the mayor and governor are correct, that the suspect had a gun. and it was suspect with his ammo -- actually out on the cops. >> absolutely. >> so what has happened since then that might surprise you? >> well, it's sad. unfortunately we have developed a society that's become the judge and jury. we have to put an end to that. we have to stop people from judging these cops. we have to allow just like we do for every other citizen is allow the evidence to come out, let it go to trial. we can't allow this behavior. we're ruining our own society.
4:34 am
>> demass, i guess you're something that was on the wrong side, you found the right side so you have been on the law enforcement side. as an african-american, you see what happens, an african-american cop is chasing the african-american suspect and we have the same result, which could be a ferguson or a baltimore situation. why? >> you know, i want to share something that i have never really shared and, you know, i had death threats on my life and it was police that stepped in and helped save me. and i know they are great, incredible cops. to me as a former king pin and street god, i want to say the police are my heroes. but one of the situations that's so troubling, if i get shot and murdered today what's coming out on the screen, drug dealer has
4:35 am
gone rogue even if i don't have a gun. but it would take friends like you, brian, or someone that would have to step in in order for me to be able to get a fair shake. but if a police is killed, let me just say this. if a police is killed, the force of the united states will come pouring down and we know whoever did it will certainly be gone. >> well, i mean, there's a situation -- there's two of you. wrote your book "street god" because you were dealing drugs and you were in prison for a while and you grew from it. a law enforcement would protect you as well as me. am i wrong? >> no, i think that's generally correct. look, i think most of the folks who are on the streets enforcing the laws of this society are good and decent people. it is an unfortunate reality for reasons real and imagined that out there in america, there are plenty of people that have a tremendous amount of distrust for law enforcement and i think we do have to ask some pretty
4:36 am
tough questions beyond this particular event about what's going on. >> what do you think -- gwhat's going on? >> well, there's clearly a deficit of trust. one thing that to can happen to mitigate that, having transparency, the body cameras and any time there is a police shoot, that coming in. there are real lives here that are being damaged by the riots. never forget about the human tragedy happening. >> and you know what happens -- we have the chants of them say, go get white people. we don't know what happened yesterday, the sun is not up yet and that's the goal. >> here another problem they're not dealing with. if i was killed, i can't find a black person or hardly a person in white america that would feel like the force that would come in to capture or call on the justice for the officer is
4:37 am
killed would not be the same if an african-american is killed. i believe all lives matter, i'm down with that. all believes matter, but the truth is in america blacks feel like some lives matter more than others. >> nobody looks at the color, nobody looks at they were killed. those police are the only ones out there protecting the communities. the politicians don't care. but it's the homicides when they happen, it's the police they go there and they try to solve the crimes. they don't like at -- look at race or what the circumstances are. they want to get the bad person off the streets. because it's only a small group of bad people out there that are ruining the communities. >> you're a hero, but what the black community is looking for is when is some heroes going to stand up, like captain stephen katz and darnell, that said we are responsible for the death of
4:38 am
darnell thompson. why didn't the guys who killed freddie gray, i choked a man to death? >> they didn't choke a man to death. >> it's important that we not argue with anecdotes here. there are serious significant problems that have hand but we can't take from the one circumstance or even five of them and string them together and create a single narrative. >> i'm talking about the castile -- >> no. >> i served families. i served those victims' families. it's not an argument. i served the families. i'm there crying with diamond reynolds and crying next to them. and we've got -- never. >> that's what's wrong -- >> in milwaukee. they're saying we're sick and tired -- >> they're saying we're sick and tired -- >> exactly. >> look what happened in ferguson. it's the same thing. something that the cops did nothing wrong.
4:39 am
they're out there policing the neighborhoods. they should commend this cop, they saved somebody else's life. >> this is a disenfranchised community. there's frustration in that city, and if it's race related people should go in there wi with -- because how do we do get the people more economic opportunity? so it happens it's not an explosion. >> like dontre hamilton who was shot 14 times and killed. look at the reports of documentary -- thank god you did a documentary, but people there are tired of feeling like they're oppressed. >> do you think in the big picture the problem is the cops? >> yeah, i -- >> i will tell you, he asked me, is it a problem with the cops, no i don't think it's a problem with the cops. i think it's the problem with nobody being held responsible when a million cops in america and some of them make mistakes. we go on like the cops are --
4:40 am
like they don't make mistakes. if the heroes would step up and say, we made a mistake, it would be great. >> thanks so much. we just scratched the surface. we should have you back later. >> a longer segment would be awesome. >> i say that every day. thanks, guys. when we come back, with third party candidates climbing in the polls are independent votes more crucial than ever this november? emily eakins is here to answer that question. and she's one of country music's most respected female stars. ♪ ♪ when i die, i may not go to heaven ♪ >> tanya tucker here live. this singer rose to fame as a member of the boy band with his brothers kevin and nick. be the first at with the
4:41 am
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with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. 15 minutes to the top of the hour. we start with some quick headlines. a suspect now being questioned in the murder of a new york city imam and his assistant. brand-new surveillance video coming to our newsroom showing the gunman run up and shoot men outside of the mosque. critics are calling it a hate crime. and terrifying moments at an air show as a plane crashes to the sea and it's all caught on camera. whoa. the plane flipping over, hitting the water off the coast of england. the pilot was trapped inside for nearly a minute, but luckily
4:45 am
survives. the man who nearly changed the course of history by shooting ronald reagan spotted for the first time since he was allowed to walk free. john hinckley jr., seeing this exclusive picture, picking up sandwiches and a drink in williamsburg, virginia, after being released from a mental hospital. getting a subway sandwich for you. >> i don't blame you. i love that restaurant too. thank you. donald trump and hillary clinton opening their doors to all the outsiders in hopes to win over those independents. >> we will be the big tent party. reagan democrats. and independents and republicans. >> the millions of people across our country supporting this campaign, not just democrats but a growing number of republicans and independents as well. >> so how important is the independe independent vote in this
4:46 am
election? emily eakins has the answer. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> you're welcome. we know that the independent vote is the most important, but which one will they support? >> right now, breaking towards trump if you look at the most recent polls. the main reason why is that they trust trump to handle the two issues that the independent voters care about, which is national security and terrorism, as well as growing the economy and jobs. >> so they're not voting against a candidate. they're voting for him? >> well, what we see, they dislike both candidates but they dislike hillary clinton far more than trump. to be fair, independent voters trust her temperament. they think she cares about the issues in their lives but are not the independents' priorities. they want a candidate who not going to sugarcoat -- won't sugarcoat the threats that are facing our country in keeping our country secure. they think that donald trump is
4:47 am
more likely to do that. >> you know, it's interesting, even if you throw in the liberty candidate, gary johnson, you can see they still choose trump. clinton gets 29%. trump get 35% and then gary johnson 22%. >> that's a high number. that's interesting about this election. the independent voters don't always matter in elections. if you look at 2012, mitt romney won the independent vote. he lost the election. john kerry won the independent vote in 2004 and he also lost. winning the independents isn't necessarily decisive in winning the election, but in this cycle, 2016, it might be different. because of gary johnson, a serious third party candidate. he's taken about a quarter of the independent vote. what we want to see, is he going to disproportionately take votes from hillary clinton or donald trump? right now, he's taking about equally from both. >> but what's interesting he's little bit more conservative. so you would think a lot of the
4:48 am
independents that don't like the conservative movement would all go to hillary and maybe she would be winning when you look at the three candidates, but that's not the case. donald trump is winning. >> so you might think that. what's happening is there are two main groups in the independent cluster. there are a lot of disaffected bernie sanders supporters who are very upset with hillary clinton. they don't necessarily want to vote for donald trump. so they're either not going to turn out or vote for johnson. there are a lot of fiscal conservatives in that independent group that don't really have a candidate to choose from. because neither hillary clinton or donald trump are fiscally conservative, so they might be attracted by a johnson candidacy. >> thank you for joining us. have a great day. >> thank you. well, she is one of country music's most respected female stars and after the break, tanya tucker is going to sit down to talk to us about how you can own a piece of country history. you're not going to want to miss
4:49 am
this. a violent weekend in milwaukee, but newt gingrich said that's not the real story. what the media isn't showing when he joins us live. but first on this day in 1945, the allies proclaimed vj day, sparking celebrations over the end of world war i and in 1969, the woodstock festival opened and elton john and kiki dee topped the charts with "don't go breaking my heart."
4:50 am
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all right. now time for the answer to the "fox & friends" trivia question. joe jonas. our winner is karen from virginia. you're getting a copy of brian's newest book, "thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates." she is one of country music's most respected female stars. ♪ ♪ and the jukebox is jumping, to turn his heart around ♪ ♪ i may be wrong, but i don't have no doubt ♪ ♪ well, it's a little too late to do the right thing now ♪ >> well there you go, a piece of tanya tucker's personal history from her massive checktion of -- collection of memorabilia. after four decades in show business. >> i already have her outfit. joining us right now is country music pioneer tanya tucker. >> pioneer. >> you got the pioneer award.
4:54 am
>> hitch up the wagon wheel. >> you have so many items that are up to benefit the sweet relief musician's fund. how hard was it to say, you know what, maybe i should auction this off to help somebody but i really would like to keep it in my closet? >> oh, no it's constant. i mean, even one -- one of the auctions started -- well, we have several. started at 2:00 this morning and it's a ten-day event. i still look at the pictures of things like last night i was going through some of the pictures of things that are up for auction. i'm thinking oh, gosh, i'm going to miss this. >> yeah. >> but, you know, it's highly emotional, but i have a 15,000 square footwear house of stuff. >> what are you auctioning off?
4:55 am
>> all kinds of things. motorcycles. i have -- my '65 mustang. >> the bids start at a dollar. >> yeah. >> these are pictures of things to expect on the auction block? >> yes. >> what is that outfit? >> actually, i believe that is david allan coe's outfit. i don't think that's mine. like i have glen campbell's jumpsuit on stage. >> how do you have glen campbell's stuff? how did that happen? >> that's another story, honey but a lot of the clothes -- most everything i have worn on stage somewhere. >> it's such a great cause. don't you have people that actually pick it out for you? >> well -- >> do you have to shop? >> i do my own shopping. but that's something that my accountant hates for me to do. >> do you go to the gap? >> i do. i do. i always love a deal.
4:56 am
>> tell brian how women are. women can find something everywhere. we love a sale. >> so i enjoy it. we have a lot of things. you know, people might enjoy some of those things. >> sure. great. >> you know, just sitting in a ware house getting old. >> so this runs until august 28th, 8:00 p.m. go to our website. we'll link to >> everything but the house. i'll sell the house if you want it. and i picked out that organization because, you know, we all know. musicians run into tough times and it's great to have some relief. you know? >> right. thank you so much for dropping by. >> i love you guys. i don't get up this early for anybody. >> you won the pioneer award.
4:57 am
>> thank you. coming up, live at top of the hour, newt gingrich is here. >> wow, that's going to be great. the latest breaking news about adele. will have she a last name?
4:58 am
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it's the all-day 360 cat eye ten times volume, darkness and no smudging katy kat eye and new katy kat matte lipstick from me and easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl good monday morning to you and your family. august 15th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. a fox news alert. one person shot and at least one cop injured in the second straight night in milwaukee. what we have just learned about the man shot by cops, live from milwaukee. and ryan lochte robbed at gun point in rio. like that. >> a guy pulled out his gun. he cocked it, put it to my forehead and said -- i had to put my hands up. >> i would too. the dramatic new details coming in from rio. >> especially because he was a cop. you think what did i do? donald trump takes on a new target.
5:01 am
>> i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton. i'm running against the crooked media. >> is that a winning message? newt gingrich knows all. he'll join us in a matter of moments. i look at the rundown right before this segment. mornings are better with "friends." hello, everybody. welcome to studio "e" as in election. we'll have some campaign stuff in a couple of minutes. but right now we start off in milwaukee. >> yeah, we have a fox news alert this morning. the city on edge there as riots have been raging all night. the national guard on stand by. as the protesters were pelting police with rocks, with bottles, with bricks. they were all bragging about it. >> hey! one down [ bleep ]! >> five cops hurt in all, forced
5:02 am
to stagger away, following two nights of violence. >> rich edson is live in milwaukee where the sun is coming up. and he has the new details about the officer involved in the deadly shooting. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and city officials and police officials who have reviewed the body camera said that the officer acted properly. that the video shows and according to the picture reviewed of the suspect holding a gun at the time and so they're saying that the shooting was warranted. however, riots and protesters are demanding that authorities release that video. police say they are still reviewing it for their investigation. this after another evening of gunshots, throws of rocks and stones here. more destruction. one police officer injured and taken to the hospital. another person shot and taken to the hospital. governor scott walker of wisconsin is calling for peace. >> the bottom line is there are
5:03 am
good, decent people who live not only in milwaukee, but in this specific neighborhood and it's imperative that we do all we can to keep them safe and part of keeping them safe means holding respect for law enforcement, allowing them to do their job. we need to do more of that. >> reporter: couple of hours ago, street cleaners came in here. no more bricks on the road. the indication that went on is this destroyed gas station behind me. back to you. >> all right, rich edson outside the bp gas station, thank you. >> unbelievable. >> let's bring in newt gingrich, former speaker of the house. he was with us at the end of last weepg -- week talking about the op-ed he had written for "usa today" -- or and you talked about how people deserve safety in their lives and now sadly, in many places, now milwaukee, you can't find it. >> and tragically brohm has -- barack obama has contributed to
5:04 am
the tone and we had false narrative and false narrative. in milwaukee, the police officer was black and the person that the policeman shot was facing the policeman with a pistol. after having been warned. now at what point do we say the people have an obligation to respect , but furthermore, why are we tolerating this level of rioting and violence and really attacks on our very civilization? we have plenty of video cameras. we could video every single rioter and the next day or two pick them up, charge them with breaking the law. at a minimum put them away for 50 or 60 days to say we won't allow you to go on the street without facing a significant consequence. we don't have to the allow the rioters to take over our cities. >> same day in milwaukee this that this happened, nine people were shot, five of them were
5:05 am
murdered and yet this turns out to be the big story. >> i don't understand the black lives matter inability to see innocent people killed who aren't involved with the policeman. in chicago, in the last week we have had 1 -- 99 people shot. 24 people dead. we have had over 3,500 people killed in chicago since barack obama became president. this is his hometown, it's hillary clinton's hometown. 3,500 americans, more than died in iraq and afghanistan and everybody is just blase. nobody pays attention. not a national scandal. we're not ruthlessly, we're focused on baltimore which turned out to be a false narrative by the way as every policeman was exonerated. and in chicago, american citizens are being murdered. why aren't black lives matter concerned about black innocent civilians who are killed by other folks in the neighborhood
5:06 am
and why aren't we insisting on safe neighborhoods and then candidly i share the sympathy of people who have lousy schools where the unions won't fix. they're in a situation where there are no jobs. when the dominant figures are making money on drugs and there's endemic violence. but this type of riot makes it harder to create jobs. >> should donald trump go there? >> i think trump in the near future -- hopefully by the end of the week, make a major speech, whether it's with sheriff clarke in milwaukee or in chicago or in baltimore. i think he ought to pick a major city. if the mayor says, look, this situation is so tense, really it would be dangerous. it would go volatile, then no, don't go to milwaukee. but on the other hand, sheriff clarke has been very solid and
5:07 am
understands the importance of law and order to protect the innocent. it's the weakest among us who are protected by the law and order. >> he does have a preplanned trip to milwaukee tomorrow before all of the riots happened. he's doing a town hall there with sean hannity. what should he be talking about? >> well, if he's -- i didn't know he was going to milwaukee, if he's going to milwaukee tomorrow he ought to talk about the inner city. they have a very big speech today on the whole issue with how you defeat isis and islamic supremacists and i think it's -- from what i have seen so far it's an important speech and a good speech and it draws a sharp distinction between the confusion of clinton and obama and how trump would deal with it. they want to stay on that topic, which everybody told them to be doing. if you do decide -- again, if sheriff clarke thinks it's good for him to come to milwaukee, then i think he ought to actually open his talk tomorrow
5:08 am
night talking about milwaukee. all the of the inner cities in america. because all are suffering from a similar pattern of no jobs. terrible schools. teacher's unions opposed to any kind of reform. high taxes, too much regulation. those are across all of our major inner cities and a as a result, people live in a sense of frustration and poverty and fear. >> let's talk about something else that might be on donald trump's agenda and his teleprompter. that is the fbi possibly releasing the notes from hillary clinton's long interview that she gave, not with james comey, but with officials working with the fbi e-mail interrogation of her. how important are those notes, do you think to understanding what she was saying? because she was not under oath. >> who knows? i think we have to wait and see what the notes are like. this is a person who has lied repeatedly. she lies about lying and now she lies about having lied. i think you have to understand this is the clinton model which
5:09 am
is to drag it out, to lawyer it up. to say whatever you need to do get through the next interview. i think she wasn't under oath, i think it's kind of weird with a figure who's this important nationally to do -- it's a multihour interview in their home without taking exact notes, the exact transcript, and without having her under oath makes me wonder. what's the advantage of interviewing somebody like that after months and months and months of research? i mean, it's one thing to have a casual, general conversation going into the investigation. but i would have thought they would have wanted to put her in the position if she lied it was perjury. i'm puzzled by the fbi's decision. but it's interesting to see, just as somebody who is curious about how the country works. it's interesting to see what she says about things that are clearly illegal. >> all right, newt gingrich, always a pleasure.
5:10 am
thank you for joining us from the nation's capital. let's hand it over to abby who has some headlines for you. >> thank you. we begin with the story. could the olympics be to blame for the active shooter scare at jfk airport? well, a police source saying people clapping and banging during the olympics triggered the false alarm. it came one minute after bolt won the 100 meter dash. there were reports of gunfire in the terminals and as you can imagine caused some panic. >> get down, get down! get down! >> everybody down. >> scary. well, police conducted a nearly three hour floor to floor search, find nothing evidence of a shooting. well, now to the fox news alert. a man wanted for killing a georgia police officer has just been caught. the man was arrested in florida after a massive manhunt. he shot and killed officer tim smith after he responded to a 911 call. smith was a five-year vet.
5:11 am
he would have celebrated his 31st birthday today. he leaves behind a fiancee and two children. and ryan lochte and teammates are held up by thieves dressed as police. one of them cocked the gun as he put it up to his head. >> no nothing. they pulled us over. they pulled out their guns. they told the other -- others to get down on the ground. they got down on the ground. i was like we didn't do anything wrong. so i'm not getting down on the ground and this guy pulled out his gun and he cocked it. put it to my forehead and he said get down. er said whatever. >> the dangerous men have not
5:12 am
been caught. lochte thanking fans for their support. what is most important we are safe and unharmed. and bad news for adele fans. ♪ ♪ we could have had it all rolling in the deep ♪ >> we love adele but she turned down the chance to perform at the super bowl. >> i mean, come on. that show is not about music. no, i said no. >> but the nfl and sponsor pepsi deny making adele an offer to perform. those are your headlines. i don't know, you guys. i think that might have been the right decision. can you see adele performing the halftime show? >> it's different. but she's fantastic. >> amazing. >> hello. >> come to new york at the end of september. >> sounds like you have tickets. >> i hope i do. >> i've made some requests. >> thank you. >> thanks. all right. coming up straight ahead, a fox news alert.
5:13 am
more than 20,000 people rescued from the deadly floods in louisiana. >> i'm drowning, i'm drowning. >> we're coming. we're coming. i'm going to break the window. >> breaking the window. >> a live report from the ground. that'll be next. >> unbelievable. brand-new trouble this morning for debbie wasserman schultz. the latest on the disgraced democrat's fight to keep her seat. that's next. guess what i just did? built a sandcastle? ha, no, i switched to geico and got more. more? 24/7 access online, on the phone or with the geico app. that is more. go get some mud... all that "more" has to be why they're the second-largest auto insurer. everybody likes more. mhm, i think so.
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we're coming, we're coming. >> i'm going to break the window. >> we're breaking the window. >> get my dog. get my dog. >> your dog. >> get my dog. >> get my dog, she says. as her car goes under. that incredible video of the woman and her dog being rescued. one of 20,000 being pulled to safety. >> six people are now dead and more trouble is expected as rivers rise over next several
5:18 am
days. one of the most affected areas ask baton rouge. >> will carr has the latest there. unfortunately, looks like more rain down there today. >> reporter: yeah. it does, guys. good morning. as the sun is coming up. the water has started to recede, but there's definitely more bad weather in the forecast for the coming days. and this is still a major search and rescue operation. we went out with crews last night as they were patrolling these flooded streets. take a look at what we saw. street after street, block after block looks just like this. really more like lakes or rivers than neighborhoods here. you can see the water going halfway up homes. for the past couple of hours, we have been tagging along with the police department as they have been going through and rescuing residents who wanted to stay here, but at whatever point had realized that things had gotten out of control and they needed to get to safety. there are thousands who have been rescued over the past 48 hours. people rescued by vehicles like
5:19 am
this, also by boats and by helicopters. we spoke to several. take a listen. >> i'm heartbroken. i'm heartbroken. my home -- this is where i grew up. my grandmother and my grandfather and my aunt lived in that house. just trying to cope with it. >> disbelief. shock. you know it can happen anywhere, but you never think it will happen in your neighborhood. i know everyone thinks that but it's happening. >> reporter: president obama has issued a disaster declaration for an area that's already gone through so much lately. you have the police officers who were shot and killed here and now this historic flood. leaving some residents wondering aloud to me how much more this community can take. guys, back to you. >> no kidding. will carr, thank you very much
5:20 am
in baton rouge. meanwhile, in other news, businesses burned to the ground, officers injured trying to keep the peace and the message from our president -- look, i just made it to the fairway. dr. alvita king, niece of dr. martin luther king will join us next. and how one little girl escaped the jaws of a mountain lion and lived to tell the story. >> oh, man. it's been a wild ride to jordan & chelsea's wedding. but thanks to everything turned out perfect. [crying] weird, but perfect. [flute]
5:21 am
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all right, quick headlines now. today could be the day that lawmakers learn what hillary clinton told the fbi about her e-mails. the fbi expected to hand over some of the files to congress as early as this week. last month, the agency
5:24 am
recommended no charges over her use of the private e-mail ser r server. but these are just notes. no transcript. and remember this sailor, what he sad after the capture by iran? >> it was our mistake, we apologize for our mistake. >> well, navy lieutenant david nartker is appealing his punishment. the military said he failed as a leader. the navy has 30 days to decide on his appeal. steve? we have a fox news alert. one person shot, at least one officer hurt in a second straight night of mayhem in milwaukee. protesters lighting cars on fire. businesses. throwing rocks and bricks at cops. they are angry over the death of a 23-year-old man by the name of sylville smith. he was shot dead by police saturday after he refused to drop a stolen gun he was carrying with 23 rounds in it.
5:25 am
here right now with her reaction is dr. alveda king, the niece of martin luther king. she is a fox news contributor. good morning, dr. king. >> thank you so much. and good morning. i would like to point out first that we are dealing with a flawed system, not a broken system, but a flawed system. in the 1950s and '60s we faced the exact same types of terror rise reactions of fear and anger, but the solutions of course are going to be different. so i believe we can work on t s ththis system, ask the people not to be frightened and to direct the anger into solutions instead of just fear and anarchy. >> absolutely. but, you know what, dr. king, we have had so many different messages from people in places of prominence over the last couple of years.
5:26 am
you would like to see our nation's leaders -- spiritual leaders and political leaders get on the same page. >> we need to be on the same page, whether near the education world, the medical world, certainly the spiritual world, the political world. my dad and my uncle had a powerful scripture. led righteousness -- let righteousness roll down the waters and justice like a mighty stream. so justice and righteousness will need to come together and encourage the people not to be fearful and reactive. we do not need martial law with the federal government sending soldiers into communities and shutting everything down. but i believe our leaders and all of our people of america, because we live in a great nation. so the answer -- it's not even racism all the time. because we're one human race, act 17:26. so we need to come together, realize we are brothers or sisters or we need to become
5:27 am
brothers and sisters. i believe our leaders can help us to do that. >> the president of the united states we understand has been made aware of what was going on. yesterday he was golfing and some of the reporters were close enough to bark out some questions. did they ask him about this? let's listen. >> there were two that came into play. got one on the road back up here. the titlisist one -- >> that's me. neither of them are mine, that's the most important point. >> you on the fairway? >> that's me. >> good for you. >> so the reporters and the president talking about how they were searching for some of his golfing companions' balls. he was in the fairway. would have been nice to get a question about what is going on in milwaukee. is the president on the right page when it comes to milwaukee and other things regarding this, dr. king? >> i believe that the president really should take a page from
5:28 am
the book of a.b. king, martin luther king jr. and as a national leader. he's the president. but to come to a point of some spirituality and encourage the people not to be fearful. we should not be divided into separate races because we're one human race. so, you know what was remarkable to me, i heard a chant not black lives matter, but black power. that's from the '50s and '60s when that same type of attitude tried to divide america. well, what about human power, what about americans coming together fixing a flawed system together, putting america back to work. good education, good values. that can really happen. i think the president would have an opportunity as he's -- hitting away at the balls to think about that. >> well, he is on vacation. alveda king, thank you very much. what do you think about that?
5:29 am
e-mail us at you thought this was bad? >> thank you all so much. [ crowd booing ] >> well, as it turns out, getting booed and fired as the dnc chief was the least of debbie wasserman schultz's worries. that's coming up next. moving your kids into college. how do you go from this empty dorm room to this? it doesn't cost mom and dad a fortune. lifestyle expert will be here to spruce up your kid's dorm room, coming up. he wrecked the rec room this summer. his stellar notebooks will last through june. get back to great. this week sharpie twelve-packs just three dollars. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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after 26 years in the u.s. air force, retired colonel gary west has made it his mission to bike on this bike that i've got right here 2,500 miles honoring u.s. military families by presenting them with a flag. today just two weeks into his patriot honor ride, colonel gary west, also known as gumby is making a difference to our country's heroes. he joins us live. >> play he is to be here. >> where did you get the nickname gumby? >> every fighter pilot gets a name when they become mission ready. i guess i'm flexible, i don't know. >> not green. although 2,500 on this bike you might wind up green. >> yeah. yeah. >> so tell us about where you started, where you're going and what you hope to raise. >> we started in maine, on the coast of canada, and we're tracing route 1 all the way to key west.
5:34 am
mile marker zero in key west. it's a 60-day trip and we hope to raise $60,000. and arrive on the 1st of october and we're raising money for folds of honor. >> which major dan rooney's, the best charity out this. so you're on the bike. you have the chase car with the two women behind you. >> yeah. they go ahead and prepare the next public engagement and i have someone who stays close to me, make sure i stay hydrated, don't make a wrong turn, get a flat tire. >> why did you decide to be on a bike and do this for folds of honor rather than go fishing or sit at home or do something else? >> i felt like as i entered the senior years of my life i could give back. i could think of no better group than those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. i discovered folds of honor and
5:35 am
their mission to give scholarships to children and spouses of wounded and disabled and fallen people. i wanted to help with that. i came home from three combat tours. my boys have a normal life. you know, i got to send them to school. there are so many families that have a whole different scenario than me. i just want to come along and bless them. i think what folds of honor is doing is tremendous. >> fantastic. if you'd like to help, go to home miles have you gone so far? >> 516 miles. >> which part of you hurts the most? >> thighs. but we're working on it. >> what are you doing, ice baths? >> a little bit of icy hot spread and a lot of advil. >> sounds great. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much for your service. all right.
5:36 am
well, let's see, it's about 27 minutes before the top of the hour and abby huntsman has some news right now. new developments in the murder of the new york city imam. the person they questioned overnight is no longer the suspect. police hoping this new surveillance video helps them find the killer. it shows the gunman run up and shoot both of the men outside of their mosque. community leaders calling it a hate crime and police say there's no motive yesterday. you thought that this was bad? >> thank you all so much. [ crowd booing ] >> all right. so now there's more trouble this morning for disgraced dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz. the florida congresswoman getting into a heated argument with her primary challenger, this one about the iran deal. listen. >> that $1.8 billion part of the
5:37 am
iran deal won't be used to finance terror against israel? >> what we -- >> can you gaern guarantee -- >> you can never guarantee anything. what we need to do is make sure -- >> oh, well, recent polls give her a strong lead in the polls. and drivers could soon see this license plate on the road. a woman taking her case to court with atheist being spelled out with the 8 in place of an "a." she argued her first amendment right was violate and the judge agreed, ruling in her favor, awarding her $75,000. and a mother says her daughter is alive this morning after she was dragged by a mountain lion, thanks to her guardian angel. >> it bit her on the side and tried to drag her a little bit. but like it couldn't pick her up. didn't have a good hold. she was clinging to me, sobbing. i knew -- i just had a comfort
5:38 am
and i knew she was okay. and i felt like angels were there protecting there. >> wow. well, police say the 93-pound mountain lion viciously the little girl during camping trip. the cat snatched kelsi. the mother started to chase the cat. kelsi has a few scratches and bite marks by luckily she is okay. wow, one incredibly brave mother. brian and ainsley, out to you. >> thank you so much, abby. meanwhile, back to school week and we're focused on how to transform your dorm room if you're going off to college. >> take a look at how this standard room gets totally transformed into the amazing dorm that feels more like home. take a look again at the before and the after shot. >> because some look kind of like prison. how can you recreate this dorm makeover? joining us is the expert, amy sewell and the founder of shop
5:39 am
with let's bring some affordable style to the kids. >> those rooms you just showed, those are at lipscomb university and we went from drab to fab. you want to do some planning, before you go shopping, check with your roommate and make sure you're not doubling up on things. and see what you can do in student housing and what's prohibited. that way you don't buy stuff you have to return later. >> when i went to college, my roommate thought i was crazy because i wanted to coordinate. >> this is the girl's room, i'll do the guy's room. >> you said sort it out. make sure you know about the specifics -- specifics of the room before you buy everything. second tip, make it out. what do you mean? >> start with the bed. that's the big point of the room. you'll never wear that -- that's been around for a while. completely enclose the mattress. get a bed in the bag.
5:40 am
the one we have here is less than 100 bucks. you don't have to think much about it. then you want to think about planning the space. you don't have room to spread out. use every bit of space available to you. you can get the bed lifts which are great. >> plug them in. >> yeah, gives you ton of storage space. you can get things like over near the guy's room we have dorm space saver. you know, so you have a shelf that will go above the bed. think of how to use every bit of space from floor to ceiling. >> you have to put it together yourself. also, the desk, keep it simple. >> right. set your computer on top of that. get something that has shelves up there as well. think of using every bit of vertical space. >> you said dress it up. >> dress i this is blank canvas. the first time you have a chance to decorate a room on your own. throw rugs, throw pillows. and probably in your room you have only a bed and a desk
5:41 am
chair. but we have the great folding seat here. >> these fold up. >> like tailgating. >> that way whenever you don't need it in your room, you can put it under your bed or put it in the closet. >> what do you mean gear up? >> so many gadgets, you want a good surge protector power strip. a laptop lock. keep that computer secure around campus. also, a space. if you have some small valuables as well. bed, bath & beyond, they will have it boxed up and ready for you at the store closest to the college. >> i just went there for my son's room. get there early because every parent and every kid especially the freshmen will be there early. >> exactly. don't leave until after the show. >> exactly. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> if you want to get some rest, go ahead and do it. it will be 95 degrees in ten minutes though. coming up, donald trump preparing to lay out his plans
5:42 am
for taking down isis. kristen fisher has a preview of the speech coming up this afternoon, today. she has a live report. that'll be next. when this nypd officer got down on one knee he never wanted to forget this look on his future bride's face. >> oh, my god. >> so sweet. coming up, the happy couple is here with the gadget that helped them make sure that gadget would last forever. they're engaged. she said yes. >> ring cam. ♪ i have asthma...
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5:46 am
trump heads to ohio to outline his plan to defeat radical islamic terrorism. >> kristin fisher has details on what he'll talk about. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. so today donald trump is expected to say that any country that wants to join the u.s. in the fight against isis will be our ally. that could include russia and these are come on day when trump's campaign manager is coming under fire for his alleged ties to the country. he is expected to declare an end to nation building and replace it with what aides described as foreign policy realism. focussed on destroying size and other terror groups. he is expected to announce a new vie visa group. and proposing creating an ideological test for all immigrants to determine if they share u.s. values. so these will be tests about
5:47 am
their views on religious freedom, gender equality, even gay rights. yesterday, mike pence came to his defense on "fox news sunday." >> i would say, stay tuned. this coming monday you'll see a vision for confronting radical islamic terrorism. last week, you heard about the growing the economy. it's still early in this campaign. i just -- i'm very confident. >> reporter: now, today mike pence will be campaigning alongside trump in ohio. while the current sitting vice president joe biden will be campaigning alongside hillary clinton in pennsylvania. brian, ainsley and steve. >> i think their first together. thank you very much. donald trump will be talking today at 2:00 in the afternoon in youngstown. you will see it live right here on the channel. >> we will be watching. >> i think it will be really important for him to not only say this, like he did his economic message on monday, but build on it during the week.
5:48 am
don't distract through things that might create controversy. keep his eye on a different ball. >> well, radical islam is the topic he'll be focused at the town hall tomorrow. first, hannity will be live with us tomorrow morning to give us a preview. >> fantastic. coming up -- >> when this nypd officer got down on one knee he never wanted to forget the look on his bride's face. >> oh, my gosh. >> the happy couple is here with the gizmo that helped them make sure that moment would last forever. but first, let's check in with martha maccallum. >> hello, good to see you. so donald trump is about to give a speech on how he would attack isis if he were president. can he turn the tide starting today? that's big question for the
5:49 am
trump campaign. and the fbi is about to release the transcript of their questioning of hillary clinton. what did she actually tell them, and does it line up with what we know? and in milwaukee, the latest u.s. city in crisis. louisiana under water, the latest when bill and see you at the top of the hour on "america's newsroom." ♪ don't just eat. ♪ mangia! bertolli.
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5:52 am
oh, my god. oh, my god. >> the video. >> we're engaged. >> oh. he's an nypd officer, capturing the moment that he popped the question to his girlfriend, now
5:53 am
fiancee in a brand-new way. using a tiny little camera built inside -- >> it's called ring cam. joining us right now is the ceo of ring cam, sam zow, and with chris napolitano and monica houseman. good morning. >> good morning. >> well, we'll get your story in a moment. but let me show folks this thing. where did you come one this idea, sam? >> it started as a college engineering project. >> here's the button. >> absolutely. >> there's the camera. >> really started and idea, how can we help people get engage and then -- without having somebody else there to record the moment. >> just doing it yourself. you rent these off your website for 100 bucks. >> and then you realized it was more than a project, but a business. how is it going? >> going good. we're at over 500 locations around the world. the majority of the business is helping chris and monica have been a incredible -- have an
5:54 am
incredible experience. >> how much is it, what does it include? >> it's $100 to rent. we ship it right to you. they propose, upload the video. we turn it around in 24 hours. >> enough from you. let's get their story. how did you meet? did you know it would end up with on a -- on a ring cam at some point? >> we were friends in high school. we hung out with the same group of friends. >> farmingdale, new york. >> and then in junior year he asked me to be his girlfriend and now eight years later. >> a couple of proms in the books. >> yeah. graduation. >> how did you wind up getting the ring cam? >> i basically saw another couple get engaged and someone was in the background recording it. i heard her say, it was really nice to see that. i punched into google ring camera, you know? assuming that one would exist
5:55 am
because it was a great idea. the first thing that popped up is i looked at the website. >> unbelievable. >> video editing, i rented it. too easy. >> so you always wanted -- there's a castle out on long island, what happened? >> we were eating dinner. he said if we went up to the forest floor of the castle there would be a beautiful garden. we went up the fourth floor, there was no garden. i opened up a door and there was a heart of rose petals. >> then he turned on the camera box. did you know you were being recorded? >> no. i had no idea. i said -- after i said yes -- >> after all this stuff. >> after all this stuff, then, he said this is at the camera. i couldn't believe it. >> when are you getting married? >> november 4. >> a lot of ring cameras will be
5:56 am
at the wedding. >> yeah. >> if people would like more information go to our website -- >> or >> best wishes. >> thank you. >> awesome. >> all right. more "fox & friends" in a moment. don't go anywhere. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. the search for relief often leads... here... here... or here. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity. and helps you get back to things like...
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therthat can be serious,ere. even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough,
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and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. (announcer vo) you can sit in traffic. or you can crack up. (man on radio) but if it isn't refreshing... (announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. all right. here we go once for the road. it's michael phelps's death stare immortalized now as a tattoo. a fan got the angry face tattooed on his leg. the best part about it? he's not even from this country. canada is where he is from. and good-bye green. finally back to blue in rio. look at that. the crews finished job just in time for the first competition. >> try chlorine.
6:00 am
>> officials had to drain and pump in nearly a million gallons of water. the pool contractor added too much hydrogen pie red sox i'd. >> bad for your hair. >> martha and bill are next. bill: milwaukee is. >> city on evening after a black man was shot and killed by a police officer. police say he tried to leave the scene of a traffic stop and was armed. donald trump will deliver a speech on foreign policy today in ohio. we'll see what his ideas are all about as we say welcome back. we left off where, in


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