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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 15, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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pump in nearly a million gallons of water. the pool contractor added too much hydrogen pie red sox i'd. >> bad for your hair. >> martha and bill are next. bill: milwaukee is. >> city on evening after a black man was shot and killed by a police officer. police say he tried to leave the scene of a traffic stop and was armed. donald trump will deliver a speech on foreign policy today in ohio. we'll see what his ideas are all about as we say welcome back. we left off where, in philly?
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martha: great to see you, too. great time with the family, and it's great to be back. the big news this morning will be donald trump's foreign policy address after a weekend where he spent most of his time not going after opponent hillary clinton, but going after the media. donald trump threatened to add the "new york times" to the list of news organizations that are banned from his events. >> i'm not running against crooked hillary, i'm running against the crooked media, that's what i'm running against. but these are the most dishonest people. the good news is, i put down failing "new york times." the newspaper is going to hell. maybe what we'll do, maybe we'll start thinking about taking
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their press credentials away from them. i think so. i think so. martha: "i think so" he says. john roberts is in ohio where that speech will take place. reporter: enthusiastic students embracing the penguin, getting ready for the start of school. donald trump going after the media because it fires up the room and goes after the base. but today he will talk about how to defeat isis and radical islamic terrorism. hillary clinton, the real clear average of polls leads by 6%. the trump campaign says it has the poll numbers to suggest across the country in these battle grounds states, the race
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will begin to tighten. first pillar, he will make an explicit statement that anyone who wants to work with u.s. and defeat islamic terrorism will be our ally. he will give up this idea of nation building at the point of a gun. he's going to change immigration policies to stop issuing visas where the department of homeland security cannot screen applicants and test to determine if they share u.s. values. and military terribly degrading isis and other terror networks. don't look for specifics. this is a big idea thing, the
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specifics of which will come over the course of the campaign or if donald trump becomes president. martha: is he expected to go after hillary clinton? there is so much fertile grounds there that has gotten him into trouble. reporter: he will spend much of the speech telling people how he thinks we got here. policies in iraq, the way they pursued policy in libya and the way they approached syria. i don't know if he will say they are the founders of isis. but he will say they laid the ground work for isis to flourish. martha: donald trump pushing back against a man.
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trump said i have always bent same person, always true to self. the media wants me to change. but it would be dishonest to supporters to do so. it's our lucky day in d.c. we see byron in person. it seems like we have covered this story before. >> we have talked about republican elites panicking. donald trump is nearly 7 points behind in the real clear politics average of polls. that's farther behind than mitt romney ever was. the key swing states, he's behind. he's competitive in georgia and utah which he should win. there is good reason for republicans to be worried. bill: manafort was on cnn
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yesterday and he said you guys are into the eye candy and not the substance. >> he was very substantive when he visited battle grounds states. but the local media are covering it. contrary to the stories in the "new york times" which are not correct and contrary to the lead-in into this interview, "trump unplugged," trump is very plugged in and charged. bill: it might just work, byron. >> there is no doubt trump faced press bias. they will focus on some part of the speech where he also talked about jobs and national security and repealing obamacare.
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he does mention these speeches. but he keeps stirring by talking about the judge or kahn. bill: one of many tweets sunday stop screen now. it is not freedom of the press when newspapers and others are allowed to say and write whatever they want even when it's completely false. does that ever work? >> no, it doesn't work. you saw in the sound bite him talking about the "new york times." trump has a symbiotic relationship with the press. trump has given more than 70 interview to the "new york times" since his campaign began. with "the washington post" he
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has pulled his credentials from events. he band them. he spent more than 20 hours talking to "the washington post" for a book they are about to publish which he will denounce as biased. so he's spinning all of this time with the media outlets. hillary clinton is spending tens of millions of dollars in ads in key states. trump is spending nothing. bill: he would argue i have done dozens of interviews. >> he has had media coverage to make up that balance. martha: historic flooding is gripping louisiana. at least four people have been killed and 20,000 rescued across the state following a record downpour. we are getting more video of dramatic rescues. >> we are coming, we are coming.
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we are breaking the window. march extraordinary. that's unbelievable. they cut through the convertible top and literally grabbing her hands and grabbing her out of the water. will carr on the story he snroflg baton rouge. reporter: there is more bad weather on the way. entire neighborhoods are still
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inaccessible. search and rescue is about to start ramping up for the day. last night we went out with crews trying to navigate through the flooded streets. take a look at what we saw. >> you can see a car that's been abandoned an 18-wheeler tipping to the side. they have been rescued on military vehicles like the one we are on trite now. they have been rescued by boat and helicopter. you can understand why when you just see how as much water there is throughout this area. we have spoken to a number of residents as they were trying to get to safety. take a listen to what they want to say. >> i have never seen sitcom up this high this quickly. it's shock and disheartening to know i lost everything. i moved my photos up to my second floor. i can replace all my furniture,
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but i can't replace my children's photos, and my late husband's photographs. reporter: president obama has issued a disaster declaration to free up disaster funds. bill: panic erupts at one of the nation's busiest airports. >> everybody down! reports an active shooter causing chaos. this went on for hours. evacuation of entire terminals. >> the investigation into hillary clinton's private email server. we'll soon know exactly what she said to the f.b.i. investigators when that report comes out. >> they saw two little notes
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with a c on it that were about telephone calls she needed to make. bill: bill clinton says it's complicated. weighing in on that email matter and using colorful language to describe the f.b.i.'s investigation. >> there is evidence they were extremely careless in their handling of very says tough, classified information. a sworda firemaid. ding dong! i'm going to give this place a killer review. i don't know, i just always thought maybe my bachelor party would be a little less g-rated. wench! ahhh! ahhh hahaha... oooh! party time! party boy! ok, ok. mm hm, party time. hmm, mmm, mmm...
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f.b.ibill: the f.b.i. will give congress' its notes on hillary clinton's interview. governor sununu, how much do you think they will learn from notes from a transcription? >> i don't think there will be much specificity in there. but i think the trump campaign can use to it remind people why the clintons put that system in place. it was a political game to facilitate the cronyism and the pay for play she was going to get involved in the state department. and they wanted to keep it away from federal people who might be looking at a server in the federal government. if trump focuses on the reason and undermines again her credibility, it will have some
6:17 am
value. but he ought to start paying attention. to emphasize the fact that this was a self-serving act, that it was political, that it's the way th time that allowed her to have communication with people who wanted to contribute to the foundation, then tickle her with a policy change. it allowed her to have cronyism and job interview exchanges for her people both in the private sector so they could leave office to good jobs. it's the kinds of things if you had to be responsible to a federal server you would never put in your emails. but it let her do the communications that enriched the clinton foundation and the clintons. bill: bill clinton brought that
6:18 am
and here is how he described what was going on. >> they saw two little notes with a "c" on it that were about telephone calls she needed to make. and the state department typically put a little "c" on it to discourage people from discussing it in public in the event the secretary of state makes a tell call. does that sound a threat to national security? >> over 113 emails with classified material according to the f.b.i. 22 emails with material so classified it can't be part of what the f.b.i. gives to congress. there is a lot of bull in the process, but it came out of bill clinton's mouth. bill: he said it's to come reply kateed to explain to people.
6:19 am
how do voter take a comment like that. >> that's clinton being condescending as always. the two clintons are way past the charm school days. this is pure condescending. i think trump ought to pay attention to issues like that and remind the voters of it. bill: the d.o.j. says the case is closed. perhaps it is with her server, but do you believe it is closed with the clinton foundation? >> it's probably closed in the obama administration, that doesn't mean in a trump administration it will remain closed. bill: we'll see what happens later this week. governor, thank you for your time today. martha: a former obama cabinet member saying there is no
6:20 am
clinton conspiracy on the investigation of clinton emails. he says he believes it's time to move on from that controversy. will that work? chaos in milwaukee after police shoot an armed black man. more details about the officer who shot him and the threats he's facing. here is the father of the man killed. >> we got to change ourselves.
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martha: a 23-year-old shot and killed by a black police officer after he fled the scene of a traffic stop.
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police say smith had a gun. and you can see clearly on a picture there is a gun in his hand. now the father of the man killed is speaking out saying he blames himself. >> i have to blame myself for a lot of things, too. i played a big part in my family. two months ago going back and forth in jail. and they see these things. i apologize to my kids as a role they look up to. martha: rich, what's the scene like this morning in milwaukee. reporter: the scene is a calm residential neighborhood. folks appear to be on their way to work. the only evidence anything is
6:25 am
wrong is behind me in this destroyed gas station. last evening police reported one officer was injured, taken to the hospital. >> the person shot, brought to the hospital in a police vehicle. gunfire, vehicles burned and more property destroyed. not as bad as it was saturday night when this gas station behind me was burning. but still continuing violence more in milwaukee. martha: what about the latest in terms of the investigation? >> city official say they reviewed the body camera of the privilege who shot that suspect. the police chief is saying quote that the shooting was in lawful bounds. the mayor said he saw a still shot of the moment that the officer shot and he says it was pretty clear the suspect had a gun in his hand.
6:26 am
protesters want the police to release that video. city officials are pointing out the officer and the man he shot are of the same race. >> i know there has been a lot of work on social media trying to identify him so there are a number of people who want to do that. officer harm. he happens to be african-american. and he has self years of experience and is a very active officer. we are concerned for his safety. and he has been staying with relatives out of town. reporter: the national guard is on standby. they have yet to be deployed. city officials wait to see what transpires later this evening. >> you think of the scenes and the video we saw. the news this morning both of the people in this incident were black. it needs to go beyond race and
6:27 am
maybe more to the point that was made by the father of that young man and about the family keeping people together. bill: they weren't messing around bringing the national guard. in the meantime a frightening ordeal for an american superstar. ryan octobe>> speaking plainly e american people will anticipate in the course of this election. more importantly they will have a president who tells them what's on his mind. bill: trump gets ready to lay out his plan to defeat isis. you will hear it live today on fox.
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from me! and easy, breezy beautiful covergirl you better pounce! martha: donald trump is going to lay out his plan today to defeat isis. he will lay out a foreign policy speech dan he will do so in the battleground state ofio it comes as pence doubles down on donald trump's controversial remarks calling barack obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. there is no question the failed policies of president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton in the wider east in created a vacuum within iraq in which isis was able to arrive. >> he was making a serious point. he has a way of talking that gets people's attention, and
6:32 am
it's drawing attention to an important issue. martha: kt mcfarland, good to see you. when donald trump was asked to clarify the comment, he said that's what i meant. >> president obama himself when he pulled out of iraq said we are leaving behind a stable, secure democratic government and american ally. look at it today. iraq is racked by fighting. iraq's closest foreign friend is iran, not the united states, despite our 15 years of sacrifice, assistance and aid. and isis which didn't exist when president obama took office, and has now morphed into the most violent, brutal jihadist organization in the world, and it's rising up to threaten
6:33 am
western civilization. martha: the argument he just made is the argument he can make. this is a quote from the "wall street journal" from an editorial talking about how trump is managing all of this, and how he's doing in this campaign. he says it's right' that most of the media want him to lose. but then that was also true of george w. bush and george h.w. bush. but he says trump has made it so easy for the media. he gets in the way of his own message. >> i vote for president reagan. he understood emnever get a fair deal from the washington press corps. that's just the way it is. the way ray gan outsmart it is
6:34 am
he spoke directly to the american people. he talked to local press corpses, he did a lot of time -- he talked toa to local press corps, he did a lot of time on radio. as he's getting to be a more sophisticated candidate, he will understand what reagan did. you will never get a fair break as a conservative or republican candidate from the mainstream media. , the mainstream media is 90% liberal and they feel it's their mission in life to prevent a conservative candidate they don't like from getting into office. martha: it's interesting the way you say reagan ran. no matter how truthful that "new york times" piece was about what's happening in the trump campaign, clearly they are
6:35 am
discussions about what is happening. i think about him saying the opposite of her campaign slogan where she said i'm with her, he said i'm with you. >> successful presidents have mastered the moment. f.d.r. radio was new to america. he used it to talk directly to the american people. every time reagan made a speech. he used television to speak directly to the media, can a new president, whoever is the new president speak directly to the american people? you don't get the idea hillary clinton is speaking directly to the american people. she doesn't even talk to the press. >> his speeches get lost in the shuffle because he says something else this press jumps on 367 so if he doesn't want
6:36 am
them to jump on some other statement. the mistakes of the past, what message does he need to drive home that he can foul on successfully in the days and weeks to come. iraq, afghanistan, libya, three words, that's a record of failure no presidency has come close to achieving. so he's got a good story to tell, and if he continues to tell it. when i worked with president reagan there would be a theme of the week. it would be carried out that week. so we'll have to see if -- donald trump has that opportunity. he has a unique historic moment. we'll see if he takes it. martha: the "journal" editorial says if he would spend 0 minutes a day reading briefing papers --
6:37 am
30 minutes a day reading briefing papers, he would be fine. >> he's probably getting his intelligence briefings and my guess is he should be preparing for the debates. they come up in a few short weeks. martha: we'll see if that's what he's doing. kt, always good to see you. bill: chaos at jfk airport after reports of an active shooter in the terminal. >> everybody down, show me your hands. the reports of gunfire turned out to be a significant false alarm. but not until they evacuated two terminals as police evacuated two terminals. what happened here? >> first, from what we can see
6:38 am
for the most part things have returned to normal. but it bears repeating. last night there was no shooter. there was no gunfire. but there was a great deal of panic. at:30 last night miss were notified there was gun tire in terminal 8. 45 minute later they got a second notify kaig there was gunfire in terminal one. police with assault rifles evacuated the terminal and they were told to run for their lives. >> people told me to start running. the first thing i said i to republic, but i can't run that fast because i'm 7 months pregnant. reporter: the port authority and nyp -- did an extensive search of the terminal and they didn't
6:39 am
find any evidence there was a shooter on the premises. worth noting is the first notification -- the first false alarm took place at 9:30 last night. that coincides at the time the olympian won the 100 yard dash. but the cause all that panic remains unknown. bill: thankfully it turned out to be nothing. martha: we are talking about historic flooding we are seeing in louisiana. what a scene for these people, turning entire neighborhoods into lakes. tens of thousands of people have been evacuated out of their homes. so what is to become down there.
6:40 am
bill: a former cabinet member. he argued it's time for america to move on. donald trump argues otherwise. >> he's a terrible, terrible president. we have to make a change, and hillary clinton is four more years of obama.
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martha: adele says she has turned down the you have a to perform at the super bowl. but the nfl says they never offered her an official
6:44 am
invitation to perform. however, we have not at this point extended a formal offer to adele or anyone else. a reporter this month quoted that the nfl is doing egg they can to have adele perform. bill: would you do adele or ac/dc. bill: it' the perfect marriage. martha: i would love to see ac/dc perform at the super bowl. what about taylor swift. she is such a big seller. and she does dance. bill: we'll figure this out. but ac/dc. >> do you think there is a conspiracy against her?
6:45 am
>> i think this is politics. it's been politics for a long time. and, you know, the opposing party will always make attacks. i think it's important for them to across knowledge the mistakes that have been made and then move on. bill: leon panetta dismissing the thought that the people scandal is part of a bigger deal. datey, move on, it's just politics. this is how washington work. >> i actually take a lot of issue with the former cia director acting like the extreme care le handling of classified information is something we should just move along from without any accountability. i wonder what he message he's
6:46 am
sending to the military and the rest of the intelligence community. i'm not sure he's the best person to send out on this issue. of course, leon panetta wants the american people and the trump campaign to move forward from this, because this highlights hillary clinton's most vulnerable issue which is trustworthiness and reminding people she destroyed property that belongs to the american people. >> there is a bigger problem here. this is an election where everyone seems to have their own facts. the allegations are disproven. in this case the f.b.i. said bring no charge. the department of justice said we accept that finding. and they are upset we can't figure problems and your interview with john sununu is a perfect example. he says the department of
6:47 am
justice found no wrongdoing. when donald trump is president he will reopen it. we keep fighting the next battle and people getting increasingly upset about it. bill: 50% view her without favor. in some polling it's 55%. he argues you don't win the trust of the american people when you are a candidate. you do it when you are president. what did you think of that? >> that's a lame excuse to not try to gain the trust of the american people. for him to say this is something we should move on from send a bad message to the community to the people who have to than classified information. just because the f.b.i. didn't bring an indictment. especially when bill clinton happens to meet with loretta lynch on a tarmac and they just talked about grandchildren.
6:48 am
if you go back to the transcript as i did this morning of f.b.i. director james comey's. a majority of american people including a third of democrats believe based on comey's own statements, that she should have been indicted. it highlight her trustworthiness and her biggest problem. bill: you said a lot there. mary anne. >> we undermined every referee there is in our democracy. no one believes the media or the government. and they oppose everyone and anyone who has a different opinion. that's what's hurting us the most. in terms of untrustworthiness, hillary clinton and donald trump have the same numbers on this.
6:49 am
that's how you earn trust. so we are in an unusual place in politics, politically. you mentioned john sununu. i brought this up with bill clinton saying it's to come reply kateed to explain. i think a lot of folks might perhaps be offended by that. >> of course. that's why we have seen the upheaval. they constantly feel insulted by people in washington, d.c. telling them they don't understand what's going on. the person who put herself in this position isn't the trite wing conspiracy or the american people it's hillary clinton herself. then the f.b.i. completely disproving everything else. every single week we come out with new emails she claims she turned over which she never did. it comes back to whether she can tell the truth.
6:50 am
bill: mary anne i'll give you the next answer next time we speak. thank you for your time today. martha: there has been no shortage of drama in rio. a famous olympian robbed at gunpoint. we'll tell you that story. plus the smile seen around the world. this is such a great picture. hussein bolt confirms he's still the fastest man alive. your insurance company
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>> they pulled out their guns and told the others to get down on the ground. they got down on the ground. we didn't do anything wrong. so i am not getting down on the ground. then the guy pulls out his gun. he put it to my four head and he said get down. i put my heads up and said whatever. martha: that was ryan lochte, an american swimmer. he's one of three men who were pulled over in rio by men disguised as police. >> they were coming back from a party, he along with three other olympians. he says the robbers dressed as police officers pulled him over and put a gun to his head. he wasn't going to comply. but when they cocked the gun he
6:55 am
thought they mean business. the international olympic committee originally denied this report. the u.s. olympic committee had to say this did happen. this is the most high-profile days of widespread violence in rio. but this isn't the only example. martha: that kind of robbery is not out of the ordinary on the streets of rio. we want to get through some other stories here with the olympics. this is a great picture of hussein bolt from last night. an amazing race he ran. let's get the picture, the freeze. don't it look like it's the low shot. it happened during semifinal race. he did win the final race in 9.81 seconds. he's the first olympian to win.
6:56 am
three consecutive olympics in a row. he says that means if by winning in 9.81 seconds, he was running 23 miles per hour. it just makes my light burn just watching him. he was having a good time doing it. march there are was a proposal among chinese divers. >> this chinese diver just won the silver medal and was given another piece of hardware to add to her collection. her boyfriend who is also a diver proposed to her. she told reporters she didn't know he was going to propose, and she also said she didn't know she was going to marry herself off so early. martha: he probably figured it was a good moment. carly, thank you very much.
6:57 am
bill: donald trump is giving a major speech dan how to defeat isis. new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. (climbing sounds) when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts duracell quantum because it lasts longer. ♪ (duracell slamtones)
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. . . .
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martha: new developments in the hillary clinton email scandal a congressional source confirming to fox a house oversight committee will soon get the notes from clinton's closed-door interview with the fbi, possibly as soon as this week. everybody has wondered exactly what words she used to explain the email and server system. we may get a look at that in short order. we welcome you to brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. first hour went okay? martha: we'll stick around. do another one. there is more. bill: there is a lot of more. former secretary of state said she never sent or received classified information with her private email server but fbi
7:01 am
director james comey said otherwise just last month. >> 110 emails in 52 email chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information. any reasonable person in secretary clinton's position, or in the position of those with whom she was corresponding about those matters, should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation. bill: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in d.c. on this. good morning. let's start there. reporter: thank you, bill in this six-page letter the house government oversight committee requested the fbi investigative files for the clinton emails with the specific focus on former secretary of state's 3 1/2 hour interview with the fbi over the july 4th weekend. these interviews are not recorded but a summary is drafted, based on the notes taken by the fbi agent. this summary is known as a 302. in this case, it is a highly-classified document because clinton was asked about the top secret emails on her server that are too damaging to
7:02 am
the national security to make public. during his recent congressional testimony fbi director comey promised to give congress as much of the clinton file as possible. >> i will commit to giving you everything i can possibly give you under the law and to doing it as quickly as possible. that said, means i have to go back and sort it out. for example the 302 of secretary clinton is classified at tss-sci level. we have to sort that but we'll do it quickly. reporter: congressional source says portions of fbi file may be handed over to congress early as this week, possibly wednesday, bill. bill: what is the status of that perjury investigation? where does that stand, catherine? reporter: the house oversight committee request ad perjury investigation in july apparent conflict what clinton said during the 2015 public testimony on benghazi which included questions are her email practice and what the fbi director found in their investigation. from the classified information
7:03 am
to number of devices used? >> did hillary clinton lie, to the fbi? >> we have no basis to conclude she lied to the fbi? >> did she lie to the public. >> that question is i'm not qualified to answer. i can speak to what she said to the fbi. >> did hillary clinton lie under oath? >>, not to the fbi, not in a case we're working. reporter: fox news was told the fbi and justice department have confirmed receipt of this perjury request though they have not provided anytime line to congress as to when that work will conclude, bill. bill: thank you, catherine herridge there. we'll wait on wednesday if that is the day. thanks. martha. martha: republican vice-presidential nominee mike pence calling for a federal investigation into the clinton foundation. this comes after emails released last week sparked allegations of a pay for playset upbetween donors to the foundation and the state department. >> do you believe that hillary clinton was involved in a pay to
7:04 am
play arrangement as secretary of state, with big donors to the clinton foundation. >> looks that way more and more every day, doesn't it. the new emails made public in the last week seem to make a direct connection between favors done by state department officials and major foreign donors to the clinton foundation. but the american people have a right to know. martha: michael warren, online editor for "the weekly standard." good to see you this morning. >> morning. >> what do you think about what pence had to say to chris wallace? >> look, there could be some kind of direct connection with hillary clinton knowing about the sort of pay for playset upi think that really kind of misses the mark. the real problem here is evident from the emails that comes out that came out last week is that this is kind of standard operating procedure in the clinton state department. that you know, these lower officials, these aides to hillary clinton herself are sort of doing this as a matter of course and you think that is something more than maybe an official investigation, that
7:05 am
really ought too worry american voters as they prepare to possibly elect her president. martha: you know, i mean i think a lot of voters look at foundation issue and email issue and they believe it's over. if pence and trump are going to keep it alive, they will have to articulate as mike pence was doing with chris wallace over the weekend why it matters and what they think it suggests, right? >> yeah. they're going to have to do that. i'm a little skeptical they can do that. maybe mike pence could but donald trump doesn't seem to be interested in making this case. it is really a case i think that republicans would have had to be making over the last several months. instead of what republicans have been doing? they have been trying to clean up after their own nominee, donald trump's outrain just statements or going over the top of his criticism of hillary clinton, saying she was cofounder of isis, instead of what looks like a real scandal and real problem here, this kind of culture within the clinton
7:06 am
world in the state department and out of kind of pay for play, corruption, standard garden-variety of corruption that really shouldn't be anywhere near the white house and the reins of the federal government. martha: in terms of the campaign that could be the drumbeat they're talking about over and over and you can sort of feel mike pence is trying to do that he is trying to keep focus on hillary clinton every time he talks. he talks about her and that is who they are running against, as you point out donald trump keeps getting things off the mark which might be driving some of his folks crazy. he also seems to feel like he is in the primary. he talks about the crowds that show up when he speaks, mike. this campaign has a lot of fixing to do. i guess they will try to restart again this afternoon with this speech? >> right. it is almost if mike pence and donald trump are running separate, parallel campaigns. mike pence is experienced politician.
7:07 am
he knows how to run a campaign. he won a statewide election in indiana before. he is doing it the right way. he can't do everything when the top of the ticket is going off this way, that or the other. maybe we're prepared for a sort of new donald trump with this policy focus speech but this was just last week we were talking about donald trump's new pivot to seriousness with economic speech. just a couple days later you know he is talking about whether the obama and clinton founded isis. this is problem. "new york times" story that came out over the weekend indicates he is not one for changing. martha: you know, i think he hasn't indicated he will stay focused on the message they found in isis. i think we'll hear more about that today. you know, in essence saying what kt mcfarland and mike pence and others sort of explained for him, that the vacuum left in the middle east is the reason that isis exists. so i expect that will be big part of what we hear today, no? >> no, i think it will be.
7:08 am
that is legitimate and correct argument, that when the united states under barack obama pulled out of iraq, it really, not just in iraq, not enforcing red line in syria as well. all opened that up, as kind of a power vacuum isis was perfectly willing and able to fill. the problem from a political perspective, that is not really argument donald trump has been making. that is not what we're all talking about. sort of this semantic argument whether or not barack obama was founder of isis, that kind of misses bigger substantive point. that is ultimately problem here, that the democrats are really weak in this election on issues, on some of these character problems as we talked about with hillary clinton and emails. yet republicans under donald trump can't seem to make the argument because they don't want to make the argument. martha: you get a couple more opportunities. they're called debates to turn the tide here. we will see. it is august and november is still a long way away. >> getting closer. getting closer. martha: you know what?
7:09 am
these are big months coming up. we'll see where it goes. mike, thank you so much. bill: one thing if you put all pressure on media covering issues and you make a substantive policy speech, watch to see how this speech is covered and whether or not you made your points. that is coming up later. martha: you have to continue to drive it. back that up with surrogates follow up on those things. talking about them in subsequent interviews. so that is the challenge, right? bill: junction town, ohio. we'll watch it. shots were fired at three locations in milwaukee, wisconsin. clashing with police, throwing rocks at officers. after a black officer killed and shot a young black man. police say sylville smith ran from officers after a traffic stop and turned toward them with a gun. national guard standing by to keep the peace in milwaukee. we'll see how it goes in wisconsin. >> donald trump set to explain how he would deal as president
7:10 am
with isis. watch this. >> they're rampant all over the world, probably they're rampant here too because we're taking in some people. martha: coming up, we talk to trump campaign foreign policy advisor about the big speech, get some of the specifics that he will roll out today in ohio. what is his plan to destroy isis as he says he will. plus this. >> we're coming. >> i will break the window. >> we're breaking the window. >> this was wow, aing stuff. deadly flooding claiming at lead four lives in louisiana. these crews rescued tens of thousands. why this desperate situation could get even worse. we'll take you there live. martha: thousands of people forced from the homes out west as crews fight to control a rapidly spreading wildfire out there. more to come on that. >> pretty scared right now actually. got goosebumps.
7:11 am
fire beside it. fire behind. three hours next door to us. i wouldn't be surprised if one was on fire.
7:12 am
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bill: there has been an arrest in the shooting death of a police officer in the state of georgia. investigators tracking down roy deeds in the state of florida. they say he is now awaiting extradition to georgia, expected to be charged with murder. he is accused of officer tim smith near his patrol car over the weekend. smith was responding to reports of a suspicious person in the area.
7:15 am
the 31-year-old officer joined the force in 2011. martha: so donald trump getting ready to make a major foreign policy speech today on the campaign trail. he will do that ohio, in youngstown this afternoon. about 2:00 that will happen. he is expected to lay out a plan to destroy isis as he says he will. so the speech comes on the heels of a controversy this past week after donald trump said that president obama was the founder of the islamic state. let's bring in walid phares, trump campaign foreign policy advisor. good to have you here, walid. let me ask you this off the top, is too much been made? everybody those that president obama didn't write up charter papers to start isis. fairly clear what donald trump is saying here when he said i founded it, it not? >> of course, what he meant and what he actually said is the same thing, that the actions, or sometimes the inactions of the administration both clinton and
7:16 am
obama, when she was at the state department helped isis to exist and to rise. in actions in syria and iraq allowed isis to seize 1/3 of iraq and syria. that is the explanation. martha: it bears remembering there were intelligence officials who piped up, who spoke about the growth of isis, who were not well-received and very upset about it, because they were telling the true story of growth of isis and were not being listened to by the obama administration, correct? >> many experts inside and outside of the government warned the obama administration, before it grows, and it developed in iraq. remember also those inside of the defense apparatus who have been asked by the administration to minimize. so, by consulting one and the other, you can see the clarity of the issue. martha: debates are coming up. he will have to be focused how
7:17 am
he answers questions and debate hillary clinton on this. what will he say today? how does the argument begin to get constructed what exactly he would do on day one to begin process of eliminating isis where they started and also where their tentacles have spread? >> martha, first of all, before the debates what needs to be corrected the political culture that has been disseminated by the other camp, which basically insists minimizing what is happening, marginalizing what is happening. talking about little things and exit things. the speech will elevate basically the level of this debate to a strategic level. that would force other side, secretary clinton to answer questions, answer questions about the iran deal that would be explained. about isis, how to counter isis? what coalitions do we need. how to fight homegrown jihadists here. all the questions have been avoided. the speech would put it back on track. that is where the debate begins.
7:18 am
that is where presidential debates become interesting. martha: you say he is not interested in containing isis, he wants to destroy it. what does he mean by that? what are your interactions with mr. trump on this issue. >> number one, the distinction is between clinton and trump is big. mr. trump wants to help local militias to advance towards isis but wants result the full dismantling of isis. what is beyond that, more important an that the fall of mosul, all of raqqa, who will be forces in charge? we've seen that movie before. we've defeated al qaeda in iraq. it was invaded by shiite militias. it created and triggered sunni uprisings and that is where isis came from. we can not make the same mistake again. so we need to correct the direction and have local sunni moderate forces backed by international community. this is not on clinton's agenda. martha: what about interactions with him? how good of a student is he on
7:19 am
all of this and when was the last time you talk abouted it? >> i can't talk about the last two points. what we can say, martha, this construct of this speech and these doctrines being developed is done by a very large number of experts of people who served in various administrations in the military, in intelligence. he makes the last call. this is the product of something that looks like a government. martha: all right. we will see. we'll see what he says this afternoon and what the follow-through looks like. walid, thank you so so much gooo see you today. >> thank you, martha. bill: 19 minutes past the hour. bill clinton is talking about hillary clinton's emails, what he says might have folks shaking their heads this morning. we'll tell you about that. martha: new york police frantically searching for a killer of two muslim men shot in broad daylight. why were these two men targeted? >> they're feeling very vulnerable. they're looking for answers.
7:20 am
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7:23 am
martha: new york city muslim community and others, advocacy group announcing a $10,000 rewarded for investigation into the muslim that killed a muslim cleric and his friend. the gunman walked up behind the men, shot them both in the head as they were leaving saturday prayers. ability at this defamation league is asking nypd to investigate the killings as possible hate crime. bill: threat of deadly flooding far from over in louisiana. at least four people are dead. entire neighborhoods submerged under waste-high muddy water, programming tens of thousands of rescues and some of them looked
7:24 am
like this. >> we're coming. we're coming. we're break the window. [inaudible]. >> help me. >> oh. bill: that is remarkable stuff to watch. think about how many people needed help. got that dramatic video showing dire situations. people trying to escape the dangerous floodwaters with only loved ones and close on their backs. we have a spokesman for the american red cross out of baton rouge. i know you drove up from new orleans earlier today. give us a sense what louisiana
7:25 am
is dealing with today? >> good morning, bill. thanks for having me. really dynamic response in louisiana. i flew into new orleans last night. drove into baton rouge, which takes hours and hours. it was down to single lane. we traversed a pretty deep flood under supervision of state police. really, this is the largest, certainly from red cross perspective, the largest disaster response we've seen since hurricane sandy, a few years back. we have very dynamic situation here. floodwaters, ebbing and flowing. communities are getting affected on rolling basis. we have as of last night. dozens of shelters. more than 10,000 people stayed in shelters across the state last night. and, what is quite unique here as well, just given the water logged nature of the area, we
7:26 am
have four distinct areas where it is really difficult to travel from one from another. i'm here in baton rouge but it would be very difficult for me to get to southwest louisiana, lake charles area. so we're relying heavily on partners like national guard who are helping us to get supplies where they need it. bill: i'm reading 20,000 people rescued. that is extraordinary number, when you think about it. looking at all the muddy water, is there clean water for people to drink? do you have that, patrick? >> based on what i have seen so far, i mean, where i am in the capital area, absolutely. power is on. cell phones are working. water is good coming out of the taps. don't see everyone is in a unique situation. obviously, if people don't have what they need, hopefully they are getting to areas to shelters or listening to their government agencies who are giving them guidance where the appropriate place to be is. bill: did you have much warning for this? sometimes when the flash
7:27 am
flooding comes in low-lying areas like louisiana, there is no warning, and that is how people get stuck? >> indeed, i think that is why we always say most critical thing is have a plan, no what to do when we encounter weather like this. have the emergency app on your phone, get alerts for when the weather conditions are dangerous. and other thing is, obviously, we have a number of areas here, but they're getting hammered again after they had to deal with floods earlier this year. there were areas only just now beginning their recovery efforts and i can only imagine they have been set back with this fresh round ever flooding,. bill: imagine forecast is not in favor of a lot of folks still. patrick, thank you for taking time with us. we'll keep very close eye what's happening in louisiana. thank you from the red cross, patrick, good luck. >> thanks. martha: learning this now. a tense situation in wisconsin,
7:28 am
milwaukee rocked by two straight nights now of riots after an armed black man was shot and killed by a black police officer there. so how does the city pull itself together? milwaukee county sheriff david clarke joins us live. bill: donald trump launching new attacks on media. will it help him climb back in the polls and to the white house? how will mainstream media react from claims this sunday. >> you can't read them, i would be reading all day long. when they write dishonest stories we should be a little bit tough, don't we agree, you know? [shouting] real garbage. they're garbage. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) you can commute. (man on radio) ...40! no flags on the play! (cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. ♪ >> i'll tell you honestly, i'm not running against "crooked hillary" clinton. i'm running against the crooked media. that is what i'm running against.
7:32 am
so i think maybe what we'll do, maybe we'll start thinking about taking their press credentials away from them. [cheering] i think so. i think so. bill: you can tell based on the reaction from that crowd they loved that line. donald trump going after media real opponents are reporters based on coverage of his campaign. is that the kind of strategy that will work for him? frank luntz, pollster, fox news contributor out of l.a. welcome back to "america's newsroom." you're in the business of words. so what should he be saying? >> i don't think he should be saying that at all. i understand that trump voters love it. they love the fact that the media is being held accountable but that is not going to move independents. that will not move undecided voters. in fact there are five phrases donald trump should be using. bill, i want to write them down. viewers at home write them down. show this clip. the monday before the election
7:33 am
because if trump uses these phrases, every day, i believe he will be even or even ahead of hillary clinton the day before the election. but if he doesn't, i believe he will be unsuccessful. number one, you run against an inefficient, ineffective, unaccountable government. that is exactly what frustrates america the most about politics today. it is that their hard-earned tax dollars are being wasted. number two, you run against the lobbyists, the loopholes, and special interests. that is something that donald trump talked about during the convention. one of the reasons why he was so effective. number three, you run against the bailouts, the handouts and the copouts. american public is absolutely livid that their hard-earned tax dollars went to ceo's and corporations that mismanaged the money, did not time the economy correctly and did a lot of damage and caused a lot of unemployment. four, you run against the lack of common sense in washington,
7:34 am
d.c., because that is the attribute that business people bring to government and finally, he should be every single day the following statement. you work hard for your mon n as president i will work even harder to protect it. bill: that is what he talked about the at very beginning when he didn't like how government spends taxpayer money. he has set out to change it. i think you could make an argument you don't hear that level of clarity since then, do you? >> you don't hear that level of clarity. frankly the one moment that donald trump was ahead of hilly clinton was when he ran a prosecutorial campaign against her at the convention. rudy giuliani, chris christie, scott walker, mike pence and donald trump himself, none of this other extemporaneous issues, none of this yelling about the media, not attacking everyone except hillary clinton, donald trump was leading all
7:35 am
across the country. some people said he was odds-on-favorite to win the election. what happened over last 2 1/2 weeks, exactly opposite campaign. where he is unfocused, unclear and definitely not holding hillary clinton accountable. that has been his mistake. that is the reason why he has fallen not just nationwide but states that matter. bill: states that matter, "wall street journal" on friday afternoon, came out with head-to-head match ups, north carolina, virginia, she pulled ahead in each of those. i'm assuming that is to what you're referring, frank? >> that's exactly. you can add some other states. not just florida, north carolina, virginia, you have to look at ohio, you have to look at pennsylvania, these are states that donald trump absolutely must win to get to 270 electoral votes. those are the states angriest with washington and angriest with washington, bill. let me give you one example. trump up trump wants to win over bernie sanders voters.
7:36 am
real propotential. don't call him crazy bierne i in. he may be crazy but insult candidate his supporters backed they will not come support you. donald trump says he is man of words and focuses on what he says. that is exactly what he needs to do. he needs to demonstrate between now and the first of -- bill: politicians rate very low among americans, right? >> oh, yeah. bill: the media ranks very low among americans. so, why would not his, why would this strategy not work then? >> because they will agree with him, but that doesn't transfer into voting against hillary clinton. we may say that the media is biased. we may say the media doesn't tell the truth all the time. may say media doesn't give full story. doesn't matter how many people are attending a trump rally or how energized they are. nobody decides the votes based on that. they decide their votes on accountability, on wasteful washington spending, who is most likely to prosecute the lobbyists and special interests,
7:37 am
that are destroying the government that we pay for. that was donald trump's message, when he was beating hillary clinton. it needs to be his message again. bill: from california today. thank you. frank luntz, see you back in new york real soon. martha: devastating wildfires are spreading across the west, conditions sparking so-called firenados. that certainly likes like one. that is unbelievable. that is happening in oregon due to the hot, dry, quickly-rising air from the ground. in northern california, look at this. another wildfire destroying 100 homes. forced nearly 4,000 people to evacuate that area. national correspondent william la jeunesse live in los angeles with the latest on this. what can you tell us, william? >> well, martha, this is just north of san francisco next to napa and sonoma. the firestorm roared into main street in the town of lower lake on saturday.
7:38 am
it burned the post office, a winery, several businesses and the habitat for humanity office there to rebuild homes destroyed in last year's fire. this one grew quickly out of control, fed by high winds, drought, 100-degree temperatures, forcing evacuation of 4,000. the heavy smoke turned day into night as this require roared through town like a river of flames. >> we lost three vehicles and our shed and carport. we're trying to save our home. >> this is crazy. i mean, i don't really care about the house. i don't care about the things. i just want my family. reporter: 5% contained. they're trying to stop this fire from moving to the next town. again the initial assessment, martha, was 10 homes. about an hour ago they updated it to 100. martha: that is unbelievable. in terms of the cause of this fire, do they know yet, william? reporter: it wasn't lightning like most wildfires. could have, saturday afternoon,
7:39 am
could have been a tail pipe. a spark from heavy equipment. obviously a cigarette possibly. faulty wiring in a hot tub ignited last year's lake county fire. that was the third worst in state history. destroyed 1300 homes and 1.5 billion in damages. call fire hoping to build fire lines and stopping repeat of this weekend. >> it is obvious that a fire activity we witnessed here yesterday was nothing less than ferocious. this fire literally came through this town like a wave of water. instead it was a wave of fire that devastate ad number of businesses, local homes, residents and so forth. reporter: so what happened, martha, the fire started literally out of town. the wind was so great, embers went from roof to roof, more homes with firefighters to stop it.
7:40 am
martha: got work cut out for them. best of luck for them. william, thank you very much. bill: city of milwaukee on edge after two straight nights of violent protests. after a black police officer killed an armed black suspect. can authorities restore order? we'll talk with sheriff of milwaukee, david clarke our guest next. martha: we'll look forward to that. a crowd coming to the rescue after a close call at an airshow. how crowd members helped get the pilot to safety.
7:41 am
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7:44 am
priority in restoring that to your city. how are things going there now and, what do you think about how this has evolved? >> well, look, saturday night the social order totally collapsed in a part of city of milwaukee. when that happens, tribal behavior takes over tribal behavior leads to you law of jungle replacing rule of law. here is what is going on in city of milwaukee. police shooting was igniter. here is what causes riots. we have inescapable poverty in the city of milwaukee. milwaukee is sixth poorest city in america. you have massive black unemployment, i think at 32%. you have a failing k-12 public education system. one of the worst in the nation. you have questionable lifestyle choices. some of this is self-inflicted. all the kids with no fathers around. father, absent homes. when fathers are not around to
7:45 am
shape behavior of young men, they often times grow up to be unmanageable misfits. those are ingredients, milwaukee has all of them. all the police shooting did of armed individual, when four other murders happened night before, you didn't see this sort of reaction. you ask how things are going. a little better last night. not good enough for me. i won't be happy until the creep rioters crawl back into the hole. let quality of life return. it is economically depressed area, the milwaukee ghetto, overwhelmingly good, law-abiding people want their life back. martha: you have so much passion for your city and love for the people there. i know that this really goes to the core of everything that you have been fighting for. i'm reminded of the california story. we talked about how dry conditions are there all the time. take as tail pipe or cigarette to start the fire that forced evacuation of all those homes. you had that the other night, when you see that shooting happened, and hear circumstances of it, at that is as you point out all it took, all it took to
7:46 am
bring people into the streets and destroy businesses that those people have built. i want to play a sound bite from the father of the man who was killed in that incident. i want to hear your thoughts about this man. >> i blame myself for a lot of things too, because, your hero is your dad. i played a very big part in my family's role model for us. i just got out of jail two months ago. i'm going back and forth in jail. they see these things. so i'm like apologize to my kids this is the role model they look up. martha: what do you think about that. >> well, that is neat stuff to hear but there are millions of young men across the country who are in that same situation. you know what encourages us? the growth of welfare state. these are you know class behaviors. 70% of the kids born in milwaukee, at least for the last decade ago are board without engaged father in their life. so, i look at the progressive policies that have marginalized black dads.
7:47 am
they push them to the side, you're not needed. uncle sam is going to be the dad. he will provide for kids. he will feed the kids. so on, so forth. uncle sam has been a horrible father. uncle sam does not like the kids. keep a little food in their mouth. that's about it. we all know importance of intact family, what it does to shape behavior of kids. when you have the situation like milwaukee, it is in chicago, it is in baltimore and new york and other areas, this has been a total collapse, a disaster, these progressive policies have hit the black community like a nuclear blast. until we reverse this, this government dependency, that is what creates all of this, and encourages it by the way, along with questionable lifestyle choices. until the black community does self-valuation and begin to self-criticize about many so of the lifestyle choices they're making this stuff will continue to fester and continue. martha: you said a lot, sheriff. where does that come from
7:48 am
though? we talked about this, but where does the change, where does the catalyst come from anything like that to start to take place? >> well it has to start from within. until there is adaptive change. meaning a change in the behavior of the individual, that is why i asked for a self-valuation, a , look,ventory, not be you hey, i've done some stupid stuff in my life. this is i have an obligation. i have all the kids. i have them from different fathers. the fathers to say, hey, look i have the kids. i have to re-engage. it has to start there. of course there is some other things going on with community support, that can help as well. this is total government dependency, and it has been disasterous for the black community. until we push back against this progressive ideology, this dangerous ideology, that has been very destructive on the black community, until we push back, that is what i'm trying to do, it is job one right now in terms of messaging, until we push back, this thing will only
7:49 am
get worse. martha: is there a political answer, at least in part to that? >> yeah. the political answer really is for these progressive democrats, they have ruled this city for 50, 60 years. we haven't had a republican mayor in the city of milwaukee since 1908. okay? this is all on them. but the political class is also going to have to be honest, look, we set up the government dependency. it has backfired on us. slowly, you can't pull rug out from under people all they want. let's slowly start to reverse this and make people, make people reach for self-sufficiency. over time you can reverse this. you can't do it all at once. right now this is about political power. progressives want volz, black votes. they do it how? keeping black people hooked on the high of handouts. martha: powerful words. 70% of the young men in milwaukee do not grow up with a father.
7:50 am
that is a rough situation, as you know. >> dads matter. >> dads matter, is so right. thank you very much, sheriff. thank you for coming on the show. good luck to you in milwaukee. many thanks. >> my pleasure. bill: he is exactly right. he said a lot. congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz lost her job with the dnc. she is trying to hold on to her job in congress? is her seat really in jeopardy? we'll take you to her district life to find out. ...clear for take off.
7:51 am
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♪ bill: she lost her job, very high-profile day at the convention in philly. debbie wasserman schultz now fighting to hang on to her job in congress. phil keating on the story live in miami today, phil. what is going on in the race, phil? good morning. reporter: a lot of exasperation by both candidates about the
7:54 am
other and heated interruptions, very emnecessary end of the recent democratic primary battle between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. first and likely only debate between six-term congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz and her democratic primary challenger, law professor tim canova went down sunday morning in south florida. >> can you gain it? >> you can't guarranty everything. >> may i interject. >> no, you may not. >> one second. reporter: there is a taste. canova has been hauling in campaign dollars, nearly 3 million so far, running political ads on miami fort lauderdale television, hammering wasserman schultz tied to corporate interests. he is backed by equally critical senator bernie sanders, largely explaining why 90% of his campaign dollars are from out-of-state. here in miami-dade county early voting began today for this august 30th primary, bill. bill: is she actually vulnerable? could she be challenged and moved. >> she is not taking any chances.
7:55 am
bringing in big party heavyweights like nancy pelosi and former congresswoman gabby giffords. [cheering] remember wasserman schultz had to resign chairing the dnc out of the hacked email scandal. this is her first real primary challenge in her past six congressional elections. she is also endorsed by hillary clinton. >> this race has a lot of parallels with the national democratic primary. in that you have a moderate candidate, competing against a more progressive candidate. look at endorsements of wasserman schultz and tim canova. backing wasserman schultz, clinton, obama and biden of the backing tim canova is bernie sanders. reporter: the two also sparred in the televised debate over israel. canova called for a two-state solution with compromises while wasserman schultz criticized that, citing her extensive support for a strong israel. very important in that district, bill.
7:56 am
bill: something to watch too. thank you, phil keating out of miami today. thank you, phil. martha: this is interesting. parts of hillary clinton's closed door fbi interview could be given to congress this week, to look through and go over. so what will it reveal about what she was asked and specifically what her answers were and what might the fallout be. bret baier coming up. next.
7:57 am
>> ... >> ... >> ...
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7:59 am
martha: under the light and meeting in california to break a guinness world record, all of them doing their best impression of rosie the riveter. more than 2000 rosie's gathered in california to honor the world war ii eye time. some of them really like rosie's working industrial jobs. this is rosie's trying to break the record that was set last year so if you have a polkadot kerchief, it's a
8:00 am
good day for you. bill: no question. welcome back. everything okay, everything smooth? >> did you have time to get to the beach with your family? it's a good thing to do, i recommend it. we will see you later. jenna: we confirm that portions of hillary clinton's fbi file may be shared with how lawmakers as earlier this week and this could be good news. welcome to having now, i'm jenna lee. leland: i'm leyland in fort jon scott. members of congress push for a summary summary of an fbi interview which included questions about 22 top-secret emails from a server as both candidates are campaigning today in critical battleground states. mrs. clinton and vice president joe biden visited his hometown of scranton pennsylvania looking to build on her m


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