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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 15, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> see you back here in one hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: fox news alert. milwaukee being rocked by violent protesting and bracing what could come today. what will that look like later? another person shot after second night of unrest after police involved shooting that happened over the weekend. officers had to use armored vehicles just to reach the rescue and get that victim last night as protesters throwing rocks and bricks and bottles at police. at least five officers were hurt and car set ablaze. eventually officers moved in to break you the crowd and restore relative calm. riots were sparked after a black police officer shot and killed a black man who police say refused to drop a gun yesterday. the suspect had a long criminal history. more on this as the news develops this hour. we're also watching this unfold. the republican gop presidential
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nominee donald trump, that is slight bit redundant there, expected to lay out his plan to defeat the islamic state savages. the speech is coming up in youngstown, ohio, we'll wary it live on fox news when it happens. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today is sandra smith. co-host of "kennedy," fox business, kennedy herself. co-host of after the the bell, melissa francis and host of the greg gutfeld show, greg gutfeld. i'm here but not by hologram. harris: i'm glad you're actually here. welcome back. thank you. a few days off, ready to role. >> enjoying new jersey. harris: staycation. we'll move on. donald trump is scheduled to speak in just a little while in the battleground state of ohio. a campaign spokesperson says he
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will detail his three pillars of fighting terrorism, forming new alliances with nations willing to fight isis, moving away from nation-building and tightening immigration from countries with a heavy terror footprint. trump's foreign policy advisor walid phares spoke earlier what we can expect from the speech. the speech will counter what he says president obama and hillary clinton have been avoiding when it comes to talking about isis and taking them out. >> what the speech of this afternoon is going to do is to elevate basically the level of this debate to strategic level. that would force the other side, secretary clinton to answer questions, answer questions about the iran deal, that will be explained. about isis, how to counter isis. what kind of coalition do we need? how do we fight homegrown jihadists here. all these questions have been avoided. this speech would put it back on track. harris: all right, so less than two hours we're going to get something that donald trump hasn't given out yet, his
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details for fighting isis because he said he didn't necessarily if i remember correctly early on, wanted to give away things to the enemy the way he said president obama has said, i'm taking certain things off the table like boots on the ground. your thoughts. >> me? sounds pretty promising. like checking i.d. at a bar. doing a back frowned check of people coming into the united states. people say, my god, this is ideological litmus test. actually not a bad idea to look at social networks people are on. to see kind of beliefs they have. this seems like common sense to me. the other thing he is declaring an idealogical war against radical islam. harris: right. >> and this is important faust it is parallel to the cold war, at least in my view as young person growing up in the cold war you had to identify enemy. there is one caveat. it is an issue i've been struggling with. it is called idea contamination. i believe in all of these things. i share these visions with
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donald trump, but the way he expresses them casually contaminate ad lot of views. when you come out you say strongly you are about how to defeat radical islam and islamism in general they lump you into this kind of like xenophobia because that is what is happening now. they're trying to label trump as xenophobic, if you share a belief with him you're also tainted with the same brush and it hurts, in my view it hurts the war on terror. it hurts issue of law and justice. harris: i often take notes what you say. i wrote that idea contamination now. >> thank you. harris: what is donald trump expected to to do just about that? he is expected not to have that conversation. melissa: more discipline. harris: there are things we were talking about if not for him we wouldn't be talking about the campaign. >> not true. harris: you don't think we would talk about illegal immigration if it weren't for donald trump. >> illegal immigration and terror, race, law and order has been the staple of fox news for 10 years. all he did was watch fox news. harris: in campaign themselves.
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until recently had you heard president obama say fighting isis is his number one priority? >> so people are talking about it more because he boils it down to phrases that create novelty in the media. kennedy: here is the problem. he creates big phrases like he will ban muslims. >> right. kennedy: his spokesperson says he ban muslims, when he says all muslims he means all muslims. now he narrowed it down to zabol sister a questionnaire from countries that have difficulty with terrorism. vastly different. >> yes. kennedy: i wonder how different the conversation would have been started that and end somewhere. >> exactly. kennedy: when you start somewhere that big it is almost impossible to people to complex what you said. harris: go ahead. melissa: moved to a logical place. i don't mean religion, a muslim or territories, where radical islam spread we need temporarily stop letting people into the country to verify.
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i'm for one, they say we are able to verify and vet everybody coming into this country i have a real hard time believing that. i been to the post office or dmv the government doesn't do things well. i don't know how possibly they can do this. greg said his sloppy language is getting in the way. harris: i'm hoping vetting would -- kennedy: wouldn't count on it. harris: our car licensing like dmv. melissa: well. harris: you made a point how broad the vetting system is and time period to get it done keeps shrinking. sandra: it is still shrinking. using words radical islam is pillar of this speech. remember his opponents in the primary wouldn't use it. many of them. hillary clinton still won't use it. he is expected to as his campaign pointed out, establishing federal benchmarks to explain warning signs offed are callization and in his words, to do this, you have to those words and identify the enemy. kennedy: i have a quick question
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about that because last week donald trump said president obama is founder of isis and hillary clinton is the cofounder. then he said he wasn't being sarcastic. he was being kind of sarcastic. i wasn't being sarcastic, they are the founder and cofounder of isis. if that is the case and wants to defeat isis, mortally wound them, what does it say he wants to do with the president? harris: greg, would you like to say that. kennedy: if you're tying it all up, how do you separate it, is the problem. >> he defeated 17 people in the primary. it was entertaining the media saw he was going against republican, it was okay. as long as he is -- and now, there are people here on this very couch and other couch later at 5:00 who are saying wait until it becomes him versus hillary. we have a table. kennedy: isn't there better. more comfortable. >> good for my back. now you have the -- this
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competition between hillary and trump and the media now isn't forgiving trump for his outbursts that he did during the primary because during the primary, it was just against other republicans. we know the media is democrat. 80% to 90% for the polls now they got him. they will go after him. having said i have to give donald trump big credit for this. he jumped off of a cliff. there were so many people that wouldn't run for president, people that fantasized about it, fantasized, about people, again in this building who have shows, who think about running but never do. he actually did it. harris: sitting right here. old adage, don't try to talk the person out of doing the thing that you can only talk about that they're actually doing. >> yes, exactly. i followed that. harris: right? so hillary clinton at one point said radical islam, sandra was pointing it out. she walked it back. my question was did she mean something different by it?
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melissa: went back to radical jihad like frozen ice, saying same thing twice. she backed away. remember correctly when she said it president obama came out very next day and basically gave her a tongue lashing for having said that that is kind of how she went back on it again. i mean, i don't know -- kennedy: like when your boyfriend won't say i love you. all you want, just want him to say i love you. complain to all your friends. he says it one time. and then, that is it, never says it again. >> to your parallel offed are call islam, he says i really care about you. kennedy: yes exactly. i told you how much i care about you. i hold your hand. harris: i can almost hear the words coming out of sandra's mouth, you also hope while he goes down the road he talks a little bit how he pays for some of the things in the economy. sandra: he has always been good about that but i think the problem and thing that concerns
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reporters when he has a day like this, he has pivotal speech, he could be completely eloquent, wonderful speech, five days later or one day later makes you completely forget that. kennedy: so excited to see what that thing is. gotten to the point in his campaign he is going for broke. lord only knows what he will say next. that is why everyone is tuning in. harris: we will certainly be watching and carrying that speech. set to be for 2:00 p.m. eastern. watch it here on fox news channel. donald trump's foreign policy, three pillars against the islamic state savages. programing note, tune into "hannity" tomorrow night sean will host a exclusive town hall with donald trump. that is tuesday night. for those who don't know, today is monday. trump's plan to defeat ice list and radical islamic terrorism. 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on fnc. as donald trump gets set to speak, a warning from
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"the wall street journal" is he running out of time to do any kind of a reset as the candidate himself says, i am who i am. does he need a reset? is that what voters want? what we're learning about the suspect whose death sparked riots in milwaukee. mill walk kay sheriff david clarke says it is not about fixing police. it is about fixing the ghetto.e. stay close. nd minerals. nd minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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♪ sandra: donald trump pushing back against calls to change his temperment. as a "wall street journal" editorial is warning he is running out of time for a turnaround. the journal saying, quote, if they can't get mr. trump to change his act by labor day, the gop will have no choice but to write off the nominee as hopeless and focus on salvaging the senate and house and other down ballot races of the as for mr. trump, he needs to stop blaming everyone else and decide if he wants to behave like someone who wants to be president, or turn the nomination over to mike pence. one of trump's top supporters, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani he prefers someone honest and unscripted over a polished politician. >> he may make more insensitive statements at time because he is
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not a polished politician. their only issue against donald trump is, he doesn't say things in the right way. well he happens to do things in the right way and he happens to stand for the right things. and if he says a few insensitive things, you know what the beauty of that? he is not talking to you in a scripted way. he is talking to you straight off-the-cuff and sometimes he can get misunderstood but i prefer that to a crook. sandra: as always donald trump responding on twitter with this. i have always been the same person, remain true to self. media wants me to change but it would be very dishonest to supporters to do so. all right, greg, go to you first. >> well i think they're talking past each other. we're talking about why don't you reach out to the people you haven't convinced yet, rather than feeding the base? you can continue like a stand-up comedian across the country, saying things that makes people laugh or try to articulate your views in a way that the other people go, oh, you know what, at
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first i thought he might be a little crazy or extreme but he actually makes a lot of sense but he won't do that. in terms of reset, the reset is irrelevant. the world will dictate his chances, not him. it is too late. he is not going to change but if something happens in the world that will say, like we need this guy, then that could happen. i think he is counting on two things, the world-changing events and him creaming hillary in the debates because he will not change. numbers are bad for him right now. you know he is hoping for a hail mary pass, probably in the debates. sandra: what do you make of that, kennedy though, mayor giuliani he is insensitive because he is non-politician? kennedy: that is true and certainly a double-edged sword for him. that is the thing his most ardent supporters love most about him. the fact it is so rare and we feel like our problems have been shellacked in this country and you know, people aren't making a lot of money. they can't afford to send their kids to movie, let alone college. here you have the president saying jobs numbers are rosie,
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economy is totally picking up. people don't buy it. it is nice to hear someone talk in a way politicians never do. but the problem is, he doesn't have command of subtleties. he has to be that sharp shooting, free-thinking straight talker at the appropriate time. but he gets caught up in that addiction to the masses and crowds and people who show up at his rallies. greg's right, those are not people you have to convince right now. that, he doesn't have to change but if he wants to win, he has to make a pretty monumental shift. melissa: i don't think he has to change, he has to do what he was doing before. there was time around convention he is focused on ideas that government is totally ineffective and inefficient and wastes your money. i will stop that you work hard for your money, i'm going to protect it. the government is only out there to protect special interests. it's a rigged civil. i will change that.
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that was good message that resonates with a lot of people so frustrated with the idea they work so hard and so much money goes to washington to be wasted and stolen and grafted. if he stuck to the message, that is what resonated with a lot of people. instead of getting lost into the cul-de-sacs he wanders off to. kennedy: exactly what you're sayings, pin the bad economy on her. sandra: you are suggesting somewhat after shift, maybe not a change or shift. is there time?is: when you talkh donald trump supporters, one thing they say consistently at least they're saying to me now, they do want to make donald trump focus again. >> make donald great again. harris: but own because they are feeling pages of economist. they are feeling things he had talked about. they're feeling less safe. polling is showing that. people are more fearful in their existence but i would say this is inside and outside the tent behavior. if he spent more time inside
9:20 am
tent and creating ads, spending money on certain things -- melissa: spending money. harris: whether he writes the check or somebody else does you will have less of a need to change when you're on the stump. then you can be whom, almost whoever the heck you want to be that got you there. when you don't spend time in the tent, cooking ads and getting your message outside stump speeches this is what you get. >> one quick thing. there is lots of opportunity, i was excited he declared he was going to run, i thought it was great, we were mashing duopoly we talk about, left versus right. harris: absolutely. >> i think he succeeded smashing it for good. republicans are no longer same republicans and democrats are no longer same democrats, has a lot to do he floated from one side to the other, back again. evangelicals are behind a pro-gay marriage candidate. that is kind of a revolution. harris: yeah. gets no credit for that because the party, that is inside the
9:21 am
tent is now, they don't know. they're apoplectic they don't know what to do with him. >> yes. sandra: first on the campaign trail, vice president biden stumping for hillary clinton as pay for play scandal continues to dog her with new revelations and calls for investigations. milwaukee on edge as we learn more about the armed suspect killed by police. sheriff clarke as usual not holding back when discussing the riots. >> it is thinly-veiled anarchist movement, trying to incite chaos, threaten institutions. your insurance company
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kennedy: hello, great to see you. i was checking in with my fox news app getting these breaking news alerts. we have one right now. second violent night of protests in milwaukee. 14 people arrested. one shot in the neck. that's awful. but in the hospital and doing much better. seven police officers have been hurt as we get more details on the suspect killed by police, sparking riots. police say 23-year-old sylville smith refused to drop a gun after repeated orders and had been arrested at least 13 times including charges for a shooting, a robbery and heroin possession among other crimes. officers say smith was shot by black officer. protesters taking to the streets after the incident, torching cars and businesses and hurling rocks and bricks at police. milwaukee count sheriff david clarke says there are much bigger issues at work. >> i said publicly before, stop trying to fix the police, fix the ghetto.
9:27 am
both those pathologies that have to be addressed to shrink the size of the underclass. we have growth of under class here in milwaukee. we saw some of their behaviors on display last night. so you shrink the size of under class. how do you reduce that? reduce poverty. fix the schools. put people back to work, mealingful work, hold people accountable for effective parenting. kennedy: sheriff clarke says outrage overkills saying these riots were not spontaneous and are politically motivated. >> i think the public is going to get it, i really do. they're going to be exposed for what this really is. it's a thinly-veiled anarchist movement. trying to incite chaos, threatening institutions we have. the police are a government institution. we stand on the front lines of
9:28 am
ordered liberty. you want to attack ordered liberty, and have the chaos you saw last night, you have to attack the police to get through it. kennedy: greg, this is vastly different from protests in places like ferguson and baltimore and even here in new york city. it almost seems like, you know, there are people in this community who are just waiting for an excuse. >> based on a false narrative has been built up over the years where you take different examples of police brutality, non-brutality, put it together to create atmosphere for violence. he is absolutely right. this riot was predicated not on a justifiable incident but on an actual criminal being stopped by a police officer. the thing is, you know what the racist response is to this? when progressives say that violence, violent behavior is legitimate response to structural racism, what they're basically saying is that they can't help themselves. this is the only recourse to do
9:29 am
this. and, to those, to those involved in this, it doesn't really matter what i say or anybody here says. when i look at sheriff clarke, what he says that matters. i even hesitate to support sheriff clarke because i go back to the idea of idea contamination. i want people to listen to him. if they associate him with me, they go oh, he is just another fox news mouthpiece. this guy is a moral force. this guy is a moral force for change. he is the most important person people should be listening to. the changes that could stop this must come from within the community. it doesn't come from people like me sitting here pontificating. comes from the sheriff clarkes and sheriffs in texas. kennedy: comes from the families and churches in that community who -- harris: it can come from them. kennedy: they're trying to reach out. we talk about change from wynn and change from without. harris: it can but it used to
9:30 am
back in the '60s, '70s, part of the '80s. the conversation and narrative is no longer coming from them. important that the conversation from leadership and law enforcement, particularly when the leadership is brown, with the chief in dallas and a sheriff in wisconsin. by having a black police officer now shoot a black suspect, the narrative is changing already. what are you going to hashtag there? accountability? that is what these sheriffs and these lawmakers, these law enforcement officers are talking about in leadership positions. saying, look is there social engineering gone wrong? look at baltimore. you want to blame somebody but -- kennedy: where is north tin o'malley and liberal progressive policies failed. harris: the situation in baltimore that could have helped the situation is also brown. like looking at chicago with black and black crime. you want to blame it on somebody else if you're living there. you don't want to look introspectively.
9:31 am
that is what he wants you to do. melissa: takes it back to economics. he made the point milwaukee was not like that. there were jobs and possibility, that liberal policies created a permanent underclass. uncle sam replaced dad. it is about being a good dad, have intact family and kids grow up to do something meaningful. when you feel like nothing you have nothing to lose. i think that is where a lost violence comes from. sandra: i wonder what will happen now the governor called in the national guard to back up the police in case this gets worse. the police union is demanding that officers go out in twos because they're afraid they won't be able to do their job. they're worried about their safety. we're seeing that across the country as answer back. harris: i would answer it this way, if this were mothers against drunk driving, rioting in the streets would that justify it? does one thing beget the other? has to be a different answer than more violence. >> all violence is generally
9:32 am
done by young men. and they have lost the role models for conflict resolution. they don't know how to resolve conflict. harris: wow, good statement. melissa: vice president joe biden making his debut on the 2016 campaign trail. he is joining hillary clinton in scranton, pennsylvania, today. the event there is underway. the event comes under the shadow of the democratic presidential nominee pay to play scandal. there is call whether she granted political favors to clinton foundation donors. here is republican vice-presidential nominee mike pence and democratic and clinton supporter claire mccaskill. >> new emails made public in the last week seem to make a direct connection between favors done by state department officials and major foreign donors to the clinton foundation but the american people have a right to know. i think people of this country are tired of the pay to play
9:33 am
politics in washington, d.c. >> no laws has been broken. there is no evidence there was any pay to play. frankly this is distraction for the trump campaign which is dumpster fire at this point. melissa: all this as files into investigation into the hillary clinton use of private server could be given to a house committee earlier this week including notes on the agency interview with the former secretary of state herself. meantime bill clinton is speaking out about the investigation into his wife's use of a private server. watch this. >> they saw two little notes with a c on it. this is the biggest load of bull i ever heard. that were about telephone calls that she needed to make. and the state department typically put as little c on it, to discourage people from discussing it in public, in the event the secretary of state, whoever it is, doesn't make a telephone call. does that sound threatening to national security to you?
9:34 am
melissa: endless when you look at emails, the most recent thing about fernando, the guy put on high-tech security committee and had no business being on there, abc asking about it. they said the simple truth this was internal memo from the undersecretary of state for arms control. that cheryl mills added him. raj was not on the list. he was added at their insistence. he was huge donor who wanted to be on this special committee. no one on the committee knew hoe was, why he was there. or what he was doing. he was a donor. kennedy: imagine ripples of this can have throughout various branches of government. if you have people like this who are, they're buying power. melissa: buying their way in. kennedy: that is essentially what they're doing. there is such limited oversight. if the secretary of state is one deeming this is all okay, i think that must have been one heck of a conversation on that plane on the tarmac in phoenix between lynch live and bill clinton, seals as though
9:35 am
she is completely shielded now from an investigation. that the doj has no interest, i shouldn't say, she is shielded, the clinton foundation. this is where some of the most serious allegations are coming from. harris: money people were looking to track. loretta lynch, where is she now? she has been oddly quiet lately, right? kennedy: flying around in that plane. harris: yeah. the whole thing boils down, i understand, just two notes with a c, i guess you can make it feel small but you can't change the facts, right? you can't make the facts small, 33,000 emails deleted. you can't make that two little notes on a piece of paper. that doesn't change. melissa: we saw the at time that everybody was looking into the email scandal and emails coming out, poll numbers dropped. no matter how they tried to obfuscate and no big deal, sandra, people put together the math of seeing money come in and clintons on their tax returns, making tens of millions of dollars.
9:36 am
you see them giving access to people in the government. they sold the state department. now they could sell the white house. sandra: to hear bill clinton a load of bull anybody is concerned about her putting private email server in her home, that is a difficult one i think, that hit home with a lot of people. we're looking at live i i have imagines. introducing vice president joe biden up there. first time he speaks for her on the campaign trail. scranton, pennsylvania, 75,000 people of population of that city. white working class male. she will be targeting. i can't wait to hear him. we'll dip in and listen a little bit. harris: he was supposed to do this a couple weeks ago. there was a terror attack in europe so delayed. right. so now he is going to step up and do this. scranton is interesting, remember she was telling her parents story at dnc convention. we learned so much about her ties to pennsylvania specifically scranton. so now she is going to try to close the loop, you know, i am
9:37 am
every girl just like he is every man. saw her do this a little bit with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren on home turf. she understands the economy and i understand. kind of by osmosis. does it work? kennedy: she will claim her grandfather founded dundeemi. >> hillary suffers by comparison with every other candidate exception with trump at his worst. her members weapon is donald trump making mistakes, trump's best weapon is hillary talking. note, donald trump calling out mainstream media, calling out "new york times" casting him in very negative light and blaming bad press for falling poll numbers. does trump have a point or is this something that comes with the territory running for office? right after the show, catch more from the couch.
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gear up for great. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. ♪ harris: we got a taste of doug's theory on this and how we delve into theory deeper. donald trump lashing out at media, going after "the new york times" with a recent article calling hemmer rat tick and sullen. they say trump's advisors are having a hard time reining him in. here he is this weekend. >> i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton. i'm running against the crooked media. that is what i'm running against
9:43 am
but these most dishonest people. the good news his, i love, i put down, failing at "new york times." the newspaper's going to hell. they have got a couple of reporters in that newspaper who are so bad, i mean, lack of talent. maybe we'll start thinking about taking their press credentials away from them. [cheering] maybe we'll do that. i think so. i think so. harris: trump hit back on twitter as he often does blaming media for his falling poll numbers. he said if the disgusting and corrupt media covered me honestly and didn't put false meaning into the words i say i would be beating hillary by 20%. trump's campaign chair person along with one of the staunchest reporters in the dismissed "new york times." >> contrary to the report and "new york times," needless sources the campaign is moving
9:44 am
forward and is very strong. we raised over $132 million in the last two months. >> you had this whole morning talking about negative on the trump campaign this is the kind of thing that does build on itself and is, i think, made mountains out of molehills. harris: all right. so earlier in this hour, greg, you were talking about just the inequality in terms of how republicans and democrats are covered. >> right. harris: you said that is not breaking news. kind of all baked in, donald trump should move on. why? >> to quote him, he should get over it because he was the biggest beneficiary of media in the primaries. got four to one over all of these qualified guys, governors and senators, were lay wasted by the fact he could say something that the press indulged and put out there. so the media isn't causing his problems now. the media isn't telling him what to say. you know, media bias is a legitimate complaint but to me, again, he is kind of tarnished
9:45 am
because he brought it on himself. they're just covering him honestly. he is say -- sandra: are they though? he says they not. kennedy: they say they're not. "new york times" editorial, writer said it is almost impossible to call it objective journalism when you have such disdain for a candidate. harris: melissa: he is not the first republican to face this. others won in spite of it. the only thing he can do is go past the media and speak to the people. >> purchase ads. kennedy: when he made the shift from when it was obvious he was going to get the nomination and made shift from primary to the general, that a lot of people stood you have you have to start earning money and use republican infrastructure because the media will turn. they will no longer be your friend. those of whom in the media friendly with hillary clinton, wanted him to be the candidate. harris: what about friendship. when you saw wall-to-wall on some other networks, alphabet soup networks that have different letters that don't
9:46 am
spell anything, it was about ratings. >> yes. harris: this was not about liking him. oh, he is affable guy. kennedy: choosing him to face her. melissa: ratings and money. harris: you have this thing called equal time outside of cable. some of those networks were going to bend to that too. isn't this always about the fact that he hasn't spent money with focused negative -- here in new york, where hillary clinton was a senator for years, there are ads running against donald trump because he is from new york. democrats are concerned. if they're concerned and buying money in new york, shouldn't that tell him he should be spending money? melissa: needs backup of ads. if you want to send something out exactly on message, they are totally credit. there are million of things hillary clinton done. cut the clip of her with the orlando shooter's father behind her head and made that an ad, played it over and over again. there are things that easy target. they're not doing it.
9:47 am
>> why isn't he spending it? that is the million, billion dollar question. why isn't he spending it? that is his way out. that is his way out. harris: why isn't he spending it? sandra: look, his camp says there is still so much time. pence earlier say twice, still so early. meanwhile, every republican strategist every surrogate, we have to do something now. i don't know. donald trump versus media i think originally thought this earned him sympathy. i think it did. >> yes. sandra: everybody you talk to in his camp, stop, stop. this is tired message. focus on, as you keep pointing out, melissa, go back to the economy. tell us how you make america great. go back and focus. harris: i wish that were tired message, so many jobs, really but it is not. kennedy: if there is so much time left, focus time and energy and that money go after independents. that is what you have to do, if you're going to make a shift, that is where you make the shift. harris: history being taken down at a state university. why is that happening?
9:48 am
so the story goes a student group found paintings hanging in a school hall for decades to be, quote, harmful, to certain students. did the school make the right call? will this latest pc punch end up hurting kids in the long run? ♪ you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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harris: more "outnumbered" in just a moment on this fine monday. let's go to jenna lee in the second hour of "happening now." >> hillary clinton and vice president joe biden about to speak at a big rally in pennsylvania. they're trying to wrest away working class voters from donald trump. we're awaiting big speech from mr. trump himself, said to be about foreign policy and his plans for threats from terrorists. mill walk key's mayor says outsiders are damaging a great neighborhood in a great city after police violence. police chief and mayor speaking at a new cadet swearing-in. top of the hour, "happening now." harris: jenna, thank you. sandra: pair of 80-year-old paintings are being moved after causing controversy of the wisconsin -- university of wisconsin. the paintings have been hanging in university hall for decades but school diversity's
9:53 am
leadership team recently complained the works were offensive to native americans and could have potentially harmful effects. first the school responded by saying it would put them in storage. but now they will be moved to a different room but people can see them by appointment only and so-called, controlled. dcircumstances. not substances. melissa: substances would be awesome. holy fraud rain slip, harris. >> strange torture chamber. oh, my goodness, can't stare at the painting. what a bunch of babies. what i said about conflict resolution. we can't even have discussions anymore. diversity so code for intolerance. if we want to be diverse we can't have different opinions. move it, put it in a playpen. put it in a playpen and let everybody looking a it. it is sane. how do they handle truth?
9:54 am
kennedy: having honest discussion about race in college classroom? i don't think that happens -- harris: that is why it is not happening outside of the classroom. not happening anywhere. no one wants an honest conversation about race. kennedy: two things going on here. political correctness on college campuses, running totally amok. and destroying the brains of an entire generation of otherwise worthwhile americans. you also have like art. like art is supposed to challenge people. sometimes it is representative. >> point is, close doesn't holocaust museum. close down 9/11 museum. if you can't handle the a painting, you can't handle anything. harris: if you can't handle, if your religion is not catholicism, will they start covering those paintings? kennedy: what is harmful. melissa: this actually happened. they're showing a point in time when things were happening. they're historically representing what was going on. you're just trying to wipe that away? maybe, i'm over fend by norman
9:55 am
rockwell paintings show the mom at home with puppies around the poker table. kennedy: i love that one. especially in neon. sandra: next they want a list for anybody who asks appointment to view the paintings. harris: whoa, that is actually really scary. sandra: i think they do these things to get people riled up. kennedy: try to alter the fresco in italy. then she ended up making this beautiful icon of christ into wooly bear. she was horrified and became incredibly depressed. boosted terror, tourism, rather. freudian slip. boosted tourism in the town. i'm wondering same thing might happen at uw-stout. harris: some safe places people can't congregate for class. everybody will be in the safe space. >> performance art absolutelylut is okay that is art. that is protected.
9:56 am
harris: was that your friday night? >> looking up there and all that stuff. sandra: more of this in just a moment. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads to places like... this... this... or this. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity, and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax? now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles]
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harris: greg gutfeld, he is one-of-a-kind. >> thank you. harris: it was really him today, not a hologram. >> yes. harris: he often threatens other shows shows up in hologram. >> i'm a golden graham, crunchy and sweet. harris: i remember those back in
10:00 am
the day. >> no, i'm an overt hippie. truly on my cereal. harris: thanks for being here. we'll go overtime on the web, click on the "overtime" tab. facebook live. outnumbered fnc. "happening now" now.


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