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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 15, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> i like president obama because he -- >> okay. it was so good, we can only show you a little bit. >> you're influencing callers across the country. that's it for us. donald trump calls isis one of the greatest threats to national security, and the media is the greatest threat to his candidacy. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. donald trump wants to change the price of admission to the u.s. he's calling for a new litmus test for immigrants. he tried to focus more on policy today and less on provocation. but he did take another swipe at the people who bring you the news, for twisting his words. carl cameron has the story from youngstown, ohio. >> reporter: with the republicans worried donald trump
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is lagging behind hillary clinton, he delivered a well received speech on how he'll defeat isis and clinton will not. >> hillary clinton's policies launched isis onto the world stage. incident after incident proves again and again hillary clinton lacks the judgment, as said by bernie sanders, stability, and temperament, and the moral character to lead our nation. [ applause ] >> reporter: this is what he called the three pillars he says the u.s. will stand with any nation that stands against isis and will not try to impose democracy. >> the era of nation build willing be brought to a swift and decisive end. >> reporter: and he now says u.s. visas will not be issued in nations with suspect security practices and only foreigners who respect american ideology will be admitted. >> i call it extreme vetting. i call it extreme, extreme
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vetting. >> reporter: against isis, trump again suggested partnering with an historic adversary. >> i also believe that we can find common ground with russia in the fight against isis. wouldn't that be a good thing? >> reporter: the reference to russia came on the same day "the new york times" reported that paul manafort was paid $12.7 million in off the books cash from the pro russian political party of the former ukrainian president. manafort attacked "the new york times" saying -- >> reporter: clinton's campaign manager said --
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>> reporter: "the wall street journal" today issued an editorial ultimatum today -- >> reporter: this weekend, trump renewed his claim that the media is the biggest rigger of the system and is biased against them, tweeting if the disgusting media covered me honestly and didn't put false meaning into the words i say, i would be beating hillary by 20%. trump asserted that the united states should never have gotten involved in libya and egypt. that was the obama administration, but in 2011, he complained loudly and said that the u.s. should be more militarily involved. bret? >> carl, thank you. liberals are expressing their concerns tonight about
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what some see as hillary clinton's drifting toward the middle and playing to disaffected republicans more than progressives in their party. clinton teamed up with vice president joe biden today in scranton, pennsylvania. the message seemed a long way from the policies and focus of bernie sanders and he is supporters in the primaries. jennifer griffin reports tonight from scranton. >> reporter: scranton, pennsylvania is home turf for hillary clinton and vice president joe biden, a crucial swing state of mostly white, blue collar workers. clinton's father was born in scranton. >> i was christened at the methodist church on court street. >> reporter: the visit was canceled after the dallas police shooting. it's the first time the vice president has campaigned with hillary. >> we're second to none. and hillary clinton is going to write the next chapter in american history. >> reporter: but much of their speeches were a preemptive
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strike on donald trump's isis strategy speech today in ohio. >> he's talked about sending ground troops, american ground troops. well, that is off the table as far as i am concerned. >> my son, bo, served for a years in iraq. had donald trump been president, i would have thrown my body in front of him. i really mean it. to keep him from going if the judgment was based on trump's decision. >> reporter: clinton is up by 11 points in pennsylvania based on the latest poll. what has the liberal wing of the democratic party worried is that after the convention she began moving to the attract disaffected republicans. >> it's just hillary clinton in a roof with no press, she is someone i can work with. she does understand policy. >> when she talked about the convention about bringing americans back together again and reaching out to republicans, i know she will do that.
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because she knows she can't succeed without it. >> reporter: where does that leave the progressive agenda that the sanders part of the democratic party fought for? ben jealous, the former head of the naacp who supported bernie sanders said -- >> reporter: as hillary clinton heads to philadelphia tomorrow to shore up voter support in pennsylvania, her campaign is launching a new initiative to use 730,000 dreamers, young latinos who are not eligible to vote but can go door to door and shore up that latino population vote in florida, arizona, and nevada. bret? >> jennifer griffin in scranton, pennsylvania. jennifer, thank you. this is a fox news alert. we have breaking developments
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tonight on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. catherine herridge is here with the story. >> reporter: two congressional committees released a letter they sent to the u.s. attorney in washington, d.c. making the case that mrs. clinton lied under oath during her testimony in 2015 and they also released a video highlighting the apparent conflict. >> there was nothing marked classified on my e-mails, either sent or received. nothing was marked classified at the time i sent or received it. >> it's also important to say something about the marking of classified information. only a very small number of the e-mails here containing classified information or markings that indicated the presence of classified information. but even if information is not marked classified in an e-mail, participants who know or should know that the subject matter is classified are still obligated to protect it. >> i'm asking how it was done, did someone physically look at the 62,000 e-mails or did you
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use search terms, date parameters. i want to know the specifics. >> they did all of that. they went through every single e-mail. >> lawyers doing the sorting for secretary clinton in 2014 did not individually read the contempt of all of her e-mails as we did. instead they relied on header information and used search terms among the 60,000 e-mails that were remaining on her system at the end of 2014. it's highly likely that their search missed some work-related e-mails and we later found them. for example, in the mailboxes of other officials. >> also today, new developments on when those congressional committees will get the fbi's notes of their interview of hillary clinton.
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there is no transcript of clinton's session, which is not unusual according to law enforcement veterans. ises in the vast majority of circumstances, fbi agents do not record the interview. >> reporter: instead, agents rely on their votes to draft a summary known as a 302. this is one of the key documents lawmakers are seeking. >> in terms of this particular interview, they'll learn everything about the content of that interview by looking at the 302. >> reporter: the house committee could get the fbi notes this week, but the holdup appears to be with legislative appears at the justice department. in recent testimony, the fbi director promised to give congress the records. >> i'll commit to giving you everything i can under the law and do it as quickly as possible. >> reporter: but classification issues may slow things down, because clinton was questioned about the top secret e-mails on
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her server. >> the 302 of secretary clinton is classified at the ts level, so we have to sort through that. >> reporter: the committee requested a perjury investigation because of the conflict between her testimony before congress and the fbi's findings. >> did the fbi investigate her statements under oath on this topic? >> not to my knowledge. i don't think there's been a referral from congress. >> do you need a referral from congress to investigate her statements under oath? >> sure do. >> reporter: the justice department has the perjury referral and take appropriate action, though there's been no response from the u.s. attorney's office here in washington. the state department also confirmed it will review and release the deleted e-mails from the clinton server that were recovered by the fbi. this, of course, is part of the law south by jsuit of the justi department.
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a former fbi official said this would be a matter of weeks, not months, so sometime possibly in september. >> thank you. republican senator chuck grassley said he's considering legislation to define the designation of special government employees permitted to work outside jobs. grassley is citing the case of aide and hillary clinton confidant huma abedin. she served significantly longer than the 130-day limit. it is late afternoon in milwaukee, wisconsin, but police are bracing for another long, hot summer night and the prospect of more racial unrest. milwaukee's mayor issued a 10:00 p.m. curfew for teenagers. the trouble began saturday with the fatal police shooting of an african-american man who reportedly had a gun. matt finn is watching the situation today in milwaukee. >> reporter: the milwaukee mayor is pleading for peace in the streets, as police prepare for
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what could be day three of violent riots. >> i'm calling on every single resident of this city. do not do further damage to this great neighborhood. >> reporter: the milwaukee county sheriff says the riots are symptoms of bigger, systemic issues. >> we have inescapable poverty in milwaukee. it's the sixth poorest city in america. massive black unemployment at 32%, one of the worst education systems in the nation. >> reporter: police squared off with crowds for a second night. another intense standoff, pushing into the early hours of monday morning. police report 30 incidents of shots fired on sunday alone. at least one person treated for injuries. bringing the total to 12 officers injured. some seen limping away after being hit by bricks. a total of seven businesses have been burned or destroyed in the riots. >> this is the police. leave the area.
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>> reporter: officers dodged bricks and bottles from a crowd, who are protesting after sylville smith was shot saturday. police say he was armed with a gun and did not comply with an order to drop his weapon. when he fled on foot. smith has a lengthy criminal record. he was arrested on multiple felony drug and robbery charges. the victim's father spoke out at the scene of his son's death, admitting he was a bad influence. >> i blame myself for a lot of things. because your hero is your dad. and i played a very big part in my family's -- role model for us, being on the street, doing things of the street. >> reporter: the unidentified police officer involved in this shooting has been placed on desk duty. the police chief says he was wearing a body camera that
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captured the shooting and that video will be released. >> matt, thank you. an instructor and a student pilot safely ejected from a military training jet before it crashed last night in south texas. investigators are trying to determine what caused that plane to go down during a routine training mission. it's the third crash of a navy or marine corps jet within the last three weeks. some of the worst flooding since hurricane katrina has forced tens of thousands from their homes in southern louisiana. six people are dead so far. correspondent will carr is in baton rouge tonight. >> reporter: southern louisiana remains in a state of emergency tonight as crews continue to rescue stranded residents by helicopter, military vehicles large enough to drive through swamped neighborhoods, and by boat. the man jumping in to save a woman and her dog as her car was swept away. >> get my dog!
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>> reporter: crews have rescued tens of thousands so far. >> i'm heart broken. i'm heart broken. it's my home. this is where i grew up. my grandmother and aunt lived in that house. just trying to cope with it. >> reporter: others still refuse to leave their homes, despite repeated pleas by authorities. >> any opportunity to get out, whether it be boats or by high water vehicles, they need to get out. this is going to be a long-term thing. the river has yet to crest, so they really need to take heed and get out. >> reporter: more than 10,000 residents remain in shelters. area hotels are sold out and flooded interstates have snarled traffic. president obama has issued a disaster declaration for the area, but right now, all eyes
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are on the weather. more storms are set to move in tomorrow, some are wondering when they can get back in their homes and salvage their possessions. but the recovery effort is still days away. right now it's all about saving lives. >> will carr in baton rouge, thank you. in foreign news now, russia's defense minister says moscow and the u.s. are edging closer to a deal to try to defuse the situation in aleppo. the obama administration is not confirming that. aleppo was once syria's largest city, has become the focal point of the civil war there. today, government forces repelled a renewed opposition force, forcing fighters to retreat from positions they seized a day earlier. and russia is dealing with tensions along its border with the ukraine. benjamin hall that that story from kiev. >> reporter: the war in ukraine has been largely forgotten, but it continues at a deadly pace. now there are serious concerns
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russia may escalate the conflict, and the question is, will putin invade or not? today, russia said it started tactical live fire exercises in the mediterranean, days after similar drills took place in the black sea. in the past, putin has used military exercises as a smoke screen for offensives. >> translator: i don't think now we are in a situation when sin is interested in breaking off diplomatic relations. this is an extreme step. >> reporter: nevertheless, tensions remain high after russia arrested who they claimed were ukrainian special forces crossing into crimea last week with the intention of blowing up major infrastructure. the german foreign minister met with his russian counterpart to voice concern. >> translator: the most important thing is we make sure that the situation does to the get out of control, and we call on both sides to take steps aimed at deescalation and to
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refrain from violence. >> reporter: some analysts think the timing for invasion is perfect. putin's popularity sores when he's engaged in conflict. other analysts believe that putin is just posturing, trying to get a better deal for the peace talks next month. and some say to invade now would be foolish, just as the west is reaching out to russia and the u.s. hopes to do a deal with them to solve the syrian crisis. but only putin knows what putin will do next. bret? >> benjamin hall in kiev, thank you. a spokesman for the olympic organizing committee is apologizing to four american swimmers who were robbed saturday night in rio. ryan lochte and three teammates say their taxi was stopped by men in police uniforms who told them to get on the ground. lochte says he initially resisted until a gun was put to his head.
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street crime has been a major concern of olympic organizers. all three major indexes closed at record highs, the dow gained 59, the s&p 500 up six, the nasdaq ahead 29. up next, former democratic party chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz's bat toll hold on to her house seat. fox 2 in san francisco, as firefighters contend with a wind whipped blaze that has destroyed more than 100 homes and forced thousands to flee. that fire began saturday about 90 miles north of san francisco, and spread quickly to five square miles. fox 5 in new york, where reports of shots fired at jfk airport caused a panic sunday night. police evacuated the terminal, forcing hundreds to march through the terminal with hands over their heads. but that incident might have been caused by people celebrating the olympics on tv. this is a live look at miami
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from our affiliate wsvn. crowds return to the neighborhood where the zika virus has struck. saturday evening's ark walk brought people back to that area. but the total of zika cases there is 30. that's tonight's live look from "special report." we'll be right back. usic playin) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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police in new york are questioning a suspect if a hit and run case who may be involved in the murder of a queens imam and his assistant. police officials say the man is a strong person of interest in the killings. a muslim advocacy group is offering a $10,000 reward for
3:24 pm
information leading to the arrest of the gunman. both victims were shot in the head near their mosque. we are waiting word from the white house that another transfer of terror detainees from guantanamo bay. fox news is told that 15 will be sent to other nations. we don't know which ones. last week we reported that 34 of the remaining 76 detainees have been cleared for transfer. until a few vehicles ago, she was the head of the democratic party. now congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz is fighting for her political survival. yesterday, she went face-to-face with her challenger. phil keating shows us what happened from miami. >> we've been -- >> can you guarantee -- >> you can guarantee -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> the first and only debate between debbie wasserman schultz and her democratic challenger took mace sunday morning in south florida, a heated hour reminisce sent of the democratic
3:25 pm
primary hour between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. >> this race has a lot of parallels with the national democratic primary. you have a moderate candidate competing against a more progressive candidate. debbie wasserman schultz, clinton, biden and obama back her. backing her rival is bernie sanders. >> reporter: he's echoing equally critical bernie sanders who accused debbie wasserman schultz and the democratic national convention of bias in favor of clinton, a charge substantiated in the dnc hacked e-mail scandal. she had to resign from chairing the dnc because of those e-mails. not taking any chances, she's
3:26 pm
brought in heavyweights to the district. >> i've won every election. >> reporter: the two also sparred on israel, an important issue in this district. he's called for a two-state solution. debbie wasserman schultz backs a strong israel. canovia conceded that 90% of his contributions come from out of state, leaving the moderator to suggest that perhaps he's less of a candidate and more of a bernie sanders revenge vessel. the democratic primary is august 30th. early voting began today. >> phil, thank you. america's election headquarters tonight. there is concern in the republican party that donald trump, if his campaign does not turn around quickly, could cost the gop control of the u.s. senate. mitch mcconnell concedes maintaining the numbers advantage in the chamber could be difficult. it will, in his words be "dicey." tonight, doug mckelway on donald
3:27 pm
trump's possible down ballot effect. >> we're going to have tremendous voter turnout. >> reporter: analysts say the donald trump campaign and the republican party are in trouble. >> just about everybody has recognized that the republican party is deeply divided and really it's if a mess. i think donald trump would agree because he's not getting the kind of support that he thinks he deserves. >> what we're looking for here is a candidate who settles down and follows the script and makes the election about hillary clinton. >> reporter: it's not just tepid support from party elders, it's support grassroot organizations and trump's reliance of social media. swing states he must win are not polling in his favor, and incumbents in the gop may suffer. >> senator pat toomey in pennsylvania is very vulnerable. senator rubio in florida is not assured another term.
3:28 pm
senator richard burr in north carolina. senator john mccain in arizona. >> reporter: if trump loses any of those states by double digits, he could pull down ballot candidates with him. >> if he's losing by four or five points, even six points, we can make up that difference. it's when it inches up towards eight, nine, ten percent difference that you can't make that up in the campaign. >> the next president of the united states, donald trump. >> reporter: still, trump continues to pull in big crowds. unpredictable events can change the race. >> if he's at the top and she's at the bottom, he can win this election. >> reporter: but that's contingent on trump staying on message and attacking hillary clinton. the good news is she ranks second to last in favorability of any candidate in recent history. the bad news for trump, he ranks
3:29 pm
dead last. bret? the commission on presidential debates released a list of polls it will use to help determine who is invited to participate. the polls are -- >> candidates must get at least 15% of the average of these polls in order to be invited. coming up, independent presidential candidate evan mcmullen in our center teet. but first, donald trump outlines his new immigration policy and strategy for going after isis and hillary clinton goes on the attack in pennsylvania. we'll talk about it all with the panel when we come back. learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain, from moderate to even severe
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let's go meet them soon. in person, we could read the room. on the phone, you're just a voice. yeah, i'm good. for fast rewards, let's book on choice. this trip could really help us grow. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's time to go for business, book on for instant rewards like gift cards and points towards free nights. book direct at hillary clinton lacks the judgment, as said by bernie sanders, stability, and temperament and the moral
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character to lead our nation. she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis. >> donald's been all over the place on isis. he talked about letting syria become a free zone for isis. a major country in the middle east that could launch attacks against us and others. he's talked about sending ground troops, american ground troops. well, that is off the table as far as i am concerned. >> donald trump and hillary clinton today on fighting isis. what they would do, what they wouldn't do. back and forth against each other, as we take a look at politics today. let's bring in our panel. okay, mercedes, donald trump laying out in a pretty much all teleprompter speech a message about not only fighting isis, but his what he calls extreme
3:34 pm
standards for letting people into this country. >> i think trump made several strong points here. one being -- talking about the value of nato. this is something we're looking forward to, that nato plays an important role in helping to defeat isis. secondly, on the fact that he was able to talk about the vetting process, he talked about the fact of making sure that it's those countries that have a history of exporting terrorism. that brings up that controversial situation on the muslim ban. but it is a point where it is becoming the idealogical fight. in the cold war, it was anti-communism. today it's anti-radical islam. >> let's listen to that. >> we should only admit into this country those who share our values and respect our people. the time is overdo to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today.
3:35 pm
i call it extreme vetting. those who do not believe in our constitution or who support bigotry and hatred, will not be admitted for immigration into our country. only those who we expect to flourish in our country and to embrace a tolerant american society should be issued visas. >> chuck? >> well, i am going to come right out and say it. this is a guy, by paul ryan's account, made a racist statement about a mexican judge and is now ironically calling for only admitting people free of intolerance. very interesting. but the whole thing is revealing in that it is backtracking. he's backtracking on the original muslim ban and now recasting it as extreme vetting based on values and that whole muslim ban thing is gone. now he's talking about how great
3:36 pm
nato is after he disparaged it. he can say what it is, but that's a result of the negative blowback his campaign suffered. these are tacit concessions to his critics. >> hillary clinton with joe biden in scranton, pennsylvania. hometown to biden and hillary's father, the rodhams, seems to be going after disaffected republicans in big ways. and is having some success according to the polls. is it concerting for the democratic party on the progressive side, watching hillary clinton make those moves? >> well, they had to expect this. it's a classic move, that you move to the left of the primaries if you're a democrat and to the center to scoop up an enormous potential audience. mitt romney got 93% of the republicans that voted for him and donald trump is down around 60, maybe 70% at this point.
3:37 pm
that simply will not get him to the white house. i think that they understand i think where her heart is, that she is probably more progressive instinctively than her husband was. and we'll understand this as tactics. >> mercedes, the e-mail investigation, the referral now has moved on to the doj from what the oversight government reform says is lying under oath. you have the judicial watch e-mails that will be released we're told by the state department. and the clinton foundation connections and e-mails and possible investigations to come are still not over. >> right. i think this is -- the e-mail scandals, the fbi probes, now that the u.s. attorney has taken over this case, these are all the issues that basically shadows -- it's a dark shadow over the clinton campaign. i think for hillary clinton, it is what keeps the voters from saying well, can we really trust
3:38 pm
her? it will continue to be the distraction for her in the upcoming months. the question for donald trump is, can he capitalize on the fact that it is about the clinton foundation and the billions coming in from hedge fund, fund managers from states that sponsor terrorism. >> there is fear with democrats about something coming out, something that is hanging over the clinton campaign, maybe it's an e-mail from this batch, there is this feeling that there is something else. >> they should be worried, because the lack of knowledge about anything, uncertainty is a cause of discomfort, and there's a lot obviously that could come out. what is different now than it was two months ago with respect to those fears is the gap she's opened up over trump because of
3:39 pm
his own mistakes. people were more worried in the democratic camp when he was up one or two points. right now they have what they regard as an eight-point cushion and way ahead in swing states. so yes, the that bomb went off within the e-mail scandal, she would be in a much stronger position to withstand it. >> is the down ballot concern really where the republican party is right now? >> it is, and i think there's a drop dead point. it might be labor dead. i think it's probably later than that. if in the middle of september the situation is as it is now, there will be an enormous movement of money to endangered senate seats, and there are a lot of them out there. >> joe biden today on the stuff. first time he's with hillary clinton. and makes the case about temperament, which is where the clinton campaign is on donald trump again and again and again. >> there's a guy that follows me
3:40 pm
right back here, has the nuclear codes. so god forbid anything happened to the president and i had to make a decision. he is not qualified to know the code. he can't be trusted. >> i mean, clearly they are seeing in the polls -- >> it's working for them that they focused on temperament. interestingly enough, trump is trying to do the same thing on the republican side saying hillary does not have the judgment or the temperament, just like bernie sanders has said. he's going to keep playing that card. this race is becoming more about personality and maybe not so much focus on policy at this point. >> we'll see if it stays that way. next up, your chance to learn more about independent presidential candidate evan mcmullen. he will be here in our center seat with the panel, next. beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient,
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welcome to center seat. we want to bring in our panel and our guest. independent presidential candidate evan mcmullen, a former cia counterterrorism officer, and now here with the panel on center seat. thanks for being here. >> great to be here. >> first question is one we get a lot on twitter, which is why are you doing this? and josco said, what do you really think you're accomplishing besides helping elect hillary clinton, are you a hillary clinton supporter? >> well, certainly not. i'm the furthest thing from it. donald trump is already losing this election badly. when i entered the race six days ago, he was ten points down on a national level. state polls in critical states
3:45 pm
over the last couple of days has shown he's even further down. donald trump has no chance of win thing election. he's alienated too wide a swath of the american population. he continues to put his foot in his mouth. he will not win. he's weak. i think he's melting down, his campaign is melting down. he has no chance of winning. he's ensuring that hillary clinton is elected our next president. >> paint the picture of how you have a chance of winning. >> there are many ways we can win. one way is through the house. it's unlikely we'll reach 270 giving the late stage we're entering. >> 270 electoral votes. >> right. but if we prevent hillary and donald trump from reaching that threshold, we can take it to the house. i think donald trump is in serious meltdown. i don't know if he's going to
3:46 pm
make it and i don't know how long rnc support lasts. but he's very fragile. >> you'll get on the ballots? >> we'll be on many, many ballots. just a few days on, we got on colorado, just today we announced utah, the independence party of minnesota has nominated me and will be helping us on the ballot and many others. they'll just keep coming. we'll be fighting and getting on as many as we can. >> chuck? >> let's start with a question that could differentiate, trade. they're both against the tpp. hillary used to be for it. where do you stand for it? >> i'm for it. 95% of the world's consumers are outside our boarders. we need access to them, right now we are limited in so many ways, our companies are. you know, we've got to get to yes on this. i know there are members of congress who have concerns, and i think president obama needs to work with them to resolve those
3:47 pm
so that we can get to yes. but we've got to get to yes. on trade, there are people who are genuinely suffering as a result of displaced industries and jobs. automation is another part of that, it's not only trade. we do need to hear their concerns and help them transition more. i believe that. and i think that's a message that conservatives need to promote more. but we can't stop trading and broadening our trade opportunities. we have to do that. it's fogood for our country. >> immigration very important in this election. you're more in line with hillary clinton or donald trump in securing our boarders? >> let me tell you what i think about it. we need to secure our border first and foremost. it's the basic part of being a country and basic piece of national security. as far as a wall is concerned, the experts say a wall is necessary. in other places a double wall is
3:48 pm
necessary. and in other places that a wall wouldn't help. so i'm for whatever it takes to secure our board we are mexico. and i'm for -- i'm not for deporting 11 million people. i think it's ridiculous. it would cause so much trouble economically and if other ways. it's a ridiculous idea. i oppose that. what we need to do is for those who are here illegally but not criminals and want to stay, there should be a path towards a legal presence here in the united states. >> what about the syrian refugees, what would you position be on letting them in or not? >> i spent over ten years in the central intelligence agency, serving in the middle east. if you're a terrorist and you want to come to the united states, the first possible way to do it is as a refugee. you'll go through a year and a half to two years of vetting. if you want to come to the united states, you're much
3:49 pm
better just coming through on the visa waiver program or walking across the border in mexico. that's a lot of unjustified hysteria around the refugee situation and we need to be more careful and accurate with the way we talk about that issue, because it has implications for a variety of other interests that we have overseas. >> george? >> the american military says they have taken off the battlefield 45,000 or so isis fighters since the coalition air strikes began. the territory of the caliphate is shrinking. what is record with that record and how would you improve upon it? >> the problem is the pace of what we've been doing. president obama has articulated a containment strategy that has this slow road towards defeating isis. when you allow isis or any other islamist terrorist organization to have a safe haven the size of the one that isis has, you buy them tame to plot and plan the
3:50 pm
attacks that have happened in your and the united states and elsewhere over the last year. so the pace needs to pick up. this isn't there is a lot of grt options. it's terrible but there are better options for us to turn to before we put traditional troops on the ground. i think we need to use cia operations. we need to use our special forces. i have been there. done that we need to train indigenous troops and forces. there are countries in the region who have volunteered to put up their own troops. we need to exhaust some of these things before we go ahead and put traditional troops on the ground. i don't think it's necessary. i think we can defeat isis through other means through some of these that i have described and others. >> what about gitmo? what do you think should happen to the remaining detainees at guantanamo bay? >> i don't think gitmo should be closed. i think these are enemy combatants and they deserve
3:51 pm
to stay where they are until hostilities are complete. >> so you don't buy the whole argument that gitmo is a pr disaster used by terrorist against the u.s.? >> i think we need to push back on that. these are people who want to kill americans in mass. i have dealt with these people face to face. they are intelligent, many of them. they are well-traveled. they are well studied. these are very motivated people who eat, sleep and drink to destroy america. the idea they shouldn't be locked up and held. by the way some of them -- i was even told when i was with the cia with some of these people that they would much rather go to gitmo than be in a variety of other prisons around the world especially from the regions in which they come. so, look, we need to put ourselves on a war footing here, remind ourselves that that's what we are involved in. and, as we round up enemy combatants around round them up off the battlefield and gitmo is a fine place. >> more with evan mcmullin
3:52 pm
on center seat after the break.
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geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. and we're back with our panel and in center seat independent presidential candidate evan mcmullin. a lot of people tweeting in noting you went to byu. you are more mormon. you would play well in utah. they say you are trying to throw utah the other way. >> we're trying to win utah. let's make that clear and we're trying to win in this election that is our goal. again, donald trump is a terrible candidate. he is alienating. >> what about hillary clinton? is she a terrible candidate. >> she is too. she is absolutely dangerous. she is a person who thinks she is unaccountable to the american people. absolutely unacceptable and unfit tore office. especially at a time when 82% of americans believe that the country is on the wrong track. we need -- i mean, we need
3:56 pm
something new. i believe it's time for a new generation of leadership in this country. >> all right, tim, on twitter says what is your plan on tax reform? >> well, i think we need to flatten it out. i think there need to be less brackets, first of all. i support the house plan which is three tax rates, simple simplified plan. a lot of plans coming from the house and paul ryan and committee chairman and members. i support those. as president, i would look to simplify the tax code in that way. >> george? >> social conservatives are particularly unhappy with the choice they have this year. >> of course they are. >> but, they have looked at your website and are not encouraged. you say that as a mormon you believe marriage is between a man and a woman. >> i do. >> but you say the court has spoken. you respect the court's opinion and we should move on. >> does that not also affly roe v. wade which has been the law of the land for 43
3:57 pm
years and would you in appointing judges appoint judges how think or ask would overturn roe v. wade? >> yes. it's a good question and a fair question. but i see the issues differently. on the matter -- on the issue of life, it's life. so i actually would pursue court appointments that would overturn row v. wade. that's my view. i do believe on the issue of gay marriage that the american people have a certain positioning. the court has spoken. and, again, that's not a matter of life. so i respect the decision and i do think it's time to move on. but, on a matter of life, i remain committed to overturning roe v. wade. >> we are seeing the violence in milwaukee, obviously the tension between law enforcement and the african-american community. how would you, as president, handle race relations in america? >> well, first of all, i think as a white person, i think that -- i think it's time for us to acknowledge
3:58 pm
that african-americans do actually face some challenges in this country that are unique to them and minorities in general. i think we need to do that. that would be my first step that would be my first message to them. i would do far more outreach than others. we certainly more than donald trump. we i think that has a big effect. the tone of a president impacts the attitudes of a country. and that's why and hillary does plenty to divide our country, too. this idea of a strong centralized government that's pushing down solutions to the rest of the country from washington divides us. but, in terms of donald trump, he has divided us along racial lines, along religious lines. he has even as a candidate. >> what is your solution. >> my solution would be to change the tone, phil. i think donald trump's' tone is unacceptable. he has done enormous damage to this country. large implications for our prosperity and security. >> chuck? >> i'm going to ask you
3:59 pm
about your background. >> sure. >> which is obviously admirable that you worked in the agency overseas it creates a problem for voters because your entire career is secret. you can't talk about it how are you going to overcome that and what are we entitled to know what you have been doing with your life all this time. >> certain things are secret. who exactly the names of people who for example decided to betray al qaeda in order to work with us. but there is actually a lot that could be understood. my role was not -- what i did is actually a well known role. i was a case officer, otherwise known as an operations officer. my role was to go out and convince al qaeda operatives to instead work with us as well as to convince people in, officials in foreign governments to work on behalf of the u.s. government secretly. there is a lot that is known and there is actually a lot that i can explain that isn't secret. but i would say this: the country has entrusted me with some of its most sensitive information and asked me to do some of its
4:00 pm
most difficult tasks. i have answered that and sacrificed much to do it. >> what's not secret is the show ends at 7:00. thank you for the time. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, fair, balanced and unafraid. donald trump coming out swinging, accusing president obama and secretary hillary clinton of bungling the fight against terrorism. trump's list of wh bungled is long, libya, iraq, syria, paris, nice, germany plus that's not at all. san bernardino the nightclub in and san bernardino. listen to what trump said today in ohio. >> the trump administration will establish a clear principle that will govern all decisions pertaining to immigration and we will be tough. and we will be even extreme. we should only admit into this country those who share our values and respect our


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