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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 15, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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be hosting a town hall with donald trump. if you want to be part of the audience just go to i'll be up early on fox and friends.
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jesse waters goes to martha's vineyard to vacation with president obama. kind of. you're about to enter the no-spin zone. the factor begins, right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching tonight. where the trump campaign is right now, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. now, neither candidate has momentum. the polls say hillary clinton is up by seven points, voters are not jumping up and down for either, but it is true that donald trump lost support and in states like florida, north carolina and virginia is behind secretary clinton. polling in mid august doesn't
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really mean very much. only after labor day does it shed light on the race. there is no question that donald trump is hurting himself by using the same rhetoric that helped him win the primaries. trump's shoot from the hip, seek and destroy speech making vaulted him over republican challengers but now, it's rammed down his throat by a hostile press. the government announced growth in the second quarter was 1.2%. a disaster. the democratic party immediately was on the defensive. just two days later, donald trump criticized gisala khan, the mother of a soldier killed in iraq. on august 9th, e-mail showed hillary clinton used her position as secretary of state
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to possibly benefit the clinton foundation. the exact same day, donald trump said this. >> hillary wants to abolish the second amendment. by the way, and if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. all though the second amendment people maybe there is. i don't know. >> immediately, liberal press accused trump of threatening mrs. clinton. washington post editorializing, quote, encouraging armed resistance against the federal government is not the most-worry some of possible meanings. other listeners assumed mr. trump was encouraging supporters to train their weapons on mrs. clinton herself, end quote, think about how insane that sentence was.
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other listeners and why and personalize it. polarize it. the target. that is what the antitrump press is doing. back to trump himself. there are two things in play. he is not recognizing that explosive comments like those about muslim women and gun control can, and will be used against him and american press will be used to avoid reporting on real issues affecting the usa. the factor tip of the day, the
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media despising donald trump. here is why. he has no fear. he can care in the about censoring himself. and the press does not intimidate him. so because of that approach, the media believe they must punish mr. trump. and that has come to pass. today, the candidate sought to build his base. >> my administration will pursue joint operations to crush and destroy isis. international cooperation to expand intelligence sharing and disable their propaganda and
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recruiting. >> it's safe to assume he would stop isis on the ground using forces. that separates him from the obama administration and perhaps hillary clinton. also mr. trump reiterated he will not get more specifically his isis strategy. >> my administration will not telegraph plans. >> sometimes he doesn't want to tell what he'll do because he wants to keep it secret. sometimes, the secret is that he has no plan. >> so you, the voter have that contrast to consider. over all, the press has succeeded in marginalizing donald trump to some extent. and he is helped him do it.
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the bombast worked in the primaries but will not work in the general election unless attacks are specific. you say president obama created isis. you have to immediately back that up. if you say something about elections being rigged you're going to get hammered unless you can point to data to back it up. it's a fact if you do not condemn donald trump, you, yourself are condemned by many in the media. same thing in the far right precincts. if you don't call hillary clinton the devil, somehow, you become lucifer. those points of view are dangerous. donald trump needs to discipline himself and start spending money in the swing states. and to present himself in a less
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personal way. liberal americans aren't going to vote anyway. there is little risk in him continuing to layout owe an anti-illegal alien program. and right now, hillary clinton is head. we'll have reaction and also, charles krauthammer on a possible solution to racial violence. those reports after these messages. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads here. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy.
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but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? continuing now with our lead story where the trump campaign is in realtime. joining us from washington david morris deputy managing editor at the kidnap lington
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editor dr. darren shaw. pollster, professor at the university of texas. so, doctor, do you see it my way? am i missing something? >> i think you got the story pretty much right. trump faces enormous negatives at this point. i was looking back at gallup data for the past 50, 60 years, only twice has a presidential candidate who trailed coming out of the conventions won the election truman in '48 and george w. bush in 2000. one of the reasons for that once the conventions are done there are very few events left. you have got the debates. maybe a couple of high profile speeches. there are not many opportunities to turn things around. and in addition to to that, his path to victory is pretty narrow. the states, the groups that he needs to advance his case with, you know, they are going to be very challenging. he has a very narrow pathway to get where he needs to go. >> all right. but he is pretty close, mr. morris and even the states that he has slipped in there was "l.a. times"
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poll, national poll, that was the latest won. is he down by four in that poll. so he is hanging in despite all this other business. >> he is hanging in, bill. but it's the sixth inning of a nine inning game and he just hit a single he can't swing for the fences and hit all at once. he needs a single tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that time is short. it's not november 8th which we are looking at which is election day. really we are looking at 45 days out. middle of october. early october even. last time around 2012, almost a third of americans voted early. he needs to reach those folks and he needs to reach them right now. >> where does that start? do we know when this starts, guys? early voting in different states? go ahead. >> it starts in different states in different places. for instance i'm in texas. texas, you have about 12 days of early voting. it starts mid october. so roughly after the first two presidential debates and
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after the vp debate but before the third. in california, no fault absentee starts very early october. so you bank a lot of these votes early and you know hillary is going to be working hard to get those votes, you know, locked down. >> california though is fate of come plea. so is texas. texas will for trump. it is interesting that the voting does start pretty much after the first debate. i think that first debate is going to be very well watched and, again, we are not allowing for anything crazy, which could happen on both sides. craziness is in the air this campaign season and i mean serious craziness, all right? it's in the air so anything could happen if it stays this way and trump disciplines himself a little bit more, do you think is he going to close that gap because the economy is weak and democrats have a lot of problems on the terror front and other places. am i wrong? >> is he going to close the gap in a couple of places for a couple of reasons. but, primarily, remember that after labor day, most
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polls are going to start switching to questioning likely voters rather than registered voters. that will help trump gain a point or two at least it has in the past and it will this year. >> is it because voters are more jazzed than clinton's voters? or more excited. >> republicans tend to turn out more greater greek is i historically. democrats outregister them but republicans turn out at >> okay. now, today, dr. shah, did you watch trump's speech in youngstown, ohio? >> did i get a chance to see it, yes. >> okay. so he is on the prompter and his energy level when he goes on the prompter is down, but he still made his points. stayed within the parameters of what he his national security vision is. would you recommend that that's the strategy that he should go by everything on the prompter and not try to whip the crowd into a frenzy? because he does get in trouble sometimes when he tries that.
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>> he does. and, you know, i think you see the ambivalence i have in answering that question is something the trump advisors feel. he has had these successes approaching things a certain way. as you point out, it's general election now. you can't be off script. >> he has got to seat polls. the numbers are the numbers. and when you are -- the democrats are close in georgia and utah and arizona, traditional republican strongholds. is he not stupid. he sees the numbers. that's a good example. let's give mr. morris a last word on it. >> remember one thing, bill. that is that there are no teleprompters at the debates that's going to be where he has to put up or shut up. so far he has proven that he is not very consistent at doing that remember in the debates republicans according to internet he won them all. i don't know what that -- i think trump is going to hold his own but we will see. gentleman, thank you. directly ahead. mr. trump says the media is
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out to get him. true? we'll debate it and then later. more racial violence, this time in milwaukee. charles krauthammer on how to heal the racial wounds in america. up ahead. what's it like to put your home in good hands? like having something fit you, just right, thank you randall. every stitch and seam of your home insurance, tailored to fit you and your budget. with unique features, like claim free rewards... ohh! customized home protection extra features all at an affordable price! i'm going to live in this. in means getting more from your home insurance with an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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personal story segment tonight. another very provocative sound bite by donald trump. >> i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton. i'm running against the crooked media. that's what i'm running against. these are the most dishonest people. so i think maybe what we'll do, maybe we'll start thinking about taking their press credentials away from them. >> mr. trump specifically talking about the "new york times" and that sound bite. joining us from boston
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democratic strategist mary anne marsh and here in knox republican katie pavlich, prevailing wisdom you don't go after the press if you are a politician or pundit like me because of revenge and it's a cycle of they will attack you if you attack them. is that apply to donald trump? >> bill clinton said you don't attack people who pay ink by the barrel kind of thing. >> you know that quote came from thomas jefferson era. >> oh there, you go. goes way back to the beginning of the country. >> do you do you believe that? >> it depends. the media has certainly helped donald trump in the primary to get the free media spend any money on advertising, that kind of thing. however, you know, of course the media is biased. is he using this to his ad van damage. the media has a 6% approval rating. which is even employee of that congress. it is actually to his credit to use this as a campaign talking point. >> you think it's a plus for him because i agree with you his base doesn't like the media but, remember now he has got to go out and convince other people.
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how do you see it, mary anne? >> i think i agreed actually with most of your talking points as shocking as that may be. i think the real point here is, donald trump with the press and voters, they stopped giving him the benefit of the doubt. as a result, is he in this bad cycle of bad press, bad polls and his bad reaction to both it keeps repeating itself. the second point i would make here is the vote for president is the most personal vote any american casts every four years. they look at this and donald trump and hillary clinton through a personal lens. when he started attacking people, private citizens you mentioned the khans, i would add to that a reporter who was disabled, voters started to see that in very personal terms. they said wait a minute, if he treated them like that, will he do that to me? and that's starting to really form their opinion. >> let's get back. >> actually, bill, it was in the polling, you can see that specifically in the polls. people don't like anybody who run other people down particularly women and going
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to react negatively to that remember by his no spin or whatever you want to say he won because he was blunt. now it's working against him as i pointed out. how would you react if the "the washington post" said that the second amendment, you possibly could have wanted hillary clinton asass sip nateed. >> once you -- that's the "the washington post" editorial board. >> right, i actually wrote an entire column many of your viewers may be surprised defending trump on that issue. and as i said, there is no doubt that the liberal media is biased towards trump. i do want to say as a journalist reporter, as someone in the media, i think it's highly inappropriate for donald trump to say he is going to start stripping people's press kennels credentials. >> i don't know why. if somebody is really being dishonest, i would strip them too. >> let me ask mary anne. the "the washington post" editorial implying that some people feel that trump is calling for the assassination of secretary clinton. now, if you are donald trump and you are reading that you
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are saying, lack, this is out of control. this hatred of me is out of control. are you not saying that? you got to be able to take this. this is nothing compared to being president. >> why do you have to be able to take it donald trump has a perfect right as a human being to draw a line about the press i doesn't have to take it how much worse can he get? they are accusing him of possibly wanting a woman dead? how much worse can he get? >> look, bill, you have to be able to take these kinds of hits. because it's much harder when you are president of the united states. >> i don't think you have to take those kinds of hits. >> yes. you have to be able to go back at them and fight the fight and go through it and show voters what you are made of. because, if you don't stand up for yourself, voters then say you are not going to stand up for me. if you can't take the "the washington post" editorial board, how is he going to take isis? really? come on. >> he should get specific not say they are all terrible people. get specific and use
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examples. i don't think it can get any worse with donald trump and the press. >> well, look. you think it can get worse? >> of course it can always get worse. you never say it can't get worse. that is like the ultimate thing youner say. here's the problem with donald trump and the history with the press. he has stripped press credentials from politico, the "the washington post," even the "new york times" and buzz feed as a matter of fact are political reporters for simply reporting things were unfavorable to him. not necessarily things that were not true? he didn't think they were being fair for them. >> you can't just strip press credentials. >> yes, you can. >> and first amendment because you don't like unfavorable coverage. that's not how it works. >> you are both saying the same thing. you can't. he can. he can but there are consequences. >> all right. then that's your point of view. mary anne, last word. >> if he is president of the united states, is he going to throw people out of the white house press briefing room? >> i hope so i got a list.
8:26 pm
>> if you can't take that you shouldn't be president. come on. >> thank you very much. >> plenty as the factor moves along this evening. disturbing situation in milwaukee as police kill armed black man causing violence to break out. what really happened there charles krauthammer on whether there is a solution to racial strife in america. also, watters vacationing with president obama kind of. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. this is the summer.
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in the impact segment tonight. racial strife sunday. the "new york times" ran a headline unrest in milwaukee after police fatally shoot unarmed man. that headline was false. the paper has now retracted it. pointing out that the ensuing article did say the suspect was armed. the man in question civil smith 23 years old killed by a black police officer after flee sag traffic stop on saturday. police say smith had a gun and they had video to prove it smith has a long record with gun involved crimes as well. now, that incident led to violence in the street in milwaukee. businesses were torched. 31 arrested so far. 11 police officers injured. and an 18-year-old shot in the neck by unknown assailant. all in all another awful display in america. joining us from milwaukee dan o'donnell radio seahawk show host on wsin. am i leaving anything out
8:31 pm
here? am i leaving out anything about the story first of all. >> pretty amazing revelation just a couple of hours ago, bill. it turned out that syville smith shot and killed knew the milwaukee police officer who killed him. the two apparently went to high school together. this, according to the sister of smith. sharel smith telling the local television affiliate that the two knew each other in high school. i don't know the extent to which they knew each other. this wasn't just a police officer shooting a suspect that he didn't know. it appears as though this officer knew who it was he was shooting. also it should be known that the autopsy revealed that smith was shot in the chest and in the arm not in the back as was rumored. indicating he turned around. in fact milwaukee police chief he had flynn said he turned around toward the officer with a gun in his hand? what about the video? that's going to tell the tale on this whole case.
8:32 pm
is there video of the suspect with a gun? >> there is, in fact, body camera video. that has not yet been released but milwaukee mayor tom barrett and he had flynn says it's going to be released as soon as possible. this is an investigation that is still in its very early stages but the video does show. >> do they say he has a gun? >> it does show they say he had a gun. they say he turned with the gun in his hand toward the officer. >> all right. so that's on the record by the mayor and police chief. we will see. how does a demonstration get organized that quickly? i mean, the guy is shot and killed, the investigation starts and all of a sudden there are hundreds of people in the street burning stuff down. how does that happen? >> well, this was apparently organized on facebook. there was a facebook group that was, i believe, shut down in the middle of the rioting because it was being used to get people out to the various locations. i'm not going to say the name of that facebook page.
8:33 pm
also snap chat was used to get people out there. that's how they were able to get those huge crowds together very, very quickly. they were all on their phones and on social media basically organizing this thing as they went. did any of the news media in milwaukee report the story accurately? what are you doing? this looks like a justifiable shooting? does anybody report that right away? >> well, we didn't know the details of the shooting until sunday afternoon when the chief gave a press conference. >> there was a lag time? >> yes. >> the people demonstrating i guess assumed this was unarmed man, right? >> yeah. they were going on basically rumor that was spreading through social media and people talking to each other kng that happened. >> how dangerous is that? >> only thing we knew on saturday night. it is very dangerous. and they were going just on rumors that turned out to be very false. >> the guy who was shot in the neck by the unknown assailant. he is not dead, right? he is okay? >> no. he did suffer life
8:34 pm
threatening injuries. last time i checked he was still alive, an 18-year-old man. >> all right mr. o'donnell. we appreciate the background. thank you very much. when we come right back, can anything be done about racial hatred in america? we'll put that question to charles krauthammer. and watters on martha's vineyard with president obama. >> president obama back on the vineyard. what's he need all this rest for? >> every other week he just seems to be on the golf course. >> his golf game has not improved that much, has it? >> from what we have seen, no. >> the factor is coming right back. it's the phillips' lady!
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the unresolved problem segment tonight. as we just reported. violence in milwaukee broke out after a black police officer shot and killed a black man hot cops say had a gun. the milwaukee county sheriff david clarke reacted this way. >> here is what causes riots. why have inescapable poverty in the city of milwaukee. milwaukee is like the sixth poorest city in america. you have massive black unemployment. i think it's at 32%. you have a failing k-12 public education system. it's one of the worst in the nation. you have questionable lifestyle choices. some of this self-inflicted. all these kids with no fathers around.
8:39 pm
father absent homes. when fathers aren't around to shape the behavior of young men, they oftentimes grow up to be unmanageable miss fits. those are the ingredients milwaukee has all of them. all this police shooting did of an armed individual by the way when four other murders happened the night before and you didn't see this sort of reaction? >> joining us now from washington charles krauthammer. the sheriff went on to say that he believes the welfare system, the social entitlements that are encouraged by aggressive community and democratic party in particular have really eroded the social structure in the african-american community. first of all, do you believe that and, second, how has that happened? >> well, i don't believe it caused it. i do believe it exacerbated it in a very obvious way. the sheriff is absolutely right. the root cause of all of this is the breakdown of the community and the family and the black family. that's what is he talking
8:40 pm
about. that's what pat moynahan, the famous liberal senator and professor of sociology at harvard wrote in 1965 a report for which he was viciously attacked and even ostracized because he pointed to the breakdown of the black family. the major task of any society of any family overall, the organization of society is to socialize young men, to civilize them. that's what the family is for. that's what society is for. if you fail at that you fail at everything. and when moynahan pointed out in 1965, was to an illegitimacy epidemic. do you know what the number was at the time? 24%. you know what it is now among african-americans? 70% nationally and some of the cities 80% to 90%. the sheriff is absolutely right, fatherlessness, no one, not just to be the role model, but to be the
8:41 pm
disciplinarian. you saw that clip of the father of the guy who was shot in milwaukee, that guy, mr. smith, the father saying i'm at fault. i wasn't there. he was in and out of jail. he had a checkered. >> right. at that point the kid, the boy has so little chance. add to that the schools that are corrupt, controlled by the teachers union. give the worst education. no liberal in america would agree to have a child in that school. and they don't. they there are always other things added on. >> how about the welfare system? how does that erode let me explain. >> go ahead. >> when f.d.r. added aid to families with children. it was meant to subsidized widows raising kids. it was never intended to what it ended up being in the 60's, 70's, and 80's to be a subsidy for
8:42 pm
illegitimacy. what was discovered was that if you had a child unmarried in your late teens, early 20's and as long as you didn't have a man in the house, not just unmarried, people used to hide the boyfriends. they would run away when the social worker showed up because if there is a man in the house, you lost your payments. it was the worst incentive you could imagine well meaning government trying to subsidize a single mother, trying to raise her kids very hard to do. but what it created was a cash payment system where essentially if you had illegitimate child, no one to help you out in the house, you were subsidized. the government essentially became your providing husband. and that created. >> the more kids you had the more money you got. >> you created a new generation with no father, no role model, increasing poverty, desperation and all the pathology that we talk about today. it is a tragedy because because it was all well
8:43 pm
intended. >> but the progressive party will never, never admit that they will never say gee, you know, we were well intended but it didn't work and now we have to look at another way. >> bill clinton did. he signed the welfare reform in 1996? thats with a based on work. >> yes. it attached to work and that revolutionized welfare. >> this is based on something else. this is based on morality. now, clark, basically says, sheriff clarke that the black community in america has to solve the problem itself. that the government can't so if african-americans want a better society, all right, they have to confront this growing problem of the deterioration of the family. do you think that will ever happen? >> look, that has always been true. it's true for every community. it's been made worse by the policies of the government. the problem for us is
8:44 pm
everybody is aware of the problem, but no one knows there is no political solution to what would have to be a reformation, sort of a respiritualization if you like of these communities that are suffering so much. the sources of strength, of course, are the churches, some of the community organizations, and that where all that has to come from. i think there are few things the government can do at the margins. the first was reforming welfare which obama largely undone the work requirement. and second what we need to talk about is to try to salvage at least some of the students by giving them educational choices. >> the vouchers and stuff like that. >> you can start by working from the outside. you can start by doing those things. but the rest, unfortunately is up to a community that is in very dire straits. >> all right. charles. thank you very much. watters on deck. he went to martha's vineyard where president obama is vacationing.
8:45 pm
then i traveled to normandy france and ireland on vacation. i will tell you about it in the tip of the day. that's moments away.
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8:48 pm
back of the book segment tonight, "watters world." president obama is vacating in martha's vineyard, massachusetts. a democratic strong hold. it's also home to oak bluffs, one ever the oldest african-american resorts town in the country. watters checked it all out. ♪ ♪ so tell me what oak bluffs is all about. >> peace and tranquility. >> i'm here to ruin that sorry. >> because you are a real hemorrhoid. >> don't talk to me anymore. >> you have seen any celebrities since you have been down here? >> well, besides you.
8:49 pm
no. >> i'm vanessa williams and spike lee. >> was spike nice to you. >> he was not. >> what does that mean? >> obama was here, of course. >> tell the president i'm looking for him. >> i'm looking for him, too. >> president obama here back on the vineyard. what's he need all this rest from. >> you don't think running the free world is not stressful. >> running it into the ground, you mean? >> we are pleased with all his accomplishments and i think the economy shows how pleased we are. >> yeah. destroying the economy is very hard work. >> he needs to get rest from congress not helping him out at all. >> everybody needs a vacation. >> all i need is just a quick 10 minutes. >> don't forget fighting climate change is very hard work, too. >> climate change is real. >> i like global warming, more time at the beach. >> he has done a pretty good job. wouldn't you agree. >> there is less people working now than there were when president obama took office. >> that's a very interesting point of view. >> every other week he seems
8:50 pm
to be on the golf course. a lot of us have just been frustrated by that. >> get out of there. give someone else a chance. >> what do you really like about this president? >> hope,. >> hope for a new new president? >> i like president obama because he stuck to his mission. >> how is that working out? >> i think it's working out well. >> tell me what you think the president's biggest accomplishments have been. >> shall we roll on? >> his interest in public education. i'm a public educator. >> the public isn't that educated. ever seen my show? >> no. no never. >> from jump street, i thought he was a community organizer. we have seen nothing positive. we have people shooting cops, and he's not coming out and really saying, hey, knock it off. >> absolutely. >> black americans have not prospered economically.
8:51 pm
>> yeah, we have. >> you, obviously. >> a lot of us have. you try to say we haven't, but we have. >> black incomes and black home ownership down under this president. >> we cannot put anything totally responsibility on him whatsoever. >> still bush's fault, right? >> so many other presidents' fault before him and he had a lot of mopping up to do. >> my opinion, he's black only when it's convenient. get into the chicago neighborhood, how come we had thousands of murders? and where is his talk about that? >> do you think the president has been confronted by a lot of racism throughout his presidency? >> yeah, racism is a part of america. >> when you hear his name called by certain people, they say obama, they don't even say president. that's disrespectful. >> do you ever say bush? >> ah -- >> do you think the president's had a rough time with the press? >> yes. everything he does is criticized in greatolume. >> i think there's always some type of spin that is always
8:52 pm
negative towards him. >> that's not true. we're in the no-spin zone in the o'reilly factor. >> o'reilly factor, really? >> do you think fox news has been fair to president obama? >> i think so. >> a lot of people on obama's team do that. a lot of people have been saying recently that bill o'reilly is probably the best person ever on television. >> i think he's one of the smartest. >> i love that. >> you knowho i am? >> yeah, wally's world. >> wally world. >> we made it. >> you're jesse waters. >> whose world is it? >> your world. >> you truly scare me. i just want to let you know that. >> the guy with the trump shirt, did he get jazz walking around? >> i asked him, he said no threats. i can't believe you haven't congratulated me. i found the one black trump supporter on martha's vineyard. >> it wasn't hard. he had a trump shirt. >> he was well treated. >> the other woman made a good point, when you address the president, you should call him president obama.
8:53 pm
not obama or bush or whatever. >> for brevity. it's a tight segment. >> i think she was right. i think even if you don't like president obama, if you don't approve of him, you respect the office, and i think that was a good point. they likia there? >> i have been there probably six times. i want obama to win a third term so i can keep this assignment. >> nice place? >> a beautiful place. >> the whole island is nice. did you see james taylor? >> i did not. >> you have a friend if you see james. >> you're dating yourself. >> he loves you. don't make fun of james. >> i would never. he may be old but he's cleaning up on a concert there.watters, . the tip moments away. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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"killing the rison sun" there it is, you'll get it first, if you sign up or re-up for premium membership, you get it free. we hope you check it out because you will like "killing the rising sun." dvd of the tv series will be out in october, but you can get the inside story on our tv project from the book. more detail on air. we hope you check that out as well. all the money i get from billo' donated to charity. >> now, to austin, texas. i'm starting to wonder whether donald trump really wants to be president. he was perfectly positioned after the convention, yet all he's done since is step on his tongue. >> steve, washington. what happens if trump is convinced to drop out? not going to happen unless personal tragedy intervenes. same thing with hillary clinton. if disaster befalls, mike pence would head the ticket. jordan, england. i have seen your segment on new york city, recognizing 31
8:57 pm
genders has cemented my view that the world has gone mad. that's what miller thinks, too. strange things are in the air these days. andrea, new jersey, finished "killing reagan" last week, loved it. he was the first president i voted for. the rough cut of the movie finished as well, will be shown october 16th on nat geo. it's good. you guys are going to be interested to see that, i think. marjorie valentine, phoenix, arizona. just renewed my premium membership because all of your books have a positive impact on me, bill. george washington was not one of my favorites before i read about him. second best president. lincoln, number one. just received the audio of "killing lincoln" over here. happy to be a new premium member. we're happy to have you, wally. enjoy espaniole. espania is the country. >> big happy 67th anniversary to
8:58 pm
diane and al shoe maker. eight kids, 20 grandkids, 10 great grandchildren. christmas must be fascinated in that home. who are you again? finally, tonight, the factor tip of the day. i traveled to normandy, france, last week to educate about one of the most intense battles for freedom ever. visited the american cemetery. a stunning place. very respectful. all american. you should try to get there. pay their respects. also, we toured the normandy beaches, especially omaha and utah, where american forces overwhelmed the germans. and it was a real tough fight. saving private ryan, best movie if you want to see what it was like. then it was on to ireland, county court, to be exact. stunning place. there it is. we took you in the soccer game. had a blast there. you -- there's the soccer game. i was in a goal. and they mocked me.
8:59 pm
it was a good game. now, you can never go wrong in ireland. you can't go wrong. it's just a fabulous place. factor tip of the day. >> and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, different from billo' o'reilly at fox, if you wish to opine, do not be churlish. now tomorrow, i'm not sure that this story is going to pan out. all right. but i promoted it because we're looking into it. apparently, black lives matter has a beef with elvis presley's house in tennessee. in memphis, tennessee. now, they have a big thing in august because that's when elvis died. and black lives matter was going to protest, some civil rights thing, in front of graceland, but i'm not sure whether it's going to pan out or not. if it does, we'll have it. if it doesn't, i'll look like a
9:00 pm
fool. thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight on a very busy evening, we're monitoring the streets of milwaukee. after two straight nights of violent riots have erupted following the shooting death of an armed african-american man killed by an african-american police officer. wisconsin governor scott walker will join us live in an exclusive interview. welcome, everyone, to "the kelly file." i'm trish regan, in for megyn kelly. also breaking, new details on a potential fbi investigation into corrupt ties between hillary clinton's state department and the clinton family's multibillion charity. but we begin with a major speech from donald trump. mr. trump speaking in


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