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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 16, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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when you come to the fork in the road, take it. which way do to you go, to the left or the right? this is an actual sign in south carolina. >> great state of south carolina. >> stay tuned for the "after the show show." sometimes we're at our best in that moment. bill: donald trump calling for a war on terror. part of that plan is tighter standards for those coming into the united states. martha: donald trump laid out his plan to defeat isis during a speech in the battleground state of ohio, what he calls extreme vetting of any immigrant to want to enter the united states, in an effort to prevent terrorism in the united states. he also hammered away on the current administration on the
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job they are doing fighting terrorism. >> the decisions made by the obama-clinton group have been absolutely disastrous. libya is in ruins. our ambassador and three other really brave americans are dead, and isis gained a new base of operations. we cannot allow the internet to be used as a recruiting tool. and for other purposes by our enemy we must shut down their access to this form of communication and we must do it immediately. on those who we expect to you are in anywhere our country and to embrace a tolerant american society should be issued visas. if i become president, the era
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of nation building will be brought to a swift and decisive end. bill: there is a lot to unpack on that. john robert following trump as he campaigns in wisconsin. but we begin in washington, byron york, you heard it, size it up from trump. >> there are some thing we have seen before. an intensified fight against isis. finding common ground with russia. but the heart of this whole thing is an idea long cal test. but trump is going back to the early 1950s. congress passed laws through which the up s. could he can collude communists from coming to the united states. this was a period of intense conflict. it started in the 50s and 60s and congress chipped away
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at them in the 70s. trump is saying we need a new idea lon -- newideological test. bill: but it was a policy. bill: i think the new phrase he used was "a new cold war." >> i call it extreme, extreme vetting. our country has enough problems. in addition to screening out all members of the sympathizers of terrorist groups, we must also screen out any with hostile attitude toward our country or its principles. those who do not believe in our constitution or support bigotry or hatred will not be admitted for immigration into our country. bill: on all of that, when is it
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defined, how is it defined? >> that's the question you will see from critics. how can you find this out about a prospective up grant coming into the united states. go to the white house website and see the administration's vetting of refugees. they believe through rigorous questioning and interviews they be find out about a potential immigrant's associations, about his beliefs. they can find out this stuff. i think that's what trump would rely on. on. bill: joe biden was with hillary yesterday and they are saying what? >> they are saying this undermines american values of inclusion. some of what trump said seemed to come from the oath of
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allegiance that new citizens are required to take. you have to take an oath to pledge allegiance to the constitution and support the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic. bill: in elections you try and draw a contrast. there is a clear contrast between donald trump and hillary clinton. martha: today donald trump head to wisconsin. by the's a state packed with the type of blue collar voters the trump campaign believes he can still win in november. big day for him, john rob earth is live in le cross, wisconsin with that. >> donald trump has a fundraiser in le cross along the mississippi river where we are covered in fog. a couple other events throughout the day.
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the latest poll suggests donald trump has an awful lot of work to do. the real clear average politics poll has hillary leading. the last time the state voted for a republican in a national election was 1984 for reagan. the industrial industry has been hollowed out, and the high-tech industry cannot find enough high-skilled workers to fill the jobs. donald trump having a lot of problems. he lost to ted cruz during the primary, and he has the difficult relationship with paul ryan. and listen to the advice
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wisconsin governor scott walker gave to donald trump a little while ago. >> if donald trump is going to win here and across the cub tri, he needs to make it clear the race is between him and hillary clinton. every day we talk about hillary clinton is a better day for him because everybody can see she is unfit to be president. reporter: a bit of a subtle suggestion he needs to stay focused on the democratic candidate. that, he says, is the way to win the elect in november. martha: yesterday donald trump had a good story with the foreign policy speech in general. but he goes back to the rally environment tonight. he will be in the north of milwaukee. so wear in know what to expect in that environment. >> he will be in west bend which is 30 miles mother of milwaukee.
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this event was planned before the disturbances involving the police-envelope shooting in milwaukee. he will focus have much on law and order in this speech. he may not do one his ad-lib rallies. he may have repaired remarks tonight. it may be a teleprompter speech and talk about law and order. the root causes of what happened in milwaukee. he will be joined by governor scott walker. that will be a significant event tonight north of milwaukee. martha: thank you very much. bill: coming up we'll talk with former presidential candidate mike huckabee. huckabee has a lot to say in all of this. we'll talk at 9:40 a.m.
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that state is walker territory in wisconsin. martha: perhaps he can influence them in a way paul ryan cannot. but wisconsin a very important state for donald trump. also, think about this. senator marco rubio refusing to back down from statements that he made about donald trump during the presidential primary season, including calling him a conman. rubio says he will not take back those comments, but he says he still supports donald trump for president. the florida senator telling a "miami herald" editorial board, quote, i have stood by everything i ever said in my campaign. there are two people in the world that could be the next president. either doornld or hillary. he's concerned about the senate race he's running in. he wasn't going to run in that race. whether republicans can hold the
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senate is an important issue. bill: he's one of five or six really close races we'll be watching on the senate side out of florida. severe weather rocking the heartland. did you see this from overnight? >> it just hit the diamond. it's on the ground. we are watching it. bill: incredible video emerging as a funnel cloud bears down on a neighborhood. >> do you need a referral from congress to investigate her statements under oath? >> sure do. >> you will have one. martha: republicans in congress making good on their promise. what hillary clinton said to lawmakers about her email server was different than what was revealed to the f.b.i. they want to turn over what was
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proof that she didn't tell the truth. take a look at this. >> nothing was marked classified at the time i sent or received it. >> even if information is not marked classified in an email, participants know or should know that the subject matter is classified and there is still an obligation to protect it. when this busy family... a cracked windshield... ...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks. with safelite you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful!
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out their case saying she lied to them. they are giving specific example whereas they believe clinton lied to congress about the email setup and server. this fist from the house oversight committee releasing a video of what they say is inaccuracies. >> there were two servers? >> no there will be was a server. >> there is only one server? is that what you are telling me? the server the f.b.i. has. >> the f.b.i. has the server that was used during the tenure of my state department server. >> senator clinton used several different servers during her tenure at the state department. >> i provided the department which has been providing all of you with paul my work-related emails. all that it had. >> the f.b.i. also discovered several thousand work-related emails that were not among the 30,000 emails returned by
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secretary clinton. bill: brad woodhouse, good morning to you, and rich lowry. gentlemen, good day to both of you. i think the story is pretty straightforward. they believe she lied at least four times. >> she made false statements to the public and she made if false statements to congress. the problem is perjury is a very technical crime, and hard to meet. even if you can might, there is zero chance the obama justice department is going to pursue this. as soon as they got this letter they bald it up and threw it in the trash. the obama administration and president obama are completely committed to make hillary clinton the next president of the united states. they took a n the comey thing. bill: even in an election year, how effective is this, rich? >> i think it's extremely
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effective. there is a new nbc survey that says 11% of people think she is honest and trustworthy and it has to do with the fact she went around not telling the truth on her emails over and over again. that's penetrated i monday everyone, even democrats. >> i don't think this will go anywhere. rich laid out the point. i mean, this statement of fact for misremembering things are not perjury. in this case their number one exhibit is and laughable joke. no reasonable prosecutor would have brought a case opposite her email setup. not even an unreasonable prosecutor would pay attention to this. 3 emails out of thousands were marked classified? bill: the attorney general can
6:18 am
say no, forget it, case closed. but when you line up these claims with what james comey talked about. her lawyers degree through individual emails, at. apparent that did not happen. she used one server during her tenure, that didn't happen. under the department of justice, you probably have a case here. >> there is no case here. each one of those has an interpretation to what is going through an individual email. doing a search through individual emails or reading every individual email word for word. this an interpretation that would never meet the standard. bill: it depends on how you spell the word yoga in our
6:19 am
search. does this go anywhere legally? >> it doesn't goal anywhere legally. bill: i come back to the point about an election 90 days away and what it does to her numbers about trustworthiness. >> legal issues will not happen. when james comey said the facts and the law lead me to a conclusion i'm not going toll reach because it will be so momentous politically, he basically said i'm throwing this into the political arena. that's the whole points of his public statement which is unusual for taken f.b.i. director to give. this is why it's important for republicans to do what they are doing. it continues to make the case publicly, and it's for the public to decide whether she is honest and trustworthy and the public is saying no. >> this just reeks of desperation. the republicans concluded they
6:20 am
can't beat her at the polls. they picked the wrong horse in donald trump. they didn't get what they wanted to out of comey. the benghazi committee vomited all over itself. this is the last attempt to desmir much her character. bill: temperature chaffetz said they will take appropriate action where necessary. martha: the biggest gitmo detainee transfer yet. 15 terror suspects are on their way out of the prison. who they are and what their release means for the future of guantanamo bay. but first here is donald trump. >> we'll also keep open guantanamo bay and place a renewed emphasis on human intelligence.
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bill: an incredible video of a funnel cloud moving through central oklahoma. >> it just hit the diamond. on the ground we are watching it. bill: just before dusk there, the scene north of indianapolis, indiana. the national weather service confirmed at least 3 tornado touchdowns in the area. thankfully no serious injuries reported there. martha: the transfer of 15 guantanamo bay detainee to the united arab emirates.
6:25 am
it's the single largest transfer since president obama took office. doug mcelway is live in washington with this. who dee determines which prisoners are to be released? reporter: a task force of several different intelligence agencies. they agreed of the detineees posed no risk. it's being reported that one of the detainees is a former bodyguard to usama bin laden. fox news has not independently verified that. the united arab emirates, it's presumed they are subject to monitoring. but we are not sure. president obama made it a
6:26 am
priority to close the camp before his term ends. he's well on track to do that. 60 prisoners remain. martha? martha: we have seen several of them return top the battlefield over the course of time. have we heard from the congressional opponents who regularly pipe up about these releases? >> ed royce tore into this. he says the obama administration is doubling down on policies that put americans' lives at risk. he said too many have already died at the hands of former detainees. i fear we'll be dealing with the results of this recklessness for years to come. 5% of the prisoners released in the obama era have returned to the fight.
6:27 am
and under the bush administration. 20% returned to the battlefield and 14% were suspected of doing so. bill: joe biden going on the attack against donald trump. >> this man is totally, thoroughly unqualified to be president of the youth of america. bill: trump not mincing word when it comes to what he calls hillary clinton's moral character. martha: a massive wildfire tearing through northern california and police are saying this was no accident. >> we had a great community.
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martha: donald trump back on the campaign trail this afternoon following the foreign policy speech he gave yesterday in youngstown, pennsylvania. joe biden says the republican nominee is totally unqualified. >> some people say he lacks the temperament. i would feel better if that's all he lacks. on every issue relating to our national security, donald trump has no clue what it takes to lead this great country. my son beau served a year in iraq and came back a highly decorated soldier. if donald trump were president, i would have thrown my body in front of him. martha: john bolton, former
6:32 am
ambassador to the u.n. let's start there. your thoughts on what joe biden had to say. >> leaving aside the emotional content over his son now tragically decreased. tragically decrease -- deceased, he could have said the same thing about barack obama in 2008 who was wildly unqualified and for whom on-the-job training has done nothing. it's judgment and hillary clinton's judgment is open to question on issue after issue. i think the democrats don't want to discuss the substance of the trump speech yesterday because they are afraid of where the american people really are on these issues. so character assassination is what they will go after. martha: in terms of the substance of what he said yesterday and democrats might fear where donald trump comes
6:33 am
down on all of this and many americans may feel exactly the same way, he would need to continue to hammer home that message to get those americans to understand what he's saying and stick with it. >> i think that's right. i think there is a lot of territory to cover there. going after this point again and again. there are many other issues. but i think the american people are way ahead of the washington political class. they understand the principle job of the government is to keep us safe from foreign threat. under the obama administration, his own senior intelligence officials testified to congress, thian has grown more threatening. martha: we had a number of defense secretaries who felt differently. donald trump sort of enumerated the way he sees that threat and the countries he would want to get on board to help us.
6:34 am
he rejiggered the definition of an ally. he says if usual against isis and islamic extremism. regardless of those difficult matters we might not have in common, you are with us, you are on our side. >> that's not that different from what george w. bush said. you are either with us or against us in the struggle against terrorism. if we want to get serious about destroying this ideology. we need a comprehensive strategy. it is a war. it requires a global response. they still think it's a law enforcement matter. >> the "wall street journal" has an editorial. there are a number of pieces evaluating the strength of this foreign policy speech. but one i thought was interesting, they say more welcome is mr. trump's promise to conduct ideological par fair against the islamic state,
6:35 am
making an analogy to what ronald reagan called the evil empire. >> obviously if you can't define and understand the nature of your enemy you are not going to be in a position to defeat them. and here i think the contrast between the obama-clinton view and the view trump and many others share does provide a stark choice for the american people. if you want to be safe from terrorism, the answer is to defeat the terrorists, to do it ideologically on the communications front and that's what trump began to think about. as he elaborates that as i hope he does. the continues and the deficiencies of the clinton-obama record will become clearer and clearer. he can win this election on substance if he sticks to it. martha: there is a picture of hillary clinton and angela
6:36 am
merkel that he retweeted, calling this merkel's america if it were to be under hillary clinton. looking at europe and what's happening in europe and the migration from syria and iraq and some of the issues that has created for the european people, and what that might look like at home. strong point? >> this is something the average american citizen understands very well. obviously trump is already under attack by the usual suspects like the "new york times" that say this vetting he wants to do is contrary to american tradition. i have news for the "new york times." they need to read the existing statute which says to be naturalized you have to be a person of good moral character, attached to the principles of the constitution of the united states and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the united states. i see that phrase which is currently in the statute as being essentially what trump was talking about yesterday.
6:37 am
you need to flesh that out how it's going to be done. in terms of saying why should we let people into this country who are fundamentally opposed to our basic constitutional principles, he stands on strong ground. martha: john bolton, thank you very much. bill: we have reports that russia led a bombing raid out of iran for the first time hitting targets in syria. back at home, crews working to contain a devastating fire in california. it's called the clayton fire. it destroyed 200 homes already and hundreds more in the path of those flames. police arresting a 40-year-old man, charging him with arson. authorities say they connected him to several other fires in
6:38 am
california in the past years. evacuated residents cheering when the charges were announced. claudia cowan is here with more. reporter: he's in jail facing 17 counts of arson which authorities say is why this area has seen so many wildfires in recent years. here in lower lake the so-called clayton fire has caused $10 million in damage. it wiped out 40% of downtown and left dozen of families homeless. firefighters are making steady progress thanks to better weather. the fire did not grow yesterday. it's still at 4,000 acres and is burning primarily away from populated areas.
6:39 am
at last report the fire destroyed 175 locals and buildings as crews go through each neighborhood and assess the damage. evacuees who had only minutes to get out are sharing heartbreaking stories. one man parked his house at a warehouse downtown where he kept vintage cars. turns out the roaring fire destroyed the warehouse and everything in it but spared his home. a church built in 1846 was destroyed and the pastor says they will rebuild. 1,500 homes remain threatened which is why evacuation orders are still in effect. even thought it was calmer in terms of the winds yesterday, those gusty winds remain a big concern. these tinder dry conditions after years of detroit, one
6:40 am
spark is all it takes to spark the tinder. it's 20% contained. bill: claudia cowan with the latest in california. martha: a big blow for obamacare. one of the nation's largest insurers says they will pull out of all but four states. what does that mean for president obama's signature health law? >> in the 20th century the united states has defeated fascisim, nazism and communism. now a different threat challenges our world. radical islamic terrorism. bill: donald trump laying out his plan for defeating isis.
6:41 am
will it keep terrorists off american soil? first newt gingrich from last night. >> he did a remarkable job of identifying the enemy, describing how big it problem is. this in some ways is the most important foreign policy speech since ronald reagan.
6:42 am
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donald trump those who do not believe in our constitution or support bigotry or hatred will not be admit for immigration into our country. to put these new procedures in place we'll have to temporarily suspends immigration from some of the most dangerous and
6:45 am
volatile regions of the world that have a history of exporting terrorism. bill: there is trump saying he wants extreme vetting for immigrants entering the u.s. to make sure they believe in american values. mike huckabee, former presidential candidate, now a donald trump supporter as well. governor, good morning to you and thank you for your time. if you are trying to draw a contrast between one candidate and another, that contrast has now been drawn. what do you think? >> it really has. what donald trump is talking about, he called it extreme vetting, actually it was pretty traditional vetting. if somebody goes over to ellis island they will find out for a long name this country, for most our history we didn't say open borders, we don't care who you are.
6:46 am
we checked people for communicable diseases. if they had one we sent them back. if someone came over and they didn't have two references to their norm character, they were sent back. ellis island wasn't an open pipe it was a place where people were thoroughly screened. date would be called extreme vetting, but there was nothing extreme about it. bill: bind calls it dangerous and un-american. he was on the stump with hillary clinton when said this about trump and his ideas. >> sometimes he says he won't tell anyone what he will do because he wants to keep his plan quote secret. then it turns out the secret is, he has no plan. and that was very clear when he said i know more about isis than the generals.
6:47 am
no, donald, you don't. bill: i imagine this will come up prominently in one month at the first debate. >> i'm sure it will. it was interesting when hillary said donald trump likes to keep things secret. i wish hillary liked to keep things secret instead of having her emails hacked by the russians and god knows her. between her and the dnc there are no secrets. but this one thing we know, i don't think hillary clinton can be trusted to be president. and that's clear contrast. there couldn't be a clearer contrast between these two candidates. bill: the questionnaires, the social media, the visas, trump talked about all of that. he also talked about her mental and physical stamina. both clinton and trump are going after each other on the idea of temperament.
6:48 am
what's that all about? i don't seem to think it was that prominent four years ago or 8 years ago or even 20 years ago. why is it an issue now, governor? >> there was a lot of talk about john mccain in 2008. especially when it got down to mccain and obama. here is a 70-year-old man who had cancer, dose have the physical capacity to be president. ronald reagan was questioned as to whether he was too old to be elected president. i was with trump a couple days next week. i have no idea whether hillary is physically capable of being president. i'm not a physician and haven't examined her. but i hung out with donald trump. let me tell you something, there are very few people who can keep up with the guy. he grows early morning to late night, never stops.
6:49 am
unbelievable energy. extraordinary stamp nap capacity. bill: i heard you talk about that before. why the questions about temperament. she fires at him, he fires at her. what's that all about. >> it's politics. you always want to question whether the person you are running against is up to the job. hillary has great ideas. her ideas to raise taxes make government bigger. she can't run on national security. it's a total failure. the only thing she has got is to go after trump and talk about this tone and temperament. by the time we get to november, people will be less concerned that donald trump said some things that were maybe not polite than hillary clinton has done some things that made this country more vulnerable than we have ever been before.
6:50 am
bill: mike huckabee with us. martha: this was an olympic race that ended like none we have ever seen. the 400-meter final came down to a few inches and an outstretched fingertip. the dive for gold next.
6:51 am
it's been a wild ride to jordan & chelsea's wedding. but thanks to everything turned out perfect. [crying] weird, but perfect. [flute]
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6:53 am
martha: you can count on dramatic moments coming out of rio. yesterday simone biles won her fourth gold medal. she slipped during the balance
6:54 am
beam routine. she won the bronze. for her it's considered a tough day because she is so amazing. carly joins us now. tough day for her. a silver medal. >> a bronze medal. i think shannon miller, a member of the 1996 magnificent 7 team tweeted about this. she said the balance beam is part luck. how true is that? you can have all the skill and strength in the world and landing on a 4-inch wide block of booed, you are still going to make a mistake every now and then. biles tweeted about it. saying people at home are probably more disappointed than i am.
6:55 am
i still got a medal. >> she did make a pretty big mistake for her. but before and after that mistake she was flawless. oftentimes those mistakes can rattle you. but she got back up. martha: let's look at this other moment. we were talking about this in the break. >> photo finish during a women's 400-meter freestyle -- that is shanee miller from the bahamas. that practice of diving is fair. martha: you see them burke. she is pushing with her chest, too. it looks unfair.
6:56 am
>> it looks unfair but the practice is completely legitimate. but it's also risky. because the second your feet leave the ground the runner slows down. so if you dive too soon it could cost you the medal. she dove for that finish. and you could get hurt. thank you very much. good to see you. bill: she made it happen. she made it by a toenail or fingernail. republicans say hillary clinton lied about her email server under oath and they are making their case to the department of
6:57 am
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saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. martha: fox news alert. republicans on capitol hill are now claiming that hillary clinton perjured herself when she testified about handling of classified emails on her personal server. brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. those allegations spelled out to a letter to a federal prosecutor, pointing out dizzy discrepancies in testimony before a house benghazi committee and conclusions from fbi director james comey. it reads in part, the evidence collected by the federal bureau of investigation during investigation of hillary clinton's use of personal email system during her time as secretary of state appears to directly contradict several
7:01 am
aspects of her sworn testimony. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more in d.c. catherine, good morning to you. reporter: thank you, bill. republicans also released a video contrasting clinton's testimony with the fbi news conference in july where he recommended against criminal charges. deletion of 30,000 emails and government records there are clear discrepancies as well as classification issues. >> nothing was marked classified at the time i sent or received it. >> even if information is not marked classified in an email, participants who know or should know that the subject matter is classified are still obligated to protect it. reporter: in this brief letter the justice department confirmed it has the perjury referral but makes no commitment to act on allegations nor the time frame provided. veteran fbi official with fbi analysis compared with what clinton told congress and fbi investigators should only take weeks, not months.
7:02 am
>> it seems to be, since the record is already established what she said and investigation is complete as in terms of what she said subsequent to that, to that congressional testimony, that it would be relatively simple matter to make a decision about perjury. reporter: the clinton campaign said that director comey's congressional testimony last month in their opinion cleared up any of the discrepancies, bill. bill: a day ago we were talking about these notes from the fbi interview and congress getting a look at those. what more do we know about that today, catherine? reporter: bill, based on the briefing late yesterday the state department is not happy that the fbi is moving ahead sharing notes with congress and not giving the state department a chance to review them. >> what i said again. with we respect the fbi's desire to accommodate the request of these committees of oversight in congress. we have cooperated. we will continue to cooperating with the fbi every step of the way. any suggestions to the contrary is false.
7:03 am
reporter: fbi notes and interview summary known as fbi 302 could go to the house oversight committee as early as tomorrow. meantime the state department also confirmed it will review and ultimately release the deleted emails from clinton's server recovered by fbi. for context, this is part of the ongoing federal lawsuit brought by "judicial watch." bill: more to come clearly, catherine herridge in washington. martha: reaction to that steve hayes, senior writer with the "weekly standard" and fox news contributor. good morning, steve. >> good morning, martha. martha: you heard catherine's report. what do you make of it? >> the video the house oversight committee produced 2 1/2 minutes goes through four specific areas where hillary clinton perjured herself. it is almost impossible to watch video to come to the conclusion other than the fact she perjured herself. she said things later untrue contradicted by the fbi director comey. there is additional area where
7:04 am
she lied under oath not included in the video, not included in what the house oversight committee is doing, with respect sidney blumenthal was an advisor. hillary clinton testified he was not advisor either official or unofficial. yet you have dozens of emails to and from sidney blumenthal advising her on libya. she is requesting more information. state department is acting on what we heard from sidney blumenthal what was in the emails. there is not literally a better word in the english language to describe what sidney blumenthal was doing than being an advisor. there are multiple areas where hillary clinton pretty plainly lied about what she was doing and various aspects of the email server controversy. martha: you know as well as i do, a lot of people would just like to move beyond this they say look, it's over. the fbi said that they would not prosecute. that there was, you know, no intent to divulge the information or leave it vulnerable on the server and no
7:05 am
proof, no definitive proof that anybody had access to it who shouldn't have had access to it, however, it just raises the question being raised by other cases as well, if she didn't perjure herself then other in similar circumstances should also be overlooked? >> yeah. this is a narrow question actually. people can make those broader arguments about the entire email controversy if they want to. on the question of perjury it seems fairly clear. either we enforce the perjury laws we have or get rid of perjury laws. very little question that hillary clinton testified dishonestly under oath before congress in benghazi hearings. i wrote about it at the time this video provides direct evidence she wasn't truthful when she testified. that should either matter in a republic like ours or we can decide as the governed that it doesn't matter f we decide it matters, if we have the laws on the books, we ought to make sure people follow them, particularly people in positions of authority where somebody who is going to
7:06 am
serve as president of the united states, i think it is important to do that one of the reasons that people are so frustrated around the country today, with this election generally, with our politics more broadly is that we have people being dishonest. our elected officials being dishonest with us on regular routine basis and nobody is the ever held accountable. that is what people want right now. and it matters. martha: it is pathetic when you look at honest and trustworthy numbers about. you look at numbers in terms people who say they will vote for. they find in some cases both candidates dishonest and trustworthy. hillary clinton has a big problem with the numbers. they're okay voting for her. almost feels as americans we come to accept that politicians lie about stuff. >> yeah. martha: that is a sad piece of territory, isn't it? >> it's a huge problem. look, i do think it is both candidates and think president of the united states. donald trump in his speech yesterday said he opposed iraq war from the beginning. he didn't of course. barack obama earlier this year
7:07 am
in an interview about guantanamo back in the news now said in effect only a handful of low-level individuals had returned to the fight. when his own national intelligence directorate put the number approximately 200, including many senior high-risk individuals. nobody ever even followed up when the president of the united states told what is a clear, i think indisputable lie. didn't even generate questions at the white house press briefing because reporters are so accustomed to being lied to. the american electorate is accustomed to being lied to. this is crisis in the country. unless we get serious about this and demand our elected officials on both sides tell the truth, we'll be in deep trouble. martha: and as you point out, it is incumbent upon the press to drive home these questions and there is forum for that in these debates, right? that is a moment when we will look for the questions that are posed to these two candidates to be substantive and to be hard and to be tough.
7:08 am
you have pressed for it. laura ingraham pressed for it in very eloquent way in the republican convention in cleveland, pointing to all the press in the room, do your job. that is the opportunity that lies before us in september and october with these debates. steve, thank you, as always for your thoughtful insight on all that. >> thank you, martha. martha: see you soon. bill: very intriguing stuff. we'll see where it goes. excellent analysis. eight minutes past the hour. got a fox news alert. the flooding continues now. there could be more for louisiana. storms have dumped more than 20 inches of rain across that state. some communities entirely underwater and lives upside down forecasters say it could get worse because of the sheer volume of water rushing toward the gulf. folks in the region trying to deal with all the devastation before them today. >> i'm heartbroken. my home, this is where i grew up, i have never seen this.
7:09 am
there is no words to describe what's going on. bill: at least seven have died. more than 20,000 rescued from the high water. federal government declaring a major disaster as the story continues. martha: russia has launched a round of airstrikes, reportedly targeting isis in syria but it is where the fighters are taking off from raising a lot of eyebrows today. bill: donald trump changing his tone on nato. what he is saying now, and why did that change? the answer might surprise you. next. ♪ why are drivers 50 and over
7:10 am
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7:13 am
bill: the ag, the attorney general in pennsylvania expected to soon to address her future as the state's top prosecutor after her own criminal conviction. jury finding kathleen kaine guilty on nine charges. she was charged with leaking confidential grand jury information and lying under oath in an attempt to cover it up. pennsylvania governor tom wolff stepped up calls for kaine to resign after this verdict. martha: donald trump speaking a different tune when it comes to nato in the speech yesterday. in the past the republican presidential nominee threatened to withdraw from the alliance
7:14 am
because he says the partners don't pay their fair share in terms how the agreement was originally written and he thinks that is wrong but yesterday during his foreign policy speech he took a bit of a different tact, that the u.s. would work with its nato partners to defeat isis. here's that portion. >> we will also work very closely with nato on this new mission. i had previously said nato was obsolete because it failed to deal adequately with terrorism. since my comments they have changed their policy and now have a new division focused on terror threats. very good, very, very good. martha: we have the former congressman of course from michigan and former chairman of the house intelligence committee and a trump supporter. good to have you with us this morning, sir. >> thank you, good morning. martha: obviously you're a supporter, i assume you thought the speech was pretty strong yesterday, as a lot of trump supporters and maybe some who
7:15 am
are not did. in terms of these nato comments, did he fix the nato issue that he had with those comments? >> oh, i think he really -- i'm not sure it was a broken comment to begin with. i heard these types of complaints about nato for years. that nato wasn't paying its fair share in terms financially or not putting in resources or the manpower to join and fight with america effectively. now that nato has stepped up and said we are going to focus on this threat from radical islam, we are going to fight terrorism, and i'm assuming that dollars are going to flow with them, actually a change in behavior is what generate ad change in terms of mr. trump's response. martha: so, "the wall street journal" wrote about the speech this morning on the editorial page and one of the things they say towards the end the best message of the speech is that it means we might get a national security debate in this election this year.
7:16 am
i mean that is sort of the task that lies in front of donald trump, to stay on message because this is a potent issue that he could really get traction on. >> that is exactly right and that is exactly where he started this speech yesterday today. it is time for america to start this conversation. we've now been fighting radical jihadists at least since 9/11. this is a 15, 16 fight we've been he engaged in and we're losing ground. isis and radical jihadists are expanding their reach. five failed nation states across the middle east and africa. we need a conversation. there couldn't be a clearer distinction between the two candidates than their policies dealing with national security. the obama administration has had this policy in place for the last seven 1/2 years, engaging with groups like the muslim brotherhood, and changing america's footprint in the middle east. donald trump is very clear we're
7:17 am
going to focus on fighting radical jihad and making a very clear strategy to make that happen. martha: in nation-building comments, some say there are discrepancies in the way he approaches this because he would probably end up, and tell me if you think this is not correct, putting more american boots on the ground in some cases? he wants to create a safe zone in syria. so where's the line is the question? because nation-building is a tricky business, at what point are you trying to create stability on the ground and at what point are you trying to create a nation? >> i think it's a very tricky line. i think what mr. trump recognizes there are a lot of people who areing to fight in the region. the kurds are willing to fight in iraq and have fought but we have never given them equipment and training they need. the sunni tribes are willing to fight in iraq. there are people who are willing to fight in libya but we have
7:18 am
never sided with them or given them the resources. there may be some more but the key point here is it will not be a american boots on the ground that are on the front lines. we will be supporting people in the region that are willing to take the fight to isis. they will come from egypt. they will come from jordan. they will come from the countries where isis has a significant presence. we just need to bring those groups together. we can provide the leadership but we don't need to put american boots on the ground and we would be better off having people from the region lead the fight and not us. martha: yeah. in terms of the campaign, how do you think it is going? what are your frustrations, and what do you feel good about? >> what i feel good about it is august and in places like michigan, we're, we have 12 weeks of summer. people aren't focused on the campaign. what i'm seeing is this campaign for mr. trump with the speech last week in detroit on economic
7:19 am
policy, the speech yesterday on foreign policy, it is coming together and the distinctions between the clinton campaign and policies and her record and mr. trump's optimism about where this country can go, they will come into focus, and i'm optimistic where we're going to be on election day. martha: a lot of people say there is no campaign. that there is no structure. they look what is happening in brooklyn with the olympic campaign. the olympics prime time coverage, hillary clinton ads, highly produced during the olympics that he is not doing any of that. does that concern you? >> from a conventional standpoint, yeah, you have some concerns. i go back and take a look, he beat 16 conventional campaigns and he beat them in a convincing way during the primary season. this is an unconventional campaign. he is reaching out to unconventional reporters, excuse me, unconventional voters and attracting them to vote for him, and that i think is very good for republicans. talking about the trade issues, the immigration issues, national
7:20 am
security issues, and the way that he is talking about them he is reaching to voters that sometimes don't vote and have not voted in past and he is reaching out to voters, especially in a state like michigan that haven't voted for republicans since ronald reagan. the so, you know, the typical metrics in this campaign and this election cycle just don't match up. martha: we will see. thank you so much, sir. >> thank you. bill: so we have a major setback now for obamacare again. one of the biggest insurance companies in the country making a big announcement about its future with state health care exchanges. we'll tell you what that is all about and what you need to know. plus this. >> oh, no. >> let go. martha: what is going on? monkey business in the parking lot. bill: oh. martha: the story behind that unusual scene when we come back. stick around for that. ♪
7:21 am
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7:24 am
martha: horrific collision between a car and cement truck caught on video in china. a couple riding in their car, when a cement tanker truck comes into the picture, swerves to avoid it. the truck toppled over, flattens the car. remarkably, this is unbelievable. bill: oh. martha: thankfully i can report the couple survived. the people pulled the woman out. took a while for the rescuers to cut the man out of the car. both taken to the hospital in critical condition but have survived. bill: wow. big blow to obama care right now. one of the nation's largest health insurance company announces plans to scale back
7:25 am
services. aetna will reduce marketplace participation from 15 states currently to just four next year. melissa francis, co-host"after the bell" on the fox business network here to take us through it. good morning to you. you're like the obamacare expert around here. that's a big blow. >> it was very logical. they say, their ceo said i'm a strong supporter of the exchanges. we regret having to make this decision. they lost 200 million in the quarter. they were looking at 300 million in the second quarter. they are a public companies. they have a legal fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders. they have to do what is right by profits for law. they can't decide it is a nice thing to do to lose money. so they have to pull out, they have no choice. these losses come because of the way the system is set up. you can't charge for preexisting conditions. all the things people put in there they love because they want to pay less are not mathematically possible. so companies are pulling out. insurers are going away.
7:26 am
this is the death spiral that we can read so much about. bill: let me read, a dozen non-profit health insurance cooperatives have collapsed. >> yes. bill: rate increases more than 25% in 20 states. arizona, florida, ohio, texas. >> yes. bill: by the way three of those four are very important swing votes. >> yes. bill: pennsylvania, a company called highmark, proposed rate increases averaging 41%. >> not to make a profit but pay for sick people who are joined thrilled to have insurance. it is great for them. they didn't have insurance. they have it now. the healthy people signed up. their rates went through the roof. they're not using it. it is cheaper for me to risk the penalty to buy expensive insurance i'm not using. all math. it is not political. it was easily predicted. donald trump said early on we're going towards a single payer system like the va where the government is paying for it because these companies can't survive. enough people won't pay in the system mathematically doesn't work.
7:27 am
he said we're going towards that. people willful any misinterpreted that he supported single-payer system. he didn't say that at all. the math shows this is where we're going, a va system for everyone. bill: you mentioned the death spiral. >> yes. bill: you mentioned single-payer. >> yes. bill: you can't do that unless you change the way, can you? >> there will be no other way. you get down to there is one insurance company in the exchange. then there is none. rates go up too high. the whole thing falling apart. you dismantle it and go to the system like the va. if you do that rich people will opt out. they will get the best service. they will pay out-of-pocket and get great service. people that are in the system are going to get what comes from the government, which is terrible care. you know, i mean it is going to be, look what is happening with the va i wish all this weren't true. it would be so nice if we could have health care for everybody and it was human right. the problem someone has to pay for i, like everything else in this country. bill: do you think then,
7:28 am
dismantleing the program is possible? >> i mean, i don't know how you do that -- bill: can you rip it up and repeal it and start over. >> politicians would have to come in with something that would replace it and worked and more tenable coming together on a real plan like that, would be tough but i don't know what the other choice is other than going to a va system for all. bill: these choices are getting more and more expensive with fewer options. you know that well. >> everybody else knows you go to that and doctor says, i don't take that, i'm sorry. sorry. bill: melissa francis, money. not your fault. >> yeah. martha: all right. so donald trump calling for common ground with russia. those comments though coming as vladmir putin and moscow reassert themselves against ukraine and launch new strikes against isis from an interesting base of operations. ♪ you can run an errand.
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(announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. ♪ >> i also believe that we could find common ground with russia in the fight against isis. wouldn't that be a good thing? wouldn't that be a good thing? [applause] bill: that comment may surprise some folks today. we found out that russia launched airstrikes out of iran. target set to be islamic state in syria. the first time iran was their base, raising serious questions again today. general jack keane, fox news military analyst, retired four-star general and from institute of study of war. good to have you back here. what does this mean? >> first of all, i don't think we should be involved with russia, even though we have a
7:33 am
common enemy with isis. russia reset the table with us, bill, with us, reoccupied crimea and ukraine and both without occupation. he propped up assad regime rather dramatically. he assisted them directly. 400,000 people dead. nine million people displaced with the homes. when he began the bombing campaign, first group he bombed was syrian moderates and particularly u.s. backed moderates that the cia was arming with tow missiles. why we would establish a common goal with russia when we are at strategic opposites makes no sense. bill: that is a good question. can you answer it? can you find logic in there? >> well i just think, it is pragmatic approach to having a common enemy, is what people are thinking about. right now the obama administration, very quietly,
7:34 am
with no announcement i may add, has begun to share intelligence with russia on syria, over the objections of the pentagon, strong objections an over the strong objections of intelligence service. i can tell you unequivocally that the pentagon and our intelligence services do not want to go any further than that and establish a common objective working side by side with russia, dealing with isis. bill: wow. two more questions here. russia tries to humiliate the west often, right? i mean still to this day. i mean that is part of what putin's about. >> he does this systematically. mostly for his audience at home but also he tries to put pressure on the transatlantic alliance that we have with europe. obviously we call that nato. a lot of those provocations are about that. his home audience is crucial to him. i can tell you for a fact, he desperately wants to work with us, against isis because, he is getting pushback at home now.
7:35 am
it is anniversary of his military involvement and in syria is coming up. people are asking the question, well, okay, we propped up the assad regime. why are we still there? the reason why he is still there is because the opposition that he is up against have been more formidable and resilient than he expected. this thing is lasting considerably longer than he expected. he is getting tough questions. if he aligns with the united states against isis, that takes some pressure off. bill: no question. is that an invitation we are willing to take? or is that an invitation only is answered if you got somebody like trump in the white house? >> well, this will be a question of the next question will have to resolve. to me the allies we want to have against isis are obvious. they are sunni-arabs in the neighborhood, who clearly want to take down isis. five nato nations have been attacked by isis. there has been over a dozen attacks. you would think by now nato would declare war on isis.
7:36 am
they haven't declared war. they don't want to be held accountable for the outcome, which would mean some form of ground troops if you take the syrian safe haven away. we have all the built-in allies and political will to get this done. it will take a new president to get it done because this president has made up his mind to pass that to the next president. bill: just last point here. put the connection together between why trump would say this yesterday and what the potential reality is. do you see benefits here or not? i don't see you saying that, general? >> i don't want to get involved in what mr. trump said. i will deal, i will leave that to political commentators but in terms of my national security experience, what i'm trying to say here, alignment with russia, while we have done something like that in the past, when gorbachev and soviet union is descendency, russia is in ascendency, they're expert --
7:37 am
exerting power on world stage. they want to dismantle the nato alliance. we can't do anything to give them more power. bill: good talking to you, general, thanks. >> good talking to you, bill. martha: tension between russia and ukraine over crimea. overnight cease-fire violations in eastern part of ukraine, leaving one soldier injured. all this is happening as ukraine moves air defense missiles closer to crimea in anticipation of new russian movements in that area. all of this brings us back to the subject of the aggression from russia. benjamin hall is life in kiev this morning. benjamin, how are things there? reporter: hi, martha. as general keane was saying the war in the ukraine has been going on for the last two years. it has been a forgotten war but over 9,000 people have died and escalations we're seeing are very worrying. crossborder raids, cease-fire problems there and this leads to one main question.
7:38 am
is putin going to invade the country? many people seem to think he might be. over the last week russia has started live-fire exercises in the eastern part of the mediterranean and also in the black sea. in the past he has used these exercises as a smokesscreen for an attack. some analysts now say it is only a matter of time. >> very obvious that for putin ukraine is not a real country. he wants to carve it up, and most will become part of russia. reporter: so far amid the bitter fighting russia has moved thousands of tanks, personnel and anti-missile systems to the borders which means russia, now has roughly the same number of tanks in the region as nato has in the whole of europe. martha? martha: so what is the response from senate toe or the united states -- from nato or the united states, benjamin? reporter: joe biden called both the foreign minister of russia, sergey lavrov and reach out to
7:39 am
the prime minister of ukraine. he asking for calm. more people are asking for more response. we've seen american tanks and soldiers join a military drill in poland in. people are asking for more. they're trying to do a deal with the syrian conflict being, hoping to find a solution there. maybe perhaps they will be lenient on putin if he does more aggressive action. you have election if the u.s. and "brexit" keeping people occupied and people say now is the perfect time for invasion. we're watching closely in kiev. we'll keep you up-to-date. martha: thank you very much, benjamin hall. bill: small but notable change to hillary clinton's website. why critics is saying she is going back on promise to victims of 6:00 all assault. plus there is this. -- sexual assault.
7:40 am
martha: down she goes. a piece of las vegas history comes tumbling down with just a push of a button. ♪ at safelite, we know how busy life can be. these kids were headed to their first dance recital... ...when their windshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement...
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7:43 am
bill: final farewell, rye -- iconic sight on the strip in las vegas. that there is 61 years of history. gone in one night. the last riviera hotel and casino came down earlier. first tower leveled back in june. looks like number two and three today. vegas shall build again. $1.4 billion facelift for that area. >> not like saving history. interesting story here.
7:44 am
it is a curious change to the language on hillary clinton's website. the edit is to the page on campus sexual assault. it used to tell women who claimed to have been assaulted, quote, you have the right to be believed. and then this happened. >> you recently came out to say that all rape victims should be believed but would you say that about juanita broderick, kathleen willey, paula jones, should we believe them as well? >> i would say that everybody should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence. [applause] martha: question all the women who accused of bill clinton of sexual harrassment or assault. shortly after that, tweet came out from accuser juanita broderick t went viral. what she wrote here, she claimed that bill clinton raped her when he was attorney general. yesterday going forward, it was reported the first time sentence
7:45 am
about always believing accusers is now flashed from the website. talk about this and political ramifications of it. alison smith and jessica tarlov, democratic pollster and with shoen consulting. good to have you here. it raises the question, jessica, let me start with you, whether or not hillary clinton is a hypocrite on this issue? >> it does raise that question and that is certainly what republicans want to make of this. i personally think it was a mistake to strike that from the website. this is something obviously been bubbling from the '90s. we know this election is not about the 1990s. they litigated this over and over again. it is not going anywhere as an issue. so i do think that was mistake and error in judgment on part of the clinton campaign. i would be happy if they put it back there. her response touted as being awkward at the end of 2015 said everyone has a right to be believed until the facts are prove something else, i think
7:46 am
was the correct response there, to be discussing assault because we obviously know innocent until proven guilty. obviously everyone has the right to be believed in the first place. so i think that should come back on to the website. martha: what do you think about the change to the website? >> well you knows hillary clinton is good at deleting things. the reason why if you look at new nbc poll, only 11% of americans believe she is honest and trustworthy. to me this speakses to what a lot of americans, particularly young americans believe to be true about her. she says one thing and say another depending on the circumstances and this will be a real issue for her putting back together that young obama coalition that gave the president his re-election in 2012. that is why you're seeing her numbers with young voters aren't as strong. we're seeing a lot of young voters are opting to vote for party candidates rather than cast herbal lot for her. that is real problem for her. martha: go ahead, jessica. while you're answering pull up numbers with men and women
7:47 am
currently in the campaign. >> i was going to say i take alexandra's point but she is winning overwhelmingly with millenial voters. part of that is donald trump. if it was anyone else, she is on pathway to historic win with women. up 23 points. it is true. college educated white woman mitt romney won. she is winning them. trump is only up plus 10 with men. i understand the case you're making but numbers don't support it. martha: one of the reasons i bring this up, as i said the change actually happened a few months back but just reported for the first time yesterday, we're getting into debate season. i would imagine that a question somewhere along these lines is going to come up at these debates because hillary clinton and democratic party have talked so much about the war on women. >> right. martha: it has helped them with the support they're getting from women, and yet, there are these contradictory things in clinton's past, that are perhaps -- everyone has said
7:48 am
from the beginning donald trump is willing to go there against her and against their past in a way that other candidates are not. so alexandra, do you expect that is going to happen? >> i absolutely do but to go back to what jessica just mentioned, president obama won the youth vote with 66% of the vote. that is historic vote with young voters, the fact under the circumstances that hillary clinton can't capture close to that number is a problem for her. no one is bigger critic of i than our party's outreach to young voters, going back to debates what hillary clinton might face there i think this will be a issue. even buzz freed report came out a couple days ago about this talked about that quote from hillary clinton at the end of the 2015 where she said, that until evidence disproves that claim. buzzfeed itself, there is no evidence that is out there that disproves what juanita broderick is saying. it is worth pointing out took
7:49 am
reditors to find out she actually deleted from the website. where is the media attention on this all along? hillary clinton is able to get away with a lot in this campaign. when she goes to the debate stage, this is something she will have to answer for. martha: that is why it is still relevant. obviously these accusations are very old, she brings it up and talks about the situations and that people do deserve to be believed, she brings it back into the conversation, jessica? >> i mean that is a difficult line to toe, because this went on between her and her husband the alleged rape and juanita broderick. this didn't happen between hillary clinton and juanita broderick, there was threatening comment, i appreciate all you do for bill, ken starr didn't find her credible witness, signed an affidavit that it didn't happen. there are whole lot of holes in the story. it is not hard to be troubled by
7:50 am
the story juanita broderick tells and she seems a credible person. i go back to it should not be deheated from the site and secure millenial vote and female vote. direct everyone to the numbers. she is not struggling at all in these areas. i'm not sure this will have great impact. martha: thank you very much, alexandra and jessica. >> thank you. bill: ten minutes before the hour, here is jenna lee coming up for "happening now." what are you working on? >> hillary clinton and joe biden and versus donald trump on issue of national security after the war of words heats up. war on terror drifted through democratic and republican administration does anyone really own this topic? we'll talk about that. what american before michael phelps won 24 olympic gold medals but never competed in olympic sport. we provide answer to that riddle. bill: multiple choice? >> you should know it. famous american.
7:51 am
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bill: immigration reform currently a big topic in the race for white house. hillary clinton and donald trump pushing two very different approaches on the issue. william la jeunesse is looking at both. live update from the west coast bureau. which plan has a better shot at working, william, let's start there? reporter: well depends on the result you want, bill, right? they disagree radically on the issue what's wrong. take a look. trump wants a wall. hillary doesn't. she defends sanctuary cities. he would cut their aid. he would deport illegal immigrants.
7:55 am
she would offer to make them citizens. >> we have the most secure border we have ever had. >> those who patrol it disagree. >> people are coming over, turning themselves in. we're lucky to catch 40% of those who aren't turning themselves in. reporter: in her first 100 days, hillary clinton promises to legalize illegal immigrants already here. >> let's move to comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship. reporter: to trump, that is amnesty. >> we should not let anyone into this country who doesn't support our communities. reporter: trump would require employers hire americans first. new immigrants need to prove they won't need welfare, and require employers to verify immigration status before hiring any worker. >> very much views immigration from a cynical, sort of zero sum kind of attitude. i think hillary clinton recognizes that immigration and immigrants have for a long time and continue to be a very strong net positive for this country. reporter: clinton promises to
7:56 am
stop deportations and close immigrant detention centers. >> i would not deport children. i do not want to deport family members either. reporter: agents call that, open border. >> we allow too many people coming in, unvetted, giving free rome around our country. reporter: clinton's views on immigration evolved as they say. she expanded or supported expanded deportation under the president. she voted for the fence under bush. she opposed drivers licenses for illegal immigrants. now she apologizes for even using those words, bill. bill: more to come on that. thank you, william la jeunesse live in l.a., thanks. >> donald trump is zeroing in on the state of wisconsin today. that state, the scene of one of his biggest losses during the primary season. can he turn around the battleground state and make them more in his favor in november? that is what he is trying to do when we come back. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. tural gas.
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monkey on the loose in the parking lot. employee tries to corral the monkey, that's when the owner says hey, not my monkey. they're trying to figure out whether or not the woman was registered to have a monkey in the state of ohio. we can't make this up. martha: have a good day, on kelly file. jenna: we start off the battle for a key swing state as donald trump focuses on wisconsin today. hope you're off to a great month so far, i'm generally. eric: i'm eric shawn in for john scott. with the presidential nominee lost wisconsin in the primary to ted cruz, now wants to keep that from happening again against hillary clinton so he's pulling out all the stops in a swing through that key state. we got a fundraiser set for less than one hour from now, held in a cross for the town hall later today.


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