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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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you have the distance, hurdles, a water barrier. i would know, i used to run it, in college. there i am. lsu tigers, go baby. go tigers. that's for you, shep. i'm sandra smith. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, 2:00 p.m. in wisconsin will donald trump is hoping to gain ground today. he's set to meet with law enforcement. we'll bring you the news live. breaking today, the first classified briefing from the fbi. with we'll give you that schedule. meantime, house republicans playing out perjury accusations against hillary clinton. they say her testimony to congress does not match what the fbi discovered. what happens now? lots of politics, so let's get to it. announcer: now, shepard smith reporting, live from the fox news desk. >> first from the fox news desk, donald trump said to get his first classified briefing from
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intelligence officials including access to national secrets few americans will ever see. fox news confirms the briefing is scheduled for tomorrow, likely at the fbi field office in new york. abc news reports chris christie and general michael flynn will be with him. this is after he pitch eed idea yesterday. a former add visz visor to george w. bush called trump cease speech serious. today, donald trump is in milwaukee. we are expecting him to meet this afternoon with veterans and local law enforcement. that meeting happening after days of violent riots in the city, after a black police officer shot and killed another black man who investigators say refused to drop his weapon. later tonight, donald trump scheduled to hold a rally in
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west bend. scott walker says he will be there. a notable appearance after governor walker skipped an event. the governor's office blamed a scheduling appointment. he's all in for donald trump, but warns the nominee needs to stick to the script and the skrat gi. >> if donald trump is going to win across the country, he needs to make it clear the race is between him and hillary clinton. every day with we talk about hillary clinton, it's a better day for him. >> hillary clinton is campaigning in pennsylvania, a sometimes swing state that could help decide the election. new polling shows both nominees have a long way to go with voters. a survey finds more say hillary clinton has the personality and temperment to be president. 42% for clinton to 17% for donald trump. still, fewer than half voters think either candidate is fit for the job. more say donald is honest and trustwort
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trustworthy. 16% for trump and 11% for secretary politics 2017, john roberts across wisconsin. you spoke one-on-one with trump, right? >> reporter: i did. a asked what governor walker said. he said there may be something to that. when i said to trump, do you have a propensity to take the bait democrats dangle in your face. i don't take the bait, i hit hard and hit back very, very hard. he said he is throwing out the original game plan for tonight's rally in west bend. this was scheduled last week before the events in wisconsin. he is going to turn it from a political rally to a political speech. he will be reading from prepared remarks talking about the need for law and order. a lot of people were in the streets of milwaukee trying to calm people down and they were not taking the advice. people were brought in from other cities, according to other
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sources, maybe chicago being one to stir things up. he told me he's awaiting the release of the body cam video of the officer involved in the shooting of smith. he is inclined to give the officer the benefit of the doubt. >> did the policeman do the right thing? >> well, i guess, you know, if you believe a gun was pointed to his head and ready be fired, what is a person supposed to do? talk him out of it? i would think so. they have the tape, i understand. the gun was pointed to his head, ready to fire. that's what the narrative is. maybe it's not true, if it is true, people shouldn't be rioting. >> reporter: the speech will not just be about the need for law and order, it's economic security based on personal security and safety. he will go further down the road with plans outlined yesterday at the university talking about his
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three pillars for defeating isis and radical islamic terrorism. a lot here in wisconsin. >> on that front, keeping parry out of the country, trump will rely on extreme vetting. did he talk about the extreme vetting, what is it and how it works? >> reporter: we are short on details when it comes to extreme vetting. we hope to have those rolled out by the election. they may have to wait until donald trump becomes president, should he become president. i asked him about that and he indicated he wants to take shackles off the immigration officials, give them power to look into people's background using social media and other electronic sources. he is still big on which countries he would apply this visa restriction to until he gets in place some sort of system where people could be screened before they come into the country. here is what he told us.
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>> iraq is one. we are going to name a number of countries. those countries are subject to change. frds -- very good people. people go through the cracks, perhaps. it can be very, very tough. it has to be very, very tough to come into this country. >> reporter: donald trump talked yesterday about a cold war for people who want to come into the country. there's been criticism to that. maybe some people could lie during the application and investigation process z. the trump campaign insists people won't be able to lie their way through the checks and balances they will put in place. >> we'll get to the live event in a moment. extreme vetting. the argument has been made we have extreme vetting now, it
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takes a couple years and a lot of layers to get in here. from my checking, i can't find someone that got in illegally and then committed an act of terrorism, can you? >> no. it's really hard to immigrate to america these days. there are a long line of people that come into this country. some to study. itis hard to become an american citizen today. you touched on the most important part or lack thereof, detailed on the implementation of the policies. how do you implement so-called extreme vetting and this idea that you could ask people questions. if someone wants to come to america and do harm to our country, do you think lying is going to stop them? people know how to pass lie detector tests. what more can you do to see if they are going to do future harm to the country. >> of course, we are already doing that. the question is, if we are already doing that and the poll
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is saying americans are concerned and you change the wording to extreme vetting and you are going to do better at it, those who agree with you in the polls come along with you. i'm not sure what, if anything, to make of this. that's all. >> yeah. i think you -- i think you have great company in that. many -- there are many people after donald trump's speech calling for more details. for example, working with russia if they are going to work against extremism. there wasn't a lot of detail in his speech. i think it accomplished what he wanted to accomplish, speak to the core group of supporters who have been backing him from the beginning of his bid more than a year ago. they helped him win the primary. there's not a large enough population to help him win the election. >> governor scott walker going to be along with him now. that should be surprising to a lot of people. i wonder if you have inside knowledge of how they made that happen?
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>> i don't have any inside knowledge. i think it's so interesting you have this person who, a year ago, was dropping out of the presidential race and calling for other republicans to drop out of the presidential race so donald trump would not win the nomination. now he's going to stand next to donald trump and meet in his home state and it's pretty much backed his candidacy. i never thought i would say strange bed fofellows referring a republican governor and republican nominee. >> what is stranger is rubio. marco rubio says he doesn't back off anything he said about donald trump, not one word of it. he is the person he claims he was before, yet now he's going to support him. something has happened that, you know, it's always been said republicans fall in line and democrats fall in love. falling in line seems to be new for this cycle but it's new. marco is all in now. >> i think there are republicans who are standing by trump after
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saying these things. i think many of them have something in common, they are up for re-election. we are close in new hampshire up here in boston and u.s. snorkely up for re-election. she doesn't endorse him, but going to support the republican nominee and plans to vote for donald trump. she's trying to dance all over that line. but, you know, she's doing it because she needs to run for re-election. there's the core group of supporter who is love donald trump. they are the people, if anyone, who would support on november 8. >> doesn't that mean that a calculation has been made? the process has been i'm trying to calculate whether being with donald trump or against donald trump behooves me for the future. kelly says he's dangerous, now going to support him. if the calculation hasn't been made and somewhere out there a decision has been made that being with donald trump helps you as a republican later more
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than being against him. the evidence suggests that's happened. >> it has happened. she reserves the right to re-evaluate him down the line. i think that's key. the new hampshire republican primary. she doesn't have a big primary challenge, but it's early september. it could be very poszsible the day after the republican primary or soon after, she has a change of heart when looking at a larger general election voters they need to focus on and less than two months. >> she will stand-up to him. she will support him. there you have it. that's politics 2016. great to see you as always. thanks. >> thank you. voting is one of the great foundations of our democracy, letting people choose their representation. now, dozens of states are making it easier, letting you cast ballots online. does that mean it could be up to hackers? that's one of the discussions
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ahead as we wait for donald trump's event. we'll have it live for you on fox news channel.
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in this year's election, more than half states are allowing them to cast a ballot on the web or e-mail. they are warning online voting could open the door to hackers. eric is our senior correspondent on this. >> donald trump has come under fire that the presidential
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election could be rigged. with the increase in the use of the web for voting, so much for say, an election, could be hacked. voting can be as easy as a click of the mouse. but, is it secure? 26 states and the district of columbia allow some form of online voting from casting your vote online to sending an e-mail. after high profile hacks like those of the democratic national committee, obama is looking at ways to protect online voting. >> i think we need to consider whether it should be considered by my department and others critical infrastructure. >> once you have something on the internet, you are telling the world, please come hack me. >> reporter: m.i.t. professor, an internet voting expert says it is not foolproof. >> there's wonderful ways it can contribute but putting voting
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online is a step too far. it's out of line. we don't know how to do it securely. everyone can try to get in and manipulate the election. >> reporter: they shut down the voter registration base after it may have been hacked. they blamed a highly sophisticated attack, most likely from a foreign entity, they said. the u.s. election commission, which is the federal agency deals with elections across the country say we are not at the point where we can use the internet to cast ballots securely and safely even though some jurisdictions say online is fine. >> thank you. russia is now sending warplanes from a base in iran to hit the islamic state in syria. ahead, why it's important and what it allows russia to do and the reaction from the u.s. military coming up. i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪
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for the first time, russian warplanes used an air base in iran to carry out strikes in syria. bombers took off from a base here hamedan in northwestern iran. he said the strikes targeted strongholds and other militant groups in syria. the u.s. military spokesman confirmed the bombing to fox news, but he said only one of the strikes actually hit isis tor targets. he said the planes dropped bombs where rebels are battling troops. the u.s. state department says russia using iran's air base is unfortunate, but not surprising. meantime, john kerry and his russian counter part, today, spoke on the phone about working together in syria. that's according to the statement from russia's foreign
12:21 pm
minister. jillian turner works in the white house national security counsel during the presidential administration of george w. bush and barack obama. she's a fox news contributor. good to see you. >> >> not surprising, but unfortunate? >> yeah, i would characterize it as such. the united states and russia have fallen on different sides of the war. they are hoping through the talks led by secretary kerry and foreign minister lavrov, they can find it. the problems in aleppo where the hu human toll has been the hardest. >> there's an elephant in the room, jillian. >> the elephant in the room, i think in this case is isis. >> no, no, no. the elephant in the room is syria is a proxy war between the
12:22 pm
united states and russia. russia was backing the locals and the united states brought in the rebels and the rebels are getting their butts kicked and the russians are winning. that says we are losing the proxy war and throwing in the towel. how am i wrong? >> i don't think you are wrong. the united states government has been supporting the syrian moderate opposition from a long time ago. to not terribly great success. i think the idea the administration has now is can we cooperate with the russians to help us in the fight against isis. as you know, russia has been disengeneralous about their intentions. under the pretext of going after terrorist organizations like isis but they really focused on doing over the past year since they started this is bolstering the assad regime, which the united states wants out of power. >> that's the end to the region.
12:23 pm
if they have enough control, despite the fact that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people are dead, if they get that control and cement that power, will they work with us, at least for optics against isis? sure they will. if they get control of syria, which they need because they lost all other holds. we lost the proxy war and we are talking as if isis is going to be double-teamed by us and russia. it's propostrouse. won't anyone come forward and say we are having a proxy war and we are getting our butts kicked. >> i agree with you. i think i would be remiss if i didn't mention the third wheel. iran. u.s. government and officials have been surprised to the degree iran and russia are working in lock step with syria with the russians providing air support and iranians providing ground support. there were signals of this last
12:24 pm
november when putin traveled to iran. i don't think anyone paid too much attention. the two governments are lock step in the region. that proposes a security threat to the united states interest in the middle east. >> is there anything further to do about this? because it's iran with whom we have the deals regarding nukes. that is separate from all this if you believe anything anyone says. in this case, i don't. >> i think the russians would say publicly that our negotiations, well the negotiations led by the united states and the subsequent nuclear deal opened up the space for them to work more closely with iran. the truth is they were working together well before this happened a couple years ago. >> nice to talk to you. it's frustrating, isn't it? >> it is very frustrating. >> thanks. the world trade center reopened. here is news. the world trade center reopening their mall downtown near new
12:25 pm
york city nearly 15 years after the terror attack of 9/11. this place is extremely controversial. it's a new thing on your list when you come to new york. you have to see the 9/11 memorial. you have to go to grand central, rock center, the empire state building and now the extravaganza downstairs. is this is like, this is a subway station. look at it. you can see the crowds gathered this morning for the reopening, the grand reopening celebration in lower manhattan. look at this place. it is $1.4 billion worth of subway station. down below, an enormous shopping area. you are supposed to feel your way around. signs are not supposed to be necessary. if you are going uptown, go this way, shopping this way. this is an image of a worker putting up a sign this morning. they are going to have a lot of high end shopping near the complex. one of the main transportation
12:26 pm
hubs where 300,000 commuters pass through. it sounds like a lot, but not as many as some of them. you come from jersey this way. if you head north and east across the island. a manager of the shopping center calls it hope, opportunity, progress gresz and spers veerns. a lot of words used for this place. those are a lot of them. some very different than that. certainly something to see. i didn't get that far today. come to new york city, you have to see this thing. ahead, more polls showing the state of the race, plus the first of its kind, chinese satellite that could lead to unbreakable communication. did beijing just beat us in the space race milestone? that's coming up. for lower back pain sufferers,
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that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity. and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle. more headlines from the fox news. the largest single release of detainees under the obama administration is the word from the pentagon. 19 others are scheduled to be moved soon. the president has, for years, promised to close the prison in cuba. congress blocked the efforts. new surveillance video shows a cement tanker rolling over a van, crushing the man and woman who were inside. somehow they survived. that's going to state media in china.
12:30 pm
rescuers had to use a forklift to get him out of the wreckage. in taiwan, three soldiers dead and two others hurt after an army tank plunged into the river. that's the word from military officials. the tank somehow lost the balance during a military drill flying across the bridge. the news continues from fox, right after this. my belly pain and constipation?
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especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. we have polls. a nationwide poll shows hillary clinton holding on to her lead against donald trump is what is a worthless survey. the nbc news survey shows her beating him 51% to 41% nationwide. the same one had 51% to 41%. what is that worthless? it's not how we vote in america. we use the electoral college and each state has a certain number. if you get enough in the electoral college you win, if you don't, you lose. this poll is dumb and worthless. it's something we do every year,
12:33 pm
so there it is. it isn't the only new sign of trouble for trump. a different poll shows him losing in florida, something that matters, the place he calls his second home. the survey shows hillary clinton ahead of donald trump in that state, 48% to 39%. that matters. that matters because if you win florida, you get the representatives from the electoral college. if you lose, your opponent does. winning is essential, losing is bad. gary johnson with 6% of the vote and the green party candidate with 1%. it is the latest in a series of polls showing secretary clinton ahead in swing states across the country. again, something that matters. another poll today shows hillary clinton holding on to a big lead in virginia. look at these numbers. a "washington post" survey. again, this matters. it found secretary clinton is beating trump among registered voters 52-38.
12:34 pm
there's more to it. likely voters, she's still winning, but in the single digits. if you lose virginia and you lose florida and you lose pennsylvania, you lose. jennifer griffin is live in philadelphia where hillary clinton just finished speaking at a voter registration event. we talk all the time about the polls. it's frustrating because they don't matter. if you are losing virginia in that way, you are in trouble. >> well, it's really interesting. you are right. you need to be looking at the swing state polls. here in pennsylvania, she is apparently doing quite well according to the latest wall street journal poll which puts her up by 11 points. the clinton campaign is not taking any of the polls for granted. that is why she was out here trying to register. they started an effort to register 3 million new voters and they are targeting the african-american community as well as the latino community as
12:35 pm
well as millenials. we got news the fbi delivered to capitol hill, the oversight committee, notes from the fbi interview she did on july 2nd about her private e-mail server. that is an unusual move for the fbi and has the campaign concerned. what concerns them the most, i spoke to a campaign official and he said they would prefer those notes be released publicly so the public can see them in context. they are concerned the partisan nature of the house oversight committee, they will release them in bits and pieces and pick and choose selectively what they want to release to give a certain impression before the election. you heard the ranking member of that committee put out a statement not long ago which he said this is a goose chase. the investigation into the investigators which basically is to detract, he said, from donald trump's sagging poll numbers.
12:36 pm
finally, we learned from the campaign that hillary clinton will not be commenting on whether she will start receiving classified briefings from the intel community tomorrow. we learned that donald trump -- they will not comment now or in the future. >> she had the line there. the investigation of the investigators is a distraction. that's my favorite. you win for now. until you are dethroned you have the phrase of the day. what was her message in philly? >> it was really to get out the vote. she is concerned that the reason they are here in this west philly african-american community is they want to make sure people remember to go to the polls. she is polling well among african-americans but it won't matter if they don't go to the polls. the most notable thing here is she was trying to present a positive message and she also
12:37 pm
defended president obama's record. here is what she said. >> when i hear folks criticizing president obama, i'm thinking, well, what don't they like? they don't like the fact that he helped us save the economy from the worst financial crash since the 1930s? they don't like the fact we now have 20 million more people who have access to affordable health care? >> now, she ignored the fact that aetna, one of the large private health care providers pulled out of 11 states. that news out today and could signal some trouble for the future of obamacare. shepard? >> thank you. good to talk to you, as alwayses. aaron black is part of the politics blog. you need to read the fix every day. that's dumb if you don't read that. hello, aaron, how are you? >> thanks for the plug, i appreciate it. >> it's good. you should read it. i'm not sure, really, the polls
12:38 pm
tell us everything, but if you are looking at pennsylvania right now and you can't get the suburbs, if you can't get the philly suburbs better, don't you need a new strategy? >> you make a good point. that's the common message both out of the pennsylvania polls we are seeing and the virginia poll that "the washington post" came out with today that showed clinton up by eight. if you look at southern virginia, southwestern virginia, central virginia, donald trump is not doing as well as he needs to in the working class areas. he's not doing as well as he needs to in the suburban areas. he's not doing what he needs to to set up a coalition of working class voters to help him win in the rust belt and economically depressed areas. that's the common thread in the polls. the campaign certainly hasn't done the kind of things that suggest changing things up. he's said in recent interviews
12:39 pm
he plans on very much continuing the same strategy he used before. >> that's not what he's done. i know you have noticed it over the last two days. doesn't matter what happened with the foreign whatever that maps, here is what we are going to do about isis. it was on script and message. since then he's been on script and message. i feel a narrative turn, you don't feel it? >> i don't think he's willing to pull a total 180 in this campaign. this is a guy whoiew that as kind of a capitulation of giving into the media telling him since the beginning of this campaign, that's what he needs to do. he doesn't see it that way. he said in a cnbc interview he's basically going to win this campaign his way or he's not going to win at all. he talked about the possibility of losing this campaign. so, you know, you look at the recent polls and that is, indeed, where he's headed. i think he sees that, but he doesn't show a desire to change
12:40 pm
anything at this point. i think, by the way, the florida poll has to be especially disturbing for him because if a republican loses florida, they pretty much lose the election. if a democrat wins just florida and every other state they have won the last six elections, they get the electoral votes and hillary clinton is the president. >> i read the miami herald this morning and i'm sure you did, too. marco rubio was very clear when he said donald trump is a con man. he went on today in the miami herald to say i stand by that. i stand by all that yet i'm for him. something happened to get these people who have been belittled and berated by him to come around. it's certainly not, well donald trump is probably going to win, we need to be on the winning side. what is it? >> well, marco rubio is a good example of the kind of people who most need donald trump to at least do decently, not get destroyed in the presidential
12:41 pm
election because their own electoral states are at stake. rubio is up for re-election. he is going to run. the most recent poll shows trump losing by nine and rubio up by five. if you look at the polls across the last few months in florida, the poll that is are worse for donald trump tend to be worse for rubio. the ones worse for trump are better for rubio. rubio knows he cannot allow trump to get destroyed in the state of florida by double digits. it will make his path that much more difficult. >> thank you. republicans are going after hillary clinton's e-mails today. this time they are accusing her of perjury. kathryn has the details on that. hello, kathryn. >> thank you, shepard. two republican committees sent a letter to washington asking -- the republicans also released a video contrasting her testimony
12:42 pm
with the fbi directors news conference where he recommended against criminal charges on the 30,000 e-mails. there are apparent discrepancies. >> how it was done. did someone physically look at the 62,000 e-mails or did you use search terms, date parameters? i want to know the specifics. >> they did all of that. they went through every single e-mail. >> lawyers doing the sorting for secretary clinton in 2014 did not individually read the content of all of her e-mails as we did for those available to us. >> in this brief letter, the justice department confirmed they have the perjury referral but no commitment to act on the allegations or a timetable for the lawmakers. meantime, a veteran fbi officer said an analysis comparing what clinton told congress and the fbi should take weeks in the case, not months. >> seems to be since the record
12:43 pm
is established of what she said and the investigation is complete in terms of what she said subsequent to that congressional testimony, it would be a relatively simple matter to make a decision about perjury. given the history of this, it's hard to say. it would seem a matter of weeks, not months. >> the clinton campaign said the testimony last month, in their opinion, cleared up the discrepancies. the republicans, as you can see based on the video and the letter, they disagree. >> thanks a lot. some in louisiana are starting to head back to their homes or what's left of them after historic flooding in and around baton rouge. other areas at stake as the high floodwaters head toward the coast. 40,000 homes affected. that's next. jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack knocked over a candlestick
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experts say china took a
12:47 pm
step forward in the race to send messages that hackers cannot intercept. they launched what researchers are calling the first satellite designed to send quantum communications. according to the associated press, quantum communications used subatomic particles to sent message messag messages. they can alter or delete the information. one expert tells the associated press lots of people think having secure communications atd a quantity tum level is important. the americans had to leave, now the chinese are showing the way forward. flooding in louisiana damaged at least 40,000 homes. that's according to the governor there. the associated press reports the flood that killed at least ten people after storms dropped ten feet of rain over the weekend. today, some people are returning to their homes, a lot of them by boat. >> wondering what's left, if
12:48 pm
anything. everything that i had is gone. everything. everything. >> the governor says thousands of people are in shelters because they have nowhere else to go. the governor's office reports crews rescued 30,000 people. in livingston parish, one official estimates 75% all homes there are a total loss. here is a look at the last 24 hours. more rain over the state. forecasters say there's a chance of storms this afternoon. the national weather service reports rivers are receding near baton rouge. more flooding is possible as the water moves down to the gulf of mexico. casey s y y yy is in baton roug. >> reporter: talk about evidence of the water going down, we have seen that. that's the silver lining. look at the privacy fence. you can see where the water
12:49 pm
level was. now the corner lot is dry. just look a few steps away, still a very, very different story for folks living in that part of this neighborhood. as you know, shepard, this is all about elevation when we are talking flood. it's much lower ground there, which is why you see the deep water, up to street signs and mailbox mailboxes. i have to say, no other images are more powerful to tell the story than from up above. check out this drone footage from here in baton rouge, not far from where i am. street after street after street inundated with water. the state's governor says this is still very much a search and rescue operation. >> we are working around the clock to make sure that every available resource that would help us to respond and to recover will be available to the people of louisiana. >> reporter: fema is on the ground working closely with
12:50 pm
residents to try to get federal aid into areas that so desperately need it. shep? >> casey, amid the floods in baton rouge. how angry would you be if 1 started by an arsonist? investigators in california say they have busted the man responsible for sparking this disaster. details on that next. your car got rear-ended and you needed a tow. did your 22-page insurance policy say, "great news. you're covered?" no. it said, "blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. liberty mutual insurance.
12:51 pm
o'riley here, black lives matter may be targeting elvis presley in a civil rights
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
wow, wildfire alert. 1,600 firefighters trying to control the flames at a massive wildfire in northern california today. fire officials say it's destroyed nearly 200 homes, businesses and other buildings since it broke out over the weekend. and now investigators say they've caught the suspect accused of starting the whole thing. happened in lower lake about 90 miles south north of san francisco. thousands of people had to evacuate the area and leave
12:54 pm
everything behind. one person still there calling it a, quote, war zone. meantime, the sheriff says his office has arrested a man on suspicion of arson and that he is a suspect in several other fires over the past year. claudia cowen is there in lower lake. claudia. >> reporter: well, shepard, this area has seen multiple wildfires over the past year. now it appears one local man has been accused of setting this one and 16 others. 40-year-old damin paskilk will be arraigned tomorrow. >> it is my pleasure to announce the arrest of damin anthony paskil age 40 of clear lake. today detectives with the assistance of the lake county district attorney's office were able to arrest him on 17 counts of arson.
12:55 pm
>> reporter: the town of lower lake is still evacuated, but fire crews are making progress. they've held this fire to 4,000 acres and now have it 20% contained. that's a big jump from yesterday. but many who had to flee on sunday still don't know what is left of their property, along with homes and businesses this fire claimed an historic church built back in 1846. but the pastor says hi congregation is resilient and will rebuild. >> these folks have been through a lot here. and they're strong. they're strong. >> reporter: the governor has declared a state of emergency freeing up resources to help fight the fire and help victims rebuild. but it won't be easy. take a look, this fire has caused more than $10 million in damage, especially here in downtown lower lake where block after block here on main street looks like this. and of course dozens of families have been left homeless. no injuries reported here, shepard, that is good news. but obviously many, many lives turned upsidedown. >> good news no doubt. claudia, thank you.
12:56 pm
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on this day in 1896, the last great gold rush began when the precious metal turned up near the klondike river. give me a break. no, no. somebody struck gold in western canada near the border with alaska. thousands of americans made the trip up north dealing with threat such as disease, avalanche and hypothermia. they were too late. most people had scooped up valuable land in the region, however his stories about the experiences in the area helped him become one of the most successful writers of all-time, but it was klondike fever 120 years ago today. should news break out, we'll
1:00 pm
break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel and on facebook live where we'll be in just ten seconds with an afternoon update on your facebook. the dow had a, well, it had a bad day. forget i mentioned the dow. see you later. hillary clinton campaigning in philadelphia today, just as house republicans pursue new charges against her. they claim she lied under oath about her private e-mails and that this video proves it. will these latest charges stick? welcome everyone. i'm stewart varney in for neil cavuto. first, to chief intelligence correspondent kathrine herridge on what we know right now. >> the republicans sent a letter to the u.s. attorney here in washington, d.c. asking they investigate these perjury allegations after mrs. clinton testified about her e-mail practices in 2015. the house repli


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