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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 16, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel and on facebook live where we'll be in just ten seconds with an afternoon update on your facebook. the dow had a, well, it had a bad day. forget i mentioned the dow. see you later. hillary clinton campaigning in philadelphia today, just as house republicans pursue new charges against her. they claim she lied under oath about her private e-mails and that this video proves it. will these latest charges stick? welcome everyone. i'm stewart varney in for neil cavuto. first, to chief intelligence correspondent kathrine herridge on what we know right now. >> the republicans sent a letter to the u.s. attorney here in washington, d.c. asking they investigate these perjury allegations after mrs. clinton testified about her e-mail practices in 2015. the house republicans also
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released a video contrasting clinton's testimony with the fbi director's news conference in july where he recommended against criminal charges on her private server used exclusively for state department business there are apparent discrepancies. in addition to that there was a brief letter from the justice department that confirmed that it has the perjury referral but makes no commitment to act on these allegations now is a timeframe provided for lawmakers. also this afternoon, fox news confirming that portions of the fbi investigative file had been provided to the house government oversight committee. the materials cannot be released without fbi permission. and they contain highly classified information. an fbi letter to the committee reads in part, these materials are non-public and contained classified and other sensitive material. for that reason these materials may not be further disseminated or disclosed in part or in full without obtaining the fbi's concurren concurrence. and let's take a moment now to
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listen to that tape where lawmakers say there is this apparent conflict between what mrs. clinton said and the fbi director's news conference. >> so there's only one server, is that what you're telling me? and it's the one server the fbi has? >> the fbi has the server used during the tenure of my state department, sir. >> secretary clinton used several different servers. and administrators of those servers during her four years at the state department. >> the republicans say that there are three other essential points to their perjury allegations, one is whether anything was marked classified. we know some of the e-mails contained classified markings, a very limited number. they also make the case on her claims that every single e-mail was read before it was deleted. what the fbi found was that was simply not the case as well. the clinton campaign has maintained throughout that they feel the director's testimony last month really cleared up the discrepancies. but if you really dig deep down into that statement, it just
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does not match up with what the fbi director said and what mrs. clinton has said publicly and to congress about her practices, stewart. >> catherine, thank you very much. now, voters don't seem to be focusing on these clinton e-mails that had little impact on the polls. she's moved into the lead despite the scandals. to fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano who joins us by phone. judge, there's a lot of detail here. cut through it, please. go straight at it. is there something different with this new allegation that we should know about? >> i don't think there's anything different, stewart, but the new allegations very nicely, tightly, neatly and in an easily understandable way focus the lies that mrs. clinton uttered while under oath before the house benghazi committee. so there's four areas in which she lied. catherine just outlined all of them. the justice department can do with this whatever they want, but this is a slam dunk case
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that in the ordinary world where her name hillary rodham instead of hillary rodham clinton, this information would be on its way to a grand jury in a matter of weeks. >> judge, this e-mail scandal has dragged on for months. now is there a new timeframe by which we might get to the bottom of these latest charges that she lied under oath to congress? >> well, the justice department has an unwritten policy, stewart, that it will not indict someone who's running for office within 90 days of election day unless it is necessary to preserve the integrity of the election. now, unless it is necessary to preserve the integrity of the election is obviously a basis for indicting her. but, stewart, the people who will decide whether or not she should be indicted for what is clearly either perjury, providing false information or misleading congress, there are three different potential crimes here, stewart. the people will decide whether or not to indict her are the
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same people who decided not to indict her for her failure to keep secure 110 secret and top secret e-mails that were found on her server. >> judge, i'm reading between the lines. you say there are three crimes here. am i right in saying that you think that this will just pass on by like the previous e-mail scandals? >> yes, i'm sorry to say i think it will. because the people who run the justice department are the same folks who want her to succeed president obama in the oval office. >> judge napolitano, thank you very much for joining us, sir. always appreciate it. >> my pleasure, stewart. >> yes, sir. donald trump, he's in wisconsin today. he's set to hold a rally hours from now in west bend. that's a suburb of milwaukee. our john roberts reporting he will deliver prepared remarks. the visit coming just days after violence protests broke out after a police shooting in milwaukee. here's what hillary clinton said about that and the governor of wisconsin's response. roll tape. >> look at what's happening in milwaukee right now. we've got urgent work to do to
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rebuild trust between police and communities and get back to the fundamental principle. everyone should have respect for the law and be respected by the law. >> i think comments like that are just inflaming the situation. i think people understand in that neighborhood and in milwaukee, they want law enforcement to step up and protect them. they don't want the criminals who were doing those actions against those businesses to do that. and i think statements like that and the lack of leadership we've had from the president on this issue only inflame the situation. >> reaction now from steve loomis, he is the president of the cleveland police patrolman's association. sir, hillary clinton says we must have respect for and respect by the law. governor walker says you say that and that's inflammatory. where do you place the blame for these riots? >> well, i think it clearly shows that there's a disconnect between the politicians and leadership of this country including mrs. clinton.
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with the general public the vast majority of the systems out there in every neighborhood of this can you waountry are law-ad fearing citizens and they respect the police and they do want us out there doing the job. it's a very, very small portion of a very, very large country that's screaming the loudest right now. i think it's irresponsible for her to make those types of statements. >> well, what do you want from the authorities? what kind of clean cut statement do you want to hear? >> well, it has to be -- you know, they have to denounce this violence and this false narrative and this rhetoric. they have to stop contributing to it. the president was very quick to rush to judgment on the police officers in baton rouge and in minnesota. and yet he's absolutely silent on this riotous situation in milwaukee. it's absolutely atrocious. i've never seen anything like it before. there's just no excuse for it. we need leadership right now. >> could you say that the rioters to some degree got what they wanted?
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the police withdrew, law was not enforced, that's the way it ended. >> yeah. well, the department of justice has a little bit to do with this too. they go into every single city that has some type of situation, they'll be in milwaukee here very shortly, trust me, this is the m.o. of the department of justice. and they'll prepare a 58-page report, boilerplate report, and they'll replace milwaukee police department with cleveland police department or vice versa. you know, it's a false narrative. it's definitely a national movement to nationalize the police. you know. and it's not working. look at the crime rates in every corner of this country. they're going through the roof astronom astronomically. >> how did we come to this? that was a flat out riot. it was an anti-police, to some degree an anti-white riot. how on earth did we get to this situation? because america people overseas
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looking at this, america's embarrassed by this and that black community in milwaukee has been ruined by it. how on earth did we get to this level? >> politicians. you know, when president bill clinton was in office, the city of cleveland for example there was a lot of federal programs, federal-funded programs, the rap houses, the bike units, we had 100-person community police unit in the city of cleveland. now the federal money went away, the federal money goes away and now the police departments are all downsized. and in cleveland we're going from run to run to run to run. and i know in many other cities in the country as well. you know, so they need to step up and assist local governments in maintaining the police forces, the size of the police force. and we showed very clearly during the rnc that when you have the proper number of police officers to do the job, the job gets done. and it gets done very safely and very efficiently. when you're working with
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skeleton crews, which we are across this country, you know, bad things happen. and it's not the fault of the police officers in the street. it's the fault of the politicians. the city of cleveland they've reduced the mayors and the city council and city of cleveland last several years in a row have reduced the police department and the size of the police department. now they're throwing their hands in the air like a bunch of gutless politicians saying what's going on, why are things bad? that's why. you have to have the numbers on the streets. >> steve loomis, we thank you very much for joining us today. much appreciated. >> thank you very much, stewart. move on to the markets. stocks pulling back from record highs. is that because the fed is about to hike? new york's fed president telling fox business that a rate increase, quote, is possible in september. it would be the fed's second interest rate hike since december. interest rates though still remain near zero. all right. the same day the administration calls donald trump dangerous for our troops, it releases a bunch
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hhis stellar notebooks will last through june. get back to great. this week sharpie twelve-packs just three dollars. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. many new questions today after the administration releases 15 more gitmo detainees. that is the largest transfer ever. kevin cork in martha's vineyard where the president is vacationing. kevin, who are these detainees?
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>> reporter: well, i have to tell you, let's be honest here, stewart. the fact they're releasing gitmo detainees is nothing new. but as you pointed out i think perfectly, it's the number of detainees that's not only raising eyebrows, it's quite frankly raising the ire of many lawmakers on capitol hill. in all 15, now 12 of them are actually from yemen, another three are from afghanistan. but that's not perhaps the most important part of this. perhaps the most important part of this story is the fact we're talking about al qaeda-trained men who are caught on the battlefield, a great many of them not only caught on the battlefield fighting against the coalition for quite some time, a great many of them were weapons trained by al qaeda. let me show you some numbers, i think the folks at home will find this very instructive and valuable as well. now, we've talked a great deal about the obama administration's decision to try to if not close gitmo, at least they can empty it and drive down the numbers there. and the numbers are quite frankly startling. if you go back to when the office, there were 245 detainees.
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that number dwindled down to 166 in 2013. today it's down to just 61. and that's driven up the cost for taxpayers more than $7 million per prisoner annually spent on keeping open that prison. but as you can imagine there are concerns that these detainees quite frankly, stewart, could get back out there and face americans on the battlefield. i want to share with you some of what some people are talking about. now, homeland security committee chairman mike mccaul, republican of course from the great state of texas, has this to say. he says, listen, at least a third of the inmates released from gitmo are suspected of returning to the fight. and that is a heavy duty number, as you see right there, from mike mccaul. now, the white house of course is also weighing in. they say, listen, we implemented a rigorous review process, at the beginning of the administration, and transfer detainees in a manner that protects our national security and is consistent with our humane treatment policy.
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humane treatment policy. that's sort of code for we feel like it's immoral to keep open the prison at guantanamo bay, cuba. that's the administration's take on all this. as you can well imagine lawmakers and political candidates are weighing in as well including one mr. donald trump who's calling it the clinton/obama plan to empty gitmo. he says it threatens national security by allowing terrorists to be released. this is a story line that we'll continue to watch very carefully as well because we are told by sources that this number will be down to below 30 before the president leaves office in january, if of course they have their way. stewart. >> kevin corke, thank you very much indeed. kevin. by the way, the largest release of detainees in this administration. now, at the same time the administration announced the release of these detainees, vice president joe biden was slamming donald trump as dangerous for our troops. roll tape. >> does he have any idea the adverse consequences these
1:18 pm
outlandish comments have on our allies, our friends and the physical safety of our troops? trump is already making our country less safe. >> all right. to retired army lieutenant colonel tony schaffer. tony, joe biden saying donald trump makes our troops more in harm's way, what do you think of this? >> if i didn't know better i would think this is a bad "saturday night live" skit where you look at the extremes and think this is a joke. this is a joke. joe biden's comments are completely insane. reagan was told -- i was talking to his national security advisor about this a few weeks ago. when reagan wanted to say tear down this wall mr. gorbachev and people say, oh, sometimes you have to figure out the clear verbiage and use it. when you take the verbiage vice president biden uses and look at the administration's actions, they're completely incongruent. and as kevin said in the run-up
1:19 pm
to this, stew, over one-third of the people who have been released from gitmo have returned to combat against us and our allies. and let's remember, these last ones left are the worst of the worst. to use the process the way they have, they have retreated on releasing the worst until the very last. >> do you dismiss the argument that it's costing $7 million per year per detainee, which is an awful lot of money. >> i dismiss the fact that we're spending so much money when we don't need to. look, during world war ii when we captured german spies here on u.s. soil, essentially terrorists, they were tried, convicted and most were put to death. stew, most of these people that are being held have blood on their hands. a lot of these folks have either killed people of the muslim faith, which i would think would be a major issue to hold them accountable for, or more importantly picked up arms and killed our own troops during the afghanistan invasion. let me ask you the question, why did we even make the effort to
1:20 pm
hold them if we're not going to hold them accountable? this is one of the problems i have with both this administration and frankly the bush administration. no one actually tried anybody through the process of holding these people through all that money. >> tony, i must change course for a second. >> sure. >> we have reports that russia has started air strikes against syria using iranian air bases, or an iranian air base. >> right. >> have we been run out of the middle east completely? >> we have. right here on this show, and i think with you on your show we talked about the fact that we at the london center have predicted the rise of what we call the damascus pact. syria, iran, russia and some of the elements therein becoming essentially the modern day warsaw pact of the cold war. and, yeah, stew, they're working on running us out of the middle ooe east. and this administration is letting it happen. iranians are not only after the space, they're going into yemen, they're going into other areas traditionally not influenced by their version oflt islamic faith. and what we see here is a major
1:21 pm
expansion of iranian influence, which nothing -- nobody's holding back and the russians are encouraging by the fact the more the iranians go the more the russians can go with them and see the benefit. >> tony, as always, appreciate it. >> thank you, sir. now, one of the nation's largest health insurers retreats from obamacare. and it's not the first to do that. all of this as one doctor predicting the affordable health care law is too expensive to survive. plus, more daring rescues in louisiana with some flood victims literally plucked out of danger from the sky. why tonight that situation could get worse. we'll be back.
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to louisiana where the number of rescues is mounting as the truly devastating flooding continues. casey stegall is in baton rouge with the latest. casey. >> reporter: stewart, you talk about the rescues mounting. earlier today we heard 20,000 high water rescues have been carried out. now the governor's office says that number is at 30,000. so since friday some 30,000 people rescued from homes like you see back here, neighborhoods just totally under water. the damage is so widespread. you're looking at east baton rouge parish.
1:26 pm
the governor of the state, john bell edwards, also says at least 40,000 homes across louisiana have been impacted in some form or fashion by these flood waters caused by torrential rains that fell days ago. more than 20 inches in some places. a federal disaster declaration has been requested in 29 parishes. sadly, first responders discovered yet another body in the flood waters today near baton rouge, bringing the death toll here to at least 10. some residents who were evacuated and staying in shelters returning to nothing. >> i'm heartbroken. my home where i grew up, i've never seen this. there's no words to describe what's going on. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard says just last night a family of three trapped in their car surrounded by fast rising
1:27 pm
water had to be rescued in livingston parish. they were safely taken in including a 5-day-old infant. so all eyes are on the sky for tonight with the possibility of even more rain in the forecast. in fact, in just the last hour and a half or so we've seen the sun going from shining to now dark clouds starting to roll in, and a light rain falling. and you can imagine from the pictures you've seen and from talking to the people here, rain, any more water, stewart, it is the absolute last thing that people here of louisiana need at this point. >> really. casey, thank you very much indeed. i want to take you briefly to wisconsin. that's donald trump. he's speaking with sheriff clark. sheriff clark of course well-known on this program and on fox news. he is an ardent supporter of law and order. mr. trump speaking with sheriff clark, the gentleman in the hat with his back to us. donald trump will make prepared remarks on the situation in
1:28 pm
milwaukee later today. i stress again, he will make prepared remarks. got it. we have another blow to the health care law, aet na, the nation's third largest insurer announcing it will pull out of most of the government-run health exchanges it participates in. it lost $430 million on obamacare plans. it's moving out. dr. scott gotleib says aetna is not the first and it will not be the last. welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me. >> there's a downward spiral here. seems like insurers drop out, premiums go up, young people, healthy people do not sign up and the spiral down continues. but my question, doctor, what is the end game here? >> the end game is this is going to be a market service mostly by the medicaid hmos. if you look at the plans growing in footprint, the exchanges, it's traditional medicaid hmos, so the commercial insurers can't service that market very well. it's not just aetna, humana's
1:29 pm
pulled out almost entirely, united health care pulled out. anthem hasn't announced what they're going to do yet but probably announce a partial pullout soon. >> now, they're private insurance. >> right. >> they're leaving. does this leave us with government care? >> that's the big question. hillary clinton has signalled her intention to create a so-called public option. trying to give flexibility to states to give state-run options to compete with whatever's left in the exchanges in the way of private health insurers. and she's going to use something called a 1332 waver process allows the government to circumvent congress in this regard. >> that's kind of technical stuff. where does that leave middle america? >> unfortunately -- >> wildly expensive health care premiums. >> less choice and higher cost plans. the only people for whom this is probably going to be affordable are people who qualify for these special subsidies called cost sharing subsidies, people who earn below about $40,000 a year for a family of four. they get special subsidiesubsid
1:30 pm
>> what about everyone else? >> everyone else will be in a hard bind because they'll probably be forced into exchanges and forced to buy plans too expensive for them. >> november 1st we hear about new premiums, we're hearing about them already, they're going way up, i believe. >> right. the only silver lining in aetna's announcement is they're going to continue to offer policies off the exchange and can now price them any way they want. before they had to price policies off the exchange in concert with how they price policies on the exchange. now they can price their off exchange policies relative to how much it's actually costing them. those might be cheaper. those might be better deals for a lot of consumers to go off the exchange and buy a plan from some of the commercial insurers. >> i remember nancy pelosi, affordab affordable, affordable, affordable. not so. doctor, thank you for joining us so much. >> thank you. hillary clinton talking up the economy during a stop in pennsylvania today. should donald trump be doing exactly the same thing to get his poll numbers up? and listen to this, the teachers union calling for a boycott of walmart for giving
1:31 pm
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a top democrat struggling to say hillary clinton is honest and trustworthy. we will play you the tape. and pokemon go a no-go for one michigan family suing the game's makers claiming it ruined the quality of their life. back in 60. a cracked windshield... ...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks.
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at this hour keeping the focus on law and order. as you can see he's talking there with rudy giuliani, a big law and order guy. john roberts reports that giuliani co-wrote the speech which donald trump will deliver tonight on law and order. earlier mr. trump was with sheriff david clark, another law and order guy. he will speak tonight with prepared remarks co-wrote by giuliani. hillary clinton hammering home the economy in pennsylvania for a second day today. question, should donald trump be making the economy his focus? gop pollster lee carter says not necessarily. what do you mean by that, lee? wait a second, the economy is surely donald trump's strong suit. a good strong speech on the economy, why should he back away from it? >> the economy, jobs, national security. and right now we're in a place in the country where there's a lot of unrest. and i think showing that he's going to be the kind of guy that's hands-on, he's going into
1:36 pm
the place where the stuff is happening, he's bringing in experts, he's talking to the people, i think it's a wise choice. >> oh, you mean just today? >> just today. >> law and order because he's in wisconsin, he's going to milwaukee tonight, concentrate on that issue just today. >> talk about that because people want to hear about three things. they want to hear about the economy, they want to hear about jobs, but they also want to hear about national security. i think he's very smart to be there right now and keeping the company that he is. >> now, he's lost the support of a lot of independents in the last two weeks. >> uh-huh. >> i know you do polling for your company. >> yes. >> and you have the dials where you can have audience reacting to what's going on. >> uh-huh. >> you consistently show he's losing the independents. >> yes. >> do you think he can get the independents, crucial voting block, can he get them back if he focused on the economy? >> i think he can get them back. focus on economy, jobs, national security. he absolutely can. i also think that hillary could walk into a mistake herself. and we're already seeing some signs where she's having her own issues. if attention gets put on that and away from him, and i think a
1:37 pm
lot of independents are going to start moving back towards him because he's the candidate they feel is going to keep them safe and provide more economic opportunity. >> i want to switch focus to hillary clinton. i want to roll some tape of a democrat who can't quite bring herself to say that hillary clinton is honest. roll tape. >> do you think that she's honest and trustworthy? >> i support hillary clinton for the presidency because her experience and her record demonstrate that she's qualified to hold the job. >> you think she's honest? >> she has a critical, critical plan among others for making college more affordable. >> but do you think she's trustworthy? >> i think she has demonstrated a commitment always to something beyond herself, bigger than herself. >> after that sort of non-answer, her office got back to the interviewer and said she does believe that hillary clinton is honest. but had a hard time in the interview. >> i mean, that was really,
1:38 pm
really uncomfortable to watch. she's not the only one that feels this way. when you watch somebody of her statute, somebody as important as she is have the same kind of struggles that the average american is having right now saying i just don't trust her, i don't think she's honest, there's something squirrely there, you see that kind of behavior on somebody that should be your surrogate, it's going to make you call into question even more. >> okay. thanks very much indeed, lee carter. always appreciate it. >> great to be here. walmart -- i'm sorry, all walmart wants to do is hand out free school supplies to teachers. so why is one teachers union dishing out a boycott of walmart? what a story. plus, got to catch them all. one michigan couple fed up with pokemon go. why they are suing the creators of a very popular game. that is next.
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walmart wants you to vote for your favorite commander in teacher, get it? the retailer is running a back to school promotion in which winners will receive free school supplies and a gift card. but the washington teachers union slamming this promotion. they say walmart's owners shortchange public schools by donating to charter schools. they're calling for a boycott. they hate charter schools. neither walmart nor the teachers union provided a statement, but look who's here, fox news contributor tamara holder who says inexplicably the union is right. so you really want to squash school choice? >> no, no, don't put words in my mouth. i know you like to do that. however, what i was saying if you just briefly listen to me is that charter schools they have not produced enough information for us to really know if they're really working. >> excuse me, have you seen the youngsters, often minority youngsters lining up by the thousand to try to get into charter schools because they
1:43 pm
want a good education? >> sure. >> and the teachers union comes along and says, oh, walmart, you're not doing enough for public schools. you can't support charter schools. that's outrageous. boycott walmart. you're really on their side? >> yes, i am. >> are you going to join the boycott? >> i'm not going to do that, but why do the teachers unions always get destroyed in the public? why are you so mad at them when they're not doing anything other than fighting for more resources. you see protests outside, streets getting rioters and whatnot because of teachers and misconduct. that's the police and fire and all -- >> wait a minute. have you not seen those children the lottery to get into charter schools. >> right. >> it means the world to them to get in. you've seen these movies. >> right, of course. >> you've seen the children's faces. and then to be denied a place with good education? >> but they also want a good education in the public school as well.
1:44 pm
>> and they're not getting it. >> do you have any data to show that the charter schools are actually working? i would say that you don't. and that is the issue that we have. we have an issue where you have wall street funding charter schools, walmart funding charter schools and there's no information whatsoever that all of them are working. i'm not saying they don't all work. >> the success academy in new york city has consistently turned out much better results from a cross-section of students including minorities, poor kids, the whole ball of wax, they've consistently turned out much better results. and the mayor of new york city just closed down a kindergarten program for the success academy. all those kids are out of a good education. >> right. high school is a public school outside of chicago, it's good. cherry creek high school outside of denver, it's a great public school. these are public schools that work as well. i'm talking about the fact that there are public schools that don't work and charter schools that don't work. and instead of walmart giving all of their money to teachers
1:45 pm
to get them to basically send a subliminal message to the teachers saying come here, they need to do more than just fund a private enterprise. >> i am really shocked that you won't support school choice. that you support the stallingist bur rauk si. i hope you return for more of this. i know you will. a michigan couple fed up with the players of the popular pokemon go game turning their neighborhood into a nightmare, they say. now comes the lawsuit. and republican lawmakers calling for perjury charges against hillary clinton. are they right, or are they going too far? we'll deal with that next. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. one day a rider made a decision.
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a michigan couple suing the makers of the very popular pokemon go game for putting pokemon hot spots in a park near their house. they say pokemon go players have trampled landscaping, peered in windows and have even cursed at them on their own property. now they're suing. they want a cut of the gamemaker's profits as well. attorney mercedes cowen says, yes, they have a case. but attorney hunter says no way. hunter, i'm going to dpo to you first. they don't have a case? >> well, i think this family doesn't have a case. they purchased a home across the street from a public park.
1:50 pm
would we be doing this, would we be bringing a case if these were children playing on swings or if they were in a sliding pond? this is a different situation. are they walking in their backyard? no. these are children playing across the street or adults -- >> hold on a second. it's pokemon players trampling their shrubbery. >> exactly. >> going up to the windows, interfering with their life. make the case, they do have a c? >> they absolutely do. when you're talking about these pokemon go players -- all of us have seen them. they're pretty radical, aggressive, out looking for those monsters. they're piering in your windows, going up to your car, which still is your private property. that's when they're a nuisance. >> is the case against the makers of pokemon go or against the trespassers on their property illegally? >> that's a great point. it's against the makers. the reason why, you're putting these monsters -- put in these coordinates, take a look at what's around there. if you, as a maker, understand,
1:51 pm
if i put these coordinates and this monster 20 feet from this person's property i must have the foreseeability that someone is going to get on to that private property. >> should the responsibility be on the back of the makers of pokemon go? >> if you're putting in their homes that's the responsibility. if you're putting it in the park and people run across the lawns that's not their responsibility. this plaintiff does not have people in their yard. they're complaining across the people across the street in the park. >> here is how i see it working out. they'll settle. >> i don't even -- >> you don't have to pay them that much. you settle. it's a very popular game. i think they're making a lot of game out of it. they settle. >> it's quarter a billion dollars so far, stewart, that they have. c chaching, cha-ching. >> you think they'll settle? >> for nuisance value $25,000 to defend themselves in this lawsuit will be much more than that.
1:52 pm
>> if they do that, a whole bunch of other people come along. >> it's a confidential settlement. >> it doesn't work that way with a class action. if they settle it, it will go away. they have a very good defense for these plaintiffs and anyone else whose home is not directly affected by the coordinates. >> you're on inn nintendo's side? >> only in this case. >> you can't box him in, stewart. you know how lawyers are. wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. >> to my own detriment. mercedes, hunter, thank you for joining us. it is official. house republican are going after hillary clinton for possible perjury. do they risk just going too far? going overboard? we will discuss.
1:53 pm
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1:56 pm
strong case politically, but could this move backfire? ashley pratt is not worried about any kind of backfiring but brad guerzman says the republicans are going way too far. first to you, ashley. you don't think they're going too -- look, none of this e-mail scandal has had any impact on hillary clinton thus far. why do you think this new charge of lying to congress is going to work for you? >> well, see, here is the thing, stu, either she lied to the fbi or she lied to the congress. she's definitely lying to the american people. that's why polling consistently shows she is viewed as untrustworthy and number one word that comes up to describe her is liar. we do have a real issue on our hands at this point when it comes to her trying to evade the truth and not being accountable for things she has done. she said in her testimony in the video from the house oversight committee is pretty damning to her. it shows paralleled with things she said and the fbi said when
1:57 pm
they did their investigation into it, she only had one server. it's been found there were multiple by the fbi. they said she was extremely careless, she never had any marked classified items in her e-mails. they found multiple times and instances that there were classified e-mails in there. she said all of her lawyers went through every single e-mail to deem what was work related. not every work e-mail was caught and that wasn't true. >> okay. i got it. >> there are factual errors there. >> i got it. brad, she is accused of lying to congress and she is on tape saying things which are untrue. do you think this is just all or nothing? >> first of all the difference between patently untrue and simple inconsistencies have to be taken into consideration here. >> you wouldn't agree with patently untrue? >> no. this is her recollection. it doesn't go to the heart of the issue. was there any way that she was
1:58 pm
trying to hurt the united states or damage us by having e-mails -- >> other than putting national security at risk. >> wait. before you get -- no, that's the only thing that truly matters. if you want to use it for political fodder and make points here, that's the republicans' choice. they seem to want to move forward. on the other hand when they do that, they'll risk what they've risked with the whole e-mail scandal that they call it, which turned out to be all -- a whole heck of nothing. now we're faced with another republican witchhunt. >> a whole hill of nothing says brad. and you say? >> it's not a whole lot of nothing here. the problem is that this letter filed by the house oversight committee went to the justice department. we all know apparently they are hosting fundraisers for mrs. clinton. i'm pretty sure nothing will come of this.
1:59 pm
she should be held accountable. for years she has evaded the truth and used lie for political gain. it should be coming to light any day now i would hope. >> you just said nothing would come of this. seriously? >> in the sense that it's going to the justice department. i think it needs to go somewhere else because it's going to be stahlworted there. no one there will hold her accountable. that's the problem. >> they're not going to hold her accountable because legally -- >> they're all donors to her and that is a problem. serious corruption in the government is a problem. >> there's no serious corruption. these are all great phrases. these are donald-trump like phrases. >> oh, my goodness. >> there's no great corruption. >> simple inconsistencies is a democratic talking point for the lies and the amount of time she jeopardized national security. >> federal crime. >> where i don't disagree -- here is for you, this is a good one. is the fact that this will be good for fund-raising for the republicans.
2:00 pm
>> ashley, brad, i'm sorry i'm out of time. thank you for joining us. that is it for today. catch me, please, weekdays 9:00 through noon. thank you very much for joining us. "the five" is next. trump's plan is for "the new york times," quote, an uncomfortable echo of mccarthyism, meaning it's mean and intolerant. mccarthyism is the default


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