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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 16, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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interesting and he will be missed. >> he was a jesuit. >> that's right. >> always very smart the jesuits. >> always set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. donald trump talks law and order in racially polarized milwaukee, legal implications of hillary clinton, foreign billionaire and the clinton foundation. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm shannon breen in for bret baier. enough time, say donald trump supporters for him to recover. course correction of sorts for the campaign and the candidate. we have fox team coverage of the 2016 race. james rosen at the state department involving new questions of the clintons'
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relationship with a foreign billionaire. new calls for a perjury investigation. we begin with senior national correspondent john roberts with the trump campaign in lacrosse, wisconsin tonight. you spoke with trump one on one today. >> i did. and found that he is changing things up for this evening. shannon, donald trump planned to have a typical big campaign rally north of milwaukee, wisconsin. after the violent demonstration that took place in milwaukee over the weekend, donald trump ditched that idea and instead tonight for the very first time will give prepared remarks before a crowd of thousands in west bend. >> campaign sources say the address will be groundbreaking for a republican presidential candidate. troubled by what he saw in milwaukee, donald trump will propose to rebuild inner cities through economic opportunity and strong policing.
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>> we have to obey the laws or we don't have a country. you have a case where good people are trying to get people to calm down and they're not calming down. >> the speech, co-written by rudy giuliani, will address what trump says are the root causes of violent confrontations that have seized milwaukee and other american cities. while he cautions not all the evidence is yet in, he is inclined to side with the officer in the milwaukee incident. >> did the policeman do the right thing? >> i xwes if you believe a gun was pointed at his head ready to be fired, what is a person supposed to do, talk him out of it? we'll find out because they have a tape. that's what the narrative is. maybe it's not true. if it isn't true people shouldn't be lying. >> broad strategy to defeat isis and radical islamism, extreme vetting for anyone who wants to enter the u.s. from a country with links to terrorism. while trump has offered little detail of how the plan would
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work, social media profiles currently off limits to immigration agents would play a prominent role. >> we're going to look at facebook. they don't look what they're supposed to be looking at. will people go through the cracks? perhaps. it's going to be very, very tough. it's got to be very, very tough to come into this country. >> wisconsin is one of several battlegrounds are trump is struggling mightily against hillary clinton. many insist trump needs to take drastic action to turn his campaign around. >> do you think you need to turn your campaign around or do you think you're doing fine? >> i actually think i'm doing good. i've had the biggest crowds. you've seen. you were there. >> you have enthusiastic supporters. do you have people beyond that? >> we'll have to see. >> scott walker says at the very least, he needs a course correction. >> if he's going to win here and across the country, he needs to make sure that the race is between him and hillary clinton. >> can you stop taking the
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bait -- >> i don't take bait. if i respond to something it's not taking bait. i am hitting hillary clinton and obama very hard. i don't think anyone has ever hit them harder. now, will that matter? i don't know. >> tomorrow donald trump will receive his first classified intelligence briefing taking place at the fbi field office in new york city, accompanied by new jersey governor chris christie and micah flynn. christie will be there pause he is the head of the transition team. flynn is being brought along to interpret the reports because the trump campaign is not confident of the quality of the intelligence they'll receive. shannon? >> john roberts, thanks. hillary clinton met with supporters and volunteers in philadelphia this afternoon, holding a nine-point cushion in pennsylvania in the real clear politics average. there continue to be questions about her e-mail scandal. fox news correspondent jennifer
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griffin has that story tonight from philadelphia. >> with polls showing hillary clinton's lead over donald trump in key swing states, the campaign is still taking no chances. starting an effort to register 3 million new voters, an appeal clinton made in a mostly african-american neighborhood in west philadelphia today, while defending her husband's presidency. >> when i hear people criticize bill, i think what don't they like, the peace or the prosperity? i'm not taking anybody anywhere for granted. we're going to work hard these next 85 days and i can't do it without your help. >> clinton is ahead in a new poll in florida. and washington post shows her ahead by 14 points in virginia. the candidate continues to be dogged by new questions about
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whether she lied about her e-mail server. today, the fbi provided congress' republican-led house oversight committee with all of the notes from clintn's interview with the fbi on july 2nd as well as the statements of other witnesses. a rare move by the agency. those notes, fox has learned, are classified secret. republicans on the committee released this video last night and have asked the fbi to investigate whether clinton perjured herself. >> i've provided the department with all my work-related e-mails, all i had. >> there are other e-mails she did not produce and we did not find elsewhere that are now gone. >> the ranking member of the house oversight committee, elijah cummings, released the following statement. quote, the fbi already determined unanimously that there is insufficient evidence of criminal wrongdoing. republicans are now
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investigating the investigator in a desperate attempt to resuscitate this issue, keep it in the headlines and distract from donald trump's sagging poll numbers. a senior clinton aide told reporters today that they would prefer that all the fbi logs be released rather than piece meal by bipartisan congressional committee, that all 30,000 e-mails in question are dealing with classified information. but they say two of those, in fact, deal with condolence calls to world leaders, which they say were marked improperly. shannon? >> we will talk about it with the panel, jennifer griffin. thank you. >> another possible hillary clinton scandal, involving the former secretary of state's charitable foundation and more allegations of impropriety. clinton was president obama's top diplomat. james rosen reports tonight.
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>> thank you all and god bless you. >> 20 days after hillary clinton left the state department, her husband arrived in nigeria. eko atlantic, drudging of millions of tons of sand on which shaguri and his brother plan to build a new capital. >> unique opportunity for investors to capitalize. >> 27 days after clinton's tour when he met with jeffrey hawkins, state department official in washington according to documents e-mailed hawkins and four other officials, instructing them to let ronald shaguri know that the department was interested in buying property at eko for a new consulate. ordinary business perhaps except for the fact that he had donated $1 million to $5 million in the
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clinton foundation and used his donations to gain action toes the white house and the clinton state department where, in 2009, top clinton aide huma abedin scrambled to put him in touch at the request of bill clinton. >> favoritism involved and very unusual in state department real estate and housing transactions overseas to have this kind of focus on someone with such clear financial connections to even the departed secretary of state. >> these latest state department documents were obtained by citizens united, waging a lengthy court battle with the obama administration over the freedom of information act. state department said eko atlantic was first scouted more than four years ago as a location by an independent real estate firm and that the sale never went through. >> site search for a new
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consulate began in 2011 as prioritized by the capital security construction program. >> the process started as early as 2011 when secretary clinton was still in office, was she aware that eko atlantic was one of the sites being pursued? >> i'm not sure she was. >> hillary clinton campaign did not respond to our requests for comment. because eko atlantic boasts state-of-the-arthur ban design and other features, it would come as no surprise that the u.s. and others would consider placing their facilities there. calling on the clinton foundation to cease accepting funding immediately and shut down all together if hillary clinton wins the white house because the paper says the foundation, quote, will always look too much like a conflict of interest for comfort. shannon? >> we'll see if we get a response for the clinton campaign. thank you. asking the supreme court to restore a voter identification
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requirement for the november election. that appeals court ruled state law restricting voting impacted black residents negatively. chief justice john roberts has given the opposing side a deadline of next thursday to file a response. ten people are dead and 40,000 homes have been affected by catastrophic flooding in louisiana. joining us live in baton rouge with a look at the devastation. good evening, casey. >> reporter: shannon, good evening. all eyes are on the sky as even more rain is in the forecast over the next couple of days for parts of louisiana. back here, you see a neighborhood in east baton rouge parish that is still completely under water tonight. the governor of this state, john bell edwards said today at a press conference that at least 40,000 homes across the state have some sort of water damage due to that epic rainfall that
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fell here over the weekend. more than 20 inches in some spots. volunteers, local first responders, the army national guard and the u.s. coast guard have carried out roughly 30,000 rescues since friday, including a 5-day-old newborn rescued from a car last night with their parents. governor edwards still classifying this very much as a search and rescue mission. >> nobody is going to be forgotten. we're going to work around the clock and do everything humanly possible to render aid. >> federal emergency management agency or fema as it's known, is on the ground here working with residents to sign up for disaster assistance. local officials estimate more than 85% of the affected homeowners in baton rouge alone do not have flood insurance.
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some 85%. many are still stranded. cannot even get to their property to see what is left. tonight it's estimated more than 11,000 people remain in shelters. in fact, the american red cross tells us that they've had to relocate a number of those shelters because some were starting to take on water. a disaster has been declared in at least 20 parishes across the state of louisiana. shannon? >> pictures tell the story. casey, thank you very much. >> police have arrested a suspected serial arsonist for allegedly setting a fire that has destroyed at least 175 homes and businesses and cost an estimated $10 million in damage. claudia cowen joins us now with the very latest. hello, claudia. >> hello, shannon. that's right. authorities say this fire was no accident. a local man set it on purpose,
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along with 16 other fires, dating to last summer. 40-year-old damonpashilk is behind bars. keeping this fire to 4,000 acres and getting it 20% contained, a big jump from yesterday. fire officials caution things could change in an instant and this fire is one of many. >> conditions are only going to dry out further and historically that's when we see our larger fires. to get this individual off the street is good but there's still potential for new fires over the coming months. >> reporter: last report 175 structures have been destroyed
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and 1500 homes are threatened. some evacuation orders have been lifted and authorities hope to start escorting people back into the burned-out neighborhoods so they can check on their property. the governor has declared a state of emergency, helping the fire victims recover. what a job that will be. just take a look at this block here on main street. this is one of several blocks in downtown lower lake looking like this. fortunately, no injuries have been reported. shannon? >> claudia cowan, thank you very much. down day on wall street, dow lost 85, s&p 500 was off 12 and nasdaq dropped 35. >> round two in the obama administration's drive to cut emissions and push fuel efficiency in large trucks, buses and other large vehicles. environmental protection agency announced its plan to cut carbon emission and fuel consumption up to 25% in the next decade. the nation's third largest
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insurance carrier is bailing out of obamacare. now it's official, leaving nearly 70% of the counties in which it currently sells policies on obamacare exchanges. trish regan, good evening. why is aetna getting out? >> because the economics don't make any sense, shannon. think about it. they've got all these people applying for insurance. many of whom really need the insurance because they're sick and all the healthy people that president obama promised would also be joining these exchanges, they're nowhere to be found effectively. you know what's happening? the company is lozing money. we're talking about losing money big time to the tune of $430 billion this year. aetna is making a rational business decision saying we can't do this. we've got to get out. you know what, shannon? it's not the only one. a number of these companies over the last year. think about united, humana, blue
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cross/blue shield, entities like that saying enough. it doesn't work. >> with that in mind, trish, what does the future look like if all these companies are getting out? >> i think it's a challenging one. the obama administration's hope that this would be utopia that everybody would be able to get health insurance isn't going to wosh. it's much of what many economists had warned about, of course. if everyone is not in the policy, you don't have all those young, healthy people that will help to offset the cost of those that are agencies and need the health care of those that are sick. it's a big issue and they're facing an onslaught of these issues for insurance companies trying to compensate for their
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lack of healthy people that otherwise would help diversify their base. for example, you have senator mccain out today, with some scathing commentary on obamacare. and i'm going to share with you part of that. he's saying, look, thousands of people now in arizona that will have no option. they will have no health care exchange option. he has said from the start obamacare has been the wrong solution to fixing our nation's health care system and has left our stit zens with less freedom, reduced access and decreased quality of care. it's past time obamacare supporters wake up to this fact and restore americans' right to choose the health care that works for them and their families. everybody's intention is in the right place, shannon. we want people to have access to health care. it's become fleeincreasingly cl this isn't the way. >> if the private companies getting out under pressure was
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the plan all along. trish, thank you. first, what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. twin cities, inspector general's report says inaccurately represented information doctor-to-patient ratios, numbers made it appear that doctors were not overloaded with too many patients. fox 29 first texas case of the zika virus linked to travel within the continental u.s. a resident contracted zika during a visit to florida. there have been no reported cases of zika transmission by mosquitos in texas. live look from indianapolis, fox 59. damage from monday's tornados in sernl central indiana and record rainfall in south bend. city officials asked residents to stay home and off the roads
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and the mayor says two houses have collapsed because of floodwaters. live look outside the belt way from "special report." we'll be right back.
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u.s. air strikes again are target i targeting isis positions in libya. that makes 48 u.s. air strikes since the bombing campaign began august 1st. rebels say an air strike with the saudi left knee led coalition that supports the government in a hospital, killing 11 people. doctors without borders says one of its staff members was killed
3:24 pm
in monday's strike. connecticut democratic senator chris murphy tweets civilians again caught in the cross hairs of saudi-led war. we cannot continue to justify u.s. support for these ops. russia's military staying busy tonight using iranian base to launch attacks against targets in syria and continued speculation that president vladimir putin may order an escalation of tensions with ukraine. benjamin hall is in kiev tonight. >> reporter: ukrainian military is now on its highest level of alert as they begin preparations for a possible russian invasion, following recent escalations. russia has continued its aggression on multiple fronts and around the country many people feel they've been forgotten. real sense on the streets of kiev that the u.s. just isn't doing enough against the consistently aggressive putin and if left unchecked, he might
3:25 pm
well take the opportunity and invade. today the deputy prime minister told me the country was looking to the u.s. for support and lethal weapons but would also fight alone. >> we are not asking anyone to put their boots on our ground. we are ready to stand against the aggressor and we will be doing this with every sing le breath in this country. >> far more vocal about the lack of support. >> ukraine just doesn't have the weaponry to resist russian nation so the west must do more to supply and arm ukraine. >> thes has been quietly involved in ukraine, u.s. troops seen here, training with ukrainian forces earlier this month. putin's end game is confusing everybody, though. while playing aggressor in ukraine, he is also offering support in syria and today shows just how much of a role he is
3:26 pm
willing to play by sending bombers to attack isis from a base nir an. >> putin wants to make a deal. he's using every possible way to force the u.s. to the table. >> many people think they could do more. it seems as if putin holds many of the cards. countries surrounding him aren't able to stand up to russia and many influential ones like the u.s. just don't have the appetite. it's likely he will keep trying as long as he can get away with it. sharon? >> we'll talk about that with the panel. benjamin, thank you. back here at home, much
3:27 pm
consternation about guantanamo bay. 15 more terror suspects have left the prison. traveling with president obama, our report from martha's vine yard. >> according to the pentagon, these are the faces of the enemy, al qaeda trained and some led fighters into battle at tora bora. tonight they're no longer on u.s. custody, among the 15 gitmo detainees sent to the united arab emirates, largest transfer yet under president obama, who has reduced the prison population from 245 in 2009 to 166 in 2013 to just 61 today where it now costs over $7 million per detainee per year to keep the prison open. on capitol hill, critics slammed the administration's decision for sending away more foreign fighters who could end up targeting americans on the
3:28 pm
battlefield. ed royce said in its race to close gitmo i fear we will be dealing with the consequences of this recklessness for years to come. his concern is backed up by the director of national intelligence who say that 676 released during the bush administration were either confirmed or suspected reengaging, recidivism rate of over 30%. >> trained people back on the battlefields and people that can be very angry about the fact that they were kept prisoners this long. >> by and large, these detainees that have been sent to various countries have worked hard to maintain surveillance of these videos. >> warning the white house isn't levels with the american people
3:29 pm
about the danger. >> what they're not telling the american people is each time they go forward with a transfer like this, with 15 high-risk detainees, some of them will end up back in the fight. no question about that. >> reporter: weighing in on this latest bulk release of gitmo detainees. the clinton/obama plan will harm america's national security. shannon? >> kevin corke traveling with the president. thanks, kevin. in-depth tonight on immigration. nowhere are the differences between clint sben trump in sharper focus than on this emotional issue. comparing and contrasting where the two candidates stand. >> we have the most secure border we've ever had. >> those who patrol it disagree. >> people are coming over, turning themselves in. we're lucky to catch 40% of those not turning themselves in. >> border apprehensions are up
3:30 pm
30%. 78% increase in children and families from central america. >> we're going to build a wall. don't worry. >> donald trump and hillary clinton disagree radically on immigration and border security. he wants a wall. she doesn't. she defends sanctuary cities. he would cut off their federal sbad deport america's 11 million illegal immigrants. she would offer them citizenship in her first 100 days in office. >> let's move to comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship. >> to trump that's amnesty. >> we should not let anyone into this country who doesn't support our communities. >> the idea of a mass deportation policy is as impractical as it is humane. >> employers must hire americans first. new immigrants would have to prove they don't need welfare. >> very much views immigration from a cynical sort of zero sum kind of attitude and hillary clinton recognizes that immigration and immigrants have
3:31 pm
for a long time and continue to be a very strong net positive for this country. >> clinton promises to close immigration detention centers and stop all deportations except for violent felons. >> i do not want to deport children or family members either. >> calling that an open border zblun checked, unvetted and just giving them free roam around our country. >> clinton says he will expand the use of executive authority if congress fails to act in the first 100 days. in fact, can congress has proposed so-called comprehensive immigration reform but rejected it five times in the past decade. shannon? >> william, thank you. we continue in-depth now with a look at online voting. certainly is convenient. its use is growing rapidly. is it reliable? we look at the pros and cons tonight.
3:32 pm
>> voting can be as easy as a click of a mouse. but is it secure? from casting your vote online to sending an e-mail. after high-profile hacks like those of the democratic national committ committee, the obama administration is looking at ways to protect online voting. >> vital national interest in our election process. i do think we need to consider whether it should be considered by my department and others critical infrastructure. >> once you have something on the internet, you're telling the world, please come hack me. >> despite the promise, he says online vote something not yet foolproof. >> putting voting itself online to me is a bit too far. we don't know how to do it securely. you're inviting trouble. every country overseas that has an ax to grind with the u.s. could get in and manipulate the
3:33 pm
election. >> e-mail their votes. officials there say they've had no problems. >> it's been going well. we've had this program for a few years now and the only downside that i can see to it is that the voter is required to wave the secrecy of their ballot. >> even the u.s. election assistance commission, federal election agency is cautious. >> we're not at the point now where we can use the internet to cast ballots securely, safely and simply. but at some point, we should be able to do that. i hope we can do that in my lifetime. >> last month, illinois shut down its voter registration website after it may have been hacked. officials reportedly blaming, quote, highly sophisticated attack. most likely, they said, from a foreign entity. in arizona, registration system offline after it, too, may have been compromised by a hacker. in new york, i'm eric shawn, fox news.
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resigning after her conviction monday of abusing her power in office and lying about it under oath. democratic kathleen kane resignation effective wednesday comes after several calls for her to step down, including from the democratic state governor tom wolf. her lawyers vow to appeal her conviction. john mclaughlin has died. for 34 years he hosted the mclaughlin group, one of the longest running confrontational political panel discussions on television. mclaughlin died peacefully at the age of 89. with the words of his own iconic sign-off, we bid john mclaughlin bye-bye. matters. both on the track and thousands of miles away. with the help of at&t, red bull racing can share critical information about every inch of the car from virtually anywhere. brakes are getting warm. confirmed, daniel you need to cool your brakes. understood, brake bias back 2 clicks.
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i had the biggest crowds. you were there. >> you have enthusiastic supporters. do you have people beyond that?
3:38 pm
>> we'll have to see. >> any though we're doing fine right now i'm not taking anybody anywhere for granted. we're going to work hard these next 85 days and i can't do it without your help. >> let's bring in our panel to talk about the state of the 2016 race today. political reporter for tom, monica crowley, washington times and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. they're both making substance about how they're doing well. hillary clinton says she's taking nothing for granted, forging ahead and fighting for vote. >> we're seeing a little bit of signs of complacency, her super pac coming off air a little bit in the swing states, virginia, colorado. some of the polls showed she has enough electoral votes to win. democrats have to turn out their base with 84, 85 days left.
3:39 pm
how do you act like you're in the lead but keep their voters coming out to the polls november 8th? >> they have to feel motivated. washington post in virginia, looking at the four-way race. she is up 46-39%, gary johnson at 9 and jill stein at 3%. clinton is up in florida. monica, trump says he feels good. can they close the gap at this late stage in the game? >> time is getting short. if these are the poll numbers that we have, say, a month from now in mid september, donald trump is in a world of pain. i'm hearing today that there may be some changes in the trump campaign. not necessarily in terms of the personnel but strategy and
3:40 pm
approach. we've seen the indication of that today. he was supposed to do a rally tonight. instead he will give a prepared speech on law and order, key cornerstone of his campaign. so i think over the last couple of weeks, the poll sends clinton's -- first thing to scare donald trump. i don't think he will change his personality or that he should. he does need to change his overall strategy and approach into the general election. it's one thing to win 13 million votes to win the nomination but another thing entirely to need 65 million to win the presidency. he does want to win it. mrs. clinton, when she says she's not taking anything for granted, of course she needs to take that approach. it would be political malpractice to sit on this lead. external events. god forbid, terrorist attack, war breaking out, recession. and also i think the debate will play a huge role.
3:41 pm
other elements will come in to play. donald trump needs to be proactive now heading into the fall. >> we know trump in some states will begin early voting before they have the first debate. voters will be going to the polls and making these decisions well ahead of that. look at a couple of other polls with the top two candidates. favorability ratings. washington post poll out of virginia, favorable/unfavorable. clinton's unfavorable at 54. trump unfavorable at 55. both are at 50% or higher there monmouth poll. is that a window of opportunity for him? is there any way with two of the most unliked candidates in recent political history running for president somehow he could capitalize on that? >> anybody that's been through these elections cycles know there is at least one cycle left. the press is always looking for a new story. you can't have the same old story.
3:42 pm
trump stumbling for the next 87 days. there will be a time week from now, three weeks from now in which the headlines will be is trump beginning the comeback? numbers will tick up. people will predict a swing we don't know. look, she has been incredibly lucky. had all these slings and arrows thrown at her, e mill story, request for investigation about her lying to congress which is a felony. all these things are happening. he kept stepping on the story. she is not going to be that lucky all the time, that he's going to be stepping all over these stories. there will be a time in which they're going to hide him in a box in the trump tower, attic, and these stories will come out and she will be damaged. so i think there will be a time whether they can capitalize on it, i'm skeptical. i don't think we are on a
3:43 pm
straight line trajectory. >> let's talk about these issues. house oversight, both republicans but have written to the u.s. attorney in d.c. asking for investigation into whether she committed perjury. the fbi is turning over materials. does it go anywhere? elijah cummings, ranking democrat, said today they're just trying to get more headlines, trying to dra detract what's happening with trump. >> it's unlikely to see any criminal investigation but certainly these headlines are very bad for hillary clinton, feeding into the general distaste over the way she handled the private e-mail server, the way she talked about that and misstated the facts about that server for a year and a half now. all this is just to keep that in the news, keep poisoning the well for swing voters potentially for her. great thing for hillary clinton
3:44 pm
right now is that she is running against donald trump and consistently has missed every opportunity to hit her on that. that won't let last. at least for now she seems to be somewhat inflated by that. >> what director comey has said. do you think it's lost on the average voter who is not dialled in maybe to every twist and turn of this saga? >> to his point, it reinforces the general public the fact that mrs. clinton over the last 30 years, which is that she is deeply corrupt, doesn't tell the truth. she can't be trusted. but i also think, you know, this referral coming from the house -- i'm glad that they did it. it's nice. you have the most highly politicized department of justice maybe in the history of the republic, started under attorney general eric hold er, continues under this attorney general, loretta lynch. when you have a doj that is as controlled by the president as obama has controlled this doj
3:45 pm
you no longer have an effective, impartial enforcer of the law. without an objective enforcer of the law, you have an opening where corruption can fester and grow and that's what i think we're seeing now. to the extent that voters have an impression of this, i think overall that's the impression. whether or not donald trump can m m maximize that for political gain is the question. we'll talk about russia and vladimir putin when we come back. most ribs eaten while calf roping... >>yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. >>best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. >>well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app.
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we'll partner with anyone to defeat isis, defeat our enemy.
3:49 pm
if we're looking at partnering with russia and walk away and trn a blind eye to crimea and ukraine, i completely disagree with that. >> back with our panel. we'll start with you. this comes on the heels that russia has been operating out of an iranian air base to conduct air strikes on isis and not only isis but other targets as well. >> moderate rebels in alepo, the battle going on right now. rebels are on the defense. if they lose, which they are losing, it essentially means that assad has won the war and putin has won the war. this is an astonishing development. iranians are fanatically nationalistic, never allow anybody to operate out of their territory. for russia to be operating bombers out of iranian air bases and going over iraqi territory that used to be under our control is a demonstration of
3:50 pm
the total bankruptcy and the collapse of the obama policy. the whole idea of the iran deal was between us and iran. instead it's between iran and acting as allies. this has never happened before. the entire northern part of the middle east is now under iranian/russian condominium because of this administration and it's naivete has allowed russia and iran to exist with no resistance and nothing on our side. you have hezbollah in the fight as well. this is a very powerful coalition and the arabs are defenseless without us and we are nowhere to be seen. >> they did have heads up. they knew this was coming. they didn't say they had a lot. they said it was a bit of a surprise. they did get the word before russia carried out these plans. mark said this today at the
3:51 pm
state department briefing about how this all went down. >> i would say it's unfortunate but not surprising or unexpected. it speaks to the continuation of a pattern that we have seen of russia continuing to carry out air strikes and now it appears with iran's direct assistance that at least purport to target isil and dash targets. >> he says purport to target. how concerned should the u.s. be at this point about the growing bonds between russia and iran? >> extremely. and the next president must be extremely clear-eyed about vladimir putin and what motivates him. putin has s. only against terrorists who interfere with his terrorists some of the backing assad and backing iran is not exactly anti-terror in putin's book. his presence now in syria, in the middle east, his engagement is about a couple of different strategic reasons. of course he wants to prop
3:52 pm
up his long time ally assad. of course he wants to weaken nato. he wants a long term strategic foot hold back in the middle east. perhaps his greatest objective here, maybe his biggest target is the world's oil market. charles referred to the new -- between tehran and moscow. part of that has to do with controlling the oil supply coming out of the middle east. the russian economy has been disseminated by chief oil and by economic sanctions. so what putin is trying to do is trying to push global oil prices back up. one of the long range ways he can do it is to try to gain effective control of a major pipeline that originates in iran, runs through iran, iraq, and syria. as a way to counter competing pipeline that is out of saudi arainia, qatar and turkey. if he is able to effectively gain control over that pipeline, he will have more leverage over oil production and prices. and i think ultimately that is part of his big end game. >> and at the same time we have this issue still going on in ukraine.
3:53 pm
growing tensions there. service members killed in the last few days. putin saying there will be a response to that you know, these surface-to-air missile systems being moved no crimea. that continues to bubble as well while we are looking at 10 other hot spots across the globe. >> talking to administration officials the last couple days. these two issues are not disconnected. syria and also the ties with iran also carry over to what he is trying to accomplish, trying to appear to be more stepping up adepression in eastern ukraine. it's like a magician element of misdirection. that's what we have seen out of vladimir putin the last couple years. the obama administration has been very forth right. they have been stymied by european allies sanctions against the russian government. they are kind of at wits end in terms of what they can accomplish over there.
3:54 pm
so this is going to be a persistent problem that will last into the next president which with s. why we are starting to see some of these issues bubble up on the campaign trail. >> charles, your take on ukraine, putin, crimea and kind of whether putin feels i had real threat from nato, from the u.s. or anybody else as he continues to act in that region? >> he feels nothing. no resistance. even the economic sanctions are collapsing. the europeans are looking for a way out. you would think that the we can he plays oil prices are down dependent economy with the fact that there were sort of semisanctions applied. russia is playing a weak hand extremely strongly. right now it's in a position to take eastern ukraine if it wants. and you look at what putin did in 2008 in the waning days of the bush administration it went into georgia and detached a couple of provinces. i don't think it would be surprising at all if he did the same now. this is an administration that does not want trouble. they have a candidate who
3:55 pm
doesn't want to be embarrassed, meaning hillary as a successor to obama. if i were him, this would be the time certainly what he is doing with iran in syria is incredibly aggressive but it shows absolutely no fear of american retaliation or even resistance. not even military retaliation. not even arming the ukrainians. this is remarkable. and i think when putin meets no resistance, he pushes against open doors. >> maybe time for a re-set to the re-set. thank you, panel. next up, sometimes the most touching moments in life actually come in the most unexpected places.
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finally tonight, a kentucky judge is proving you can be both tough and kind. a husband and wife charged as co-defendants in a crime have been banned from seeing each other while their case plays out. but, the judge decided to make one exception for a very important reason. >> but i understand that there is a chance that you are going to go back to todd county and that your baby is a month old and you haven't met that baby yet; is that right? i'm making a temporary exception right in front of me on the record so that you can meet this baby. this is your son.
4:00 pm
>> a very special moment in a courtroom. thanks for watching "special report." i'm shannon bream. good night from washington. "on the record" is next. >> donald trump's campaign says get ready for tonight's ground-breaking speech. trump is speaking in wisconsin and because of all the violence erupting this weekend, trump's speech is all about law and order. that's not all. trump has a co-author tonight. mayor rudy giuliani. now, you can watch the speech live in just about 90 minutes right here on fox news. and then a big town hall with sean hannity at 10 o'clock p.m. eastern. a big focus will be those violent protests and riots in milwaukee the past few nights. as police in milwaukee gear up for more protests tonight. trump sat down with milwaukee sheriff david clarke and just moments sheriff clarke will tell you about that meeting. ahead of this big speech, former speaker of the house newt gingrich is here to go "on the record." good to see you. >> good to


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