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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> a very special moment in a courtroom. thanks for watching "special report." i'm shannon bream. good night from washington. "on the record" is next. >> donald trump's campaign says get ready for tonight's ground-breaking speech. trump is speaking in wisconsin and because of all the violence erupting this weekend, trump's speech is all about law and order. that's not all. trump has a co-author tonight. mayor rudy giuliani. now, you can watch the speech live in just about 90 minutes right here on fox news. and then a big town hall with sean hannity at 10 o'clock p.m. eastern. a big focus will be those violent protests and riots in milwaukee the past few nights. as police in milwaukee gear up for more protests tonight. trump sat down with milwaukee sheriff david clarke and just moments sheriff clarke will tell you about that meeting. ahead of this big speech, former speaker of the house newt gingrich is here to go "on the record." good to see you. >> good to see.
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>> you donald trump meeting with law enforcement in milwaukee. why? >> i think, first of all, if you look at the disaster the last couple nights, there is a profound reason to sit down and talk to people about what happened. and sheriff david clarke, he has somebody who really understands the issues and who really has laid out the failure of liberal institutions, and the failure of liberal programs and the degree to which they create the environment in which you end up with these kind of riots. clarke is an amazing guy to listen to. because he totally gets it he both gets law and order. he also gets the disaster of trapping people in poverty and keeping them there and making them dependent and having them basically have no future. >> i always feel bad for the police because they get brought in when it's too late. politicians have gotten money from the federal level or they have made promises to the community that they are going to fix things. we have lost the war on poverty that l.b.j. initiated 50 years ago. why, you know, why isn't anyone getting these inner cities out of poverty? >> well, i mean, first of all, you have huge vested
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interests and want to keep them in poverty or unwilling to do the things to get them out of poverty. you have local politicians who would rather demagogue than solve things and afraid of allies. teacher unions that absolutely refuse to change things. city bureaucracies want to keep regulations. they want to keep taxes high. and if you explain to them that kills small business, it kills jobs, they don't care. >> so what l. trump change this? >> i think he is certainly going to lead an effort to do. so the fact that he has sheriff clarke as an ally tells you that he is prepared to do very real things and, frankly, speaker paul ryan has done a series of very profound speeches on this. there is a growing body of understanding, none of this stuff is working. and we have to break loose from where we are. >> and tonight he is -- co-writer of his speech, mayor rudy giuliani. >> well, rudy had -- take, for example, there were nine people shot and five of them died in milwaukee. in the two days before the policeman shot the man who was armed and pointing a
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pistol at him. nine people shot. five dead. rudy, when he was mayor, instituted a program which reduced murders in new york by an extraordinary number. now, because they were conservative, because they strengthened the police, because they empowered people to actually go after criminals, liberals have hated them. so liberals have preferred to have 3500 people killed in chicago and while obama was president. rather than adopting the kind of programs giuliani had in new york. so, giuliani is the perfect guy to have in this setting talking about what we need to do in the inner city. >> of course, we want to hear the speech tonight as well sean's town hall with donald trump. okay, mr. speaker, the house oversight committee now has the fbi files from the clinton email investigation. so, now what do they do with the clinton files? >> well, they are going to look at them. they are going to find out that she lied even more. now, this is in the end in the hands of the american people. more revelations are going to come out. more indications of what the russians did, for example,
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paying off bill clinton. paying off the clinton foundation. more revelations about arms dealers from africa. more revelations about how they looted money that should have gone to haiti. all that stuff will come out all through september. and then people just have to make a decision. >> the campaign, the hillary clinton campaign says that they wish that the documents could be released widely so that the public can see them for themselves rather than allow republicans to mischaracterize them. what's wrong with releasing all of them? >> i think if mrs. clinton would like to wright director comey and say you have my authority to go ahead and release all of them, i think he would probably be willing to release all of them. >> but, do you have any problem with the house releasing them? >>. no the house technically can't because they have been given to the house on the grounds of secrecy. i think if mrs. clinton really wants them released, this would challenge her to send the letter to the director of the fbi and say you have my authority, my permission to go ahead and release them and watch how fast she starts to back
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pedal. >> you think this is phony? >> this is totally phoney. look, the more we learn as various emails break out. as we had wikileaks and other things, there is no question they misused the office of the secretary of state. there is no question they were cutting deals there was no question they were taking money from foreigners. by the way, this also goes for the chairman of her campaign, podesta. look at all the foreign governments that hire his brother and say they really aren't trying to buy influence. nobody believes that. >> all right, mr. speaker, yesterday, you called donald trump's isis speech, quote, historic. >> a new approach which must be shared by both parties in america, by our allies overseas and by our friends in the middle east must be to halt the spread of radical islam. as president, i will call for an international conference focused on this goal. we will work side by side
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with our friends in the middle east including our greatest ally israel. my administration will aggressively pursue joint and coalition military operations to crush and destroy isis. international cooperation to cut off their funding, expanded intelligence sharing, and cyber warfare to disrupt and disable their propaganda and recruiting. their recruiting is taking place right now and they are setting records. it's got to be stopped. [ applause ] as soon as i take office, i will ask the state department and the department of homeland security to identify a list of regions where adequate screening cannot take place. there are many such regions. we will stop processing visas from those areas until such time as it is deemed safe to resume based on new circumstances or new
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procedures. >> and tomorrow the office of the director of national intelligence will give donald trump his first classified intelligence briefing. mr. speaker, why did you say that his speech yesterday on isis was historic? >> it's been 39 years. 37 years since the iranians seized hostages illegally. it has been 15 years since 9/11 and almost 3,000 americans were killed. this is the first candidate for president to lay out the objective reality that we're up against a movement that the movement is, in fact, islamic supremism or radical islamist. that you have to worry about what people think. and basically applying a cold war model. the cia director jim woolsey pointed out all through the cold war if you were a communist and you wanted to come to the united states we didn't let you. because we had a clear sense that you were a danger to the survival of our constitution. well, i think what he calls sort of an enhanced look at these folks is exactly
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right. i think that his willingness to talk about the notion that we're up in a fight with an international movement is right. and i think this was actually the speech george w. bush should have given sometime in late 2001 and basically talked out of it by the state department and others who were afraid to really outline clearly the kind of enemy we're up against. >> he has run out of time. a lot of people say that his campaign has gotten off the rails. his supporters were happy with the speech yesterday. he was on teleprompter. wait to see what happens tonight and with sean hannity at 10:00. with early voting he is really running out of time. is he losing in a lot of the polls in the swing states. so, what's going to happen? >> well, is he going to have to do better. and i think a lot of those polls, by the way. show hillary is ahead and only look at the plus 5 or plus whatever. look at what her numbers are. this is a person who has been in public life now for almost at least 40 years she has been first lady, she has
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been u.s. senator. she has been secretary of state and she is at 41. now, i would just suggest to you that shows a level of resistance to secretary clinton that is breath-taking. she spent over -- count aring her allies $110,000 in ads. he has spent zero. i try to remind people the election is not in august despite -- >> -- it is at the end of september. it's not november 8th. it starts with early voting. >> one state minnesota. >> it gradually builds up. he has got to by late september to be in a lot better shape than he is now. >> we will see what happens. anyway, mr. speaker, always nice to see you. >> good to be here. >> house republicans are accusing secretary hillary clinton of a felony, perjury and they want the justice department to charge clinton. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. catherine? >> that's right, greta. the most important development late today is that some of these fbi files have now been provided to the house government oversight committee. but significantly the files that relate to
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mrs. clinton's interview have sections that are entirely blacked out or heavily redacted. and that's important because it tells us that even to this day the information is so highly classified that some members of congress can't even read it. so, when mrs. clinton says, and you were talking with the speaker about this earlier, release them, this on its face is entirely suspect and at the very least disingenuous because it's simply not possible. >> why would it be -- i mean, okay, the fact it's blacked out means it's classified. >> correct. >> you have got the fbi was talking to her about this. >> um-huh, that's right. >> and, you know, and i assume that imunited states from a -- emanates out of emails. whole cloth. >> that's right. >> it would heighten my security. if i got all these documents and they were all blacked out i would be more suspicious having to do with classified information in her server. >> you can't have it both ways in this situation. the fact that these documents have been provided to congress, sections are entirely blacked out.
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they have to be maintained in a secure facility known as a scift. this really undercuts the clinton campaign's insistence to this day that the documents are overclassified and that this is about government systems run amuck. >> would you not be -- would you not agree that in this city a lot of stuff gets classified that really shouldn't? >> i know from my own reporting that there was definitely intelligence about human sources in those emails. this is the kind of information that is among the government's most closely held secrets. and, when you write about government sources or human sources in these types of emails, you really put lives on the line. this is why to this day the materials blacked out. you can't have it both ways. >> fbi, rank and file, are you this they unhappy with comey's comments about these emails? >> my understanding is that the feeling about the investigation was not unanimous despite what the director said.
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>> catherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> "on the record" griff jenkins and ted williams caught up with milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. sheriff clarke had just met with david clarke in the wake of the milwaukee riots. ted and jiff are in milwaukee. griff? >> greta, it was a meeting billed as an off-the-record private event with donald trump and law enforcement officials and veterans at the iconic war memorial down overlooking lake michigan. but it turned out to be a private one-on-one meeting between sheriff clarke and donald trump. we caught up with the sheriff afterwards. this is what he had to say. well, you know, we stick to public safety issues. i have had numerousous conversations with mr. trump. and they asked me to be involved with the campaign early on. they asked if i would be. and i waited until -- and i said that and they were very gracious about that. i said i want to waited until this primary plays itself out. whoever survives, i will be there for them and i wanted to keep my word in doing that he understands the
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importance of public safety. those are the kind of conversations we have had. i just wanted to give him an idea of what it is like on ground level. that's where i'm at. i'm in the trenches, okay? i'm at the street level. i'm meeting and dealing with people who are looking for safer neighborhoods, safer schools on a daily basis. i'm in touch with them. i know what their needs and wants and desires are and it's a lot different than the 30,000-foot level sometimes that many of these people, not through any faults of their own, but they are at the 30 thought thousand foot level. he asked what happened. he asked, you know, you know, police-related shooting but those are igniters. okay. those don't cause riots. this thing has been hijacked. this police use of force for political purposes. but you take these. and you notice where most of these will are, right? >> they are in these challenged ghettos. these high crime areas where you need more policing. people can't find meaningful work.
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the milwaukee public school system is horrible, horrible. >> that was sheriff clarke who spoke to griff and ted. ted, to you tonight, you have been out there on the street both of new milwaukee. are they anticipating more violence tonight, ted? >> well, greta, the law enforcement are still at a heightened state of alert. they are ready for anything. but, when you look in the community here, you see people getting together, barbecuing out here. law enforcement officers are on high state of alert. they don't know what to expect. but they are ready and prepared for anything that comes down tonight, greta. >> griff, what's the morale of the police you have spoken to and of the people in the community? >> the morale of the police, greta, is high. in fact, sheriff clarke in that conversation also told us he said i don't want to say it's over yet. but is he very encouraged that his officers, as well as the m.p.d. officers have done a great job of really getting control of this community. again, we see that as ted mentioned. you can't see it, but just
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beyond us a couple of barbecues going on and they're hopeful here for another quiet night. >> are people talking about donald trump at all, ted, around you? just to switch to politic force a second. because new poll numbers have donald trump slipping in wisconsin. but are people talking trump to you at all? >> well, they are talking somewhat. i spoke to several law enforcement officers who are somewhat disappointed that while sheriff clarke has done a tremendous job here in milwaukee, that he i-they felt that donald trump should have reached out to more members of the law enforcement community in light of the fact that state and local law enforcement were all involved in bringing this riot to a close here in milwaukee. >> griff, ted, thank you both. and just a note to viewers. sheriff clarke will be at the town hall tonight with donald trump that sean hannity is hosting in milwaukee. and in the great state of
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wisconsin, trump has been crisscrossing it. it's the badger state and in about an hour, before the town hall will air, he will have a rally in west bend, wisconsin. fox news campaign carl cameron is live at that rally. carl? >> hi, greta. envious you are not back in your home state here. donald trump has a big crowd developing in west bend. and this event tonight has developed differently than it was already originally planned to be. it was supposed to be your basic trump rally in the evening. he has several thousand people here. typical boisterous fireworks. all of that changed because of the violence in wisconsin over the weekend. as a consequence trump took today what was already a scheduled event meeting with law enforcement and did that and talked privately and tonight he has changed his rally to a teleprompter speech, at least the first 30 minutes of it or so. it will start around 9:00 eastern time and 8:00 local time. and about 9:15, mr. trump will begin his remarks
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specifically prepared by himself and rudy giuliani, talking about law and order in the wake of what's happened here with the officer-involved shooting and the riots that followed. trump will essentially make a long standing argument by conservatives that democratic liberal institutions and policies have amounted to a handout and not a handup. and he plans several attempts at explaining to people how he will help the under privileged' be educated. those blighted areas of violence has been. he will say over and over and over again that he will institute the types of policies to create jobs, opportunity, and the opportunity for advancement that democrats have essentially for 50 years been propounding, been proposing and many in many republicans minds have failed and lack of education that's there. greta? >> carl, is the mayor with him tonight in west bend? >> yeah.
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yeah, rudy giuliani will be here. sheriff clarke is expected to be here as well. wisconsin is still a state that trump would love to win. he didn't do so well here in the primaries. the last state dd he not win. after wisconsin he pretty much ran the table all the way to the nomination. and so he recognizes that in the battleground states, the polls have dipped. while he has been largely flat in the polls and hasn't really moved up since the convention, hillary clinton has gained ground and is now fleeting an awful lot of battleground states as well as nationally. setting the polls aside, trump also recognizes that there are huge issues in terms of organization and the electoral politics that needs to be done in the next 12 weeks and so he is relying on the rnc and these rallies and knows he has still got a lot of work to climb before we get to the election in 12 weeks from now, greta? >> carl, thank you. again a viewer note. stay tuned to fox news channel, tonight you will see donald trump's speech live from wisconsin as soon as trump takes the staining. don't miss sean hannity's
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town hall in wisconsin with trump all on the fox news channel. and some in congress have some of the fbi files from the clinton email investigation. a group of congressman want all the documents. that's next. plus what does colonel oliver north think about donald trump and his plan to be destroy isis? you will hear from colonel north straight ahead. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. this car is traveling over 200 miles per hour. to win, every millisecond matters.
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of paragraph 35 republican lawmakers demanding answers from fbi director james comey. pennsylvania congressman thoma reno is leading the charge to get the fbi to release all transcripts, notes and recordings into
4:23 pm
the fbi's investigation into secretary clinton's emails. congressman marino goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> my pleasure. >> all right, so you sent a letter off to the fbi. now, i have one letter here that came back from the fbi. is this in response where they say what they provided and what the reasoning was from their investigation? >> i haven't seen the letter to which you are referring at this point. in fact, i just learned through my office and through the media that documents were sent to the judiciary and oversight committee today concerning mrs. clinton's testimony or her statements to the fbi. >> all right. a lot of the documents apparently are blacked out because it's classified. >> yes. >> it's redacted. >> yes. >> will that -- will it satisfactory you if you have those documents that are redacted or do you want to see the whole thing? >> want to seat whole thing. this is why the american
4:24 pm
people are fed up with washington, d.c. and fed up with the establishment. the shenanigans that go on in the back room. it seems the higher you get up in the federal government, the more you can get away with i was a prosecutor for 18 years. i don't care who it is. republican, democrat, or whomever. the evidence is there, a case should be put together. there should be an indictment and there should be a trial. >> all right. what are your thoughts on what fbi director comey said and did? >> i worked with jim comey for several years. we were both u.s. attorneys and then he was promoted to the deputy. i still have confidence in him. i am disappointed. but what i want from jim comey are two things. i want the documents and all the documents, recordings, and anything in its full content. nothing redacted. surely it will be secured. number two, i want jim comey to respond to hillary clinton saying that the fbi director said that she told
4:25 pm
the truth to the american people. she lied more than five times in the hearing, which means that she could be sent to prison if convicted for perjury for five years for each -- for each lie. that's unusual but max the maximum and then you put obstruction on top of that and possible destruction of evidence. i mean, she is looking at a lot of time here. i just want jim comey to step forward, the director and say wait a minute, whatever hillary clinton is saying i'm sticking by what i said in my sworn testimony that the -- she did get rid of files and emails. that she had more than one server. that she said nothing came to her that was confidential, which was not true. and she said she never sent anything out that was confidential, and that's not true. so, jim comey contradicted everything she is saying. >> i take it, one of the things i think he said, if my memory serves me
4:26 pm
correctly, is that no prosecutor would prosecute the case. i take it that you as a former prosecutor you disagree with that? >> that's the problem that i really have with that statement. does he set the standard for reasonable prosecutors? i have prosecuted people with less evidence than that. and i was a stickler about the evidence that was before me. and this evidence is overwhelming. let it go to a grand jury. at the very least let it go to a grand jury and the courses that i talked to also from justice don't agree also that this investigation, there was not a man must decision as to what the results were. so i'm very disappointed. he stood before the american people and for the first five minutes, when i heard, this i thought she is going to be indicted and then he turns around and says but. now, i have serious questions about that. >> congressman, thank you for joining us, sir. >> you are very welcome.
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>> and one democratic governor three times dodging the question whether or not secretary hillary clinton is honest. you have to hear this. that's next. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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>> do you think that she is honest and trustworthy? >> i support hillary clinton for the presidency because her experience and her record demonstrate that she is qualified to hold the job. >> do you think she is honest? >> she has a critical, critical plan among others for making college more afford. >> but do you think that she is trustworthy? >> i think that she has demonstrated a commitment always to something beyond herself, bigger than herself. >> the "on the record" political panel is here from the associated press lisa lar and from "the washington examiner" susan ferrechio. okay, lisa she is running against incumbent senator kelly ayotte. she was asked three times and i think she dodged three times the answer. she didn't want to say it what's your thought on this? >> look it, just underscores hillary clinton's major vulnerability in this race which is that voters do not believe she is trust worthy. that's a problem. it's a problem that may not matter because trump's
4:32 pm
vulnerabilities and trump's negatives are so much higher at this point that she may be okay with being untrusted but i do think even if she wins the presidency it's a problem that could trail her into the white house. how do you pass an agenda? how do you push a legislative platform if people don't believe you? >> susan, she endorsed secretary clinton last september. september 17th, 2015. and now -- she can't even say that she is honest. i mean, it was rather -- she is going to appear in a lot of trump ads. i can tell you that much. >> so bad. that was so bad. there is just no way to fix that. correct it. she did put out a statement saying saying that she does trust clinton. >> after the fact her campaign puts out a statement. that's after we have seen all of this. >> after the campaign ad was written, as i say. lisa is exactly right. the problem really fox news poll that just came out last week sums it all up. nobody trusted clinton but they would rather have her become president versus trump because they think she is more competent.
4:33 pm
so, when you look at the polls it's competency and trust that are two big things for voters. competency is more important. people see her as more able because of some of the gaffes that trump has been making the last few weeks. >> also she can't appear in any trump ads because trump doesn't have any ads. is he running nothing on the air and hillary clinton is spending hundreds of millions of dollars in campaigning in battleground states, right? that really gets at his core problem and why she is able to still be up in all these polls despite her questions about her honesty. >> what about the close race she has in new hampshire? incumbent senator kelly ayotte and of course the question is what is going to happen in the senate is kelly ayotte going to run those ads? >> people talk about trump's potential drag on the ticket. clinton, no one ever talks about what impact she may have. this is 3 point race in new hampshire. yes, it could tip the balance of the senate which is really close right now. it's -- would make perfect
4:34 pm
sense foray otto try to for ayotte to try to use that ad. in a close race like that trump is the bigger weight. >> the question here is whether trump's negatives outweigh clinton's negatives. >> a race for the bottom. >> it's a race for the bottom. that and that will trickle down to senate races. that's why you see republicans trying to figure out how they can separate some of these candidates in tight, modern states like new hampshire, like ohio from trump. >> and, of course, in wisconsin you have the same situation because you have former incumbent senator russ feingold popular running against ron johnson and that may trickle up. anyway, lisa and susan, thank you both. and tomorrow donald trump will begin receiving classified intelligence briefings and yesterday trump laid out his plan to destroy isis. >> the action he operates now also belies a president listening to advisors. >> anyone who cannot name our enemy is not fit to lead our country.
4:35 pm
>> he acknowledged the threat. it was spot on. i gave it an a. >> we cannot let this evil continue. >> the democrats don't want to discuss the substance of, for example, the trump speech yesterday because they're afraid of where the american people really are on these key issues. >> we will defeat radical islamic terrorism just as we have defeated every threat we have faced at every age and before. >> it's imagine any at -- magnificent. what more could they want. >> donald trump is clear focused on fighting radical journalism and defeating it. >> lieutenant colonel oliver north is here. >> good to be be with. >> you the thoughts of donald trump's strategy. >> he summed it up. i give it an a. three point plan after he laid out the bill of particulars. you as an attorney understand those words about the current regime until washington. he laid out a three point plan.
4:36 pm
number one, stand with any nation that stands with us. and he named israel which this administration would never think of doing among egypt, they don't mention egypt anymore and jordan, of course. he laid out a plan for coalition activities for joint military and intelligence operations. included cyber warfare and psychological operations which is a grasp of something i don't think the clinton duration has heard about or, excuse me, the admini. and, third, he is going to protect the homeland. and yes some of what he said is controversial. point of fact, what american wants us to have open borders besides hillary clinton? what american wants us to bring in refugees that aren't vetted besides hillary clinton? >> if national security is so important to americans, and it is, and he just laid out this plan taped realize it was just yesterday, why is he -- why are his numbers slipping so much vis-a-vis secretary clinton's? >> well, first of all, the current polls were taken a week ago, right? >>. no i admit that. >> he has already laid out
4:37 pm
an economic plan which, you know, got rave reviews from most of us. number two laid out national security plan. tonight is he going to lay out an law and order plan. he needs a broader strategic plan for national security, which is going to have to address the issue of what the russians are doing in the middle east and it's not good for us and it's not good for anybody except the russians and maybe the iranians. but i'm very impressed with what we have seen over the course of the last two days. i'm going to listen carefully to what he has to say tonight. is he giving it in minneapolis, which has been burning. >> milwaukee. >> milwaukee, excuse me: i think what we are going to see is coherent approach to the presidency of the united states, which we need desperately. we have not had one for seven and a half years. >> what about that international conference that he wants to call? >> what could be wrong with that? >> i didn't see anything was wrong what do you think about it. >> he wants international conference to get everybody on board the same sheet of music to fight not just isis
4:38 pm
but he wants to fight radical islamic jihadiism. i think that's an approach we have not seen yet. mrs. clinton, i went back and looked one of your producers said compare his to hers. and i went back and looked at. so things she has been talking about. closing iraq's sectarian divide. we are now talking she a versus sunni and the fact is she led the charge into the embrace with the ayatollahs in tehran. it was under her watch that all this began kerry may have closed the door on the nuke deal as they call it in vienna. she is the one who started this thing. i'm waiting for the reporter or maybe the moderator of the debate who says to her mrs. clinton do you really think this plan is going to stop them from having nuclear weapons? or, better yet, mrs. clinton, could you still think it was a good idea to overthrow human march qaddafi? because we have the biggest refugee crisis that we have ever seen since world war ii happening right now thanks to the policies of this administration and the genocide that's going along
4:39 pm
with it. >> colonel north, nice to see you sir. >> other than that, i don't feel strongly. >> i could tell. thank you, sir. the next part of our series "the deciders" is here. one wisconsin farmer is worried because his biggest climate china. neighborhoods and long road to clean up is just beginning. that's coming up. >> the candidates are making their stands. the people are making their choice. >> record crowds, record votes. >> this has been a crazy political season. >> our future hangs in the balance and you need the facts. >> powerful reports, exclusive interviews. >> every angle covered all of the fallout, fair, balanced coverage. >> no one can bring it to you like the fox news channel. >> that's why we are most watched and most trusted.
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time now for wildly popular series "the deciders." in 2016 there has been has been a lot of
4:44 pm
talk about trade with china. griff jenkins visited a ginseng farm that most of its crop to china. >> green reds and red ones. these will ripen up and we will harvesting down the seeds. >> looking over at these crops you might not know they are not soybeans, it's not corn it's china's most popular medicine ginseng. increasing stamina, this herbal remedy began hundreds of years ago. claim it's not only have medicinal benefits harvested for trade in the u.s. since the mid 1700s. kirk baughman of baughman farms in central wisconsin has been farming ginseng since 1978. his number one client china? >> the chinese value the wisconsin brand ginseng it's highly sought after. >> we are getting late
4:45 pm
summer right now. the berries are ripening. we have green berries and red berries and in about two weeks we will harvest the berries so we can replant and move on for next year's crop. >> the berries are growing. and soon it will be time to harvest. but trading fears hang heavy over this farmer's head. >> are you getting the support you need from politicians? >> right now that's in question. what we're doing now we are supported just fine. in the future, i'm concerned about what trade policies will be put in to place. >> you are a guy with a lot the stake. have you decided how you are going to vote? which way you are going to go? >> i have pretty much made my mind up. i wish i was voting for positive things. to me it looks more like i'm going to be voting for the lesser of two evils. trump puts out a lot of bam bass stick statements but if he surrounds his circle of good people, i believe he
4:46 pm
would listen to them. >> only time will tell whether kirk will get the trade policy he needs. in the meantime, in central wisconsin, where they are growing ginseng to sell to the chinese, for "on the record," i'm griff jenkins. >> we have been sending griff all across the country. stay tuned to the deciders. >> a live report from flood ravaged louisiana is next. >> a trump town hall exclusive. attacks across the world. threats against america. how do we stop radical islam now? the g.o.p. candidate lays out what needs to be done as sean hannity hosts a trump town hall tonight. and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad, i couldn't sleep. i had trouble getting there on time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid
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this is a fox news alert. massive devastation across louisiana after massive flooding. in the past few days, 30,000 people have been rescued. more than 40,000 homes have been damaged. fox news correspondent casey stegall is live in baton rouge. casey? >> and, greta, to give you an idea of how fluid this is. when we started the day, we were told it was 20,000 rescues. and then by mid afternoon the governor's office clarified and said 30,000 people have been rescued across the state of louisiana since friday. stop and think about that, a huge number. when you drive around, you can see how widespread the damage is. this is what's left of a neighborhood here in east baton rouge parish. governor john bell edwards says that at least 40,000 homes across louisiana have been impacted in some form or fashion by those torrential rains that fell days ago. more than 20 inches in some places. a federal disaster
4:52 pm
declaration has been requested in 20 parishes. sadly, first responders discovering yet another body in the floodwaters today near baton rouge bringing the death toll here to at least 10. some residents who were evacuated and staying in shelters returning to nothing. all of their belongings just swept away. we talked to some folks out here who say that their home has never flooded. even with heavy rains and flash flooding in the past, but they did go underwater this go around. the situation, in fact, so dire, the national guard has been deployed to help. the u.s. coast guard continues using air assets to pluck people from their homes surrounded by water. in fact, just last night, the coast guard rescuing a 5 day old newborn from a car with their parents because the road became inundated so quickly. and, tonight, the fear is downstream as all of this
4:53 pm
water drains down the waterways out into the gulf of mexico. communities south of here are sandbagging and doing what they can to try and keep the water out. this as even more rain is in the forecast for parts of louisiana in the coming days. greta, they certainly hope that the sun will stay out so they can dry out and try to begin the recovery here. >> casey, thank you. it's terrible down there. thank you, casey. get ready to speed read the news. no bail for the man suspected in the murder of a new york city imam and his assistant oscar morale arraigned today on second degree murder charges. the imam and his assistant were murdered in broad daylight and the vicious crime captured in surveillance video. they found a gun and clothes that matched the video in morale's apartment. and vanessa marcotte, the new york city woman brutally murdered in massachusetts laid to rest today. she was killed more than a
4:54 pm
week ago while out for a jog. her body found naked and burned. so far there have been no arrests. police say they have received about 600 tips. and a california man arrested and charged on 17 counts of arson. police say the man is a suspect in several california wildfires and that includes the clayton fire. in northern california nearly 200 homes, businesses and other buildings destroyed since the fire broke out this weekend. more than 4,000 acres burned. 1600 firefighters are trying to control the flames. and take a look at this. a las vegas hotel and casino demolished overnight. the monte carlos tower, the last part of the hotel and casino reduced to rubble. when the hotel and casino opened in 1955 the riveria hotel was the las vegas strip's first high rise. convention center expansion will be built where the hotel and casino once stood. that's tonight's speed read. and coming up, i am so fed up with something. and when you hear about it, i bet you will feel exactly the same.
4:55 pm
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let's go off-the-record. this appalling the members of the house and senate are on vacation. not a three-day weekend but a seven week paid vacation. they call that recess. i'm not that stupid and neither are you. a vacation, seven weeks paid for by you. some say they are doing constituent work but they can do cintd work right here in d.c. like fix the tax code so we can actually understand it but they don't. remember how well debating obamacare that they did zero on immigration reform as if they were too busy to do anything else? bologna. they weren't at all. they weren't all working on obamacare. it was mostly staff. more than that, can you multi-task. can i do. want more? some are using the seven week vacation to get reelected. this you if i about it if you do a great job you don't have to tell constituents they all know it they excuse the 7 week vacation with the pathetic that's how it's always done. really? that's that makes it okay.
5:00 pm
take a vacation only when you have thrernd not when you are trying to pull a fast one on the american people. that's it from washington. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> at this moment in time, our country needs us and we need people like george soros. >> a factor investigation george soros donating big money to hurt the state of israel even as is he one of the democratic party's biggest donors. will this become a problem for hillary clinton? >> anything is possible. that's the mercury know and, ladies and gentlemen, that's the america hillary clinton knows. >> vice president biden being criticized for his support of mrs. clinton yesterday. there was hugging and mugging. >> he is trying to tell us he cares about the middle class. give me a break. there is such a bunch of malarky. >> alsohe


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