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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 17, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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don't forget to watch hannity tonight at 10:00 p.m. he'll have a town hall tonight. we'll talk about it tomorrow. i'll show you more behind the scenes stuff. >> another exclusive. >> more of this back to school stuff. run to the radio. we'll start shortly. bill: an inferno tearing across southern california. an hour east of l.a. san bernardino county. 82,000 people told to get out as the fire spread. donald trump make a new call for law and order in milwaukee after the fatal police shooting of an armed black suspect by a black officer. busy wednesday already. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom.
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martha: donald trump big news out of this campaign. they overhauled the team. brought in two top new managers to make up sought ground they lost the last several weeks to hillary clinton. while that was happening, he went to milwaukee. he delivered a law and order speech, saying hillary clinton is against our nation's police officers. here is some. >> the violence, riots and destruction that have taken place in milwaukee is an assault on the right of all citizens to live in security and live in peace. law and order must be restored. it must be restored for the sake of all. crime and violence is an attack on the poor and will never be accepted in a trump administration. she is against the police.
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believe me. you know it and i know it, and guess what, she knows it. they have fostered the dangerous anti-police atmosphere in america. martha: that is the comeback evident by donald trump. it's in full force. chris stirewalt is standing by. let's get started with john roberts who is in milwaukee traveling with the candidate and the campaign. reporter: as we get further and further into this general election cycle, adding two new members to the campaign. bloomberg once called him the more dangerous political operative, and kelly anne conway
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has been made campaign manager. trump pledging to rebuild inner cities in america. criticizing hillary clinton and the democrats for creating the problem of the inner cities. here is trump from last night. >> for every one violent protester there are 100 moms and dads and kids on the same city block who want to be able to sleep safely at night. they want safety. my opponent hillary would rather protect the offender than the victim. they vote for her is a vote for another generation of poverty, high crime and lost
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opportunities. reporteropportunities.. reporter: he talked of those who oppose him. >> i wear their opposition as a badge of honor. it means i'm fighting for real change, not just partisan change, i'm fighting all of us across the country are fighting for peaceful regime change in our own country. reporter: there are a lot of staff members in the trump campaign who want to see him do more events like this. there are a lot of people whispering in his ear, the teleprompter is your friend. martha: this is moment it gets interesting for this whole thing.
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he will get his first intel briefing this afternoon which is the way it goes for a presidential candidate. you get dialed into the big conversation on the inside. reporter: it's a 30,000 foot level of how the word lays out for a potential american president. nothing operational. it's all strategic. trump is expected to get that sometime at the f.b.i. field office. new jersey governor chris christy. the reason why flynn is going to be there is because the campaign is sceptical that they will get the best intelligence. they wanted to make sure flynn is into analyze it for them. >> i want to bring in "digital politics" editor chris stirewalt. let's start with the law and order candidate using a
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teleprompter in the backyard of a neighborhood where they had riots two days prior. >> that speech is a great reflection of the changes he made in his campaign. you can see the message being telegraphed and laid out. when he talked of calls for regime change against both parties, he's talking about embracing his role of letting trump be trump. trump was never much of a republican. he was not a conservative. but he succeeded in the republican primary process because there were enough ask we working class americans to support him. bill: you wrote a piece
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yesterday about early voting. states very soon will be in the process. what else your reflection in terms much importance. >> you better get to gettin'' you can't wait much longer. he needs to get the republicans off his back. he needs to be the candidate reflected by this highly unusual unorthodox campaign structure. be for democrats, be for independents. he has to do it now and make it stick. voting starts next month. he does not have a lot of time. bill: a significant speech talking about democratic control of cities failing minorities. then overnight you have campaign changes. your partner in crime dana perino tweeting this. she continues. if you give the media a choice
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between covering substance or process the/personnel, they will choose the latter. it's a natural response. >> in this case she is quite right. she is 100% right that timing of these stories. i assume there was urgency in this. they have huge problems with the republican k street guy they put in charge. there continue to be stories about his involvement with putinesque factions in europe. so he's a problem. whether it was urgently necessary or not, it steps on the story and steps on the narrative. bill: some suggesting do it friday. but it's been done. we'll see where we get right now. stay tuned here today. martha: lots to chew over.
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both hillary clinton and donald trump grabbing some headlines. but there is a late comer. an find candidate who says he believes he has a way to the white house as well. >> donald trump has no chance of winning this election. he's alienated too wide a swath of the american population. he continues to put his foot in his mouth. he will not win. he's weak. she is, too. she is dangerous. she is unacceptable and unfit for office. martha: that is evan mcmullin, former cia and presidential candidate. we'll talk to him about his campaign. bill: the question is if you can get on enough ballots in enough
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states to have an impact. donald trump said there will be another terror attack. >> it's going to happen at some time. and until we can figure it out. we have to stop it. bill: we'll talk to a navy seal working with the campaign on that. martha: the f.b.i. turning over its notes from the interview that they did with hillary clinton and they are turning those notes over to congress. but the information in many cases is so redacted that nobody on the committee can really read the crux of what is in there. will this help any of those lawmakers searching for answers? and how can so much, much it be redacted fit was okay to send it around in emails. bill: there is a major american newspaper saying the best way
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for the clintons to deal with the clinton foundation issue is to stop taking donations now. >> if you have a foreign government that wants something from the government, they will make a large donation to the clinton foundation and that will be followed by favorable action on their behalf. when this busy family... a cracked windshield... ...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks. with safelite you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! thank you. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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>> bill: the f.b.i. has delivered
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its notes on the interview with hillary clinton to the house oversight committee. some of the information is so classified the committee chair isn't even aloud to see it. and they have to read the file in a security facility on capitol hill. niewpt gingrich told gretta he doesn't buy that. >> i think if mrs. clinton wants those release. i challenge her to send a letter to the f.b.i. saying you have my authority to release them, and watch how fast she starts to back pedal. >> i think this fist phoney. >> it's totally phoney. bill: chaffetz runs the committee. here is what he said in part. as chairman of the chief investigative body of the house it's significant i can't even
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read the documents in its entirety. that shows how dangerous it was to have this intelligence, highly classified to this day, on the former secretary's unsecured personal server. >> they have a constitutional responsibility for oversight. if they can't do their job. it's up to them to explain why they can't do their job of congressional oversight and investigate this matter to its conclusion. you have to presume all the information classified on an unclassified server is in the hands of the bad guys. maybe chaffetz has a better option of going to the russians or the chinese. >> maybe they can talk to donald
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trump and his friend putin to see what they can do to get the information released. the f.b.i. in a cover letter to the oversight committee said just to remind you, don't leak any of this, number two, nothing in her emails that were forwarded or sent in the headers or footers indicated anything that was classified. also reminded congress there is no precedence to convict or recommend an indictment. bill: gingrich's comment to gretta, her team says make it public. but it was blacked out. >> the f.b.i. reiterated no crime was committed. there was no classified information markings she would have seen on headers or footers. bill: there was. >> if you read the cover letter
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the f.b.i. sent to the oversight committee, that's exact hi what it says. >> no, it does not. the f.b.i. director said hillary clinton lied. she lied before congress and she lied about having classified material on her server. the fact that this is so highly classified top secret shows how sensitive the information was that she kept on her personal server. bill: the boston globe is dovetailing on the clinton foundation. part of what they say is the following. if the clinton foundation continues to cash checks from foreign governments and individuals who seek to ingratiate themselves to the clintons, they have to stop accepting funds. >>th wasn't any evidence there is a quid pro quo.
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the clinton foundation does good works around the world. nobody is talking about that. show the evidence. show the evidence there was pay for play. there is no evidence of that. bill: when does the clinton foundation, bill or hillary say we'll stop now, given this elect campaign. >> they won't, they will hedge their bets and stay in business as long as they can. they promised. hillary clinton made an affirmative promise to the white house that there will be no interaction between the secretary of state and the clinton foundation. we know that that's patently false. high-level officials at the state department including the chief of staff took time off from new york to get their marching orders. circumstantial evidence is good evidence.
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bill: alan, last word. >> cheryl mills on her own time volunteered. she was not doing it as part of the state department job and that's already been litigated. you want to relitigate all these issues about hillary clinton. this is a desperate attempt when there is a republican head of the ticket in an imploding campaign. that's what this is all about. martha: the obama administration facing some harsh criticism. why some republicans say this is a reckless move on their part. plus the crisis in louisiana far from over as the rescues continue and floodwaters continue to rise there. more from the flood zone after this. >> we got out safely.
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bill: liz cheney has won wyoming's primary for congress. miss cheney is a former fox news country commuter who briefly ran for the senate in 2013. she tweeted this hug from her father. martha: there is heartbreaking devastation in louisiana. the storms have killed at least 11 people now, damaged tens of thousands of homes there. louisiana governor john bell
6:25 am
edwards says he expects half of the state's parishes to be declared disasters. >> i'm going to ask everyone to join their prayers to mean that the suffering of our people will be quickly diminished and we'll be able to deliver to them assistance they need in a timely manner. martha: here we go again. poor louisiana. casey stegall joins us from louisiana. reporter: this is slowly turning into recould are you and clean up mode. the waters have gone down completely in this neighborhood. when they do you can start to see the damage they leave behind. look at that house. some sandbags on the front door with a window busted out. when you follow me this way, the neighbor's house, this shows how
6:26 am
high the water was. you can see the debris mark on the window. then as my grapher keeps panning in that direction. a car stranded, stalled out in the road. there is a note on the windshield for state farm insurance. not far from where i'm standing we met up with a woman and her husband who was spending his 90th birthday without electricity, and floodwaters rushing into the home they have lived in for decade. they have no flood understand. but it's their faith, they say, that is getting them through. >> we have some good neighbors. they have been pitching in and working with everybody. i'm grateful for that. and if fema can come through for us, everything will be all right. but i trust god more than anything.
6:27 am
reporter: the governor of louisiana says some 30,000 people have been rescued since last friday statewide when those epic raints started falling. 40,000 homes across the state have been damaged by the floods in some way. a dawn to dusk curfew is in effect. officials say there have been reports of looting in spots. then there is some fear that receding waters from in and around baton ruining could make it way downstream. so people south of here a bit nervous. they are watching the bayous, the creeks and the streams very, very closely. martha: they need a lot of help and they have got a long road ahead. bill: a threat to tens of thousands in the american west. what started as a small brushfire grew into a massive inferno in less than a day's time. that state is bone dry.
6:28 am
we'll take you there in a moment. martha: another independent throws his name into the ring. what's his plan as he faces donald trump and hillary clinton? he will tell you next. clean food.
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6:32 am
brushfire yesterday. witnesses say there was little firefighters could do against the flames that from moving so fast. >> i have been through a lot of fires through the years. we have been up here for 21 years, and it was the worst one so far. it was very fast, and that was probably the scariest part. it just kind of did wait wanted to do at its own pace. bill: adam housley, the scene is now coming up. >> the sun comes up. it's the difficulty of this fire that continues to burn in multiple directions. five cars destroyed. and this fire blew through here. it started at 10:00 a.m. local time. it has grown to 18,000 acres. you can see through this carport the fire raced through. there are two tractors destroyed
6:33 am
right there. as you come around the corner. the fire burning in multiple directions. it's a dry, hot condition in california. you can see the hillside all on fire. that's just one direction. completely behind our camera is another hillside on fire. we can show you what it looks like. the fire fights continue from the air. fire crews in from all over the state. it's a difficult fire time in california, even without the drought. but you add the five years of significant drought and everything is brittle. high wise make it even a tougher fight besides the topography. bill: you are right here interstate 15. but how is it affecting traffic and what are you seeing already, adam? >> highway 15, anybody who knows interstate 15, it already hopped the freeway.
6:34 am
we have fire on that side which is that direct direction, and that will be west. the fire burning in two different directions. if you are going to vegas, you will have to go all the way around. people who live on the other side of the cajon pass. they have to go an hour and a half to two hours around. keep us posted from southern california. thank you. >> former cia says he's fed up with donald trump and hillary clinton. and has decided to launch and independent run for the presidency of the united states. time is running short to get on the ballot in both sta here is what if the national polling looks like when the third party candidates are included. hillary leads are neither gary johnson or jill stein even cracking the double digits. good to have you here. a lot of people look at the
6:35 am
numbers and look at the calendar and say what are you doing? >> clearly the timing is suboptimal. i hoped someone else would get into this race. a better option for america months and months ago. however, that did not happen. as i saw it wasn't going to happen, the opportunity presented itself for me to jump in and i decided to do it. this is not ideal, by the needed to be done and we'll give it everything we have. martha: you didn't make it on to the california ballot. how many ballots do you think you will be on? >> there is a good .question. there are a lot of misconceptions about how one can get on to ballots. this petitioning on. one requires 270 signatures. california requires many, many more. so it's different across the country for the petitions. there are still some states
6:36 am
petitioning upon, we'll have more good news this week and next week. but there are other ways to get on those ballots. third parties are reaching out for us saying we have presidential ballot lines in our states. we want to help you and get you on our ballots. we'll be challenging some of the state's requirements legally. that's just as an independent. martha: when i look at your -- you have a fantastic resume, you were with the cia, north africa after 9/11. goldman sachs also part of your record as well. in many ways your stance on things, a path to citizenship, free trade, looks like the other republican candidates who didn't make it through the primary. if people already rejected that middle of the road more moderate independent gopish look why would they be interested in your candidacy?
6:37 am
>> i don't think they rejected that. most republicans are in favor of the policies i'm promoting. it's just that they were fragmented across 16, 17 candidates in the primaries. martha: he won more votes than any other republican nominee in the primary process. >> he misrepresented himself. martha: in what way? >> i'm running as an independent. donald trump is failing miserably as a candidate. he's imploding, he's a train wreck. he cannot defeat hillary clinton. we need to talk about hillary clinton's corruption. she answers to key influencers. people who are already doing very, very well. this is what we need to be talking about.
6:38 am
with hillary clinton we'll have a third term for barack obama as a result of that. we need to start talking about hillary. i believe i'm way more qualified and way more prepared to challenge hillary and defeat hillary than donald trump. and i think he's proving that he single day. martha: your hope is you think you might be able to keep them both below 270. how are you going to do that. >> there are multiple paths to victory. donald trump is imploding. martha: he has given three what many people including newt gingrich fan rudy giuliani saying they are the most substantive speeches. >> he knows nothing about national security and nothing about keeping this country safe.
6:39 am
anyone can read a speech off a teleprompter. he's a waste of our time. we need to be talking about hillary. we need to be challenging her. she wants to bring the kind of krungs i saw in third world country to the united states, to the oval office. we can't allow that to happen. donald trump is failing miserably at challenging her and competing with her. martha: evan mcmullin. that's the way things work in america. if you want to run for president, you can do it. bill: we'll talk to the new trump campaign manager, kellyanne conway.
6:40 am
curt schilling wants to take on elizabeth warren. he's a republican who supports donald trump and calls senator warren a nightmare and wants to get her out of politics. they have the high heat coming from both arms there. martha: more than 30 states have voter i.d. laws that could change between now and when you vote in november. the result of those cases could have a big impact on the elections. so you better figure out where you stand in your state. bill: we'll speak with a former navy seal in a moment, but first trump from last night. >> the decisions made by the obama-clinton group have been absolutely disastrous.
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(vo) get nfl sunday ticket - only on directv. and watch live games anywhere. martha: viewers seeing that signature sign-off for the last time as they mourn the loss of john mclaughlin. for more than 30 years he hosted the syndicated mclaughlin group until last sunday. a jesuit priest turned speech writer. the who announced his death on a facebook page saying he had gone to rejoin his beloved dog
6:45 am
oliver in heaven. he was 89 years old. bill: knowing that he worked until the very end. as we say bye-bye. donald trump now getting ready to receive his first classified intelligence briefing today. he will be joined by two key supporters. chris christie will be there and retired general mike flynn. trump is warning another terror attack owfnlt s. soil is only a matter of time. >> we could be nice by the and say it's never going to happen again. there will be more. what we are doing by allows tens of thousands of people in here we don't know anything about. it's going to happen again because there is something wrong. until we figure it out, we have to stop it. bill: scott taylor, a former
6:46 am
navy seal, how are you doing, sir? they say the briefings change the way they look at the world. how much will he learn today? >> i don't think it will be super intense, it will be a broad brush of the threats to america. it's an excellent choice to have general flynn with him to help him interpret those threats and the way the world is. there will be things he was never privy to before that he will be after the briefing. bill: he was asked about this and said this about flynn. i'll ask you specifically about this point. >> general flynn and other of the generals, these are great people. i ask them all the time, right now they are fighting a politically correct war. if you were given your head, you go and you have got to get them out. how long would it take? they are telling me they could
6:47 am
do the job very, very rapidly. now, very rapidly is longer than you would like. but they could get the job done and get it done with presignificant and get it done. bill: john robert is reporting from mitch canada. what do you think the significance is? >> i'm running to represent a heavy military district in virginia. we have a lot of confidence with general flynn being a part of it. oftentimes we get stuck on donald trump or hillary clinton. but the pigger picture is an administration with donald trump would have folks like general flynn advising him on those things and the threats posed against america and the world. i have a lot of confidence in general flynn and i think it's an excellent choice for done * to bring in somebody like that. bill: some argue trump is not
6:48 am
fit to receive these briefings. >> i think it's ridiculous. when you look at hillary clinton and what she has handled with disregard and contempt with classified information on her own server. look at where i'm at in my background in virginia people deal with classified information all the time. we understand the failings she has had with it. folks spouting politics saying he shouldn't be able to and these thing is completely ridiculous given what hillary clinton has done with classified information. bill: it must have an impact on a person once they pull the curtain back. do you think trump is the kind of guy who once he sees this information could change some of the policies he talked about? >> i think there is no doubt he will have a different perspective on things. oftentimes as americans we are watching the news and the information we get. this could be scrubbed or not
6:49 am
complete information, and if folks have been overseas and see these things firsthand, they have a didn't perspective on the threats posed to america and the way the world works. it could help him change some things. but i think it's wonderful the have a fresh set of eyes. it's clear the policies with this administration over the years have been very harmful. you talk about donald trump and russia. but there is not any policies that have given more of a resurgence to the russians and these policies that are there right now. refugees, it's important for him to get the classified information there as well. but i don't think it will change many things. americans understand you can't vet these folks. there are threats that are posed with increasing and expediting immigration in those parts of the world. bill: martha is next.
6:50 am
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martha: gymnast simone biles in an amazing floor exercise. she became the first american woman to walk away from a single olympics with four gold medals
6:54 am
in gymnastics. and her celebrity crush also paid her a visit. that may have been the greatest moment for her. she is crazy about this guy. watch. >> when i found out you guys were fans. i thought what am i doing sitting on the couch. i want to support you guys. martha: biles tweeted about how much she likes him. good for him for stepping up to make her moment even more gold now. >> you win a gold, then you get a smooch from your hollywood crush. she tweeted out a picture of efron kissing her on the cheek.
6:55 am
she said just call me mrs. efron. martha: apparently he's looking for a new girlfriend. and he wants someone who's not in hollywood. a former medal winner. we'll see. >> also, she did a lot of serious good yesterday. she secured her last medal, which the color was gold. that's what she wanted. it was historic. she is the first u.s. gymnast to win four gold medals in the olympics. the u.s. women's gymnastics team has the most gold medals since 1972. martha: let's talk about the runner's story. the cover of the "post" has the cover story. to stop and help somebody out
6:56 am
who fell is amazing. >> the runner nicky hamlin tripped and she caused an american runner to fall over her. she took extra seconds off of her race to pick hamlin back up to say we have to finish this. some are saying this epitomizes the spirit of this race. olympic officials say they will be able to place in the final. we did just hear that she won't be able to because she actually tore her acl and strained her mcl. so she is out. but they did give her the opportunity to run. martha: good for her for doing the right thing in a tough
6:57 am
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>> i think this is a campaign deeply conflict inside. i guess i would argue that it would be mistake into donald trump reading teleprompter. he told us he doesn't want to change. he's rejecting advice from people telling him to be more presidential. this is a validation of donald trump and his gut instincts how to run a campaign. if you followed breitbart or read the site the last year. it has created this alternate reality where everything donald trump does is amazing, and the people who oppose him or idiots
7:03 am
or tray towards. it's a fantasy world where only donald trump is king and only he can fix the problems facing the country. i think trump wants that. it's one of the reasons he sought to bring on steven bannon into his campaign. martha: he says the news papers mischaracterize his campaign. one of the quotes say he wants to finish the race on his own terms. >> trump has sort of struggled. one day he tells he's going to be presidential and so boring people won't want to show up at his rallies. another day he says i'm not going to do that. look what got me here. i'm going to spends time on twitter and have rallies and big turnouts at the rallies will produce turnouts on election day.
7:04 am
trump is much more comfortable being trump. he's running an unconventional race. martha: when documentary came out showing his personality in a clear way that people liked him bert. john mccain was the maverick. many would say that was a big mistake. this may be excellent advice for donald trump. >> if you think donald trump has had good instincts about how to win thus far, you look at this move and say this is something that could work for him. i would argue running in a national campaign is different than running in a primary. donald trump says he doesn't believe in ads, doesn't think he needs ads as goes through november. hillary clinton has sent $62 million on ads. i think people vastly overstate
7:05 am
the importance of campaign ads. but it's one thing to think those are overstated or given more importance than they deserve. it's another thing to think they don't matter at all. they do. martha: you have got a campaign ad rollout about to happen from the trump campaign. they will you will have debates that will be very central to anybody out there who is undecided in this campaign. steve, thank you very much. we'll speak to the new campaign manager coming up. bill: donald trump's new campaign manager kellyanne conway is in "america's newsroom." stay tuned. martha: we are looking forward to that. donald trump's running mate, mike pence hitting the campaign trail where he continues to slam hillary clinton. >> the american people are tired of and it's exactly the kinds of
7:06 am
politics donald trump and i are bringing to a crashing halt the day we arrive at the white house. my only special interest will be the american people and the prosperity and security of the people of this nation. martha: that was new mexico, that was yesterday. governor pence today will be in nevada. another state that republicans would need to win. he's expected to start campaigning in florida which is a very important start as well. and is one where they are down a bit in the polls. he will reportedly appear alongside one of donald trump's primary opponents in the primary. marco rubio who has some decent poll numbers as well. bill: the f.b.i. has turned over some of the documents from the clinton email investigation to lawmakers. but a lot of the information provided by: agents half live redacted. the hillary clinton file given
7:07 am
at the request of the house oversight committee after james comey declined to recommend charges in the that case. catherine herridge picks up the story from there in d.c. reporter: the f.b.i. told the house government overtight committee the documents are classified and can't be made public. the the documents include notes made by the agents and they must be kept in a secured facility. and that is raising questions. >> this information being highly classified according to the fine is in direct conflict with what the state department and miss clinton said was on the server. you can't have it both ways. you can say this is unclassified and nothing to see here. and the next day, only certain people can see this therefore you must not take it outside of a secure facility. reporter: the chairman of the
7:08 am
excite hero requested the files can't even read the documents in their entirety. to of the notes from the f.b.i. investigation are so sensitive they were only provided to the house and senate intelligence committees because those lawmakers have the highest security clearance to read them. bill: why is it so half live redacted? reporter: the f.b.i. file has redactions at the request of the cia whose intelligence assets and highly sensitive special access programs are discussed in the clinton emails. the committees were provided with the 110 classified emails sent and received by hillary clinton despite her public claims otherwise. republican senator chuck
7:09 am
grassley says he wants all the documents at the lowest level of sensitivity called unclassified released to the public. the senator also asked the f.b.i. to explain why clinton and her aides seem to get special treatment during the investigation with some topics off limits for questions and that's of them shared the same attorney. the bureau has not complied with the request nor given an explanation for the delay. bill: when chaffetz says i don't have the clearance to read it, clearly given information catherine is reporting on. martha: when you make it public, you know it's going to be redacted. there is so much information that can't even be read by members of congress. donald trump telling black voters that democrats have steered them wrong.
7:10 am
>> the african-american community has been taken for granted for decades by the democratic party and look how they are doing. it's time to break with the failures of the past. >> that's donald trump last night in west bend, wisconsin. he took aim at hillary clinton following the clashes of violence in milwaukee. is it a winning strategy for the republican nominee? >> president obama getting closer to shutting down gitmo. the transfer of 15 more detainees is taking place and some critics call that move reckless. >> >> the terrifying incident at an amusement park involving children. where this happened next. >> when one the children was exiting he put his hand on the aluminum rails on both side of the walkway. he received an electrical shock
7:11 am
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♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. bill: this story crossing the wires from reuters saying in rio de janeiro a brazilian june is orderingist s. swimmers ryan lochte and james fagan not to leave the country. the judge said they gave conflicting accounts of a robbery on sunday.
7:15 am
lochte is one of the most decorated olympians. apparently he already returned to the youth ahead of the court ruling. but they said they were held at gunpoint and robbed at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning while they were taking a taxi back to their hotel. the judge is calling that story into question because there are two different accounts of the story. martha: he said there was a gun held to his head at which point he agreed to lay down on the ground and they were robbed. he said they didn't take his cell phone or security passes. what happens in rio stays in rio, maybe not. bill: the question legally if the judge orders you to appear and you are already back in the youth, what's the duty and obligation to do that. martha: what happens in the
7:16 am
olympic village is more interesting than what happens in the pool perhaps. bill: reuters is on this tory. >> the detainees have been vetted after a rigorous process and i can assure you it's a rigorous process. is it 100% foolproof? have there been zero cases of this happening? no. there have been some cases this happening, but very few. martha: the obama administration revealed it transferred 15 guantanamo bay detainees to the united emirates. supporters say it's a powerful signal he's going to close the facility before he leaves office. he wants it to be a box he can check. it was on the docket for him
7:17 am
from moment one when he took office. congressman ed royce, the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee knows all of this story very well. good to have you here this morning. so as i remember, president bush also allowed a large number of gitmo detainees to leave the facility. and we were told they weed out those who were there for no reason and the people who were there were the most dangerous. is that true? >> it is from my experience. if when look at some of the recent individual released, i will give as an example, this individual by the name of jihad d air, ab who was released to uraguay. he was a document former and hardened al qaeda operative and was taken into custody when he
7:18 am
was trying to flee. he left uraguay and went northbound and was trying to get back into the middle east. one-third of these individuals released are either expected to have or have been proven to rejoined the jihadist cause. so this is our worry. it cost american lives. we know that. martha: in terms of what should be done. a lot of people look at these individuals and wonder why they haven't been tried? >> if you have jihadists that you know have these background and you are dealing with a situation where there are attacks by jihaddists on europe and now attempts on the united states, why would you want to open out or, you know, basically allow everyone to leave guantanamo bay? part of the and is the american public and a bipartisan
7:19 am
consensus in congress do not want these individual transferred back into the united states to be held here. and in addition. most of us feel in congress that guantanamo is the right place to hold tear rights. but the administration made a political promise in 2011, it was going to close down guantanamo. now they are rushing to try to do that. there are another 20 they just cleared for transfer. the problem is the countries they are sending them to like uraguay or uae which has a porous border are not able to hold them or monitor them. martha: in many cases people suspected of being part of the ongoing war on terror are hit with drone strikes. we are not taking many people into custody to be questioned. >> that's because of the administration's position. they put themselves where they
7:20 am
don't want to take people incustody and hold them and debrief them. as a result we are getting less information and intelligence about the threats. martha: the assumption is the war on terror is over. that's a phraseology that was disbanded very early in the operation. we know we have seen an expansion of isis in europe and here at home and people influenced by them. >> that is correct. what we in fact see is an increase. you will notice the focus here has been to close down guantanamo. the focus should have been on an early defeat of isis. it should have been on using our air power early in that effort to hit isis as their fighters were coming out of raqqa. but the administration said at the time, this is the jv team. these are a bunch of guys pickup trucks.
7:21 am
they wouldn't authorize the use of air power for five months as isis took over the territory. i only wish the same obsession they show in trying to close down guantanamo was visited instead on a policy of taking down isis. their political obsession seems to be closing down guantanamo. bill: 21 past. a stunning headline in the turn of a drug case el chapo. why his son is in the headlines now. martha: a new role iran is playing in the war in iraq and why that is so significant.
7:22 am
7:23 am
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because the time to think about today. go long.
7:25 am
march report son of drug kingpin juan guzman. police say he was one of six victims kidnaps this week. guzman is being held in a mexican prison as his lawyers fight extradition to the united states. authorities believe a rival gang carried out the kidnapping. bill: u.s. military officials
7:26 am
say up to 100,000 iranian-backed shiia militia fighters are on the ground. that development raising concerns, even if isis is defeated in iraq, what replaces it. colonel ralph peters. i guess we have our answer. iranians. >> the militias are iraqi arab shiias, but they are backed by iran. they are equipped, trained by iran. you have cadres from the iranian revolutionary guard helping them direct operations. we reached a point through utterly inane policies or lack of any policy, where every bomb we drop in iraq. every weapon we provide to the baghdad government. every bit of training and intelligence we provide ultimately benefits iran.
7:27 am
this is a struggle by the shiia-dominated iranian-backed baghdad government not just to drive isis out, but to reconquer the sunni sections of iraq. and we are helping iran. we need to rethink our strategy. except for backing the kurds, i would pull out of iraq entirely. i we let the iranians and isis duke it out. keep going off isis in syria driving isis into iraq. we have lost iraq, to the extent there is an iraq. the dream of a unified iraq emerging from the ashes is a pipe dream. we are just on the losing end of this. bill: i'm reading the iranian general of the quds * force is
7:28 am
waiting for the battle. you have russia using an air base in iran to hit targets in syria. what are we to make of that. >> it's outside the western city. the russians are sending signals right and left as are the iranians. the iranians want a new empire stretching from west afghanistan to the mediterranean. they are in line to get that. our practical level, flying their bombers, long-range bombers out of manadan in iran shortens the flight time, carries less fuel. but in the long run it's about strategy even as the russians are gaining access to base in iran, the russians are pushing now -- putin is pushing
7:29 am
reconciliation with turkey, pulling turkey away from nato and our key strategic air base in turkey may be lost to us. we are being driven out of the middle east by iran and russia and we are helping them do it. there is more to talk about soon. martha: a shakeup at the top of the trump campaign. we are going to speak live in her first interview with her new job as the campaign manager for the donald trump campaign. but first here is mayor rudolf giuliani. >> the campaign is getting bigger and bigger. a lot of people think he has no organization. good, i would like them to think that. i have now traveled to a number of states with donald and i have seen the organization he has.
7:30 am
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bill: 10:32 here in new york. fox news alert. as we talked a bit earlier reboot to the trump campaign. a breitbart executive coming in as new chief executive for the campaign. kellyanne conway, senior visor and pollster for trump and mike pence is the new campaign manager. your first interview since changes made overnight. good morning. welcome here. campaign manager is different from a campaign chairman which paul manifort still is, correct? >> absolutely. bill: how dot roles differ, kellyanne. >> there is so many responsibilities. so much between now and election day, over the next 12 weeks. we're trying to expand the senior team that allows us to meet the needs. we want to deny hillary clinton the oval office and make good on promise to millions and millions of americans who have expressed their support for donald trump in the primaries and also in the general. and we also are going to be coordinating with our state directors, with folks on the ground.
7:34 am
we're beefing up our field operations, our data operation. and we feel really good about expanding this team. some are calling a shake-up. it is really not. it doesn't feel that way. bill: define for us why this change was necessary? >> because it is a busy homestretch, to election day. we just need to sort of beef up the senior level roles in a way that we are, dividing and conquering. there is great deal to do. i think paul manifort as chairman and rick gates as deputy have done a phenomenal job building out campaign over last five or six months to put it in a place competitive going into the fall. so i look forward to continuing to work with both of them. i think my role will be tv, but also flying on the plane with mr. trump more. certainly working with our many different messaging partners in our coalitions, just to make sure that we are all coordinating and doing it together. we'll never have the money and never have the manpower that hillary clinton has in brooklyn but we don't need it, quality candidates matter.
7:35 am
people want a dynamic, honest, messenger in their presidential candidate they can trust. martha: so, if you look at some of the reporting this morning about what happened in the campaign, the word is, and the quote is, that paul manifort made donald trump feel boxed in and controlled. he doesn't like that. he was frustrated with the whole presidential talking point. that he wants to be himself. is that true? >> i don't have knowledge of that. i'm not sure if that comes from inside or outside the campaign, frankly, martha. i do know this. as chairman paul manafort done excellent job coordinating, with our 72 congressional endorsers. talking to the state directors. making sure they have tools they need within our swing states, which is no easy lift. and also paul has been great on tv. , getting out, doubling down the message. doing a fabulous job at the convention. we think the convention went well for mr. trump.
7:36 am
paul and rick who were in charge of that. these presidential campaigns are hard. everybody gets to be exhausted. traveling a great deal. i think for donald trump, advice he gets, solicited and unsolicited you have to pivot, what they mean is on style. whereas what you're seeing just this week, just in the last two days, i think it will go down as one of the best weeks in the trump campaign, last two days he has given back-to-back speeches, policy speeches. first telling the american people, you have been at war against terror for 15 years. i will talk to you like a grown u i will tell you what the problem and prosecute problem and give solutions. you can't have hillary clinton calling them determined enemies. bill: are you one giving that advice. >> he is getting advice from many people we trust but i'm one of them. bill: manafort stays? >> absolutely. he is chairman. that doesn't change. bill: you fly on the plane with trump and advise him and got his ear. when you look at battle ground state polling you trail significantly over past two weeks, what do you advise him to
7:37 am
do? >> several things. keep giving policy speeches. there is absolutely zero evidence that the voters want this election to be, this content-free cacophony with no substance for issues. president biden, with hillary clinton, he spent 95% of the speech endorsing her in scranton, pennsylvania, on donald trump. democrats are asked why the hillary clinton would make great commander and chief in president, they talk about donald trump. we'll talk to the people about policy. radical islam speech on monday. yesterday, very different. very well-received even by some of his critics. very well-received speech on law enforsment, frankly, democratic leadership in our inner cities, leaving reckless policies of poverty, homelessness and increase of crime and unemployment levels. he is taking case directly to the people. bill: very important point, just to nail this down, when you think about the battleground states, do they concern you, do
7:38 am
they concern him? >> of course. that is the way we win. we're concerned but that is what campaigns are for. campaigns are exactly for executing every day, your message, candidate appearance, media interviews, ground game again, making people feel like they have the equipment they need. i will say this, we see in the polls following. we know about the polls distrust offer had. that is baked in the cake. 11% of the americans according to new nbc poll say hillary clinton is honest. devastatingly low number. distrust of her, distaste for what he says or how he says it, not in parity. the left wants to run around, they're both disliked. they both have high you ever favorables. the reasons for unfavorable are so different. people repeat the caricatures they hear about him in the media. with her, they say i don't think i can trust her. i think she lies for a living. i don't care for her. that is big lift for her. i would rather be us for him. martha: he lost ground after the convention which you say he went
7:39 am
well. he came out with good numbers. we had other incidents including the khan family pulled away people he got right after that convention. so now he has to work to get those people back. in many ways, he has to get back republicans. he has to get back independents, who are now perhaps leaning towards hillary clinton, based on the polls that we're seeing. and to do that, you know, he will have to speak to them very directly and very soberly. he says he doesn't want to pivot. doesn't want to act presidential, how does that square? >> many see him as presidential. he doesn't like people telling him what to say and. that is hillary clinton's game. what do focus groups say. what do i believe, how do i say it? i picture her in brooklyn, martha, saying to the staff, listen i know the country doesn't like me and trust me. i never want to hear it again. how do we win? that is not our dilemma. the fact with donald trump, he is still his own best messenger because people see him authentic. if you look at battleground polls, if you look just horse
7:40 am
race numbers, martha and bill, they look really great for hillary clinton. if you go a layer underneath and look at cross tabs she has negative image among independents, among white voters, middle-aged voters. they don't yet feel she is presidential, let me tell you something, talk about qualifications, most qualified, integrity and honesty is a qualification for presidency of the united states among voters. martha: i think he did himself a service with women at the convention. i'm wondering, where is ivanka? where is melania? where is the sort of round them up and support that idea happening on the campaign trail? we haven't seen it? >> they will be fully present. i'm meeting with ivanka about that very thing. his family is all-in you've seen for 14 months. that is hugely encouraging to voters around would-be voters as well. martha you made excellent point we talked about, some voter attrition among republicans. state like florida, hillary clinton has 92% of the democrats.
7:41 am
he has 79% of the republicans. they are saying i didn't necessarily like the last couple weeks i want you to know that. i like when you take on hillary clinton. two people you need to take on. hillary clinton most of the time. once in a while barack obama. throw the mainstream media, lobbyists eleast its go ahead. this is tennis match. you look across the net and keep lobbing at her. don't pick a fight with the ref. don't boo the crowd. martha: doing that? >> yes, of course. i thought the speech taking on hillary clinton and her party, taking her on basically challenging hillary to say, you've been in public office for decades. here are the facts and figures. 7 million more people in poverty. crime rate on rise in some cities. unemployment rate -- bill: very strong speech, the reason you're here today because of change in management of trump team. some say the message was stepped on. final point. we had member about trump team, said chill out. not even labor day yet.
7:42 am
look at early voting in america, how many states expanded early voting this is a critical time, kellyanne. >> this is critical time. bills just this weekend we're going up in several states with our first paid advertising, television advertising. we're really excited about the buys. hillary an super-pacs spent over $100 million on ads. what has it gotten her? couple point bump here or there in swing state. what will people learn between now and hillary clinton and election day trust her more or like her more. especially, huge gender gap. she has a reverse gender gap. donald trump has opportunity to do policy speeches like last night. she can't hide forever. hillary clinton has benefited since her convention two weeks ago from scarcity? where have you seen her? seeing her with president obama. vice president biden. mainstream media don't want to cover her, out of sight, out of mind she does better. she can't hide forever. there will be three presidential debates. martha: give us a quick theme
7:43 am
and tenor of these ads? will they go after hillary clinton or billing up donald trump? >> both. they will be about hillary. they are about facts and figures. trump, i think really how optimistic an inspiring so much of his message is, a new america. looking toward the future. getting out of this wage stagnation, economic malaise, many americans feel. americans are still struggling don't much care if macroeconomics, economists tell us hey, things are getting better. if you don't feel it, you don't believe it. kept saying put america first, put america first. that is resonant to people who still believe politicians that don't believe in american exceptionalism. that we're just another country, not destined for greatness. not superpower around the world. he wants to brit strength back. bill: we're out of time. appreciate yours. >> we'll talk again. bill: kellyanne conway. >> thank you. martha: donald trump as we've been talking about taking aim at hillary clinton and democrats when it comes in this case to black voters. trump says democratic policies
7:44 am
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(announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. ♪ martha: gop candidate taking aim not just at hillary clinton but entire democratic party. he blasted clinton accusing her of bigotry against african-americans amid days of violence following a polic shooting in milwaukee. the gop nominee called for more law enforcement officers in local communities. >> the democratic party has failed and betrayed the african-american community. democratic crime policies, education policies, and economic policies have produced only more crime, more broken homes, and more poverty. we reject the bigotry of hillary
7:48 am
clinton which panders to and talks down to communities of color and sees them only as votes. that is all they care about, not as individual human beings worthy of a better future. they have taken advantage. martha: joining me, juan williams, fox news political analyst. dineen borelli, chief political correspondent for conservative review and fox news contributor. interesting words from donald trump. juan, what do you think? >> telling where he gave the speech. he gave the speech 40 miles away from milwaukee. milwaukee with a town of large black population. martha: he was in milwaukee. >> he gave the speech in milwaukee to 95% audience. he played on white fear of violence, racial unrest and rioting. martha: what about what he says is the question. >> no question if you look at a lot of policies, yes, he is right in terms of look, the family breakdown. look at distrust, the especially in terms of what is going on with the public schools in big city like milwaukee.
7:49 am
i think you have a devastating failure, dysfunction, martha. but the question is, is that, is he connected it to hillary clinton? i don't see it. martha: i think he was connecting to decades of democratic leadership in milwaukee, wisconsin, dineen. >> you're absolutely right, martha. for many, many years these urban communities have been under the leadership of progressive politicians and their policies failed their communities. you mentioned the public schools. there is also high crime rates. there is high unemployment rates. there are no incentives for opportunities in these communities. extreme poverty measures is what we're looking at. in milwaukee, for example, one out of three blacks are under extreme poverty. i call these politicians who only show up during election time, drive-by politicians. they're not there to do anything for these communities. they only come around when it is time to get reelected. i think donald trump has made a great point in terms of pointing out these problems, but also,
7:50 am
you know, basing the fact that, you know everyone is, can be successful with pro-growth initiatives, pro-growth incentives, for these communities, for the country. martha: you're talking, for the most part, juan is shaking your ahead, yeah, you don't agree with it. >> i don't like venue. martha: but you're agreeing with substance. why do black voters always vote for these democratic leaders in these cities then, juan? >> clearly, donald trump, nobody is going to say, oh, yeah, i think about racial reconciliation when i think of donald trump. he has a history of playing to racial antagonisms, in fact, firing them up to his political advantage, talk about playing for votes. but i think when you're talking about who speaks about concerns to the black community, i don't think there is any question we're in difficult situation where people would say, you're taken for granted by the democrats. a lot of these policies have not played out well. but on other hand, you're ignored by the republicans who don't see the advantage in terms of investing money an time to do
7:51 am
the outreach, to say, these are the policies we will put in place and support to advance your interests. martha: important topic we went over in the last segment. we have to leave it there. thank you very much. >> thank you. martha: we touched surface. we'll do it. again we'll be back with more. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment,
7:52 am
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♪ bill: russia ramming up its military presence in crimea. russia moving more military hardware to the peninsula and doing more military drills. ukraine is warning that putin is setting the stage for a new invasion. is that the case? benjamin hall live in kiev in ukraine. what is the latest, benjamin? reporter: bill, tensions settled down partly overnight. that is part of that they are used to invasion from russia
7:55 am
life has to get back to normal. there were tensions on eastern border with 52 recorded cease-fire violations, shelling back and forth, some gunfire. it is worth noting that is quite normal at the moment with a conflict going on for two years. and the russian exercises also continue, with russia saying that they're practicing for terror attacks, and incidents involving weapons of mass destruction but of course everyone very wary what they're saying right now. no one taking them at their word quite yet. bill? bill: i mentioned what we're hearing from kiev. what is the ukrainian government saying today about this, ben? reporter: well, they are of course reaching out to the international community. they're very worried. i yesterday spoke to the deputy prime minister that she thanks the u.s. in particular for their support but they need more. in particular, they need weaponry. >> not only helping us with the reform of the armed forces of our security, military system and not only with training, and not only providing us with
7:56 am
defensive weapons, but yes, going to lethal weapons. reporter: she also told told me frankly the government were horrified that the u.s. was considering reducing sanctions on putin. at moment the way he is acting and way he is posturing that would be very dangerous move and precedent to set. two very different sides of the story. russians say despite posturing they want to reach out and diplomatic process to continue. army remaining high alert. bill: benjamin hall, live in ukraine. thank you, ben. martha. martha: devastating scene in louisiana, tens of thousands of people forced out of their homes by the deadly flooding there but the situation now we're told could get worse somewhere else.
7:57 am
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♪ mapping the oceans. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world. making cars go further with less. fueling the global economy. and you thought we just made the gas. ♪ energy lives here. martha: we're going to talk to brian kelly on the radio which we always look forward
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to. bill: have a great day. martha: have a great day everybody. "happening now" start right now. jon: we begin with a fox news alert, the obama administration unveiling bipartisan legislation aimed at fighting growing drug abuse and overdose prices in the united states. the president signing the comprehensive addiction and recovery act of 2016. it authorizes more than $180 million in spending for new programs but leaves congress to figure out the funding part of all that. jenna: whole lot to get you today. locked in the campaign with yet another major staff shakeup coming out for donald trump gets his first ever classified briefing. hello everybody, hope you're off to a great day, i'm


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