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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 17, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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ering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. >> see you back here in an hour. jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: already shaping up to a be busy news hour. fox ne republican presidential nominee donald trump is about to receive his first classified intelligence briefing. fox news confirmed it will happen in very short time from now. he just gave a major speech last night on law and order, not far from the milwaukee neighborhoods hit hard by anti-police rioting. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, co-host of "the five," kimberly guilfoyle. fox news legal analyst, eboni williams. fox news commentator, meghan
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mccain and host of "watters' world," jesse watters. you're outnumbered. we have a couple attorneys on the couch. kimberly: yes we do. >> i'm not an attorney. everybody loves that. kimberly: you but need one. hopefully with that suit. harris: anyway, we'll move on. donald trump says he will restore law and order in america in the aftermath of violence plaguing milwaukee. he gave a speech in nearby suburb, largely sticking to script, emphasizing importance of supporting police. he reached out to black voters. watch. >> the the war on our police mut end and it must end now! the war on police is a war on all peaceful citizens who want to be able to work and live and send their kids to school in safety. our job is not to make life more comfortable for the rioter or the robber or the looter, or the
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violent disruptor of which there are many. our is to make life more comfortable for the african-american parent who wants their kids to be able to safely, safely walk the streets. harris: trump aimed some fire as well at rival hillary clinton. >> hillary would rather protect the offender than the victim. she is against the police, believe me. hillary clinton backed policies are responsible for the problems in inner-cities today. a vote for her, is a vote for another generation of poverty, high crime, and lost opportunities. we reject the bigotry of hillary clinton, which panders to and talks down to communities of color and sees them only as votes. that is all they care about. harris: you know, i have seen a rather unending litany of people talking about the tone of the speech.
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let's just get into the meat of this. talk about the substance. donald trump going some places maybe people thought he might not go and sticking to his script of surprising audiences. is that how you saw it? >> he definitely stuck to the script because he was on teleprompter. i think everyone is happy see that. i don't think blacks turn out for hillary the way they turn out for president obama. hillary knows that. she is boxed in and can't critique the black behavior. trump seize and opening. law and ordeal appeals to the base and appeals to independents but also saying to these blacks in urban areas for a second. come here. see these people over here, democrats running cities into the ground for last 60 years, open borders, no manufacturing jobs, bad teachers, they have done that to you. so maybe if you peel enough support from black community or tamp it down on her end in cincinnati, orlando, a swing state, that could really help but he has his work cut out for him. harris: you are the master of
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opening statements. you're really good at it. >> thank you. harris: this felt like -- [laughter] harris: this felt like an opening statement. kimberly: i think he did. he is trying to get in his groove and cycle. he had interesting changes in the campaign. they're adding an layering to the team and beefing it up. trump has to be trump. you want someone to put words in your mouth to try to change who you are. he sort of has those people. he has jesse watters of the world locked up? >> he does? hope not. i need a lawyer. kimberly: now he has to get other votes to peel off like jesse is talking about, to reach out to independents. not let hillary run away with the election with white, college educated women, some other people that might be on the fence or be more moderate, care about communities, care about jobs, care about quality education. care about keeping jobs here and not exporting american jobs. these are positive themes people care about. harris: those themes came up so
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heaviry, meghan, when we saw the latest round of rioting in milwaukee. people wanted to get back to their small businesses and jobs they had been able to hang on to or create. meghan: i stayed up late watching this. harris: i saw you on twitter. meghan: i actually thought this was pretty brave me on this part. leader of black lives movement come out saying hillary clinton has done nothing for black voters. which at the time was semicontroversial statement. i agree with jesse, i think there is big demographic, if we make the attempt to reach out, it can be up for the picking. all that being said he was speaking to predominantly white audience. i would have preferred done this in more diverse audience. harris: that is where i want to go with you, ebony. he gets extra credit in the world of reaching out because his social media footprint is enormous. talking about him tweeting about the speech and put outreach on his facebook he does get credit for that but audience, maybe he
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will do outreach in different way as meghan said. >> certainly. last night was necessary important first step. first time we heard donald trump specifically talking to the black community. very important. there is second part of equation. he has been invited twice to speak to the national association of black journalists. that is great opportunity to get the messaging. harris: hillary did it. >> you're right, many people in the black community are very dissatisfied from the returns they received from clinton administration. harris: baltimore. >> baltimore. new orleans, urban cities, chicago. that is opportunity for donald trump to speak specifically. i give you an example. he can talk about school choice or enhanced entrepreneurship opportunities for black communities to be self-sufficient and not so government depend denned. these are messages that he can get out there. harris: can he reach you, the independent? >> he can. i wont follow up direct from donald trump himself or his surrogates talking specifically not only how bad hillary has
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been, a lot of people agree with that indictment, but how i, donald trump can specifically address your concerns. kimberly: he has to make the case for himself. harris: i want to get to hard news happening now. the fire in san bernardino county exploded to 30,000-acres in just a short while and the governor of california, jerry brown, declared a state of emergency because of the blue cut fire. they have many burning in the state. this is the biggest. law enforcement, fire firms giving an update. low humidity, triple-digit temperatures. 82,000 people evacuated, 30,000-acres burned. we're monitoring it for you. look on the right side of your screen. i will explain it a little bit because it looks a little grainy, that is a monster in san bernardino county. anything that can grow as fast as that has grown is to be reckoned with. they have all they can handle. the governor when he declared a
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state of emergency was saying they would come out to get ahead of this in terms of messaging because they need people to get out of the way of this. respect if you're being vac he waited. they're talking directly to those people. we will watch this across the nation. bring you news nuggets. kimberly: our hearts and prayers battling that in the california department of forestry. meantime after a push by hub hub hub -- republican lawmakers. fbi turning over notes. the notes are classified as secret and not expected to be made public. even some lawmakers don't have proper security clearance to read parts of the notes. clinton campaign reportedly fearing gop leaks an spin, is calling to release much of the material to the public. vice president nominee tim kaine echoing that sentiment. anything the fbi gives to congress they should give to the public.
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what we've seen, length think, multimillion-dollar congressional investigation has been highly partisan where they want to leak out this or that to try to make their case against hillary clinton. let the public see what the fbi decides to let congress see. kimberly: former house speaker newt gingrich says democrats are bluffing. watch this. >> i think if mrs. clinton really wants them released, just would challenge her to send a letter directly to the fbi you have my authority, my permission to go ahead and release them. watch how fast she starts to backpedal. >> you think this is phony? >> this is totally phony. look, the more we learn as various emails break out, as we have wikileaks and other things, there is no question they misused office of secretary of state. there is no question they were cutting deals. no question they were taking money from foreigners. kimberly: harris, is there any question they can recover from this? how bad will it be damaging? harris: i'm still scratching my head at a machine like the hillary clinton campaign that has let something churn in the
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background and now is on fire again. like i don't understand that. i thought they had told everybody that this didn't matter. i thought they had convinced base they could trust her. yet you see polling? it may not bubble up by name. people say, that trustworthiness is just not there. look, if they can go after her in terms of she told a lie somewhere along the way for perjury, it starts to get dicey. look, it is middle of august now and we're still talking about this. kimberly: no doubt. meghan, what is your take on this? is this something that will stick, or people say, this is the clintons, this is what they do? >> i love newt gingrich is one of the brilliant conservative minds. >> newt, you hear that? >> he and his wife calista know i'm big fans of both of emthis. all that being said i think at this point we can hope they will release transcripts and everything from the fbi, i am such a conspiracy theorist with everything clinton related at this point. i'm waiting for october surprise
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from julian assange says that will happen. [inaudible]. >> you know what are transcripts will look like? we know comey wasn't even there. some deputy. mrs. clinton did you intend to commit a crime? she said no. okay, love your pantsuit. see you later. have a nice weekend. this interview was a joke. like saturday morning. wasn't recorded. very nice suit. i'm going to church later. >> you know what it is kg, i don't find myself agreeing with newt gingrich but i do today. i think he is on to something. this is the clinton campaign cherry-picking what is transparent or what's not. you want to release the congressional notes, where are the wall street speech transcripts? where are those? why is this important? i think that is where people, that are still open to clinton's argument become suspicious. that is why the numbers are so low. harris: i have a question for kimberly. it is my understanding that it is pretty standard that you
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would not have her under oath for the fbi talk. it is also my understanding that they were just taking notes. this isn't actually a transcript the way that you and i would think of where we would have recording device. what are we getting? what are we waiting for? kimberly: not much. they wouldn't say release it if they thought anything was bad in there. this is so charming, isn't it? it is so charming. i want to have tea and sit down and incredibly pleasant this is ridiculous. this not what you do when trying to get to the truth of the matter to find out if somebody committed a crime. this was just, put lipstick on a pig. that is what it was. it is just done. they knew they had something here. let's be honest, okay? you heard comey go through and lay it all out, make the case, whoa, this is biggest breaking news day ever. oh, no it is not, psych. listen we don't have it and wouldn't recommend prosecution. he didn't get anything from her. that is no surprise. the fix was in. harris: look what was done on
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the front end and kind of money set up the server situation with the experts who were working on it, should we be surprised there wouldn't be evidence or a trace? i mean it seems like just, and i am no expert i.t.wise, but if you spend that kind of money, i could crack a password code. >> they asked her how many servers did you use? she said one. it turned out she used multiple services. someone has servers. probably down in the river. meghan: wikileaks, before this election over we'll have more information. if the fbi doesn't want to do it, there are rogue agents out there in the world. kimberly: there you go, meghan. meghan: i'm not encouraging them, like you know, i'm far from being a lawyer, any other person, if your last name wasn't clinton you would be in jail right now. kimberly: all right. that was charm, right? extremely. kimberly: donald trump campaign announcing changes, big additions to the staff. rollout of first wave of tv ads.
9:14 am
amid the more traditional moves, mr. trump says no way to changing. i am, what i am. how it will all play out? we have you will at answer as. hillary clinton sounding more like bernie sanders after promising to pay for the economic agenda going after super-rich. what to make of her comments? is that pandering to progressives? right after the show, harris, catch more from the couch. live chat by clicking the "overtime" tab at find "overtime live" on facebook. fnc. we're everywhere. tweet us your questions, your comments, anything you like. we'll see you there.
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♪ >> the trump campaign confirming it will be rolling out its first wave of general election tv ads. mr. trump historically relying on free airtime in the form of interviews and campaign coverage. the new ads will air in the key battleground states of florida, pennsylvania, ohio, and north carolina starting friday. meantime trump's campaign also announcing some changes at the top promoting veteran republican pollster kenly anne conway to campaign manager and appointing steven ban none, executive
9:19 am
chairman of conservative media outlet, "breitbart news" to campaign ceo. trump's campaign chairman paul manafort will retain his title. all of this comes as trump speaks about his recent stumbles across the campaign trails. telling wisconsin's kabtv, that he doesn't want to change. i am who i am, i don't want to change. everybody talks about well, you're going to pivot. i don't want to pivot. you have to be you. if you start pivoting you won't be honest with people. that is a lot to take in. jesse, what do you think of campaign changes. >> i think they weaponized the campaign. kelly is articulate. ban none is killer. has finger on the pulse. i think you will see soon the mantra, you're going to see the mantra, there is a comeback. you will see narrative of the comeback coming out pretty soon. i think he will hit hillary hard. i think new ads will be slick,
9:20 am
maybe even a little dirty. they will rally the base. there will be positive stuff. i think he will start running as independent against a rigged system. everyone is liar. he wants to make the country rich and safe again. harris: sounds like my summer workout program. i think you hit the nail on the head though about how the campaign will run like a campaign. he still will be able to be who he is. >> right. harris: which is really where he needed to be. because if he were the person who would make the huge pivot, some people who would support him, would scratch their heads, who are we supporting since june of 2015? >> right. harris: this gives him an opportunity to spend money which they needed to do. >> mexico will still pay for the wall. we're not changing that. harris: i meant on ads. [laughter]. kimberly: jesse still on message. like that. don't worry, jesse, the wall will come, okay? i want to piggyback on those comments, with trump the reason why he resonated so well with people because he was speaking to people on their level. they understand what he is talking about.
9:21 am
they feel he cares. not someone manufactured out of d.c. to come and then be some kind of "manchurian candidate." he wants to be true to his core. ought then tivity. people can smell a fake. he can't sit there say, i'm against insiders, people who are doing the dirty deals, the crooked people and come forward and try to like do some kind of a metamorphosis and become someone he is not. he has to be comfortable when he is up there and say what he thinks and feels. with that in mind, i think teleprompter with ad-lib and trump kind of free associating after is, yeah, i think it does work. i think it does work, but now, spend some money. get out the -- get out cash going and hit some swing states because you have to be realistic, if you want to make america great again, you got to win. >> you got to win. all four of the states he is spending ad buys in, he is behind hillary clinton. it is important. some of those states pretty badly, almost double digits. so it is good. don't overreact with the ad buy.
9:22 am
donald trump's best commercial is donald trump's mouth, his ability. he is right. his free interviews and ad space with media, that is his best friend. as long as he has more disciplined message. haskellly anne being up there as lieutenant around the message. kimberly: she is fantastic. >> before the promotion she has been rock solid. if you do that, he has people in place to do that part. he gets to still be him. that is the best commercial he has got going. harris: meghan, he had different people in place for him than he had. paul ryan saying he is still on the fence, i endorse you. that is not what his role was. and now even gets to fall back even further. >> paul ryan? harris: people in the establishment really can take -- i had said if they're not going to be behind this candidate, why are they even bothering to say they endorse him? they can step back. work on the down ballot stuff if you think you need to. he has core group of people more like family.
9:23 am
meghan: trump is doubling down on strategy. his core supporters will love this. if you care about campaign operatives, unorthodox to change -- harris: to organize for independents? >> my concern he has more advisors than campaign field opera i was it. traditionally campaign operatives are important. they need more staff to go out and battleground. cruz is excellent for that. kellyanne worked for ted cruz. i hope they do that. kimberly: great for women. when you see kellyanne conway slaying dragons left and right. she is on message. you can not shake her. she is passionate devoted to what she is doing. trump, this will help show i'm supporting women, right? harris: slaying dragons. that's what they do in jesse's world. kimberly: tune in to "hannity" tonight with the town hall with donald trump. they cover a range of topics including terrorism and homeland security. here's a preview with mr. trump
9:24 am
on the possibility of another attack on our homeland. >> we could be nice about it, say it will never happen again, there will be more. what we're doing by allowing, thousands, thousands, tens of thousands of people here we don't know anything about, it will happen again because there is something wrong. until we figure it out, we have to stop it. meghan: watch the entire event on "hannity," tonight 10:00 eastern right here on fnc. harris: they're going to wonder. >> i thought he got a haircut. i thought the hair looked a little slick on the side. >> already getting more disciplined. meghan: hillary clinton channeling her inner bernie sanders talking about her spending plan which americans say she will foot the bill for it. plus more gop establishment types turning on donald trump. and trump saying, bring it on. more from the couch next. >> i wear their opposition as a badge of honor.
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bruising, pain, numbness, redness, and areas of hardness in the treatment area. find a doctor at ♪ harris: hillary clinton is promising to pay for her white house agenda by going after the wealthy. the democratic nominee was speaking at a voter registration event in philadelphia where she vowed to increase funding for more infrastructure jobs, affordable housing and education. this is hillary clinton has been under pressure to push a more progressive agenda after socialists bernie sanders got so much support in the primaries. so here she is, saying how she will pay for the plan. >> so i know what we can do together but how are we going to pay for it? i will tell you how we're going to pay for it. we're going where the money is. we're going after the super wealthy. we're going after the corporations. we're going after wall street,
9:30 am
so they pay their fair share! [cheering] harris: all right. so the audience in the booth needed to turn the volume down. she had it close to her mouth obviously. kimberly: all the way to off. [laughter]. >> trump should run an ad, just that. 30 seconds of that. harris: clear up the overmodulation. just trying to be helpful. kimberly: stay positive. harris: the question is, can she really sell spending other people's money? kimberly: no, of course not. >> she can't, not only that, harris, where bernie was so effective in the primary although he came up short at end, he painted her with that broad stroke of being in bed with wall street. people remember that, harris, this pivot, good message, wrong messenger over and over and over again. harris: jesse? >> shows how much problems she has with her base. these are play for bernie supporters. obviously they haven't come home yet. it is desperate.
9:31 am
obama was smooth when he talked about raising taxes on rich, made it about fairness and helping people out. hillary is angry. i will go after where the money is. it sounds mean and not crafty enough. you know what? obama already raised taxes on rich and middle class wages went down. don't even add up. harris: you know you have that sticky wicket when people are being overtaxed, sometimes they don't create as many jobs. >> sticky wicket. harris: a little confusing there. meghan, as she is talking about this, one thing going through my mind, go after the rich? if you're, i don't know, goldman sachs or someplace where she had spoken over $250,000, i'm wondering if you're not thinking, should we talk about what she talked about here? that is not what she told us. meghan: making $6 million off speeches. harris: we don't know what she says. meghan: i will say about this she is going full-blown socialist. which is the question we had. how socialist.
9:32 am
>> never go full-blown socialist. meghan: this is not democratic party. it is socialist party. this is demonizing success. i don't know who this plays to than other bernie sanders supporters. other democrats say i'm not a socialist. i'm a traditional democrat. i'm fine with this i'm not fine with demonizing success. >> i never met one of those democrats. meghan: i actually know two who hate bernie sanders, thought it was nothing short of demagoguery, his policy, excuse me. i don't know who it is flaying to. other than his base. optics, who are her advance team? stop screaming like that into the microphone! optics are horrible. harris: when you talk about the economy and people legitimately hurting, i don't know that this soothes the pain. she is not her husband who had the ability as you pointed out to feel people's pain. this doesn't show empathy. this shows her angry at another group of people. kimberly: it is frightening and terrifying to other people making up their mind deciding to
9:33 am
trust a woman who is untrustworthy, a person who doesn't have credibility. a person who compromised national security. oh, somebody pivoted so far to the left to cater to bernie sanders supporters and elizabeth warren, this is more of a big problem globally for the democratic party because they are pushing towards socialism. that will leave a lot of people out, don't like, as meghan said, agree with it. this will terrify people like independents. what are you doing poking the cage and being so divisive and class warfare. harris: 40% of the self-identified electorate are independent. >> we're fastest voting group, harris. many of us struggle we can find comfort in messaging, so extreme are the parties. it is so far left and so far right hard to find middle ground. kimberly: trump has to take the independents to the prom. don't you think? >> gop establishment again turning on donald trump. more than 120 former and current
9:34 am
public officials including two sitting members of congress signing a letter urging rnc to cut off funds to the nominee. trump firing back at a rally. dismissing those officials as part of a rigged system. telling the crowd he is fighting for real change. >> it is time for rule bit people, not rule for the special interests. i wear their opposition as a badge ever honor. [cheering] -- badge of honor. because it means i'm fighting for real change. >> this badge of honor line, i think that resonated with a lot of people. is this best help he has gotten all week from the rnc, jesse? >> yeah but he needs those people. he definitely needs the people. may work in the general. in terms of fund-raising and getting out vote in the grassroots needs people i'm bored of the never trump people. i don't want to criticize them because i think many of them are principled.
9:35 am
i don't see how having hillary in the white house is better than having trump. i don't get it. >> i have a good friend of mine in the rnc leadership. he was given this letter to sign about a week 1/2 ago. he got it, he was, are you people crazy. he not enthusiastic about trump's candidacy, he feels like that sends a wrong message for the party. harris is there legitimate claim from some in the rnc very concerned about down ballot races feel like it is time to pull away or lean into their candidate? harris: i would like to see some adult conflict resolution. that is really what i would like to see. >> that is so good. meghan: therapy? >> no more public fighting? harris: only way you solve your problems by burning down your house? where are you going to live? meghan: i think they're referencing in 1996 when it was clear bob dole was going to lose -- harris: i covered that by the way. meghan: fascinating election. has a lot of historical reference. that being said there are two
9:36 am
parties, the trump party and republicans in exile. i would love nothing more than the two to be branded and brought together even more. this letter i don't think is particularly helpful. looks like either side is communicating with one another. 82 days left. i will say also, donald trump came out supporting paul ryan. came out and endorsed kelly ayote was olive branch. kimberly: and your father. meghan: my father. it isn't as if he is not trying to and listening to some people in the rnc. harris: my question are they listening to him? did they listen to the speech last night? what are they hearing in that speech but owe okay with the person across the aisle hillary clinton. that is gut check they have to do. kimberly: nothing he says will satisfy them, to be honestly. actually rhetoric is amped up. they're distancing even more, if he is not go want to be associated but you know, just don't think it bodes well for the party. it looks really bad.
9:37 am
>> donald trump loses this race, how accountable are the 120 republicans going to be? harris: that brings my last question, do they have political futures they want to hang on to? who do you think they will vote for them? meghan: will of the people. he wasn't my first candidate. wasn't my sixth choice. this is what the american public chose. >> he was your seventh. meghan: but i'm just saying you have to respect democracy in action at a certain point as well. the party is changing in different ways. what that means going forward as you said for independents, maybe constitutionalist party. i turned a page i think this is exciting maybe this will be a trump party in another election. harris: hasn't changed your vote. meghan: ask me this every time i'm on the couch, harris. you ask me every time on the couch who i am voting for. kimberly: you felt better after he endorsed your father and ryan. meghan: kelly ayote, i said women in politics, my-goal, kelly ayote, keeping her in office, one of six women in the?
9:38 am
that is the important to me. that is olive branch. >> clinton camp hillary has to be prepared for anything including down and dirty politics. how they plan to prep her. what folks they're eyeing to play the role of mr. trump up next. stay with us.
9:39 am
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9:43 am
asked. another reported hopefuls, al franken, james carville, long-time clinton ally. we're taking it around the couch. who will best personify donald trump to get her battle ready? >> bill o'reilly. if you paid him enough he would definitely do it. kimberly: i love it. do some owe really interviews. i think if hillary is up there three hours, people will see how unlikeable and annoying her voice. i don't think they will stomach that. that will be gaffe city. she could short-circuit anytime. expectation game for her, live long politician. everyone thinks she will smoke trump. if she doesn't outright smoke him. meghan: i don't think she will necessarily smoke him. he could easily get her off her game. talking about scandals. >> she will be well-prepared. meghan: i don't care how we'll
9:44 am
prepared you're at uncomfortable in your own skin and off-the-cuff. >> well-said. meghan: debate prep. they isolate candidates like sparring for the olympics. amazing thing. donald trump is doing same thing. i'm more interested. he is choosing to play hillary in his debate prep. >> i love the debate stuff too, meg. i think we're looking past the best person to play donald trump. i think it is joe biden. i think joe biden will be very good. he will go there, nasty. he personally doesn't like hillary clinton very much. seriously i think he would do very, very well in that antagonistic role. a little awkward, harris. the hug was awkward city. i think he would be unafraid to go there and embarass her to make her blush. she has to be totally prepared for that. how do you prepare for the unexpected. kimberly: right, take a b-12 shot. harris: i thought the hug was sincere.
9:45 am
i must live in pollyannaville. kimberly: biden next to her, doing all the campaigning, he is so-likeable. oh, my goodness gracious. harris: reminds democrats what they could have had. >> a lot of people are crying about that. i think he wanted to dot campaign himself. he pulled out we were wait, happened here on "outnumbered," his speech. i'm leaving campaign trail. are you leaving or staying? juanita broderick this week. >> yes. harris: if hillary clinton can't take a comment from the crowd about juanita broderick, we're getting report website language having to be changed about women and sexual harrassment and assault, if she can't take that kind of heat, i don't know who they, maybe should put a woman up there. >> you think donald trump would mention the name of the floozies that bill clinton fill lan dered around with to her face on national television? you really do? >> i do. harris: first of all i don't know if it fair to label the women that we don't know them. >> some many them, weren't with nita.
9:46 am
some were girls hanging out. harris: i don't think he has to mention them by name. just mention the story. asked about woman and her comments whether or not women should be believed when they come forth? there was cleanup mop job had to be done. meghan: can i say? that is the angle though. when she ran in new york for senate, rick lazio, came up to her physically on stage, started bringing this up. it really backfired. you have to play this the right way. can't blame her for bill's indiscretions. what you can blame her for her culpability for involvement, for shaming these women and -- harris: in the debates? >> meghan: yes. whoever is prepping donald trump, this is a fine line to walk. i wouldn't come out and start shaming her because her husband cheated on her for a long time. would come out what is your role ruining women's lives? is that feminism. >> talk about her hypocrisy when women should be believed. >> absolutely when they shouldn't.
9:47 am
call her out on that. harris: should be believed until evidence shows they shouldn't be believed. >> that is not what she used to say. meghan: she is only effective when victim. only time she wins and he can mat make her a victim. harris: who should be her sparring partner be? kimberly: carville is rogue, can go renegade on her. harris: he could prepare her for this. kimberly: hillary clinton might as well be spokesperson for samsonite she has so much baggage, i'm confident that kellyanne conway will properly advise trump how to handle delicate issues involving women that have alleged abuse, et cetera, harrassment, by clinton. i think that is important issue, that he can play if he threads needle properly. obviously debates will be incredible. the pc police are at it again courtesy of your money. major public university telling staffers to avoid using words like crazy, psycho. that is not all.
9:48 am
is college free speech in danger? that's next. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
9:49 am
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harris: let's go to jon scott, second hour of "happening now." hey, jon. >> hi, harris, a live hillary clinton event from cleveland, ohio.
9:52 am
she is expected to tear into donald trump for his tax plans she says will cut taxes on the rich and hurd the middle class. but she is dealing with her own troubles including the fbi sending over notes on the email controversy to republican members of congress. more on that ahead. donald trump launching a big shake-up of his campaign as we await his first national security briefing to take place this afternoon. and as we first told you yesterday, another big blow for obamacare, as aetna pulls out of 11 states. will congress be forced to act to fix some of the troubles with the affordable care act? and will they actually take action? it is all coming up "happening now." harris: i will be glued. thank you. >> thank you. >> the university of new mexico ordering staffers to undergo sensitivity training. according to a report from campus reform. among the lessons in the class, calling someone psycho, or crazy, for acting unusual, is described as offensive to those
9:53 am
dealing with mental health issues. don't announce someone's transgender identity without their permission. or ask them about their real name or surgical status. identifying people based on gender neutral features like the person in blue, rather than the woman in blue -- harris: said the man wearing the blue suit. >> to avoid stigma at thattization. support that persons may use whichever bathroom that aligns with their gender identity. that was the. i can't call you crazy, if you act crazy. used to be offensive calling a woman crazy, now it is offensive to call people crazy. kimberly: there are plenty of crazy guys out there. >> you're looking at one. is this one of those things you don't want to say anything because you don't want to offend everybody? kimberly: you have to run everything through a filter. i don't know, really exhausting.
9:54 am
>> i can't seen say you're a woman in a white dress? i have to say you're a person in a white dress. kimberly: okay. >> you're not a woman anymore. you're a person, kimberly. kimberly: a robot in a white dress. >> my problem with it i don't mind sensitivity training. classes in diversity and whatever, that is good. my problem this goes too far, right? what, you can't ask questions around someone's transgendered identity and things, i think that is problematic for the transcommunity. truth is a lot of people are not familiar with that community and they don't know. when you silence people's abilities to ask what they don't know, how is that helpful. >> someone looks transgender, i can't say are you man or woman? >> yes. i think that is bad. meghan: it has been almost 10 years since i was in college, you but can say anything nasty you want about republicans and conservatives and nra members like me, you can do that all day long. but you can't say you're a woman in a white dress in classroom? automatically you get suspended? this is why america is in trouble.
9:55 am
sometimes i'm embarrassed sometimes to be a millenial. >> i would be too. what do you think, harris?harrif mean-spiritedness online. we lost the ability to talk to each other one-on-one. we're so afraid to offend somebody, might affect the job and standing in the community and keep our mouths shut. i say we as society for those of us who do speak up, we're the outlyers now. you know, but i don't know how you're going to have again adult conflict resolution as the theme. how are you going to live in a world filled with people who are not always going to agree with you? sometimes it will be difficult to hurt your feelings. how will you get along if you can't get along? >> can't we all get along? harris: the world loves to talk. kimberly: you hit it on the head, you know, you have to be able to ask questions to learn and grow and foster discussion and openness. to me this just feels very suppress sieve. files like you're already assuming some kind of a stigma
9:56 am
stigmaization. contrary to the first amendment. >> that is right. i will now be called the man in the blue suit. we'll be right back. he wrecked the rec room this summer. his stellar notebooks will last through june. get back to great. this week sharpie twelve-packs just three dollars. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. ♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon.
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10:00 am
can you give a chance what is going on? >> i ride a camel at renaissance fair, dance at dominican day parade and cause trouble at martha's vineyard. kimberly will be a guest. harris: you will be on. >> now they tune in. harris: thanks a lot for watching, everybody. "happening now" starts now. for president stamping out fires on the road to the white house. we'll have that. >> hillary clinton's fbi foil landed on capitol hill and donald trump shakes up the campaign leadership once again. we are covering all of the news "happening now". tens of thousands of people forced from their homes as a massive wildfires rages. are firefighter any close tore -- close tore getting the inferno under control. and a rude alert for a pilot in the air force reserves. why his employer


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