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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 17, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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and should news break out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. the truth is, in life, all good things come to an end, and this hour does now. "your world" is next. you are looking live at the fbi's office in new york city. moments ago we captured this image. we believe donald trump is now inside. this is where he's getting his first classified briefing since becoming the republican nominee. now, hillary clinton says trump cannot be trusted with intelligence. that had trump firing back early today. listen to this. >> i'm worried about her getting it because of her e-mail situation. she can't keep anything private. she deleted 33,000 e-mails which is a crime. what she did is a crime. well come, i'm stuart varney in for neil cavuto and this is
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"your world." kathy lee taylor is the only candidate who has mishandled intelligence, and democrats steve seigman calls political nonsense. she was criticized for handling classified information with extreme carelessness, and she was -- she was -- she deleted 33,000 e-mails. isn't that a good enough reason to deny her access to intelligence? >> no this is august politics. she was the secretary of state, had access to hundreds and hundreds of good pieces of classified information, including the single-most top secret operation of the century in the assassination and killing of obama sin laden and kept all of that secret. i also don't agree trump shouldn't get classified briefing. the bottom line is these are the nominees and the nominees get classified briefings. i'm much more concerned about donald trump's policy positions as a threat to national security as are 50 leading gop security
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experts who all say he would be the most reckless president in american history. >> you've got all of your points in right up front. >> i have lots more. >> i know you do. kathy lynn, should the -- she's a former first lady. she's a former senate. a former secretary of state. would you ban her from intelligence briefings? >> i was part of the national security council, and i wouldn't be sitting here if i had, you know, handled classified information in that matter so i think it's absolutely reasonable to explore that, for some of the investigations to go on further as they have. there's only one candidate who has mishandled classified information. there's only one candidate who has ignored intelligence information coming in from the countries and other places like b benghazi. there's only one womana, as president, did not adequately hold the cia for 9/11. there's no denying that.
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>> donald trump said she can't keep anything private. >> talk about the pot calling the kettle black. >> are you going to refeute tha? >> yes, of course. she's been a one and a half term senator on the committee and secretary of the state and of course she kept thousands of things classified. you're talking about e-mails that happened to be on a private server. this is a guy who has -- who has information came ome in one yead tweets out the next. >> now, on joe biden and the nuclear codes, roll tape. >> someone who lacks this judgment cannot be trusted. there's guy that follows me, right back here, has the nuclear codes. so god forbid anything happen, the codes are with -- he is not qualifiedt qualified to know the code. >> what do you think the media would say if trump turns around
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and says hey there's the guy with the nuclear codes, what do you think they would say? >> oh, there's. there's literally person with the nuclear codes there's saying somebody who is with him. the point is being made -- >> just like he was referring when he said to assassinate hillary clinton. >> the point being made was he is somebody who isn't temperamentally fit to be fit of president of the united states and commander in chief. >> here's the difference -- here's the difference. hillary clinton has done these things. leaders are concerned about donald trump doing these things. there's different action as the things we've discussed, intelligence and classified information wide lean documented. she's taken those actions, that's the difference. >> so donald trump -- >> including keeping -- >> a debate that'll certainly continue. steve and kathy lynn, thank you both for joining us. trump joined by new jersey's governor chris christie and general michael flynn. he's a former director of the defense intelligence agency.
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david shed is also a former dia director and he joins us now. so, is that standard policy, to allow other people besides the candidate into an intelligence briefing? >> good afternoon, stuart. that is standard practice, as long as the director of national intelligence has looked at who the individuals are, and can give them a one-time clearance for hearing the particular briefing of that moment. >> am i right in saying that you briefed then-senator obama when he was the nominee of the democratic party to be the president? you gave him this intelligence briefing back then. what kind of information will donald trump be getting now? >> i did do those briefings before the election of president obama in 2008, and the kind of information the candidates receive at this point is intelligence about the major hot spots around the globe, and also
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an opportunity for those candidates to ask questions, and i think there's real value in providing those briefings in that -- >> sure. >> -- you don't either of the candidates to misspeak or worse yet put intelligence in jeopardy by in add vertently talking about intelligence matters they did not know was sensitive. >> does it get down to maybe military assets, or diplomatic assets in different parts of the world? does it get to that detail? >> not at all. this is about analytical judgments about those particular hot spots, whether they're geographic or whether there's trans-national issues such as counter terrorism and the efforts there, or counter plro live ragd liveration, or the cyber issues, and it's a combination of those types of issues. >> do you think the candidates -- any candidate --
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is shocked when they first get that first intelligence briefing from the inside about what's really going on? >> i would leave it up to them to answer that but i don't think they would be shocked, but i do think they takeaway a greater appreciation for the sensitivity, about how they prepare in this case for the upcoming debates for example. in the case of someone who has not been exposed to intelligence and the secrets that are behind that intelligence, as is the case of mr. trump. >> does the -- does the briefing get into policy? in other words, what is america's policy in, say, syria, in, say, israel, or latin america? does it get down to that? >> it does not get into policy. it is the very clear line of division between the intelligence professionals that i presume are sitting there now in the fbi headquarters in new york giving that briefing not to opine, not to give their opinions on policy and that's very intentional in that you
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want to separate the truth-to-power aspects of talking about those things and letting policy be developed from that intelligence as opposed to giving policy prescription. >> david shed, thank you very much for joining us this afternoon. we do appreciate you, sir. >> thank you. >> sure. the state department is defending the decision to release 15 additional gtmo detainees and says very few, quote, return to the battlefield. with us now, state department spokesman john kirby, welcome to the program. >> thank you, good to be with you. >> you say very few freed gitmo nominees return to the battlefield. >> i have to bring a study to your attention, in 2015, it showed -- and i'm sure you've seen this -- 17% of gitmo people released are confirmed to have been returned to the battle field, and 10% are suspected of returning to terror. that's not very few, that's a fair number of people.
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>> look, i've seen those numbers, the numbers that we have it's more like 5% in terms of confirmed recidivism here, and we work very, very hard, as we will go through these transfers, to make sure that when we transfer to another country, that there are appropriate security measures in place, and in this one, you talked about 15 going to uae. this is a country now that is excessively accepted five other detainees almost a year ago, and that's gone very, very well. so we -- we recognize that there's always a risk here, and that's why we work to mitigate that the best we can by working very, very carefully to put in place security assurances. >> and i want to press on this issue of "very few return to terror." i want to return a sound byte from senator mccain talking about this issue. roll tape. >> individuals who are returned to the fight, estimates are between -- it depends on when they were released, but roughly
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20% to 30% of those who have been released at least those early on, reentered the fight. >> now, john, senator mccain there was using numbers from mr. clapper, a very senior intelligence official. >> right. >> and again it's not very few who are returning to the battlefield. >> look, again, i don't -- i don't know it's going to suit us to debate and quibble over percentages here. again, the numbers that we user about 5% confirmed to go back. >> yes. >> and we've been honest about this, stuart, that's 5% confirmed. we recognize there would be others that we don't know about. we certainly understand this is a risk why we work so hard to mitigate that risk and began gun obey still serves as a risk. >> the fact there's diverse set of opinions.
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>> the policy has exposed our people, chosed americans expose degree of risk. we can argue about the degree of risk but it has exposed americans especially soldiers in the field, to greater risk. how do you justify that? >> stuart, i don't know they would agree with you, that it's greater risk. is there risk in this transfer program? of course there is, there it is why we work so hard to mitigate that, but we also have to under there are far more home-grown terrorists out there and foreign fighters that are still attracted to isil and iraq and syria, that are also causing great risk here and one of the things we know in a group like isil is they're trying to metastasize, and sort of inspire home-grown or lone wolf attacks in the west, in europe and even in america. there is a threat from terrorism that's real. to say it's a preponderance of a threat from detainees from
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guantam guantamano bay, that's just not bourne out by the facts. >> russia is launching air strikes from syria from a base in iran, and russia has a deal, an alliance with turkey. it seems that we are being basically kicked out of the middle east and russia's taken our place. your comments, sir? >> i wouldn't agree with that at all. i think there is a far, hyperbolic and overblown way to couch what's going on here. look, we all share it's intel national community shares an interest in a whole unified government that can feel itself, and russia themselves, are not only a member of the issg, the international support group, they're a cofounder with the us. they've signed up to what we all believe is the right answer, which is have to be a political solution, not a military one. now we also recognize russia has influence over assad they haven't been always willing to use and some of their military activities including the strikes you're talking about are not
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just used to go after terrorism but they're helping prop up and support the assad regime, which is not the future here, not the approach that should be taken in syria. >> john kirby, we appreciate it, thank you. >> my pleasure, thank you. the fbi handing over hillary clinton's interview documents to congress. is the amount of classified material going to be a new problem for her campaign. plus, the trump shakeup, is that a problem or not for his campaign? and why is hillary clinton's running mate telling certain americans they'll be better off once they are taxed more? . cracked windshield... ...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks. with safelite you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! thank you. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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committee said nothing can be released publicly, unless r permission from the bureau, and must be kept on a safe zone as a skip. the oversight committee who requested the reports said that he doesn't have enough clearance to read the document in full, quote as chairman of the chief investigative body in the house, it is significant, i can't even read these documents in their entire, jason chafet told folks, and said how dangerous it was to have this intelligence highly classified on the former secretary's unsecured personal server where it was vulnerable. some of the notes from the fbi investigation are so sensitive that they were only provided to the house and senate intelligence committee. because those lawmakers had the highest level of security clearance. this directly conflicts with clinton's statements from the very beginning. >> she didn't tell the american people that truth, the truth about her system. she said she didn't send classified information. we now of course know she did.
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she said her lawyers reviewed every document, we know that of course she did not do. and we'll be looking at it that closely and we'll share with the american people just about everything we can. >> reporter: parts of the fbi's file are so heavily redacted because it's at the request of the cia because the e-mails discuss intelligence assets, human sources and what's known as special access programs, the most closely held government secrets and there is no question that putting this information on an unsecured server really potentially put people's lives on the lines, stuart. >> thank you. all right. catherine, thank you very much indeed. let's go to emily sheshinski, who said this will be a problem for the clinton campaign. and emily to you first, the last line there from kathrcatherine herrid herridge, was almost entire e-mails are blacked out because of containing heavily highly
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secret information, that surely will be a problem for the clinton campaign. >> and at the end of the report there this could have put americans' lives on the line. it's unbelievable. we keep having this drip, drip, drip with the clinton e-mail situation. it's terrible because it's just reinforcing this narrative that she is so untrust worthy and it mccain misspoke when he said congress should release what was given to the fbi because the public is hearing more about why they shouldn't trust secretary clinton. >> now there was information on that private server, information which put peoples' lives at risk. now -- >> you can't dismiss this, as political nonsense, can you? >> i think that's what you're saying in some of the tin-foil hillary haters are saying. it's not just the e-mails that were redacted, we talking about the notes, the conversations the fbi had with hillary clinton. during that conversation, of course classified recamaterial come out that. doesn't mean it was in the
1:20 pm
e-mails. >> it was. >> we know classified information was in the e-mails. >> we know it was. >> i'm sorry, let's play out e the logic to the whole line of attack. what is the end goal of this line of attack? did hillary clinton do something intentionally to harm the united states? of course not. >> that's not the end point of the attack. go ahead emily, please. >> i'm just saying this entire campaign we keep hearing judgment and temperament from the trump campaign. let's talk about the judgment of sending these e-mails. whether or not she should be prosecuted is a different story. james comey himself said it was extremely careless and we keep hearing more and more details about why that's the case. let's have a trial about the trial opinion, and the jury finds her untrustworthy. >> three out of 10,000 e-mails there's all that were marked classified so 99.99% of her
1:21 pm
file. >> i'm out of time. bud, thanks indeed. we appreciate you being with us. good debate. trump saying it's not a shakeup, no, it's an expansion. either way, will the new faces in his campaign help his poll numbers? plus, is olympic swimmer ryan lochte's story about being robbed in brazil putting him in hot water in brazil? had why all eyes are in this surveillance tape obtained by the daily mail next.
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with election day less than three months away, donald trump shaking up his campaign for the second time in two months. to blake burman in dc, blake. >> reporter: after a week of slouching poll numbers, donald trump is bulking up his staff. kelly an rowan has been upgraded to the chairman, and steven b bannan will step aside from the top post at breitbart to become the trump campaign ceo campaigning in ohio earlier today, hillary clinton reacted by saying trump's staff might be able to change, but the candidates can't. >> he is still the same man who insults gold star families, demeans women, mocks people with
1:26 pm
disabilities, and thinks he knows more about isis than our generals. >> now back to bannon for a moment, stuart, because it is that hiring leading many to suggest trump could potentially dig back into his anti-establishment roots. >> blake, thank you. while trump likes to be spontaneous, he's getting some queue from those on the right how he delivered last night's very much prepared speech about how to keep our cities safe. washington examiners byron york saying trump should keep sticking to the script and stay on message, byron welcome to the program. >> welcome to be here. >> coming in from breitbart, he likes an unleashed trump. will he pulled the campaign back to the old unleashed trump? >> it all depends on what trump himself wants to do. there's no doubt it's speeches like he gave last night, in wisconsin, and the day before n
1:27 pm
youngstown, ohio, that speech he gave on radical islamic terrorism has been pretty well received and as a matter of fact, the monday speech on islamic terrorism, very well received, it was a set speech, teleprompter, kind of a selected, smaller audience and last night, he actually gave a speech to a rally-sized audience, but it was from a teleprompter, about a half an hour shorter than a usual trump speech and it was very focused on the issue of law order and and an appeal to african-american votes and got some very good reviews for it. >> are you saying that only way trump can make progress in the polls is to stay on message? stay on prompter? stay with prepared remarks? don't go off the cuff? >> that's certainly what a lot of people inside and outside his campaign are telling him. i mean, just remember last night, he does a speech, it is on prompter, but remember he always adds an aside here or there, but if he speaks 30 minutes less than he normally
1:28 pm
does, he gives himself a lot fewer opportunities to get in trouble. there were fewer digressions, you know, going down this alley way a alleyway, and that is somehtime how he's gotten himself in trouble. >> you are assuming he can be told what to do and he can hold himself in, but if you've ever seen him in a speech -- and i know you have -- he feeds on the crowd. he feeds on the ad lib, the comments from the crowd, the cheers from the crowd. he feeds on it, and that's how sometimes it gets himself into trouble. are you saying that he can't -- that he can nail himself down? can he do it? >> we haven't seen that so far. how many times have trump's critics and supporters asked is he pivoting now? is this the pivot and then it didn't happen. so he hasn't done it up until now, but i think there's bigger problem underlying what we're talking about, which is that trump's free wheeling style served him very well in the
1:29 pm
republican primaries, no doubt about that. he beat 16 other opponents as he tells us a whole lot. the question is does that style work in the general election? remember back in the primaries, the polls were telling him every day he's winning, what he was doing was working. now he's not leading the polls. he's significantly behind hillary clinton. the polls are saying what you're doing is not working. the question is, can he really change that style for a general election? >> look at this, myrin. this is donald trump in a meeting with the security people basically. is it a round-table situation, he doesn't look real comfortable. he's not dominating the meeting and he's not getting comments from the crowd and the circle around him. it doesn't seem to suit him, does it? >> no, it doesn't. and part of this is a billionaire problem. i mean, you're kind of used -- if you are one you're used to having people work for you. maybe they laugh at your jokes, and everything kind of focuses around you, but when you're a
1:30 pm
political candidate, you have to spend a lot of time listening to people, or at least appearing to be interested in what they're saying and sometimes he's had a difficult time doing that. >> okay most of the trump supporters i know, the hard core want it to go back to what he was. >> they do. >> they really do. >> byron york, thank you so much, appreciate it. coming up, tim kaine hitting the campaign trail today and saying everyone will be better off after they raise taxes. how about that? and here come the cause for a single-payer system after aetna pulls out of most obamacare exchanges. was that plan all along? and what would a single-payer system mean for taxpayers?
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hillary clinton slamming donald trump's tax plan today, but it's what her running mate said earlier that's really making waves. roll tape. >> we come out of the recession and we're growing, that's good, but the growth is going to folks at the top end in big financial institutions, wealthy individuals. we need to make sure they are paying their fair share and plow those other tax dollars into these programs and if we do, the very people that are going to pay a little bit more, the very institutions that will pay a little bit more, are actually going to do a lot better. >> all right. joining me now, gop strategist, lithe a booth, trump finance member, larry muci, and steve laser. to you, anthony, the theory is, he takes it from here, spread it around, everybody gets better off because the economy will grow, what's wrong? >> number one, it's never worked, the government starts to
1:36 pm
strangle the growth and the economy with the excess taxpatitaxatio taxation, he's saying we're 32 years away from the mondae-ronald reagan campaign. >> and lisa booth, what do you say? will we get growth if we take from here, and give to here, spread it around? >> no, i mean we've seen this under president obama. these are the redesignatiistrib policies that have led to hundreds of millions of americans currently unemployed that led to more small businesses going under than being created. americans are hurting right now because of these policies, and it's not just the rich that they're going to go after. hillary clinton as a senator said she would not raise taxes on middle class americans but she did. she voted to raise taxes on americans earning as little as $41,500, during the great recession so we can't trust anything that hillary clinton says. she will raise taxes on the middle class and as a result of hear policies americans are just
1:37 pm
going to continue to hurt as they currently are. >> all right. you're a democrat, steve laser w had seven years of 2% growth. in those seven years we've taken from here, spread it around, and we've only got 2% growth. make your case that everybody's better off if we do it again. >> somebody mentioned ronald reagan, so i have to say we have republicans trying to give attacks, giveaway to the rich, doing essentially nothing for the middle class, people making under $1 million are going to pay $70,000, $80,000 in taxes. >> i'm sorry to interrupt you. >> please, go ahead. >> the can questiquestion is no donald trump, it's what tim kaine said. he said you spread it around here, and we'll have growth. you can explain that? >> it's the wealthy corporations pay their fair share. >> he wants you to explain the 3
1:38 pm
policies. >> when wealthy people are paying a less-effective tax rate than middle-class working people, that's a problem. we've given so many breaks to the healthy. they have all of these loopholes in taxes and the average person under trump's plan, would get $100 -- >> stuart? >> lisa, come into the argument, please. >> have we gone mad? why wouldn't we want to go back to reagan economic policy? he saw on average 4.57 economic growth, we had 1.2% economic growth in the second quarter. the middle class is suffering, and the economy is not growing as a result of the regulatory state of president obama. so why wouldn't we want to go back on the pro-growth economic policies? that's a crazy argument to be made. >> we've been having growth for the last eight years under president obama. >> since 1949? >> i don't understand how you say that after we were losing
1:39 pm
800,000 jobs a month, negative gdp growth, and weren't creating any jobs under the president's administration. >> you come 24% out of a robust recovery, you strangle the private sector and made it impossible to grow. >> we're growing. >> and that's -- >> we have the longest expansion -- >> listen to the facts, steve. 1.2% now, we've never done better than 2% in the last seven years. it is the worst recovery since 1949. why should we keep on doing what we're doing now and expect different results? you've got 20 seconds. >> i'll tell you, the worst recovery is better than the best recession and that's what we had under george w. bush, that's what these policies would get us -- >> my gosh -- >> president obama's going down -- >> okay, everybody we're going to keep doing this for a long, long time to come. come back everybody, please. thank you one and all, we appreciate it. >> thank you, stuart. coming up a tweet bielen
1:40 pm
degenerous, creating an olympic size controversy. are we becoming far too pc? plus olympians loving mcdonalds in rio, and why they're having their free food allowance limited to 20 items at a time. what a story.
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ellen degenerous under fire for photo shopping an image of herself on olympian usain bolt's back. she wrote this, this is how i'm running errands from now on, very funny, while bolt did re-tweet her post, he thought it was funny. many on twitter were not laughing, accusing the kmidito n of racism, and saying i'm highly aware of racism in our country, it is the further effost thing who i am. and bringing in our strategies,
1:44 pm
paula, to you first s this just political correctness gone crazy? >> yes. she was talking about his speed, not his skin color. we all know it, people are so easily offended today, even without thinking about the context. ellen degenerous has one of the most in exclusive shows on television, who supports the charity, artist against racism, so she does not deserve the backlash and that is not racism. >> was any racism here? >> i'll tell you, liberal ellen degenerous has got a taste of her own medicine and i bet it tastes very bitter sincerely. this is questionable and her being an individual that is generally speaking the chief of the pc police, she should have known better because as some people noted some may perceive it as she's running on property. now, granted that's not the way that i would necessarily see it, but considering the fact that it's ellen degenerous, and somebody who continually makes comments about different people that say questionable things, it
1:45 pm
was the wrong thing for her to do. >> your community, louise? >> i think it's somewhat of a bit racist, usain bolt doesn't know racism? he's the guy in the photo. if he thinks it's funny, everybody should think it's funny. >> case closed. >> and he's the fastest man in the world, if he were white, she would have made the same statement. >> how is this for not being politically correct, three more towns in france banning the burkini. fran's prime minister supporting these towns and says the full-body swimsuit for muslim women goes against french values. louise, do you think the french are doing the right thing banning the burkini? >> i think the bikini, and the be berka, grossly offensive that say terrible things about women's bodies and say a woman's body is immodest and it's basically hate speech in a piece
1:46 pm
of clothing. would you allow somebody to go into inthe streets in a big t-shirt and saying i hate muslims? it's that attitude that leads to honor killings. >> i want to tell you a little background here, one of the bans imposed on these burkini followed a huge brawl on a beach between french people and immigrant muslim immigrants and it was about the burkini. the ban was put in place there because it was a public -- not a public nuisance, but it was causing friction in the community. do you think the ban was right? giana? >> i think the ban is appropriate but we have to look at it from our point of view. we're in america. in 1998 the u.s. congress passed a law which was the international religious freedom law, which put sanctions on countries that don't recognize religious freedoms and france is the most populous country in terms of there being a muslim population. i think personally, any be
1:47 pm
should be able to do what they want to do, but i don't think that necessarily we should have to ban or they should be banning folks from wearing something they want to wear. >> i just think they're missing the point. how does banning a bathing suit help fight the war on terror? they can secure their porus borders, and including their teens, the muslim youth that goes into terrorism does so because they feel excluded from the french culture. authorize a l there's a lot of things they could do. banning a bathing suit, thank you. >> they should exclude these kind of garnets and go against french laws of secularism, which apply in all religions, furthermore you don't need to wear this shroud to go swimming and you can smuggle weapons. >> it's like putting a band-aid on a bullet hole this is not fixing the problem. >> and i agree with that point. >> by demmiomestic terror by a
1:48 pm
large population. >> muslims objected to somebody taking a photography of this woman in this offensive garnet. if she dishes out offensive speech in her clothing she has to take it. >> that may be appropriate in terms of, there was some fights if you will. at the end of the day we must give people the right to wear whatever they want to wear. it's not up to us or up to the government to make that determination. that's why we have religious freedoms. >> that's america, not france. all right, everybody -- >> i know, but they should have religious freedoms, as well. >> thank you, everyone. good debate, we'll do it again. now bernie sanders, he is renewing his call for a single p single-healthcare system after t the aetna news. should talk payers watch out? .
1:49 pm
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1:52 pm
bernie sanders is renewing his push for a public option after aetna became the latest insurance company to exit most obama care exchanges. the author of "beating obamacare," betsy mccoy, she says, she's here, that was the democrat's plan all along. she's an informal trump advisor. what's the matter with opening it up? >> when you look around the world at what they call single payer systems where the government directly pays doctors and hospitals, that's what he's talking about, you have two things, long waits for treatment and very low cancer survival rates. that's enough to make most americans really pause, but -- >> well, how much would it cost? if you did the public option and if you want to buy into medicare, you can. what would it cost taxpayers? >> it's going to cost a lot and i'll tell you why, because most of the costs of obamacare has been hidden from consumers. the taxpayers are bearing the
1:53 pm
brunt. 80% of the people buying them get a subsidy up front so they're not paying the real costs. >> right. >> but even more than that, the sticker price is also misleading because the insurance companies on the back end are getting a lump sum payment once a year, also courtesy of taxes, right, so they can price these plans as high as the prices are lower than what's actually needed to cover the costs, and the reason the costs are so high is that the law requires that you sell these plans to healthy people and very sick people at the same price. well, 5% of the people in this country consume 50% of the health care. so most healthy people know, i'm not going to go in and pay that price. only the sick people sign up and that's why the premiums are going up, up, up thus the lump sum payments to insure them this
1:54 pm
year. >> how much are premiums going up on november 1st when i believe the premiums do go up? >> they're going up by double digits. 20% for the biggest plans in new york, 40% in tennessee and somewhere in between around the country. >> people will simply drop out even more. >> oh, yes. that's exactly what's going to happen. on november 1st when the exchanges open people are going to find very high premium, double digit increases, fewer choices of plans because the big insurers have left. >> all right. >> and bigger deductibles than ever. >> the deductibles will kill you. thank you very much for joining us. is olympic swimmer ryan lochte in extremely hot water? why this new security footage obtained by "the daily mail" may be a problem. we'll be back. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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it's in such high demand they're capping orders at 20 items a piece. all right. we've been telling you about this surveillance footage obtained by the daily mail and why it may be a problem for olympic swimmer ryan lochte. steve harigate is live in rio with the latest on that. steve? >> stewart, there's really two very different versions of this story right now. first, ryan lochte, 32 years old, six-time gold medal winner, he told nbc news that he and other swim team members, four of them in a taxi, were pulled over and robbed by gunmen posing as police. lochte even said a cop -- >> there, we've got a problem. now here's the story. ryan lochte, accompanied by other olympic swimmers, went out on the town. tried to take a taxi back to the olympic village. lochte said that the taxi was stopped by armed gunmen who robbed him at gun point. there was an interview with
1:59 pm
lochte where he shows the gun being cocked and pointed right at his head. he said he was robbed. there was some suggestion that maybe all was not well with lochte's story. for example, this surveillance video obtained by "the daily mail" which shows lochte coming through security going back into the olympic village. apparently he had with him various items which may have been reported stolen in the attack on him and he looks to be a little discombobulated if i can use that word. he's fooling around with his fellows there, and there is some -- there is some -- there is some question about whether or not that robbery actually took place. a brazilian judge says we want to talk to lochte some more. don't leave before we talk to you. he's already left. will this sink lochtees living room. there's the man himself. how about his endorsements now? we'll discuss that.
2:00 pm
that would be barney and company. we start at 9:00. we go through noon, eastern time that is. when we start, tell you again, tell you. "the five" is next. hello, i'm with kimberly guilfoyle. it's 5:00 in new york city and 3:00 in boulder, colorado, and this is "the five." donald trump is back in new york where this afternoon he 4e held a roundtable meeting on security and counter terrorism. he held his first classified briefing. this comes after a rally in wisconsin last night near the sight of the violent riots. trump outlined his law and order vision for america. >> i wear their opposition as a badge of honor b


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