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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 18, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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that is all the time we have left tonight. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here on breaking tonight, donald trump just finished a speech that was, well, different. it was a sign perhaps that the new guard at this campaign is moving the needle, or perhaps not. that is the big question tonight, what does it all mean? welcome to "the kelley file" i'm martha mccowan in for kelly. mr. trump just did a televised work session with terror experts and law enforcement and donald trump tower last night. and tonight an apologize, for those whose feelings he may have hurt during this campaign. but moments ago, in the toss up state of north carolina, he was back on convention message,
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thundering away at the establishment in this country, including the old guard in his own party, and of course hillary clinton. watch. >> i will never put a donor before a voter or a lobbyist before a citizen. instead, i will be a champion for the people. the establishment media doesn't cover what really matters in this country. or what's really going on in people's lives. it's the narrative of the people who rigged the system. never the voice of the people, it's been rigged against. so again, it's not about me, it's never been about me. it's been about all the people in this country who don't have a voice. i am running to be your voice.
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>> some political observers noting that the content of tonight had the -- a disciplined poll tested message. perhaps in party due to his brand new campaign manager, ken starway. to rain all over this idea and go back to the issue of the polls, i imagine. hello there, chris, good evening to you. >> no, ma'am. that was a good speech. it was on message, and i definitely heard the voice of his new ceo, i don't know, double ceo, they have so many layers, but steve bannon who came in this week, nationalism, pop him, with a message right at white working class voters. and there was a message, and you heard it there, that could have been a bernie sanders rally, that was ant republican message, that was a we're screwed and we know who's doing it and so we're
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going to go kill them, so that was a good message. >> and it was a also a change election message. it's kind of throw out the things that haven't been working the way they are supposed to. but when we heard him over the past few days before this campaign shake-up, i'm going to let trump be trump. it was a little bit of sort of an arrogance to that message, i'm going out the way i came in, and this is who i am. and tonight michael gooding wrote an editorial in the post today, saying, look, if that's what you're going to do and all those people who never voted in their lives and showed up to see you, in iowa and illinois and everywhere else. that's not a good thing. >> i think the best thing he did was use the word regret. when he said he never asked for giveness in his life, the deal
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for him was expressing regret for hurting people's feelings, he almost said he was sorry, that's important for politicians to do. it's especially important for a politician who's perceived as being too air gachblt. that was a signal moment, and if he keeps that up, he can improve those dire polls that he's swimming under. >> and you're right, it was not an apology, as i said in the introduction, and you know he never apologizes, but he said he regretted that he's put people's feelings. so also tonight, a big jup date from one of the country's most respected political analyst, is university of virginia's center for politics saying this morning that hillary clinton sits in prime position to win the white house right now. but our next guest says anything can happen over the next dozen weeks which is about how long we have left. from the center of politics,
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larry sabatsabato, put that up what we have started to see over the past couple of days. >> absolutely, what we have got right now is a hard base for hillary clinton of about 273 electoral votes. this is the first time that we have had her over that critical 270, which is what you need to be elected president. she got it via new hampshire. she got those four electoral votes because her base there has been rock solid, surprisingly so. even though trump had carried that in the primary, with a split vote. so 273 either safe democratic or likely democratic, now, what about the others? if you look at the leaning ones, which includes current polls that have her perhaps further ahead than she will be later in the campaign, you can get her all the way up to 348. 348. >> wow. >> that's a lot further along. i'm the first to admit, though, she's got problems in iowa,
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where she very narrowly leads, problems in nevada where it's either tied or she very narrowly leads. there's only three states she has to worry about. florida, north carolina and ohio. but you would much rather be in hillary clinton's position right now than you would be in donald trump. >> she seems to feel like she's in a very good place, there's stories that they're even backing off on some of their ad dollars. so it will be interesting to see what the impact of this change, don't know if we can call it that quite yet, but the -- >> the debates are key molts, but so are the unexpected ones. there are so many moments in a campaign, nobody can see coming. and luck is such a big part of
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politics and certainly presidential politics, and so there could be moments that rearrange, reshuffle the campaign. i'm going to be looking, though, not just for those unexpected moments, but for the moments that show donald trump maybe finally is listening to somebody like kellyanne conway, who perhaps can keep him more disciplined and focus on the issues like the economy and terrorism, that might just possibly under some circumstances get him elected. >> that's what makes it interesting. for you, and for us and for everybody what's watching this. larry, thank you very much. good to see you, sir. >> over the course of this past year plus, donald trump's positioned himself really as a nominee who refuses to back down. he often doubles down when he says something controversial. but tonight, listen to this. >> sometimes in the heat of
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debate, and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words. or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. and believe it or not, i regret it. and i do regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain. >> so bill bennett is with us tonight, he served as education secretary under president reagan, he's the chairman of conservative leaders for
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education. >> the midwestern people love that, they love to hear people say i was wrong, let's move on. he hit a note like that before, remember when he spoke during his acceptance speech, when he talked about evangelical christians giving them -- wearing the gown of humility occasionally. he wore it and then he went -- took it off and put his suit back on. but i think this is going to travel well. put in the context of the last three speeches, this is very strong. and i think he still has a very good shot at being president. maybe i've played too many team sports, but i don't know why so many people are abandoning the field. >> the numbers look rough. >> sure. >> and he really has never been ahead. when you look at sort of the long curve, of all these polls over the course of time. but you worked in the reagan administration, ronald reagan made a big turn around in the last several months of his
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campaign. are there parallels or is this more like romney, which in shakespearean terms would make donald trump upset. that ticked him up and may have motivated him big-time. >> the one person he does not like is mitt romney. i think in so many ways, remember the pundits said he had a 1% chance when he started his campaign. this has been a very unpredictable year. look at what the polls have don in the last few days, they have closed 1 point, two points, 3 points. anybody play sports out there? let's get behind this guy. a barrage of advertising, which he has not had his own advertising, in the battle ground states, while people with deep pockets are going to put ads on in those states and i think you're going to see a shift. but the most encouraging shift is from the candidate himself.
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remember one other thing, people have had 25 years of hillary clinton, they know who she is. people might now give donald trump a second look. look at that note he struck, he admitted he was wrong. and maybe people will come to the conclusion that someone who saysing? awkwardly is not as big a problem as somebody who's going to hurt the country indefinitely. >> who is the biggest group he needs to influence? who does he needs to pull over? is it suburban women worried about security? >> the center right, suburban women, but evangelicals, i understand he's going to speak at the family research council, that's a great audience for him. there are a lot of people in the middle and there are still undecided people. he does not speak to the never
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trumpers. some of my friends or former friends who suffer from a terrible case of moral superiority and put their own vanity and taste above the country. but he can speak to the problems, as he spoke to the problem in milwaukee, and he can speak to particular audiences, a lot of that milwaukee address was to black america. i think he can get 15%, 20% of that vote if he continues hitting that. >> bill, thank you, it's always good to talk to you, sir, thanks for coming by tonight. so team trump says there is another thing that voters should not be trusting, hillary clinton's support for police, and as she holds an event with law enforcement, right on the heels of one that he did as well yesterday, they have identical events, what's the message? we're going to talk to david wohl and julie laginsky, and
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after weeks of denial, the obama administration admitting that a $400 million payment to iran was indeed linked to the release of the
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the battle for the blue vote is holding up today as the -- her opponent held a similar meeting of his own, but is trump and clinton trade barbs over their support for police, critics are pointing to the
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dnc's decision to feature the mother of michael brown, the man the doj says attacked an officer and failed to mention law enforcement in any great detail until day three essentially of their evernt. national security correspondent jennifer griffin joins us live withmore on this tonight. >> reporter: campaign aides sell me this meeting with police chiefs was planned for months. hillary clinton has been walking this very fine line between supporting the black lives matter movement on the one hand, but also showing support for the police who put their lives on the line every day on the other hand. she was in new york today at the john j. college of criminal justice challenging trump's attempt to paint himself as the only law and order candidate. clinton met with eight police commissioners from dallas to camden to new jersey. >> i think supporting our police officers and improving policing go hand in hand. everyone is safer when there is respect for the law.
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and when everyone is respected by the law. >> reporter: yesterday donald trump accused clinton of being against the police in her support of the black lives matter movement. >> those pedalling the narrative of cops as a racist force in our society, a narrative supported with a nod by my opponent, shared directly in the responsibility for the unrest in milwaukee and many other places within our country. >> reporter: after the meeting with the eight police chiefs, retiring new york police commissioner bill bratton defended clinton. >> before, during and after the meeting i have expressed myself. i don't believe that the secretary is against police at all. i think she's fought for police. >> does donald trump scare you? >> i think that's me. >> earlier this month, chief bratton said a trump presidency gave him pause.
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>> mr. trump scares me, scares the hell out of me. the lack of depth on issues that the shoot from the hip -- i just watched his whole campaign and i just shake my head. >> most of the police chiefs today chose not to speak to the press because they didn't want to appear partisan. >> joining me now to talk about this david wohl, she's an attorney and a donald trump supporter and julie ginsky, welcome to both of you. good evening. i'm used to being on in the morning, but good evening to you both, because we're still here. julie, what's your take? because yesterday we saw donald trump at a large table with rudy giuliani and michael flynn and a lot of law enforcement and terror specialists listening to what they had to say. and it was a big show of law enforcement at the republican convention over the summer. and now hillary clinton seems to be wanting a piece of that
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support as well. >> i don't know if she's wanting a piece of that support, the last night of the convention when she spoke, she featured people who had lost loved ones in law enforcement. in dallas, where you had that awful, awful shooting. so it's not a new thing for her. but the big thing is, you can support the police, you can support what they do, and the fact that i put their lives on the line every day for all of us. but sometimes police take actions that are not necessarily proper or appropriate. what the best thing to do is bring both sides together to figure out the best way to enforce policing and prevent those kinds of things from happening. but donald trump is only an attack on anything that disagrees with what he says, including anybody that might have a disagreement with police. you can support both without
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having to cast blame on anybody specifically. >> when you talk about giuliani which is one of his top advisors who says time and again, when there is a bad cop, it's a rare situation in most casings, but that person needs to be prosecuted and in most of the cases that we have all talked about and covered so much, that's exactly what's happened. but what you have to be wary of is painting with a broad brush the people who are there to keep us safe. that is the broad criticism of hillary clinton in this story, david, and no doubt that's probably where you're coming from on this. >> it's a core critical american value, martha, i mean national security, personal security, the security of your family and that's what law enforcement provides. and frankly, when there's an officer-involved shooting, a high profile case, hillary clinton's default is to side with the bad guy. donald trump's default position
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is to side with law enforcement until and unless he's proven wrong. that's just so critical when it comes down to every american who wants security, who wants law enforcement to be on their side. and when i heard about hillary clinton's meeting with eight police chiefs today. she talked about the horrible mass shooting in dallas, and the mass shooting in baton rouge where cops were shot by a mad gun nan. she said there's work ahead to repair bonds of trust. so she's almost drawing a moral equivalency, between these mass murders and the cops that killed them. that's a position she takes far too often and that's a dangerous position, and i know a ton of cops working in the criminal justice system for 30 years, and i don't know one who's voting for hillary clinton. >> you assume that someone who
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got shot by a cop is a bad guy. >> i thought i said alleged bad guy. >> you didn't say alleged, you said bad guy, and that's a problem. >> i said alleged bad guy. >> we can go back to the tape. some new reports that two u.s. olympians are headed home after being questioned by police in brazil, but one athlete is still in rio and he is under threat of indictment. trace gallagher has the latest details on that. plus a sharp reversal by the obama administration saying the release of u.s. hostages by iran was indeed tied to the $400 million payment tired of re-dosing antacids? try duo fusion! new, two in one heartburn relief. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try new duo fusion. from the makers of zantac.
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breaking tonight, a major admission from the obama administration over the controversial payout to iran to get hostages back in january. here is the money reportedly wrapped in cellophane, delivered in an unmarked cargo plane to iran. it was handed over nearly the same moment, in fact they waited for this plane to arrive before they released 5 american hostages. that adds up to ransom. but the state department, under some pretty strong questioning today, admiral ron kirby
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basically gave that idea confirmation. >> in basically english, you said you wouldn't give them the 400 million in cash until the prisoners were released, correct? >> that reese correct. >> we did not pay ransom, we didn't here and we won't in the future. precisely because if we did, then we would start encouraging americans to be targeted. >> in moments we'll be joined by charles krauthammer, but first correspondent james rosen was in that room today and he has more from the department department. >> for weeks obama administration has maintained that this 400 million dollar payment to iran on the same day that iran was setting free 5 hostages was totally unrelated. now prodded by a second bombshell story in the "wall street journal," secretary kerry stated that they with held this payment with iran until the u.s.
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was certain our hostages were on their way home. >> obviously when you're in that 24-hour period and you already have concerns about the end game in terms of getting your americans back, it would have been foolish and irresponsible for us not to maintain maximum leverage. so if you're asking me was there a connection in that regard in the end game, i'm not going to deny that. >> reporter: but the state department insisted that the iran nuclear talks, this prisoner release, and this financial dispute call converged co-incidentally. >> there was no link between the settlement and the freeing of these americans, but we saw an opportunity to resolve these three separate pieces concurrently that were being resolved payment. >> reporter: tonight critics of the obama administration say the
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iranian regime will only be emboldened by this payment made by the state department. >> we now know it was ransom, and on top of that we put more american lives at risk and we now know that they are transferred that money into the iranian liberation guard core which is a terrorist organization. >> reporter: and the house foreign affairs committee will be summoning administration witnesses to his panel for hearings on this subject. >> charles krauthammer, fox news contributor and thinauthor of "things that matter." >> i think it's been obvious the the very beginning that it was ransom, it was obvious when the story broke just a few weeks ago, when one of the hostages said they were detained, they waited to be released from iran, until the money had arrived or at least the plane carrying the money had taken off. this was obviously a ransom,
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from the very beginning, it was just embarrassing for the administration and even for the president to have to deny it. it's almost as if for this administration, some words are magical and they can't be pronounced. let something terrible happen, radical islamic terrorism, you're not allowed to say that, the word islamic has some sort of magical property to it that if you say it, the world had changed. of course this was an exchange. we exchanged five jihadists in return for one of our soldiers, the bergdahl deal, we're exchanging money. other countries have done it. we have done it, we will do it in the future, they simply didn't want to admit it. but to me the iran scandal is the deal that was behind this, the one that was attached to it where we have had all kinds of instances of denials and lies and pretense in selling the deal
11:32 pm
to the american people, that will be with us for a very long time. >> it seems to me, this was sort of the end game in the whole thing, the final payoff, so they said we want our money, and we said, according to what we learned today, you know, we want the hostages, right? so why wasn't this a precursor to even sitting down in the first place. these people have been held for some time. we did stories on it, other news agencies did stories on it. their families were interviewed. why wasn't that the opening question? let these people go and then we will sit down and talk to you. >> i think you're absolutely right. when you think about all the things that we gave away, all the elements of the deal that we caved in on, inspection of the military facility, these notifications which are essentially a month long, et cetera, it goes on forever, the retention of their nuclear infrastructure, all of that was
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given away along the way. but the one that sticks out, the one that's the most obvious, the one that we should have begun with five years ago when the negotiations were even begun to talk about. if you don't release our guys, we're not talking. the iranians were in dire economic straits, the economy was in collapse, they needed us and we negotiated everything away, essentially for very, very little. >> and they were still holding people at the very end, and that was the last card they had to give back. and then they took the sailors a month later and that was a huge fiasco, so that opened the door for perhaps this to play out even further. this really reminds us all of what's going on in syria. let's take a look at this little boy whose name is omron.
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when i first saw this, i didn't think it was real, that orange background and that little child covered and he wipes his face and sees blood on his hand and wipes it on the seat as any child would do, and he's obviously stunned. he looks about 5 years ago. but that's the exact time period you go back to the red line, his entire life in aleppo has been spent in this kind of chaos and this kind of crazy bombing environment. he's okay, i want to point out. but what's in your mind about this today? >> the americans have to think, what was our this? this was the work of a savage regime that kills its own people. the saudis who support them. and hezbollah who are obviously in the fight and russia who have weighed in very heavily to protect the regime.
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but the united states have been the dominant power in the region, and we said in describing the horrible conditions, the atrocities, the crimes against humanity, that we described, we deployed, again and again, in very real, in very touching terms and then we did nothing, secretary of state delivered an impassioned speech on the eve of what was supposed to be our retaliation for the use of chemical weapons which obama has said that was his line, the ultimate line that could not be crossed. he gave an impassioned plea about how history is watching us, we can't turn away from this and we did. the same way that president clinton has said that the killing in rwanda, the carnage in rwanda is on his, this will remain with us for a long time. >> and history will be watching us and they continue to watch us
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and our behavior and the allowance of the hundreds of thousands of people who have died in syria and that president ass said that assad had to go. and breaking news tonight, two american swimmers detained in brazil are expected to return home to the united states tonight as we get new surveillance video of what really happened. and it's interesting. plus deadly flooding is devastating louisiana, with the president now coming under fire for not going to tour the damage and be with the people there, evangelical leader tony perkins is there with his personal story from the devastati energy is a complex challenge. people want power. and power plants account for more than a third of energy-related carbon emissions. the challenge is to capture the emissions before they're released into the atmosphere.
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exxonmobil is a leader in carbon capture. our team is working to make this technology better, more affordable so it can reduce emissions around the world. that's what we're working on right now. ♪ energy lives here.
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11,000 people are in shelters from the severe flooding in louisiana. president obama's response to the tragedy is being questioned. we go to trace gallagher in our west coast newsroom for more on the political side. >> many have argued that even presidents need some time to unwind, but critics, including the baton rouge advocate newspaper says if mr. obama can interrupt his vacation to attend a high end fund-raiser for hillary clinton as he did earlier this week, he can certainly find time to visit those suffering in louisiana. the obama said that baton rouge can count on his prayers and unwavering support. but an image of the president golfing on martha's vineyard butt side by side with some of
11:42 pm
the 14,000 people who were displaced by the flooding. compare that to 2005 when president bush -- at the time the media tore into president bush's decision not to land the plane and support the victim saying he lacked compassion. but now the media reasoning of no visit by barack obama it seems that presidential visits get in the way of emergency responsibilitiers and does more harm than good. the advocate disagrees, a disaster this big begs for the perm presence of the president at ground zero. in coming here, the president is decisively demonstrate that louisiana's recovery is a priority for his administration and the united states of america. so far there are no plans for the president to end his vacation early and no sign that he cares about the people on the
11:43 pm
ground in louisiana. >> the evangelical leader's east baton rouge, louisiana home looks like this, his home surrounded by 10 feet of water. that's when the decision was made to get in a boat and bring his wife and his fife children to safety. i'm sorry for what you and so many in louisiana are going through. >> thank you, martha, we are now dry and the water has receded here, it's still flooding in south louisiana and the process of recovery and all of the stuff that goes into that takes place. and there are folks on the ground doing that, we have got a lot of faith based organizations, one of the first calls i made was to samaritan's purse and they were here within 48 hours and they're now today helping people clean out their homes and begin this what's going to be a long process of rebuilding. >> in terms of the attention that's being paid to this, we, you know, are in the middle of
11:44 pm
an election cycle, there's a lot of focus on donald trump and hillary clinton, being in the middle of it, and we have tried to cover it as much as we can, we have been doing it pretty much in every show, but there's a lot out there, do you feel that somebody who's experiencing this firsthand, that people aren't paying attention and that the president isn't doing all he could? >> well, i think the president has a role, but it's a limited role. i was part of the relief effort of katrina, i remember the criticism that president bush received. he was here for gus gustov, we have had our share of storm here in louisiana. i have to say bobby jindal when he was here and sandled gustav and the oil spill, he responded as is appropriate for the government. the government has a role and it
11:45 pm
had a rightful role. one of the things the president can do is show that it's important. and that's why the criticism of george bush, took him four days, we're going on six days and we have not heard from barack obama. and it's important that the government prioritizes the needs of the people, and just by doing that, it encourages other americans to help out their fellow citizens. >> george bush said it was a big mistake to fly over, even given a presidential visit, it made more sense to land and show support. john bell says he believes it's not the right time and that the president should come in a week or two. so we'll see how all that works out. tony, we wish your family well and we know you're going through a tough time. >> i encourage people to pray for the folks of louisiana as they rebuild. so this tonight as well. another story that we have covered today, and has breaking news this evening, u.s. olympic
11:46 pm
swimmers threatened with indictment in brazil and one of them is still in the country and trace joins us once again with the background on that. plus trial attorney mike eiglarsh are here on the trouble facing these athletes and whether or not they should be banned from olympic competition
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test test.
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so dramatic new developments in the story of four american olympic swimmers who originally claimed to be robbed by gunpoint by brazilian police. but this is the surveillance video of what actually happened puppet's clear they twisted the truth and could face charges because of it. trace gallagher has developments on the story. >> fox news now confirmed that
11:51 pm
trooin lochte and jimmy feigen have been indicted for lying to police. only lochte and feigen were indicted because they initially spoke to the police. if the judge accepts the indictment it will result in a fine. if the judge does not accept the indictment, the matter will end. but we now know that ryan lochte's first account of what happened is riddled with inaccuracies. the taxicab was never pulled over and a gun was never put to lochte's forehead. the four swimmers stopped at a gas station, vandalized a bathroom and urinated on a floor. when they tried to get in their taxicab and leave, police say security guards with guns forced them out of the car and to sit on a sidewalk. police say a gun was pointed at lochte to contain him because he appeared upset and eventually the swimmers gave the guards money voluntarily to repair the damages to the bathroom.
11:52 pm
but lochte maintains if you pull somebody out of a car at gunpoint and take their cash, that's robbery. today the chief of the brazilian police acknowledge that the swimmers might have viewed the gun -- >> translator: the use of the weapon, maybe yes are maybe not. depends on the circumstances. >> the other two swimmers involved, bentz and conger are now at the rio airport about to fly back to the u.s. they might be airborne by now. jimmy feigen is still in brazil waiting on the judge's ruling and as we know, lochte is already home. >> that's got to be a little uncomfortable for jimmy feigen. here now mark eiglarsh and mike baco, a sports editor. thank you for being here. mark, s jimmy feigen should have been told by his buddy ryan
11:53 pm
lochte let's catch this plane out of here. what's going to happen to him? >> what should happen to these guys is what they do starting now. if i'm representing all of these guys, especially ryan, i don't have them walk to the nearest camera, i have him swim as fast as he can and apologize profusely. to spin this any other way, would be wrong. he apologizes. >> and you think it's over. and feigen, do you think he's going to be on hi way back home? a fine is the worst thing that can happen to him? mark? >> i'm sorry, you're asking me? >> sticking with the legal side, what's the worst that can happen to feigen at this point? >> the worst is the heavy fines. they're upset. the world is going to point
11:54 pm
their finger at the united states and say it's indicative of the way we behave. which it's not. heavy fine wills be live leveed. >> it's too bad that tarnishes it. how bad is this for the future of their careers? >> lochte is the only one that has a future career as an endorser. he's got some endorsements right now. it's hard for him to look into his endorsement future and think that any company would want to partner with him. but if you're a brand as an endorser, you want someone like michael phelps, katy ledecky. you don't want ryan lochte. this is reality star turned almost olympic embarrassment. >> can he fix it? >> i don't get that. they're sticking by him?
11:55 pm
wait a second. we've established now that he was involved in some vandalism, he lied to law enforcement, he lied during two interviews. they're all about having athletes that have squeaky clean images. this is the opposite of that? now they're sticking by him? i find that to be unusual and short sided. >> these are brands that don't want to make even more headlines. they're probably embarrassed that they're having to make comments and statements. the fact that ralph lorauren ma be standing by him, we're not going to see lochte in any of the ads coming forward. >> apologize, move on, say thank you to brazil. it can go a long way. we're going
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thank you for watching tonight. this is "the kelly file" and
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i'll see you tomorrow morning on america's newsroom. have a good night everybody. see you early in the morning. take care. welcome to "red eye." i am tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the tease desk. >> coming up on the big show brazilian police say u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte lied about being robbed at gunpoint. looks like the sweet ralph lauren uniforms were not the only things fabricated at the olympics. and they want employees to stop using the word man. sucks to be those dudes. and up -- euber will test -- uber will test self-driving cars. it is called get rid of the jobs we just created. >> thank


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