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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 19, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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miss an episode of "the five." that's it for us. "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. we're getting reports right now out of rio de janeiro that american swimmers ryan lochte and james feigen have been indicted for falsely claiming they were robbed at gunpoint over the weekend. steve harrigan is live in rio. good evening, steve. >> reporter: shannon, keep in mind that the six-time gold medal winner ryan lochte is already in the u.s. that's not the case for the other three swimmers, including james feigen. he's still here in brazil. his passport has been seized, and now he faces possible charges on filing an illegal police report, a false report. such a charge could carry three years in prison.
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the activity of four u.s. swimmers between 4:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. sunday has become a headline for troubled olympics and the cause of a diplomatic dispute between brazil and the united states. six-time gold medal winner ryan lochte first told nbc news that he and three teammates were robbed at gunpoint. >> guy pulled out his gun, cocked it, and put it to my forehead. i put my hands up, i was like, whatever. he took our money, he took my wallet. >> reporter: then the details changed. the gun was not held to lochte's head but pointed in his direction. their taxi was not pulled over, but he now says they were robbed while stopped at a gas station. brazil police tell a different story entirely. they say there was not a robbery, but a dispute between four drunk americans who trashed a gas station bathroom, then tried to leave without paying for the damages. gas station surveillance video
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shows the four athletes enter the bathroom, gas station employees come to the door, then the athletes exit the bathroom, get in a taxi and try to leave. instead, they are ordered, possibly at gunpoint, to sit on the curb. >> translator: at this exact moment, what the police can confirm is there was no robbery. in the way that it was reported by the athletes. they were not the victim of the criminal facts that they described. the police can already confirm this. >> reporter: ryan lochte left brazil before a judge ordered his passport seized. two of the swimmers, gunnar bents and jack conger, were seated on board a flight to houston wednesday night. police removed them from the plane, interrogated them for four hours and seized their passports. now the three are in brazil, unable to leave the country as the interrogation continues.
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they are not under arrest, and have a brazilian lawyer. earlier today, rio's police chief said he didn't see any reason why the three american swimmers still here in brazil need to be held any longer, now that they've given their testimony. but with this new indictment, that could change. shannon? >> steve harrigan live in rio on a very quickly developing story. thanks, steve. and it's a busy news day. another fox news alert for you. a stunning reversal, the obama administration now admits that it timed the secret release of $400 million to iran to the release of americans being held captive in that hostile nation. senior u.s. officials still do not concede what many have concluded that the exchange of money for hostages meets the very definition of ransom. chief washington correspondent james rosen joins was the latest from the state department. good evening, james.
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>> reporter: good evening. it was rough sledding for spokesman john kirby today. prodded by a new report, the state department admitted that the secret payment of $400 million that the u.s. made to iran in hard foreign currency in january contrary to the obama administration's previous denials, was directly linked to the release of five american hostages being held by the islamic regime. that the payment was withheld until the prisoners were on their way home, even as officials continued to deny that the transactions amounted to ransom. >> wen you're inside that 24-hour period and you have concerns about the endgame in terms of getting your americans out, it would have been foolish and irresponsible for us not to try to maintain maximum leverage. so if you're asking me was there
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a connection in that regard at the endgame, i'm not going to deknow that. >> reporter: the payment marked an installment of $1.7 billion, interest included, because washington feared that iran would win a much larger amount in international courts. but officials insisted the cash payment and the release of the u.s. hostages proceed along separate tracks of diplomacy. administration officials from the president on down have noted that the white house disclosed the reaching of the financial settlement with iran at the time. >> it wasn't a secret. we were completely open with everybody about it. >> reporter: yet today, the state department admitted that its 11th hour decision to withhold the cash until the americans were freed had been withheld from the government. >> i would certainly grow that this particular fact is not something that we've talked about in the past. >> reporter: congressional republicans have maintained since the story broke that if
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the payment wasn't an instance of ransom, it looked to the world like one. and the new details only hardened that vow. >> it was ransom. we now know it was ransom. on top of that, it put more american lives at risk. and we've emboldened iran. we've encouraged them to take more hostages and put more american lives at risk of being taken hostage. >> reporter: when i asked john kirby if there was anything in the article to dispute, he wouldn't point anything. hearings will be held on the subject. >> james rosen live at the state department tonight. thank you very much for that. let's get more now on this cash for hostages arrangement. all right, rick, this story has changed again slightly today. what do you make of it? >> well, look, i think it's something that we've all known and it's good that john kirby
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was able to come clean and acknowledge the fact that this all happened in an immediate time frame. the wall street reporters did a very good job of staying on this story. i think that they pigeon holed the state department, or at least those people in the administration that faced the reality of what's going on. too many people inside the separation were able to say, look, it was something that we did as a quid pro quo. we wouldn't release the money until these individuals were set free. that's a ransom. whether or not the political people at the white house want to maintain that it wasn't a ransom, they look silly. anyone who tries to pretend this wasn't ransom is just denying the facts. look, the important part here is what do we do going forward? this is not good for americans overseas. there's now a price on their head. we have this example from the
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bowe bergdahl situation where the obama administration swapped five taliban members. what our enemies are concluding, north korea and others, are saying if we have an american, we can get something for it. whether it's cash or prisoners, and that is a very terrible fact to look at. and i think it's a low point. >> rick, all along we've been told these were not related. today, it sounds like the timing was coordinated so this payment wouldn't go out until the hostages were released. now we're hearing that house and senate members are talking about having hearings over this. do you think there will be any consequences? >> i think we have gotten to the bottom of it. we know exactly what happened now. in terms of consequences, the consequences should go towards the political folks, the ones who are still denying that this happened. that's where i think the punishment can come down from the american people, from congress. look, hillary clinton, this is going to relate to the
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presidential race, because hillary clinton says it wasn't ransom. donald trump has clearly said it is and he won't put up with it. i do think that the american people will be able to see the difference here in how we go forward. how is policy going to be affected this the future. are we going to be able to do these things hillary clinton says she'll continue and donald trump says we're stop thing. we will not have any more ransom. the people will get to choose the future leader. >> thanks, rick. the state department is being cued over that edited press briefing footage where james rosen questioned officials about the secrecy in iran. judicial watch is asking for all records connected to what happened. this image is getting global attention tonight. it is of a 5-year-old boy rescued from a bombed-out
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building in ssyria. it has now been five years since president obama first called on syrian leader bashar assad to step down. the u.s. and russia will try again next week to work out a keel. kevin corke has more. >> reporter: his name is amrad, just 5 years old. the victim of an air strike in the syrian city of aleppo. the pictures are difficult to look at, even harder to imagine. but his is the face of war. a reminder of the collective failure in syria, and how little u.s. policy has done to stop it. the picture comes on the fifth anniversary of the day that president obama issued a statement about syria that read, in part, for the sake of the syrian people, the time has come for president assad to step aside. that was 2011. the same day then secretary of state hillary clinton said this -- >> the transition to democracy in syria has begun, and it's
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time for assad to get out of the way. >> reporter: then a year later, almost to the day, the president famously declared -- >> we have been very clear to the assad regime, but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my calculus. >> reporter: while it's uncheer what changed in the president's calculous, it is clear that his red line meant nothing to the assad regime, which is alleged to have used chemical weapons on the people of syria. in the years since, policy has alternated between military action and attempts at peace dialogue. critics believe syria is the latest in a series of foreign policy missteps by the president, including in iraq, where troop reduction led to the rise of isis, to the leadership
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vacuum created in post gadhafi libya, to the response of russia's annexation of crimea. >> the united states can't fix syria, never could, never did. and with syria, it will go down as the poster child of president obama having policies in his head that were fine but on the ground make no sense whatsoever. >> you shouldn't take anything away from what i'm saying that we're standing by, uncaring of the suffering of the syrian people. >> reporter: shannon, i want to give you an update on the little boy you saw there. there are reports that his entire family survived that air strike. obviously our thoughts and prayers with all of them. this ahead of a u.n. report expected next week to attribute the use of chemical weapons to the assad regime. >> just knowing that little boy is just one of hundreds of thousands living in the midst of
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that situation. back overseas, 14 people are dead in a series of bombings in turkey. officials are blaming kurdish rebels. two attacks are car bombs that hit police stations. the third was a roadside device. russian president vladamir putin is expected to visit crimea tomorrow. he's said to be massing troops along the border with ukraine. many in kiev feel an invasion is coming. putin annexed crimea two years ago. back here at home, president obama's top homeland security official is in louisiana today to view the historic and devastating flooding there. hello, casey. >> reporter: shannon, good evening. homeland security secretary jeh johnson got an up close and personal look at the damage today. he says there are currently 950 fema agents on the ground here in louisiana. and he says there are an additional 750 on the way.
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those agents working closely with people on the ground to assess the damage, sign them up for federal disaster assistance, and help arrange for temporary housing. more than 86,000 people have already registered for individual assistance from the federal government, according to state leaders, some 90% of flood victims do not have flood insurance. so initial expenses are all out of pocket. officials say the recovery here will take months and months. many residents we talked to are angry over president obama's handling of the disaster, that he's remained on vacation and not personally come down here or even made a televised statement. today, secretary johnson tried reashowsuring the people of thi state they have not been forgotten. >> i will be briefing the president on the situation that i see here. at some point very soon.
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he's getting daily briefings and caring greatly about the people of louisiana, and on behalf of the president, and myself, i want everyone here to know that the federal government is here. >> reporter: for context and perspective of how widespread the damage is, look at these before and after photos of denim springs, louisiana where we are tonight. just hard to imagine, at least 90% of the homes and businesses went under water. things are slowly drying out in this community, while others to the south slowly watch water levels continue to rise, as everything makes its way downstream. shannon? >> casey, thank you for the update. he calls himself the law and order candidate. and today, donald trump tried to reinforce that by talking with and listening to law enforcement
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officers in north carolina. as the campaign continues to shift its strategy in hopes for a win in november. chief political correspondent carl cameron reports from the tarheel state. >> we just went down to the range and had a little shooting practice. >> reporter: trump reportedly shot an m-4 rifle in north carolina. where he held his own discussion with law enforcement officials. >> i have great respect for your courage and you. >> reporter: in this battleground swing state, a poll shows trump trailing hillary clinton by nine points. he held two fund raisers today, one in charlotte and one at lake norman. north carolina is one of five key states where trump starts airing his first tv ads tomorrow. the initial $5 million, 10-day ad run includes ohio, florida and virginia. clinton has spent tens of millions on advertising for months now. trump's corporate attorney
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denied his boss is trailing. >> you guys are down, and it -- >> says who? >> polls. most of them. all of them. >> says who? >> reporter: in fact, pollsters have shown him internal surveys making it clear he needs to get on track fast or risk defeat. a day after steve bannon replaced paul manafort at the helm, trump will use a teleprompter at his rally tonight. previously he only used them for policy teachers, saying they would not work in his large rallies. trump aides say his tv ratings went up the other night, so he's doing it again. he also tapped respected gop pollster, strategist kellyanne conway. she doesn't mince words on trump's need to step up his policy game and curb the name calling. >> the message has to be about issues.
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i would rather lose a campaign substantively than win a campaign based on style. if this is about style, he can go back to "the apprentice." >> reporter: the trump campaign is open about his use of teleprompters, but they have asked the network pools to keep the device out of the picture. shannon? >> carl, thank you. up next, was the clinton foundation the latest victim of a hack attack? first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 32 in chicago, as the police superintendent recommends the firing of seven officers involved in the shooting death of black teenager laquan mcdonald. one officer is facing a first degree murder charge. video indicated the suspect was not threatening officer jason van dyke before he was shot 16 times at close range. fox 45 in baltimore with an outpouring of support for the mother who famously disciplined
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her son for participating in last year's riots. now they are homeless because of an accidental grease fire started by the boy. a go fund me page has already raised nearly $50,000. and this is a live look at las vegas from fox five. a civilian pilot was injured when he crashed. he ejected before the plane hit the ground. that is
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hillary clinton's trying to fight off claims from donald trump that she is against the police. she met with several top law
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enforcement officials today in new york. we've got fox team coverage. catherine herridge tells us why lawmakers can't make sense of the material given to them. but we begin in new york with jennifer griffin. >> reporter: good evening. well, ever since the dallas police shooting, hillary clinton has had to walk a fine line between supporting the black lives matter movement on the one hand and supporting police who put their lives on the line on the other. today, she was in new york at the john jay college of criminal justice. challenging donald trump, hillary clinton met with eight police commissioners from los angeles to dallas to camden, new jersey. >> i believe supporting our police officers and improving policing go hand in hand. >> reporter: yesterday, trump accused clinton of being against the police. >> those peddling the narrative
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of cops as a racist force in our society, a narrative supported by a nod by my opponent, share in the responsibility for the unrest in milwaukee and many other places within our country. they have fostered the dangerous anti-police atmosphere in america. >> reporter: after meeting clinton, bill bratton did not repeat his earlier allegations that a trump presidency scared him. >> i don't believe that the secretary is against police officers. >> reporter: does donald trump scare you, sir? >> he doesn't scare me. >> reporter: earlier this month, the chief said trump gave him pause. >> mr. trump scares me. scares the hell out of me. the lack of depth on issues, the shoot from the hip, i just watched his whole campaign and i shake my head.
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>> reporter: the clinton campaign released a new ad today in which it asked what donald trump is hiding by not releasing his tax returns. >> i'll produce my tax returns, absolutely. >> what is your tax rate? >> that's none of your business. >> reporter: so what is the difference between clinton and trump's tax plans? trump's plan is to eliminate the estate tax for estates worth more than $5.5 million, which would give his family a $4 billion windfall according to clinton, who plans to raise the estate tax to 45%. clinton would not change the corporate tax rate. trump could cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%. mark sandy, a republican economist, whom the clinton campaign likes to quote, says that the trump tax proposal would cost the u.s. taxpayer nearly $10 trillion over the next decade. shannon? >> jennifer, thank you. republican lawmakers are complaining tonight about access
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to the fbi files on the clinton e-mail scandal. catherine herridge is here. good evening. we have a lot to cover. let's start with breaking news about the clinton foundation. >> reporter: the clinton foundation will no longer take foreign donation it is hillary clinton is elected president. this comes after the governor of pennsylvania said the foundation should be disbanded if hillary clinton wins in november. >> that seems like a very direct response to some pointed criticism or advice. we also have this news about a potential hack of the foundation. >> the clinton foundation has hired a leading cyber security firm to investigate whether they have been hacked. hackers take a suspicious link or attachment, they send it to you on e-mail, you open it, and they use that as their gateway
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to plant malware. >> and there could be another picture. >> there's evidence that these hacks are connected and part of a larger intelligence gathering operation, and it looks like it began with the dnc, which was also the victim of a phishing campaign last year. once the hackers get inside a system, they get a foothold and use it to island hop to new networks. so the dnc and the clinton foundation. >> also some controversy now, because members on the hill, gop members, pushed the fbi to release notes and information about the clinton e-mail scandal. but they're saying they're having trouble with what they have received. >> that's right. the fbi files went up to the house and some committees on the senate. and they're heavily redacted in terms oh of the notes, and the summary of hillary clinton's interview at the request of the cia, because there is still top secret intelligence in those
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e-mails. and the chief investigator in the house, which is the chairman of the house government oversight committee, he doesn't even have the appropriate security clearance to read these notes from the fbi. so when the clinton campaign says release the documents, we want the public to see them, that's suspect, because that information remains highly classified. >> thank you so much. good to see you. by all accounts, the senate race in north carolina is one of the closest of all the november contests. the republican incumbent supports donald trump and the democrat is being compared to bernie sanders. here's a look at the matchup tonight from charlotte. >> reporter: by all measures, north carolina is a battle ground state, choosing obama in 2008 and romney in 2012. republican senator richard burr, who is in a tight re-election race, says he's not worried about recent polls that show him in a dead heat with democrat
1:29 am
deborah ross. he says his opponent, a former head of the north carolina aclu, is out of touch with north carolina values. >> there's a huge idealogical difference between my opponent and myself. she's left of bernie sanders, and i'm consistent with where the people of north carolina are. >> he's voted to allow cuts to social security. he's voted to give tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas. those are not north carolina's values. >> reporter: north carolina made headlines with hb-2, it's so-called bathroom bill, which has served as a rallying cry for social conservatives and the lbgt community. patsy kiever, chair of the north carolina democratic party, says this and the state's voter i.d. law, which was struck down by the fourth circuit, will drive moderate republicans and independents to her party. >> i think a lot of those voters will look at the democratic party and say this is the party that is helping us as businesses. this is the party that's not
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discriminatory. >> reporter: professor john dynem says these issues will drive voters, but it's unclear which side benefits most. both candidates are relying on presidential nominees to create enthusiasm. >> they're determined, particularly in presidential election years, by what happens at the top of the ticket. >> trump brings to this race a lot of people who had felt disen gauged from the election process. >> reporter: trump has visited three north carolina cities in the last ten case and clinton is blanketing the airwaves with ads. north carolina is among 18 states that have never voted for a democratic presidential nominee and republican u.s. senate candidate during the same election cycle. shannon? >> very interesting. we'll have to see. jonathan, thank you. the obama administration is phasing out the use of private prisons. a deputy attorney general is
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instructing officials to not renew or to substantially reduce upcoming contracts with the companies. an inspector general's report concluded that private facilities are less safe and secure than those run by the government. an industry spokesman tells the washington post that conclusion is wrong. the idea that democrats wanted obamacare to fail all along so they could achieve the real objective of a single payer system is no longer just conspiracy theory. many see the scenario playing out right now. >> reporter: aetna out. humana out. united health care, out. three of the nation's top insurance companies say they are significantly scaling back their participation in obamacare. >> right now, just about every health insurance company in obamacare is losing money. there are very few exceptions. and they're not losing a small amount of money, but losing huge amounts that are not sustainable. >> reporter: a long-time supporter of government-run
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health care bernie sanders et said -- >> reporter: sanders says he will introduce a bill to create a system where the government directly pays for health care. the u.s. health care system is a mix of government programs and private insurance. in the government-run obamacare exchanges, customers buy insurance from a private company. the administration maintains the obamacare exchange also continue adding customers who will have sufficient, often government subsidized insurance choices. officials say these markets are still young and will stabilize. however, with rising premiums and large insurance companies withdrawing, insurance executives and academics are already discussing ways to fix the exchanges.
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conservatives generally want to relax obamacare insurance regulations and allow companies to offer cheaper plans with fewer benefits. some liberals want to increase insurance subsidies or allow more to participate in government health care. >> it's not likely in 2017 that either party will have the votes they need to do what they want, to pass single payer or repeal and replace obamacare. so we're going to have to focus on more incremental changes and the regulatory regime in obamacare. that's what is realistic here. >> reporter: every year, insurance companies must request proposed rate increases with government officials. they're doing that now. meaning customers should know if their premiums are increasing and by how much around the time of the election. shannon? >> that timing is interesting. rich, thank you very much. uber says passengers in pittsburgh will soon be able to catch a ride in self-driving cars. the company says it will have human backup drivers in the autonomous vehicles. riders who will allow the car to
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drive itself don't have to pay. a judge rejected a lawsuit brought by uber drivers who claimed they were entitled to employee benefits. the judge ruled that the settlement was not fair or adequate for drivers. the dow closed up 24 points today, the s&p 500 gained five. nasdaq finished ahead 11 1/2. up next, the obama administration says still that the cash for hostages to iran was not ransom. but it does say there's a connection. the panel on that's coming up. plus, hillary clinton's redacted fbi files andp?p?h
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we have a policy that we don't pay ransom. the notion that we would somehow start now in this high profile
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way and announce it to the wo d world, even as we're looking into the faces of other hostage families whose loved ones are being held hostage, and say to them that we don't pay ransom defies logic. >> in basic english, you're saying that you wouldn't give them the $400 million in cash until the prisoners were released, correct? >> that's correct. >> okay, that was the president back in august, and the state department briefing today. okay, let's bring in our panel, steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard, adam keefe, charles hurt, and charles krauthammer. steve, i'll start with you. not using the word ransom, but making a more direct link between the payment and the release. >> ransom, a consideration of pay demanded for the release of someone from captivity that's what happened here.
1:39 am
it's a ransom. we've known it. the administration basically admitted that it was a ransom today. what i think this points out is just how dishonest the administration has been, and not just parts of the administration. it wasn't just the state department, it was the white house, the pentagon, others, who have repeatedly insisted there was no relationship between the payment of this money and the release of the hostages. it was obvious to everybody at the time that's what happened. i think it's more obvious now with this admission from the state department. kudos to james rosen for continuing to ask these questions. you wonder if the administration would ever admit this if not for reporters like james. >> they continue to say there were different, separate tracks. yes, the exchange may have happened at the same time, but connected to different payments and grievances that were due. can they maintain that or does it get lost in the conversation? >> of course it gets lost in the conversation, all of this stuff does. they may have been separate tracks because there was 40 years of pent up disagreement and lack of conversation that
1:40 am
had to be worked out. this plus growing concerns that this administration maybe hasn't shown as much compassion for the victims of the flooding in hah, because the ongoing e-mail stuff, this is the way -- this is one of the only ways the republicans may find a way to pick apart hillary clinton in the coming weeks, just pointing out legacy issues from the obama administration that she was involved with in the early days. this is the kind of thing the democrats fret about, that these types of issues will come up and take in as a whole are going to cause problems for them going into labor day and beyond, as the voters pay more attention going into november. >> members of the house and the senate today, charlie, are talking about potential hearings on this ransom, not ransom payment. i want to read you what senator tom cotton had to say today.
1:41 am
>> that's what is really terrifying. it's not just the despicable lies that get told, and they're utterly shameless about it. all along, they've said that president obama has said they've been open about all of this. they've insisted there's no linkage between the two. shameless, shameless lying all along. what's really terrifying about it is it has real world consequences. that is that iran is emboldened. fin who wants to snatch americans are emboldened to do that. i think it sets our stance against paying ransom for hostages back decades. i thought one thing that was so interesting about that interview at the state department where john kirby, when he was asked, and twice now reporters have
1:42 am
resorted to saying look, can you speak english here, we need to talk english here. the question was, this was ransom, right? and he looked down, and he couldn't even look and say yes. >> i noticed that, too. >> and probably will go away as far as they're concerned at this point. >> charles, you're chomping at the bit, i can see it. >> i'm almost amused. this was so obvious on the day it was announced that it was ransom. all of us have seen movies on the night it was announced, we talked about this. there was no question about it. i think i remember saying these guys are not paid enough, the spokesman, who have to look in the camera, and this time he couldn't, because it was so embarrassing. of course it was ransom. a set of cars drives up at one end of the meadow, you've got the hostage, the bad guys have
1:43 am
the money, the exchange happens. we know that's what happened. the real issue is not that we did ransom. people know that and we do in a lot of disguised ways. and we did a prisoner exchange with bergdahl for example. it's that they lied and they lie shamelessly and they lie when the lie is uncovered. that's what is so scary. and they lie about the entire iran deal. this is the tip of the iceberg that's associated with the iran deal. every item on the iran deal that we were promised, we've been holding the line on x, y, and z, they lied all the way through and the deal is shot through with denials, with all kinds of statements, and we are going to suffer that. that's going to be a lot worse than anything that comes out of this ransom payment. >> new details every day. next up, the latest on hilla
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it's always been highly classified. the clinton campaign would seem to want to let the public know that it's oh, it's only just a few and it's not that bad. but the sensitivity of the material is such that even i, as the chairman of the oversight committee, the chief investigative body, i don't have the proper security clearance as a member of congress to look at this. well, it goes to the nature of how this very sensitive material, material that puts people's lives in danger, was out there in the open. and you can't do that. >> we're back with our panel,
1:48 am
and that was jason chaffetz saying the information the fbi provided them was so redacted that it was hard to tell what was going on. so that speaks to the fact that there was a lot of classified information she was dealing with. >> absolutely. but for him to say, even i can't look at it, look, he's the chairman of the oversight committee. there's only ten people on capitol hill who sit on the intelligence committee who are allowed to see the most sensitive stuff. if you would like to see the most sensitive stuff, she should become chairman at some point. i get it. they're concerned about this. it remains a very serious concern to a lot of people, and it should be, because she was the nation's top diplomat. and she conceivably will oversee a federal workforce that gets punished for handling far less sensitive information.
1:49 am
but the argument he can't look at it is too much. >> her campaign is saying if it's going to leave the justice department, it should all be released. but if all we have is black lines on a page, that doesn't help the rest of the stuff. >> she's not being truthful, shocker here, because it's not going to be released and she's saying that because she wants to -- it's a vintage clinton sort of bait and switch where they say please release all this stuff, we want to be open and transparent with the american people, which they don't. but i also love how the first time the clintons get upset about classified material being leaked was last night, john pedesto was claiming about the notes by her getting out into the press. >> let's talk about the clinton foundation, there's news on multiple fronts about a possible hack that's being investigated
1:50 am
and news breaking tonight that they won't accept, if hillary clinton is accepted president, won't accept foreign or corporate donations. donned off. this is what the boston globe said today. as long as the clintons are public office or seeking it they should not operate a charity, too. the clintons themselves seem to realize that. the clintons should move to end donations to the foundation and plan to shut it down in november. even if they have done nothing illegal. the foundation will look like a conflict of interest for comfort. >> they are absolutely right. the fact that the clintons would announce they would not take this or that donation is irrelevant. they need to shut it down. they should have been shut down at the beginning. it is a kind of a react. it's a place. it's a holding pen for clinton ink. it's a way to bring money in to launder it and to push it out into the hands of their hangers oners. that's what it's done. it's been extremely effective. but, you know, how many times do you have to occupy
1:51 am
the white house? if you do it twice, you know you're going to have a comfortable retirement. you don't need. this the idea that they are going to keep it going even if the donations are small and non-corrupt and the people who give it are not leading misogynistic regimes is irrelevant. you can't be taking money if you are president, end of story. you liquidate it you give the money away. haiti apparently needs it give it to haiti. >> and much, they say, has been given to haiti. there are questions about how some of that was spent. >> give more of it. >> charles says give more of the money. on the campaign trail, steve, both mr. clinton and and -- both mrs. clinton and mr. trump. a few days after mr. trump said she doesn't like police or she is not on their side. that is now a center of conversation. at least for this week on the campaign trail. >> it's interesting to watch her. i think what she is trying to do is run sort of a traditional campaign here. she is trying to make -- put
1:52 am
people at ease, republicans and independents who don't find her honest and trustworthy, that's frankly very few people do. she is trying to put them at ease on a policy level. so she is trying to steal some of donald trump's thunder. he has been very strong about law and order issues. supporting law enforcement. and she is trying to do the same thing. meanwhile, trump, it's not entirely clear what trump is trying to do. he is not following the traditional sort of post primary plan. he hasn't done anything that's traditional to this point. he instead seems to be moving to the right in the primaries to i don't know where with the recent campaign changes yesterday and then the kinds of things that we are seeing from his campaign. campaigning for a day, an event in connecticut and now apparently he is going to be doing one in mississippi. so he is campaigning in a state that he has no chance of winning and campaigning in a state that he has no chance of losing. it's hard to sort of make heads or tails of what he is doing at this point. >> this week some people said that speech he gave on
1:53 am
law and order was his best and good issue for him and stick to it. >> it's a base motivator. it's something that plays to his strengths and his ideas of how a president should comport itself. the irony though is most of the people like the ones that mrs. clinton met with today, those are the leaders in the law enforcement community expressed a lot of concern about him becoming president. can i just return real quick? >> if you can do it in 10 seconds. >> yes. the foundation speaks to the fact of the idea of bill clinton being the first first man is under reported and under explored scenario and one we all should be spending more time thinking about as the potential for another clinton president comes. >> cornucopia. >> he says he wants to be called the first laddie if it happens. not lady, laddie. we will let the panel say on this huge scandal blowing up with team u.s.a. swimming team. they will way
1:54 am
1:55 am
just for you, a special mini panel because we couldn't leave without corresponding the swimming scandal. rio's civil police say they have indicted ryan lochte and steve false communication of a crime punishable by a fine or one to six months in prison. a judge still has to decide whether to accept the indictment if it's excepted. highly likely that the swimmers would only be fined pause they are first time
1:56 am
offenders. the reason congress garr and bentsd won't be indicted because they never spoke to police before today. lock teokay with that all laid t for you go to the panel. steve, what do you make of this which i saw being described today as international incident. >> i don't care. honestly i don't care at all. >> this is going to be interesting. the american media will spend the next several at as obsessing about this as they have for the last. >> all day today. >> obsessing about a possible lie by an olympic swimmer about $50 worth of vandalism. meanwhile, they won't spend hardly any time on the obama administration's persist test repeated lie about how, when, and why the u.s. government paid 400 million in ransom to the world's leading state sponsor of terror. if you want to be depressed about the state of america and american media that's a reason. >> the iran thing happened this afternoon, right? >> the lochte thing happened
1:57 am
sunday. >> that's partly why the media is talking about it? >> let's talk monday and see what's gone mor -- gotten more r time. >> i agree it's important. >> an indictment is important? >> yes. this is why certain corners of the world take real umbrage with the united states in general. here we are, we are a fantastic athletic power. we cleaned up. and then a guy like this goes and does what he did. this is part of what feeds a lot of that. and this is not helpful in any way. >> yeah. and charlie, of course, rio did not want any more bad publicity after contaminated water and all the other issues they have had, they are going to fight back on this, and clearly if it's -- you know, falsified, then they should. >> yeah, sure. but, you know, who knows what happens to ryan lochte, maybe he loses all his endorsements. if he does, can he run for president or get a job at the state department. >> false police report to running for president. >> lying apparently is the only requirement to get a lot of government jobs
1:58 am
around here. >> charles? >> i would say to steve, relax. [ laughter ] >> as you sometimes do. the guy can swim but he can't sink the one thing he doesn't know is what we all know a coverup is always worse than the crime. you bust up a bathroom because you are drunk, pay the man, go home. and wish rio goodbye. >> then there is just the fashion crime of the hair that we don't have time to discuss. i suspect you wouldn't want to weigh in on that either. all right. thank you for watching "special report." we want to bring you all the news. i'm shannon bremen. good night from washington. next up with all the news of the day "on the record" coming to you live. >> it is friday, august 19th. this is a fox news lart. two american swimmers heading home to rio after being questioned by cops. one is left behind to face the
1:59 am
budge. brand new video that proves their robbery claims were a lie. >> i do regret it particularly where it may have caused personal pain. >> the president golfs with larry david. outrage grows. >> stop accepting donations only if she is elected president. too little too late? we report, you decide. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> we made it. it is friday.
2:00 am
almost the weekend. you are watching "fox & friends first" this friday morning. >> i am heather childers. thank you so much for starting your day with us. two of the u.s. olympic swimmers linked to the rio mugging scandal are heading back to the u.s. >> they boarded a flight bound for miami late last night after giving statements to police. >> they fil criminal charges against fellow teammates ryan lochte and feegan saying the robbery story is a lie. >> here's the headline this morning from the new york post. liar, liar, speedo on fire. the swimmer version of the story is a brand new story. jimmy fegan is giving a


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