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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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with a bonus show. an orca whale tossing a poor sea turtle around. now here's harris faulkner in for. she. >> there is something different about donald trump. the man who says he does not like to regret anything for the first time says, he regrets his comments that may have caused others personal pain. his mission as trump takes a rare black frontal humerales and instead seeing first hand the flood damage in louisiana, and behind the scenes more changes. trump's campaign chairperson, paul manafort, has resigned and just the past hour his deputy, rick gates, also moved on. we're told to to the rnc, manafort roz departure follows reports of close ties to
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ukraine. trump said this morning paul manafort offered and i accepted his resignation from the campaign um i'm very appreciative for his great work in helping to get us where we are today. paul is a true professional and i wish him the greatest success. a force tells fox news, trump was fed up with manafort trying to get him to change his tone and pivot to a general election campaign. under trump's newest campaign leadership we are already seeing a difference in the republican nominee. watch. >> sometimes in the heat of debate, and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words. or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. [applause] and believe it or not, i regret it. >> from the cheers in thursday the hall to social immediate a ya that was his rally last night
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in charlotte, getting a lot of attention. he appeared disciplined and on message. trump's tour of the flood damage in louisiana comes after two feet of rain have fallen there. at least 13 people have died. some 30,000 rescued. thousands more in shelters. so from a presidential candidate, on the ground, at an american disaster zone, to critics of the sitting president who said mr. obama should have cut short his summer vacation to go to louisiana. louisiana's democratic governor says he does not want the president there, though until the crisis has calmed down. we have team fox coverage. carl cameron is live in michigan where trump is set to hold a rally. first, let's go to casey steagall. and trump is on the ground there. >> reporter: mr. trump and governor mike pence were on the ground for nearly four hours today, quite a bit of time.
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they covered a lot of turf and they talked to a variety of different people, from volunteers, to home owners who have lost everything. their first stop was the greenwell springs baptist church where they met he reverend frank frank graham of samaritan's purse, and pastor tony perkins, crowds cheering upon their arrival and the republican presidential nominee had this to say. listen. >> it's a great place. i've had a great history with louisiana. they need a lot of help. what's happened here is incredible. nobody understands how bad it is until you go and see it. i'm just here to help. >> the motorcade driving along streets and multiple parishes filled with piles of furniture and other belongings, lost in the flood. talking with people with only the clothes on their back, like in denim springs, 14 miles east of baton rouge, where officials estimate 90% of the homes and
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businesses in that single community sustained damage. mr. trump also stopping off to thank national guard troops. some 3,000 soldiers have been deployed here to help. many victims say they are thankful for the visit and the attention it is bringing to this disaster. >> casey, thank you very much. team fox coverage now continues with carl cameron live in michigan where donald trump is headed number. let's stay with louisiana if we can for just a second. i realize president obama only has a few more months in office but the g.o.p. nominee making it to an epic flood aftermath with the sitting president yet to perforate his vacation to go there, and now a short time ago hillary clinton calling louisiana's governor to show her support. how does this shake out politically? >> reporter: it's not kind of a competition and a race for who can get credit for being the most compassionate. donald trump gets credit for getting there first. hillary clinton gets credit for
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responding and calling the democratic governor hover the state, and he has said he would prefer that she not come and the president not come because it causes a lot of consternation and confusion and extra work for all of the volunteers and all of the folks dealing with the cleanup. but donald trump made the decision last night. we were actually in north carolina and the trump campaign confirmed to us that he was going to make a change of his schedule and has postponed today an event with hispanic leaders in new york city in order to make this trip and is now in route to michigan. an hour and a half ago the line went more than a quarter mile down the parking lot and into the street for people looking forward to the event tonight. as for the optics in television, it's a tough one for president obama, he was on a vacate and didn't make any effort to go down there. yesterday he was golfing with the comedian larry david, and the trump campaign was keenly aware of that, and as he was wandering through the streets of the devastated towns in
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louisiana, at least one woman said, thank you, i'm glad you're here and glad you didn't go golfing and trump was heard to respond, well, somebody and is probably shouldn't be. so, that gives you an idea of how this can play out in terms of an accusation that president obama can float a response. if you go back some 16 years, it was george w. bush who was accused of being too slow to respond to katrina, and of course, louisiana is always in the flood zone of the gulf so this is something that politicians are well aware of on both sides of the aisle and-quick to criticize one another when they don't respond quick enough. >> i was read about louisiana's joblessness, unemployment to 6.3. greater than the national average. fled july the fourth largest number in the category in all the states. the only worse ticking up the line was alaska, with 6.7. so there you have a person on the ground there responding. the candidate, donald trump, who also can talk about jobs.
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you heard casey steagall talk about how many hours he spent on the ground. now donald trump changing campaign litership. the paul manafort resigned and his deputy, gatees, moved on to the rnc. what will bev the immediate sign the changes are better. are they looking for a bump in the polling or what? >> reporter: we have seen some of the changes. virtually every day this week, trump has held an evening rally, and for the first time in his 14 months of being a presidential candidate, at rallies he used tell prompters -- teleprompters and there was an immediate reflex in the press and he has stayed on message, he has avoided a lot of his ad libs that have gotten him into trouble but he was concerned and said he would never use teleprompters at rallies because the audience wouldn't tolerate. they wonted the fireworks and the bombast and the spontaneity
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that trump brings when he is speaking awful the cuff. that has not been the case and as we saw last night in north carolina, when he expressed his remorse for occasionally having said things that i would may have caused pain to others, he was applauded for it by a very, very conservative bunch of republicans in charlotte. even his most ardent supporters, who appreciate his bombast and his tell it like it is no nonsense kind of rhetoric, recognized that now it's no longer a race to be the toughest republican in the g.o.p. primary. now it's a race for the undecided voters. swing voters. conservative democrats who might be looking at trump. republicans. the never trumpers who might be thinking maybe it's not such a great thing to be supporting hillary clinton anymore. in order to do that, historically candidates get oust their primaries having won the nomination and then court the undecided with a slightly moderated, if not modified, tone, and we're hearing that from mr. trump. he has been very aggressive all
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week in courting minorities. last night he made several direct appeals to african-americans, saying that democrats have, again, been sort of betraying and exploiting and holding them down for decades and have nothing to lose by supporting donald trump, and as he said, he'll do great job for them, particularly in the inner cities. so these are -- this is the type of rhetoric we did not hear during the republican primaries at all, and trump recognizes that running against hillary clinton requires courting those voters and he has begun doing that. now, in the case of steve banon, the former breitbart executive running the campaign, he is a fire-breathing conservative and will be more of a behind the escapes message coordinator. this new rhetoric is very much part of kelly an conway, the pollster who is titled campaign manager's way of doing business. she is a conservative pollster, working with men and women but her specialty is dealing with male consecutives --
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conservativetives and helping them court female voters. it's also worth noting that this is not the first campaign shakeup for the trump campaign. he started out with his head person, corey lieu want are -- lewandoski campaign manager, loon do you skiff was fired. manafort was brought in as campaign chairman. paul manafort got in trouble in the press, a lot of attacks by democrats for reports that between 2007 and 2012 he ahead clients in ukraine who were tied closely to the pro russian party there. this has raised questions about whether he appropriately disclosed his income and how it was disbursed amongst different companies and in the u.s. that type of distraction is one that eric trump said donald did not want to have. some while manafort submitted his resignation and it was accepted, for all intents and purposes this is another example of donald trump firing the apprentice. things weren't going as well as
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he would like and he brings in new people. >> there's a trend there. whether it's on television or behind the scenes, as you point out, and moving forward, he says that is the way that he is kind of done it on the job. you put people in place, see what works out, keep moving. carl, we know now why we call your campaign carl cameron because you're so good it's. we appreciate it. a senior advicer to the trump campaign will join me live on the deck next. i want to talk about what is happening behind the scenes and how they will measure whether the changes are working. and breaking news on this friday this dangerous zika virus has spread to south beach florida, a warning going into this -- well, only a few more summer weekends left, going into this busy beach weekend. what anyone headed to miami needs to know. stay close. picking up for kyle. here you go. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing?
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donald trump is not only shuffling his campaign staff, he also seems to be shake upping his strategy a bit. so, is this the start of so-called pivot in that others have said they're looking for. joining me now is boris epstein, adviser for the trump campaign. year seeing things come to shape. how bill you know the changes are working? >> one measurement is the speech he haas just given this week, going from monday in youngstown on national security, tuesday, law and order, then putting it together yesterday. wonderful speech that was personal, talked about policies,
12:15 pm
talked about why hillary clinton cannot be president. so, really putting it together, a. >> one thing we're seeing is hi put people on who can help him do the task at hand, and sometimes that doesn't work out. it didn't with lewandoski, and it apparently with paul man na fort. do you know what wasn't working with paul manafort? he had a big job. he got hmm through the convention. >> and he got his job done. right? when mr. -- >> always baked in he would leave? >> that's not up to me to answer. the bottom line is he got mr. trump -- got donald trump the delegates needed. donald trump secured more votes than ever in the history of the g.o.p. primary and obviously the nominee and speeding toward victory in november. the key is the candidate and that's what we should be
12:16 pm
focusing on. >> the timing, too. we're in the middle of august, and critics say, why isn't he pulling it together soon center that's a fair question. >> sure. donald trump is an agile leader, a visionary, a vision for the country, and implementing that vision. he is a businessman, looking at every opportunity that is out there, pulling together the strongest team possible. kelly ann conaway, ands outside examiner business woman and they have known each other for a long time and is part of his campaign a while now. steve ban non. a strong team. >> bit with bran common not a politician, do you anticipate more change going down the road? >> we're not focusing on staff changes. we're focusing on the message. the message of national security, of the economy. that's what people care about ask that's white the reaction was so positive of the speech. mark cuban and others were positive about the speech.
12:17 pm
>> you watch the answer on that, you're on the ground at a place ahead of the sitting president. that gets to be a win-win if you will for maybe even the people of louisiana if he can talk about the anemic job situation on the ground. you mentioned their word agile, every leadership conference i have been to talks about the agility of winners and how that it works out. how is it working behind the scenes, the speech writing, getting ready for the teleprompter in that is a pivot. when you dad afternoon a teleprompter before. >> it's a development. you have southeastern donald trump develop -- >> does he seem comfortable? >> absolutely. i thought yesterday's speech was a top of that. a combination of using his teleprompters and his own personality that shines through that people are so attracted to and relate to. >> all right. so, this next question may make you a little bit uncomfortable. but i want to talk about vetting people on the campaign, too. all you had to do is going al
12:18 pm
little bit about paul are manafort's past and ukraine would come up. >> the vetting is strong. this is not about any one issue. this is about the campaign and keeping all the focus on the message that donald trump is putting out there, and the message of national security, defeating isis. the economy. the blight of inner cities, something you have not heard republican candidates address in a long time, or the democrats for that matter. and that's what we're fully focused on as the campaign. >> i say may make you uncomfortable because you have not been there and who knows how much they shared. if you had to -- i'm sure as a senior adviser you do this -- give donald trump today, today on this friday, a little bit more advice, what would it by going into the weekend where the expectations now are very high? >> let's take yesterday. take this week, and run with it. run with it for 80 day decide. >> do you think he can stay on
12:19 pm
metage? , i know he can and will. he will be the how -- authentic candidate. you'll see the donald trump fully focused on winning and not winning for politics. he is not in louisiana for politics. he's there because he people of louisiana want him there and the leaders have been talking about it. our president played golf with larry david, "curber enthusism. "donald trump was in louisiana. he is a true leader. >> will the dollars flow. >> theman money has never been an issue. hillary clinton has been the presumptive nominee for two years because she rigged the democratic primary, donald trump has been the nominee for a month. everything is begin fog work and we'll inwin on november 8th. >> there are some bernie sanders fans-under cheering. somebody understands their pain. thank you very much. the feds now telling pregnant women to avoid miami beach. the florida governor announced
12:20 pm
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breaking this afternoon, the zika virus is now spreading in march beach to a pop layer tourist area. florida governor rick scott made the announcement today. health officials in florida had previously identified the single neighborhood of wynwood, north of miami, where mosquitoes are spreading the virus. the feds are warning pregnant women not to go there at all. officials found five cases in miami beach. scientists sigh zika can cause severe birth defects, phil connecticuting in miami beach. we have seen the pictures of the
12:24 pm
babies and as this moves in now the cdc is telling pregnant women not to go to south beach. only have a couple of more weekends in summer and then you have hurricane season, which mosquitoes will burst into existence. >> reporter: it's been raining practically every afternoon in miami-dade county, and going to last through november, and so that is prime breeding ground for mosquitoes. so now the cdc, having two neighborhoods in miami and miami beach identified as two plieses -- places where pregnant women should never come and this zone number two, ocean drive, and eighth street, at the famous news cafe, past the art deco hotel buildings, up to 15th 15th street and beyond. the second area now in miami-dade county declared pregnant women should not go, but mosquitoes locally are actively spreading zika. canvassing south beach now, multiple mosquito control teams,
12:25 pm
driving mosquito eggs, killing pellets into all areas of standing water. local businesses, hotels, restaurants, bars and shops on the beach are also all now receiving free mosquito spraying if they ask for it, and a lot of those businesses in fact are. back live. here is wet willy, the second floor up there, which is always packed, and you can see this is the hot, hot days of summertime, parking, you can't get a spot, very crowded and packed, and people walking up and down, seems like the zika concern is minimal but unless you're pregnant, if you do get zika, symptoms only last a week and are relatively mild. >> well, i mean, pregnant and then planning to be pregnant is the warning as i understand it. what more do we know about the five cases in miami beach? >> well, all contracted zika here on the beach. three are men, two are women,
12:26 pm
who are local for miami-dade county. the other three were tourists, one from new york, one from texas, and one from taiwan. the beach itself continues to fill up. the last friday weekend in florida before school starts and this is the sand that tourists flock to from around he world, spending $24 billion a year. now, across the bay in wynwood where news trucks and reporters have been broadcasting zika stories for weeks, a warning for south beach. business owners there say the zika emergency has killed their business and revenues. down 50 to 90%, and some may even go out of business, leaving miami beach city leaders cautiously optimistic. >> look around, people running by, riding bikes, filling the restaurants. they don't seem to be considering this as dawning as others. obviously there's a concern. if this expands.
12:27 pm
>> reporter: if it does expand into even more locally transmitted cases, the news will only of course get worse for this economic juggernaut that is miami beach. much of the county budget depends on all the tourist dollars that come in here and some restaurants along ocean drive, even though ocean drive has yet to be identified with zika, prior to today, they are already down 20%, 25% in their business revenues in june and july. >> wow, quarter, a huge tough of change. a tough balance. you have to balance all the people coming to your city, those who live there such a popular area, along with the health concerns there, and can't downplay at all what it's like to be a pregnant woman or one hoping to be pregnant. we had athletes that cancelled going to the olympics and the dangers of zika. so it's a tough balancing act, and we'll continue to conch it as it happens. thanks, phil. >> there's word hillary clinton claims she god at vice about using a personal e-mail system
12:28 pm
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some of you will love this story. some of the biggest technology companies on the planet are now making it their mission to crack down on robocalls. the recorded phone calls from a telemarketing company or scam artist. according to the fcc bone row calls -- robocalls are the none one complaints and now tech companies on the list there are joining the u.s. government to form what they're calling a robocall strike force. they say they hope to come up with ways to block in the unwandded phone calls including a new call-under i.d. rule. they plan to submit a report to the fcc in october.
12:34 pm
>> hillary clinton told the fbi collin paul advised -- colin powells ad her how to you a server. and reports secretary powell gave the advice to clinton as a dinner party hosted by madeline albright. shortly after clinton became secretary of state. representatives for secretary powell say he does not remember having that conversation. but they say powell and clinton had an e-mail exchange about the issue. his office released a statement to fox news, reading, in part, quote: he did write former secretary clinton an e-mail memo describing his use of personal aol e-mail account. for unclassified messages and how it vastly improved communications within the state department. at the time there was no equivalent system within the department help used a secure state computer on his desk to manage classified information. "the new york times" reports the e-mail exchange may be in the fbi's files from its
12:35 pm
investigation into clinton's e-mails. the agency give congress a summary of his interview. jennifer, interesting details and a completely distake on at least an e-mail and some conversation that may or may not have happened. >> reporter: that's right. what is noticeable here -- what is notable here is that when colin powell was secretary of state there was no unclassified e-mail system. that's why he used his aol account. that was not the case once clinton became secretary of state. and separately in terms of the clinton foundation, just one day ago we learned that the clinton foundation, which the justice department has declined to investigate for so-called pay to play arrangements announced if secretary clinton is elected president, bill clinton will step down from the foundation and no longer give paid speeches and the foundation will stop accepting donations from forge governments and corporations. however, there's still more opportunity for the clinton foundation to accept donations at a two-day global initiative
12:36 pm
event in new york in september, following the annual u.n. general assembly when many world leaders will be in town. >> it's my understanding that secretary powell under no shape or form had a unsecured server in his home. correct? >> reporter: absolutely. >> so this is completely different. >> reporter: a conflation of two different things. he used an aol account, the state department didn't have an unclassified system. this is years ago when e-mail was not as prevalent. so, he chose the aol but didn't have a private server. that's a big difference. >> jennifer griffin, thank you for clarifying that and the report. we appreciate it. let's bring in our panel now, tony, a republican strategist, and a strategist on the democratic side. also host of "the filter" on sirius xm radio. i saw you nodding is a brought up the point these -- he
12:37 pm
actually both agreed on this point -- that powell would not have had an unsecured server, home are-cooked version in the basement and then another one -- he didn't have that but she did. >> he made it clear, he used a private e-mail to have nonclassified discussions. he didn't host his own server in which government was not able to have access or protect any classified corporations. this is part of the laughable hillary defense she tried to use so often and always blaming former secretaries of state. as we learn -- because she suggested they have done the same thing but at fbi director comey explained very clearly, no one had ever gone to the unprecedented step of having their own server. in fact, what she did violated the obama administration protocol on how to archive and house and secure information. regardless who what powell told her, he had no authority on the matter. the obama administration did and she violated that protocol. >> it was my understanding that
12:38 pm
she would have actually read through and signed a document that she understood the principles of protecting classified information are, and i see you nodding. you're the democrat at the table but apparently -- >> i'm not going to defend and e agreement she had with the obama administration. the reality here is i think what is happening is we're trying to spin a story that won't go away and it's a story that most americans understand how e-mail works today. in 2004 i'm each was a very different situation, and the rules at the state department were very different. since 2004, since 2005 when colin powell live the state attempt the resumes are more complicated and the rules around classified information and win us you don't set up a separate server in your basement. it's simple. the problem is right now that we're in the middle of this election and investigations continue. the u.s. attorney in new york just announced he will be
12:39 pm
investigating the clinton foundation. so if these e-mails show conflict of interest or pay to play situations that's where the e-mailed get out of controlful right now democrats don't care and independents don't seem to be carrying about the e-mail story. >> you say the story won't go away. we're approaching mid, late august, why point it go away? i understand there are other investigations that keep popping up like weeds in the garden. but aside from all of that, what is it politically that is so perilous for hillary clinton even when independents and democrats say they don't care? the story won't go away. >> the legality is what is politically perilous. if this becomes another investigation -- >> are you worried. >> i don't know anything about the investigation because it's very tight but i think what i'm worried about its this drip, drip, trip continuing and republicans have over in ammunition, even though donald trump and hillary clinton have a wide -- a wide margin in the polls, in swing states in ohio
12:40 pm
and florida that can make a difference. >> huckabee was on today and said that if republicanned had not had a 14, hour long hearing with her, on the hill, itch it had been one hour and had not given democrats the come on board and say and i love this and i love this -- so if they had stuck to holding her feet to the fire with might by in a different place. >> the clintons are experting at basically overexposing their scandals to the point where people are tired of talking about them and that's howl they navigate themselves out of being complicit in what is by all kind of accounts something that very least is shady, and we know it's shady, they just announced that if she is to win the clinton foundation will no longer take corporate donations and will no longer -- >> not going to close. >> -- foreign governments but the point is, this is an admission that it creates an impropriety and appearance of impropriority that is too much to bear. if it was too much to bear if she were to be president. how about the fact she was secretary of state? this should have been done a long time ago.
12:41 pm
>> an excellent question. here we are on a day in which people are talking about and critics are saying donald trump keeps firing people and you have a woman who quite possibly should have fired some people who put her in jeopardy as secretary of state if they in fact were telling her it's okay to have this in your basement. we'll come to your house and help you set it up. don't think anybody really thinks that colin powell went to her house to hook that up. was brian pagliano. when you look at this, it begs the question, who did she have working with her? who was advising her? >> i think it extended -- i agree that democrats don't particular live care, although the macro point has been made that she is untruth bury and not on but this -- untrustworthy but this issue can impact independent voters who may not care today -- donald trump right now has refocused squarely on this issue. he smells blood in the water and realizes the clinton foundation particularly in connection to what came owl from director comey's final report with the
12:42 pm
serve ex, are enough of a case to make to show that hillary clinton has done things shoot disqualify her from being president of the united states and disqualify her from being trusted with national security secrets. >> wright now when trump is attacked tortoise are his on conflict of interest with paul manna forth and general flynn who had relationships in russian and ukraine and just distracts iron from his own problem, serious problems, where you have foreign interests into our government and can feed goo something that is a bigger beast with a drip, drip, drip, and going to continue to come out. >> notwithstanding whatever is written or has not been written about paul manna for and others, trump was never under investigation by thefish. that seems to be something only she can check off. >> this is. no donald trump being influences by foreign powers. this is the -- in the case of the clintons it is hillary clinton. >> good to see you both. thank you very much. can you believe it's already -- just like 80, 79 days away?
12:43 pm
>> 85. >> chapter two on ryan lochte. he apologized today after employs in rio called his robbery story bogus. although he isn't exactly taking back all of his claims. up next, the latest on the u.s. swimmer's scandal, including why lochte says he is sorry. and what one of the men has to do before he can come home. it's a lot of money. when this busy family... a cracked windshield... ...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks. with safelite you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! thank you. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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this just into fox news. the white house has just confirmed president obama will be heading to baton rouge, louisiana, next week. he'll see the last flooding disaster up close. as i mentioned to you earlier, president obama has been under building criticism for days now for not cutting short the first family's summer vacation on martha's vineyard. the pressure built again today
12:47 pm
as donald trump toured some of the damage four hours on the ground, meeting with victims of the flooding. louisiana's governor gave some cor, democrat. he said he did not whatnot in fact president obama to visit until the worst of the crisis is over. now the white house says president obama will visit the disaster zone that will happen on tuesday. the flooding happened after about two feet of rain hit parts of louisiana in a very short period of time, 13 people dying and flooding related deaths. 30,000 people rescued by the national guard and others. the white house statement, the president today, directed his team to coordinate with louisiana officials to determine an appropriate time for him to visit and together he says they have determined that the president -- they say will visit baton rouge on tuesday, august 23rd. some questions had been he could have flown over now. we know when he'll be on the ground. we'll keep you up to speed. so next, some of the biggest technology companies -- let's
12:48 pm
move on to ryan lochte. he says he is sorry. he is the american swimmer who originally claimed he and the olympic teammates were robbed by guys with guns and a police badge. lochte says huh now apologize for not being more careful and candid in describing what went down. he never actual live says he flat out lied. he posted his, sorry, story on emotional media. police in brazil said he and his fellow olympians were drunk and trashed a gas station bathroom and made up the story. lochte says it's traumatic to be out late with your friends in a foreign counsel true and have a language barrier and have a string 'er pound a gut at -- point a gun at you and ask for money before you can lead. he said he has learned valuable lessons from the entire thing and as for his team pates, job
12:49 pm
conger, gunner bentz, arrived in miami today. a couple of nights ago you may know police pulled them off a plane bound for the united states, so their attorney says the two had nothing too with lochte's account, and jimmy feigen's lawyer says he is going to donate money, more than 10,000 u.s. dollars. it's not clear where the money will go. and he'll be allowed to leave brazil today. steve harrigan with the news in rio. what's the reaction there to lochte's apology? >> reporter: it's not been a favorable reaction here so far, harris. there's actually been two apologies, one from the united states olympic committee to the people of brazil and causing a distraction, and secondly, ryan lochte's only apology issued from the u.s. on instagram and apologize for a lack of candor and take angst away from the
12:50 pm
other athletes. we have seen crowds of brazilians odd the police station where the u.s. swimmers were interrogated. angry crowds shouting "liar, liar" and the mayor of rio says he accepts the apology bulls he has pity and contempt for the american swimmer. >> what is next for all the swimmers? i mention that feelingen has to pay this fine and two that are back home. what happens next? >> reporter: out of the four swimmers, three are now in the u.s. and as you mentioned, feigen is still here and has to pay an $11,000 fine they say is going to children's charities here in brazil. assuming he is going to get his part and be -- passport and be able to travel. two of the u.s. swimmers arrived in miami, one day after being pulled off a plane in rio by federal police and interrogated. so all four should be back soon. they won't face any criminal charges but could be facing lengthy suspensions from the u.s. swim team.
12:51 pm
back to you. >> firefighters making progress against a huge wildfire just outside of l.a. but for many homes, it's too late. we'll update the numbers for you and take a look at the devastation. stay close. here at outback, it's the big steak & crab bash... you get half a pound of sweet, snow crab legs... ...paired with our new, tender,center-cut sirloin... hurry in... the outback steak & crab bash starts at just $ 14.99... bloomin' great! at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
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finally firefighters are making progress as day attack the huge california wildfire by air and on the ground. their blue cut fire started tuesday, about 60 miles east of los angeles. heat, high winds spreading the flames fast. they now cover nearly 60 square miles and at one point fire officials ordinaries more than 82,000 people to evacuate, many of them have no idea if their homes are still standing. as firefighters across the west deal with new wildfires popping up in the hot weather, along with ones that continue to burn,
12:55 pm
they're dealing with that. will carr is live in los angeles. a huge fire season, will. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. today is the first day we're getting an understanding just how widespread the devastation is. at least 96 homes have burned. at its worst, more than 80,000 residents had to evacuate. half will be able to return today to see what is left. the good news is the fire is now 26% contained. the bad news, it's burned almost 60 square miles and residents there dealing not only with the fire but also with looters. at least three people were just arrested for trying to steal a truck. >> they're evil. they take a tragedy like this and turn it into a benefit for them and that's not fair. i must say when i left my house, i don't remember if i left the door unlocked. so you don't think -- you're not thinking about somebody breaking in. >> reporter: there are at least eight major wildfires burning in the western united states right
12:56 pm
now. the majority are being fueled by the drought conditions, especially those that we have here in california. >> oh, will, thank you very much. we'll be right back. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. on this day in 2004, google went public. the cofounders met at stanford university. larry page was considering a ph.d program and sergei brent was showing them around. they found each other quote, obnoxious as first and still soon began working on on internet search engine together, initially using the name "back rub" and latele settled on "google." turned out it turn into one of the biggest companies on the planet and if you invested $10,000 in google stock in 2004 it could now be worth nearly
1:00 pm
$160,000. a pretty penny for a stock that launched 12 years ago today. fun to be with you on this friday. when news breaks out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything. your "your world" now with stuart varney. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. we knew you'd be here, mr. trump. >> we knew you would be here for us. glad you on playing golf. >> terrible flooding in louisiana but residents were cheering today as donald trump arrived to tour the damage first hand. the president, under pressure to do the same and it appears he is listening. welcome everyone, i'm stuart vanney in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." to kevin cork on martha's


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