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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 20, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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this is a fox news alert. i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. hillary clinton will have to answer questions about her private e-mail server setup under oath. a judge ruled today that clinton must respond to written questions from the conservative group that is relentlessly dogged her over the e-mail scandal. the director of investigations at judicial watch says, quote, judicial watch will get clinton under oath regarding the setup of her outlaw server, something no other person, organization or agency has been able to do, to date. this will explain the why, the when and how the server was set up and whether the goal was to avoid her e-mail correspondence from becoming public. clinton spokesman brian fallon calling it just another lawsuit
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intended to try to hurt the campaign. we'll have more on that story shortly. but first, for the second time this week a major change at the top of the donald trump campaign. paul manafort has resigned as campaign chairman over some consulting work. this comes as trump attempts to pivot under his newly installed management team and actually expresses regret for some of the things he said. trump spent this morning surveying the flood damage in louisiana. chief political correspondent carl cameron is in michigan. a big trump rally right now. good evening, carl. >> that rally just wrapped up. it has been another intense day for the trump campaign. his campaign chairman stepped aside as he scramble ed his schedule to take a look flood ravaged louisiana. trump pushed hispanic roundtable in new york till tomorrow to tour louisiana's devastation, comfort the victims and thank volunteers. >> they need a lot of help.
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what's happened here is incredible. nobody understands how bad it is. it's really incredible. i'm just here to help. >> reporter: he visited several communities hit by what he called the worst natural disaster since hurricane sandy. and upstaged president obama who is on vacation in martha's vineyard. >> you're not playing golf in martha's vineyard. >> somebody is. somebody is that shouldn't be. when one state hurts, we all hurt. and we must all work together to lift each other up. >> reporter: but in new york, he let go campaign chairman paul manafort after several days of democratic criticism and an onslaught of media reports about manafort's past dealings with a pro russian political party in ukraine and crime figures. trump indicated it had become a problem. >> my father didn't want to have the distraction looming over the campaign. >> reporter: trump has maintained for years he doesn't apologize and is not politically
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correct but last night he bowed to pressure from gop critics and polls with a rhetorical pivot. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. and believe it or not, i regret it. and i do regret it. particularly where it may have caused personal pain. >> reporter: while he did not apologize to any specific group or person, the remarks were in part aimed at the khan families who son was injured in iraq. >> i certainly hope that they heard him last night and that america heard him last night. because of all the people who said let's get trump to pivot, get him to be more presidential, that is presidential. >> reporter: conway and steve bannon were brought in this week, a signal that it was time for manafort to go.
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using teleprompters at rallies and largely sticking to a script has included repeated appeals to african-american voters to turn away from liberals he says has betrayed them. >> they have been playing with you for 60, 70, 80 years, many, many many decades. you have nothing to lose. i'll do a great job. >> reporter: his first ad is now on the air contrasting himself to hillary clinton. >> the system stays rigged against americans. syrian refugees flood in. illegal immigrants convicted of crimes get to stay. our border is open, it's more of the same but worse. donald trump's trump america is secure. terrorists and dangerous criminals kept out. the borders secure, our families safe. >> reporter: moments ago here in diamonddale michigan, trump praised the spirit of the people in louisiana and said president obama ought to get off the golf course and get down there. he plans to go on tuesday. shannon. >> he does. carl cameron on the campaign
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trail, thank you. tens of thousands are trying to pick up the pieces of their lives, damaged or destroyed by the flooding in louisiana. correspondent casey steagall is in baton rouge tonight with a look at the recovery efforts. hello, casey. >> reporter: shannon, good evening. the rain started falling here in louisiana one week ago today. but little did anyone know what was to follow.n days later and 4,000 people remain in shelters tonight. some 90,000 have signed up for federal disaster assistance and 13 have lost their lives. tonight officials with the louisiana state fire marshals office tells us there are still people unaccounted for. they won't give us a number, but that agency says it's working alongside special k-9 units with louisiana's tack force one to connect secondary sweeps of the flood-ravaged neighborhoods looking for any additional people who could not escape in time.
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>> house by house, block by block, going in and out of each house where neighbors were unsure if they had heard from others. so i wouldn't say it's difficult. it's worth it. >> reporter: the federal emergency management agency or fema says it has 1100 persons on the ground working to establish temporary housing and walk victims through the process of starting over. more than 17,000 national flood insurance policy holders have filed claims, and they are the minority because state leaders say nearly 90% of those affected do not have that type of coverage. louisiana's governor asking for folks to remain patient saying that the road to recovery is going to be a long and difficult one. shannon. >> casey steagall live there continuing our coverage in
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louisiana. thank you. president obama's facing criticism tonight for staying on vacation during the louisiana disaster, but late today he did say he will be going next tuesday. that's bringing up some comparisons to the last president and the last time much of that state was under water. correspondent kevin cork is with the president tonight on martha's vineyard. >> the devastating heft of mother nature's power met head-on by prayer and persevere ens as storm-weary residents of the bayou state pulled together amid the tragedy. and while the cleanup continues tonight, the obama administration revealed the president will visit the region on tuesday. the president is eager to, quote, tell the people of louisiana that the american people will be with them as they rebuild their community and come back stronger than ever. the announcement comes as the president was facing a gale of criticism for his handling of the crisis including some comparisons to former president george w. bush's post-katrina response. the newspaper in baton rouge
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writing the optics of obama golfing while louisiana residents languished in floodwaters was striking. it evoked the president of the passive federal response to the state's agony in 2005, a chapter of history no one should ever repeat. >> milwaukee's burning and louisiana's flooding and he's speaking at a $34,000 a plate fund-raiser for hillary clinton. so there's at a certain point the optics can be really bad. >> reporter: the white house points out the president has been actively engaged. he called governor edwards, made an immediate federal disaster declaration and dispatched his fema director and homeland security secretary to the region. >> while the president is welcome to visit, i would just as soon he give us another week or two, get back to a greater sense of normalcy here. >> a president who only saw the people from the window of an airplane ainstead of down here n the ground. >> reporter: that was
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then-senator obama criticizing president bush's handling of hurricane katrina. the second guessing of a president's response to a natural disaster is as old as the republic itself. from john adams up to the current president are criticized for taking time off in vacations. this is becoming a bit of a serial problem for barack obama. >> reporter: shannon, the white house says the president being mindful of the strain that his visit would have on the region, in particular, the use of first responders, wanted to wait until the right opportunity to come down there and visit the folks in louisiana, but there are plenty of lawmakers there who suggest the president not only could have come sooner, he should have. shannon? >> and he will make it there tuesday. we'll cover it. kevin, thank you. a united nations spokesman says the organization needs to do more regarding its own involvement in a cholera outbreak that began in haiti in 2010. a cdc study concluded that u.n. peacekeepers brought cholera to haiti after a massive
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earthquake. since then an estimated 800,000 people in haiti have gotten sick with cholera. as of march it was killing an average of 37 people a month. once eradicated now malaria cases are skyrocketing in venezuela. 125,000 cases diagnosed this year. that's up 32% over last year. world health organization certified that venezuela had eradicated it. but under the regimes of chavez and meduro it has skyrocketed. there is serious alarm over new developments in the zika virus story. correspondent phil keeny reports from miami on a worst case scenario that could be developing. >> reporter: the breaking waves of south beach now accompanied by the breaking news that zika is actively spreading on world-famous miami beach. five new cases under
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investigation that involve two local residents and three tourists who visited the beach from new york, texas and taiwan. neither case is connected to the health department's previously declared one-square-mile active zika transmission zone across biscayne bay over in miami's hip and trendy windwood district. >> we have a new area where local transmissions are occurring in miami beach. >> reporter: governor rick scott changed his planned itinerary to talk jobs to instead come back to miami to, once again, talk zika. >> we also would like a detailed plan from the obama administration on how they would like us to work with fema now that we have found this has become mosquito-borne in our state. i actually asked for this on june 1 and requested it by june 15th. we still haven't received it and i have repeatedly called on the president for this. >> reporter: florida's now second active transmission zone runs from 20th street down fifth
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street in miami beach. all summer long the restaurants, bars and hotels that make this world famous tourist destination a $24 billion a year economic juggernaut have hopes zika would stay on the mainland and not make it to the beach. still, some restaurants have already seen sales drop 25% in june and july. the new eye candy in south beach, these mosquito control teams. tossing mosquito egg-killing pellets into areas of standing water. commissioner michael grieco is cautiously optimistic. >> you have people riding their bikes by, filling their restaurants. they don't seem to consider this as daunting as others. obviously there's a concern. if in is something that expands. >> reporter: all of these ocean drive art deco hotels and all
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these people are all within this newly declared active zone which includes the popular lincoln road and the miami beach convention center. in total florida now has 36 locally transmitted cases, more than 500 cases in all and 68 cases involving pregnant women. and on this friday night here on ocean drive, you can see the typical friday night carefree party is just getting started up like normal. >> all right. phil keating, thank you very much. major league baseball players ryan howard and ryan zimmerman have been clear of allegations they used human growth hormone. that charge was made by al jazeera america in a program that also implicated several nfl players. howard of the philadelphia phillies and zimmerman of the washington nationals are suing the now defunct station for defamation. american olympic swimmer ryan lochte says he's sorry for the way he explained what happened to him and three teammates early sunday in rio de janeiro.
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the apology comes as the swimmers and olympic officials try to move on after an incredibly embarrassing incident for all involved. correspondent steve harrigan has the latest tonight from rio. >> reporter: three of the four u.s. swimmers accused of lying about being robbed at gunpoint in rio are now back in the united states. gunnar bentz and jack conger were allowed to leave brazil one day after being pulled off a night by federal police who seized their passports and interrogated them about the tawdry events of sunday morning which included vandalism, brandishing guns, drunkenness and public urination. six-time gold medalist ryan lochte issued an apology from the u.s. on instagram. i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend, for not being more careful and candid in how i described the events of that early morning and for my role in taking the focus away from the many athletes fulfilling their dreams of participating in the olympics. the fourth swimmer jimmy feigen who is still in rio, was ordered
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to pay an $11,000 fine to charity for filing a false police report after which he too is expected to be allowed to leave the country. in a week where athletes from great britain and australia were robbed at gunpoint here, it was the u.s. swimmers story that got all the attention. dwarfing the games themselves for six days as police pieced together evidence from surveillance videos. the charge struck a nerve with brazilians who shouted "liars" at the u.s. swimmers outside the police station. as lochte's version of events changed throughout the week his lawyer insisted the main fact was true -- robbery. a gun was pointed at the swimmers who paid money to leave the gas station. the $50 worth of vandalism has caused real damage to the reputations of both brazil and the american athletes. while the four may have escaped any criminal penalty, they are likely to face lengthy bans from the u.s. swim team. we just learned that the fourth
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swimmer, jimmy feigen, has received his passport back from british authorities here, so he could be heading back on a plane back to the u.s. tonight. that would mean all four of the swimmers back in the u.s. free from any criminal charges. shannon, back to you. >> steve harrigan in rio, thank you. ken starr is officially cutting ties with baylor university. the man who pursued then-president bill clinton during a white house sex scandal had already stepped down from his positions as president and chancellor in may during a scandal over sexual assaults by members of the baylor football team. today starr resigned his post as a law school professor. the medical examiner in milwaukee says an african-american man shot by an officer was hit once in the chest and once in the arm. the finding verifies police testimony that sylvil smith had turned towards the officer and had a gun in his hand.
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smith's death last saturday triggered violent protests that left several businesses burned. the investigation into smith's death continues. up next, new details on today's court ruling forcing hillary clinton to answer questions about her e-mails. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox five in new york with two people killed and 17 others injured when a new jersey transit bus slammed into another bus this morning in newark. six of the injured are in critical condition. the driver of the empty bus that t-boned the other vehicle is one of the fatalities. fox 23 in tulsa as hillary clinton says her heart breaks for the family of a man in lebanon living in oklahoma who police say was fatally shot by his neighbor. khalid jabar was killed on his front porch a week ago by a man the family said taunted them with racial slurs. clinton shared a facebook post from his family yesterday. and this is a live look at los angeles from fox 11. the big story there tonight,
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firefighters have gained more ground as they work to surround the huge wildfire east of l.a. the blaze was 26% contained this morning, up from 22%. the fire scorched more than 50 square miles and destroyed nearly a hundred homes. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back.
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this is a fox news alert. more now on our top story. hillary clinton must respond under oath to questions about her private e-mail setup. jennifer griffin is covering the clinton campaign tonight and has more on this. good evening. >> good evening, shannon. in an unexpected move, federal judge emmett sullivan ruled today that lawyers from judicial watch can question hillary clinton under oath about her
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private e-mail server and that clinton must answer written questions from the group in the coming weeks. a spokesman for the group provided fox news with a statement. quote, we would have preferred live testimony in a deposition, but we have questions composed, and that will create a sworn record. chris farrell, the director of investigations at judicial watch said, quote, we believe it is a victory for law and order to get hillary clinton under oath answering questions about the server setup and why she did it. the judge overseeing the freedom of information act lawsuit gave the group until october 14th to give her questions, but i have just spoken to judicial watch and they expect to submit their questions in the coming days. she then has 30 days to answer them, meaning she will have to submit her answers before the election. leaks about hillary clinton's fbi interview in which she apparently told investigators that former secretary of state colon powell told her during a party at madeleine albright's house to use a private e-mail
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account at the state department forced a spokesman for powell to respond today. quote, general powell has no recollection of the dinner conversation. he did write former secretary clinton and e-mail memo describing his use of his personal aol e-mail account for unclassified messages and how it vastly improved communications within the state department. powell went on to say at the time there was not an unclassified e-mail vm system i the state department. there was by the time secretary of f f f f f f f f f f f f stat. it announced that if clinton is elected president, bill clinton will step down from the foundation and no longer give paid speeches. the foundation will also stop accepting donations from foreign governments and corporations. in an effort not to be distracted by e-mail and foundation questions, the clinton campaign pressed forward today criticizing donald trump for his expression of regret for insulting people.
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>> you say the wrong thing. i have done that. and believe it or not, i regret it. >> moments later in the same speech trump added -- >> and hillary clinton has proven to be one of the greatest liars of all time. >> reporter: the clinton campaign response, quote, donald trump literally started his campaign by insulting people. he has continued to do so through each of the 428 days from then until now without shame or regret. the campaign provided a few examples. >> he's a war hero. >> 5 1/2 years. >> he's a war hero becausy was captured. i like people who weren't captured. his wife, if you look at his wife, she was standing there. she sh nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have something to say. you tell me. >> reporter: trump has not apologized to senator john mccain or the kahns. i just received this from
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campaign spokesman brian fallon about the ruling from federal judge emmett sullivan. judicial watch is a right-wing organization that's been attacking the clintons since the 1990s. this is just another lawsuit intended to hurt hillary clinton's campaign. and so we are glad that the judge has accepted our offer to answer these questions in writing rather than grant judicial watch's request. >> she'll have to answer these questions under oath we expect in the next few weeks. >> that's right. but they won't be able to ask follow-up questions. >> good point. jennifer, thank you, good to see you. another major problem for the clinton team -- hacking. tonight a possible connection between several high profile cyber attacks against the democratic party and an auction of u.s. cyber secrets. >> reporter: there's a growing body of circumstantial evidence that the cyber attack on the democratic national committee, the dccc, the campaign office
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that elects house members as well as a possible breach of the clinton foundation are not a coincidence but the work of russian-backed cyber militias. >> this clearly has all indications of a larger, strategic intelligence gathering operation. >> reporter: a former chief technology officer believes the hackers probably got into the dnc first then island hopped to other networks after staffers opened fishy e-mails where passwords, other credentials were stolen. >> after that foothold is stolen, the real hackers get to work and grow out from there. >> reporter: while putin afs government denies direct involvement. others caution that russia traditionally uses cyber gangs to do their bidding and adds plausible deniabilities. >>y act as proxies as rottweilers for the regime when it's called on to attack against victims in the u.s. >> reporter: earlier this week some of the nsa's most powerful
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spying tools were quietly posted for auction online. these are electronic lock picks with code names like buzz direction and epic banana. that sound harmless but are highly destructive. >> the distribution of that cyber arsenal to the wild allows for literally a cyber forest fire to occur against u.s. corporations and government agencies. it's essentially the same as someone handing out grenade launchers on the the streets of d.c. >> reporter: they were probably stolen in 2013 at the same time former contractor edward snowden was copying thousands of nsa surveil documents. snowden is still in russia and officials are not ruling out a connection. >> it's a very interesting timing that that leak would occur right now after someone sat on that code for over three years. >> reporter: the fbi's investigating breaches a t the dnc and the dccc emphasizing that compromises of this nature are taken very seriously.
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it's not apparent tonight whether that investigation has expanded given the apparent targeting of the clinton foundation. >> the russian military says two of its ships in the eastern mediterranean sea have launched cruise missiles at militant targets in syria. apparently it's the fir time they fired from that location. it began just days after russian began using a base in iran to launch air strikes. a pentagon spokesman says a small number of american special forces troops were nearby when syrian jets bombed kurdish forces yesterday. the pentagon is downplaying the building up of russian forces near russia's border with ukraine. many in ukraine disagree and fear a russian invasion. today ukraine put up a brave front. correspondent benjamin hall is in kiev tonight. >> reporter: ukraine might have left the soviet 25 years ago next week but they haven't forgotten how to hold a military parade. today they prepared for a
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milestone on the 24th. but hours earlier vladimir putin visited crimea and met with his powerful security council, a stark reminder that russia against controls parts of ukraine. these troops are preparing to celebrate their independence, but in the east of the country their colleague ks are believing that russia may be planning an all-out invasion. a celebration and a symbol. a symbol that their military is ready to fight for independence even if it is dwarfed by their neighbors. onlookers agree. >> here now i see we can protect ourself. that makes me happy. >> reporter: it was a week ago that russia claims it did arrest saboteurs entering from crimea. and putin threatened the act would not go unpunished. >> translator: we are not going to cut off our relations with the ukraine despite the current kiev authorities reluctance to
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have complete diplomatic relations on the level of ambassadors. >> reporter: but today his tone was more conciliatory. putin has always thrived on keeping opponents guessing and here now is no different. over the last week major russian exercises have taken place across the region. although the pentagon says it doesn't characterize the recent troop movements as, quote, massive, the ukraine president is less certain. >> translator: chances of conflict escalation remain very high. we do not rule out fullscale russian invasion in all directions. >> reporter: analysts say this uncertainty is what putin hopes for. >> he's kind of a card player. so he's trying to tweak these opponents as well. and a great psychologist as the former secret service agent. >> reporter: but they say they're ready, while their military may be weaker, their soldiers are stronger and their cause is greater. the u.s. has already given ukraine $600 million in military
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aid and they say that more is to come. what they're not going to give, what the ukrainians want so much is the javelin anti-tank missile. the u.s. believes that will way the balance of power and escalate the conflict even more. in the meantime, the ukraines have to deal with what they've got. and some of that is old soviet style equipment that's been refurbed. the dow lost 45 points, nasdaq fell 2. for the week, the dow lost about a seventh of a percentage point. the s&p 500 dropped 0.02. nasdaq was up a tenth. america's election headquarters in depth tonight. what the presidential nominees say they'll do to tackle the growing problem of opioid abuse. it's killing americans at an alarming rate. chief correspondent jonathan hunt reports tonight the two candidates have very different ideas about how to stop it.
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>> this is a major epidemic. >> our kids are being poisoned, they're being addicted. >> reporter: a record 28,000 americans died from opioid abuse in 2014 according to the cdc. a death every 19 minutes. both hillary clinton and donald trump acknowledge the gravity of the opioid pricrisis in the uni states but differ significantly in how they would attack the problem. >> i will cut off the source, build a wall. i'm going to stop heroin from coming into this country and there are going to be big repercussions. >> i've laid out a five-point plan about what we can do together. i would like the federal government to offer so billion over ten years. >> reporter: clinton's proposal would work with states on prevention, treatment and recovery. provide training for prescribers and first responders along with ending incarceration for low level and nonviolent offenders. a proposal that addiction experts support.
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>> we need more prevention. we need more treatment. we need more recovery support. we need access to these services for people. right now we're only treating at best maybe 15% of the people who need it. >> i'm going to create borders. no drugs are coming in. >> reporter: on his website trump's proposal is less detailed and only includes building a wall along the border to keep druggis out and providi help for addicts. >> we want to continue to focus on both supply and demand. with you we need a plan for how that's going to be. we haven't seen a plan yet for him. we are urging him and looking forward to seeing how he would like to address this issue. >> reporter: the candidates have focused on the issue in states like ohio, an important election battleground. in west virginia, where on monday more than two dozen heroin overdoses were reported in one city in just four hours. and in new hampshire where state officials have confirmed more
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than 160 deaths from opioid overdoses so far this year. shannon? >> stunning numbers. jonathan, thank you. for the second time this week, major moves at the top of the donald trump campaign. we will discuss with the panel when we come back.
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i think my father didn't want to be distracted by whatever things paul was dealing with. and paul was amazing, and, yeah, he helped us get through the primary process and the convention. he did a great job with the delegates, but again my father didn't want to have the distraction looming over the campaign. and quite frankly looming over all the issues that hillary's facing right now. >> doing this on a friday in the summer is a right thing. it's unfortunate that it couples the same day that mr. trump is going be in michigan doing a large rally and being very presidential and going down and seeing those victims in a terrible tragedy in louisiana. but is there ever a good time? the answer is no.
1:38 am
this story ends today and they can move on. >> another change in the trump campaign. let's talk about it with our panel. least is a booth, columnist with the washington examiner. karen tumbletee for "the washington post" and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. happy friday to all of you. lisa, i will start with you. what do you make of the change? earlier in the week when the changes were made with steve bannon and kellyanne conway, we were told some shake-up. but now paul manafort's out. >> i think that needed to happen because paul manafort muddies the water with his supposed and alleged connection to this pro russian ukrainian group. and trump lead kneads to lay out the indictment on hillary clinton with her foreign policy foundation and the clinton foundation's top donors come from foreign governments or foreign entities and foreign actors. so donald trump needs to cleanly be able to lay out the argument. how is he supposed to do that if there's this drip, drip, drip
1:39 am
information with paul manafort serving as a campaign manager or whatever the exact title was for him? that's something that needed to happen. >> he may still formally be with the campaign, but we're told he may do work from the outside and coordinate via d.c. if there's any connection at all left s that a clean break the trump campaign needs to make? >> no. in fact, donald trump has ordered a clean break. there was a precipitating event to this, which is as trump was getting off stage last night at his rally in charlotte, somebody handed him a printout of yet another story, this one from the associated press of the manafort connection in ukraine and the entanglements. that's the point at which donald trump said basically i'm told blew a gasket and said, this guy is out of here. so there may be a relationship on paper, but i think the cut -- the ties are being cut. >> charles, the second soundbite we heard from there after donald
1:40 am
trump's son was corey lewandowski who himself found himself on the outs not that long ago in june. is there -- at some point does the changeover, the turnover appear that there's too much disarray or is this a final set that's the right team that's going to move him forward? >> you get two strikes. three strikes and you're out. the third firing it will be called disarray, chaos, confusion. but i think at this point people understand that with the stories coming out about manafort, it was impossible to keep him on. so that's sort of explicable. the other part is we saw from the speech that trump made late today in michigan, the process of softening the man is under way. i mean, this is a very heavy soak, a wash, a dry, a spin and they're doing it, i think, rather effectively, talking about the concern of minorities,
1:41 am
confessing that he supposedly said the wrong things, let's see if he can do that without reading off a teleprompter. and i'm sure he'll be asked what do you regret, can you give an example. it will be interesting to see if he gives an example and which example it might be. so that process is going on. the new team is in charge of that. so this makes a lot of sense. >> he's getting a lot of credit, a lot of praise this week for the speeches he's had, as you said, to the teleprompter. they're more scripted and people saying he's staying on message and it's a better week for him. i want to play a soundbite from last night, charles, where you mentioned he expressed some sort of regret about the way some of the things he said came out. >> i never wanted to learn the language of the insiders, and i've never been politically correct. sometimes in the heat of debate issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong
1:42 am
thing. i have done that. and believe it or not, i regret it. particularly where it may have caused personal pain. >> lisa, to that point, kellyanne conway who has now been elevated within the campaign says that might even include something like an apology to the kahn family, the gold star muslim american family. >> i think americans have been waiting for some kind of empathy from donald trump. i think this is a positive step. with him visiting louisiana, this is a connection of i care about you, bigger than self. and i think voters need to hear that. i honestly think that him having a rough couple weeks could have been the best thing to happen to donald trump because sometimes candidates, particularly the stubborn onces need to get kickd in the teeth to change course. we've seen him giving me nor nuanced speeches and showing a bit more empathy and on the mechanical side of things, going up with campaign ads, hiring a
1:43 am
data and analytics firm. seeing him raise money, which we saw him out-raise hillary clinton with small donations. so i think we're starting to see positive steps and maybe getting beat up a little bit is what it took for him to sort of come to this conclusion and the reality of what was going on. >> and speaking of getting beaten up, president obama has gotten beaten up by a number of people in louisiana including a paper that ran an editorial, listen, you have to get down here. this is important. now we learn he will go down tuesday. do you think he was drawn by the trump/pence presence today. or did he realize, it doesn't look good, i have to make a change in my schedule. >> i don't know if the trump appearance himself precipitated it, but as democrats are trying to defend this decision, well, he'd just be getting in the way and the governor doesn't want him there. these are in many cases the exactly same people who criticized george bush for doing
1:44 am
a flyover during katrina. so there is a place for our leaders to show up at these events and be on the scene. and, you know, in this case, you do get the sense that, you know, president obama is feeling like this is his last year in office and he can do things on his own timetable. >> after that visit by trump and pence down there today, you spoke this afternoon, we covered much of that live on the air. i want to play a soundbite that donald trump, the gop nominee had in appealing to the african-american vote. he was pretty blunt about it. here's what he said. >> look how much african-american communities have suffered under democratic control. to those i say the following. what do you have to lose by trying something new like trump? you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs.
1:45 am
58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> charles, people who love him say they love the blunt talk, they love the honesty. will that appeal work? >> well, i don't think it's going to appeal to get a large number of african-americans on november 8. i think what this is an appeal -- this is part of the shaping of the image, the softening, trying to remove the edges. the worst thing that can happen in the precincts of, say, you know, the suburban republican population is to be accused of racism. credibly or not. and we've even heard it said by paul ryan regarding what trump had said about the mexican -- so-called mexican judge. i think what he has to do, he has to banish that image. he has to undo it. i think this is an effective way to do it. you show that you are not a candidate of simply white
1:46 am
people, which is sort of the main story going on here. he cares about america. this is sort of the obama we're not white america, black america. we're the united states of america. he ended on a kind of a crescendo there talking about that unity and nondivisiveness. that's the object of this kind of talk. but the question is, yes, you may have nothing to lose, but what exactly is he going to do that's going to give the jobs to the young people in the inner city, et cetera? we haven't heard that yet, and that's what we'll be waiting to hear. >> he often ties that to the issue of immigration as well. so we'll see. but next up for the panel, the friday lightning round.
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clearly has all indications of a larger strategic gathering operation used by both russia and, of course, china also is motivated to do this. but, in this case, it seems to be part of a larger strategic intelligence gathering operation, and more worrisome, it also seems that russia has an intention to influence our elections this season. so it may very well be part of that same campaign. >> and charles, that's not the only allegation. we also have the allegation that russia is amassing forces near the border with ukraine to invade. that's something that many people there on the ground in ukraine are very afraid as s. a reality. >> well, it could be because the window of opportunity is narrow. six months left in the obama administration. he is somebody that you can -- you can threaten, you can invade, and you get no resistance. so he thinks if there is a tame to do this, he, meaning
1:51 am
putin, and the chinese, the iranians as well, they will do it now. >> karen, what do you think? >> well, and then yet today, he was in crimea sounding conciliatory. is he a kgb guy. i mean mind games are his stock and trade. trying to figure out his motives from his actions is worthy of the cia. >> being in the crimea in and of itself is a provocation. >> well, they voted in that referendum, charles, as you remember. >> of course. >> they wanted to go with russia. some questions remain and linger about that referendum. so we have these allegations that now there may be russian links to a potential hack of the clinton foundation, some similarities with what we saw with the dnc and dccc and now these straightforward allegations that it's all part of russia trying to influence our elections. >> well, i would be more concerned about what we don't know and the fact that the most sophisticated
1:52 am
hackers we would not know about if they were to have hacked into hillary clinton's email server. and system. and what i find interesting is the fact that you see, you know, officials in the democratic party pointing to the dnc being hacked and blaming russia. but by the same logic then hillary clinton's email server, which is less secure than g mail as stated by fbi director james comey would have also been compromised by russia or any other hostile nation, especially considering the fact that she visited them with these unsecured servers. so i think that's something worthy of discussion. >> and, to another international incident, let's talk about ryan lochte. okay, i want to read you part of his statement that he said today. it's traumatic to be out late with your friends in a foreign country with a language barrier and have a stranger point a gun at you and demand money before you leave. regardless of any anyone else's behavior that night i should have been much more responsible how i handled myself and for that i'm sorry to my teammates, my fans, my fellow competitors and my responsers and the
1:53 am
host of this event i accept my responsibility for the role in this happening and have learned some valuable lessons. good for you, charles? >> i think he could have said i swallowed too much rio water and maybe that would have been the end of the incident. look, his career as a presenter, somebody as an endorser is over. i think this will pass. >> have we done, karen, damage to our international relationships or international image when so many people are critical of the u.s. already and rio was already combating bad pr on other fronts and now having to deal with this? >> i think it has been such a set back for all of these athletes and all these wonderful feelings of these last couple of weeks. because, you know, you have a few sort of spoiled, rotten self-indulgent, privileged immature people who can imagine to just destroy so many good feelings that have been built up. >> okay. lisa, i will get your take on this. and, also, you will start us
1:54 am
off for winners and losers of the week. >> it kind of co-lines part upon thing. he needs to stop. one of the things where you give this half hearted apology. own up to it. apologize for embarrassing the country. not just the country his mom. his poor mom. he lied to his mom. his mom is the one started this whole conversation she thought her poor son was robbed. so shame on him for misleading his mom. >> exactly. he is your loser? >> he is my loser and also fellow swimmers for being foolish enough to go along with ryan lochte's brilliant plan that clearly is going to hit him in the pocketbook when endorsers pull out. shame on them. my winner opposite story i'm probably going to mispronounce her name enhelpedth new zealand when they had both fallen during the 5,000 preliminary heat in rio because i like the juxtaposition between sort of the foolishness of ryan
1:55 am
lochte and the swimmers and also someone who is representative of the american spirit and helping other people. >> that's a good one. all right. a good clip to get you both in. karen? >> my winner is corey lewandowski a dish best served cold. and reince priebus because he has still got a few more months of this to go. >> he does. i think corey lewandowski retweeted the treat is he winning so much he is going to get sick of it. charles? >> the win everywhere is hussein bolt, fastest man in the world. 8 gold medals. he will probably win his ninth tonight. he enters a pantheon of people who transcends sport. muhammed ali. pay lay, we will add the bolt. a beautiful name for a sprinter by the way. >> perfect. >> my loser of the week is obama for looking ridiculous in denying there was ransom offered in return for our hostages. >> all right. thank you, panel. you have heard the saying well, she is just a natural. stay tuned for a toddler who proves
1:56 am
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1:59 am
photograph path finally tonight, some people seem like they are born with special talents this toddler took a supreme court not long after she started walking. check it out. >> yeah. yeah. let's do it. yeah. look who is cruising. future olympian there. 14 month old sloan's parents said they wanted her to spend time outside and not be stuck inside with an ipad. we are going to watch for her gold medal coming up. thanks for watching "special report." i'm shannon bream. please join me this weekend
2:00 am
we will interview ben car done and retiring. that's it for "the kelly file." good night. >> welcome to special addition of "hannity." major speeches on radical islam and restoring law and order. he travelled to louisiana to meet americans impacted by historic flooding. trump's campaign has also under gone changes. let's take a quick look back at a week that was donald


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