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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX News  August 20, 2016 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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those look good on you. >> all right. >> yeah. >> thanks for watching "fox & friends" this morning. >> we've lost control completely. check out the after show. go on-line. >> come on. rio and an uproar over the olympic sized controversy dominating news around the world and in the u.s. brazilian authorities claiming ryan lochte and three other u.s. swimmers fabricated their story about being robbed at gunpoint. lochte apologizing on social media for his behavior but some here say it's not enough to stop a huge financial backlash. hi, everybody. i'm dagen mcdowell in for brenda buttner. this is "bulls and bears." the bulls and bears, gary, jonas, john, along with emily, and chuck. welcome to everybody. john, you're the athlete among us. will this controversy impact endorsements?
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>> it's going to impact it. it's going to end the endorsements unfortunately. look, he makyou mix famous peop notoriety and alcohol this was a stupid thing. this is going to cost him significantly because ryan lochte does not have a second act. you know, michael phelps had a problem with drinking and came back and competed magnificently in the olympics. people have forgotten that. andy pettitte, jason ggiambi, issues with peds, they came back and played well. compare that to ben johnson and mark mcgwire and roger clemens, never had a second act to get over the allegations and because of that, they lost all these endorsements going forward. the last thing remembered is what you know about the athletes especially in america. unfortunately this is the last thing that will be remembered for ryan lochte and his endorsement future is very nil. >> chuck, i mean the kid has a history of public urination, basically disorderly conduct.
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that's really what the sponsors signed up for in the first place if you ask me. >> i've been on "bulls and bears" off and on and we got a topic i'm an expert at. nothing ever happens good coming out of a bar at 5:00 in the morning. i remember one time when i wrecked my papa's truck, thank god no cameras following me 24/7 i would have lost that coors light sponsorship. with these young men, just what my good friend just said, is that it may be over forever, but again, if you think about america and the second chances, if he owns up to it and goes i did something really stupid, you've done something really stupid, let's get over this and be really sincere about what he's saying, i think the boy could have a second chance and he's not a boy, he's 32 years old. by that time i had a 13-year-old kid. he needs to be talked to like a man. >> emry? >> so here, you know, lochte is a risk that companies don't have to take. this does help him in one key area. think about it, the man is already a reality star.
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this just makes him more attractive to the network who are looking for the eager for that reality tv content. give him a show, i will be watching. >> okay. gary b., i saw what would ryan lochte do, a show after the london olympics and made the kardashians look like "meet the press." >> yeah. exactly. but i tell you what, he -- i think he's done. i think he's finished for a variety of reasons. john hit on one. first of all, he's no michael phelps, never was. got a lot of medals in relays and was a great swimmer, but not a super star like phelps, like ledecky. that's number one. he will not come back. you saw it in the olympics. his performance was average at best. number two, he didn't just sully himself like a tiger woods, he sullied a country. people are a little less forgiving for that. number three, he made the critical mistake, he didn't fall on his sword immediately. he issued an apology which was
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basically whatever. the same kind of thing he said to matt lauer or billy bush or one of those guys. so he didn't do that. it was more like hey, i'm sorry i got caught. this guy is toast. there's so many other athletes out there that sponsors can choose from that have sterling reputations and have never done anything wrong, at least not publicly. lochte will never get another endorsement deal. >> this behavior is in some way what advertisers want to lure millennials. he's barely a millennial but still in the bracket. >> my original reaction was like gary's but i think not only will he get a second act, this is his act. look, if you style your hair and shave your body and got 130 pairs of expensive shoes in your closet, every so often you have to kick in a gas bathroom door to show people you are tougher than you are. his reality show is being re-aired on esquire.
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he's benefiting. he's no michael phelps, michael phelps, absorbs all the sponsorship money. they make little money in the grand scheme of thing. if your sponsor is a mattress company you can lose a few sponsors if you get another reality show. look at his long-term career projections they're not in the nba, not a lot of paydays for swimmers. >> he was making a million a year. >> but he could make $300 million like other people do. his future was at best going to be questionable for income. yes, he embarrassed america but you know what, i get these millennials, but where are they getting these from. two candidates lie far worse than these, seeing videos of -- these things never happened, fabrications. brian williams still has a job after making up a story about getting shot down in the -- some whatever and then the other guy with the thing, these things never happened. this is a kid, athlete, not a politician, not going to be president. we should be ashamed about those leaders not this kid. >> when you're representing a
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brand that they want -- that your basic behavior and attitude and performance has to perfectly mirror and match and dovetail with that brand, and name a brand where that worked for ryan lochte anymore? >> celebrity rehab maybe. that's the only brand i can think of. who is jonas on a million dollars a year. how much does jonas make on this show? that's quite a bit of money. >> look -- look -- >> the what gary b. says is spot on. you will get guy likes usain bolt and ledecky, one of the american gymnasts that did phenomenal and dominant in the olympics to be able to endorse your products, why go after a guy like ryan lochte who is horribly damaged goods and not going to compete at the next olympics. by the way, brazil he said he embarrassed brazil, how about your green diving pool that smelled like a sewer, your stands that are empty, how about the russian entire team except for one person that didn't -- is
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not there because of doping, how about the ioc who is as bad as fifa, a criminal organization running athletic contests. this is the least thing that brazil has to worry about. they should be thankful for this because it took away from all of their problems. >> yeah. let them blame the ugly americans for everything that went wrong at the games. chuck, i want to point out, though, that corporate sponsors are incredibly forgiving. look no further than michael vick. michael vick went to prison for dog fighting and after being dumped by nike, they stepped back up later once he started playing football again and gave him a new contract. >> gary's point, we live in a forgiving society. i run a political campaigns for a living. lots of politicians throughout who make mistakes. first thing you have to do is get in front of pit american people will forgive you but want to know you're sorry. the second point look at somebody named kardashian or other people who have made a lot of money being famous. they don't do anything. they're in the news all the time.
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that thing happens. this just in, there's a guy running for president of the united states named donald trump. this thing will get you a long way if you play it the right way. >> to this point because it's social media, and pointing to donald trump, you can get away with a lot more these days in terms of the photos that you put out there, in terms of what you say to people. >> yeah. that could not be more true. i think as a millennial obsessed with reality television, i'm telling you ryan lochte that is his brand, millennial centric reality television. we're ready for it. another interesting comparison when talking about michael vick, michael vick is, you know, he plays the most popular sport in america. ryan lochte is in the news once every four years. i think that's different for companies that would be seeking an endorsement from him. so i do think there's a difference there. but we'll see what's in the cards. i hope it's something on bravo or e! >> beyond that, jonas, what company will sponsor this guy? who's going to hire him to do what? >> a door company to show how
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tough their doors are that an olympic athlete can't kick through the door. i can think of a hundred ads. the bottom line i feel to john's point. i feel bad for brazil. spent billions to show the world this is not a dangerous place and this story if it didn't get exposed for being adsurb and the media deserves hits for not attacking the story could have ruined that image and made it a dangerous place to be a tourist, so i'm glad it did come out the way it did and people are not scared to go to rio other than the pool we heard about. but i do think we're being a little hard on the kid given how much slack we give other people when they make up far worse lies. fighting dogs is the same as being drunk and stupid. >> gary, i'm going to give you the final word, but again, maybe it makes swimming look cool. >> no. it makes swimmers in this case . if emily said, may i -- maybe this is my get off my lawn moment, but if emily said, i want to see this guy on tv, i
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feel bad for millennials. this guy is a jerk. he behaved abysmally. maybe it's my upbringing but this guy gets another endorsement i will come on the show again and say i am absolutely shocked and i'll eat whatever hat i have. >> gary b., i have a -- >> it would make good tv. >> gary, i have a feeling that's not your first get off my lawn moment. >> no. i've had a few of those. >> i'm on the lawn, don't worry. >> thank you. cavuto on business 20 minutes from now. charles, what have you got? >> after the chaos in milwaukee, trump and other republicans faulting liberal policies for inner city decay but are they right to blame the left? a new report exposing problems with vetting syrian refugees. the questions we're asking the refugees are raising more questions. see you at the bottom of the hour. >> thanks, charles. can't wait. but up here first it's the worst disaster since superstorm sandy. you won't believe who's pitching in to help those in louisiana
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flood victims. next. i work 'round the clock.
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what's in your wallet? america's election headquarters in washington, good saturday morning to you. there are new problems for hillary clinton as the federal judge is now ordering her to answer questions in writing about her private e-mail setup back when she was secretary of state. the court order is the latest development in a civil lawsuit filed by the conservative legal group judicial watch. they're probing whether clinton skirted public record laws from 2009 to 2013. the zika danger zone is now expanding in florida. federal health officials are now including all of miami-dade county including south beach as a new hot spot for the virus. the city's financial center was flagged as being possibly dangerous. the cdc is confirming five new cases of the virus bringing the
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total to 36 of those locally transmitted in florida. i'm leland vitter. back to "bulls and bears." unprecedented flooding, devastating louisiana and now the victims are getting a big helping hand from some big companies. airbnb offering free shelter. anheuser-busch sending 250,000 cans of water. jp morgan and lowe's donating hundreds of thousands of dollars in aid relief effort to name a few. gary b., companies get a bad rap from a lot of politicians but times like these show they do an awful lot of good? >> absolutely. i guess it depends on how one would define good if you just look at the cash they donate in 2015, the top 20 fortune 500 companies, less than 10% of the population, they alone donated $3.5 billion in cash. walmart alone gave $300 million.
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i guess, like i said, it depends on what you define as good but to me that's darn good and that's giving and caring. >> emily? >> yeah. you know this is interesting because i think we're in a time where anti-business, anti-corporate sentiments are growing on both sides really of the aisle and for a story like this, it might show people the corporate world in a different light. i think americans really are study after study shows the most charitable people in the world and this is, you know, they're really showcases this in a great way. a moment to be proud of our country. >> john, i'll never forget what walmart did in the days right after hurricane katrina where walmart moved in where the federal government couldn't help. we were talking about $20 million in just cash. and incredible, 1500 truck loads of free merchandise, to name a couple things that walmart did. >> yeah. i think americans overall are very generous. and that includes american businesses as well. look at what they're calling the
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cajun navy, the people in louisiana that are helping their neighbors going out in their canoes and so many of them, see them all over the place. look, i've run for the last six years health run, an at risk group of at risk charity organization that i founded and over 90% of our sponsorship comes from international business and high net worth. when i go around the country i visit a lot more at risk just like mine and about 90% also is international or big business or high net worth. but the demagogry in politics it's a populist thing to bash these guys. they do an awful lot of good much more than the government. the government does not do charity very well. >> it's really the charity and empathy of the people who run these companies and work within these companies? >> look, i think it's all good and however you get to getting money to people is great, but let's not -- look, companies are doing this for a reason, because they get heat for often misses, but also negative behavior. this is branding.
7:18 am
they would never use an uneconomic amount of money, somebody give $2 billion, because they shouldn't. it's a shareholder owned company. this is an amount that makes sense for their business and it's also companies that are trying to get ahead of future mil political attacks. shell will give money and get heat for causing this on some level from some politician. >> that's just not right. jonas, that's not right. >> i'm glad it happens but that's why it's done, i think. >> that's not right. formed one of the greatest charities in the world robin hood and funds that with his own money with a bunch of other people there in new york city. a lot of these charities and high networks do things for the right reasons. i deal with these guys on a daily basis because of our organization. >> i agree but these companies we're talking about are trying to get known. >> chuck, jonas' analysis leaves out any heart people would have working within these companies to do some good. >> you know, we talk about lots of different topics on shows but the one thing that brings us together is things like this no matter if you're a corporation or individual, that john was talking about, who has that john
7:19 am
boat down there going home to home looking fos his neighbors, the same as the businesses that have to work and be around the people and help other folks. at the end of the day that's what brings us and makes us different than every other country in the world we do this for our neighbor. we don't ask what their skin color is how much money they make. if they're in need we will be there whether they're a corporation and on the first on this show to hold corporations accountable from time to time but in this light we're all americans no matter if you own that business work at that business or in that john boat. this is what makes america great. >> well said, chuck. well said. thanks, guys. cashin' in just over an hour from now. eric, what do you guys have coming up? >> hi, dagen. donald trump shaking up his campaign team this week. does he need to shake up his message to win in november? plus, comedian and talk show host ellen degeneres bashed over her tweet about the fastest man in the world usain bolt. is this proof america is becoming too p.c. see you at 11:30. >> we'll be watching.
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up here first, after obama care takes another big blow from a big insurer, a new call for government run health care for all. some here say that was the plan all along. they'll explain. next.
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coming up after obama care suffers a blow from a big insurer a new push for government-run care. what would that cost you? why the trump campaign shakeup
7:23 am
aetna, the nation's third largest health insurer pulling out of most of obama care exchanges after losing $430 million on those obama care plans. now bernie sanders renewing calls for government run health care. emily, you say this was their end game from the very
7:24 am
beginning. >> of course this was their end game. let's transport ourselves back to 2010, a fun trip back to 2009, 2010, when the battle was raging and kicked off the tea party. we have to pass the bill to find out what's in it. 2016 finding out what's in it and when president obama doesn't need re-election last month he comes out supporting the public option and the three leading democrats in the country, bernie sanders, hillary clinton and barack obama supporting the public option. they take over the economy. if you like the dmv you will love the public option coming soon. >> chuck. >> i have obama care, i have six employees and the more you spread the risk over a bigger pot of people the price should go down. i'm a bernie sanders fan and the more that we have people in the system, the cheaper it will be. >> yep. medicare is going broke in 12 years. jonas? >> it's uneconomic to provide health insurance to old people, people with previous conditions and poor people. ifs the government doesn't -- you can't force corporate
7:25 am
america to do it. it's almost impossible to make that work and not have this happen to aetna or whoever. the government should have provided that with medicare and medicaid and leave the private market to handle the profitable normal part of the business. >> john? >> i think they wanted this but i don't think this was their plan all along. i think they had basically insurance reform and put more people on insurance rolls but no health care reform, no transparency or tort reform. this is a problem that needs to be fixed. >> gary b., final word? >> well, to chuck's point ask one person paying health care premiums if they're happy with obama care. everyo everyone's is sky rocketing. i would be all for government run health care if we could find government run anything that people are happy with. what the va hospital? amtrak? medicare? medicaid. going broke. bankrupting states. yeah, government run stuff is perfect for other countries, not for us. >> thank you, gary b. and a special thanks to emily
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(announcer vo) you can sit in traffic. or you can crack up.
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(man on radio) but if it isn't refreshing... (announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. predictions, gary, go. >> you know what the big winner in this lochte gate was, twitter. that's how i follow all the news. i love the stock up 20% in a year. >> jonas, what do you think. >> story more instagram and snapchat and everyone knows it. >> so you like facebook then? >> move along. >> john's prediction, go. >> old tech has become a dividend play, bad for tech but good for guys that want to get yield. i own qualcomm, i think it's up 20% in a year. >> gary b., you like it. >> a good pick but had a huge run. i would wait for a pullback into the mid 50s. >> jonas? >> trump just ran his first campaign ad and got rid of his -- sort of got rid of his campaign manager and the last
7:30 am
phase of "game of thrones" a lot of advertising good for time warner, 10% by election year. >> john? >> i think it's baked in and trump doesn't have that much money. >> thank you, gentlemen. >> stop fighting. >> well, it happened again. another riot in another u.s. city. now donald trump pointing the finger at liberal policies. >> democratic crime policies, education policies, and economic policies, have produced only more crime, more broken homes, and more poverty. >> it's time to rebuild the inner cities of america and to reject the failed leadership of a rigged political system. >> is he right or wrong? i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. charlie, jeweleny, along with gary and scott. dagen as you saw


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