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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  August 20, 2016 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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phase of "game of thrones" a lot of advertising good for time warner, 10% by election year. >> john? >> i think it's baked in and trump doesn't have that much money. >> thank you, gentlemen. >> stop fighting. >> well, it happened again. another riot in another u.s. city. now donald trump pointing the finger at liberal policies. >> democratic crime policies, education policies, and economic policies, have produced only more crime, more broken homes, and more poverty. >> it's time to rebuild the inner cities of america and to reject the failed leadership of a rigged political system. >> is he right or wrong? i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. charlie, jeweleny, along with gary and scott. dagen as you saw doing her usual
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great job hosting "bulls and bears" and adam working on the huge book. gary, are this administration's policies hurting inner citys? >> you know, charles, every day it's an opportunity for an administration to get into the inner cities and do something about it. i mean really do something, not just flapping your gums. over the last eight years, crime rates up, poverty rate is up and the most important part of the equation, child poverty rates are up and the family structure is down. that means children have no chance to get ahead. the statistics speaking loud and clear and eight years of wasted opportunity, my friend. >> yeah. you know to your point, poverty rates from 2009 to '13 for inner city, almost 33% versus the national average which is barely 14%. scott, you're in chicago. which is sort of the epicenter for this kind of stuff. >> yeah. it's where it's started, charles, and down to economic
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policy here. if you look in the inner city in chicago, businesses are being driven out by city hall, by regulatory policy and tax policy of the local government. i think that's really the root here. if you look at some of the inner city people they're frustrated because they can't get jobs and ahead economically. it's because the government has kept businesses out and they're kicking them out of the city and therefore that's hurting the inner city residents. >> speaking of frustration we saw that in milwaukee in the most recent city where that played out and ironic because milwaukee has the second highest income gap between the inner city blacks and whites in that town. it's huge disparity. people are saying it's the policies, not just the economic policies, i'll ask you this, give you an example, walmart, the teachers union, wants to boycott walmart because walmart backs charter schools even though walmart offers amazing discounts. all of these embedded bureaucracies protecting themselves at the expense really of the people. >> listen, first of all, a lot of inner city mayors who support
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charter schools. cory booker, of newark, was very pro-charter schools. >> teachers unions themselves should take their competition from charter schools and revamp their game or allow them to -- >> i'm not going to defend the teachers union because i'm never a huge defending of the teachers union. when you had the crime bill in the '90s a huge mistake, liberal policy at the time, bill clinton signed it. >> why is it a mistake? >> because you established first of all a prison pipeline where you don't -- you need criminal justice reform. >> all those declines, all that tee cline in crimes in black neighborhoods throughout new york city. >> i don't think you can -- that correlates to the 1990 crime bill. >> i agree with. >> it does. >> no. >> the number goes down like this. as the crime right after the crime bill got put into place. so it does core row late, i'm not saying it's the reason that it happens. >> you support the fact that we have people getting arrested -- >> correlates with the global temperature. >> they do -- do they --
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>> global have anything to do with -- >> if we go out and save the polar bears crime may go back. i don't want to digress too far. you're sensoring in on the data. we talked about the poverty rates. jobless rates in inner city, national average less than 10%. we see crime down but not in those neighborhoods, economy getting better but nothose neighborhoods where the democrats have been in charge. >> detroit has lost its population by half and when you lose your tax base like that what do they do? they raise taxes. it's impossible for people who are hamstrung by, you know, a lot of public servant workers and taxation to ever get ahead. and, you know, they end up leaving those cities and they just fall into blight and poverty. i think unions are one of the biggest problems in places like chicago and detroit. we talk about the teachers union but there are also auto workers
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unions that have completely crippled detroit. once more competition was inserted into the mix. on top of that short-term programs that were meant to help people like food stamps and there are families who end up getting on them long term for generations. >> cradle to grave. >> let's be clear, in the 1990s we had a bipartisan effort by the clinton administration, by republicans, to spend money on crime to get rid of crime and it worked. >> where did the crime come from? >> there was -- >> come on. what are you all of a sudden a psychologist, criminal psychologist. put people in jail. >> because they're fighting the war on drugs which was a multibillion dollar failed effort which incarcerated generations of young men especially black men. >> because people -- >> because of the war on drugs. absolutely. >> people -- >> the biggest -- >> hold on one second. we do know that the last -- that spike, the drug epidemic did create a huge spike and as that has faded so has crime.
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we're talking about the inner city situation. >> charles. >> i want to go to you, scott, talked about the flight out of detroit. you know, many people are saying georgia is up for grabs. the reason georgia is up for grabs because a third of the blacks in chicago have left. if you have any sort of income or any sort of job abilities you're not going to stay in a crime infested neighborhood so the people stuck there, their friends who have money are leaving businesses aren't investing and becomes a spiral death trap. >> you feel a lot of despair and kennedy brought up a good point, you get on welfare, the welfare programs so heavy in the inner cities are just creating control and dependents that these people have on the government to help them out instead of having work programs and things tied to incentivize local businesses to come to the areas that will give people jobs. i'm telling you want to work. those will lift people up. not the government programs. >> these programs, you can say well intended or not just like the war on poverty began 50 years ago, not working. or maybe working the wrong way.
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>> the majority of people are not minorities living in inner citys. >> we're talking about them not working, 47 million, number going up of people stuck on them longer and longer. >> 38% rise in the food stampp program alone under this administration. it's not to say -- i wonder why -- >> let me finish my point. >> people should get help -- >> i wonder why. we had a recession in 2008 and he came into office in 2009 when people started to suffer because they lost their life savings. not like barack obama came into this great situation and everything was rosy and everybody got on food stamps because the economy was -- >> one second, gary. >> it's not every city. okay. it's -- this is in certain cities where this spike in crime is going on and largely cities with democratic mayors and not only that, no business. >> the whole union. >> no businesses. it's also -- >> the businesses aren't there because of the violence. let me go to gary, to charlie's point, the last republican mayor
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of milwaukee you got to go back to 1908. since then three socialist mayors. that's how crazy it's been in that city and we're starting to see the result of it. >> charles, detroit, oakland, memphis, st. louis, cleveland, baltimore, milwaukee, birmingham, newark, k.c., what they say the ten most dangerous cities because of crime stats all have one thing in common, democratic mayor. simple as that. and look -- >> kennedy -- >> another problem, another -- add one more thing, the rhetoric, all we keep hearing is, your lot in life is the way it is because businesses and the rich are holding you down and doing all bad things. we're hearing it day in and day out from clinton, from obama, and that tends to give them an excuse to see what we are seeing on a daily basis. >> no doubt that accountability is not being pushed. in my mind. that's something it's not your fault, julie said, it's not obama's fault even though the recession ended officially four years ago and food stamps kept going up and the rest of the economy apparently got better. >> the idea that you're still
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somehow blaming george w. bush for sluggish gdp growth, i think we're at 1% gdp growth for the year. at some point that's the president's responsibility that follows under his per view and he's been horrible on the economy. they're right when they point it out that home ownership is down, wages are down, and poverty is up. all the indices that should be down -- >> we're going to finish this discussion -- freddie and fannie are not giving as many mortgages. >> thank goodness. >> home ownership at 51 year e low. >> it's not fannie and freddie. >> we're finished with this segment. >> thank dodd/frank for this. >> get this, turns out that part of the vetting process to let the refugees in reportedly is to ask refugees if they're terrorists. so the questions that are raising a whole lot more questions, a head scratcher and it's next. i wanted to know where my family came from.
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test. test. test. blah
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live from america's election headquarters in washington, good saturday morning. i'm leland vittert. flood ravaged louisiana is in recovery mode following historic flooding. garbage lines neighborhood streets where floodwaters destroyed some 40,000 homes as of this morning. 4,000 people still in shelters. officials say at least 13 people died in the high waters. relief workers now say this is the worst disaster since superstorm sandy. and sheriff joe arpaio of arizona facing serious legal troubles this morning as a federal judge is now recommending criminal contempt
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charges against arpaio and his second in command for allegedly not following the court's instructions in a racial profiling case. the sheriff could be forced from office if convicted of a felony. i'm leland vittert. see you at noon. if you're worried how the u.s. is vetting syrian refugees the new report won't help. some refugees are being asked yes or no questions, including are you a member or representative of a terrorist organization. scott, i wonder what that answer would be? >> hopefully no because that's probably what they do, right. i don't know. is there a maybe box where you can get back to the u.s. government and tell them. listen, i feel for the refugee situation, but to me, this is too much of a risk right now given the vetting process that to me is incomplete. we have the layout of what's gone on here, look at germany, europe, the crime rates that have sky rocketed with the migrants and refugees, that have
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caused major problems in this country because they didn't do a good job of vetting a lot of the people that came over. that's something we need to get better at if we bring these people in. >> i went to the white house's website to look up the vetting and they talk about things like biometrics and looking at records and some of these countries don't have records and there's no reliable photographs and then on top of it you will ask hey, are you a terrorist? >> yeah. that's the point. we have no intelligence over there. we have no presence over there. even james comey has come out and said, there are holes in the system. the good news is we've been very, very lucky and i hate cliches, but it only takes one bad guy to really hurt this country, you know, comes to the forefront here. so something has to be looked at very, very closely and hopefully they're getting the job done. >> although, guys, angela merkel under tremendous amount of pressure saying there's no evidence that the refugee situation added to terrorism in her country or europe. >> you could say that it's actually not the path of least
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resistance for terrorists. other ways of getting into this country other than the refugee program, but i agree, it's no surprise that there's a government agency that is mired down in bureaucracy and doing something incredibly insufficient and security can suffer if that job is hayesnd. so now ie, anyone who's asked a yes or no question, is going to answer how they though how the interviewer wants it to be answered. it's insane that's what we're doing and not investing in human intelligence. this president is so drone happy. >> it does present a problem no matter who's president, right? >> i mean, you answered that question completely honestly when they asked you did someone take your bags at the airport. remember the ridiculous -- >> did you pack your own bags, did you leave your purse? it's along those lines. i will say this, if you're going to let this many, you know, migrants in the country, there's no other way to vet them than this way.
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it's impossible to have a policy of letting these folks in which i don't believe we should, but there rshs it i'm sure julie will say we should for -- >> we should. >> for many reasons. there is no other way to let them in except for the sort of very cursory sort of checks on them. you will not go back and investigate everybody's home life. >> not even possible. >> if you're from aleppo there are no records. >> if i'm a terrorist and kennedy raised a good point, if i'm a an isis mastermind in raqqah or syria, i will invest in a guy to sit in a refugee camp in jordan or call my friend living in paris or in brussels who is an eu citizen who will get on a plane fly air france get off at jfk, go through customs and then do what he wants to do in times square. give me a break. every time we've had a terrorist event either here or in europe it's been with people who are either citizens of this country or came here legally not because they're refugees. even the women -- >> how do we know?
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we haven't had that many refugees come in. >> that's -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> we have refugees who come in -- >> we have not -- >> myanmar and iraq and other places. >> we have not had this number of refugees come in from a certain part of the world as we're having, as they are calling for right now. >> one second, guys. hey. >> one second, charlie. we have had people who have gone to the middle east an gotten training. we've also some people argue that it's the children of roaf fugees and -- of refugees and bring a certain mindset and ideology that permeates the home despite the fact that they're born and raised in the greatest country of the world that supersedes all of that goodwill. >> here's the difference, right. the europeans especially the french of assimilating refugees from algeria and tunisia, other places that were former colonies. this country this is what they do with kids here. use myself as an example. they put you in school, no english is a second language or wasn't when i went to school.
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sink or swim and become american and learn english and that's how it should be. >> we do this better than europeans do. >> homegrown terrorists aed something happens the ideology that comes through with them. >> i want to give you the final word on this. hearing you trying to get in. >> the bad guys have stated that they want to use the refugee program to get here and do bad things. that means we have to step up our game or else. as i stated it only takes one and they want to do damage and they want to do damage really bad. keep that in mind. >> all right. guys, leave it there. you want a bonus from the boss? then hit the beach. really? we'll explain.
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coming up could time out. what if i told you more companies are rewarding workers for taking more time off? find out why. plus, forget
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getting paid to use your vacation days. it's a growing trend. more companies forcing employees to use all of their time off. the u.s. travel association even handing out $500 bonuses to encourage workers to get out of the office. kennedy isn't sure this is how it's supposed to work. >> no! not in this country. in western europe they have a vacation fetish. they also have lower productivity rates. and i don't agree that somehow magically taking six weeks off a year increases productivity. i think this nation will continue to succeed, and it will be great again, if people -- some people can handle that. some people can actually handle working 50 weeks a year, and they're happy. it doesn't mean it works for everyone. i would gladly donate half of my
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vacation time to lazy people who are not competive. >> greece is a good example of a place where people had a lot of time off, and the economy sank. anyone who visits says, those people know how to live -- >> if lived near santorini, i'd be off, too. i was on vacation for three days. this things was glued to my head. you can't take vacation here even if you want to. by the way, they keep saying your boss will understand, nobody's going to send you emails. give me a break. you know what that means? 2,000 emails will be piled up on my desk when i get back. it will be 20 times worse. people end up working through their vacations because they know what's coming. >> there is a shift. this country is built on the idea of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps. we're hearing about flex work. donald trump is working on credit so people can have childcare and things like that. >> i don't see why people get excited about private companies saying take some time off. i mean, i could see with the government -- who cares? >> america became the best
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because of our work ethic. >> let me tell you something -- no offense, but if the guy from apple who write the programs, writes the code, wants to take off six weeks, the u.s. is not going to suffer. neither is apple. >> gary kaye, you're in florida. how do you resist not taking all the time off? >> reporter: i was just at disney world two hours ago. i just got back from europe. if you want stereo -- if you want to send me $500, i'm going back again. there are good points being made here. the greatness of the country is the hard work of the people. i got news for you -- it's good to wind down. working 52 weeks a year is not a good things. somebody's computer program -- it's good to get away for a bit of time. six weeks, eight weeks, what these other countries do is crazy. >> scott? >> i love me a good vacation fetish, charles. last time i checked, these are actually the workers' days to
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choose what they wish to do with them. having the company force them seems ridiculous to me. >> as someone who has family in europe, they all work for the government. they're taking that six weeks off on the government. >> my thanks to julie, kennedy, and charlie. planning a labor day getaway? you're not alone. airline expecting 600,000 more passengers this year than last. and our guys have the pitch to cover the costs and maybe put you on a permanent vacation. man: dear mr. danoff, my wife and i are now participating in your mutual fund. we invested in your fund to help us pay for a college education for our son. we've enclosed a picture of our son so that you can get a sense there are real people out here trusting you with their hard-earned money. ♪ at fidelity, we don't just manage money, we manage people's money. ♪
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stocks going up to help you get away. gary? >> o'reilly automotive, consistent earning and sales. great reaction to the earnings and sales. i think it's got another 20% in the next year. >> it's been on fire. scott? >> run, don't walk your portfolio to the stock trading floor and pick up some nike. i'm looking for a big post-olympic bounce out of this
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one. >> you're not worried about the competition? united armour? >> they dominate. even michael phelps wears nike these days. >> thank you very much. the cost of freedom continue right now on "forbes on fox" because this is the place for business. this is fox. who knew paying more taxes makes us all better off? >> we come out of the recession, and we're growing. that's good. the growth is going to folks at the top end. big financial institutions, some of the biggest corporations, wealthy individuals. we need to make sure that they are paying their fair share and plow those extra tax dollars into these programs. if we do, the very people that will are going to pay a little bit more, the very institutions that will pay a little bit more are actually going to do a lot better. >> former gop presidential candidate steve forbes says, wait a second, it's just the opposite. raising taxes does not help


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