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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  August 20, 2016 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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is unemployed, what the hell do you have to lose? >> donald trump making his pitch to african-american voters and current polls show his support among that group somewhere between 1% and 2%. her book "the loneliness of the black republican" now out in paperback at a book store near you. she joins us from new york. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> you listened to trump's speech over the past couple of days and his outreach, if you want to call it that, to african-american voters. perhaps didn't come out of a page from dale carnegie's "how to win friends and influence people," but is it effective? >> it's not effective. after looking at 52 years of republicans trying to reach out to african-american voters, you can see areas where republican
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candidates have done well. donald trump is trending toward a hasn't done well. he hasn't done all the traditional markers that poll well like speaking to black audiences, taking out advertisements in black media we are seeing the widening of the gulf not only between african-americans but latinos and asian american voters and the republican party. >> start with the optics. sometimes that's what matters in these elections rather than policy. if we put up that video of trump speaking making this big pitch to african-american voters, and you look behind him, it's almost an entirely white audience, both there and particularly the head-on shot which typically would be packed with whatever group of people you're trying to solicit. it's almost, if not entirely, white. >> right.
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any candidate and all candidates, including donald trump should be doing black outreach. they should be speaking to black audiences, as he is or isn't trying to do. it matters, are you speaking in black spaces? do you have people at your rallies? what are people outside your rallies doing and saying? if you're talking about helping african-americans, you have people outside your rallies selling confederate flags which alienate african-american voters makes your message seem insincere. >> you talk about law and order. how does that play with the african-american community? >> palestinian americans are politically diverse. you'll see african-americans favor with law and order but law and order with respect for equality and's equal treatment under law.
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when you hear donald trump saying criminalize african-americans and talk about increasing policing in black communities, it oftentimes alienates the very voters he might be trying to reach. this is an incredible disarray when thinking about what kind of messaging along with what kind of policies actually reach african-american voters. part of this is actually being able to listen to african-american voters outside of say republican strategists and things like that. >> based on your description, this would be a play out of the handbook how not into crease your 1% or 2% current poll numbers with african-americans. do you get the sense as you look at this, do you think trump is legitimately going after african-american voters and just not finding the right words or is there something else at play here? >> i think we can break it down into two different ways. for one, it helps any candidate to go after minority voters
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because it creates the deflection from charges or accusations of discrimination or bigotry. if you want to give donald trump the benefit of the doubt, he has to realize in order to win presidential elections, you need black voters. you need black voters beyond, in this case, beyond black republicans who make up a tiny segment of the african-american electorate. you need black independents and black democrats. what his campaign is doing and the way they are doing outreach is not the way to win those groups over. in fact what it does is alienate them further. we'll see if it changes over the next couple of weeks. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> this may be the most important spot in the solar system. that's not the video.
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later on we'll speak to one astronaut. we know they are successfully installing. new docking port. they did that today as part of a planned 6 1/2 hour space walk. later in the show, we are going to speak with astronaut tom jones. he will join us to talk about his new book "ask the astronauts." do you have a question to ask him? we had a number of tweets. tweet us @anhqdc. we may use your question on air. >> i'll be here to provide moral support. still ahead, more video for you. they say it is dramatic video. surveillance camera as a tractor trailer flattens a minivan. not a good time to take your eyes off the road there. how did the driver survive this crash? and presidential politics in the lone star state. why some trump supporters are
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(cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. who among us has not looked down at our gps to see where we are going like this man in the minivan is doing right now. that tractor trailer flattened the van. the driver, as we watch him get crushed again, suffered only minor injuries. let's get back to the race and our efforts to break down states individually. it's safe to say texans like their presidents to be republicans. it's been 40 years since a democrat won that state. that was jimmy carter in 1976.
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new polls suggesting the race may be tightening. with 38 electoral votes up for grabs, where are the candidates in the lone star state? trump has been there six times. twice since winning the nomination. he held no fund raisers there. clinton has been there eight times to raise cash, four to give speeches, but no visits since winning the nomination. erica joins us from austin. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> of course. thanks for having me. >> i want to break down some of the issues and figure out what texans care about. is there a chance this state could go blue, in all of your reporting? >> i think there is, honestly. it's strange. mitt romney won the state by 16 points. 2014 was not a presidential year but republicans swept the statewide races 20 points. now polls are showing a six-point race. it could be closer given the margin of error. surprising, but here we are. strange year.
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>> let's dig deeper. let's break down immigration. texans care about that. i looked on donald trump's website. we heard about him talk about building a wall. his immigration reform is a nation without borders is not a nation, a nation without laws is not a nation, and a nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. how do those principles not apply to texans? >> the principles in theory apply. we see republicans campaigning on strong border security. with donald trump, building a border wall, i don't know if he means a real wall or virtual, but it's more than half the southern border of the united states and our border is literally a river. you can't build a wall on a river unless you want to drain it. you can't just say build a border wall and have it play as great policy here. >> perhaps people on the ground who live there think that is
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physically not feasible. >> we have a moat. >> i want to move on to nafta. that's an issue we've seen a lot of states really talk about. would it really be a disaster to reform, renegotiate or break some of those nafta relationships? how would that affect texans in particular, especially with its proximity to mexico? >> texas would be disproportionate, anti-beneficiary of any repeal or policy. mexico is our biggest trading partner. there are billions of dollars in commerce that flow across the border every day, including not just trade but collaboration and innovation together. for texas, the question should we get rid of nafta would be a terrible idea for us. . >> i want to move on to ted cruz. he's popular in the state.
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a lot of us talked about his appearance at the convention for weeks after. does that damage or impact any of his support in the state of texas? >> we've seen mixed signals in polling. polling showing senator cruz with higher unfavorables with republican voters. as governor rick perry ran against him that governor perry would win. while the presidential race is ongoing, it's too early to read much into those results. ted cruz is popular among texan republicans. he won the primaries easily. there's been some interesting static in the polls. i wouldn't treat it as conclusive at this point. >> we only have about 30 seconds. we talked about immigration, nafta and ted cruz. aside from those issues, and i know a texan is not a monolithic vote, but what else do they care about from either candidate?
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what do they want to see on a platform right now? >> i would say the usual issues conservatives care about that are not being that well served, pro-life issues, amendment rights. property rights are the main issues. constitutional rights. the idea of the state having power visa vie the federal government is a big thing for texans and that remains animated today. >> thank you for joining us. we'll see if your predictions are true. >> strange year. >> very strange. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. ryan lochte. he won the gold medal, but could he soon lose the cash that normally comes with it? the fallout from lochte's late night gas station mishap continues. >> the fallout in brazil. there is an angry backlash against the behavior of the four swimmers.
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i'm steve harrigan in rio. that story ahead.
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final weekend for the olympics in rio.
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30 gold medals left to hand out. the americans, if you're counting, continue to lead the medal count with 39 gold, 106 overall. good work, team usa. china is next in total medals. but great britain has the second most golds with 25. all right. go usa. if you're like me you're hooked on the olympics. track and field, canoeing and tae kwon do. the women's basketball final where the united states is the favorite. it's the behavior of american swimmer ryan lochte and three teammates that continues to trouble many residents in rio as well as olympic officials. our own steve harrigan is at the games with the very latest. hi, steve. what can you share with us? >> elizabeth, six-day drama that's really dwarfed the games is finally coming to an end it looks like. wimmers involved in that sunday morning incident now safely back in the u.s. the fourth swimmer jimmy feigen got on a plane last night to return to the u.s.
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he was only allowed to leave, only given his passport back after he paid an $11,000 fine to charities here in brazil. we've seen a number of apologies over what happened on sunday from the united states olympic committee as well as from two of the swimmers so far including ryan lochte who said he was sorry for his lack of candor and sorry for taking the attention away from other athletes but he continued to maintain a gun was point it at the swimmers and only allowed to leave the gas station after paying money. as far as the relakz in brazil we've seen crowds of people shouting" liar liar" at the swimmers coming out of the police station. angry words, too, from the police chief and major who said he had contempt for ryan lochte. what's next for the swimmers, it's not clear. not likely to be any criminal proceedings but they could get hefty suspensions from usa swimming. that could happen as early as next week. as for lochte himself, he said he still hopes to attend the next olympics 2020 in tokyo.
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elizabeth, back to you. >> steve harrigan reporting live. thank you so much. and it is a fight for both campaigns connecting with undecided, underwhelmed, and frankly apathetic voters. dueling analysis on who wins that fight, trump or clinton. and from vacation to flood zone as the president gets ready to get back to work. ♪ one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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donald trump tailoring his message to reach a new audience. but will black and latino voters like what they are hearing? and why controversy can't quit chasing the clinton foundation. a new promise from the former president if his wife wins in november. and following the wake of donald trump, why president obama is cutting short his vineyard vacation. good saturday to you. nice to be with you. i'm leland vittert. >> i'm elizabeth. a one-two punch today for the trump m a pain. new ads are airing in five key states attacking hillary clinton's credibility and jobs record. meanwhile he's on the ground sharpening his own med santo win
10:00 am
over traditional democrats. it's a battle in virginia today. that's where we find our own peter ducey. hi. >> hi, elizabeth. >> peter, can you tell us what's the newest tramp attack ad on clinton? >> yeah, elizabeth, he's trying his best to make sure that everybody knows that he doesn't think hillary clinton has the physical or mental stamina to serve as commander in chief. so last night, a friday night, just after 7:00 p.m. trump got on twitter and he tweeted, #whereshillary? sleeping. we learned hillary clinton was in martha's vineyard last night celebrating her husband's 70th birthday. that's also where president obama has been for the last few days. during a visit with louisiana residents effected by historic floods trump took a shot at the president as well. >> playing golf in martha's vineyard.


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