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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 20, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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sharpening his own med santo win over traditional democrats. it's a battle in virginia today. that's where we find our own peter ducey. hi. >> hi, elizabeth. >> peter, can you tell us what's the newest tramp attack ad on clinton? >> yeah, elizabeth, he's trying his best to make sure that everybody knows that he doesn't think hillary clinton has the physical or mental stamina to serve as commander in chief. so last night, a friday night, just after 7:00 p.m. trump got on twitter and he tweeted, #whereshillary? sleeping. we learned hillary clinton was in martha's vineyard last night celebrating her husband's 70th birthday. that's also where president obama has been for the last few days. during a visit with louisiana residents effected by historic floods trump took a shot at the president as well. >> playing golf in martha's vineyard.
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that's all we can say. glad you're not playing golf. >> somebody is that shouldn't be. >> later on this afternoon trump will be here in fredericksburg, virginia. a swing state that he does have work to do in as it is the home ground, home turf of hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine. you can see behind us a crowd is starting to form. things are so far peaceful. not any protesters that we can see but that was not the case last noight manyinnesota when ds were spit on and cursed at and taunting by some protesters. sounds like it was an ugly scene according to local reports out of minnesota. we don't have any indication that that's going to happen again here tonight, but certainly very unpleasant for people who were just trying to go and donate money to the candidate that they liked, which of course is their right, elizabeth. >> sure. of course, both these candidates are trying to pick up different support. both of them for african-american voters. what do we know, is there any argument that trump is making as
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he tries to pick up that voting bloc? >> it's new. trump is trying to talk directly to african-american voters basically telling african-americans especially in inner cities what do you have to lose by backing me? last night trump was in michigan and he basically was telling the crowd that he thinks the economic problems in certain neighborhoods have only gotten worse the last few decades as of course american voting blocs have largely favored democratic politicians. so trump is pitching himself as change at. that's not all. he's arguing now that hillary clinton's policies would disproportionately harm african-american voters. >> no group in america has been more harmed than hillary clinton's policies than african-americans. no group. no group. if hillary clinton's goal was to inflict pain on the african-american community she
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could not have done a better b job. it's a disgrace. >> and it's not just african-americans that trump is courting. later on this hour at trump tower in manhattan he will sit down with hispanic leaders from fwefrl different states as joint effort between the trump campaign and rnc. they want to make sure that these leaders who represent hundreds of thousands of evangelicals across the country understand what it is that trump policies would do for hispanic voters so they can go back to these 12 states they are from across the country and explain it to their voters, to voters there. elizabeth? >> peter doocy reporting live. we have his pitch to hispanic, his pitch to african-american shs and also some news from trump this week saying he regret,s, quote, unquote, some of the things he's said while campaigning. writer at real clear politics joins us from new york.
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all right, caitlyn, you think about this. at some level you have a little bit of a new donald trump. i regret, speaking more from a teleprompter. at the same time two days after a new campaign manager, he says to african-americans, what the hell do you have to lose? which is it? is this a new donald trump or the same old donald trump with new people trying to manage his campaign? >> yes, it seems like a little bit of growing pains in terms of this new effort by the trump campaign. we were told that this new management system was meant to encourage donald trump to be himself, how he was in the primaries, thinking that that strategy got him to where he is today and kind of continuing that style, creating an environment for him to operate in that style. but we've seen, you know, two or three different kinds of trumps here, right? the one that's on message, talking about things that he was talking about earlier in the cycle and also these efforts to
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reach out to minority groups, but really in a way that came off as offensive to some and not really following through in terms of the campaign activity in reaching out to those groups. i would say it still remains to be seen what we'll see from the trump campaign. like always, you have to just wait and see what he decides to do. >> you know, you think about this shake-up and the messaging that's coming out of the trump campaign. it's pretty far to the right of the republican party, especially when you think about steve bannon being tasked to lead the campaign. at the same time, you have donald trump saying, oh, i'm going to win blue collar reagan democrats in places like ohio, places like wisconsin, places like pennsylvania. blue collar reagan democrats is not the steve bannon crowd. >> right. and we're 80 days out from the general election. and at this point after the conventions are over you see
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candidates traditionally working on reaching out to the middle and working on reaching out to moderate voters from the other side of the aisle. and we haven't really seen that from the trump campaign. there is a pitch of course throughout the primary season to white working class voters. that has been a key part of trump support. we've also seen that support diminish slightly in the polls and, of course, support among various constituencies, especially those that republicans have won in the past. you know, white voters with college degrees, for example, are traditionally a big part of the republican base. trump is losing those voters as well. so you saw in that ad that he released this week, the first time he's running advertising in a general election campaign. that was an ad aimed at galvanizing and motivating the republican base. not necessarily reaching across the aisle. >> the base specifically on
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immigration. take a listen to that ad. >> hillary clinton's america, the system stays rigged against americans. syrian refugees flood in. illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay. collecting social security benefits, skipping the line. our border open, it's more of the same but worse. donald trump's america is secure. >> all right. clinton ad for fair and balance coming up in our next segment. caitlyn huey burns, as i look at the politics right now clinton is up in pennsylvania, michigan, ohio, iowa, wisconsin, and north carolina. does that ad turn that around? as you said, it seems to appeal to more to the base than the swing voters. >> you know that's a great question. and because we are so close, 80 days away from the general election, the question is whether trump is able to reverse some of the impressions that he
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has left on voters already. it's a time that traditionally, you know, we look to labor day as a pivot point of sorts when voters start paying attention. but this campaign cycle has been so saturated in terms of the information that voters are getting that some of these impressions might be baked in. and so because he's laid on advertising, because the clinton campaign has been advertising in key battlegrounds for several months now, there is a big question about whether trump can make a new impression on some voters or change voters' minds. that remains to be seen. if ads like this continue or if he introduces more advertising in other key states, or if he changes his tune a little bit in terms of the kind of campaign events he has, that will be telling. >> well, also to that point, exactly how many times he uses a teleprompter versus notes. caitlyn huey-burns, we
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appreciate it. >> thank you. good to see you. >> nice to see you. hillary clinton may see a lead in the polls but she's still aggressive on the stump and today fund-raising in martha's vineyard in nantucket. this while the campaign is learning as we are that clinton will have to answer questions about her private e-mail server under oath. a federal judge ruled clinton must respond to written questions from judicial watch, the conservative group leading the charge into the e-mail scandal. in a statement the judicial watch president said, quote, we will move quickly to get these answers. the decision is a reminder that hillary clinton is not above the law. one clinton spokesperson dismissed the ruling as just another lawsuit intended to hurt the clinton campaign but combined with conflict of interest concerns over her family foundation clinton has a lot of questions to answer. that being said, paid to play, play for pay, rather, allegations are nothing new for the clintons but the controversy over who is giving to their charities and why it's
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festering. here's why it matters. when a foreign donor gives money to charities run by the family of woman who could become the next president, it creates an obvious appearance of a potential conflict of interest. >> so what if any favors does that donor, that foreign donor you were talking about, expect to get in return? avoiding such conflicts is why president clinton says he and daughter chelsea will step away from their foundation and shutter foreign donor operation it is mrs. clinton wins in november. estimated $2 billion budget the various clinton charities are advancing the global agenda, providing access to hiv/aids treatment, seed money for sustainable economic growth in africa, and fighting climate change. obviously a lot of folk on the other side saying the clinton foundation is about so much more. they also fund efforts here at home to end childhood obesity, an issue close to michelle obama's heart. one of the big questions here is if their appears to be a conflict of interest if hillary clinton wins doesn't there be
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that same appearance of a conflict of interest, say, when she was secretary of state? and to that end, perhaps, next month the clinton global initiative holds its an yun donor meeting in new york. now, according to the foundation, on the literature will be about how to build and maintain prosperity through what they call the power of partnership. how does this all play in the narrative of hillary clinton running for president and perhaps even foreign donors who can give money to the clinton foundation right now. >> it's been over a year since news of hillary clinton's private e-mail service first broke. although voters polled say she's not trustworthy she's still leading in the polls but not less than three months from voting days will questions over her e-mails and the clinton foundation pack the one-two punch that trump hopes for? so here to weigh in democratic campaign strategist and fox news contributor joe trippy. joe, thank you so much for joining us. we heard leland earlier. he played a clip from a campaign ad. i want to start first and foremost by playing a campaign ad and getting your reaction if you don't mind listening. >> sure.
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>> we got to work because others depend on us. hillary clinton gets it, standing up f families and children has been her life's work. under her plan working parents get relief from the cost of child care and a path to debt free college. >> joe, who is that appealing to? >> right now pretty broad spectrum of the electorate. you see her gaining, you know, strength since her convention with women in particular and that's clearly who that driven at, and she's trying to strengthen herself with blue collar voters that she doesn't have right now and that are up for grabs between her and trump. >> do you feel that way, they are up for grabs? we've heard that a lot, that donald trump may be losing people that he presumes are supporting him. >> yeah. i mean, i think that's where the fight is. when he's doing well, he breaks into that category more than a romney would have and then he
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goes off script or gets -- goes over the top and he loses them back to her. and so i think that's -- that's why you see the fluctuate -- when it's getting closer, it's because he's actually, you know, pulling more of those blue collar working folks. he needs those in ohio and plac places like that and she needs to keep them away from him to stop him from gaining traction in places like pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, a lot of the states that if donald trump can't win, you just can't -- gop -- if you can't pick off ohio it doesn't work. >> we so much about trump saying on message but this week for hillary clinton wasn't rosy. so i want to ask you how does she stay on message because she has to stay on message, too, when we see the news out of dc with judicial watch and we see all the head lips with the clinton foundation. how does she maintain her focus right now?
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>> well, i mean, look, she's got to be, you know, take nothing for granted, fight for every vote. i think she's going to do that. i think in the end this election is going to come down to -- donald trump can't get there if he can't get over this feeling that people have about either, you know, not right for the job or unqualified or, you know, some of these questions that he raised himself. so she's going to keep pushing that. she's going to keep the case going that he's not fit to be president of the united states. >> we have some live pictures now of donald trump's meeting with latino leaders in new york. so he's blatantly trying to project the optics that he's reaching out far beyond just this blue collar voter. should she stay on her toes? is the campaign in any way being complacent when we see him making moves like this. >> no. one, the campaign is not complacent. the other thing, and this is
10:15 am
same with a lot of republicans against hillary. the fear, i mean, the actual terror among rank and file democrats of a trump presidency means, i think, that there's going to be a big turnout for the base of the democratic party. just as the fear in you call it terror of clinton presidency actually helping trump. but he still needs to consolidate that vote and he hasn't been able to do it yet. he's got two problems. how does he consolidate the gop vote that is still a group that's not there completely for him, not the way democrats are there for her. at the same time, reach beyond that, beyond the base to broaden his support. and i think that's a real tough tightrope to walk with 80 days left. that's a real struggle within his campaign. >> yeah. and i think that we certainly can't predict how this election is going to shake out. so it's going to be an interesting 80 days.
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>> it will be. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. a fox news extreme weather alert as we turn to the major flooding in the deep south. as of now nearly 4,000 people remain in shelters across louisiana. forced out of their homes last week by flood waters, they're the lucky ones. 13 people died in those waters. more than 2 1/2 feet of rain caused severe flood that destroyed, get this, 40,000 homes and as the water recedes, of course what is left is filth and rubble. louisiana governor john bell edwards said short term at cyst tans is on the way to storm victims. many folks living in cars, hotel, even their work places. they will all, we are told, eligible for shelter provided by fema. and we know the devastation in louisiana has prompted responses in the world of politics. donald trump and mike pence visiting baton rouge on friday in support of flood victims.
10:17 am
hillary clinton has not made the trip just yet, saying the rescue effort does not need any distraction. the white house an noncing just yesterday president obama will visit louisiana on tuesday to survey the damage. for now, he's on vacation in martha's vineyard. that's where we find our own white house correspondent kevin kirk there with the latest. hi, kevin. >> hi, elizabeth. you're right. better late than never or what took the guy so long? those seem to be the prevailing reactions to the news that the white house is now put out there that the president will, in fact, be heading to louisiana on tuesday. understand that this is historic and deadly flooding that has overwhelmed an entire communities. you saw the pictures there, just incredible devastation. the president is headed there next week. the recovery effort of course continues. mindful of the additional strain that a business could place on first responders, the white house said they wanted to wait until the state's governor felt a visit would be okay. he extended the invitation and now the white house says the president is, quote, eager to
10:18 am
tell the people of louisiana that theern many people will be with them as they rebuild their community and come back stronger than ever. that from white house press secretary josh earnest. this is always a delicate dance, especially for leadership when you are on vacation, as is the case for the president. >> milwaukee's burning and louisiana's flooding and he's speaking at a $34,000 a plate fund-raiser for hillary clinton. so there's a certain point the optics can be really bad. >> yeah, no question about that. really bad is right. there are so many interesting angles to this story. the president did cut short a trip to spain to come back to the react to the dallas shootings. so there is a precedent here where he's actually had to cut short something to come back to, be there for nothing else, to survey the damage or be a consoler in chief, if you will, as he was over in texas. and yet other people point out rightly, listen, he went to new
10:19 am
jersey lickety-split after sandy, why couldn't he come to louisiana sooner? clearly it is a complicated political calculation but at the end line, the people need to hear from their president and they finally will on tuesday. liz? >> all right, kevin corke reporting live. thank you, kevin. all right. coming up after the break, a commuter bus crash leaving two people dead. what investigators are now just learning. we're going to have that after the break. plus, some good news in the battle against this destructive wildfire. how crews are taking on this blaze. and it's every kid's dream to become an astronaut. so tom jones wants to know what questions you have about life in space? tweet them to us @anhqdc and we'll ask i'm coming up. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants.
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just look at what is left of this crash in newark, new jersey, a tour bus there left two people dead although it doesn't appear that is video of a tour bus. appears it's a video of a damaged roof. we'll get back to you on the
10:24 am
damaged roof. one female passenger and the driver of empty transit bus t-boned another bus. it happened at about 6:00 a.m. friday. it was a busy intersection during rush hour. at least 17 passengers on the full bus were injured. six of them critically. transit shorts say both driver were veterans with 25 years of experience and now it's up to investigators to look into perhaps whether one driver ran a red light causing that crash. firefighters in southern california are gaining ground on the most destructive wildfire that state has ever seen this year. will carr is in los angeles with more. he has all the details. hi, will. >> hi, elizabeth. there are more than half a dozen major wildfires burning in the western united states right now. many being fueled by the drought conditions that we've seen, especially here in california where we still are in the middle of a five-year historic drought. let's start with the blue cut
10:25 am
fire. that's burning 60 miles east of los angeles. it's now 40% contained but it's burned almost 100 homes and around 60 square miles. it scorched so much earth that it forced to outity,000 people to evacuate. now some are slowly returning and take a listen to what they're seeing. >> we're back at square one. we don't know where to start. this is 20 years of memories and this piece of land, you know, it's just ashes. >> they're also having to deal with looters there. three people have been arrested for trying to steal a truck out of a driveway. more trouble to the north with the clayton fire. a man has been arrested there. he's facing 17 counts of arson for starting that fire. the good news is the clayton fire now 75% contained. so far this year we've had more wildfires at this point than last year. that's interesting to note because 2015 was the most expensive wildfire season on
10:26 am
record. elizabeth? >> all right, will carr reporting live. thank you so much. donald trump out looking for votes with african-americans and trying to heal wounds with latinos. so, as we look at donald trump's latest efforts in voter outreach we'll tell you why he would love nothing more than to hear more of this. >> mr. trump, we love you! we love you! on your way to the white house. beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. for your pet, we go beyond.
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it's been another roles coaster week for the trump campaign. this make the republican nominee brings in a new nontraditional team to lead his white house bid. form former breitbart head will be steering the ship behind the scenes. on the main stage donald trump is making pitch to minority voters announcing hysterectomy
10:31 am
panic advisory committee today and asking last night african-american voters what they have to lose by voting for him. let's take a fair and balanced look at the trump campaign so far. fox news contributor angela and joe who is a partner with the chatterton group. thank you for joining us. let's listen to that sound bite from last night where we heard donald trump appealing to a voter group and then i want to get your arkz. take a listen. >> you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> what the hell do you have to lose? that's quite blunt. effective? >> no. he's condescending, condescending, condescending. >> monolithic group. he's not speaking to one group. >> correct. you do have blacks that have traditionally voted democratic after lbj.
10:32 am
i talk about that with my book "bamboozled," plug, get it. we're not monolithic and i think the black voters up for grab it is you have the right message and if you're going to those diversity districts go into the black churches, go meet with the ncaap. go meet were the national organization for the hispanic vote. >> is it up for grabs? democrats have been appealing to this group or for a long time? >> i don't think it is. the polling numbers show 1%, 2% for donald trump in this election is the worst that a republican has ever had with this demographic. this is the problem that republicans have. the african-american vote after the '60s and '70s as angela point ied out came hard to the democratic party. >> and welfare, too, as well. that's the reason why we became democrats because of welfare, because of -- >> and the voting rights act. >> i just said that, because of discrimination. but now it's time to make a
10:33 am
change. it has been a generational curse. >> i wish you the best of luck in that. the problem comes though with hispanics where george bush did well with hispanic voters. then they abandoned in droves after the debacle immigration policy that he put up and republicans refused to support. now, here's the other thing that's coming in. in less than a generation we will be a majority/minority state in many of these battle grounds. north carolina, florida -- >> that's not here nor there. that's in the future. >> those voters as they lock in and participate with democrats will stay locked in. and that's a big problem for republicans. >> poverty, poverty transcends race. and we have more poverty with obama's policies and hillary's policies. >> you're saying jobs and economic opportunity. >> there you go. >> sure. >> if you go into the community and talk about empowerment zones, jack kempe. i worked for bob dole. if you go in and speak to us, what are you going to do? but by coming to us and saying, what do you have to lose?
10:34 am
that's very condescending. >> i agree. angela, you're dead on. the problem you have though is that african-american voters are very smart. they're not -- >> oh, thank you so much. we're smart? >> they are. >> i'm a woman as well. am i smart, too? >> they make their own decisions. >> he's a libliberal, guys. >> whether or not we can say that republicans need them, they still get to choose and they have been choosing democrats. so we can talk about failed policies but on the ground they see this and they know -- >> i can give you this, joe, even though african-americans are smart. liberals are very good, not that message, on messaging and communication and getting out the vote. they go into the diversity districts. they go into our churches. they go where we meet. and republicans are clumsy communicators, number one. and number two, they're afraid to go? >> sorry. but look at the trump meeting that's going on with the hispanics. they're coming to trump tower. they're going to the gold laden tower instead of going into
10:35 am
their neighborhoods. >> hopefully some of this people are watching this segment because after that they can go to the advocacy groups. we're not good as republicans onned a have casey. >> i thought i heard you say liberals are really smart on messaging. >> yes. >> obviously headlines this week. donald trump has made a huge shift in his campaign staff. it's not the first time that we've seen him make a huge shift. you just spoke about messaging, how he needs to change his messaging. he did that change on friday. it still may not have been entirely effective. do you think he's going to be able to make that positive step forward with this new staff? >> no question that he has a challenge with women and conservatives. with steve bannon he has a messaging for conservatives. i've known kellyanne for a long time. talented lady. knows about advocacy. knows about polling and messaging. so now i can see if donald trump will really listen to his advisers. >> yeah. >> i'm going to give you the last word. >> this is a shake-up that needed to happen.
10:36 am
man for the's russian ties were going to destroy all of his messaging on foreign policy, what does he do? goes out and gets bannon, ceo of an organization who had a reporter this year guess assaulted by one of his previous managers and refused to stand by her. >> come on, joe. >> he's going to continue to have these problems. in the end he did what every businessman needs to do, change management. is problem is now you loose the consistency of that management. >> still haven't had our october surprise. i'm waiting. >> let's see if he can run a campaign. i'm sure we will be back to have this conversation. thank you so much. really interesting. we appreciate it. and coming up after the break, one of the biggest stunt shows in the sky is getting ready to kick off. check out some of these amazing tricks that these daredevils can do. you don't want to miss this. and hillary clinton and donald trump both fighting for votes. find out why wisconsin is play this november. that may be a surprise to you. you can run an errand.
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beautiful blue skies and blue water as well as majestic chicago skyline as a backdrop. doesn't get much better than that. that's true. the annual air and water show along the second city's north beach area on lake michigan all happening this weekend. the very popular free event features military and civilian planes performing ariel stunts and maneuvers as well as parachute and fire boat demonstrations. i've been there personally. it is amazing. and when i win in wisconsin and when i win in wisconsin we're going do come back here and we're going to celebrate. it's going to be amazing. i'm going with you. i'm going to be with you tomorrow and the next day. >> republican presidential nominee donald trump already counting on wisconsin's ten electoral votes in november. in fact, he's been spending a
10:42 am
lot of time in states that don't exactly have a history of voting republican. wisconsin hasn't gone red since 1984 and current polls are not exactly in his favor. the real clear politics average of recent badger state polls has trump down by almost ten points. does trump have a chance to change the conversation? vicki mckenna from the great city of madison, wisconsin. nice to see you again, vicki. >> great to be here again. and donald trump's got some work to do in our great state. >> you know, you correctly predicted that ted cruz was going to win in wisconsin during the primary. what's your prediction here for the general? >> well, if the election were held tomorrow donald trump would lose wisconsin. but the election isn't tomorrow, so he's got some opportunities, he's got some time. look, i think he can win over the republicans in wisconsin.
10:43 am
she's going to have to make some changes. but i don't know if he can win the state, only because, you know, as you mentioned, history is against him. he hasn't really been doing much in wisconsin to alter the message enough to try to make himself broad appeal like scott walker has been as governor of our state. so i think it's a tough slog for him. i think he's got to shore up some republican support first because he's not even there with the republicans yet in our state. >> you say that and it's kind of interesting because if you listen to trump on the stump he will be tell you that blue collar reagan democrats of which you got a lot of in wisconsin, are going to go big for him. why don't you think that's translating? why is his message not translating with those folks in wiscons wisconsin, especially the ones that call in to your show? >> well, it's because so far he hasn't really had much of a different message in wisconsin. look, wisconsin republicans are a pretty intelligent bunch of republicans. they're very activist.
10:44 am
they're very, very well informed. we have souts eastern wisconsin that is just blanketed with talk radio. we have republicans that don't seek out their information from the mainstream press. we have republicans that you can't just fly the in, pop in every now and again, pat them on the head and say you're exactly like michigan. we're going to treat you like michigan. you're exactly like indiana, we'll treat you like that. wisconsin republicans are different. we've gone through the wars and battles for our governor in recall elections. we do activism a bit differently. and i think he's actually going to have to respect the fact that we know a lot more about our state than he does. >> you think about folks who know a lot about your state. two people, scott walker who is obviously won three elections although h didn't have broad national appeal. he hasn't really come out that strong for donald trump. certainly isn't out working for him. the other person is paul ryan who trounced his pro-trump primary challenger. >> i tell you what's going on.
10:45 am
right now congress mman ryan an governor walker, you know, they're doing what they can given what they've got to work with in terms of a candidate. i no we that donald trump has switched over his management team. in the last three days his messaging has been much, much better and much, much more amenable to the ears of wisconsin voters. fing he stay on message like he has been, going into west bend, talking about city issues, going into downtown milwaukee and actually talking about the things that we in wisconsin talk and care about, i think you may see governor walker and congressman ryan be a little more enthooss a tick. but these are refor minded republicans. deep policy republicans. and unless they see a little bit more game from donald trump here, i'm not sure you're going to see them be able to be sort of the enthusiastic cheerleaders they were for mitt romney, for john mccain. i think donald trump can change that and i think his last three
10:46 am
days in our state has been very, very positive for him. >> you think about the way wisconsin voted, 2000, 2004, it was very, very close to bush winning wisconsin. he didn't but he got much closer than anybody has since going back to 1984. last question for you. interesting piece in the atlantic, discussing the fact that where donald trump does well is not in cities and towns that are particularly bad off but, rather, cities and towns that are industrial, that have seen a little bit of a resurgence. where is wisconsin on that spectrum? i know it's a big state but still, is wisconsin really still hurting or has things gotten especially better there, do you think? >> i think things have gotten substantially better here, particularly with the election of governor walker and key changes. we are now in the top tier leading manufacturing states. we have seen our budget situation turn around. our incomes are actually coming back online. we've seen sales tax revenue increase, which means consumers
10:47 am
are buying more. you know the economic situation is -- i would say in the last six years has gotten better here in wisconsin, especially given we've come out of recession. but listen, i think donald trump's biggest challenge in our state is going to be take that 79% of republican enthoos am that he's got nationally and probably about the same here and turn that into 90% enthusiasm. that all hs to do with messaging. >> vickiing ingvicki, there's republicans who listen to your radio show. i've gotten seconds. do you think donald trump is going to come on as he does local radio and do your show or not? >> donald trump is welcome to come back on my program any time. he can cold call me and i'll take the call. >> well, we'll see if it happens. if it does, come back and chat with us about it. thanks, vicki. >> thanks, guys. >> liz? >> hopefully he's watching. so you've got questions, he's got answers. astronaut tom jones is going to
10:48 am
join us about his new book "ask the astronaut" and he's going to be answering everything that you want to know about, space. ♪ if you have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's, and your symptoms have left you with the same view, it may be time for a different perspective. if other treatments haven't worked well enough, ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's.
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all right. space is is final frontier and nasa astronauts are constantly finding answers to what's out
10:52 am
there. now a nasa astronaut is taking your questions. "ask the astronaut" is a new book by tom jones and answers 343, almost one for every single day of the areyear, asked quests about space and how to become a astronaut. we ask you and we are going to ask tom. first and foremost, i want to selfishly take up some of your time because i just started reading your book. it seems as if you're quite passionate about getting younger generations involved as they ask some of these questions. how do you appeal to younger generations right now? >> well, we're talking about opportunities for them in the next 1020, 30 years. so i think the country is going to go to mars eventually and on the way probably going to revisit the moon and voyage to thor in by asteroids. we want asteroid minor, hotel operator, space plane pilot, and we need scientists and engineers to go out on the final frontier. >> 343 questions in here. can you think of one off the top of your head that surprised you the most?
10:53 am
you've been getting questions your whole career. maybe nothing was a surprise to you but i'm curious if there was one. >> there's an answer that surprised me. so when i went to space for the first time i was expecting the great view and i was expecting these exhilaration of being weightless but what surprised me was the satisfaction that came from being part of a team. and being so close with my crew mates that i could almost read their minds and vice versa. so your life is in their hands and vice versa. so that building of trust, those friendships will last for the rest of my life. >> before we get to some of these questions i do want to ask you, there's so much talk about private investors and space tourism. do you have an opinion on that? do you have a stance? >> going forward i think for nasa to succeed it's going to have to take advantage of the innovation of the commercial sector. anything that's routine, getting astronauts to and from the space station regularly, shipping supplies up there, getting rocket fuel produced in space so we can use it to go to mars some day. that should be farmd out to the commercial sector. save the taxpayers money. let nasa focus on the difficult things on the frontiers of
10:54 am
technology. >> we are looking at your pictures. i want to start with the first question from kendall smith, do you ever get nervous being up in space? >> of course i had anxiety on my first mission. i was always dreaming about that opportunity. so when you're strapped in on the launchpad for your first flight you are going to have butterflies in your stomach. what scared me is not the launch, the physical risks, it was the wondering whether i was going to do a good job up there. like stage fright. and we're all familiar with that. >> perhaps you so much another a different level than the stage fright we experience here on earth. the second question is from preston horowitz. what do the stars look like at the international space station? >> you can go to a national park where the sky is dark and see thousands of star, milky way. i recommend you do that. in space, you've got clouds of stars that emerge if you take the time to get your eyes dark and adapted. so many stars are i visible you can't see the constellation
10:55 am
anymore because they submerge into the background cloud of skies. really a wondrous sight. >> do you get homesick when you're up there? >> sometimes. you know you can be in skype, touch basically with your family or a conference with them on tv once a week or so. so you're always aware in 90 minutes you will be back around on their side of the world. when you think about what has to happen to get back safely going five miles at a second back down to earth, that physical gulf you have to cross is the one that makes you feel separated from folks at home. >> 30 seconds left. but advice that you have for young people. >> we need your skill, we need your talents. the country is going to do great things in space. we want some lewis and clarks to sign up and study the hard subjects of science and eng nears to set your boots on mars. >> we love what. of course we love your book. 20 pages in. and you do cover just about everything because i skimmed through it and there are some questions. >> if i left something out, let me know. >> great. well, thank you for joining us, tom. we appreciate it. that's about all the time we
10:56 am
have for here in washington, d.c. but we are grateful for you joining us today. >> 15 seconds left, great book. thanks for being with us. thanks for being with us at home. you're back tomorrow. see you at 1:00 eastern tomorrow. bye. hello, everybody. i'm uma. after a couple rough weeks the trump campaign it believes it's back on track with a more focused candidate staying on message. you will hear from newt gingrich and dr. ben carson about why they believe there will be fewer bumps on the road. and devastating louisiana floonfloods and how you can help. you can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or... you can get the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back
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news from the campaign trail where donald trump is keeping the focus on the east coast today as he tries to close the gap with rival hillary clinton. hello and welcome to another hour of america's election headquarters. mr. trump spending part of his day in virginia, a state where he trails mrs. clinton by double digits. trying to seek more support from minority communities that have remained reluctant to pack him. polls show he still has work to do to get their votes and within the past hour in new york city the. nominee has been meeting with hispanic leaders, making it clear he wants their supp


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