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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 20, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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pitching his candidacy to minority voters and right now we're waiting for him at a rally in virginia scheduled for about an hour from now. earlier today in virginia he sat down with law enforcement officials in stafford county in advance of a speech later tonight to talk about law and order. that will be the theme. before he went to virginia earlier this morning he met with hispanic leaders at his trump tower. it was a strategy session to appeal to latino and on the minority voters. yesterday trump stopped in louisiana where he and mike pence toured the neighborhoods that were devastated by that massive flooding and he met with homeowners who were deeply effected. from there he flew to another rally where he had a message for african-american voters of our country. >> american communities are
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suffering under democratic control. to those i say the following, what do you have to lose by trying something new like trump? what do you have to lose? >> mr. trump is scheduled to speak in virginia in about an hour. peter we're hearing about a protest that kind of got out of control last night. >> reporter: completely out of control. last night our cameras were rolling at some anti-trump agitators were abusing trump donors leaving a fundraiser with the candidate in minnesota. some of these trump donors were punched and some were spit on and some others were just threatened but things did escalate to the point that law enforcement was walking frightened republicans back to their cars suggesting a level of danger for trump supporters that we have not seen in several months.
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just a few hours before that donald trump did tour flooded parts of louisiana and he met with residents effected by the high water and we just heard this afternoon about what he thinks about what he saw. >> how was your trip to louisiana? >> they're amazing people with tremendous spirit. their spirit is unbelievable. >> reporter: those comments were made during a roundtable meeting with hispanic leaders at trump tower that wrapped up a few hours ago. the campaign and the rnc are trying to figure out the best ways for trump to pitch his proposals to hispanic communities. >> not just the hispanic community, he's trying to reach out as we know to the african-american community. what is he telling them? >> reporter: trump spoke directly to african-american voters or anybody that was listening to tell them that he doesn't think they have been
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very well served by overwhelming supporting liberal democratic politicians especially in inner center areas for the last several decades so he thinks he deserves a chance to make things better. >> no group in america has been more harmed by hillary clinton's policies than african-americans. no group. no group. if hillary clinton's goal was to inflict pain on the african-american community, she could not have done a better job. it's a disgrace. >> reporter: we are here now in hillary clinton's running matter tim kaine's backyard, virginia, about an hour outside of washington, d.c., with no traffic. there are thousands of people in the expo center right now and i was just outside where it was very hot and some people have been waiting all day.
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there are hundreds if not thousands waiting to get in. we don't know how many more will be permitted in. sometimes they have had issues with the fire marshal where it just gets too crowded but something else they do have a teleprompter set up. it does look like this will be the latest in line of scripted speeches for trump and he has made news every time he has read from one of these teleprompter speeches that represents a new way to stay on message for the republican candidate. >> he's been more on message relying on those teleprompter spechz a speeches and sticking to issues of policy. we'll bring it when mr. trump takes the stage. the law and order theme will be a key part of an interview for mr. trump later tonight. he'll be calling in to justice with judge jeanine.
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she's a former prosecutor and judge. right here at 9:00 p.m. eastern. new e-mail troubles continue to dog hillary clinton's campaign. a federal judge ordering her to answer questions in writing about her private e-mail sever when she was secretary of state. brian is live in our new york city newsroom with details. when can we expect answers to these questions from hillary clinton. >> reporter: the federal judge yesterday in washington, d.c. ordered that hillary clinton must answer written questions about her private e-mail server under oath within 30 days of receiving them. the conservative watch dog organization which filed the lawsuit has until october 14th to submit these questions. the group tells fox they're disappointed that the judge denied the request to have her answer questions in person, but they'll submit written questions in the coming days to ensure she has to answer them before election day on november 8th.
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>> the important thing is that we will now have her on the record under oath something no one else has ever done and it was ordered by a court, ordered by a judge who was appointed by her husband. why did she do it, how did she set it up and how did they go about doing that. it's all the unanswered questions that the american public is really due at this point. >> reporter: the clinton campaign accepts the judge's decision but says judicial watch is a right wing organization that has been attacking the clintons since the 1990s. this is another lawsuit intended to try to hurt hillary clinton's campaign so we're glad the judge has accepted our offer to answer these questions in writing rather than grant the request. clinton could request a delay and if granted she could push off having to answer these written questions until after election day. we'll see. >> okay. we'll see. meanwhile, where is mrs. clinton this weekend. >> reporter: hillary clinton is
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in massachusetts today for two fundraising events. she'll have another event tomorrow in cape cod. in fact much of next week she'll be fundraising in california. clintons on track to top the $90 million she raised in july. >> okay. thank you very much. by the way, the timing of those questions from judicial watch and the written answers from mrs. clinton could have an impact on the election. next hour we'll talk about the possible fallout with the publisher of campaigns and elections magazine. crews are reporting progress against the massive wildfires in southern california saying the flames are 68% contained. officials lifting some evacuation orders allowing residents to comb through their homes. the fire has destroyed more than 100 homes and scorched nearly 60
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square miles. that's a lot. wow. >> that's right. this has been a relentless fire season so far and shows no signs of letting up. you're talking about the blue cut fire that's burning about 60 miles east of los angeles and fire crews are doing a good job on the ground this weekend. the fire should be more than 70% contained by the end of the day, but at its worst around 80,000 residents had to evacuate that area because 60 square files just completely burned there, 105 homes, now they're being allowed to go back in. they're having to do with looters and having to go back to see if their homes are still standing. listen to one resident whose home nearly escaped destruction. >> all these people that you care about and you live close to and everything you work hard for it could have been gone in an instant and it was for so many peop very blessed.
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>> reporter: the cause of that fire currently under investigation. not so for the clayton fire north of san francisco. authorities have arrested a a man for arson and they suspect he may have started five other fires. this is one of many wildfires we've seen in 2016. you may remember the lake isa bella fire hundreds of home burned in that fire. so far we've seen more wildfires than 2015 and last year was the most expensive wildfire season on record and these days wildfire season is really year round. >> that's really such a shame. thank you so much. >> it really is so sad to see. fire crews hoping for some help from the forces of nature. will they get is the question our senior meteorologist has more from the fox extreme weather center.
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>> not great news across the west where we have 37 large wildfires burning today 100 acres or more. it continues to get worse and unfortunately mother nature not helping here. we'll get a little bit of moisture across the southwest but not enough to really make an impact here and we still have heat advisories posted for the northwest with heat indexes well over 100 degrees. 15 to 20 degrees above average. 100 today in portland. the good news is we do have cooler weather. it's on the way for the new work week. of course watching louisiana and texas today. the potential for more flooding rainfall especially central texas and baton rouge and new orleans where we had record setting rainfall last week, major flooding in the purples here and the rivers are starting to recede but any more rainfall is not a good news situation
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unfortunately. so that's what we're going to be watchi watching. highs across the east coast. you'll notice a cooler air mass that will make its way across the midwest. a cooler work week ahead. an eye in the sky is giving us a closer look at the damage in louisiana as the state tries to recover from devastating floods. drone video showing the mess made by high rising water. the red cross is calling this the worst natural disaster in the united states since hurricane sandy. at least 13 people have died and tens of thousands of homes are damaged. there was a payment but no claims the obama administration it was not a ransom. that's the key issue between the white house and republican lawmakers who are gearing up for a battle over that $400 million
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cash payment we gave to iran. the administration refuses to use the r word. the republicans on capitol hill are planning to hold hearings about this after the administration did backtrack and finally admit that that payment was contingent on the release of four american hosthostages. we have more from washington. >> reporter: the obama administration is not backing down. they're refusing to call it r ransom and the argument is this is money that was owed to the iranians so why not use it as leverage to make sure those four americans got home. >> we took advantage of the timing to converge these within a 24 hour period and we used -- i make no apologies for the fact that at the end game in the final hours we used the leverage of having that money. >> reporter: that argument does not sit well with republicans on capitol hill. they argue you can call it leverage but ransom is ransom. here is the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee. >> it was ransom.
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we know it was ransom. it put more american lives at risk and we know now that they transferred that $400 million into the hands of the iranian revolutionary guard core which is a terrorist organization. >> reporter: president obama denied any connection between the payment and the prisons. >> this wasn't some deal. we do not pay ransom. we didn't here and we won't in the future. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan says the president owes the american people a full accounting of his actions and the dangerous precedent he set. republicans are planning to hold hearings about this payment after congress returns from its summer recess. >> thanks very much for the latest. we are learning more about the suspect in a gruesome double murder where the man was caught biting the victim's face. two out companies are
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recalling some models. one model has a problem with the brakes and the other has a problem with the acceleration. with donald trump poll numbers falling can he mount a comeback two months until election day. he's been done before. we'll talk about his chances.
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time now for a check of the headlines. some disturbing details about the murder of a florida couple by a man who was caught biting one of the victim's on the face. the sheriff's office says the 19-year-old man dared deputies to test him for drugs telling them he says they wouldn't find any. starting tomorrow you'll be able to book for flights between the
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u.s. and mexico. restrictions that have limited particular routes to just a handful of airlines will be lifted. a lot of carriers on both sides of the boarder can now fly to wherever they want. honda and mitts bushee are recalling nearly 150,000 cars. the recall effects 2013 and 2016 outlander and 2016 outlander and lancer models. donald trump shaking up his campaign leadership amid sharp slumps in the polls. he's trailed hillary clinton for weeks in national polls and now in several big swing states. the latest map gives mrs. clinton 272 electoral votes. that's two more than she needs to clinch the white house. eight states are considered tossups, including arizona and
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georgia, two very reliable red states but it's not over until it's over and a lot can happen. john, good to see you. do you agree it ain't over until it's over and what could happen between now and then? >> the reason we have campaigns is campaigns change people's minds including the debates of which there will be three of them. lots can happen. against donald trump we might see a leak as happened to mitt romney in 2012, a leak of some of his ira data and returns, that could prove embarrassing about his net worth and whether or not he paid taxes. on the hillary clinton we could see wikileaks come out with new information on the clinton foundation and that could have a potential impact because that could put some meat on the bones that allegations that republicans are making that hillary is run ag pay for play.
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in 1996 bill clinton was running for reelection against bob dole and there were allegations about chinese foreign majority and that caused bill clint-- hillar may have her margins reduced or may be endangered by a scandal like the one bill clinton had to go through 20 years ago. >> i can't believe 1996 was 20 years ago but to your point the polls show that at this point it's hillary clinton's race to lose. the polls show that however she continues to be plagued by high untrustworthy ratings among voters and now she's been asked by a federal judge to provide written answers to her personal use of the personal server, whether she used it for person
2:22 pm
will e-mails and/or professional high confidential e-mails. how worried should hillary clinton be at this point. >> i think she's going to find a way to delay answering those questions until after the election. what she cannot delay is these wikileaks. he doesn't like her to he's out to get her. i believe the problem that hillary clinton has is very simple, which is people are on to her, but they also don't trust donald trump for all kinds of good reasons. so the problem here is and i'm using a reverse of an old saying we have the evil, we have the evil of two lessers here in this race. >> we got that. all right. we're going to stay on trump for a second here. trump is working at a deficit. he reorganized his campaign leadership verbally reaching out to the african-american voters
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with plans to visit some of those kpuncommunities in the up coming weeks. can this kprachange in strategy boost his numbers in the polls. >> because hillary clinton isn't the figure that barack obama was there might be a lower turnout among the african-americans but he's trying to reach out to college educated white independents saying look i'm not such a bad guy after all. i care about people who may have some struggles in life. i actually care about the inner cities which have been ignored by many democratic big city machines. he's trying to change his image more than he is expecting a flood of african-american votes. >> we'll talk more about that in our next hour in terms of the african-american vote. let me end on hillary clinton. we talk about the e-mails and that you believe that wikileaks will release more. what the e-mails would cause
2:24 pm
hillary clinton's supporters to say okay, i see now what they're talking about, i'm out? >> just look at what happened with the iranian deal, the 400 million. the obama administration was obviously lying about that. what if the e-mails showed she really was lying about the fact the clinton foundation didn't have influence on state department policy. that would be a really big whopper of a lie. >> i have to leave it there. nice to talk to you. >> thank you. as the president wraps up his vacation in martha's vineyard, he's going to get off the golf course and follow in the footsteps of donald trump. he's going to head to louisiana to see firsthand. he's come under criticism for not interrupting that vacation, playing golf to see the devastation in louisiana. coming up we'll have a live report from martha's vineyards with the details. the pentagon warning the syrian regime after air strikes hit dangerously close to
2:25 pm
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after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. it has happened in turkey, this time a wedding was the target of a terrorist. imagine a saturday wedding that ends with a horrible bloody attack. authorities say a suicide bomber who they say is linked to isis is suspected of blowing himself up at that wedding that killed at least eight people and wounded 60 other guests. ambulances are continuing to race to that scene, the wedding taking place near the boarder with syria just 40 miles away. southern turkey has been hit with various attacks in the past few months. we'll have more information on this devastating story, especially sad because it was a wedding, obviously a target of terrorists as we get more information.
2:30 pm
>> so sad. president obama wrapping up his vacation on martha's vineyard, it comes amid the president taking criticism not cutting his vacation short to visit louisiana. we are joined live from martha's vineyard. hi. >> reporter: i know this story is near and dear to your heart, so many of our viewers from the great state of louisiana and a range of emotions. you hear people say well i guess better late than never and then others say what took the guy so long. those seem to be the most common reactions to the white house's announcement that the president on tuesday will make his way to la louisiana to see the devastation and flooding that overwhelmed so many communities in that beautiful state. now the white house will tell you being mindful of the additional strain that a presidential visit would place on first responders they wanted to wait in will the go of of the state extended an invitation.
2:31 pm
he did and the president will make his way there on tuesday. the president is eager to tell the people of louisiana that the american people will be with them as they rebuild their community and come back stronger than ever. but analysts also note that this is a really dicey circumstance for a president in terms of optics especially when they're on vacation. >> milwaukee is burning and louisiana is flooding and he's speaking at a $34,000 a plate fundraiser for hillary clinton. there's a certain point the optics can be really bad. >> reporter: let's be clear here, the president has cut short trips before. you may remember after the tragic shootings in dallas i cut short a trip to spain but other folks will point out he made his way up to new jersey pretty quickly after sandy without all
2:32 pm
the fan fair we didn't want to overwhelm first responders. the people need to hear from the president and indeed they will on tuesday. >> thank you very much. it turns out the syrian military has been bombing our allies and that meant a close call between the u.s. forces antd the syrian military. the syrian air forces attacked a city in the north east part of the country bombing u.s. backed kurds there. there were u.s. special operations forces acting as advisers nearby when the air strikes began. it marks the closest time that u.s. forces have come to being attacked by syrian forces. retired u.s. air force lieutenant joins us. he's a former assistant vice chief of staff. this is troubling because what will happen if the syrian
2:33 pm
military kills some of our special ops. >> this is troubling. it's a sign of another major escalation of assad and the pro-syrian government forces. certainly it does potentially put american special operators and others in harm's way. it's been a bad week for certainly our position in syria in our fight against isis. if you recall on tuesday russian bombers launched strikes out of iran into syria and so that's the first time iran has permitted a foreign country to operate strikes outside of its territory. >> and russia is launching missiles too. >> that's correct. they launched cruise missiles a couple of months or so ago. the escalation is along a path that i think is very troubling for the obama administration on the fifth year anniversary of president obama trying to compel assad to step aside and five years later we're still dealing with this. >> you've been in the cockpit of
2:34 pm
the bombers, what happened. this is su-24s. they are russian built bombers flown by the syrian air force. our guys radioed to the southyr and they didn't get a reply. how do you wave them off? walk us through being in the cockpit in that seat as you have been when something like this happens. >> first off, running an air campaign on a day-to-day basis is a very complex effort. i've actually flown with the russian air force and i can tell you they're equipped with a number of capabilities that do have certain threats against the united states and our capabilities and so forth but again adding the complexity of russia launching out of iran into an already very busy and potentially dangerous air campaign is difficult. so you've got to have the right command in control. you have to be on the same
2:35 pm
frequencies and you've got to have areas where you actually are able to be able to avoid other aircraft in the area and having russians and syrians now flying strikes is extraordinary. >> what about the capability of the syrians? we sent them a message saying this is our reply, the united states aircraft would defend troops on the ground if threatened and we came close to being threatened how would we defend our troops on the ground. would we shoot down the syrians. >> we have the capability over there and but can you imagine today's headline is the fact that assad has struck targets that are friendly to the united states in the fight against isis. can you imagine if the headline tomorrow would be that the united states says if you fly you die. in other words we will conduct strikes against and ground and
2:36 pm
destroy the southeyrian air for you continue to strike pro-u.s. >> why haven't we done that. >> again, if you have a donald trump led effort here he's promised to take the gloves off. it's five years where we're putting up with this and i think it's time that we seriously reconsider what our policy has band what the rules of engagement have been that we go after assad's forces and go off those who are fighting isis and so forth. it's time to take the gloves off. >> what would you have done? ronald reagan, 1981, remember that, to -- >> i do. >> the libyan air force went up
2:37 pm
and they -- >> exactly. think of ronald reagan back in 1984. he was on the heels of the iranian hostages. he would not have put up with this. our enemies need to fare us and our allies and our partners such as the kurds need to be able to rely on us if we're going to defeat this isis and we're going to defeat the terrorism that is overtaking this part of the world. to me i think i would take the gloves off, i would reexamine our rules of engagement and give our military commanders the right flexibility to go after and take on our enemies oth otherwise we're going to be talking about this ten years from now. >> it's such a human overwhelming human catastrophe and you can point fingers at the u.n. and nothing has happened so far and sadly it continues.
2:38 pm
always good to see you. thank you for your insight as always. >> good to see you. meanwhile there are no concerns over what will happen if the u.s. is able to defeat isis in iraq. this as we learn that as many as 100,000 iranian backed fighters are now in the country. fox news pentagon producer has more from washington. >> reporter: clamims to have killed 4 5,000 fighters should the islamic state be defeated it may be replaced by another anti-american force. u.s. military officials say there are up to 100,000 fighters inside iraq battling isis. these are the same fighters that threatened the advisers on the ground there calling them an occupying force.
2:39 pm
last month a long time enemy of the united states said this about american troops, they are a target for us. a decade ago these same forces killed hundreds of u.s. soldiers in iraq. >> do you know how many soldiers, marines, underneath your command were killed. >> the number has been quoted as about 500. we weren't always able to attribute the casualties we had to iranian activity. >> reporter: armed with a fresh infusion of cash from the recent nuclear deal it is feared their power is growing. the rise of the malitia is a direct result of the united states losing influence inside iraq. the iran nuclear deal has freed up billions and billions of dollars in cash for iran to support these malitias inside iraq and inside syria. >> reporter: the u.s. military says if iraq forces went help from iran that's up to them.
2:40 pm
>> if the government of iraq chooses to bring in other advisers that's an issue for the government of iraq. we are no the coordinating with the iranians in any way. >> reporter: one adviser leads the fighters inside iraq. in february 2009 the u.s. treasury department designated him a terrorist. the obama administration says he is an adviser to the head of the force responsible for leading the forces in the middle east. there are reports that he is once again back on the ground in iraq. a spokesman for the malitia say he will play a major role in the upcoming battle against isis in mos mosul. fox news. the tough talking sheriff in arizona known for his stance on illegal immigration, you know who i'm talking about. is the sheriff finding himself on the wrong side of the law? we'll tell you what's happening and why a judge is not happy with him. are you in the market for a
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new doctor? there are certain qualities you should be looking for. we have tips on how to find the perfect physician for you.
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sheriff joe arpaio is facing legal troubles himself. a federal judge in arizona is recommending criminal contempt charges against him. he's the long time sheriff. he is accused of ignoring a court order in a racial profiling case. he's not commenting on the potential charges but he tweeted, quote, i never hide from the media but my policy has been i don't talk about ongoing litigation. whether you are moving or
2:46 pm
just looking for a change, you may need help finding a new doctor. so what do you look for while you're trying to make that decision? joining me now is a family physician and assistant professor at the school of osteopathic. good to see you. >> it's good to see you too. >> first of all, when do you know that it's time to find a new doctor. >> i've always had this phrase where i always say if you're not comfortable with your doctor find a new one. there are three signs that i think is really important for people to know. make sure you know your doctor is a doctor. there's lots of practitioners out there and sometimes it's hard to know. remember, there's two types of licensed physicians. d.o.s and m.d.s.
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they're about the same in terms of their scope of practice. i'm a d.o. myself. i have more training in osteopathic treatment. that means in addition to doing surgery and medicine we use hands on treatments to help treat conditions. but d.o.s and m.d.s practice side-by-side and we are the two type of licensed physicians in this country. check to see if your doctor is board certified. >> how do you check. >> you can actually go online. there's a website called certification and you can check to see if your doctor is board certified. >> you punch in his or her name. >> the zip code and basic identifying information and you can check that your doctor is board certified in the discipline they practice. >> that's important. we know we can check to see if they are board certified but people don't know where to start. how do you go about finding a new doctor. do you ask someone, could you
2:48 pm
refer your doctor to me. >> that's what i recommend. i think it's like you move to a new city and you need a new hairdresser and you find the person with the fliest hair around and you ask them where did you get your hair done. you ask family and friends and people you love and trust. who do you see as a physician and do you like them. that's the first thing i suggest. i think personal recommendations are very important. >> you provided us with some other tips. i'll go over them and we'll address it after. are you comfortable with your doctor. does your doctor seem to like you. can you honestly talk with your doctor. can you share your thoughts an concerns freely and without feeling judged. does your doctor listen to you. do you and your physician communicate in a productive way. this is questions you need to ask yourself when you're looking for that new doctor. >> i think a lot of people pick the name on their insurance list because they know they'll be covered and they can see that doctor without regard to how they feel about the physician. the doctor/patient relationship is just as important as any
2:49 pm
relationship we have with our family, friends, even pets. if you're not comfortable with your doctor, you may not feel comfortable telling them all the intimate things about your life that we need to know. remember, doctors, we make decisions based on what we see and test results but what you tell us. you've got to be comfortable. does your doctor listen to you because sometimes i have been in situations where i feel like the doctor is rolling his or her eye. >> that's a shame. >> i'm like okay note to self, last time here. >> that's what i'm talking about is we've all had situations like that but we don't have to. we all need competent physicians but ones we get along, we feel our doctor is listening to us. >> we shouldn't feel guilty deciding it's time to look for a new physician. >> do no feel guilty at all. if you haven't find the right doctor keep moving until you find the right one. >> i have hunted somebody down in a mall to ask about their
2:50 pm
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taking you to fredericksburg, virginia, where trump has begun his rally. >> thank you very much, everybody, it's great to be in virginia. we love virginia. over the next 80 days, we are going to work very, very hard together. and we are going to win this state. so important. and we are going to win the white house and we are going to take our country back. it's going to be a new day in
2:55 pm
america. it's going to be a great day in america. government will listen to the people again. the voters, not the special interests and lobbyists, will be in charge, total charge. our economy will grow. jobs will come back. new factories are going to stretch all across the nation. boy are we going to have them come back to virginia, that i can tell you. families are going to be safe and secure. crime will go down. and law and order will be restored to the united states of america.
2:56 pm
immigration laws will be enforced and trade deals will protect the american worker again. we're going to reject globalism and put america first. america first. and it's going to be america first from now on. we're going to put our country first. we're going to put our american workers first. we're going to put our people first. this is a change i'm promising. my opponent is the corporate defender of a totally rigged system and a failed status quo.
2:57 pm
she's an insider fighting only for herself and the other insiders, believe me. i'm an outsider who spent many, many, millions of dollars doing this. lots of time. lots of energy. spending my money. but i'm fighting for you. fighting for you. hillary clinton is a throwback from yesterday. our campaign is about creating a new american future.
2:58 pm
i'm not a politician. thank goodness. i have no special interest and i have no special interest telling me what to do. i have no donors telling me what to do. i'm my donor. i have no lobbyists telling me what to do. i'm going to do what's right for you. my only interest is you, the american people, 100%, the american people. i'm going to represent the great majority of americanings. republicans, democrats, independents, liberals, conservatives. who turn on television every
2:59 pm
night and don't see anyone speaking up for them. the forgotten man, the forgotten woman. this campaign is about giving a voice to those who don't have one. i am your voice. i am your voice. i understand the great responsibility you have and especially the responsibility you place in me. and i will never, ever let you down. once again, it will be a government of, by and for the people. let's talk about what my agenda
3:00 pm
means for the citizens of virginia. and i have to say i love this state. i have businesses in this state. they're great businesses. and we're going to take care of this state and we're going to take care of this country. but first let's talk about our amazing veterans, veterans. the commonwealth of virginia is home to about 800,000 veterans who have served bravely our country. to all veterans here tonight and across this nation, thank you very much, thank you, thank you. we will never let you down. we will never let you down.
3:01 pm
government let you down very badly right now. we are never, ever going to let our great veterans down. the obama/clinton administration has betrayed our veterans and it's betrayed them very badly. veterans are dying waiting for simple care. they're dying online waiting to see a doctor. five days, six days, seven days. it all ends and it ends fast under a trump administration. i have a detailed ten-point plan on veterans reform available on my website which everybody is
3:02 pm
talking about and the veterans love. and the va will remain a public system because it is really a public trust. but veterans will have the right to either seek care at the va facility and if they can't get it and get it quickly, they have the right to go to a private doctor or medical clinic across the street and we'll take care of it. never again will we allow a veteran to die waiting for the care what they need and they should be getting more than anybody. a trump administration will also
3:03 pm
rebuild our sadly depleted military. the best way to keep our troops out of harm's way and to keep our nation out of preventable conflicts is to remember those famous words very, very famous words, peace through strength. unfortunately, our active duty forces have s havs have shrun million in 1991 to 1.3 million today, a big, big reduction. the navy has shrunk from over 500 ships to 272 ships during the same period of time.
3:04 pm
think of that. the air force is about one-third smaller than it was in 1991. president obama -- has proposed a 2017 defense budget that in real dollars cuts nearly 25% from what we were spending in 2011. we face threats as never, ever before. but the obama/clinton administration is determined to keep shrinking our military until you know what ultimately is going to happen and it's not going to be good, that i can tell you.
3:05 pm
president obama has said that he thinks the greatest threat we face is global warming. remember president obama and hillary clinton, sometimes referred to as crooked hillary -- he can't even say the words radical islamic terrorism. can't even say it. they don't want to get involved. everybody knows what's happening. they can't say the words. now, while president obama and hillary clinton are shrinking america's military, they're also expanding, think of it, expanding through allowing it to happen, the military of iran.
3:06 pm
they're doing this with their disastrous deal that puts iran on the path to nuclear weapons and gives them another $150 billion not to mention the $400 million in cash which turned out to be a ransom payment after all, just like i said. in other words, our president lied to us. he lied to us. let's also not forget that hillary clinton's disastrous middle east policies unleashed isis on to the world. a fact for which hillary clinton has expressed zero remorse and no apologies. she will never be able to fix the isis problem that her
3:07 pm
policies created. for one thing, she doesn't have the strength or the stamina coupled with all of the other problems that this country has and we have a lot. on hillary clinton's watch, things turned out really well for her and only her. the clintons made $60 million in gross income while she was secretary of state. plus countless more to the phony clinton foundation. it's called pay for play. she even created an illegal private e-mail server, one easily hacked by our foreign
3:08 pm
enemies, to hide her corrupt dealings. then -- then she deleted 33,000 e-mails to try to cover her tracks. these were the e-mails for the wedding and for yoga classes. 33,000 e-mails. would we like to see what was on those e-mails. she lied about it all even to congress. a trump administration will end
3:09 pm
the government corruption once and for all. no one will be above the law. let's talk about another major issue right here in virginia. it's called energy. energy. i visited the hard-working coal miners in this state. and they are hard working. and they love being coal miners. and that's what they want to do. they're tremendous hard-working people who only want to be able to do their job, provide for their families and give power to this country. we are going to put our great miners and steelworkers back to work.
3:10 pm
but hillary clinton wants to put then out of a job. you know her statement made not so long ago. wants them out of a job. let's repeat her infamous words because this is exactly what she said. put a lot of coal miners and coal companies that employ a lot of people, folks, a lot of people, and a lot of people right here in virginia, put them out of business. out of business. so sad. according to the energy information administration, the united states has the largest recoverable coal resources in the world. these reserves are located in
3:11 pm
virginia, west virginia, kentucky, pennsylvania and illinois to name a few examples. over 90% of u.s. coal is used for electricity. in other words, my plan will make your energy bill much less expensive, much, much cheaper. hillary clinton's energy agenda is a massive tax on the poor. it's also a mass itch tax on the people of virginia and the people of our country. in january 2016, the obama administration announced a mo moratorium on new leases on federal lands. this comes among other legislation from the obama administration.
3:12 pm
virginia, the largest exporter of coal in the united states, will be crushed by obama/clinton policies, crushed. it's going to have a huge negative impact on virginia. thanks to obama/clinton agenda, coal exports from the port of virginia, the largest port for coal exportation, you know that, the largest. they export more than any other place. tremendous number of jobs. largest in the country. have to climb significantly. in fact, at record numbers over the last three years. soon you won't have any jobs. virginia has seen a stunning 70% decline in coal jobs since 1990. hillary clinton will finish the mining industry off for good. there will no longer be. and we're not going to let that
3:13 pm
happen. not going to let it. according to the heritage foundation, by 2030, the obama/clinton energy restrictions will eliminate another half a million manufacturing job, reduce economic output to $3.5 trillion and reduce incomes by $7,000 per person. meaning you're going to be making a lot less money years from now than you make right now. a trump administration will end the obama clinton war on the american worker. we will unleash an energy revolution, the likes of which we have never seen before. according to the institution for energy research, lifting the
3:14 pm
restrictions on all sources of american energy will do a lot of things. number one, increase gdp by more than $100 billion annually, money we desperately need. at over 500,000 new and high-paying jobs annually. increase annual wages by more than $30 billion over the next seven years. think of that. increase federal, state and local tax revenues by almost $6 trillion over four decades. increase total economic activity by more than $20 trillion over the next longer period of time.
3:15 pm
doesn't that sound good to you folks, doesn't that sound good? hillary clinton will make america poor. you're going to lose your jobs. you're going to lose your wages. you're going to lose your medical. obamacare is a catastrophe. you're going to lose everything. i want to make america wealthy again. another industry of huge importance to this state and country is agriculture. especially in virginia. farmers are the backbone of america. we have a lot of farmers here. a lot of farmers.
3:16 pm
a lot of jobs. agricultural and forestry combined provide over 400,000 jobs right here in the commonwealth. and i have one of the largest wineries on the east coast in charlottesville. provide a lot of jobs at that winery and it's doing great business. but the massive regulations and epa interventions from the obama/clinton administration have devastated america's farmers, agriculture and forestry workers, they'll all be looking for jobs. you're not going to be able, between taxes and regulations and environmental controls, many of which are not necessary, it's devastating to the farmer, devastating. hillary clinton supports every
3:17 pm
last job killing obama regulation and wants to go much, much further. the farms will be closed. she wants to put the farmers out of business, just like she wants to put the miners and steelworkers out of business, and we're not going to let it happen. we're doing the opposite. in fact, hillary clinton's $1.3 trillion tax hike would raise taxes on family farms to as much as nearly 50% more than they're paying now. 50%. she even wants to tax them again at death by as much as 45%, the death tax. and the death tax is a very, very big weapon and war on farmers. a trump administration will be
3:18 pm
pro-agriculture 100%. i just announced the new members of my agriculture advisory committee and they include virginia's very own congressman. where's bob? he's around here some place. together we're going to work on reforms to support our family farms and boost agricultural production in america to record levels. we'll be exporting our product. we will be so proud of what we're doing again. that begins with hiring a pro-farmer, pro-america energy head at our very, very destructive epa. it also means i am going to
3:19 pm
eliminate the destructive and invasive waters of the united states rule that was unilaterally issued by this administration, and that is a job killer like never before. this rule is so extreme, it gives federal agencies control over creeks and small streams, even puddles on your private property. you can't do business anymore. i'm also going to cut taxes for family farms down to 15% from 35%. on top of that, we are going to end that death tax on family farms which has truly really, and i mean really, hurt this great american industry, and frankly, family farms, manufacturing, you can look at
3:20 pm
any industry we want, american business tax will be cut from 35% to 15% and new jobs are going to flow into our country again. then by unleashing american energy, including clean coal, we are going to make it easier and cheaper and less expensive to produce, saving money. re with going to produce like never before. saving money for consumers all the way up and down the line. this will give america the competitive edge it desperately needs. we are losing so badly to other countries. our jobs are gone. everything's gone. everything's gone. it's going to change. and it's going to change fast.
3:21 pm
finally on this subject, when we negotiate trade deals, we will make sure that they are going to be fair and balanced. no more one-sided trade deals where we open our markets but they close their markets. not anymore. no more trade deals. where we can't get our product into their country but they can dump all the product they want into ours. no more. another issue i'd like to address briefly today is very important to everyone in this state. it's called law and order. i was honored to meet today with
3:22 pm
the county sheriff's deputy brandon boyle who sustained five gunshot wounds this summer in the line of duty. and by the way, let's give a great big hand to our police and law enforcement. i want to thank all of those and our police departments all over the country in law enforcement generally for the unbelievable job they do. thank you. we thank you, and i mean this from the bottom of my heart, we thank you and we are standing with you. and i am very proud, i have to say, to have the support of
3:23 pm
almost, that i know of, almost the entire law enforcement community. so important. so we're talking about a lot of different transactions going on. hillary clinton is banking on her friend, terry mcauliffe, on getting thousands -- of violent felons to the voting booth in an effort to cancel out the votes of both law enforcement and crime victims. they are letting people vote in your virginia election that should not be allowed to vote. it is sad, so sad. at the same time, hillary
3:24 pm
clinton wants to essentially abolish the second amendment for law-abiding americans. she wants to overturn the supreme court ruling that affirmed the second amendment as a private right so any city or state in this country can ban private gun ownership. the nrae donsed me. they gave me the earliest endorsement they've ever give. we will save the second amendment and appoint judges who will protect your freedom. we will appoint justices for the
3:25 pm
supreme court of the united states. one more issue central to law enforcement is having a secure immigration system. failed governor. and he was a failed governor, tim kaine -- remember this, during his watch, virginia's unemployment rate more than doubled. his first move as the governor of the state was to raise taxes by $4 billion, first week. he also oversaw a huge increase in illegal immigration. a tremendous increase.
3:26 pm
and remember what i said, tim kaine proposed nearly a $4 billion tax increase. and that's what they're going to be doing to you again. it's a tax increase. it's what's going to happen. she's already said it. massive tax increases for everybody. and you had a governor who did it in his first week, a governor who wasn't even popular with the people of virginia. tax increases bringing in lots of immigration and he didn't even know what he was bringing in. so people earning as little as $17,000 a year had to pay more tax.
3:27 pm
tripling since 2000, putting enormous pressure on schools and public services. nearly triple. it's getting worse now. we're going to build a wall, don't worry, we're going to build a wall. we're going to build a wall. [ audience shouting "build a wall." ] >> we're going to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for the wall, believe me. believe me. and that will be very easy. that will be very, very easy. politicians think we're joking. we don't joke. we don't joke. this is a movement.
3:28 pm
this is a movement. movements don't joke. believe me. it's getting worse now as thousands of recent border crosses are being relocated to the state of virginia. and you don't know who they are. you don't know where they come from. even your government officials know nothing about them for the most part. you have no idea what's going on. and our president and hillary clinton, they don't have a clue. we have got to be so smart. so tough and so vigilant. but we're not going to have a country anymore, folks. the people hurt most by our open border are low-income hispanic
3:29 pm
and african-americans who are competing for jobs and community resources against new arrivals. our open border is also being used as a recruiting tool for criminal gangs creating a growing gang problem right here in the state of virginia, where large numbers of gang members are in our country illegally. right here in the state of virginia. we are going to end this chaos and restore peace, law and order to our land. finally today, i'd like to address an issue of great and very deep personal importance to me. in recent days, across this
3:30 pm
country, i've asked the african-american community to honor me with their vote. i fully recognize the outreach to the african-american community is an area where the republican party must do better and it will do better. the gop is the party of abraham lincoln. and i want our party to be the home of the african-american voter once again. i want a totally inclusive country and i want an inclusive party.
3:31 pm
we reject the bigotry of hillary clinton, who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. we've seen what the democratic policies have done in cities like detroit, baltimore, chicago, and many, many more. virtually all of your inner cities are to the' run and controlled by democrats and they have been for many years. now hillary clinton wants to make things worse by raising taxes on 2.6 million african-american owned businesses in this country. my goal is to provide every african-american child in our
3:32 pm
country with access to the ladder of american success. that means good education and a great paying job. it includes also -- [ audience chanting "usa usa" ] thank you. education and jobs. it includes also school choice competition. school choice. it means reforming regulations so young americans can get the credit they need to start a small business. and that includes african-americans, hispanics and everybody else in our country. that's what we need.
3:33 pm
it means trade and immigration policy at the front of the line. way ahead of workers of other countries who are beating us so badly. they're beating us so badly. hillary clinton's amnesty plan will give job, benefits and social security to millions here illegally at taxpayer expense and many of these people -- and many of these people are treated better than our vets are treated. that is not going to happen. on top of that, according to the u.s. immigration sub committee, her plan would bring 620,000
3:34 pm
refugees in her first term alone. from syria, not going to know where they are and who they came from. could be the great trojan horse of all time. get ready, get ready. she would rather provide a job to a refugee living overseas than a young unemployed african-american youth in virginia. a trump administration will put american worker first. americanism, not globalism, will be our credo. we will bring america together
3:35 pm
as one country again. united as americans in common purpose and common dreams. we will have a thriving economy. a strong border. a powerful military. a peaceful nation. a rising standard of living. this is what i promise you. let's get out there and win on november 8th. we are going to win in the state virginia. if we win in the state of virginia, we are going to the white house and we are going to take care of our people. we are going for victory. we must win on november 8th. together. we will make america wealthy
3:36 pm
again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again for each and every american. thank you and god bless you, thank you, thank you. >> donald trump doing what he does best, giving a rousing speech to a fired-up crowd there in fredericksburg, virginia. we will make america great again, we will make america safe again. he said we're going to build that wall, and the crowd with a "usa, usa" chant. there he is, in fredericksburg virginia. partway into that speech there, mr. trump said that he wanted to address something that's deeply personal and of importance to me, i've asked the african-american community to honor me with their vote.
3:37 pm
want to bring in now, to talk about that, our guest, a former 2008 clinton campaign adviser, fox news political strategist as well. and deanna caldwell, republican strategist, former director of american outreach for the due page county republican party. good to have both of you. i'm figuring that you were able to catch most of mr. trump's speech. jamu, want to start with you, what did you hear, what stood out to you? did anything resonate? did you believe mr. trump? >> i thought even as a lifetime democrat, i can say that if the republican party, if the nominee for 2016 had followed the autopsy and prescriptions that the gop looked at to expand the party, that would have been fantastic. it would have been good for all americans. whatever, if you're a democrat or a republican. but instead, what we have seen
3:38 pm
in the last 430-something days is donald trump tapping into and stoking racial anxiety in this country. and now -- >> okay, i understand, we're tight on time, i want to get your reaction to mr. trump's speech. one of the last things he addressed was the african-american community. >> that's the thing, he's not addressing the african-american community -- >> that's not true. >> because what he's actually doing is going after moderate republicans, specifically republican women who are not going to be comfortable voting for someone who has come across tapping into these racial anxieties and they don't want to be aligned with any idea of someone being a racist. and so that's why he's not talking to rooms of african-american voters. he's not going into african-american communities. this is specifically targeted to bring back those republicans that have left him in droves and the african-american community sees right through it. when someone tells you who they are, believe them. >> i'm going to bring you back because i want to talk on that
3:39 pm
again but i want to bring him into this discussion. one of the things mr. trump says is he wants the gop to be the home of the african-american voter once again and that he wants a totally inclusive country and party. do you believe mr. trump? >> i believe that he does mean that. i think he's very sincere in that. i think he's taking corrective action. the autopsy report put out by the rnc is an important document in which republicans should be following. i think now that it's three weeks out of the convention, we're seeing the actions and the resources put in place at the rnc as well as mr. trump's campaign to really tackle these very important issues. i think mr. trump has done a great job in terms of now getting out there and making its appeal to african-americans. the milwaukee speech, the wisconsin speech being one of them. think the fact he is apologizing for some of the statements in which he has made that's caused pain is also a helpful step. in addition, because my initial
3:40 pm
step was mr. trump, we can agre party more times than not go and ask the black community for their vote and they get nothing out of it. that's a known fact community within the african-american community. now that we recognize that -- >> coming up to a hard break, sorry. i'll get you back after the break to continue your thought. back in a moment. rrand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. words panera lives by. no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners. no colors from artificial sources.
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3:45 pm
citizenship of the first african-american president. why he supported in his cam pain to get the nomination. and why when he was caught discriminating against renting to african-americans and settled with the federal government, a few years later, looked around and thought no one was watching him and so he the same thing again. he could start with those answers. it's very clear i think to anyone looking at this, this is not about african-american voters. this is about the republicans he's lost. specifically republican women. he doesn't want him to think he's a racist. even though he's been tapping into many ways arthel stoking racial tensions to get the nomination. 79 days, 79 days. it's too little too late. >> even if you suggested
3:46 pm
mr. trump goes into the confessional booth, you know, goes ahead, admits his sins and maybe is given penance, he can still do no right with the african-american community? >> it's a brilliantly crafted strategy by kellyanne conway. that's why they brought her in. the republican party has a lot to do to reap out to african-american voters. and they should. like we said, we would all be better for it. the country would be better for it. it has to be connected to the community. it has to be in conversation with the community, not talking about black people to other groups of people. this is a smoke screen. i think not only are african-american voters going to see through it, also those republican women who have no interest in voting for him. they've already seen through it. they've listened to his words for over 400 days. >> i want to thank you for
3:47 pm
sticking around. i want to let our audience know that our guest had to catch a train so we had to let him go. we appreciate your analysis as well. thank you very much. and we will be right back. ♪ every time a pga tour professional sinks a hole-in-one, quicken loans is giving one lucky winner reason to celebrate. one shot from them. one mortgage-free year for you.
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donald trump attacked hillary clinton and soon he may have more against her. the questions are result of a lawsuit from judicial watch a conservative group that submit those questions by september 14th. mrs. clinton has 30 days to respond. could this be an unexpected gift to the clinton campaign? we'll have shane. why did you do it and were there conflicts with the clinton foundation and was the server set up to hide the e-mails from the public. what does it mean if we don't get the answers until after november 8th. >> that is better for the clinton campaign. the entire issue without question continues to be
3:52 pm
a problem for hillary clinton. and when you look at numbers and biggest issue that a large majority of voters don't see her honest and trustworthy, there is no sign that the question gets easier for her. as it relates to the specific case, it is a better alternative for hillary clinton and she doesn't have to come off of the campaign trail or answer questions in person as relates to judicial watch case and submit the written answers. judicial watch would do everything they could to be in a position to get those answers prior to election day. but the over all question will doing her through the fall. when congress comes back in. house republicans are jump on this again. >> and could the judge give a pass? he was reappointed to the higher court by president clinton.
3:53 pm
he didn't say don't give a deposition. if we had a deposition we could all see mrs. clinton squirm. >> there is a political component. whether or not the judge gave her a pass, i don't know if i am in position to answer that question directly. i would say from a campaign standpoint, if i am donald trump and republicans looking for something to hammer home, this e-mail controversy prior to the election, certainly would have been preferable in the campaign trail and came in person to answer the question. that is better for the republicans. but donald trump can continue to hammer the question. i think he will and certainly republicans will. and the broader question for donald trump is whether or not this is trump 2.0 that we have seen for a bit now continues. >> let me stick with the clinton
3:54 pm
issue because we are running out of town. what if she forcefully hammers away like in the house testimony and videotape and look at the response that the clinton campaign had to the request from judicial watch. the clinton campaign said judicial watch is a right wing organization that attacked the clintons since the 1990s and this is another lawsuit trying to hurt hillary clinton's campaign. and we are glad the judge accepted the answers to the questions in writing rather than than to do it in person. judicial watch uncovered the server and e-mail and go back to draft indictment that was reported on white water on mrs. clinton. is it politically motivateded and finally, what comes of it? >> in terms of what comes from it, that is up to the trump campaign in many ways and
3:55 pm
republicans who i think from a campaign stand point, they have to hammer this message with a candidate who stays on message. again, what we have seen from donald trump in the last couple of rallies and started paid advertising and his campaign is advertising in key swing states and the biggest question surrounding hillary clinton poll after poll, is a large majority of voters who don't believe she is honest and trustworthy. 64 percent says specifically that they don't believe she was honest about the use of the e-mail server. if donald trump can hammer that and doing what he needs to from a campaign stand point it could have a corrosive effect. >> october 15th, judicial watch will give us the questions if not the answer withes, and we'll be be right back.
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4:00 pm
man. >> i hope it is okay. >> i saved a baby rabbit from the swimming pool. >> scooped him up. but not like. that >> patty ann brown up next with the fox support. >> see you you tomorrow. >> donald trump working with police officers and working to swing the campaign it law and order on the campaign trial. this is the fox report. right now, the republican presidential nominee is wrapping up a rally in virginia. his visit to virginia comes as clinton holds a double-digit lead but trump's speech was billed as a law and order address and came after he met with law enforcement initials in the state today. he talked about i


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