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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  August 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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hope. man. >> i hope it is okay. >> i saved a baby rabbit from the swimming pool. >> scooped him up. but not like. that >> patty ann brown up next with the fox support. >> see you you tomorrow. >> donald trump working with police officers and working to swing the campaign it law and order on the campaign trial. this is the fox report. right now, the republican presidential nominee is wrapping up a rally in virginia. his visit to virginia comes as clinton holds a double-digit lead but trump's speech was billed as a law and order address and came after he met with law enforcement initials in the state today. he talked about immigration and
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economy and security and helping the vet. >> my opponent is the corporate defender of a totally rigged system and a failed status quo. she's an insider, fighting for only herself and the other insiders, believe me. i am an outsider who spent, many, many millions of dollars, lots of time, lots of energy, spending my money, but i'm fighting for you. >> peter doocey is live in fred risks burg. what are you hearing from trump in virginia. >> reporter: patty ann, there are are hundreds of thousands of veterans and large military installation. he said he would be the one who
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supports veterans and hillary clinton would not in his opinion. he talked a lot about national security and the evolution of the ads where he wants to make america safe again and suggested that president obama's budget cut on the pentagon and hillary clinton part of and encouraging, that will lead to a terrorist attack here in the united states. >> president obama has proposed a 2017 defense budget cuts nearly 25 percent from what we were spend nothing 2011. we face threats as never, ever before, but the obama/clinton administration is determined to keep shrinking our military until you know what ultimately
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is going to happen. >> trump continued to court african-american voters for the second day in a row. he mentioned that the republicans are the party of lincoln and wants everyone involved with republican politics if possible and called hillary clinton crocked hillary and starting to explain why with a lot more talk with the clinton foundation and here in virginia accusing the governor mcculla of allowing felons on the voter roles for the first time, that is a big local issue to benefit his old friend hillary clinton. >> peter, what are you hearing from supporters in congress about the new tone on the trail. >> reporter: we spoke to a member of congress whose primary victor over eric canter in washington d.c. dave prattt and he said he
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thinks trump on message is hard to boat. >> i think you have seen the change over in the last two nights. ten out of ten, as for as i am hearing from my constituents. he will continue that the small guys get left behind on every measure imaginable, right? >> and we are getting new details about the hispan pic roundtable. part of the joint outreach. 12 states there, they represent hundreds of thousands of evangelicals and republicans are trying to convince them to vote trump. >> it is a great time to meet with with the the hispanic leaders. the kids are starting to go back to school and american families are ending the summer and focusing on the campaign and election with a great interest. >> reporter: trump alludeed to
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questions about hillary clinton's health mentioning she doesn't have the physical or mental stamina to serve as commander in chief. >> peter, trump was talking about immigration today? >> reporter: right, there is a story floating around on social media, a buzz feed item where some of the people who came out of the hispanic outreach meeting, said that trump said he wants to figure out a humane and efficient way to deal with the people in the country illegally. i reached out to the campaign about it and they say the story is making something out of nothing, because that is what trump said all long. and i looked it up and i did and trump said last fall, he saidmented to deport everybody illegally. and when he deported them he
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wanted to do efficientiantly. and a change in position on immigration is nonsense. >> peter doocey, live in virginia, thank you. and tonight, trump is on justice with judge janine at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. don't miss it. >> on to the democrats. hillary clinton taking a break to fund raise in friendly democratic territory, massachusetts. brian has the latest on this. brian, hillary clinton, people still talking about the e-mails. what is the latest there? >> reporter: hi, the federal judge ordered that hillary clinton must answer written questions under oath about her private e-mail service. it is a win for the conservative watch dog judicial watch which
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filed the freedom of information act lawsuit. she will have 30 days to respond. the organization will submit the questions in the coming days and meaning that clinton will have to respond before election day on november 8th. judicial has until october 14th to submit the questions to clinton. >> the important thing she will be on the record and under oath. and something that no one else was done. it was ordered by a court and judge that was appointed by her husband. why did she do it and who did she have set it up. it is all of the unanswered questions frankly that the american people public is due at this point. >> the clinton campaign accepted the judge's decision. the judicial watch wanted the questions answered in person. and the clinton said judicial
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watch is a right winning organization that has been attacking the clinton since the 1990s. this is another lawsuit intended to try to hurt hillary clinton's come pain. leaked note handed over to congress of the introushgs reveal issed she told investigators that colin powell advised her to use a private e-mail in madeline albright's home. and a spokesman said general powell had no recollection of the dinner conversation. he wrote an memo describing the use of personal a ol for unclassified message and it improved communication in the the state department. he never had a private e-mail server and said he used limited e-mail and worked with the state department to improve the
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system. clinton did neither. >> what is clinton doing in massachusetts? >> fund-raising. and earlier this afternoon, she had a follow-upped raising stop at the home of an american ambassador. and she will be on cape cod. one with cher. clinton is on track to top the 90 million she raised in july. >> brian, thank you. >> and a fox news alert now. a bombing in a wedding in turkey killed 22 people. it happened near the syrian border. those figures according to the the local governor's office and look at the aftermath. a local journalist said the explosion was so loud it could be be heard throughout the city. turkish officials say it is it a terror attack but did not say
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which group. tensions are still high after last month's failed coup attempt. right now, we are getting an update on a story for many people put the syria bar in chilling image. and authorities providing an update on the massive california wildfires. we'll have the latest containment numbers as communities keep with the aftermath. >> this is not, it is life. i know what they just lost. now you can't spell nutrition without nut, am i right? i mean whose to say it's pronounced nu-triton, anyway? my mixes contain delicious nuts, specially blended for your optimal nut-rition. that's right, i just changed a word in the english dictionary, forever. planters. nutrition starts with nut. sorry ma'am. no burning here. ugh. heartburn.
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after the u.n. is suspending the humanitarian aid task force to the region where fighting continues to prevent deliveries from reaching devastated areas. russia which backs syrian assad forces supports the seize fire but did not say when it should start. >> sad developments, a 10-year-old boy who was injured in the air strike had died. the boy was the brother of this five-year-old, the photograph of the five year old seated bloody and dazed in an ambulance sent new waves of shock around the world. the five-year-old has a head wound but no brain injuries. his mother is in critical condition. >> fox weather alert. west michigan in clean up mode
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after four tornados went through the state. it downed tree ands power lines and caused other damage as well. officials with the national wh service are headed to the seen to survey the problem. >> crews are reported progress against a massive wild fire in southern california. they are 68 percent contained. officials allowed residents to comb through the wreckage. it scorched nearly 60 square miles. will carr has more from los angeles. what is the latest from the blue cut fire? >> good evening. >> reporter: 2600 firefighters are doing a great job. so far, we are told that this fire could be be 70 percent contained by tomorrow. it is the blue cut fire burning 60 miles east of los angeles.
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at its worse 80000 people had to evacuate the area. 105 homes burned. and in the process of the residents not being in the area looters were arrested. and now residents are allowed back in and reacting to the widespread damage. >> it is hard. [inaudible] it is their life. i know whatt lost. nshgs the cause of that fire is under investigation. noto the clayton fire burning north of fan-fest. it destroyed 175 homes and authorities arrested the man for arson starting that fire. there are scammers out there that authorities are warning about people who are begging for moneyy when they haven't lost
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anything in the fires. the wildfires are continuing to scar the western uniteded states. >> how does this year of wildfires compare to other recent years. >> they are relentless and many are fuelled by the drought conditions here in california. in 2016. you may remember the lake isa bella fire. so far to date. we saw more are wildfires this year than we did last year. in 2015. it was the most expensive wildfires season on record and costing 1.7 billion. and the best thing that homeowners can do is have 100 foot of defensible space. that is required by law. you clear the brush away from the the home. >> and will carr reporting from
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l.a. thank you. >> for a closer look at weather, we'll go to jan ice dean. >> not good news in the west. where we have 37 wildfires burning now. 100 acres or more. the west is literaly on fire and not much relief from nature. we'll get rain from the southwest. california and the northwest not getting the moisture that we need to see. we are in a situation of drought conditions and heat advisories with heat indexes well over 100 degrees. portland, 104 in redding. there is a little bit of relief on the way as the cold front moves in. and this other big story is the record setting flooding in
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louisiana last week. and the rain is not a good situation and watching the potential for more rain as well as central texan order of 4- 6 inches of rain. and they don't need to see more rain. we have flooding and moderate in the red shaded area. the rivers are starting to come can down but flood warnings are in place. and looks like more rainful for the future. >> we have more rain in the great lakes and bring refreshing temperatures from the atlantic in the new work week. >> all right. thank you. >> officials in florida are taking an aggressive approach to zap the zika virus after new cases in a densely xopulated
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>> six notre dame football players arrested within hours of each other in two separate incidents. five were arrested in a traffic stopp and police say they found marijuana and a loaded handgun. the sixth player was taken in custody outside of a bar.
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notre dame said any student arrested on a felony charge faces dismissal from the university. >> and olympics, the game in rio wrapping up this weekend. they are looking ahead to tokyo 2020. >> i have a strong resolve to do whatever it takes to make 2020 a big success. i would like to make the tokyo olympics, faster, higher, cleaner and clear and more transparent. >> we'll see. they are live in rio. and the games coming to a close. what is the latest, steve? >> patty ann, brazil's man just won gold in soccer. this nation erupted after a to it game with with germany. as far as the u.s. team goes, they are adding to the gold medal.
4:25 pm
u.s. women's basketball won gold over spain for the sixth olympics in a row. they won by an average of 44 points. the u.s. has a total of 40 goals and well ahead of the competitor of great britain and china. >> can you give us an update on ryan lochte and the whole u.s. swimmer saga. >> the weeklong saga appears to be at an end. all four swim withers back in the united states. jimmy left yesterday. and he was allowed to leave and given back the passport. we hear a lot of apologies from the swimmers and olympics committee. in his latest story and apology. ryan lochte said he overexageerated the story.
4:26 pm
and those suspensions will be hoif next week. . >> pregnant woman are born florida officials announced five confirmed stases of zika. and florida governor rick scott said authorities pin pointed the trappingsition in. the mayor said the ferts ever the we'll to everything in our power to make your the des are ready for the rift they are asking for lab convention report for women.
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>> thousands need home after devastating floods in the south. >> kind of none of the kid's comfort things neither. just everything it uncertain. crews are working tirelessly and it will be a long rod ahead. we look at two of the biggest issues in the 2016 election. immigration and health care. >> reporter: with the latest major insurance company loving many obama care exchanges, liberals and conservatives are calling for changes in the health care law. in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's gummies. complete with key nutrients plus b vitamins to help convert food into fuel. one a day.
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see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> a knocks news alert. a fwhoemg a wed nothing turkey reportedly killing two people. it happened in the syria borer. 94 other people were hurt. those pictureses are from the local governor's office. officials there are calling it a terror attack. we'll bring you more as it develops. >> search grews are going door to dorafter devastating flooding slamed louisiana. 13 people died in the powerful storms that kept over the state in a week. in many areas, the waters are resowing but leaving behind degree.
4:32 pm
40000 homes are damaged and forcing families to find some other place. to other than president obama will >> can the on or abouting. it is a sensitive decision but you something major happens. people want to know when he am on tuesday, the will make his way to house lose. he will survey the diagramming and cover efforts. >> the president has had his his chair of criticism. that was a local editorian and that read in front. the optices of bump bump
4:33 pm
golfing. the massive response to the agony in 200 iv. >> we was are the to afshth the rn they are trying to find out what is for a president on the ground. and the white house went on to say that they are waiting on an individual from the very are are. and on issue. hay the president is eager to tell the people of louisiana that the american people will be with them as a they rebuild their community and come back stronger than ever. expert cans remind us that the second guessing is old as the republican is itself. all presidents from john adams
4:34 pm
up to the current president were crit otherwised for taking time off and vacations. this is it a problem for barak obama. if i were on his staff it would be adviseed to turn around quick. >> it will begin on tuesday. >> and thank you, kevin. >> and tonight after the fox report. tonight miss brand new watters' special. >> tell me what is the legacy of the president? >> he will be change. snu know. >> i think poe he will go down to one of theseiate problem that the country had. >> no, i am on not on in introduced health care and he could viupon you are saying that? >> it airs tonight after the
4:35 pm
ekes and now a doper@william breaks it all down. >> we have the most secure border. >> people disagree. people are coming in and turning themselves in. >> border apprehepgz says are up this school area. including an increase in family and problems from central america. donald trump and hillary clinton disagree on board security and immigration. he wants a wall and she doesn't. she defends sanctuary aid. and he will cut it off and deport immigrants.
4:36 pm
in her first 100 days in officers. >> let's move with a premonday >> we should not let anyone in this country that doesn't support our communities. ramericansi eight. >> and she los angeles 99 immigrants have and mong terror if's >> cleptop will stop allient for children. >> and thaej the cait people come in and unc will
4:37 pm
>> chunon will there is wor welcome >> they passed comwill prehens want run quorum is this >> thank big >> obama care, rick be is in washington with more that that. >> a ta, ahimacied together ker, footwo footwork >> right now every headlight insurance >> on the in they are using simple eights of hab on edin's show ises that congress should
4:38 pm
cent out the pen. >> the wlr at this timer it fand it snrj >> sclinton will tax a wilwhere it going to it >> they have yesterday or private insurance want>> and did schshg the administration many takened that younguc no, ma'am officials say these victories are run >> however, with running and republican are sflrnls they are fixturing with and flshgs
4:39 pm
>> lib rats were the sflsh it is not likely in 2017 to it to whether packs inspect we are figure to to on the regha torreyeem in obama care. >> every year insurance companies are to jthis fox news. nthank, sfrrngs the cvc said 30000 americans do i each year from opyoid overdotes. that is nearly 100 doses a day. johnathon hunt has the details.
4:40 pm
>> this is a major epidemic. our kids are being poisoned and being addicted. both hillary clinton and donald trump acknowledged the gravity of the opyoid in the united states. but how they attack is different. >> i cut off the sauce and build a wall. >> i would like the federal government to offer 10 billion over ten years. >> she would work with the states and provide training for the first responders and ending in carceration. and proposal that addiction experts agree with. >> we need access for these services. we are treating only 15 percent vye it. eating only 15 percent >> i will create borders. >> on the website trump's
4:41 pm
details. building a wall to keep drugs out and providing health for addicts. >> we are urging him and looking forward to seeing how he would like to address this issue. >> johnathon hunt reporting from los angeles. >> a recent cvc report said the five states with overdose. are west virginia, new hampshire, new mexico and kentucky and ohio. that's the look at presidential campaign. and the house and senate races. and new questions surrounding the release of four americans from iran. that's still ahead.
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if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. life as a non-smoker is a whole lot of fun. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> they voice new concern cans about the house and senate this november. doug has the story in washington. we'll have tremendous voter turn out. >> many analyst said the trump campaign and the republican party is in trouble. >> just about everybody recognized the republican party is deeply divided and in a mess.
4:46 pm
donald trump would agree. he's not getting the support he deserves. >> what we are looking for is a candidate who follows the script. >> and it is not the elders who are frustrated. it is trump's reliance on social media. and swing states that he must win are not polling in his favor and gop incumbents may suffer from the affect. >> senator pat toume and senator rubio is no means assured of another term. and senator burr and senator mccain in arizona. >> if trump loses those by double-dig double-digits. he could pull down ball on the senators with him. >> if he's losing 4 or 5 or 6
4:47 pm
points, we can make up that difference. >> but 8 or 9 you can't make it up. >> the next president of the united states. trum donald trump. >> and november 8th is a long way off. unpredictable events are a long way off. >> he is the top and she is at bottom he can win. >> he hasn't stayed on message in attacking hillary clinton. >> she ranks second to last in favorability of any presidential in history. he bad news for trump he ranks dead last in the same category. >> republicans are demanding answers from the obama administration after it admitted a $400 million payment to iran was contingent on the release of four american prisoners. >> the obama administration is
4:48 pm
not backing down. they are refusing to call it ransom and the argument they use this was owed to the iranians no matter what and why not make sure it was used as leverage to get the americans home. >> we converge today all on a 24 hour period. i make no apologies in the end game and final hours, we used the leverage of that money. >> that argument does not sit well with the republicans on the hill. that is called leverage but it is ransom. >> we know it was ransom and puts more american lives at risk and we know they transferred the 400 million in the hands of the iranian revolutionary guard which is a terrorist connection. >> earlier president obama denied it. >> this was not some nefarious
4:49 pm
deal. we don't pay ransom. we will not in the future and didn't here. >> house speaker paul ryan said the president owes the american people a full accounting of his actions and the dangerous precedent he has set. >> kristin, thanks. >> if you are planning a beach vacation. we have a headline to you. a get away south of the border could be cheaper. and the fight against voter fraud and why the systems used by several states could be vulnerable. that is still ahead. hey, it's the phillips' lady!
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>> potentially good you news for budget travellers flying between united states and mexico could get easier and cheaper. starting tomorrow, restrictions that limited particular routes to's handful of airlines were lifted that will allow them to fly whenever and where they want. the u.s. and mexico agreed to lift the restrictions last year. >> there is growing concern about the security of on line voting. more than two dozen states had some type of on line system in place. eric shaun has more. voting can be easy as a click of a mouse, but is it secure?
4:54 pm
26 states and the direct of colombia allow some form of on line voting casting on line and sending an e-mail. high profile hacks, the obama administration is looking for ways to protect on line voting. >> there is a process in the election process. we need to see whether it was considered critical infrastructure. >> something on the internet, you are telling the world to please come hack me. >> a votering expert said despite the promise, on line voting is not foolproof. >> putting voting itself on line to me is a step too far and over the line and we can't do it securely. every country that has an axe to grind can try to get in and manipulate the election.
4:55 pm
>> officials say they have had no problems. >> we have had the program for a few years now and the only down side that i can see to it, is that the voter is returned to waive the secrecy of their ballot. >> and the federal election agencies cautious. >> we are not at the point to use the internet to cast ballots securely and safely and simply, but some point we should be able to do that in my lifetime. >> last month illinois shut down the voter registration site after it was attacked. it was a attack from a foreign entitty and arizona took its registration system off line after it was compromised by a hacker. >> thank you, eric. talk about a killer thriller. a family of michael jackson fans
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from ranches close by. so we don't have to freeze it. add six strips of thick, applewood smoked bacon. and wendy's baconator isn't just different, it's deliciously different. >> a north carolina couple bouncing off of the wall after buying a used michael jackson set after it appears to be be autograph by the king of pop itself. if it is deemed authentic they will not walk to the bank. they would treasure it for all times. that's how fox reports. i am patty ann brown in for
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jowly -- julie banderas. a brand new watters' world starts right now. chlorred watters' world is on tonight. donald trump hitting hillary clinton where it hurts. >> she is against the police, believe me. >> he recognizes but is it enough to lift trump to victory? plus, urban chaos obama is on martha wine verdict. >> are you you on drugs? and i will go back to medevial times in search of scholars. do you know where benghazi is? >> pakistan be,


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