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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 21, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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three years to complete it. he raised money to restore a world war ii era ship and return it to normandy, france, for d-day. >> see you in three hours. >> yep. turkey's president says isis sent a young boy to below himself up, killing at least 51 people and injuring dozens more in a wedding. what turkey might do in retaliation. and decision 2016, donald trump heading to ohio. >> at this stage of the campaign, george bush, 41, was behind dukakis by 16%. at this point in the campaign, ronald reagan was behind jimmy carter by numbers fairly similar to what you just showed.
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hillary clinton's weekend dash for the cash continues, from nantucket to hollywood, but she can't shake her e-mail scandal and the foreign money ties with the clinton foundation. good sunday to you. nice to be with you. nice to you with you at home. i'm leland yittert. >> i'm ee liz bath prann. >> terror has become more common, this will make your stomach turn. 50 people killed, after a suicide bomber blew up an outside wedding celebration. one describes it as a massacre of unprecedented cruelty. the white house is calling it
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barbaric. joining us with the very latest, connor. >> reporter: elizabeth, turkish officials say a young fighter, roughly between the ages of 12 and 14 years old wore a suicide vest and went into a kurdish wedding celebration. wearing that vest, he went in to where people were dancing and detonated it, killing 51 people and wounding more than 90. now, this attack happened in gaziantep, 40 miles away from the syrian border, a place where there are a lot of syrian refugees, but for the last few years, an entry and exit point for a lot of jihadists going into syria, where the turkish officials, when they were turning a blind eye to the operations in syria, allowed a lot of isis fighters across and known to be a strong jihadists community there. istanbul, a lot of attacks in the last few months and in the last year or so, but this attack
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happened in an area where there is a large syrian population and on a kurdish population, turkish officials say it appears that isis is trying to get into some of the ethnic problems that turkey has with its kurdish population, trying to stoke more ethnic tensions there. now, this comes as turkey has been dealing with a lot of political chaos and violence in the last year or so. of course, isis has launched attacks in markets and in tourist areas in ankara and in st -- instanbull, and turkey's military launched a coup attempt. turkey is dealing with a lot of instability. the white house condemning this latest attack, and is sending vice-president joe biden there to meet with turkey and turkish officials to sort of announce
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its support for the turkish government, and really work on trying to heal some of the tensions and things that have gone on in the last few months. turkey is very angry that the u.s. is not arresting and sending back to turkey the person thaterr erdwon blames, b to also checkup on the stability and political strength of the key nato ally. turkeys, these days, is a key member of the fight against isis and in the region, but there is a lot of concern in wash toond other european capitals about just how stable it is. >> thank you, connor, we appreciate it. also in the middle east, pay-back time for isis terrorists in iraq. a governor announced the police executed 36 convicts today for their role in one of that
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country's worst massacres. they've seen a lot of them. two years ago, isis militants captured an estimated 1,700 iraqi soldiers in the town of tikrit, north of baghdad. isis later posted photos of the men around trenches before they were then shot and killed in a mass execution. iraq is now fast tracking the executions of the executioners, despite objections from the u. nunch n. and others, saying torture was used. while donald trump has this sunday off, hillary clinton is spending another day hopping from fund-raiser to fund-raiser in vacation towns known for their well healed residents. despite the low-key, they're duking it out on the airways. kristin fisher for what's ahead. >> reporter: both campaign managers came out swinging on
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the sunday shows. clinton's campaign manager called trump a puppet for the kremlin, while trump's campaign manager called her a weak leader and unimpressive. this is kellyanne conway's first sunday, because in her words, he is finally able to be himself. perhaps a dig at campaign manager paul manafort. the dust up over the immigration policies, yesterday it was reported that he told the hispanic advisory board that he may be open. it appeared to be a reversal for the previous calls, but today, trump's campaign manager said any reports of a reversal are false. >> what he said differed little from what he said publicly. we need a quote fair and humane way of dealing with what is estimated to be about 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. >> reporter: conway was asked if trump supports a full-on
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deportation. she said that's still to be determined. as for the democrats, clinton may be ahead in almost every poll, but she has come under renewed scrutiny about her e-mail and her family's foundation. this morning, her campaign manager said bill clinton's pledge to stop accepting donations if his wife is elected should go a long way to ensure there is no conflict of interest. he also pointed fingers at the bush foundation. listen to this. >> the steps that they've fledged pledged to take, you didn't hear questions about the bush foundation when the second bush president came into the office. his family continued to serve on the board. president clinton said he'll step down from the foundation board. >> reporter: now, about those e-mails. a judge just ordered clinton on friday to provide written answers to questions about her e-mails. today her campaign manager said soon as she receives them, she'll answer them right away. he didn't fully answer if that will happen before election day.
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>> so many ways for the clintons to keep it from happening before election day. consider is tin, thanks so much. >> thanks. >> liz. more donald trump news. media reports have been relentlessly breaking down donald trump's shake-ups as well as his posture. he has been using a teleprompter with minority leaders as well. so here to weigh in, republican strategist and former romney campaign communication director, kevin sheridan. kevin, thank you for joining us. i want to play something for you. rudy giuliani who has been on the stump quite a bit was on fox news sunday and he was saying that the change of tone is really a refocus. he want you to listen and get your reaction. >> donald trump is extremely focused now. if you look at his entire week, you can see it was focused on issues. hard issues. tough issues. issues on which the american people agree with him and with us. maybe 60, 65%. 65 to 70% of the american people believe the country is going in
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the wrong direction. and if he can convince them that he is the person to lead us, then certainly, he is the only one to give us change. >> give us change. so he is refocused, is it going to stick and do you attribute to the campaign shake-up this week? >> it was a good week for donald trump. let's start with that. bringing in kellyanne conway seems to have a good effect on the campaign so far. does he have the temperament to be commander in chief and whether they've made up their mind remains to be determined in the polling that will come out in the next week or two. if he can stick to this. that's the biggest question we always have with donald trump can he stick to a message and not create the unnecessary drama he has been susceptible to. >> we've had so many come on the show and say actions speak
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louder than words. you spoke with about kellyanne conway and she paired this morning on cnn, and she said listen, it is tbd whether donald trump will make the call whether he wants to deport up 11 million undocumented immigrants out of the united states if he becomes president. what is your reaction to that? do you feel if it is not just words now, if he is changing the actions and will peopling receptive to that. >> i don't think it will hurt him with his supporters and could possibly signal a change for the campaign. i think, look, they're going to just say his supporter also say it is a negotiating position he was starting from. everything that he has promised that sundays grandiose and crazy, ale just say it was a negotiating position and still get the wall and some other immigration changes. so he is not -- he is in a better position doing this, i think, than nothing doing it. it is still an open question whether it will work. >> i want to get your reaction about something. we talked about him reaching out
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to minority groups, the stance we heard from kellyanne conway in regards to the probably not deportation of 11 million undocumented immigrants. what about his relationship with the rnc and some of the gop leaders that haven't been really receptive to him running. do you think they'll be shifting now with some of the tone shift that we've seen? >> well, the rnc has been fully behind him, most of the house and senate said they'll back him. there has been a few exceptions. there isn't a mass group of elected officials in the rnc that have defected from but in the percentages of republicans, he still has a problem, doing worst with republicans than hillary clinton is doing with democrats, and he needs to get them back. we don't know whether they'll come home. >> how does he please both sides? he has a lot of work to do on both sides, even in the group
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that we didn't think he would really have to please at this point? >> well, it sounds like kellyanne conway kind of has that solved for the moment. it almost, you know, you could hear kind of a core message that he has had. but it was softer in some ways. you know, if he can stick to it, you know, we might be able to see some sort of movement of republicans back to donald trump and you know, some independents who want to give him another look. hillary clinton had a terrible week again this week, and she -- the administration changed the definition of, you know, the word ransom, and the clinton foundation is still going to take foreign donations and corporate money up until inauguration day. people definitely have questions about hillary clinton. >> yeah, a lot of people are saying he has material to work with. kevin, thank you for swrojoinin. we'll see if that tone sticks. some congressional republicans want to start a perjury investigation, the
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things kevin was talking about just earlier, not only what she did, but what she and her campaign said about it. especially what she told the fbi in her interview with them. democratic senator ben carden, a clinton supporter, responded. >> i think what is being requested by my coal leagulleag witch hunt. i wish they showed the same interest to paul manafort's interest to russia, instead, they continue to go after the e-mail issue, even though as i said, director comey, has indicated the case is closed. >> sarah westwood has been following this sorry, joining us now. nice to see you. partisan witch hunt, do you agree? >> you can look at what she said on benghazi, and the comments that director comey made in july
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and there are clear contradictions between what she said and the evidence presented. there are legitimate questions whether hillary clinton intentionally lied to congress or whether her statements to the fbi in a private interview, that by the way, was never transcribed. matched the evidence that was uncovered and whether there was intentional coverup there. because the public evidence speaks to contradiction, there is a good reason for congress to pursue this. >> so we think about this, what she said to the fbi that wasn't transcribed, they have what is called the 302s, which are notes that the fbi agents took. it seems as though the fbi believed that she was truthful in her interview, otherwise they could have charged her with lying to an fbi agent, in and of itself a crime. congress can't look into that, can they? >> well, no, those statements in a vacuum don't suggest any sort of coverup, but when you lay the statements next to the statements under oath that she provided in october to congress, that's where you see some of the contradictions. for instance, she said she
10:15 am
turned over every work related email. now we see there are thousands of e-mails that never got handed over to the fbi. she said she never handled anything marked classified, and comey said there were. when you look at those contradictions, you need that sort of third transcript of the benghazi committee testimony to really have evidence that there was potential perjury, but when you look at that, you see there are contradictions that merit this look. >> all right, so we have the benghazi testimony given before congress under oath, i think it lasted ten and a half hours. it was interesting, sarah, now that this has come up, you would think if there was a potential perjury situation involving a presidential nominee, you would be coming peting againpeting ag york times," the "washington pos post", do you feel there are other reporters digging and
10:16 am
fighting on this story or are you out there on your own looking at it. >> the democrats in congress have done a good job of down-playing this as a partisan witch hunt. they've characterized it as a fishing expedition, which a lot of people think maybe went on a little too long. they're trying to tie this together, off-shoot of the benghazi witch hunt. it is something new. it is wholly related to the benghazi investigation, except for the statements came out during that testimony. >> what are your congressional sources telling you in terms of what can they do in the next 80 or so days until the election that could actually change the election? >> well, next month we're going to see director comey sit down before the house judiciary committee and face these questions head on. the lawmakers there are going to ask him, you know, how can you look at these blatant
10:17 am
contradictions and these 302s and not suggest there was an intentional coverup. >> would the fbi the one to investigate if she perjured herself or solely congress' purview. >> they've made a referral to the fbi to investigate it. congress can't bring charges. >> all right, sarah, stay on it and let us know what you find out, not only on this, but the clinton foundation as well. some stories you're working on. thank you. >> thank you. we started with senator ben cardin. interviewed on sunday, the other side, rudy giuliani, right after this show, top of the hour, "fox news sunday", airs 2:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 p.m. eastern. coming up after the break,
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ryan lochte opening up about what happened in rio. can he turn around the tidal wave of overexaggeration. we're going to updating you on a story as victims sift through the ashes in southern california. >> i didn't, but i was here enough to say i lived here. the entire life is gone. >> we're going to be looking at the aftermath of the devastating fire there. >> the record flooding, but could more storms be on the way. janice dean is tracking it all. hi, liz. we're watching the potential for more heavy rain within the last 48 hours, texas and louisiana, when will it stop. i'll have the answer, after the break. stay with us. ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady,
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fox news alert, coming out of fire ravaged, california. they're returning to find what you're seeing on your screen right now. a little more than ash, burned out cars, burned out lives. will carr, live in los angeles
10:23 am
with more. >> reporter: there are more than a dozen wildfires, and that includes the cedar fire here in california, which is burning to the northwest of bakersfield. so far, it is very low containment numbers on this fire. it forced 1,500 residents to evacuate, as it continues to threaten almost 800 homes. to the south of blue cut fire, it continues to burn 60 miles east of los angeles. fire crews making progress. 83% contained, after burning 37,000 acres, and the residents are thankful for the crews. >> i think the whole valley would have gone up, had they not put up a battle right here and stopped the fire. you can see the hot spots, where it just jumped and skipped, and it could have been a lot worst than it was. >> reporter: it has been a terrible loss for many, though. the blue cut fires burned more
10:24 am
than 100 home, and many residents are getting their first look this weekend. >> it is hearbreaking. knowing there is no house left and we have no idea if the animals were inside or outside. >> reporter: many of the wildfires currently burning across the region are being fueled by drought conditions. you have to remember that california is still in the middle of a five year historic drought. by the end of the year, the total price for battling all these fires, leland will be well over $1 billion. >> that will certainly go up as the fires continue. will carr, live in los angeles, thanks, will. >> you bet. another story we've been following in louisiana. people are continuing to pick up the pieces. after more than a week of powerful flooding that has destroyed more than 60,000 homes. officials say areas that were off-limits due to high waters are safe enough for search times to enter.
10:25 am
they're looking for any signs of survivors. they say fresh tire tracks are showing people are beginning to clean their homes. brian joins us with the latest. >> reporter: search teams are moving house to house, as people are beginning to take out their furniture, rip out carpets and regulars and a session the damage, over 100,000 people have applied for federal assistance. those homes that are completely flooded and not seeing any of the clean-up activity are being treated with caution. there could be a victim inside. so far, 13 people have died. some 4,000 people are still in shelters. last weekend's storm was one in 1,000. three times more rainfall than hurricane katrina, and the worst natural disaster since sandy. john bel edwards said it hasn't gotten the attention it deserve, perhaps because it wasn't a
10:26 am
named hurricane. he says they need more help. >> we really need help. typically, by this point in a storm, i think red cross would be receiving a lot more donations. i think there would be more volunteers signing up. although we have some of that in place now. it would be very helpful if people would donate to the red cross, to the baton rouge area foundation and to help people get back in their homes. >> reporter: according to the louisiana department of health, at least 15 cemeteries across seven parishes must rebury cass connects unearthed from the flooding. the country has been slow to pay attention to the flooding and they're in need of a lot more donations as you just heard. in hard-hit dunham springs, the farm bureau is feeding volunteers and victims providing hundreds of meals as they clean up, and in many cases, just beginning. meantime, heavy rain and high
10:27 am
winds in san antonio, texas, prompting road closures. a flash flood is still in effect for the south central texas area. elizabeth. >> a lot going on. bryan lennis. a bad case of deja vu as more powerful storms heading for east texas and southern louisiana. janice dean, in the fox news extreme weather center with more. janice, behind you, an awful lot of green. >> unfortunately, leland, we have a frontal boundary stalled across the gulf coast and bringing more rainfall across central texas as well as louisiana. over the next 12 to 24 hours. that's the radar precipitation for the last 48 hours, you can see things starting to line up across central texas in towards louisiana, four to six inches, isolated amounts of even higher than that unfortunately over the
10:28 am
next 6 to 12 hours. you can see the flood advisories for texas, and still in portions of southern louisiana, where the rescue efforts continue here. forecast precipitation heading into wednesday, again, the potential for heavier rainfall across texas. and the gulf cost, we will watch this area very carefully over the next couple of dals. your highs today, ahead of the boundary, we're seeing the warm humid air, potential for strong and severe storms across new england and the northeast, and highs today across the west, still very warm, where we have wildfire danger across the northwest into the northern rockies, and the wildfires continue to burn over 31 of them, 100 acres or more. unfortunately we're not getting the needed rainfall as firefighters continue to battle these wildfires. leland, back to you. >> wish there was better news. liz, what's coming up? take your mind off the bad
10:29 am
boy behavior, the spotlight is back on the athletes. we're tallying up all the medals. back to politics, hillary clinton shifting into presidential mode. questions about missing e-mails and donations keep chasing her on the campaign trail. and care-free days of summer are over. president obama heads back from his vacation today. kevin has been there as well. hi, kevin. >> reporter: hey, liz. air right. listen, it's about time it gets down to louisiana. that's the feeling of many, as the president makes his way there tuesday, coming up, i've got a preview, and that story. beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. can give you ans advantage.gether for your pet, we go beyond.
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fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. ask your doctor if you're tresiba® ready. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ president obama will be traveling to baton rouge on tuesday, in support of the flood victims and first responders. this is after he wraps up his vacation tonight in martha's vineyard. lighthouse correspondent, kevin corke has been there, and he
10:34 am
joins us now. hi, kevin. >> reporter: hey, liz, optics matter. i understand the white house was diligent in sending the director of fema down to the region and the director, make that the secretary of homeland security, but sometimes the president has to step up and stand up and be counted. and that's exactly what he is going to do on tuesday, as he makes his way finally to the region to observe first hand the devastating flooding. now, a lot of people have been saying, listen, get out and golf until your heart is content. we get it. but when your country needs, you have to get there. so on tuesday, finally, some would say belately, the president will put down the clubs and pick up the spirits of louisiana. he'll see first hand the recovery efforts, learn how the people of louisiana really have come together in the midst of this devastating tragedy. now, there has been tons of criticism, as you know, for not coming sooner. fierce from the editorial staff in baton rouge. let me share part of the
10:35 am
editorial they wrote a couple of days ago. the optics of obama golfing while louisiana residents lang wished in floodwaters was striking. it evoked the precedent of the passive federal response to the state's agony in 2005. however, i fail that to say this. the governor has said as recently as today, he did want the president to make it down there, but not before they had a little space and time to continue the recovery efforts. >> i didn't want to divert the police officers, sheriffs deputies and state troopers and other essential resources and assets to providing security for the president, while they were needed in this region. >> reporter: now, of course, the president will be there tuesday. we will too. i'll bring you the coverage on fox news. for now, back to you, liz. >> thanks for your hard work, kevin. we appreciate it.
10:36 am
sunday, front page of today's "washington post," above the fold. here is the headline, comfortable lead, clinton starts refining an a skrgenda. planning, defeat of trump, as suggested. john pierre of monday, which originally endorsed bernie sanders, and radio host, ethan bearman, who is likely to vote for a third party. you get the picture, the clintons have been in the white house before, so they may not need to measure for the drapes. but is this a little early? >> well, look, 78 days left until november, a selection. look, we cannot be complacent. democrats cannot afford t 78 days is a lifetime in politics. so we have to remember these polls are a snapshot in time.
10:37 am
they will go up, they will go down. and so that's something that the democrats need to be really, really -- remember. >> eden, you look through this article, hillary clinton's increasingly confident campaign, clinton has started ramping up for a presidency. is there a real risk here of the clintons becoming way too confident. if they're this confident, we don't need to show up come election day? >> no question that's a concern. if i were a hillary for ter, th -- supporter, she wants to project an image of competence and strength, so that's parts of the optics, but ultimately if donald trump can keep himself restrained and let these scandals actually take over the headlines, make hillary clinton won't be so far ahead. >> ethan makes an interesting point here. for the past couple of days, donald trump has spoken from a
10:38 am
tel teleprompter, he hasn't said anything that has grabbed headlines. do they talk about that, in fairfax, virginia, do democrats worry, though, about what happens if donald trump gets on message and starts just blasting hillary clinton over things like her e-mail server, over the continuing questions of the clinton foundation? >> let me just say that it is sad that we're giving credit to a nominee for staying on message, reading a teleprompter, and not being -- not saying anything rash or harsh or dehumanizing people over and over again. let me first say that. >> respectfully, though, democrats wants to give hillary clinton for having sat down with the fbi. so i mean there is different standards for different candidates, right? >> look, this is a guy who has said demeaning things about a gold star family. like, let's be clear here. it is not just -- it is not just one thing. it has been many things.
10:39 am
many groups, whole groups of people. that's that. to your question, i'm going to answer your question right now, which is this election is going to be about the ground game. it is going to be about getting to 270 electoral votes. and right now, hillary clinton is in a much better place in getting to that number. actually even going beyond that. donald trump doesn't seem to have a real operation in those 10 to 11 swing states that are very important in order to get to that number. so i think that is an important note there. >> ethan, at some level, and i know you at times have been anti-trump or never trump, but you describe yourself as a libertarian. are you going to pivot from being more never trump, anti-trump, all of a sudden, taking up the montre, talking about perjury stories for what she said in front of congress? >> i've been never clinton before the race began.
10:40 am
i've been very harsh in regards to secretary clinton the whole way through. plus on top of it all we can't even begin to describe how rotten and mackvalliant. it was only done to avoid foia requests. no other way to interpret that. the pay for play with the state department. scandal after scandal, the dnc working against bernie sanders, and working for hillary clinton. the number of scandals are endless. if trump can stay in the shadows, instead of spewing shadowy language, these scandals would rise up. it is important to note, too, leland, a lot of these polls, it measures the strength of the support for the voters, she has the weakest supporters. trump has the strongest supporters. so she has the most to lose as
10:41 am
well. >> all right, karine, ethan, thanks. outside the pool, bad behavior? judge for yourself. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) you can commute. (man on radio) ...40! no flags on the play! (cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. to backstroke out of this one, try as he might. the 32-year-old olympic swimmer launched an apology tour saturday for his rio robbery scandal, but stopped short of saying that he lied. lochte cleaned up for the tv interview, before sitting down with matt lauer, the green is up for discussion. >> it's how you want to -- how you want to make it look like, whether you call it a robbery, whether you call it extorsion,
10:46 am
or us paying for the damages, like we don't know. all we know is there was a gun pointed in our direction, and we were demanded to give money. that's why i'm taking full responsibility for it. it is because i overexaggerated that story. if i never done that, we wouldn't be in this mess. >> lochte, says he hopes to continue swimming competitively, but does acknowledge his decision will not -- he does not know whether or not it will be with the u.s. team. that's to be determined. >> people used to call him a role model. after two weeks of guts and glory and stories about robberies, the rio olympics wrap up tonight. still on the docket, the u.s. men's basketball team tips off for gold in just about an hour. they face serbia, and it has been a good weekend forerunn rn
10:47 am
in the red, white and blue. redemption for fourth. lesean merrick, 4x400, and the american women also won, allison fe felix, a woman's track olympic record. for those of you keeping track at home, the u.s. leads with 118, the most gold medals, there it is, 44 u.s. is now up to 119. congratulations. amazing how that happens. >> pretty awesome. and coming up after the break, more than two centuries after the conflict that inspired our national anthem, battle scars and lessons learned from the country's most overlooked wars. technology.
10:48 am
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during the war of 1812, washington was attacked by british troops almost 202 years ago exactly. iconic buildings such as the capitol and the white house were set on fire. but the attack and the rebuilding are proof of american resilience. many of the lessons are volatile to our nation's history and can be applied today. presidential historian and author of the new book "the burning of the white house" jane hampton cook joins me now. >> thank you very much. >> to our viewers, this is the ninth book that you've worked on, but what inspired you in particular to write about this? and i understand it was during your time at the white house. >> i was on the white house staff during the attacks on 9/11. i was evacuated, went through that process, going back into the white house wondering are we going to be hit again. and i saw the scorch marks from when the british military burned the kitchen in the white house.
10:53 am
what was it like 200 years ago when the white house was attacked by an enemy? that just got my interest started in researching and finding out, how did this story happen and are there lessons that we can glean today that are relevant? and there certainly are. that's why i'm so thrilled to be able to present "the burning of the white house" this week in particular. >> there's a couple points that i want to get to, but first and foremost in your research, what struck you the most? >> what struck me the most was how there was really a lack of patriotism 200 years ago. america was politically divided. you had one political party and the other. and they weren't getting along. there was a lack of patriotism. 52% of americans today are extremely proud to be americans. that's probably where they were 202 years ago. after the burning of the white house, there was this surge of patriotism. it was an electric revival of national spirit where both political parties came together and said, hey, we're going to defend ourselves, we're going to
10:54 am
fight back. >> one of them that i thought was really interesting was media bias. what did you learn at that time and why is that relevant today and what can we learn from it? >> i thought it was really interesting because newspapers back then, they were either pro one party or pro another. they didn't hide it. they were very clear that they affiliated. and there was one newspaper in washington that was so pro president james madison that the british thought it was a government-run paper. they didn't understand the concept of our freedom of speech in america. and he attacked that particular newspaper building because of that media bias. so we today have media bias, but we also have a lot of objectivity that goes on and we have reporting and things like that that we need to give ourselves a little bit of a break. we're human. we have opinions. it's okay if we have a little bit of leaning one way or the other in the media. >> so fascinating that we can
10:55 am
learn so much from that time. and in our political landscape we may think things are unique, but history repeats itself. >> that's right, history can repeat itself. >> put that up so folks can appreciate it. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> nice job, ladies. >> coming up, a very proud washingtonian that has chinese ties. he's celebrating his birthday this weekend. we'll play more of the panda video coming up next. so stick around. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit i wanted to know where i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪
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who is black and white and is celebrating his first birthday. the national zoo's bebe is turning one. you can see him chowing down on a snack of fruit and flavored ice with his mom. the national zoo pandas are technically -- i bet you don't know this -- properties of the chinese state who sent a gift banner exclaiming friendship and luck. and every opportunity we have to show you the video of bebe, we'll take that opportunity. >> you know, there's kind of a small yet large birthday party because he only had his mom there, but all his admirers. >> so cute. >> really? >> i think he's cute. but i love animals. >> who doesn't think panda bears are cute? do we have that video to play again? because that would help us for the last 20 seconds or so.
11:00 am
happy birthday. we'll refrain from singing. then shannon bream and rudy giuliani next. i'm shannon bream in for chris wallace. with less than three months to election day donald trump hits the reset button again. but will we see a new trump or more of the same? >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words. i have done that. and believe it or not, i regret it. >> with new leadership at the top, will trump be able to reverse his tumble in the polls? we'll discuss with former new york mayor rudy giuliani who is helping trump prepare for the presidential debate. then new developments in the hillary clinton e-mail saga as a judge order


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