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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 21, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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we are back in washington, dc, next sunday and i will not have to get up before the sun to come up, check us for the latest buzz >> a. >> new questions concerning donald trump's immigration plan amid reports he was rethinking the mass deporting policy following the meeting with hispanic leaders in new york city, the trump campaign has since denied the claims and, today, the newly appointed campaign manager tried to clarify his position. >> what he supports is to make sure that we enforce the law, that we are respectful of the americans who are looking for well paying jobs and that we are fair and humane for those who live among us in this country. >> hello, everyone, welcome to america's election headquarters.
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>> as always, hello, everyone, meanwhile, hillary clinton's campaign while pushing back against all of the allegations of wrongdoing at the clinton foundation, and critics have charged that clintons game special treatment to the big wigs who gave a last money but our campaign manager branded the claims "right wing attacks," and said the separation of her work as secretary of state and the foundation's work was unprecedented. he questions also, trump's finances. all the foundation does incredible charitable work. what does not have the scrutiny are the financial connections that donald trump has. we just learned yesterday in the "new york times" that his businesses owe millions of dollars to the bang chinas run by the chinese state. that is enormous leverage should he decide to act on his promises to have a trade war with china. we need to evaluate both candidates. >> for more on this, we go to
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our reporter in the washington bureau. the clifton foundation, apparently has announced a new fundraising numbers. what did you have? >> the clinton campaign will not confirm it but the associated press is reporting that the clinton finance director told staffers they are halfway to the goal of raising $1 billion with a "b" for the 2010s with race and not shipping sign of slowing down offer the weekend, heading fundraisers in unanimous kentucky and cape cod and more more planned in 14 states over the next two weeks. right new the polls have her ahead by 5 points but there is renewed vulnerability on two familiar fronts. e-mails and the family foundation. her cam main manager defended the clinton foundation by pointing fingers at the bush foundation. listen. >> the steps they pledged to take, as a philathropic organization we did not hear questions about the bush
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foundation during the second bushmentcy, the family served on the board and she said he step down. >> former president pick become said the foundation will stop accepting foreign donations in his wife winste house. some new polls may already be impending in the self guessed ban. >> thank you. the donald trump campaign, the immigration campaign has caused controversy as we saw campaign manager trying to clarify the immigration stance but she raised other questions herself. >> he did. a folk am point of trump's immigration is the removal of 11 million undocumented immigrants from the united states. however, listen to what the new campaign manager said when asked about it today on cnn. >> well, that plan include a deportation force, the kind that he, you heard in the sound bite and he talked about during the
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republican primaries. >> to be determined. >> to be determined. >> had was a lot of questions surrounding trump's immigration plan and he may address that in another big policy speech this week. >> we address night 20 minutes with the political analysts sorting this out. thank you. >> eric, overseas torque a scene mourning for the victims of terror. funeral services of being held for those killed in year's horrific bomb attack at a wedding ceremony in turkey, killing at least 51 people and injuring dozens more. isis is being blamed for the deadly attack while the bomber is now believed to be a young boy between 12 and 14 years old. >> and conor powell has the latest. >> yes, turkish officials describe a scene where a kurdish wedding party was wrapping up and people dancing and having a and time and enjoying the
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celebrations when the young boy, between the age of 12 and 14, wearing a hue side vest, went into the dance and the celebration and detonated his bomb at least 51 people were killed and 90 were injured. this took place right on the syrian border, a place where there are a lot of syrian refugees trying to flee the violence in syria. but it is the main entry point for jihadist going in and out of the syria, before a number of years officials turned a blind eye as want to be jihadists drew from istanbul and want into syria so it is a hotbed of extremism and a type of place that has long worried officials because of the large islamic extremism and jihad community. turkish fours pointed the finger at isis but this is the last six to nine months that have been bloody in turkey.
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last in, we had a military coup trying to overthrow the president. this week we will had in turkey be the launching of attacks against the turkish mill dairy and now this latest isis bumming and the white house has condemned this latest attack but it has also said they are sending vice president biden over to turkey to meet with tub iraq officials and there is a great deal of concern not only in washington but in other 92 capitals about the stability of turkey, and this is one of the key concerns. turkey and the military base, battling isis is a key come upon to battling isis and whether turkey is stable enough to be part of that overall alliance, that is a big, big concern. >> indeed. conor powell thank you. eric? >> president obama's summer vacation is over returning to the white house amid continuing
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controversy for not cutting his time off on martha's vineyard to visit the victims of the devastating flooding in louisiana. our reporter is traveling with the we president and trends on martha's vineyard. kevin? >> yes, good evening. there are a number of opinions about this story and whether the president should have made the way to louisiana sooner but there are some facts here. one, the floods was clearly historic and obviously deadly with more than a dozen perishing. there is no other way to describe that the open ices being terrible, yes, the president sent the fema director and the secretary of homeland security to the area, but that doesn't mean the people of louisiana don't have a right to fall like they have been overlooked in this deadly flooding. the pictures tell the story: absolute devastation. the flooding consuming the entire community there and that is at the heart of why so many people are so angry when you
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consider that with the president out there golfing with larry david in martha's vineyard rarefy the air, a lot of people are upset. clean up continues and the pictures stunning despite all of death and deinstruction we want to 10 light the good cajun enough helping their brothers and sisters in the bayou, but, clearly, they have a great deal of work yet to come. it is also important to point out that the governor of louisiana did say he did not want the president to come down there too soon because his appearance would compromise not only the safety and security apparatus as they continue the recovery effort, he could take some resources away from where they wanted them. >> take a listen. >> i did not want to divert the police officers, sheriff deputies, and the state troopers and other essential resources and assets to providing security for the president while they needed in this region. >> not mean time, in a
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statement, white house press secretary said that the president obviously will be there on tuesday and this statement, really, encapsulate what the white house wants to say saying that the president is eager to get out there and get a firsthand look at the impact of the devastating floods as they hear about the response and how the federal government can continue to assist them in the cleanup. that is certainly important when you consider there is more wet weather in the forecast for the region and the long road to roofry could be longer and we will keep an cry on that as we join you from new orleans from baton rouge and the area on tuesday. >> our hearts go to everyone affected. the governor said he would not mind in the president wait add week or two but you will be there this week and we will follow you. >> cajun navy is strong and resilient. >> more of the story as louisiana governor edwards pleading for help as they recover from a week of devastating flood. many residents now coming out
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will shelters to find their homes destroyed by high water. crews are still searching for victims of the flooding which already has killed 13 people. >> we are joined from the new york city newsroom with the latest. >> you are right, many residents are coming out of shelters seeing their homes for the first time for many and all too emotional moment, 60,000 homes damaged in the historic flood, a one in a thousand year event in southern louisiana. water that leaves mud, mold, soaked urn too, and lost photos and million resolution 100,000 people have allied for federal assistance and the governor edwards said that the storm hasn't gotten the tax it deserves nationally, perhaps because it want a named hurricane. >> we really need help. usually by this point this a storm red cross would be receiving a lot more dough nations, and there would be more volunteers signing up but we
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have some of that in place new it would be helpful in people would donate to the red cross, to the baton rouge area foundation and also to come in and volunteer to help people get back in their hems. >> the democratic governor specifically thanks republican nominee donald trump and his running make, mike peps, for visiting louisiana and putting a spotlight on the state during dire times. coffins have come up earthed on 15 cemeteries across seven parishes, and caskets were floating and families now have to rebury relatives. this is in word on how many tomb sites have been damaged. church groups, the red cross, residents and family members are all chipping in to clean up. the local farm bureau is offering meals. 3,200 people now are in shelters and that down from a high of 11,000. now, if you would like to help you can donate to the red cross
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or at www. those are just two ways to help. this are others. >> rebuilding is going to take doing. thank you so much. >> eric? >> from the torrential floods in the south to scorching wildfires in the west southern california fire crews are battling a series of wildfires as they deal with historic drought conditions. hundreds of residents are asked to lebanon their homes but officials say that not everyone is obey the orders. >> and this could be the most dangerous fire seasons ever, and we will have the details from los angeles. >> there are more than a dozen while fires burning cross the western united states this weekend, including the cedar file in california burning to the northwest of bakers field, so far, low containment and the
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fire is 60% of the residents leave the area while it is threat being hull homes and others are ready to leave quickly in they have to my car is packed and the animals are in the car and we are real close to the main road. all the blue cut fire burns 60 miles east of los angeles and crews this, though, making great progress with the fire now 83% contained after burning 37,000 acres and residents say they are thankful for all of the hard work the crews have put in, on the ground. all the whole valley would have gone up if they did not pup up a battle right here and stopped the fire. you can see the hot spots where it just jumped and it skipped and it could have been a lot worse than it was. >> the devastation has been hard breaking and the blue cut fire has burned more than 100 homes and many residents are getting their first along at the destruction this weekend. many of the wild first currently burning are being fueled by drought conditions. remember, california is still in a give year historic droughts so tar we have had more fires
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dinner this year than this point last year, and the total bill by the end of the year will be over $1 billion to fight all of the wildfires across western united states. >> for more of forecast, i will go to our senior meteorologist janet dean in the extreme weather center. >> the temperature are still very warm across the west, 100 in medford is the daytime high and 95 in boise and 91 in spokane and 91 in billings, montana the we have a cold front that will move through and it will knock back the temperatures. however, wildfires, 31, were burning cross the west, as you can see, not getting a lot of relief, here, in terms of moisture and we will get some rainfall across the southwest but nothing really in the way of helpful relief across the northwest or northern california so watching the danger continuing into next week. future radar across the
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northeast, we have a cold front, same cold front that brought tornadoes across the great lakes year, now moving across the northeast, the eastern seaboard, overnight, so be aware we could actually see some strong to severe storms, with the tail end of the front cross texas and louisiana where we could see the potential for more flooding for big bend of south texas, central texas and flooding across louisiana with the historic flooding we saw last week. the forecast precipitation as we head into wednesday, the bull's area of the moisture crass south texas still getting at the love moisture for the gulf coast states including coastal louisiana and across the southeast and the northeast overnight tonight. also, watching the tropics we are getting into that time of year, peak season, watching a couple of waves move off the coast of after after one in particular at 99l, watching this carefully headed to thursday and friday as it comes involve close to the trippian and, perhaps,
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the united states late next week but of course we will monitor it and give you latest. back to you arthel. >> thank you. he took part in a raid that killed obama and now the former navy seal is not allowed to keep proceeds. we tell you who is getting the money and why. >> remember, kentucky county clerk kim davis? she is back in the news. why a federal judge has dropped the lawsuits filed against her. >> and why donald trump campaign would chairman he is having the best week yet in the race but others would disagree.
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>> now the headlines, including the book about the rate that killed osama bin laden and he must fork over all of the money he received from the book and speaker fees to the government $6.5 million. the justice department found that he failed to have all the details in the book cleared in advance by the defense department. >> and a federal judge dismisses three lawsuits against kentucky county clerk kim davis who was in jail for 45 days for refusing
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to give out marriage licenses to same-sex couples. the judge find there is for longer an issue and the new state law has removed the names of the county clerk from the marriage license as a reaction to her famous case. >> the final day of competition in rio as games come to a close. so far, the united states has a total of 120 medals more than any other country including 45 gold, and 37 silver and 38 bronze medals. congratulations t all of our olympians. >> that is a regret. he said in i chose the wrong words i regret. people love humility and accessibility and authenticity. >> donald trump shaking up his campaign this past week and expressing regrets for comments ahead in the past, the republican nominee shifting the style of his speeches and bringing new leadership into the
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polls as trump attempts to play catch up in the polls. a resolution average showing that hillary clinton is in the lead by more than five points. we have the senior advisor for the trump campaign. good to sue. i would like to talk about your plan of attack for multiple big ticket items coming up this week. and the next 79 or 78 days. immigration, as you well know, donald trump throughout his campaign, he said he would deport all of the nearly 11,000 people living in america without documentation and, now he seems to be shifting that and saying that, no, maybe there is the possibility that we could not do that. is this campaign promise turning into a campaign voice? >> no, there is a con isis family, he said the first action is to deport those who have committed crimes in country.
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legal immigrants who have committed crimes during as murders. that is the first move, the first step taken. from that point, he works with the appropriate --s to figure out d the depth departments do figure out the american people are protected fully in line with the positives he has set out the last couple months. >> mr. trump is trying to woo the latino and african american voters and he has the national hispanic advisory council for trump newly formed saying i want to make the going party, the party for african american voters want again, we have a short amount of time what do you think trump can do to move on both of those fronts with both of those state wednesday? >> donald trump is a grandfather, a father, a business leader and a leader in america, and he believes that shared responsibility transcends
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backgrounds and ethnicity and social class and that is exactly what he doing, reach out to communities. the republicans have not been reaching out so much the last ten, 20 years but saying let's share the possibility and make sure it is great for our children and grandchild, and that is resolutionnating not only -- it is resonating. >> it is not a bad idea to have donald trump reach out to all because he would be the president for all of americans but, specifically, boris, how is he going to get the message to the communities? i understand he is planning to visit the communities. what is his personal message when he is there with the folks in the inner difficults? >> you look at the inher cities they devastated, like chicago and milwaukee and before detroit was revitalized by businessmen, so message is there: we need to bring home back to our inner cities. it is an economic yes, a question of bringing small businesses back and the 15% tax
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bracket goes a long way, to headquarter issue they can go into the inner cities and thrive. look at areas of new york which have done well, again, it is happening in detroit and that is the message, economic revitalization. >> and education? >> a education is key. look at a difficult like washington, dc. washington, dc school system is the most expensive for people and the worst. so they are most expensive per student and the worst. that cannot be allowed to happen. >> i have 20 seconds, do you believe that donald trump is sincere and he is going to do all the things he is promising do do especially for the latino minority voters? >> i know it for a fact he cares about every single american he wants every american to have hope to have opportunity and to make america great for every american. not for any american, any certain segment but for allen ifs throughout and he will do that when he is president. >> we will look it there, good to see you. good luck to you and director
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candidate. >> thank you. >> hillary clinton's campaign manager, he claims, they are having trouble find someone to stand in for donald trump during debate prep. the reason he said why is ahead. >> and new questions corning up trump's position on immigration and undocumented workers and did donald trump just soften his policy? we the address that again.
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>> time for to which news, republican national committee chairman reince priebus is dismissing calls to give money to the donald trump campaign saying credit is do not understand how federal election laws really work the. >> other side, hillary clinton's
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campaign manager is saying that they are having a tough time finding someone would can stand in for donald trump for debate preparation and i quote, "it is very hard to find someone to mimic the reckless democrat perment." >> illegal immigrants committed of committing crimes get to stay, collecting social security benefits, skipping the line. our border opens, more of the same but worse. donald trump's america is secure, terrorists and dangerous criminals weapon out account border secure be our families safe. >> that is donald trump's new political commercial focusing on immigration reaffirming the hard line approach set the don't for the campaign but amid new questions, over recent meeting he had this weekend with hispanic leaders, some of those leaders who attended the meeting at trump power expressing that he is expressing onness to legalize illegal immigrants and maybe not deport 11 million believed here.
3:32 pm
the trump campaign is deny this so what is it about? former deity assistant to george w. bush and park levine, virginia democratic state representative welcome to you. brad, a few mes ago, boris epstein an advisor said that there is no shift in immigration policy so, what is this all about? >> this is a shift. what people most like about donald trump is when he levels with people, and he is coming to realize after meeting with hispanic leaders and going around the country that he has so soften his approach in immigration. one thing for sure we know unobama the last seven plus years he promised immigration reform in the first year. and it in 2007 and 2008 he ran on it and talk about it at the inaugural address and days after that but he did nothing. donald trump will do something and what donald trump has come
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to realize, there has to be a pathway to citizenship, with veto secure the borders and that is the proper way to do things because the president cannot do things because he wants to but by consensus and trump will not have a pen and phone but work with congress to get a solution. >> some are saying there is a conditioningal bill that governor mike pence supported that would have people leave and then re-apply for a visa to come back. >> is that in the plan? >> anyone knows. trump rum does not know. brad does not know the campaign manager said, it will be determined. donald trump has a habit of telling people what they want to hear. he tells them they will deport 11 million, to white people who do not like mexicans and he tells latinos there could be a path but we do not know what he stands for and donald trump doesn't know. he never expected to get this far. this was a lark, a way do promote trump brands and now he
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is like the dog that caught the car he has the nomination he has no plan he will try to figure it out later. >> brad, is that fair? this is a lark? >> no, donald trump in anything his greatest thing is being understipulated leak being done now. he is being pooh-poohed and 16 other republicans does that in the primary and they did it do their detriment much the more you discount donald trump the more you are not facing reality of the huge base people both republicans and democrats who are sick of status quo. >> what you said, he want back on his entire men, his whole pledge was build a wall and deport them all. >> i did not. >> i never said that. >> no. >> i said he is working a path. >> let brad answer. >> donald trump said, first, we will secure the border. that has been the republican mantra for years. the problem --. >> but --. >> he did never did anything, the p. >> we know what hillary clinton is going, granting amnesty for
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11 million illegals in the country. >> what will kentucky do? >> she will leave --. >> i believe kentucky after speaking to the con state witnesses of hispanic americans will come around to a agent way to citizenship. >> really? >> amnesty? >> no. a pathway to citizenship. it is not . >> i support a pathway to citizenship, that is what democrats support but donald trump has been all over the map. proposal is deport 11 million, we will deport them 11 million and it got a last votes and now he is switching but his own spokesman will not say what side the we don't know because donald trump doesn't know. >> mark, quickly, on thursday, he will have a big speech in colorado on immigration on thursday. again, what do you think we specific and what will he say? i don't know. he try to be all sides to all people the way he always is. he is a great con man, he will give a go sales job, and say he
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will make america great, but, specifically, what will it entail in we don't know. hillary clinton has very specific policy proposals you may or may not like them but she tells you what she is doing but with donald trump, you don't know. >> what will he say, brad? >> i think what donald trump will do is talk about securing the border and he will tack about a fair and equitiable way of pathway to citizenship gore the people that are here. they don't get to jump leap they have to go back they have to pay darks and come here the proper way. if he do that, he will get tremendous support in hispanic community because one thing is for sure we don't have the money to round up 11 million people. we don't have the assets do do it. both physical and personnel. by the way, we done have the will of people to do it. >> i agree. that is the democratic position. >> negotiation it isn't, amnesty is the democratic position. give blanket --. >> you see it as party building we see it as secure nation. that is what president obama has
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proposed and the --. >> he has her done it? >> we cannot do it because the republicans switch sides on him. >> we will talk with you two guys until thursday and we will get back to you for analysis. >> thanks. >> world leaders are expressing their condolences for the victims in turkey from the bombing as a wedding, terrorism is unof issues invite -- vice president biden is expected to address but will tensions between the united states and turkey stall the talks?
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>> vice president joe biden is going ahead with a previously scheduled visit to turkey this week even as the country is rocked by the deadliest terror attack this year the 51 people were killed with dozen wounded in the blast yesterday at an outdoor wedding.
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the turkish president blaming isis and revealing start weeing news that bomber pay have been as young as 12 to 14 years old. i have the reserve intelligence officer with the office of naval intelligence and senior fellow in the program on national security at the foreign policy research institute. good to see you. >> go to see you. >> now how much good can vice president biden do this week, and how effective could be he, what is the goal, and what might he accomplish? >> it is really unfortunately a hail mary pass, we saw after the coup turkish relations, our relations have not been at an fuel time high. president of turkey, in june, apologized to the russians for downing a yet and the russians and the turks are clearly trying to establish relations. this is as were about terrorism as about trying to re-establish ties with the turks and make
3:43 pm
sure that, look, the turkish base service huge importance for the war against isis and it is important. unfortunately, we have last a bit of resolution teeth here. >> as the world watches, and as russian president vladimir putin and turkish president seem to be cozying up politically. does that put pressure on president obama and the in the allies to stay the course in the region or to regroup and readdress or re-adjust the strategy? what changes should president obama made in it is the latter, pertaining to turkey, syria and isis? >> the administration really made a massive misstep by allowing the russians to get a foothold in syria and iran and now we are in a situation where we have iranian overt and russian overt forces fighting in syria and this pose as huge problem. in fact, just today, the general
3:44 pm
in charge of combat forces in syria and iraq made a very specific warning to the russians saying we will defend ourselves we have a very, very fragile situation not the least of which we are fighting isis so at any point, any misstep by us, the russians are at iranians could expand unfortunately the conflict which is larger than syria. >> given the situation we have on the table, what is the fix? >> the fix unfortunately is russia and iran are part of the equation what we like it or not and as we see with turkey, the russians can bring quit a bit of influence to bear in the region and it is unfortunately something we have credited. we will have to deal with them. we cannot as i have said for a while, this is no good post isis strategy, who take over after isis goes, is it the iranians? assads? or the occurs?
3:45 pm
as we saw the take in turkey was against a wedding, a kurdish wedding and they are considered by the turkish government to be as much of a threat and they have said so. >> the question, who is going to take over after isis leaves and everyone has a different opinion. >> would those questions, then, on the table, would that be based on your communication with foreign policy and intelligence experts, are vladimir putin and the turkish president working together against president obama or in their own interests? >> certainly vladimir putin is no friend of the united states, he has his interests to expand and increase russia's sphere of but so his motivations are clear the he want as foot in. he get a foot in. he is part of the equation. as far as the tuck -- turks, the
3:46 pm
president survived a coup by skin of his teach and he is certainly opening blaming the united states accusing us of harbor someone who he believes a leaders of the coup and he sees annan miff the unemployment as, perhaps, an criminal lay in this ors perhaps, even a bargaining chip or something to leverage. the meeting in turkey is fought so much about terrorism and more about trying to reaffirm applyans and turncy is a nato country and we have strategic nuclear weapons and it is a very, very troubling turn that frankly wasn't in a career or two ago. turkey has never been anything but our ally. this is very troubling. >> thank you for breaking it down. >> and ryan lochte laid owe the apology or kind of apology in
3:47 pm
the bizarre break in, can he put this behind him? will he be dumped faster than a high diver hitting the water at the deep end of the pool?
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they were robbed by men with guns and a police badge. as we know the story changed when the surveillance video surfaced there showing the four swimmers after they apashly vandalized a gas station restroom door. lochte apologizing but he said he never lied. >> if i didn't overexaggerate the story, and if i told the entire story, none of this would have happened. you know, i was coming from the france house. i was highly intoxicated. i made immature calls. >> what's the legal fallout for lochte? david schwartz defense attorney and former prosecutor is joining us. you think this will have a lasting implication? >> we are a forgiving nation.
3:52 pm
what about the marv albert case. we forgive him. he will lose a lot of endorsement deals immediately. there maybe administrative suspension but i don't think we are looking at criminal action. >> you talk about endorsement deals, look at this. "the new york post" the other day. the ugly american and here's "usa today," rio police call lochte a liar, not victim. air weave mattress, they are sticking with him. they gave a statement saying we do not condone unlawful behavior and will continue to monitor the investigation closely. i respect the athletic performance of ryan and as long as he is a respectable athlete he will remain a u.s. ambassador for air weave as long as our partnership agreement remains effective. our focus is on supporting team usa and our hope is people remain cheering on the athletes that will have events to compete in. they are sticking by him. >> if you read between the lines there, they talk about the
3:53 pm
partnership agreement. there's a contract right now. there's a contract. but they leave open the door as to whether or not this agreement has been violated or not. if you read between the lines there maybe something. >> like a morose clause? >> there are more rose contracts in all of these clauses. if they didn't get the benefit of their bargain, the ryan lochte they bargained for and now he is damaged goods it maybe grounds to break the contract. >> if you have a contract, you get drunk, trashed and trash something, is that grounds for being fired potentially? >> that in and of itself probably not. but the way it turned out there was an embarrassment to the united states of america. it was an embarrassment to the u.s. olympic team. based on those grounds it could be an embarrassment to the mattress product as well. >> what about the way lochte handled this. let's listen to a clip from the interview at nbc in which he tried to explain all of this.
3:54 pm
>> so, a gun was pointed at us. we had to give them money. you can call it a robbery, extortion or say we had to pay the money for the damage of that poster. i can't say what it was. all i know is that we were frightened because a gun was involved and was pointed at us. >> that is a point. it's a different country. doesn't have the same customs we have here. if you have a security guard with a gun pointed at you. >> i think she should stop talking. i think he should stop talking about it. however, there's a point to be made. the gas station was not in any danger. they were in a cab, going away. they caused a little damage to the bathroom. they were drunk, but to pull a gun out and hold them at gun point that's serious business and wouldn't be tolerated in this country. >> you think that 2020 tokyo he wants to compete, you think he will be there? >> i do.
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so we hear a lot about love at first sight. a new study showing the second, third or even the fourth time can be the charm. >> researchers of hamilton college in new york found that our love interest becomes more attractive the more we see them. the studies co-author added much to their surprise people often find themselves drawn to individuals after multiple encounters even when they claim there was no initial attraction. what a study. think that is true? >> i think so. i like you more and more every time i work with you. >> i do, too. we work together a lot. >> good, i like it. >> we thank you for being with us on the fox news channel on the weekends as we cover all of the news and have a lot of
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programming. >> we will be seeing you tomorrow in america's newsroom, 9:00 a.m. eastern here on the newsroom. and stay tuned harris faulkner is up next. thank you. we begin the fox report on this sunday with details about a vicious killer that blew up a wedding. he was likely 12 to 14 years old according to the president of turkey, our ally who's asking for our help now. they are blaming islamic state savages for the bloodshed. if the terrorist were a boy or teenager it's a horrific reminder of the kind of reach the isis savages have. the united states is sending our vice president, joe biden, to the country tomorrow to talk terrorism. as the questions loom at this hour, is turkey turning in to a new front in the war against the islamic state? here's what we know, at least 51


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