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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 21, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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jeanine, and remember, i'm watters and this is my world. breaking tonight, isis being blamed far terrifying attack on a wedding in turkey. and it's now believed the suicide bomber responsible is no more than 14 years old. hello and welcome to a special sunday edition of "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thank you for being with us. joining us tonight are trump campaign senior advisers, as well as an all-star political panel. but first, to breaking news. at least 51 people dead, dozens more wounded in what is the
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deadliest attack in turkey this year. and the suicide bomber, a child between 12 and 14 years of age. joining me now is the director of the award-winning film "the making of a martyr," human rights attorney brooke goldstein. good evening, brooke. >> good evening. >> all right. now, it is absolutely bizarre that a religion, a theology, would call or use religion as a reason to kill their own children. what is this about? >> this isn't infanticide. this is a form of egregious child abuse ignored for way too long. islamism is used to justify the premeditated murder of innocent muslim children. and politicize human rights groups, politicians, the mainstream media, have been ignoring this form of infanticide. and that is why i argue to be
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the real islamophobia. turning a blind eye to the abuse of muslim children as child soldiers, as human bombs, as human shields. you're basically sending the green light go ahead, continue using these children with impunity. just this march, the turkish religious ministry published a cartoon glorifying martyrdom and the child says at the end of the cartoon, i wish i could be killed as a martyr. >> let's talk about the religion itself and the fact that the religion apparently reveres martyrs and this is taught to the children in madrassas. how's it that they get the children to actually do, commit these acts? i understand some wear suicide vests and others they use remote devices and detonate them remotely? >> correct. for example, especially in the palestinian context. you have children recruited that have down syndrome, physically
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handicapped, mentally handicapped, children given drugs. when i interviewed in april, they explained to me how they gave hashish to young children to be confused carrying out the attacks. they're preyed upon because they're impressionable. but most important, you have a state sponsored element where the islamicist media, every single muslim majority country, egypt to saudi arabia to jordan teach these children on a daily basis to revere shahada, bloody martyrd martyrdom. this is nothing than a culture of death. >> what about the parents of these children? i mean, do they -- do they actually feed this instinct? i mean, don't they want to protect their own children? >> it ranges, of course. natural instinct of a parent regardless of your religion is to protect your child. when i interviewed the parents of a 15-year-old palestinian
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arab boy who was recruited by the bring grades, paid $20 to blow himself up mongs palestinians waiting online to get into israel. i interviewed his parents and they were adamant they did not support this activity. in fact, some told by the brigades not to tell his parents where he was going and that's the crime here. >> what you're saying is the kid wanted $20, his parents didn't want him to do it so then are there parents -- i understand there are parents who think it's a good thing for their children to be suicide bombers. is that correct? >> there's a whole range. i mean, you cannot just, you know, say what all parents think. >> of course not. >> in every single circumstance, it's a unique case example. there are circumstances where families, for example, are paid to give up their children. >> right. >> the taliban paying up to $8,000 per child in afghanistan. which is an enormous amount of money. in afghanistan.
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sometimes children are kidnapped. other times children are drugged. sometimes they're taken right from the madrassas where they're fed a steady diet of hate and indoctrination and also we in the west we perpetuate this. the united states pays for schools run by the united nations in gaza and the west bank that teach from textbooks glory if iing suicide homicide bombing to make the argument that our taxpayer dollars -- >> okay. what i understand, also, brooke, children sent home from some of these schools with western dolls to actually behead as a part of the training that goes on in the dra mass sas. you're saying that the united states is funding some of these? or the u.n.? >> united states is -- correct. the united states is funding through the u.n. agency, children summer camps where they're taught to become child soldiers and human shields. i did a movie only it. >> what a nightmare. >> yeah. >> all right, brooke, thank you
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for your work and being with us tonight. last night, in an exclusive, i spoke with donald trump as the horrific terror attack at the wedding in turkey was actually unfolding. the threat of terror here and abroad has become a critical part of the presidential race. take a listen to what the republican presidential candidate had to say about the attack and how the obama administration handles the threat of radical islamic terrorism. >> there apparently was another terror attack in turkey. what would you do as president to stem all of these attacks and, you know, the tide of these kinds of attacks? >> well, we have to be much tougher than we are right now. we have to be less politically correct. we have to be so vigilant with respect to other people reporting, people in the community reporting what's going on. i heard about the attack in turkey. it looks like it's radical islamic terrorism again. i'm sure it, of course, the president won't use that term. but it looks like that.
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and we'll have to find out. but, you know, i'm sure you wouldn't be totally shocked if it was. >> well, certain -- >> it is just a horrible thing that's going on. nobody's seen anything like this. i mean, you go back to medieval times when they chopped off heads. it is like nobody's seen what we've seen. drowning in steel cages. burying in sand. nobody's seen this. this is medieval times. >> it is barbaric. >> joining me now, member of the house foreign affairs committee, republican congressman lee zeldin. good evening, congressman. you are on the foreign affairs committee. turkey is very important to the united states, especially given the fact that we have certain locations, certain important assets, shall i say, that we have in turkey. with all of the uprisings going on, this alleged attack of isis, the alleged coup, the demand by
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erdogan that we return some someone from i believe virginia, the cleric that he wants to impose death or has given him two death sentences, how do we do this dance? >> well, it's been an increasingly difficult relationship because you have erdogan who started off as a more moderate looking to stabilize his country and what the developments have been over the course of the last few months is a movement within turkey in the wrong direction. we have assets right there that need to be protected, regardless of those assets there, you have moderate syria rebels training, operating in us stan bull. you have leaders in there. but you also have a lot of foreign fighter movement through turkey and the refugee crisis. so while we would, you know, maybe love to just completely disengage, be disengaged from turkey, the fact is that's actually the wrong way to go for
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america's foreign policy because they're right there in the middle of a whole lot of issues that directly impact our own security here at home. >> well, but given the fact that you yourself admit that erdogan is moving more militant, more radical, locking up cops, are you suggesting that we hand over the cleric from virginia? >> no. i'm not suggesting that at all. i'm just saying we don't have an option to disengage from turkey and just say that, you know, turkey can take care of their own issues and nothing to do with us. we are fighting isis. we have a presence there that is important but a lot of the way we're seeing europe losing their continent, and middle east where we hear about attacks on u.s. troops and those traveling to syria and iraq to train and fight with isis, a lot of that foreign fighter movement is through turkey. from that standpoint, it's important and also there's some
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financing of isis that's being alleged so there's a whole lot of issues right now in and around turkey that i'm just saying that we can't disengage from there. >> right. i understand. i want to move on. now we see the president is going to louisiana. he didn't announce that until after donald trump was there. and i have to read this to you. i must tell you. it is -- it was a shocking statement by josh earnest today. he says, on the louisiana visit, he says the president is eager to get a firsthand look at the impact of the devastating floods. hear from more officials about the response, including how the federal government can assist. that's 13 days later. he's going to show up and he's eager. how do you guys feel about that given what they did to george bush and katrina. >> yeah, exactly. i mean, louisiana, this is the worst natural disaster that they have faced since hurricane katrina and while the media wants to give president obama a mulligan and playing golf on
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martha's vineyard, if this was president bush playing golf days later after katrina, the media would be calling for his head. right now you have little boys and girls around the country saying one day i want to become president of the united states. well, what that means is not -- is not this. as soon as that natural disaster hits, your instincts are to go on the ground to stand not just with compassion and a hug to talk to victims but to bring the support of a unified nation. >> all right. let me ask you finally about this $400 million that we all believe was a ransom. is there -- you guys going to do anything about this or is it just over? it's done. we sent the cash over. in an unmarked plane and all that stuff. >> well, no. it can't be loveover. there an oversight standpoint, there's still questions to be answered. but also, we have a new president who will be taking office in january. we need to renew the iran sanctions act set to expire by
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the end of the year. >> are you suggesting we can get the money back? >> well, i'm suggesting that we need to put leverage back on the table. everything to deal with, with iran's bad behaviors, the leverage was a sanctions relief. wasn't because we asked nicely with a smile. they wanted the money. so in order to bring them back to the table, we need to -- the leverage back at the table. and we can't -- we have to move and involve the foreign policy not paying cash ransoms. the iranians, they're looking at this $400 million, they're calling it a ransom. as we watched simone biles win gold in brazil for gymnastics, if foreign affairs was a gymnastics, he would be a gold medal. >> thank you. >> i don't want to spend lot of time on that $400 million but i got to tell you, sending cash in an unmarked plane and he said, what did he say?
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they don't have a bank over there or something? >> well, the issue was, judge, that they sent the money in foreign currency and sent in dollars that would have been a direct violation of the u.s. laws. so seems to me like it's an obstruction of justice. just exchanging money, that sounds like money laundering to me. >> should we call loretta lynch right away? >> would she indict? >> let's talk about donald trump. >> let's see it. >> sea change this week. he had a great week this week. i told him that last night. he reached out to the minority communities. he talked to the african-american communities. the inner cities. and, you know, he talked about some really important stuff saying that he regretted saying the wrong thing and that he -- and he looked at the camera. i looked at him and he said, i regret causing personal pain. and i believed him when he said this. >> of course. >> you know? and, you know, so how long are we going to see this with donald trump? >> this is the donald trump of the next 79 days, judge. this is the donald trump to see,
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somebody who's measured but who's very convinced of winning -- >> what happened in the last week? >> it is not a huge sea change. >> yes, it is. >> it's somebody so focused on winning and he knows what it takes. delivering the message. concentration on delivering the message of national security, the economy and talking to all sectors of the american public. all people of hispanics, african-americans. we all know, cities in this country, inner cities are devastated, judge. >> well, yeah. no question. >> and hillary clinton has done nothing in her career except pass an awful crime bill in the '90s to help. >> who called them super predators? >> yeah. >> gee. >> donald trump? no. >> i don't think it was. >> many media doesn't want to talk about this. >> let's talk about the swing states he's having so much trouble with. you know, with the coal and gas and oil and the energy that we have in the united states, how is he going to help? what can he do? >> he's talking about lifting the ban on coal mining.
9:15 pm
hillary clinton said that coal jobs are gone. so that's where that rust belt is not going far. >> but then bill clinton came back and said we'll take care of you. >> there again, flip flopping on the issues. that's what the democrats have done for a long time. the democrats fooled people and american, middle and lower classes, to vote for them. looking at what's the middle class, it is disappearing in this country. >> of course. >> because of ultrahigh taxes on the middle class, because of the trade. look. just because of nafta we have lost 700,000 jobs. because of tpp, which we know hillary clinton supports, we lose millions more. >> is donald trump in favor of the keystone pipeline? >> yes, it is. that was part of the speech on the economy on energy talked about lifting the ban on coal mining and absolutely building that keystone pipeline. so everyone around the world knows that america is determined to use the resources we have here so we're not beholden to others abroad like -- >> we can support ourselves on the energy we have in this country. >> of course. >> and yet, we prefer to rely on
9:16 pm
our enemies thigh's because pay to play going on. right? because a lot of those groups that are not friendly to us given money to things like the clinton foundation to keep themselves in the game. you know that russia controls one fifth of uranium in the united states? >> 20% s. that what that deal of canada who gave all the money to the foundation? watch my show. i talk about this all the time. >> and the secretary of state? hillary clinton. >> yeah. hillary clinton secretary of state approved it. >> that's right. >> but there's no crossing of lines between the state department. >> oh no. >> let me ask you a question. >> sure. >> what is donald trump doing this week? >> a week focused on immigration. keeping americans safe and american workers jobs safe. >> deporting 11 million people? >> with the -- >> criminals? then what? >> that's the start. and then work with the department of homeland security, with the -- >> then what? >> other departments to determine what you do next. so that decision -- >> say a million are criminals. then what? >> deport the first million and
9:17 pm
then determine how to best keep america jobs safe. deportation? another policy? >> american jobs or families? at that point, jobs. after the criminals are gone. >> you have to keep in mind just because you deport a certain amount of folks doesn't mean others aren't coming in. we have to secure the border, as well. donald trump is clear -- >> really? about building that wall. >> the huge wall. we're all excited about the wall. i'm all in on the wall. i love the wall. >> boris epstein, good to have you here. >> thank you. >> thank you. and coming, could a federal judge's ruling against hillary clinton change everything? could the lies finally catch up with her? we'll ask former attorney general what's it like to be in good hands? man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. like the power to earn allstate reward points, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming
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developing tonight, a federal judge ruled friday that hillary clinton must answer written questions from judicial watch, a conservative government watchdog group that filed the lawsuit over the private e-mail server. here with reaction federal judge michael mukasey. good evening, judge. now, i want to talk to you about a bunch of stuff. >> good evening, jublg. >> you call me judge. that's so nice. thank you. all right, judge.
9:22 pm
so, i have a bunch of issues. we'll move quickly. so the judge orders her to answer questions about her e-mails. but i was just reading, it's not oral. it's -- she's got to respond in writing. but he gave the group until october 14th to give her the questions and then she has 30 days to answer them so this is all after the election. >> right. and also, given the fact she's answering them in writing, obviously, lawyers will go through this and craft the language and draft the language and the things that lawyers go do to language. so it's not quite as good as getting it orally. >> all right. but it's kind of interesting that the group is also seeking the detailless of huma abedin's work and brings me to the next subject. so much to talk to you about, judge. which is that so-called wall between the clinton foundation and the state department.
9:23 pm
now, i ask myself, i said to myself, now, if there is this mou signed between bill clinton of the clinton foundation when hillary clinton first took the job as secretary of state that there would be this wall between the foundation and the state department, how is it that someone who's working for the state department is getting paid by the foundation? i mean, that is the antithesis of a wall, is it not? >> well, it's -- the antithesis of a wall as we understand it but apparently the way other folks understand it, a wall has doors and windows and a lot of other openings it. >> and direct deposit in a wall. >> correct. >> but -- okay. judge, and i want to hear what you have to say about it, but when senator grassley wrote a letter to find out about it, he got a response from someone asking, saying that the chairman
9:24 pm
grassley unfairly tarnished miss abedin's reputation. meanwhile, miss abedin is paid by the state department, clinton foundation and tenio. you know what that is. >> bill clinton's company. >> it is his buddy. and by the way, bill bratton who brought hillary clinton to the nypd is going to work for tenio. so, elaborate. >> imagine the coincidence. >> but, judge, that is not -- why are they not pursuing this? >> well, they have to -- this only came to light relatively -- you say that pursuing it. you mean judicial watch? >> judicial watch, the fbi. if any local elected official had a staffer that was on three different salaries with an agency where there was a direct conflict of interest, forget
9:25 pm
about the appearance of a conflict of interest, everybody around them would be indicted for corruption, public corruption. >> well, there would questions asked and pursued. but as we know, the rules appear to be and the results appear to be different in the case of a clinton. >> okay. all right. so then, let's move on to reports on the united states attorney for the southern district of new york, the most highly esteemed of all of the districts in the united states. there are reports that he is investigating the clinton foundation. wouldn't be surprising. i mean, he is an individual who is very aggressive and has done some pretty serious cases. has an excellent conviction rate. would it be unheard of united states attorney to go after a case like this when it's clear that the united states
9:26 pm
attorney, the attorney general i should say, from whom they would need a permission to go forward, is not likely to give that permission? >> yes, it is. there is precedent for it. when whitney north seymour was u.s. attorney he pursued mitchell and stands and others who were members of the nixon administration, notwithstanding that john mitchell was the attorney general at the time. >> so, the rules, so-called rule where if you're going after someone running for office, you need permission from justice, doesn't preclude an aggressive prosecutor going into a grand jury and getting an indictment. >> not at all. in fact, that rule is simply a cautionary rule. it's one that is not a -- it's not airtight. it doesn't mean you can't seek an indictment. he doesn't have to go -- necessarily go after her.
9:27 pm
he can go after others in the foundation. >> interesting. judge mukasey, thank you so much for being with us this evening. >> thank you. >> all right. and still ahead, my opening statement. what have democrats done for the minorities? i'll tell you. that's next. ♪ is depression more than sadness? ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪ ♪ trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. for me, trintellix made a difference. tell your healthcare professional right away if your depression worsens,
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i wanted to know where i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪ live from america's news headquarte headquarters, good evening. after days of catastrophic flooding, baton rouge is facing another thunderstorm. state officials are busy, setting up additional recovery centers for the thousands of
9:32 pm
people whose homes have been destroyed, or damaged by the floods. president obama is scheduled to arrive there tuesday to survey the damage. investigators looking into the death of musician, prince, revealed pills found in his estate were counterfeit drugs containing the powerful drug fentenol. many were found hiding in other bottles and tucked into a suitcase. last night on "justice, i" i told you that the democratic party government support for the last century has become the most abusive form of suppression and oppression in the inner cities. in case you missed it, here's another look at my opening statement. >> democrat inspired government support for the last century has
9:33 pm
become the most abusive form of suppression and oppression in our inner cities. it is keeping african-americans and minority communities from attaining not only the american dream but a normal, safe, secure and productive life. a supposed well intentioned support system is chaining our minority communities to an intergenerational cycle of poverty, dependency and depression. now, i've spent more than three decades in the criminal justice system. watching crime, drugs and gans s ravage our inner cities. drawing no distinction between children, the weak and the elderly. but i have never heard anyone, especially someone running for office, have the audacity, the tenacity to turn a paradigm upside down the way donald trump did this week.
9:34 pm
>> it's time for our society to address some honest and very, very difficult truths. the democratic party has failed and betrayed the african-american community. democratic crime policies, education policies, and economic policies have produced only more crime, more broken homes and more poverty. >> is he right? let's take a look. when barack obama and hillary clinton talk about the racial decide, they neglect to talk about the fact that 58% of young african-americans do not have jobs. that in fact they're worse off since an african-american president took office. so what makes anyone think things will get better under the same policies? when barack obama and hillary clinton talk about the economic divide in this country, what have they done about it?
9:35 pm
other than hillary clinton, magically going from dead broke to being worth more than $100 million that she'll admit to without a business, a company or anything other than a so-called not for profit corporation. and while obama and clinton talk about those much-needed conversations between the minority community and our law enforcement officers, they do so to the background chant, what do we want? dead cops. when do we want them? now. today, more police are targeted and killed than ever before. and while barack obama and hillary clinton talk about the poor and the oppressed, the anarchist, black lives matter and occupy wall street group burn down and destroy neighborhoods. we're t where the only ones suffering are african-american mom and pop
9:36 pm
shops and african-american small business owners. while they pontificate on the quality of justice of minority communities like ferguson and baltimore, juries, judges and even their own department of justice outright reject their make believe incendiary and divisive narrative. in case you haven't noticed, gun crimes against african-americans and the inner cities only matter if law enforcement is involved. african-american debts even of children on playgrounds on the south side of chicago just don't get the same outrage. and when this duo talk about the quality of education, that young african-american and minority children need to compete, they force an education bureaucracy and the unions that in turn support them selling slick ads
9:37 pm
while children in those communities drop out or fail on those families. no vision to help children like the lucky few who have experienced the voucher system or school choice. that allows them to break the bonds of the inner city and soar their way to success. now, take a look at these cities, populated by the minority community. where murders are on the rise, where poverty is the norm, where guns are seen as the only form of protection. crime is the only way out. where hope is nonexistent. and ask yourselves, who is running these cities? democrats. take a look at the numbers. chicago has had a democratic mayor for the last 85 years. st. louis, 67 years. newark, 109 years. milwaukee, 108 years. baltimore, 49 years.
9:38 pm
and d.c. 41 years. all major cities, all where murders go up. folks, if something just doesn't work, time after time, over and over, what does it tell you? should you keep going with it? should you do it again? you know what? i can't say it any better than he can. >> what the hell do you have to lose? >> and that's my opening statement. up next, donald trump's economic adviser stephen moor is here to talk about what needs to be done to turn our economy done be done to turn our economy done and get people marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! sì? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playing "marco polo" with marco polo? surprising. ragazzini, io sono marco polo. sì, sono qui...
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another huge issue that's front and center for americans voting in november, the economy. and a vital part of the embattled keystone pipeline. here with more, trump economic adviser and author of "fueling freedom," stephen moore. all right, stephen. you know, your book talks about the keystone pipeline and the fact that the united states apparently has its own sufficient amount of natural energy that we don't need to rely on our enemies for energy efficiency. >> correct. you've got that right, judge. in fact, you know, if you look at, because of the shale oil and gas revolution that's happened just in the last ten years in the united states, we now have the capacity in my opinion and many other scholars, within the next five years for the united states to become not just energy independent, but the energy dominant country in the world.
9:44 pm
that is, we can essentially be the new saudi arabia of the 21st century if we get this right. and that means, by the way, i'm not talking aboutg windmills. we get 3%, 4% of the energy from windmills and solar power. i'm talking about our coal, oil, natural gunshot and nuclear power. put them together, judge, we can do this. this has huge implications in the economy. when's the number one thing we import from the rest of the world is oil. by the way, you know where we get that oil from, judge. we get it from the countrys that are sponsoring terrorism. so this is a big deal. that is big deal for our economy. >> we stopped a lot of this stuff because they said, what? it wasn't safe? it was dirty. it was bad for the environment. i mean, very quickly, i i don't want to spend a lot of time on -- why? >> okay. so the reason that the left wants to shut down our fossil fuel production is because they're talking about global warming and climate change. even if you think it's one of
9:45 pm
the greatest, you know, catastrophe of man kind -- >> the pope thinks it is. >> the pope does. but he's not exactly a cli ma toll gist. let's say this. even if you believe that to be true, we're not going to stop climate change by shutting down american energy. i'll give you a statistic, judge. i bet you didn't know. as we shut down our coal plants, thank you so much more mentioning when's happening, coal towns around america, it is absolutely disgusting to see these plants being shut down by the obama administration. but do you know what china and india is doing, every time we shut down a coal plant in the united states, they're opening up one. how does that bring down climate change? >> you have hillary clinton against the pipeline. the keystone pipeline. donald trump is in favor of it. i know you're one of his advisers. if you peel back the onion, it turns out that the burlington northern santa fe railroad owns
9:46 pm
almost all of the lines to western canada and haul the crude of texas and that would be a competitor. here's the rub. the pipeline would charge about 10 bucks a barrel and bnsf charges about 30 and the guy who was the major owner of it is warren buffett, the guy who is saying, challenging donald trump saying i'll give you my tax returns if you give me yours. isn't it all about money in the end? i mean, who knew that warren buffett was apparently this number one -- berkshire hathawe. >> you're exactly right. there's a hypocrisy factor here. you can't make it up. you're right. he's a major shareholder in the railroads. if you're concerned about the environment, of course we all are, every study shows it's much safer that transport oil and gas through pipelines rather than trucks and rail. and yet, because of these
9:47 pm
influences of people like buffett, we can't do what's environmental sound. by the way, that keystone pipeline, i estimate, judge, 5,000 to 10,000 jobs could be created and we are talking about pipe fitters and welders and construction workers and truckers. those are high-paying middle class jobs this country needs. >> no doubt, no doubt. steve moore, "fueling freedom," thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you. i loved your opening statement. you nailed that. you're so right. >> thank you. still ahmeead, my political panel is here to discuss. we roll ahead not on
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quite a week for both candidates. we'll break it down with my political panel. david aviellia, also here tonight, clinton supporter, danielle mclaughlin. there is a lot to talk about. with respect to hillary. i'll start with hillary. i mean, now she's got to answer the written deposition about the e-mails. and then we have got the problem with the -- they're now asking
9:52 pm
for perjury investigation by the fbi. and i have to tell you, danielle, although you've got loretta lynch who is not going to do anything and jim comey is not going to do anything, i really think that these requests by republicans for what i think might be a legitimate investigation based on the -- even the head of the fbi saying she wasn't truthful, might help the down ballot races. >> well, the down ballot races need some help because trump is becoming problematic for the republicans. as it relates to perjury, you're a judge, i'm a lawyer, you look at the four big things that happen within the testimony for benghazi and what she said. number one, she said i never sent or received anything that was marked classified. that's true. we have little feeds and the body of the e-mail -- >> but these were marked. his she's the one who said she knows it, doesn't need it marked. but does it help the down
9:53 pm
ballot? >> i think it probably does. the other thing i'll say about the three e-mails, they weren't classified anyway. we can talk about the technicalities -- >> do you think she said, the head of the fbi was handing a load of bull. >> no. absolutely not. maybe should be quiet for a couple of months. we talked about this before. that he met loretta lynch on a plane, it is a problem. the optics, it wasn't the best decision. i can be honest about when my people are doing the wrong thing and that was a bad -- >> to david. david, donald trump made an incredible pivot this week. he gave some major speeches. he read off a teleprompter the whole time. i think the only interview he gave this week was with justice last night. that being us. and he's been very much on teleprompter. how long do you think that will last? >> if he wants to win, he's going to stay on message. and the message he had this week is a winning message for him.
9:54 pm
the more he talks about people's security, not only personal security, but also economic security, he's going to attract republicans to come back into the fold and he's going to get undecided voter coming his way. our polling in ohio of women voters show particularly his first ad being effective because it talked about the things voters care about, securing the border, defunding sanctuary cities and deporting illegal immigrants. >> i want to talk about that. but, david, before i go to the immigrant thing, i want to talk about the fact that cokie roberts has said that clinton supporters are morally tainted. this woman works for abc, pbs, i think. and you have the mainstream media almost embarrassing clinton's -- trump supporters, i should say.
9:55 pm
doesn't that work against us? or does that help people who support trump? >> well, luckily, the beltway pundits and political aren't the swing voters. it is voters sitting in states like ohio and florida and north carolina and wisconsin, to name a few. and they're the one that's going to decide this election. and they're not worried about what roberts or many of the pundits have to say, nothing in particular against cokie. but they want someone to make them safer, economically and through the personal security. >> do you think that cokie roberts, by saying that, that anyone supporting trump is morally tainted, she has a responsibility to speak about the facts. she's -- >> i agree. >> i'm an opinion, by the way. >> i'm an opinion, too. frankly, i normally get that kind of attack of conservatives. it is a little curious. really questioning your, you know, where your heart is in some respects and obviously i believe in my candidate, you
9:56 pm
know, entirely. so i think you're right. she is a journalist. >> okay. >> stay out of it. >> quickly because we have to go. david, with immigration, he's going to tackle that this week. is he going to pivot from where he was and soften it up a bit? what do you think? >> it does appear that he wants to first make sure the border is secure and deal with those most heinous criminals and then pass that, i think it's open for discussions with -- ultimately, though, about security. >> all right. got to go. david, danielle, that's it for us tonight. remember, friend me on facebook and follow me at twitter and instagram.
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starts right now. chlorred tonight, calling donald trump the comeback. republican nominee hitting hillary where it hurts. >> she is against the police. believe me. >> as he weaponizes his staff, is it enough to lift trump to victory? our panel debates. plus, as urban chaos wages across america, obama working on his golf game. i visit martha's vineyard and assess the president's legacy. >> do you know where benghazi is? >> pakistan. >>


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