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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 21, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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watters and this is my world. , watters and this is my welcome to "hannity," and we are at the pats theater. welcome to milwaukee, wisconsin. how are you? the entire hour. donald trump will join us to talk about the threats of radical islam and what it poses and how we can ultimately defeat it. tonight we'll also hear from victims of terror attacks and family members and the author of "defeating jihad," dr. sebastian gor gorka. we have a huge, fun, enthusiastic audience. governor is here, sheriff clarke is here tonight, but before we get started, on a serious note, this summer we have seen a wave of violence inspired by radical islamists both here, at home,
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and abroad. let's get a quick reminder. take a look. >> oh, my god. they are shooting back and forth. >> tonight, our community witnessed and experienced a very horrific crime. many lives were lost. >> now a terrorist outside paris stabbing and killing two french police officers, and he streamed the murders live on facebook. >> one of the three blew himself up outside. the other two blew themselves up inside after opening fire and engaging in a firefight with police. >> that all too familiar news of another terror attack. suddenly it accelerated and plowed into the people lining the beach watching the fireworks. >> there is no spotlight on this war. this is the reality. the enemy has a plan. the enemy is dedicated. >> afghan refugee injured five
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people in an ax attack. >> another syrian refugee killed a coworker and injured two others in a knife attack in the town of reutlingen. >> pledged to isis, blew himself up and injured 15 people. >> they attacked and cut the front of the priest and then attacked one of the elderly parishioners. they then left the church and as they were emerging from the church, they called ee eed alla. >> joining us now, republican presidential nominee donald trump is with us. you know, i watched very closely your speech yesterday, and you were very, very frank, and you talked about this being
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literally this ideology of death must be stopped, you talked about san bernardino, chattanooga, paris, france, germany, belgium, all of this terror, that's just from this summer. is this a war or clash on civilizati civilization? >> absolutely it is. we're not taking it to them, and we have to take it to them. i didn't want to go into iraq. i was a civilian, not too many people cared what i wanted to do. that was a terrible mistake. number two, getting out the way we got out. president obama, hillary clinton, the way they got out was absolutely insane. it will be talked about for many, many years, and it really led to the formation of isis. we have problems in this country. we're letting thousands and thousands of people come into our country. we have no idea who they are, where they come from. there's no paperwork, nobody knows what they are doing, and they are coming in by the thousands, and hillary clinton, who has announced recently she wants to allow 550% more coming
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into our country from syria, from the migration, then obama's allowing to come in. >> you said yesterday, anyone who cannot name our enemy is not fit to lead this country. anyone who cannot condemn the hatred, the oppression, the violence of radical islam lacks the moral clarity to serve as our president. >> actually had a speech -- [ applause ] >> it's actually -- it's not only true, it's sad, because how obvious can it be? you look at what's going on, world trade center, san bernardino, so many different things. you look at nice just recently. i have friends that won't go to france anymore. they love france, the city of lights, paris, they love paris. i say how was france this summer? we don't go there anymore, france is no longer france. we're going to do the same thing to our country, sean.
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we can't allow it to happen and i have as big a heart as anybody. we take care of people, we'll build safe zones, we get the gulf states to spay for them. >> you need money, but it will be a safe zone that's protected and not bring them here. >> 100%, 100%. we have to. >> let me ask you this, i know it was being controversial when you said the founder of isis is obama and the cofounder is hillary, but yesterday -- yesterday you went into a lot of detail. you and i, actually, i remember debating you, i did support iraq, but i didn't support leaving early without finishing the job. we had so many americans bleed and die and risk their lives for mosul, baghdad, fallujah, mali, tikrit, you were opposed to
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leaving. >> look, look, i said one thing right from the beginning, i wanted to get out. we should have never been there, i wanted to get out. i've been against it ever since. you can look back to 2004, 2003. in fact, on neil cavuto's show before the war started, i said let's not do it, we have other things we need to do, including fix our economy, which was a mess, to put it mildly. the way we got out was ridiculously. i've been saying something since i've known you, keep the oil. have i said that? >> yes. >> keep the oil. and i said, when we went in, the old days the victor goes the spoils. it's not a victory, but militarily we wiped them out. i said keep the oil. and take the money and some of it give to the families of the soldiers who died, give it to the wounded warriors, give it to the people that have been hurt so badly in that war. and it would be -- by the way,
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that would be such a small part of the money, and the rest we use to pay ourselves. >> life blood of how they fight terror now, funding. >> what i'm saying, keep the oil. if they would have done that, there would be no isis. i say keep the oil. i think most of the audience heard me say 200 times. so i wanted to get out, but i wanted to keep the oil. so by nature, that means you're staying in because you're going to have to guard the oil, et cetera, et cetera, but that oil is very prized oil, believe me. same problem in libya right now. we did the stupid attacks on libya and got nothing out of it and isis has taken over the oil and some of the finest oil in the world. >> you said it's time for new approach, but you're also against sending in ground troops, and the enemy is different than any other enemy. and you talk all about that, how do you defeat isis if you don't have ground troops? >> so when i was young and went
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to school, i'd always heard we never lost this country, we never lost a war, you know, world war i, world war ii, we didn't lose wars. when you think of it, you look at vietnam, you look at this mess we're in right now, all the money spent on this, so sad. trillions of dollars. i used to say $2 trillion in iraq, but that was years ago. i've been saying that for so long. nobody even knows what it is. in the meantime, our country is going to hell, our infrastructure is terrible, schools, bridges, tunnels, roads, hospitals, we're becoming like a third world country. we're spending our money over there. all of that being said, you have an enemy that wants to do serious harm to us, okay, beyond what anyone has ever seen. this is like medieval times. >> one question i'd like hillary clinton and barack obama to ask, i've seen the beheading videos. have any of you taken the time? it is the embodiment of evil in our time.
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i don't know if hillary or obama's ever watched it. have you watched those videos? >> i chose not to. we all understood what took place, and these were great young people. >> not only our people, they are doing it to their own people. they are doing it to christians. if you're a christian in the middle east and they have you, it's very likely that's going to happen. the point is, they want to do serious harm. we have to take them out. we have to take them out very, very swiftly and viciously if necessary. >> but there's no ground troops, though. you know, you did say a couple other things, the era of nation building is over and you're saying it will come to a quick end. that will mean bombing on a very -- at a very high level and every time that happens you know what the media is going to do, they are going to find the one area where there is collateral damage, which sadly happens in every war. we've been a compassionate nation. how do you do it and when?
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>> general flynn and other of the generals, these are great people, and i ask them all the time, if you were given -- right now they are fighting a politically correct war. if you were given your head go in and you've got to get them out, how long will it take, they are telling me they could do the job very, very rapidly. now, very rapidly is longer than you would like, but they could get the job done and get it done with precision and get it done. we have no choice, sean, we have no choice. we have to take them out. >> all right, stay right there. we're just getting things started. now we'll have much more as we continue with donald trump right after the break. also tonight we meet victims of radical islamic terrorist attacks, their family members, as we continue "hannity" from milwaukee. straight ahead.
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"hannity." for all of your headlines, head over to he was there. he was there. >> i saw two sisters and one brother from poland mourning the death of their other siblings. the youngest was crying, the other two didn't know how to react. >> it was a very big shock for everybody. >> i feel guilty about screaming about my leg in pain, because i could feel nothing, like the other 49 who weren't so lucky to feel this pain of mine. >> the guilt of being alive is heavy. >> just a few of the victims of terror. we continue from milwaukee for the full hour with donald trump
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as we talk about protecting the homeland and joining us now we have victims of terror to tell their story. joining us here, karen mcwaters, her husband kevin, karen, you lost your leg in the boston bombing. >> i did. >> tell us your >> i went to see my husband kevin run, and we got a nice spot right at the finish line. i was with a dear friend, crystal, and we were all having a great time. the marathon is always a fun day, and lots of celebration and fun, and we were at the site of the first bombing, so when the first bomb went off, we -- that's when i lost my leg. actually, i didn't lose it right away, but i hurt my leg, crystal died there, and we were -- heard the second bombing. >> close friend. >> close friend, yes. >> you heard mr. trump's speech, you hear a president that can't say radical islamic terror. >> it's really upsetting.
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i don't think it's helpful. i think if we don't speak honestly and clearly about what's happening that we can't solve the issue, and i think that he is so concerned that muslims are all going to be targeted or -- i'm assuming he thinks that, but i lost my leg. i don't blame all muslims because i lost my leg. i understand the difference between radicalized people and people who are of peace. >> donald trump, who's sitting right here, talked about extreme vetting of people that come from countries that practice sharia, which is the an at this titithe constitution. what would you like to tell them? >> we are just allowing people into our country that some are going to be a problem and we have enough problems in our country right now, and you people are really proof positive. what you've gone through, it's
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unimaginable. i watched the boston bombing so many times on television, how somebody could do that, how they got them on tape, it was genius police work how they got them to start off with, how they caught them, but when you see them walking along like they haven't got a problem in the world and they are looking to do mass destruction, and when i see that, i want to do something about it. i want to do something about it. >> darcy woods, this guy is a very close friend now of mine and she's become a close friend. this is chris, one of the heros of benghazi. dorothy's husband, ty woods, was also one of the heros, you remember, mr. trump, they were given the standdown order. they all risked their careers and said we're not standing down when americans are under fire,
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while hillary clinton was debating whether to ask the libyan government for permission and whether or not they could go in uniform. you lost your husband that day, and your husband went to protect people that he knew were under assault at that compound, and he will tell you and others that i have interviewed that your husband saved a lot of people's lives. >> he did. really, i'm here this evening because of benghazi, and i, you know, as a victim, there was lack, under hillary clinton and the state department, there was lack of security planning and decision making up to and during that night. the obama administration lacked strategic action because they felt like there wasn't enough time to help them, you know, americans died. my husband died saving american lives. we're at war against islamic --
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radical islam, here and abroad. so, you know, we have men and women out there in dangerous places serving our country and they don't have confidence that we're going to save them. >> i want to remind the audience, though, and chris, you can talk to this because your husband was a hero. your husband defied orders, risked his entire career. you were told to stand down, correct? >> and ty is a hero. >> he is a hero, that's right. but here's what we've now learned since. there was 600 separate requests for security that were denied before while the great britain and the red cross left because things were so bad. and during the attack there were multiple requests, this was all being seen in live video. and afterwards, you were in germany, you told me that they said this was a spontaneous demonstration. >> first thing i saw. i told people, turn on the tv,
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saw susan rice and her on tv saying it was due to some video and some protest. i didn't get angry. i turned the tv off and because of all the things i've seen under the obama administration, i said it was par for the course and went back to bed. it was almost like i expected to see them start to cover it up. then it just steam rolled from there. >> unbelievable. what would you like to tell mr. trump about what needs to change? >> i believe in the vetting process. i do. the terrorists, and i've been deployed for ten years, the terrorists utilize our strengths, compassion and empathy against us. that's what they are doing right now. >> true, true. >> i agree vetting is necessary. i also agree, when you speak of the muslim community, you're right, not all muslims are bad, but the muslim community in america, they are americans because they are here, they need to start speaking out publicly and condemning.
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>> kimberly, how many times were you shot at ft. hood, which was workplace violence, not terrorism, how many times were you shot? >> three times. >> also, you were a survivor of ft. hood. >> yes, sir. >> tell us your stories. >> as you may remember, november 5, 2009, there was -- i got the call shots fired, multiple injuries, and arriving on scene, engaged the shooter. shot him twice. he still shot me three times. >> did you hear him yell allah akbar? >> i did not personally. where he started the massacre at inside the building when i engaged him was outside the building. never spoke a word to him, he never spoke a word to me. after i went down, my weapon malfunctioned from the impact of falling and he walked up to me and put his gun to my head and pulled his trigger and his malfunctioned, as well.
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>> wow. wow. what was your story? >> the day of november 5, 2009, i showed up to the srp site and soldier readiness processing station, and i was actually there for an appointment in a building just adjacent to where the shooting initially took place. i heard the shots ring out. i was like, well, this isn't right, so i took action to make sure that i got all of my fellow soldiers and coworkers out of the building. it was quite chaotic. what ended up happening was a woman ended up freezing out the door on the way out, and i realized from experience, she froze up, i grabbed her, we run out back and there was someone yelled he's coming around,
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coming around, so that day i was in civilian clothes, reached back for my pistol, had very good opportunity and time to take care of the situation, looked down into an empty holster, only to tell the woman, who is now in total tears and crying, as she should, because such a terrifying situation, where she -- i said we got to go, so we ended up running across the backside of the parking lot, i put myself in front of her, he came around the corner, raised his gun. i said, here it is. ultimately, i ended up unscathed, but subsequently got her to safety. i was given an award for saving the lives of my colleagues. >> these are the victims of real life terror that is hurting our homeland, san bernardino, orlando, chattanooga, abroad, france, germany, belgium, all of europe, the impact immigration
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has on this, vetting refugees, is it possible? we want to thank our guests for being here. thank you so much for telling and sharing your stories. when we come back we'll talk to mr. trump about how to keep the homeland safe. straight ahead.
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welcome back to "hannity." we're in milwaukee, wisconsin, with donald trump for the entire hour, and we're talking about protecting the homeland, defeating isis, winning this war on terror. these are the real victims. they don't get a -- boston happens, we move on. chattanooga happens, we move on. the people in orlando are still living in the aftermath of what happened at that nightclub. >> right. and there will be more.
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look, we can be nice about it, say it's never going to happen then, there will be more. what we're doing by allowing tens of thousands of people in the area we don't know anything about, it's going to happen again because there's something wrong, and until we figure it out, we have to stop it. and that was really a large part of the speech that i just gave. >> i want to get into extreme vetting in a minute. don't worry, i know how to do my job. it's all right. i want to get into this, because this is a really important question. you talked about countries that live under sharia and about people that want to come here from countries. if you grow up, for example, in saudi arabia, which gave the clinton foundation up to $25 million. the clinton library, $10 million. and i can't find any instances where hillary criticized them. women can't drive, women are told how to dress, if they can go to school or if they can go to work. we know gays and lesbians in saudi arabia can get the death
11:28 pm
penalty. you can't build a jewish temple. there's a guy over here with a sign that says "jews for trump," and you can't build a christian church. would you ever take money from a country that treats gays, lesbians, jews, and christians that way? >> well, you don't want to do that. if they knew about it, that would be one thing, certainly they know about it now, so maybe they can give the money back. i've actually called -- >> wait, they knew about it. that's been saudi arabia's practice for years. >> you know what, let's give them the benefit of the doubt. >> you're giving hillary the benefit of the doubt, i'm not. >> you know what, you know what, they should give the money back, and i've been saying this for a long time. >> should they give the money back? what does it say, though -- [ crowd chanting give it back ] >> what does it say, she claims
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to be the champion of women's rights, gay and lesbian rights, freedom of thought and religion. >> there's a whole phoney deal going on, and i have to say when we were talking about benghazi, i don't know if everybody remembers it, i remember it, at 3:00 in the morning essentially who do you want to be at that phone at 3:00 in the morning. we have some people -- i'll be up, i'll tell you that. she was not too effective. >> well -- [ cheering ] >> amazing thing, because that was a big ad and everybody made a big deal, should be there at 3:00, she wasn't there. >> this was 4:00 in the afternoon. >> she had a certain friend that was contacting her routinely all day and all week and all the time, routinely, 600 messages trying to get through, different forms of message, and not one of those messages got through. >> what is extreme vetting, and
11:30 pm
what does that mean, and how do you -- for example, if somebody grows up in a country where the clintons take all their money from, if they grow up there and they think that men can tell women how to dress and they can't drive and can't go to school and can't build a church or temple, then you want to come to america, how do you possibly vet what's in their heart? >> right, let me tell you, you get very smart people, and there are those people, and they are very good at understanding what's going on. beyond that you use social media. isis, if you look at what isis is doing, they are recruiting over the internet, and i also said we have to end that. we have to knock it out, you know, some people would say that's a terrible thing, we have to end that. but, sean, when you look at what's going on with the internet and how isis is using the internet and what they are doing and what they are doing to us, and then you have people in our country that say you can't do that, that's doing something so bad to us, here we are,
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people that want to blow us up, you have to be very careful. we have to take them out very swiftly, because weapons are getting stronger and stronger, meaner and meaner, and believe me they want to come over here. again, i was one that didn't want to go over there, but now you have no chance. really, you have no choice. one thing, when obama announced when he's going out, all they did is they sat back. i couldn't believe it, when i was watching this conference and he was talking about getting out and when they were getting out, i can't believe that he would say it. even hillary clinton when she talks about the different things, why can't we just be quiet and do the job? >> you don't want to telegraph -- but when you talk about extreme vetting, and you did talk about in the cold war we did have ideological test screening and this goes into your thinking, and how do you stop, how do you possibly know if somebody grows up under
11:32 pm
sharia and these extreme viewpoints that are the antithesis of our constitutional -- >> so, when you look at san bernardino, right, which was a horror show. she came in, she probably radicalized the husband, what a couple that was. that was a real beauty. so if they would have looked at social media, they would have seen that this woman -- >> is radicalized. >> we didn't look at social media. they just came in, they actually killed people that gave them a baby shower, a baby party. they had a child. 14 people that were killed, they were at the party honoring the birth of their baby, and then they went in and shot them all, killed them all. look, there's something going on, it's a sick deal. this is a sick, sick deal. >> sick ideology. this is an advancement of a caliphate that wants worldwide either convert or die. here's my question then, you pointed out that this guy, the
11:33 pm
father of this orlando shooter, and he was smiling, as you said, and hillary, and you talked about her stupidity and her weaknesses, and he's explained his radical views. what do we do when we find somebody that has extreme views? do we throw them the hell out? >> i'd throw him out. if you look at him, i'd throw him out. you know, i looked at him, look, he's smiling, he had the on. i thought it was one of my caps. no. make america great again, i don't think so. but he has the red cap. he's got a big smile on his face during the whole thing. he obviously liked what he heard, okay, from her. look, we have to be so tough and so smart and so vigilant, and, frankly, the muslims have to help us, because they see what's going on in their community. we don't see it. they have to help us. if they are not going to help us, they are to blame also. and san bernardino, they saw bombs laying around the
11:34 pm
apartment. people saw it. and they wanted to be -- they called it racial profiling. we didn't want to call in, yords, a lawyer got to them and said you got a problem here, you knew this was -- racial profiling. look, whether it's racial profiling or politically correct, we better get smart. we are letting tens of thousands of people into our people. we don't know what the hell we're doing. >> we can keep people -- we have to take a break. we'll come back more with donald trump. we're at the pabst theater, milwaukee, wisconsin. more straight ahead.
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not a caliphate. >> under president obama and vice president biden, we are
11:40 pm
making progress. >> isil is on the defense. >> radical islam. >> well, the problem is that that sounds like we are declaring war against a religion. >> allah akbar! >> there's no magic to the phrase radical islam. political talking point. >> our enemy are these criminal killers, who misuse a religion. >> not islamic, no religion condones the killing of innocents. >> don't want to be painting with too broad a brush. >> isil does not speak for islam. they are thugs and killers, part of a club of death. >> all right, the islamic state is not islamic, there's no such things as radical islam terrorism. by the way, they are the jv team, they are contained, and do not represent an existential threat to the united states of america. those are the boards of president obama and hillary clinton. we're continuing with donald trump in the pabst theater.
11:41 pm
also welcoming the new york times best seller "defeating jihad: the winnable war," dr. gorka is with us. at the institute of marine politics. you know, jv team, they are contained, not an existential threat. we see the victims that we interviewed earlier. what don't the -- what does the president and hillary not understand about this evil in our time? >> sean, they don't understand the reality. the war is real, and the war is here. the war is here. the victims are here. this is a threat that is real and is escalating every day. isis makes between $2 and $4 million every 24 hours. it has captured territory larger than the uk with 6 million people living on their territory and has recruited 80,000 jihadists. >> every 84 hours there's
11:42 pm
another attack. >> there's this hell hole in iraq and syria. outside of the battle zone every 84 hours since june there's been an attack. >> donald trump, i know he gets beat up by the media, but he says he's going to have extreme vetting and build a wall. who's going to pay for it? >> by the way, that's a little bit of a different subject. >> no, it's actually related, though, isn't it? >> it's related, little different, but it's related. >> you know, will those policies that he's advocating versus what we hear from them, will it keep -- let me back track, there's 1,000 fbi investigations ongoing now about isis in america in all 50 states, including wisconsin. will the policies mr. trump is advocating keep everybody here and across the country safer in your professional opinion? >> absolutely. let's take politics -- [ applause ] let's take politics out of the
11:43 pm
equation. we have killed or arrested 108 people linked to isis in the last two years in america. linked to isis. not al qaeda and isis, just isis. if you don't have borders, you don't have security. >> is there anything -- you -- is there anything else you would add so we can keep the homeland safe? and if you say we can defeat isis, can we defeat it as mr. trump is saying without ground troops? >> we don't have to be the face of this war. it has to be our allies in the region. this is why mr. trump's speech was essential. it has to be our muslim buddies, jordanians, egyptians. >> saudis. >> let's talk about that later, okay? it has to be the jordanians, the egyptians, who are the face of this war. we can provide the training, the special forces advisers, but we don't need to be the face of this war, and the most important
11:44 pm
thing mr. trump said, this is an ideological war like the cold war. we have got to destroy the brand of jihad. >> how dangerous is the syrian refugees, and is it a better idea, i'm talking as if you're not here, hi, no, but 550% increase that hillary wants in syrian refugees. you're offering to provide a safe zone protected militarily. >> paid for by somebody else. >> paid for by other people. by the way, obama did accumulate more debt than any other president before him combined. >> doubled it, he doubled it. >> provide food, water, medicine, formula. that sounds liberal. >> in syria, they have plenty of land, that i can tell you, in syria, and there's plenty of money. the gulf states, nobody's seen money like that and they are not doing anything. they are not doing anything. >> james comey, james clapper, general john allen, michael
11:45 pm
steinbeck, the assistant fbi director, the house homeland security secretary, have all warned us, and brennan, our cia director, that isis will infiltrate this refugee population, so is hillary clinton and barack obama gambling with the lives of these american people by taking them in? >> if hillary clinton becomes the commander in chief and continues the policies of this administration, american lives will be endangered. it is that simple. >> is it fair to say they'll have blood on their hands if refugees kill americans? >> they already do. >> all right, we're going to have to break. dr. gorka, good to see you. when we come back, more with donald trump and his plan to take out isis and radical islamists, special town hall continues from milwaukee.
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we continue with donald trump. we are from milwaukee, wisconsin. mr. trump, all right, i know you get advice from a lot of people. crazy at this point. everybody has advice for you? >> everybody. everybody. >> i watched your speech and watched what you did. you laid out everything wrong you think hillary and obama have done, laid out your solutions to how you would handle it differently. the only thing i know mine, i was at a party the other night, i know you know mr. trump, we love him. please tell him to only talk about hillary and obama. well, wait a minute. you all agree with that? all right. in 84 days we're electing a president and they are the only
11:52 pm
two people that matter. what do you say to those who say don't talk about that? >> i do mostly, but a lot times the mainstream media will put that on. she is so protected. they are so protecting her. she hasn't had a news conference in, like, 250 days. >> i think she's in the witness protection program. >> she's being protected by the government, certainly. how she got away with e-mails is beyond anything i've seen in justice. i have to say she's being protected and being protected by the media. when i say something about -- for instance, if i speak for an hour and talk about her for a half hour, 45 minutes, nothing gets on television. they'll put something something. >> but you mentioned the "new york times" or whether khan or the judge. >> other things get on television. she's totally protected. >> by the media. >> and she doesn't do that much. she'll give a speech on teleprompter and she'll
11:53 pm
disappear. i don't know if she goes home and goes to sleep. >> she takes weekends off. >> i guess she takes a lot of time off. and you know, that ais frankly, frankly, it's really not fair. >> you know, i look at, i've asked you a lot about the economy, we've got the lowest homeownership rate in 51 years, the worst recovery since the 40s and 12 million more americans on food stamps, 58% increase in the black community on food stamps. my question is this. forgetting the media. i is -- have interviewed you a lot. how certain does the wall get built? >> you can never say 100%, but close to 100%, the wall gets built. we need it. the border patrol agents have endorsed me.
11:54 pm
along with sheriff joe and everyone else. >> when you say, you will rebuild the military. >> we have to rebuild. it's depleted. >> you will send education back to the states? >> 100%. >> and you'll make america energy independent? >> it can be done faster than that. we have regulations destroying our energy. >> will select judges such as scalia. >> yes. i've said it. i want to get as close as we can. >> and you will repeal obamacare? >> it's dying of its own volition. >> and those are promises? >> 100%, i'm telling you, too. >> unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this evening. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. thank you, wisconsin. thank you, milwaukee.
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a bz beater, donald trump after being -- shakes up campaign team. a move quickly dismissed by pundits. >> first off, i'm always new for chairs on the trump tannic. it's not mr. corey, it's not mr. manafort, it's the candidate, stupid. >> i don't think it matters. it's donald trump. >> did he hire someone who will broaden his appeal or a mirror that indulges his worst impulses? given that the breitbart as of late has induced conspiracies, i worry. >> with paul manafort resigning after some damaging stories i


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