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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 22, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i am abby huntsman. >> i am hert cheryleds. hope you had a great weekend. thank you for starting you day with us. thousands of convicted felons will get the right to vote. >> virginia's governor making the move less than three months before the presidential election. what impact it could have. >> kelly wright joins us live from washington with a look. >> good morning to you as well. virginia governor terri mccall will you have is ready to appear in capitol square in richmond today at noon. sources say he will announce he has individually rescortored th voting rights of 15,000 felons. they restored the rights of 15,000 in april. they struck down his executive order ruling he has to restore those rights individually. he vowed to do just that for every felon most of whom are af xhaern. republicans claim mcauliffe is
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making the sweep changes in order to help his friend hillary clinton with the critical state in november. >> the constitution says the governor has a right to restore his rights. i will individually sign all of the rights to get these people right back. we will get all 206,000 back. >> they are banking on their friend terri mcauliffe of getting thousands of violent felons to the voting posts in order to cancel out the votes of both law enforcement and crime victims. a oo mcauliffe explains to the florida delegation during the convention that he is taking the action to and practice of racial prejudice. >> the state senator said when he put it into the constitution that we are doing this to keep the dark keys out of the polling booth so the whites can be
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extreme. >> 45 percent belief his motive is right, 42 percent say it is to help democrats win the election. as for virginia's presidential preference real clear politics shows 49 percent for hillary clinton while 46 percent want double play. >> should felons have a right to vote? >> as always, thank you. donald trump is battle ground bound. the gop nominees praise the best week yet. kristin fisher is live in the nation's capitol with a race for the white house. >> rance priebus says he has had a great week he made mistakes and stayed on message. trump's new campaign manager
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kelly ann conway took it a step further by saying this? >> this is the best week i think so far in the trump campaign because he's able to be himself the authentic donald trump, but also the pivot he has made on substance. he got out there talking about law enforcement and talking about defeating radical islamic terrorism. >> there's a possible pivot that has a lot of people talking involving the center piece of his plan his immigration plan. from the beginning he has vowed to remove the 11,000 illegal immigrants living in the united states. he wanted to do it by creating a deportation force. trump may be ready to back away from that hard lined stance which alienated many hispanic voters. they told them they got the impression trump was ready to rethink the mass deportation policy. the trump campaign denies that what he said at the meeting is no different than what he said
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time and time again on the campaign trail. but then yesterday when asked if trump still supports the creation of a deportation force his new campaign manager said, to be determined. there is a chance he could change hz stance sometime this week. if it happens it would be the biggest flip flop of these entire campaigns. >> politics, you got to love it. >> kristin fisher, never boring. >> donald trump changing his tone. rnc compare rance priebus is promising it will show in the polls. >> i think keep doing what he has been doing for the last 10 days. i think he has shown maturity and he is growing in his role. they want that outsider. they want the product donald trump presents. he has been consistent. if he continues down this track you will see more polls like iowa happening where things tighten down. we get to the first debate and america is given that great
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choice. >> a recent poll shows donald trump pulling ahead by two points. it will be interesting to see what happens. >> other news happening and this fox news alert happening at this hour. turkey still in shock after they target a wedding. the bomber as young as 12 years old. turkey's president now blaming isis for that attack. hours later another would be isis child bomber was arrested in iraq. this is a growing problem and needs urgent attention. >> politicians and mainstream media has been ignoring this. turning a blind eye to the abuse of children as child soldiers as human bombs as human shields. you are saying go ahead continue using these children. >> terror will be on the agenda
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when vice president joe bide ten visits turkey on wednesday. >> north korea threatens to turn washington, d.c. into a heap of ashes? the threat comes as u.s. and south korea begin military drills. they call it invasion reversal saying it is a threat against the u.s. it always triggers a spike in tensions. now to extreme weather happening again. pounding rains in the south again. several areas in texas under water this morning. getting nine inches of rain in hours. >> cars fill up with water in just a matter of minutes. this system now heading to flood ravaged louisiana. they are still picking up the pieces one week after the past moving waters killed 13 people. >> maria molina tracking the latest for us. >> we are expecting the
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unsettled weather to continue along parts of the gulf coast. unfortunate for states that are dealing with the ongoing flooding out there. the flood waters still receding. many neighborhoods still dealing with the flood waters that are elevating and are above flood stage across portions of louisiana. this will be sticking around for several more days out there. the forecast is for messy weather to continue with showers and thunderstorms still anticipated out there. let's take a closer look at the forecast here. you can see the rain has been in place across portions of texas. showers and storms moving in from the gulf of mexico and spreading through texas. you have tomorrow storms generally to the south and west of austin. eventually some of that moisture will make it across portions of louisiana. you have the daytime heating coming out and sparking up new showers and storms along parts of the gulf coast. out west the opposite where you have dry conditions ongoing wildfires and elevated fire danger and the threat for more
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wildfires will be in place today. we have a number of red flag warnings in effect and fire watches from oregon extending into places like wyoming and montana and across parts of the high planes even the dakotas. you have the elevated threat out there. otherwise temperatures from the width we midwest to parts of the east only a high at 80 degrees in new york. 76 cleveland. getting a taste of fall out there. meanwhile so hot in the southeast upper 80's and 90's are in the forecast. >> thank you, maria. >> ryan lochte's lie could get him kicked off of the swim team for good. lochte and teammates let down america and he will be punished. no word on what disciplinary action could be coming but it is a possibility.
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he said he was robbed at gun point. he is apologizing once again. >> if i didn't over exaggerate the story if i towed the entire story none of this would have happened. i was highly intoxicated and i made immature call. >> lochte also apologized to the people of brazil. >> see if it is good enough. to the real olympics ending with a tech tack layer show billions watching the parade of athletes. the fireworks lit up the sky. gymnasts simone biles carrying a flag twice her size. the third consecutive olympic gold on the court. united states leaving roio as te big winner wrapping up 36 gold silver and bronze for 121 total
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medals. britain number 2 with 27 gold medals. the next will be in tokyo in 2020. >> 121 to 67 with great britain. >> no competition there. we are the best. go usa. >> in chaos, hundreds of college kids and the roof crumbles to the ground. >> this is the best week so far in the trump campaign. >> donald trump's best week yet, but is it enough to turn the polls around? our political panel is on deck next. >> you have to see it to believe it. the world's longest glass bottom bridge where it just opened. >> that's cool. experience breathtaking lexus performance in street-legal form. get great offers at the lexus golden opportunity sales event.
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>> look how much african american communities have suffered under democrat control. tonight i am asking for the vote of every single african american citizen in this country who wants to see a better future. >> african american and hispanic voert arguing democrats abandoned them. >> democratic strategist ee advantage lean gomez. thank you for joining us so early this morning. >> this shows clinton up 82.9 percent compared to trump's 12.8 percent when it comes to the african american vote. so phillip, i will start with you. is it possible for donald trump to change those numbers, and
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what does he need to do to do that? >> there's no way you are going to start out and take the african american vote in one speech. the african american community knows that. he is trying to build a coalition in the african american community so he can build the coalition in key states to compete with hillary clinton right now. the bottom line is, try to get the numbers up just a little bit more than what they have now. >> you look at the exit polling in the past two cycles and it is not even close. 2008, 95 percent of black voters, obama in 2012, 93 percent voted for barack obama. >> the problem here is donald trump is used by many people in the african american community as being the originate tore of the birth movement.
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he had no legitimacy. number two, do we remember the days of the central park 5? these were hispanic and black youth exonerated and he was calling that the death penalty be imposed on that. once he reached a settlement he said it was redoidiculous and i was a mistake. this is something that has been reflected in the polls. one recent poll has him at 1 percent wall street journal poll and a prior poll had him at 0 percent among african americans. i don't think the overtures he is making now will make any type of significant difference. >> right now four years ago, eight years ago mccain and romney were pulling in 5 percent of the african american vote. if you look at a combination of different polls trump is around 3. so trump needs to get 2, 3 more points in key states and build
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another coalition of white democrats turning out new voters, two percent of the hispanic vote. that's the makeup of what he has to do to get elected. that's what donald trump is out there right now trying to speak to. 4 in 10 africahave jobs right n. >> what plans has donald trump proposed to alleviate these positions? >> i have not heard any at this point. >> at this point there is no trust for the candidate donald trump. the comments he made against hispanics and muslims. >> i don't see any significant numbers coming out.
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>> we are begin to go see a change in tone. >> a change in tone. but donald trump's campaign manager said he had the best week last week. listen to what she had to say. >> this is the best week in the trump campaign. he is able to be himself the authentic donald trump. he rekrets causing personal pain based on things that he said. i do believe this is what people appreciate. >> politics, anything can happen in that amount of time. can he make a comeback in the polls where it really counts in the swing states? >> anything can happen. think about this, north carolina starts mailing ballots in three weeks. florida votes before halloween. we are not just looking at 85 days. we are looking at sometimes a lot less than that where the vote is going to start happening. it's coming, guys. the reset is great. i don't think he is in hail mary zone. i think he's throwing a 30 yard
2:19 am
pass right now. these are critical states ohio, north carolina loon gnaw and pennsylvania. pennsylvania is out of reach right now. we have to find another group of states that make up for the electoral votes. you can find that in iowa and possibly virginia. the numbers on the electoral count look cuff right now. he has to have a major reset. if there's an october surprise which there could be there will be a key difference. >> thank you both for joining us. >> thank you guys. >> the time now is 19 minutes after the top of the hour. targeting trump supporters. the brand new safety concerns after violent protestors kick and spit on donald trump's sand outside of a fundraiser. >> a texas judge could be sue i had for starting every court session with a prayer. is that fair? we report, you decide.
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2:24 am
showing the terrifying moments sending several students to the hospital. nearly 2,000 students were at the show in norway when the ceiling began to crumble. everyone started to run away 15 people were injured but all are expected to be okay. >> assaulted, yelled at and spit on. donald trump supporters in minneapolis furious after they say they left a rally feeling violated. fans of the gop nominee said they should be able to rally for their candidate without getting harassed. >> we deserve to be able to exercise our first amendment rights without being in fear of being beaten and harassed like that. >> some trump advocates say police refused to step in and stop the confrontation. >> local traffic only. new rules put in place for the road the clintons live on in new york. only people who live on old house lane are allowed to drive
2:25 am
on it with an influx of terrorists in t-- influx of traffic in the area. it is time to brew on this. it is a fight for faith in the kroorm. a texas judge under fire could be sued for starting every court session with a short prayer. >> the freedom from religious foundation said it is unconstitutional. wayne mac said not everyone had to listen. he posted signs outside of his courtroom letting them know they have a brief envocation but they are not required to be present. we want to know what you think. is this a fair lawsuit or a violation of free speech? >> send your comments on facebook or twitter or e-mail them at fox ne. a mayor going off on hillary
2:26 am
clinton. >> she is a feminist except where it comes to her husband where she attacks the woman who are telling the truth about him. >> why rudy giuliani says hillary clinton owes the american people an apology. stick with us. ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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>> it is monday august 22nd. pardon at the polls. giving thousands of felons the right to vote in november. >> hillary clinton is banking on her friend terry mcauliffe on getting thousands of violent felons to the voting booths. >> we are asking should felons have the right to vote? >> de late dilemma. why hillary clinton can't find any one to poroll play as donal
2:30 am
trump. >> lindsay lohan promising to appear on russian tv. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> that is central washing in new york city. the sun is coming up on another day. >> brand new week. good morning to you. >> welcome to "fox & friends of. i am heather childers. hours from now thousands of convicted felons will get the right to vote. >> virginia governor making the news in less than three months. what impact could he have?
2:31 am
>> good morning abby and heather. more plaque americans are disproportionately felons. under current law they are not allowed to vote. mcauliffe intends to end that law which is based on racial prejudice. >> we are doing this to keep the dark keys out of the polling booths so the whites reign supreme. that's what was said. >> governor mcauliffe is expected to announce he has individually have trestored the rights of felons. he wants to restore the rights of 206,000 violent or nonviolent felons. he is making the sweeping changes in order to help his friend hillary clinton win the critical state in november he says. >> the governor has the right to restore his rights.
2:32 am
i will individually sign all of these rights to get the people's rights back. we will get all 206,000 back. >> they are banking on her friend terry mcauliffe to gets thousands of felons in an effort to cancel out the votes of law enforcement and crime victims. polling shows 61 percent support mcauliffe's actions. 47 percent believe it is right. 42 percent say it is to dhem kratz win the election. real clear politics shows 49 percent declare clinton 47 percent want donald trump. >> it will be interesting to see how that shapes out. >> thank you, kelly. we asked if someone should have the right to vote the responses have been pouring in. >> we begin with scott who says no they should not. they had a chance and blew it. democrats are wanting any one to
2:33 am
vote right, wrong or indifferent. >> absolutely not. by failing to enforce the right to participate in at no time governance. >> convicted felons once paroled should get help finding jobs and that's it. >> the people should be the one to decide not governor senator or any public official. >> virginia is for felons not lovers any more. the gop heading to ohio as they praise the best week yet. kristin fisher with the race for the white house. good morning, abby. donald trump should be the biggest of the entire campaign. the number one immigration they removed 11 million undocumented immigrants in the united states he wanted to do it by creating a
2:34 am
deportation force. trump may be ready to back away from the hard lined stance which alienated many latino voters. several people told buzz feed trump was reaping from the mass deportation policy. they say what he said in ma moot egg is no different than what he said on the campaign trail. yesterday when asked if trump still supported the creation of deportation force kelly ann conway said this. >> as the week unfolds he would layout the plan as he implements the united states. >> will it include a deportation force the kind you heard in the sound bite and he talked about during the democratic primaries. >> to be determined. >> there's a lot of questions and he may have them in a policy
2:35 am
speech. >> in her words finally able to be themselves. that's clearly in inluges to the campaign chairman paul manafort. we will show what you this week shows now that in conway's words he's now able to be the authentic donald trump. >> again, thank you. well, on the democratic side we will talk about that. in a week after the e-mail showed the clinton foundation opened state department doors to billionaire donors the clinton camp is firing back. campaign manager robby mook insists there is no quid pro quo at the foundation. >> there are white ring attacks the important work that the clinton foundation has done that is not true. >> despite the defense e-mail
2:36 am
trump 2009 reveal then secretary of state clinton has donors and top foreign officials. they will stop taking foreign and corporate money if hillary is elected. >> she is hammering donald trump after the republican nominee admitted having regrets about some of the things he said in the past. >> he is still the same man that de means women, mocks people are disabilities, thinks he knows more about isis than our general. there is no new donald trump. this is it. >> former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is swinging back saying hillary clinton is the one who owes the people an apology. >> i would like to see her lying when she lied to gold star mothers when she gaye them a false mare tive about how their sons were killed in benghazi and
2:37 am
said it was about a mohammed video when she knew it was a terrorist attack because she told her daughter that in an e-mail the night before or the night before that. i would like to see her apologize for all of the money the clinton foundation has taken. in saudi arabia women are not allowed to driy. she is a feminist and she takes money from a country where women are not allowed to drive. you tell me she is a feminist where she spent a great deal of time with the miss speeds of her husband and engaged on the attacks of the women who are telling the truth. except when it comes to her husba husband when she doesn't support the women who accused him. >> 12 percent finding hillary clinton honest and trust worthy. we a donald trump is live on fox &
2:38 am
friends first in the 8:00 hour. several parts of texas under water. the system is making its way through flood ravaged louisiana hundreds of thousands of people are still picking up the pieces from it the devastating and deadly flood. take a li look at this. incredible video. this happened out near cleveland, ohio. that's a water spout. a person capturing this the moment the winds whipped up the spout on lake erie. we are tracking the latest this morning. good morning, maria. >> good morning. we have ideal conditions for water spouts across the great lakes. behind that storm system across the great lakes you have temperatures that are much cooler. it is almost starting to feel a little bit like fall. especially during the early morning hours as people head outdoors. let's focus in on texas because out there across parts of that state we are dealing with the radar that is bringing in some
2:39 am
showers and storms and that is going to be a big concern out there as the storms continue to trap into that mows tour. temperatures are going to be relatively warm but nothing too unusual into the 80's and into parts of louisiana we expect temperatures to make it into the 90's out there. more showers and storms are also possible. that will be the case with the flooding out there. it is a big concern out there in terms of getting any additional rainfall. across parts of the rockies we have elevated fire danger states like oregon are dealing with fire weather watches and red flag warnings that extend into the rockies and also across parts of the northern high plains. >> it has been a wild summer of weather. >> louisiana doesn't need any more of the rain and flooding. >> a brand new bombshell in the prince death investigation.
2:40 am
flush >> the disturbing new details just emerging about prince's final days. hillary clinton's closest confidante under fire for working closely with radical muslims with a brand new allegation you are going to want to hear about huma abedin and what she faces. >> no man's land the university making it a violation to call someone by the wrong gender.
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>> did prince's lethal stash of counterfeit pills kill him? >> a brand new twist, pills he was taking labeled as hydro co
2:44 am
doan contained fent nol the pain-killer 100 times stronger than heroin. it still could have caused the deadly overdose while the star was oblivious to what he was taking. a minnesota newspaper showing prince had so much fent nol in his system he had no chance of surviving. children are heading back to school in miami where there are growing concerns about the zika virus. health officials are passing out free bug spray to students. they are encouraging children to dress their kids in long sleeved shirts and pants. 36 people have been infected on the coast of florida. the tanning industry could be toast business owners blaming obamacare for giving them a 10 percent tax. the warning about dangers of danning is another reason why it may have led to so many to shut down. they will repeal obamacare if they win the presidency.
2:45 am
>> the pc police on campus at west virginia university. they were calling someone the wrong gender pronoun. the federal law bans discrimination on the basis of sex. officials say they should also consider someone's identity gender. you have got an exclusive with vice presidential mike pence and his family. many don't know much about. >> abby and heather you are doing a great job this morning. i went to indiana over the weekend. we sat down with governor pence, met his wife and his children. they gave us a tour of the property where they live, the precedence there. we will have that coming up later in the show today. we talked about everything, about raising his kids, about their student loans. he has gotten student loans out for all three of their kids. how they are a normal american
2:46 am
family. we talked policy and the new campaign and he talked about the latest with hillary clinton. take a listen. >> the judge associated with the e-mail scandal said hillary clinton will have to answer questions under oath. what do you think about that? >> it is time for her to go on the record. hillary is in hiding. i think she is got more than 250 days without a press conference. it is time to step forward and begin to answer the questions. >> do you feel you are extremely relatable to the american people? >> what you sees what you get with the penses. we are a typical indiana family. we have made the decisions other families have made. we are raising three kids, putting our kids through college, making the sacrifices necessary to do that. >> you are right. a lot of people don't know about the pens family unless you grew up in indiana or you live in that state. >> i know they love chili.
2:47 am
>> they have jiust returned fro louisiana where they are dealing with the flooding there. president obama has yet to visit. he will be going supposedly this week. what did he have to say about the tragedy? >> they were able to bring some relief. they brought trucks full of supplies for the families there. we were supposed to interview with him on friday. when we got off the phone on thursday night they said we have to postpone the interview until the he can wouldn't en-- weeken. we will show you what he said if you tune in. >> we will tune in. we will be right back.
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>> the governor is praising trump because he drew attention to the recovery effort. >> it shined a spotlight on louisiana and it was helpful. i will tell you i also appreciated the good phone call and the conversation i had with governor pence who was to is genuine on friday morning about their desire to be helpful. >> president obama said to visit the disaster zone tomorrow after coming under fire for not shutting his vacation to martha's vineyard short to visit. he didn't want essential resources to be diverted to the president. >> hillary clinton is still henching for sand in for donald
2:52 am
trump to help her prep for the debate. they usually go with seasoned politicians but they are having a little bit of trouble finding someone to play her rival. >> hard to mimic the device i instincts of donald trump. >> the debate is set for september 26th. >> a bombshell new report exposing hillary clinton's top aid. huma abedin worked for a radical muslim journal that once worked muslim journal that once blamed the u.s. for 9/11. huma abedin was reportedly an editor at the journal of muslim minority affairs for 12 years overlapping her time as clinton's white house intern. the journal once published a piece picking apart clinton's feminist stance saying empowering women does more harm
2:53 am
than good. even though huma abedin was listed as editor she never had a formal role. penthouse, jet, a meeting with putin, some of the demands of lindsay lohan negotiating her demands for an interview with the russian press. so would you walk across this? it's the world's longest and tallest glass bridge. we're talking about 1,000 feet high. 1400 feet long. it crosses the canyon that divides two mountain cliffs in china. only 8,000 people are allowed on it a day and can only hold 800 people at a time. no selfie sticks or no stilettos. it cost over $2 million to
2:54 am
build. >> i could barely take the escalator at the mall. about five minutes now to the top of the hour. a fight for faith. a texas judge kobasewed for starting court with prayer. your emails are pouring in on this one. >> it's back. the sign of a giant snake dubbed wessie leaving campers in one state on high alert. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it.
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hei don't want one that's haded a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at >> i did not receive. >> never. >> any material that was marked or designated classified. >> i never told anybody through. >> that's all i can say. >> these allegations are false. >> i don't know how it works digitally at all.
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p?p?h ♪ ♪
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>> about two minutes before the top of the hour. here's what's happening for you today. virginia governor set to restore voting rights for 13,000 convicted felons less than three months before the presidential election. u.s. olympic committee is promising to punish ryan lochte for getting robbed in rio. donald trump heading to ohio as his campaign praises his quote best week yet. let's keep talking about this. do you think trump can make a come back in the polls? weigh in now on our facebook page. time now for the good, the bad and ugly. first the good. the gorilla rocking out. look at this. >> sounds like that's it. >> that's cocoa the gorilla jamming out on the gorilla with fleece. stunning video capturing the moments an arkansas inmate
2:59 am
escapes his handcuffs when the car crashes and tos him out the rear window. and giant snake dubbed wessie on the loose. someone spotted this 10-foot snake skin at the park. now it's time for your brew anthony. >> a texas judge could be sudden for beginning every court session with prayer. some lawmakers complained calling it unconstitutional. >> so we asked is this a fair lawsuit or a violation of free speech? susan says violation of free speech. if you are offended by this short prayer then don't go into the courtroom until he's finished. >> ste if a. >> i emailed the judge has every right to pray before court. >> dome economic said he warned people entering his courtroom he
3:00 am
would pray. >> and violation of speech and people wonder why america is where it's at. if you take god out of the country watch what happens. >> some good responses. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day. have a good monday. >> bye. good monday morning to you teen your family. it's august 22nd. donald trump has hit the battleground state of ohio today what his campaign is calling his best week ever. will this week be even better. we're live on the trail. then the women sitting down with me sits down with governor mike pence to talk politic, family and faith. >> donald trump and i talk every day and sometimes several times a day. i think the american people know the person that's running donald trump's campaign for president is donald trump. >> more from governor mike


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