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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 22, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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would pray. >> and violation of speech and people wonder why america is where it's at. if you take god out of the country watch what happens. >> some good responses. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day. have a good monday. >> bye. good monday morning to you teen your family. it's august 22nd. donald trump has hit the battleground state of ohio today what his campaign is calling his best week ever. will this week be even better. we're live on the trail. then the women sitting down with me sits down with governor mike pence to talk politic, family and faith. >> donald trump and i talk every day and sometimes several times a day. i think the american people know the person that's running donald trump's campaign for president is donald trump. >> more from governor mike pence
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and life on trail with trump coming up. then this story. colin powell thrown under the busby hillary clinton. we'll give the details this morning saying hillary is not telling the truth. shocking. stunning. give me a second. morning is better with friends. ♪ ♪ baby you've seen nothing yet ♪ i know we're in the back nine of august but it does feel already like fallout there. it's 70 degrees in new york city. it's beautiful. we got a full slate of fantastic guests on this mont. >> we have governor mike pence, eric trump and kimberly guilfoyle. tucker carlson will join us as well. >> a big show. also what's going on in virginia
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allowing hispanics -- >> they've worked together for about 18 years but yet they were not in sync this morning. >> almost in the kitchen sink. >> the sorry will be what happens in the break today when -- >> where's our boxing ring. >> thank very much for joining us on this busy monday. joel you're okay? he's fine. >> he's not. >> let's go ahead and start this. let's light this candle. >> let's start with the race to the white house. donald trump battleground bound. >> republican nominee heading to ohio today as his campaign praises his quote best week yet. last week best week yet. >> john roberts is live with us outside of trump tower in new york city with what's next. i assume they would like this to be a week without dismissals and
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more positive messaging. >> they would like to keep things on track and hillary clinton is the only person that donald trump has to talk about. good morning. steve, your daily weather report, beautiful out here today. you should be out here on the streets for this. donald trump has a full week of campaigning ahead of him. but the big event is likely on thursday. that's when he's expected to deliver a policy address on immigration in colorado. now there are some signals that donald trump may be backing off just a little bit, just a very small bit on his hard-line stance on what to do about the 11 million people illegally in this country. he talked about shipping them all out of the country, creating a deportation force to do that. yesterday on the sunday shows his campaign manager said the status of a deportation force is to be determined but she dismissed any notion there's any big changes in policy coming. here she is. >> we need a quote fair end quote humane way of dealing with
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what's estimated to be 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. it was a very robust discussion. very far reaching conversation. nothing was said yesterday that differs from what mr. trump said previously. >> reporter: now we've said this before but i think it bears saying again donald trump has spent an entire week entirely on message. he's been using these prepared remarks and teleprompters at these rallies,ed a libbing a little bit. it's being reflected in the polls. take a look. the latest numbers from the l.a. times/usc dornsife poll, hillary clinton is leading trump 45 to 44. >> it's been a great week. he's shown maturity as a candidate.
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he's getting into a groove. i think what you'll see these polls will begin to tighten in the next couple of weeks and by labor day or thereafter you'll be back to an even race. >> reporter: donald trump just with one campaign event today one today in akron, ohio. the trump campaign expected to go very hard on hillary clinton and the clinton foundation. they will call it the most corrupt organization in political history, and, again, will renew calls for the transcripts of her fbi testimony to be released to the public. what a sue pperlative that . donald trump is on top according to the west coast poll. >> he hasn't closed the gap. we're anxious to see after the polls settling in he hasn't closed the polls in battleground
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states. i think it's interesting "huffington post" and governor rendell both said the same thing, enough with the foundation. get rid of the foundation. either give it to somebody else or disband the thing. >> stop talk about the clinton foundation. >> not stop talk about it, get rid of it. transfer to it somebody else. it's destroying your campaign. >> kelly brings a woman's touch to this campaign. >> so tell us about your thursday, friday and saturday. >> i was in indiana on thursday. my phone was blowing up with people with his camp saying you're here to interview pence we appreciate that but he's going to baton rouge so the interview will be postponed. we stayed in indiana. interviewed him on saturday. it was great. we got to talk to him about his experience in baton rouge. it worked out beautifully for everyone. >> where were you in the house? >> in the governor's mansion. it's not a mansion they call it
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the residence. let's take a look what we got with him. governor, you're just back from baton rouge. how was it? >> it was heartbreaking to see the devastation, the flooding and how it's impacted that community. so inspiring to see the determination and the resilience of those families and also to see the way people are coming alongside. volunteering time. and really helping people put their lives back together. >> president obama announced he'll be paying a visit to that area this week. what's your reaction, the fact that hillary clinton hasn't gone, there president obama hasn't, they spent the weekend in martha's vineyard? >> i think donald trump made it clear yesterday. we were there to help. people can make their own judgments about other leaders. i'm frankly glad the president is going next week. this may well be the worst natural disaster since hurricane sandy, but it hasn't seemed to get the level of attention that it deserves.
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the enormity of this is evident. >> lot of have changed within the past few days within the campaign. paul manafort resigning. what's your reaction? >> i think he did a great job during the primaries and convention. we appreciate his service. >> why did he resign? >> i think paul didn't don't a distraction going forward. we got a little more than 80 days left in this campaign. we saw a couple of great new additions to the campaign. i've actually known kelly ann for a number of years. to see her step into the roll. steve brings energy. what you have seen this week is a campaign that's on a roll. >> has he been including in these decisions? >> donald trump and i talk every day and sometimes several times a day. the person running donald trump's campaign is donald
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trump. >> look how much african-american communities have suffered. what do you have to lose? >> donald trump is telling the african-american community i am the guy for you and he says by 2020 he's going to have 95% of the african-american support. why are you laughing? >> well, that's donald trump. look, he has a heart for every american and he's a truth teller. he speaks the truth. it's the failed policies of democrat politicians that have harmed people living in the cities, in this country now for generations. and it's had special impact on the african-american community. he's speaking the truth but also -- he's also doing what a leader should do and saying as john f. kennedy said we'll advance policies to cause all ships to rise, to create opportunities for every american. and his optimistic view about 2020 when he's running for
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re-election, that's pure donald trump. look, we're going to deliver for every american and when the american people including african-americans in this country see the new jobs, new opportunities, the new educational choices that they will have under a trump administration i have no doubt in my mind that support will grow. >> judicial watch. there's a judge that's associated with the e-mail scandal who now said hillary clinton has to answer questions under oath. what do you think about that? >> it's time for theory go on the record. hillary is hiding and donald trump is every where. she's gone more than 250 days without a press conference. it's time for her to step forward and answer these questions. not just these questions but kbes the clinton foundation. now we hear they will stop fundraising for the clinton foundation if she becomes president. the american people wonder why wasn't it a conflict of interest when she was secretary of state,
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third ranking constitutional officer in charge of our foreign policy. >> good questions and interesting answers. >> we'll hear more of that interview at 7:30 and tomorrow we'll introduce to the family. he loves his wife so much. it's really cute to see them together. >> tim kaine. >> we contacted tim kaine and offered him the same opportunity. they declined. what i thought was interesting is that he's been the guy to bridge the traditional conservative republican to donald trump. going over with marco rubio, meeting with paul ryan, using those friendships to bring them together. >> he was in congress for 12 years. he has that experience. he's now a governor. >> has that experience. >> extremely faithful, evangelical. >> tomorrow more of the pence people. >> we'll learn about his faith too. 6:11 in new york city and time for a fox news alert. good morning to all of you.
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we start with a fox news alert and this is a very troubling story. we have some chilling new images of a child who was planning kill for isis. police in iraq arresting a boy wearing an explosive belt around his waist. you see it right there. he's believed to be 12 or 13 years old. this comes after another child bomber as young as 12 years old attacked a wedding in turkey. at least 51 people are now dead from that blast. isis is now being blamed for that bombing in turkey. terrorism is on the agenda when joe biden visits turkey on wednesday. colin powell denying hillary clinton's claims that he advised her to use a private e-mail. hillary's bomb shell allegations part of the fbi's notes that were given to congress when the agency was questioning her back in july. powell telling "people" magazine quote her people have been trying to pin it on me.
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the truth is she was using the private e-mail server a year before i sent her a memo telling her what die. ryan lochte could get kicked off the u.s. swim team for good. he will be punished for lying about his robbery. no word exactly on what discipline will be put in place but ban is a possibility. lochte claimed he and his teammates were held at gunpoint. he's now apologizing for not telling the truth. listen. >> if i did overexaggerate the story and if i told the entire story none of this would have happened. i was coming from a friend's house, i was highly intoxicated. and i made immature calls. >> immature calls. those are your headlines. see you back here in 25 minutes. >> he's done anyway. he's too old. >> he dyed his hair back. >> i like his hair like this anyway.
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it was nice of him to apologize. still ahead donald trump sat down with hispanic leaders and the media claims he's flip flopping on deportation. our next guest was there and said that's not true. she will take us inside that meeting coming up. can't wait. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. . donald trump meeting with hispanic leaders over the weekend and according to the liberal left wing media he apparently is thinking about
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changing his imgrace feed. buzz media read in reversal trump indicates to hispanic leaders openness to legalization for immigrants. the trump campaign calls it click bait journalism. the republican party's hispanic communications director was in the meeting. she joins us live now from our nation's capital. buzz feed and other places were making it sound like trump was flip flopping. nope. i am hoping to do something with these people. >> mr. trump was top listen to all kind of ideas from the hispanic leaders. there were business, civic and faith-based leader that met with him. there were a lot of, i that were discussed that hispanics are, you know, very concerned about. jobs, economy. religious freedom. trade. and immigration. so, he was open to listening to all of the ideas. you know, steve, he gave no
3:19 am
indication what i had policy would be. it's incorrect to say he's changing his position. we don't know. >> so the headline from univision that said trump says he plans to legalize some undocumented immigrants that's just wrong. >> that's not correct. i mean he was open to listening to everybody. immigration reform is a very complex issue. but what we're seeing today was happening on the border and all of the hispanic leaders agreed that border security is important. i don't know you're seeing immigration today. what you're seeing is a type of human trafficking going through across our borders and we need to stop that. >> why is it you like donald trump? why your supporting him? >> donald trump is an extraordinary man. you know, number one it's important to find the right person who can defeat hillary clinton and stop the obama-clinton poilgs that have left for example the hispanic community in greater poverty, 2.1 million more hispanics are
3:20 am
in poverty today than eight years ago. but i think he's also a leader who has the man on the street and hind. he's the voice for those who never get addressed. so many political -- the politicians, the professional politicians like hillary clinton, you know, they court you and they get your vote and then they forget about you and that was one of the things we have seen on this campaign trail that people are tired of being forgotten and they want to be respected. >> i understand. listen we thank you very much. you were in the room over the weekend. thank you very much for telling us what happened. 6:20 here in new york city. hillary clinton's top aide connected to a journal that blamed the united states for september 11th. coming up how the clinton campaign is responding on this monday morning. a texas judge kobasewed for starting each session with a prayer. but that judge not backing down. he's here next to defend his tradition on "fox & friends".
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3:25 am
strike against the u.s. but then again they do that every time there are military exercises. a fight for faith in the courtroom. a texas judge could be sued for starting every court session with a short prayer. >> the freedom from religion foundation says the invocation is unconstitutional. the state attorney general says he supports the judge. the foundation is considering a lawsuit. >> so joining us now montgomery texas justice of the peace judge wayne mack and his lawyer. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> j-i'll start with you. tell us how you feel about this. >> well, it's very disappointing. the u.s. supreme court and the texas supreme court all start their opening sessions with an invocation and we're just following in their foot steps and our attorney general has ruled everything we're doing is constitutional. >> so you read on this, am i correct, judge?
3:26 am
>> yes, sir. i ran with the idea of starting the chaplaincy program to respond to the needs. in my court ideal with misdeamnor and i'm also the coroner. i get be on some very unsightly scenes and deal with tragedy and with people in their darkest hour. having this chaplaincy program was very important to me. >> freedom from religion foundation says this, complainants felt coerced to participate in the prayers and participated against their conscience out of fear of prejudicing the judge. did you force people to take part in the prayers and sit through it? >> no, sir. we've never forced anybody. we give everybody the opportunity and they choose to be in the courtroom. they do not have to be in the courtroom when this opening ceremony takes place so if they dhoobs offended it's because they dhoobs in the courtroom while it's going on. >> legally can this group from wisconsin tell you guys down in texas what you should and
3:27 am
shouldn't be doing in your courtroom? >> absolutely not. the supreme court and the texas supreme court bolt open their sessions with a brief invocation as well. the supreme court has ruled on this twice before that prayers and invocations are perfectly constitutional for opening session and if it's constitutional for the supreme court it's constitutional for judge mack. >> judge let me ask you something. how do you geebt coroner and a judge. how much school did you go to? >> that's a long story, brian. they told me i only got 30 second answers. we're the highest volume court in texas. the justice court system is. so we have a coroner system and in our county all five justices perform those duties and we get to help people every day. >> what a responsibility. >> thank you, judge and god bless you both. thanks for being here. we wish you the best with this
3:28 am
case. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next, donald trump continues to make his case to black voters. >> i'm asking for the vote of every single african-american citizen in this country who wants to see a better future. >> when was the last time you heard a republican say that. is that plea working? our panel here to analyze next. >> unbelievable video as a suspect flies out of a police cruiser look at that during a crash. we're going to tell you why it's his fault. okay. but first happy birthday to todd burrell. he's 49 years old today. i had no idea. >> happy birthday.
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an amazing tribute to our police. georgia farm named corn dogs designed this corn maze with the message back the blue. their maze from last year honored "american sniper" kris kyl. it will be cut on thursday. opens to the public on september 16th. so let's move on. donald trump over the last few days making a direct pitch to the african-american voter. >> look how much african-american communities have suffered under democratic control. i'm asking for the vote of every sing si single african-american citizen who wants to see a better future. >> with those words people
3:33 am
wonder if it would resonate with the black voter, with the black commune and can he cut into hillary clinton's major lead in that category. camille foster is here. democratic strategist and author of "state guide," is here. and republican strategist john burnett. welcome, guys. camille were you surprised to hear donald trump do what delast week? >> nothing surprises me with donald trump these days. i don't think the prediction that he will be able to get 95% of black votes after four years is at all believable. that would be a complete reversal, completely unprecedented in the era of modern politics or any sort of politics. the truth of the matter is it's not just that black voters aren't interested in republican ideas there's an actual antipathy to the republican
3:34 am
brand. >> but is this a start? >> you know, there's a few things i could say donald trump has done right and he's worked really hard on reaching the faith community. but he has to work equally as hard as reaching the black community. >> how? >> i think one of the things he could do is show up to some of these shooting, show up to some of these places where it needs strong leadership. no one is doing that. i think if trump were to show up and show he really cares that would stand out as someone that's doing something different. >> as you know he came over to milwaukee and did show up there but you want him according to your notes you want him to talk to a black audience. >> he did a town hall with mainly white people. he needs to do something with african-americans. one of the things we would love to see even here in new york, most diverse city in the world he should come here and meet with african-americans, latinos, have a serious discussion. >> deyesterday. >> that would make a difference.
3:35 am
>> john, do you think ---er talked about school choice and how democrats have let your one down for years. look where you are today. >> donald trump has never been short on thinking big. 95% is a bit of a stretch. i think president ford reached 12% of the vote. if donald trump can focus on reaching 12%, that will being a great. the key point here what does he need do? like pastor said he needs to show up to a couple of conferences, meet with some community leaders, engage the community. but even go beyond that. he has to start talking more about school choice. how does it benefit, you know, individuals that are locked and trapped in these cities that are run by democrats. you know, malcolm x said in 1964 that blacks are purposely pushed into one party to be controlled. so we need to think more
3:36 am
strategically and less emotionally. >> steven a.smith really made news and got some backlash in 2015 when he told a group of vanderbilt student who came to see him speak about sports, he said you folks should vote republicans because the democrats take you for granted and republicans don't try four vote. at least he's trying for the vote. >> i would say more important than voting with your group is voting for ideas that actually work. and there is something to be said for the fact that if you've had a democratic local government, a democratic state government and things have not improved markedly over a very long period you should try something else. the principle problem for democrats is they have ideas that don't work. principle problems for republicans they run on one thing and deliver on another. >> when you personally no, one handed you anything, you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth. tell people your story. >> my family is from jamaica. when i approach politics i do it
3:37 am
on an individual basis. the racial stuff doesn't work for me. quite frankly i don't think it will work for republicans. look you need to demonstrate that your ideas work. if free markets work then you go out there and prove it. actually implement those policies. if we need to reduce spending, get the entitlement programs fixed let's do that and demonstrate that those things work. >> pastor, you are also somebody who did some time in prison. you are doing the better thing. can a politician help a guy like you? >> i think something that trump can really do that i think would stand out to a lot of people that would be helpful is if he read a book like "street god," if he would go out there and sit across the table from people that think differently from him and we want to see, african-americans want to see that on television, on a place like fox where trump is handling
3:38 am
hard core questions. he's going to have to face put swrin. -- putin. he has to face world leaders. >> before putin we have to talk about america. trump should don't talk about school choice why it benefits black america, also talk about criminal justice reform, that's critical. also talk about be a leader in terms of community policing. how that change in that will actually garner more support for the republican party. >> if it stops here it's a problem, falls short but maybe a first step. we know one thing this campaign is all about surprises. guys great job. appreciate it. good morning to all of you. 36 isis fighters executed overnight, all of them accused of killing more than 1,000 iraqi soldiers back in 2014. that's when jihadists attacked a base near saddam hussein's home town of tikrit. those terrorists released pictures and video of the
3:39 am
horrific killing. when the iraqi government recaptured the area they found hundreds of graves. those isis terrorists now executed. they had been sentenced to death earlier this year. a bomb shell new report exposing the shock political and personal beliefs of hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin. the "new york post" says huma abedin worked for a radical muslim journal that once blamed the u.s. for the 9/11 terror attacks. she was reportedly an editor at the journal of muslim minority affairs for 12 years, overlapping her time as clinton's white house intern. huma abedin's mother remains the editor-in-chief of that journal today. clinton's spokesperson responded to the article in the post saying my understanding is that her name was simply listed on the masthead in that period. she did not play a role in edything at the publication. an inmate gets out of his handcuffs in the back of a cop car when the car crashes and tosses him outside of that rear
3:40 am
windshield. the teenager in arkansas then tries running away from the scene. he was caught just moments later and taken to jail where he's being held on charges including escape and also public intoxication. i guess you thoofb drunk to do that. those are your headlines. see you back here in a little bit. >> what a picture. right through the back window. >> and keeps on going. to extreme weather. heavy rains are pounding the south once again. several areas down in texas are under water getting nine inches of rain in just four hours. >> that equals flooding. the system heading to louisiana where people there are still picking up the pieces from last week. >> in central california a wind driven wildfire forcing more evacuation there's. more than 30 houses have already been destroyed. thousands have to run to safety. in the fire's path the history hearst castle. we start this monday with a look at the weather ahead.
3:41 am
>> good morning. it feels like the weather is continuing from last week so the same weather pattern in place with dry conditions out west and meanwhile across parts of the gulf coast we're still dealing with showers and thunderstorms. we had heavy rain across portions of texas. now looking at the threat for some of that activity across portion of louisiana. out west multiple wildfires ongoing and fire danger remains elevated yet against today. a number of red flag warnings and fire watches in effect from oregon and northern california, extendsing in to parts of the high plains. back to you inside. meanwhile we got another fox news alert. a child isis bomber stripped of his explosives hours after another young 12-year-old boy is accused of blowing himself up at a wedding in turkey. how can we defeast an enemy willing to sacrifice their children? >> good question. the man who killed bin laden has an i.d.. he's here next. virginia's governor set to
3:42 am
announce plans today to give thousands of felons the right to vote in november. is this just a way to help his friend hillary clinton. >> oh, no that would never be. (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. time now for your news by the numbers. welcome to monday. first up 10,000, that's how many tanning salons have closed down because of obamacare. they say they have been burned get it by 10% tax. next, $7 million. how much it would cost you to be buried beneath the church. st. patricks is opening its crypt for the first time. and 10-foot snake. campers in maine are on the look out after someone spotted this snake skin at a park.
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a fox news alert dramatic images show an isis suicide bomber probably just about 12 years old stripped of his explosive belt moments before he planned to it is off in the country of iraq. just hours after terror strikes in turkey once again at a wedding, the bomber there also is as young as 12. >> how do we defeat an enemy willing to send their own children to die. let's speak to the man who killed osama bin laden. the story out there regarding the wedding is this 12-year-old kid they sent in. they may have detonated it remotely. he was wearing the belt and someone pushed the button. >> that's a possibility. he being so young he might not go through with it. but he did it as they were dancing in the street. most of the victims were under 18. a lot of them under 14 and were kurdish children celebrating a
3:47 am
wedding. they sent the kid in to blend within them and he got in there and blew himself up. >> how do you fight a religion that's asking you to sacrifice your children? >> it's tough one. when i'm talking off camera to my friend, while we're teaching our children about safe zones, trigger words and microgressions they are teaching their kids to kill our kids. they teach them at a very young age. we have an issue with isis being where they are having an islamic state, having a community, there's no borders. they have hotels and money, banks and schools. so they are teaching kids at a very young age this. they are not teaching real history or science they are teaching them about koran and sha extremist islam. that's what it is. they are so afraid not is going heaven this is the stuff they do. they don't care how old anyone is. >> they use women and children. i you know personally have been
3:48 am
in instances where you face both of them. >> i've seen it before. i was in an instance in iraq where i was on the outside of a building shooting through the window and i shot the guy. the woman got up to get his gun. i said don't do it. stop now. >> she understood. >> she knew there was an american voice and turned around and looked and sat back down. she picks up the gun she's a combatant. children same way. they continue the fight. age isn't a lot to them. doesn't mean too much. >> just another person with a >> someone else fighting. let's be honest, i know we say radical islam. islam itself is a warriors religion. not necessarily a religion of peace. they conquer people. this is what they do. not that a lot of muslims aren't peaceful but that's what we need to help us. the military fighting the men in syria there's no way to bring
3:49 am
them back. we need to kill them. our friends in jordan, saudi arabia they need to step up and realize, let's all set our watches ahead about 1400 years, we put people on the moon, the world was flat in the time of mohamed. not any more. reminds me of that scene from ""american sniper"." shouldn't surprise us. they are recruiting little kids. >> it's a lot different over there than here and people knew a lot of stuff that was happening what the islamic state is doing and i want needs dealt with now. >> this 12-year-old with a bomb at the wedding got our attention. thank you very much. coming up on this monday donald trump's campaign calls this past week the best ever but is the best yet to come? his son and america's mayor, kimberly guilfoyle here with a new phase in the race. virginia's governor set to announce plans today to give thousands of felons the right to
3:50 am
vote in november. is this just a way to help his friend hillary clinton? there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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3:53 am
later today, virginia governor -- that man right there, terry mcauliffe is set to announce the rest race rights of 15,000 felons with restoring rights to 200,000 felons in the commonwealth of virginia. >> and he says it's ail about fairness, but critics say it's an attempt to help his good friend hillary clinton at the
3:54 am
polls. >> here to weigh in is evangeline gomez. thanks so much for join us. the state supreme court said this is invalid but the governor said this is valid. so 200,000 convicted felons will is have a chance to vote. how significant is this? >> well, the supreme court didn't say it's invalid, but the way he did it, but giving a blanket order was invalid. >> because he doesn't know about each of the cases. >> exactly. the concern with the supreme court they wanted him to look at every person oncation by case basis. >> is he? >> yeah. >> do you think he'll go through the case and say, okay, this guy, yes, this guy, no. >> he plmay not, but other peop will go through it. >> many are saying he's playing politics because he's good friends with hillary clinton. the majority of people feel like those convicted felons will go to the polls and vote for her. >> well, that's a very good point, ainsley.
3:55 am
but this is the reality right now. one, you have a poll -- i think in another year, that may carry a lot of weight. the argument may carry a lot of weight. but this year right now we have polls that show, various polls that show that clinton is ahead of her republican competitor by 11 or 12 points so it's not actually a close race. number two, the order that originated this came from the prior governor. this is a part of criminal justice reform that had been taking place in the united states since the mid 1990. >> because -- >> it's not as political as people are making it out to be. number three, it won't have -- i don't think, in my analysis is going to have a significant impact in this year's election if the polls continue the way they are. >> why is he doing it? >> because the prior governor had the order and had put this into play and he's continuing it. >> and the prior governor was taking a look at other states across the country. >> historically as a trend. >> there are lifetime bans, as a
3:56 am
felon you never get to vote. >> the majority of states now allow ex offenders to vote in some way. >> and here by the way is that poll you're talking about. right now, the real clear averages has clinton up significantly in that battleground state of 49 to 37%. especially with tim kaine on the ticket. -- >> from virginia, yes. >> if all the felons were to go out and vote exclusively for one or the other it wouldn't really -- >> matter. >> as it looks right now. >> but what do you think as a law and order person? >> i think ex offenders should regain the right to vote. how do you become reintegrated if you cannot vote? >> great point. thank you very much for getting up early and coming in. wait a second. >> i'm hungry. i want a doughnut. >> have you ever watched me read before? next on the rundown, kirstie alley, the latest to slam
3:57 am
president obama for playing golf instead of visiting louisiana. >> what does eric trump think of that? he's here live as you're watching "fox & friends." come on in, you're next on "fox & friends." come on, evangeline, let's get a doughnut.
3:58 am
3:59 am
♪ don't just eat. ♪ mangia! bertolli. for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer
4:00 am
with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. good morning to you and your family. it is monday, august 22nd, i'm ainsley earhardt. republicans hope that trump is turning the corner starting with what some say a flip-flop on immigration. >> i don't think the message is changing at all. i think people are just getting to know donald trump better. >> more from an exclusive interview with mike pence and his family. plus, donald trump's son, eric, he's sitting on the curvy couch. he'll be here in just moments. >> he is. can you hear him breathing? right there. then, former secretary of state and four-star general colin powell thrown under the bus by hillary clinton over her private e-mail server. now the general's fighting back
4:01 am
saying that hillary is not telling the truth. >> yeah. >> oh, my. meanwhile, she spent 25 years serving our country, and for ten of them she carried this letter from a little boy who promised to share a pizza with her when she returned home. that boy now grown just made good on his promise. >> oh. >> there you see it. let me remind, every morning is better with "friends." >> yep, there he is. okay. i don't know -- couldn't hear him breathing. now you can see him. >> how you doing? >> okay. you had a good week. >> we had an amazing fire. my father was talking about the isis, and african-american youth left behind in this country. he had an amazing week. >> should he is have been on the teleprompter earlier? >> no, my father is larger than life. he's fun.
4:02 am
that's why you have 15, 20,000 people coming to the rallies and you look at the clinton rallies, you have two people there. it's so different than the standard politician. he's finally made politics exciting again. >> you know some of the -- some have speculated until he saw a dip in the polls, he wasn't going to change. when the polls clearly were starting to go against you, that's when he said, i have to -- i have to shake things up and change. and he did. >> yeah, listen, he's a great agent of change. he gets momentum and he gets everything else. listen, polls go like this. we're back in the lead. you probably saw the l.a. poll times yesterday and we're two points ahead. which is exciting. he's doing great. he is doing incredibly well. you know, we're proud of him. the energy out there and the ground swell of support we have all over the country is incredible. >> your dad and governor pence they decided thursday night to go to baton rouge and to meet those families, shake hands with the victims and provide some relief effort. the president and hillary clinton we have seen the images all weekend he was in golf, and
4:03 am
she was in martha's vineyard for fund-raising events and in nantucket. then the president is going to baton rouge on tuesday. did you have dad -- did he force his hand? >> listen no question about it. to me it's awful. to me as a civilian it is horrible that here -- i mean, not even that the president could have done anything down there. but just the optics of it. here you are in martha's vineyard playing golf for a week on end while people's houses are under water, while their lives are destroyed, cars are under water. you have coffins floating down the street. the optics of it is horrible. we live in america. your government should be there in a natural disaster and it wasn't. the fact that hillary was fund-raising while my father and mike pence were off loading supplies is a big difference. >> and particularly what president obama said about president bush regarding katrina. >> amazing. >> all turned around. >> what's interesting though
4:04 am
before your dad and mike pence went down, the governor bel edwards says i hope it doesn't turn into the photo-op or something like that. which was regarded as criticism. after your dad came and went, he thanked your dad for bringing attention to the flood. >> yeah, it was a nice statement he made. no one is paying attention, again, you have the optics of the president playing golf as opposed to focusing on this gulf state that's in total disarray, in total ruin. people's lives are turned upside down. thank you for coming down and putting real attention on it. if my father didn't go down there and didn't put the pressure on him, obama wouldn't be down there. >> he'll show up in new jersey and right after sandy, and mitt romney, everybody suspended their campaigns do this. because he was running for re-election. and kirstie alley said this, the famous actor from "cheers" said my point is, do you think the usa wants to see you -- this is a message to the president. playing golf while louisiana is 20 feet under water and people
4:05 am
are dying? >> yeah. she tweeted that after she put out a video from barack obama criticizing george bush. >> it speaks to the lack of leadership in this country. listen, i can tell you as a guy who's been around my father his entire life. when there is a problem, when there is a natural disaster, when there is an issue, my father will be the first person there. he will be the first person there. and the american people can count on that. >> there was some headlines after a meeting -- i believe it was over at trump tower over the weekend with hispanic leaders. buzzfeed's lead, in reversal, trump says openness to legalization for immigrants. sounds like he's doing a 180. >> listen, i don't me where the article came from. my father has been speaking about immigration all week, so i won't steal his thunder and fire. but it's pretty simple. he wants to secure borders. you can't let people come in
4:06 am
unchecked. we have 100 million people in this country tar out -- that are out of the workforce. manufacturing jobs have gone down one-third since 2000 and we're losing jobs across the board. people are walking in unchecked. we don't know who they are. >> so secure the border, but what about the illegals in the country right now? you know, your dad had talked about a deportation force. >> sure. >> in the last year. now that's to be determined. >> and he'll be speaking about this this week, so i'll leave it to him. he wants americans to have jobs. they should come first. you were born in this country. you were born here legally. you here legally. i mean, wages have been stagnant for the last 15 years and it's because you have, you know, syrian refugees coming in. because you have, you know, thousands of people coming over the border. i mean, americans are suffering because of it and that's his point. so he's speaking to hispanic and latino leaders. he is also speaking to law enforcement and to border patrol
4:07 am
and he'll formulate a plan that's great and ethical. >> what's your response to the critics who said it's a flip flop? that's 11 million illegals and he wants mass deportations and conway said last week we'll address this issue in a fair and humane way. >> my father hasn't flip-flopped on anything. this was one article that came out that didn't really -- wasn't grounded in any substance. but again my father will give a big speech on this on thursday so he'll be talking about the specifics. >> so the shakeup or the change happened at the beginning of the week. then on friday, coming off a very successful speech most even critics would say from your dad, paul manafort said i handed in my resignation. was part of the reason that manafort is not there, is it the belief that he was going to leak the story to "the new york times" about disarray within the organization? >> no, not at all.
4:08 am
not at all. in fact, paul is an amazing guy and i have tremendous respect for paul and the job he did with the delegates which is why he came into the campaign which is amazing. kellyanne is doing an amazing job. >> could they have coexisted? >> could they have? i think so. i don't think my father or paul wanted the distraction of things he's dealing with. and kellyanne is amazing and paul i hold him in high regard. >> she's doing a good job. clearly she had the best week of his campaign last week. >> it was a great week. i was with him in north carolina. i was with him in a bunch of cases and you were in louisiana with them. it was an amazing week. they were spot on message. >> i tried to go to louisiana. they said we don't want this to be a photo opportunity. we're going to help the people. so you stay in indiana. >> you did a great interview with governor pence. >> it's interesting a couple of stories out this morning that says that republican leaders are worried that donald trump doesn't get it, that he needs to
4:09 am
make this a referendum on hillary clinton because ever since the dnc she's made it a referendum on her father. does he have the judgment or the temperament to be president of the united states and to a certain extent that has worked. will this campaign going forward be a referendum on hillary? >> listen, it will be both. my father the last several weeks the only thing he's speaking about is specific issues, whether it's isis, how to defeat them, how to revive these inner cities. yet, you hear nothing from hillary. she hasn't had a press conference in what, 270 -- >> because your dad has been positive and not been making news, there's been unbelievable scrutiny on her foundation. on the e-mails. i could not believe how the scrutiny over this weekend. >> well, look at so many things. so the e-mails and everybody knows about the e-mails. that is truly one of the worst things. look at the $145 million that comes into the clinton foundation from effectively, you know, the business people behind the uranium deal with russia.
4:10 am
we gave 20% of the stockpile of the united states to russia. >> they bought it. on her watch. >> and the clinton foundation gets $145 million. why are we giving uranium to russia? >> american uranium. coming out of the united states. >> it is absolutely insane. i mean, just the levels of corruption and benghazi and the e-mails and i mean, go down the list. but here's the secretary of state between 2007 and 2014 made $141 million. she's supposed to be representing the interests of the united states of america. she made $141 million while people were dying in benghazi. you know, she's out giving speeches. i mean, it's unbelievable. it is truly unbelievable. >> supplying bomb making materials to another country. >> there you go. all right. eric, i know you have a busy week. thank you for dropping by. >> thank you. great to see you. all right. it's 7:10 here in new york city. time for more news and we're talking about zika again. aren't we? >> and kids going back to school and that's a big issue for
4:11 am
parents and health officials as well. a fox news alert. zika is such a fear in south florida that officials are now passing out bug spray to the students there. children in miami headed back to school this morning. officials encouraging kids to dress in long sleeve shirts and pants to try to avoid those mosquitos. it will be nearly 90 degrees there today. at least five people in total have been infected in miami beach and at least 36 people have been infected along the coast of florida. so wrap up your kids, dress them up, put on the bug spray when headed back to school. the former secretary of state and four-star general colin powell denying hillary clinton's claims that he advised her to use a private e-mail account. hillary's bombshell accusations part of the fbi's notes given to congress from the agency's questioning of her back in july. well powell now telling "people" magazine, quote, her people have been trying to pin it on me. the truth is, she was using a private e-mail server for a year before i sent her a memo telling
4:12 am
her what i did. ryan lochte was already in hot water for lying about getting robbed in rio and now he could get -- be taken out of the pool for good. u.s. olympic committee says he will be punished. no word on the exact discipline just yet, but ban we are told is a possibility. lochte claimed he and his teammates were held at gunpoint, but this surveillance video tells a bit of a different story. well now he says he's trying to set the record straight. listen to this. >> didn't overexaggerate the entire story. i was highly intoxicated and i made immature calls. >> well, the committee says that lochte and his teammates let america down. the rio olympics ending with a spectacular carnival inspired closing ceremony. watch this. ♪
4:13 am
>> boy, that is something else. billions of people around the world watched the parade of athletes as fireworks lit up the sky. gymnast simone biles carrying the u.s. flag. the basketball team won the last gold medal for the united states. the united states racked up 46 gold. for an untouchable 121 total medals. great britain, 27 gold medals. the next summer olympics will be in tokyo in 2020. see you in tokyo. those are your headlines. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> it was a good couple of weeks. coming up, guys, the one-on-one with mike pence, governor mike pence, demanding that hillary clinton answer questions about her e-mail scandal. >> the time has come for hillary clinton to come out of hiding. >> part two of my interview in
4:14 am
just a few moments. plus it's the dnc you didn't see. the bad lip reading edition. look at this. >> sometimes people that like to smoke the pot use an etch-a-sketch. as you know, i'm tied to one of those people. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. get back to great. sixteen gig lexar flash drives just three ninety-nine. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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to extreme weather this morning. hundreds of thousands of people where live like that. they're picking up the piece that very hour from the devastating and deadly floods in louisiana. >> now a new system is headed their way. we have a report from louisiana with more. >> reporter: yeah, this is going to be a massive clean-up effort that will stake -- take some time because the crews are making their way across the 20 parishes that have been declared a disaster area due to the recent flooding. right here there's eight large piles of debris, anything from homes and businesses here and now they'll clean up livingston par parish today. this is to protect the citizens from the hazardous materials that oftentimes in these debris
4:19 am
piles. the state estimates about 16,000 homes were damaged during the flooding. tomorrow, crews will start in three different parishes. the state wants to start this clean-up as soon as possible because of the health concerns. officials they rodents often take refuge in these debris piles and the smell creates an issue for people living in the area as well. now, no telling how long this clean-up will take because parts of ascension parish to the west of us, homes are still dealing with the flooding. live in louisiana. >> you can see all the trucks in the background too. >> yeah. meanwhile, maria molina is tracking the latest. tell me that those folks aren't going to wind up with more rain. >> unfortunately the forecast is for more showers and more storms to be expected out there across
4:20 am
portions of louisiana. and yesterday this storm system brought some very heavy rainfall across parts of texas. you can see for now we have a bit of a break, but heavier rain is moving in across texas and eventually this afternoon we can see more storms across portions of louisiana. and taking a look at our forecast model, out there across louisiana, there is some rain in the forecast. however, the rainfall accumulation are forecast to be relatively light. some of the heavier totals are across parts of louisiana, but it will take days for those floodwaters to recede in some areas. still reports of some standing water out there and a number of warnings that are still in effect. let's head back inside. >> thank you. it is 7:20 here in new york city. donald trump reaching out to black voters who are looking to break free from the smug democrats. >> to those i say the following. what do you have to lose? >> our next guest is life long democrat who says she left the party because it left her behind. so is it time for her to back
4:21 am
donald trump? plus, hillary clinton's top aide connected to a journal that blamed the u.s. for 9/11 and that's just scratching the surface. coming up how the clinton campaign is responding this morning. huma, i see you. what's up guys? make sure you check out the bass pro shops fall hunting classic. it's the one hunting show and sale of the year you don't want to miss. this week at the classic get extra trade-in savings up to $40 on hunting boots. and, $100 on game cameras. plus, free kids activities this weekend. therthat can be serious,ere. even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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4:24 am
we have got a fox news alert at 24 minutes after the top of the hour. chilling images of the isis child bomber. look at that young man right there. police in iraq catching a 12-year-old boy moments before he planned to detonate an explosive belt. this comes hours after another child bomber killed 51 people at a wedding in turkey and injured
4:25 am
"the new york post" reporting clinton's top aide huma abedin worked for a radical muslim journal that once blamed the united states for september 11th. her mother is the editor-in-chief. clinton's spokesperson says quote, my understanding is that her name -- huma's, was simply listed on the masthead in that period. she did not play a role in editing at the publication. and the democratic nominee is having trouble finding a stand-in donald trump to help her prep for the debate. >> it's very hard to find someone to mimic the reckless instincts of donald trump. >> hilarious. the first debate is september the 26th. all right, brian, over to you. the inner cities of our country have been run by the democratic party for more than 50 years.
4:26 am
their policies have produced only poverty, joblessness, failing schools and broken homes. it's time to hold democratic politicians accountable for what they have done to these communities. at what point do we say enough? >> trump making his pitch to the black community saying that the democratic party has left their communities worse off. our next guest is a life long democrat and still is one. who agrees and says that the party became smug and left her behind. joining us right now is nicky johnson houston. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> this column appeared in the huffington post. you haven't left the democratic party, but you're disappointed. why? >> i'm disappointed in the direction we're going because one of the thins that attracted -- things that attracted me to the party is we were for little guy, about giving people opportunities for education. most importantly diversity of
4:27 am
the opinion. and one of the things that i'm really concerned about is the language that we're using and the vilification that i believe i see of how we speak about the poor and the working poor and the working class. >> in what way? this is how you grew up, right? you said you were -- you had a very tough upbringing. >> absolutely. i grew up in poverty. i experienced homelessness as a child, but i was fortunate enough to have access to the good education. really what my concern is about the language we're using we're focused on political correct language. being positive to each other is important, but i'm more concerned about what the outcome is. and my community is suffering. >> you talk about the education. when asked about the school vouchers -- the charter schools the black community wants to support the voucher program. but right now the democrats do not want to do that. because a lot of people
4:28 am
speculate it's about teacher's union. >> look, i don't know about the politics of it but i know -- >> did you -- but you know about the education. >> but i know about the reality of being one of those kids in schools that may not be performing up to snuff and the reality is if black kids aren't achieving you're leaving a lot of potential, talented future leaders behind that's not just bad for my community but for the entire country. >> absolutely. look at the employment numbers this was cited by donald trump on the stump. the african-american community right now who has been glued to the democratic party, the unemployment rate in may is 8.4%. for whites 4.3%. the results aren't there. he said let me have a shot at it. >> look, i appreciate any outreach that donald trump is doing and the republican party is doing. but the reality is is that the republican party has not effectively talked about our issues. and not only have they not talked about african-american
4:29 am
issues but from this election you're not effectively talking to the issues of white working class voters. this isn't just about the democratic party. this is about the elites of both parties that have lost contact with what the reality is for the everyday working person and they're dividing us. the truth is we have more in common with everybody other than divides us. as an african-american i want access to the american dream. and that's education, that's good jobs, that's security. the same thing that the people in your audience want. so we really need to look at each other for solutions to come together. and i'm willing to talk to anybody that can do that. but the truth is is that there has to be trust and the trust has not been bridged yet between african-americans and the republican party. but it's possible. >> they haven't even tried. >> yes. >> at least he's trying. paul ryan has a program also. >> but you have to come out and be in the community every four years. you can't criticize us if you're
4:30 am
not with us every day. >> i hear you. thanks so much. we have this coming up. we knew that mike pence was a politician. we knew him as a politician, but what about mike pence the parent, the family man? >> i mean, what you see is what you get with the pences. we're pretty typical indiana family. although we have been very blessed. >> yep. the governor opens up in part two of ainsley's one-on-one. that's coming your way next. next also, it's the dnc you didn't see. the bad lip reading version. >> two cheers for all the tears of my man servant. they sort of can smile and always get me the sugar packet. >> there's an accepted way to plan for the future.
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
sometimes people that like
4:34 am
to smoke the pot use an etch-a-sketch. as you know i'm tied to one of those people. >> we ladies know how a player is. but when they go hello, we go hey. >> yeah. what? it's beautiful. >> love it. >> that is -- yeah, that is your shot of the morning and your daily dose of humor. >> that is so great. it's called bad lip readings. parody of the dnc obviously. >> they take a bunch of clips and create a bunch of voiceovers and it's nothing short of brilliant. you're looking at trump force 1 getting ready to head to the battle ground state of ohio today. there it is.
4:35 am
and over the weekend, i got a chance to go to indiana and sit down with vp nominee mike pence. here's what he had to say about being on the trail with donald trump. a lot has changed within the campaign. paul manafort resigning. why did he resign? >> i think paul didn't want to be a distraction going forward. we have a little more than 80 days left in this campaign. we saw a couple of great new additions. >> has he been including in you the decisions? >> donald trump and i talk every day. sometimes several times a day. the person that's running donald trump's campaign for president is donald trump. >> last week in charlotte he said that he regrets some of the comments that he made. he's really been sticking to the teleprompter. why do you think he's changing and is he sincere? >> i don't think the message is changing at all. i think people are just getting to know donald trump better. >> i know you have said that you regretted some of the negative ads in the past. what do you make of donald trump with the latest -- with his only negative ad? >> hillary clinton's america,
4:36 am
the system stays rigged against america. >> look, elections are about choices. and making sure the american people know the choice that we face in this election, and that the failed leadership that barack obama and hillary clinton have brought to the national stage with the consequences of that for the country will be very, very important as we continue to go forward. >> judicial watch, there's a judge that's associated with the e-mail scandal who has now said that hillary clinton has to answer questions under oath. what do you think about that? >> it's time for her to go on the record. look, hillary is in hiding and donald trump is everywhere. i mean, she's gone more than 250 days without a press conference and, you know, it's time for her to step forward and begin to answer these questions. >> you're just back from baton rouge. how was it? >> it was heart breaking to see the devastation, the impact to the community was so sad but it was inspiring. to see the determination and the resilience of those families.
4:37 am
what was most humbling to us was to see the way that the volunteers were showing up. particularly from the faith community. people pouring their lives, their resources, their hearts into total strangers. we were driving through the neighborhood at one point. and donald trump made the decision to get out of the car unscheduled stop. we walked on to the driveway and we met the family where almost all of their earthly possessions were piled in the front yard. and they were starting to piece their life back together. we not only met that family, but a family that had arrived from tennessee to help them put their lives back together. and to see total strangers coming alongside hurtle families and hurting americans it just -- it's very humbling and it was humbling for both of us. and just such a reminder of what a great country this is. >> many people said you're very relatable, you have movie and
4:38 am
pizza night. you have student loan debt, so you're so relatable. a lot of people can't relate to donald trump because he's a billionaire. they like some of the things that he says and they can relate to his messaging, but as far as real life experience people like that about you. do you feel like you're extremely relatable to the american people? >> what you see is what you get with the pences. we're pretty typical indiana family. although we have been very blessed. we have been very blessed to be able to serve in public office. representing my home state in washington, d.c. and the great privilege of being governor of the state of indiana is very humbling to me. we've made the decisions that other families have made. raising three kids, putting our kids through college, making the sacrifices that are necessary to do that. >> governor and father. >> seems like a great dad. he loves his wife so much. we'll show you that tomorrow because we heard some great stories. what they're like as a family. their traditions.
4:39 am
there were some tears that were shed too because they were talking about his dad and how meaningful his relationship with his dad was and how great of a wife she is which brought her to tears. >> right. i can't believe the student loan -- how many years did he go to school? >> no, for all three of his kids. >> i thought they were for him. >> we reached out the tim kaine, we wanted to do the same thing with him, make it fair and balanced and they declined it. >> maybe after they see it they'll do it. >> 20 minutes after the top of the hour. down in virginia. >> this story is raising some eyebrows. thousands of convicted felons are hours away from getting their right to vote. virginia governor terry mcauliffe making the move with less than months to go until the election. his ultimate goal -- restoring the rights to more than 200,000 felons. the governor says it's all about fairness. but critics say it's an attempt to help his good friend and
4:40 am
political ally hillary clinton win the state of virginia in november. a fight for faith in the courtroom. a texas judge under fire and could be sued for starting every court session with a short prayer. the freedom from religion foundation says it's unconstitutional. judge wayne mack says not everyone has to listen. >> no, sir, we never forced anybody. we give everybody the opportunity and they choose to be in the courtroom. they do not have to be in the courtroom when in opening ceremony takes place. if they choose to be offended it's because they choose to be in the courtroom while it's going on. >> well, the state's attorney general supporters the short prayer session. the meeting with putin, that's just some of what lindsay lohan wants in order to appear on a talk show in russia. the actress will reportedly talk about the split with her russian fiance. if her laundry list of demands are all met, including taking
4:41 am
pictures with president putin. what do you think about that? would you walk across this? it's the worldest tallest and longest glass bridge. 1,000 feet high and 1,400 feet long. yikes. it crosses the canyon that divides two mountain cliffs in china. 8,000 people are allowed on it each way, each day, rather. it holds 800 people at a time. no selfie sticks they say. and lady, no stilettos in case you wanted to wear those to walk across the bridge. it costs more than $2 million to build. i would expect it cost more than $2 million to build that. >> when they first opened it, they gave people hammers and they were trying to knock a hole in it. they couldn't do it and they drove a car full of people across it. >> you get to the end, you're like thank goodness. that's enough. >> heather, thank you. coming up on a monday, violent protesters kicking and spitting on trump supporters in minneapolis.
4:42 am
>> [ bleep ]. why doesn't ask hillary clinton to condemn this? where's the outrage from the left? the woodhouse brothers will have a debate, fair and balanced next. but first a trivia question for you. born on this day in 1973, this comedienne got her start -- that's what you call a female comedian, she got her start on "snl" before starring in hit films like "bridesmaids." be the first to e-mail with us the correct answer. that's an easy one. you better get it. allergies distracting you? when your symptoms start... doctors recommend taking
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4:46 am
some quick headlines. caught on camera, look at this, the four suspects on the run after letting crocodiles loose at a school in australia. they dropped them through the window. why? nobody knows. and a gorilla rocking it out. look at this. >> sounds like -- >> that is so amazing. that's cocoa the gorilla jamming out on the bass with flea from red hot chili peppers. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. oh, my violent protesters
4:47 am
kicking and throwing punches, spitting at donald trump supporters at the end of last week. main stream coverage -- nonexistent. but what about hillary clinton, why hasn't she spoken out yet against the violence? here to debate once again, we have the brothers woodhouse, that's brad, screen left appropriately enough. he is the president of correct the record and a hillary clinton supporter. his brother, dallas woodhouse who's the executive director of the north carolina republican party. he's on the right as you can see. good morning. >> good morning. >> brad, let's start with you. you cannot possibly defend what those people were doing. >> heck no, steve. i want -- you know, i'm from the left. i run a super pac on behalf of hillary clinton. i'll certainly condemn any violence in the political arena. steve, hillary clinton has said the same thing and we saw something similar occur in california some months ago. she came out immediately and said that you have to condemn any and all violence in the
4:48 am
political arena. i'm sure she had the opportunity she would do the same thing here. >> you know what, brad though, what's troubling to me, if this were at a hillary rally and you had people from the right doing this to them, it would be the lead of every newscast. but instead, you know, we're talking about it. it's online. it seems to be a mainstream media blackout on this. >> well, i don't know what the circumstances is in minneapolis, i think you said it was a fund-raiser. if it's in a rally, all the cameras are there. the press pool is there. i think there's a different -- at a fund-raiser, just not that much coverage. in fact, most of those camera shots didn't look like they were from news coverage. so i think if it did happen at a rally, i think it would get just as much attention as the violence that occurred at the trump rallies. >> dallas, what do you make of this? >> well, we have seen this issue right here in north carolina that when donald trump had a
4:49 am
rally down in the fayetteville area a few months ago, a relatively small skirmish became the biggest news out of here you can imagine. i do think that's a double standard. i think the larger problem that we have is that hillary clinton is so rocked with scandal, but the press has seen it for so many years that they get bored of it. i mean, people like brad are out there, you know, attacking colin powell who's now come out and fought back and said that the things that hillary clinton has said about him are not true. and that her e-mail up scandal was hers and hers alone. and we really need to get the press to focus on those type of things and of course the candidate, donald trump, can help with that by having a laser like focus on the long and continuing record of hillary clinton which is scandal ridden as the day is long. but the problem is that the press has a -- an attention span
4:50 am
of a gnat so they don't want to keep talking about her scandals. >> the side complaining about the press coverage is on the losing side. >> the press is all on your side, so we -- >> is hillary going to keep saying lies about a great american hero in colin powell? >> first of all -- >> i feel like i'm in a woodhouse family reunion. >> bald faced lie. no one is attacking colin powell. >> people say that colin powell said he did the same thing when he didn't. >> are they still talking and yelling at each other? no, they aren't. good, in the greenroom. thank you very much. coming up on a monday, an amazing reunion a decade in the making. a little boy who promised to share a pizza when she returns home they're having that slice of pie. there they are. they join us next.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
now for the answer to the "fox & friends" trivia question. kristen wiig, she's 43 years old today and our winner is joe from louisiana. you're going to be getting a copy of the newest book, this is brian's latest book, "thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates." well, ten years ago a little boy wrote a letter to a soldier for his second grade class. with the offer of pizza should show ever make her way back to his hometown for a visit. they remained pen pals and now they meet after the lieutenant colonel sought out the new 17-year-old boy -- remember he wrote that letter in second
4:55 am
grade. his name is colin martin. joining us is lieutenant colonel piig, who served our country for 25 years. and mr. colin martin. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you. good morning. >> good morning. all right, colin, i'll start with you. tell me how you met lieutenant piig. >> well, she came to our class and was talking about the military. >> and so you followed up with the letter? >> yes. >> what did you, you wrote her a letter when you were in second grade? >> yes, i wrote her a letter because our teacher mrs. torch was teaching us about the value of hand written letters. >> and colonel, when you got his letter, what was your reaction? >> well, i had been asked by a friend to speak to the kennesaw elementary. she was a second grade teacher and ended up ultimately speaking to all the second graders. when i received the letter it
4:56 am
was all of them combined and it was a bunch of thank yous and well wishes. and return home soon. so i was very touched. it was a great inspiration to the troops when we receive those. >> so sweet. so what stuck out about his letter? >> well, ultimately what stood out with colin's letter was the personal invitation. he had invited me to please come and join his family for a pizza, so here i am. >> so here you are, colin, you're 17 years old. you got to meet face to face. what was that like? >> that was an amazing experience. i never thought she'd actually come in and meet me. >> do you remember writing that letter? >> i do not, but i do remember her coming to speak to my class. >> so sweet. well, thank you both for joining us this morning and sharing that touching story. and colonel pigg thank you for
4:57 am
serving our country for as long as you did. god bless you both. >> thank you. rudy giuliani he is here live at the top of the hour. there he is out there on our plaza with the boys. (climbing sounds)
4:58 am
4:59 am
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good morning to you and your family. it's monday, august 26th, 2016. it feels so good out here. i'm ainsley earhardt. thank you for joining us. hillary clinton's e-mail problems all colin powell's fault? she says that he is told her to use that -- he told her to use that private server and this morning he's telling a much different story. the governor of flood-ravaged louisiana calling out america's mayor. >> i believe that mayor giuliani got it completely wrong. perhaps for the same reason that you did. i have not been critical of mr. trump's visit. >> rudy giuliani sitting right here will respond in less than a minute. >> all right. i'll read right now, ryan lochte not out of hot water yet.
5:01 am
>> that's why i'm taking full responsibility for it. because i overxag rated that -- overexaggerated that story. >> you know it's serious when you change your hair color. why that apology may not be enough. your mornings are better with "friends." watch this animation. >> you know you're serious when you change your hair color. according to brian. >> well, ryan lochte went from bright white to gray. >> it's serious when you change your location. it's absolutely stunningly beautiful. 72 degrees right now, feels like fall. so we decided to spend the last hour out in front, in front of the lyndonwood heating and air conditioning truck. so they're our sponsor this hour. here is rudy giuliani. >> best time of the year. august, september, october. beautiful. >> you know why? >> u.s. open weather.
5:02 am
>> u.s. open weather. and everyone comes back to the city. a lot of people go out to the hamptons or go away. i love the fall in new york. >> mr. mayor, you have been the mvp for mr. trump. but let's talk about colin powell. all of a sudden he's in the eye of the storm. colin powell it turns according to "the new york times" was the one who told hillary clinton to use the private e-mail. but upon further review he said, wait a second. she was using it a year before i mentioned it. i don't remember mentioning it. >> right. we add that to the book of clinton lies. that's like the new play next year. book of mormon. book of clinton lies. except that will be a one week long play. i mean, i can't count them by now. i mean, i try to keep track of them. she lies every day. every day. >> here's what he said about the server. her people have been trying to pin it on me. he says.
5:03 am
the truth is, she was using private e-mail server for a year before i sent her a memo telling her what i did. here's the thing though. powell did not use a personal server. he used a separate private e-mail account just to talk to people when it was not confidential stuff or not top secret stuff. she used the unsecured thing for everything. >> that's exactly the way you should do it. >> right. >> if you want to -- for you and your children and your wife, then you have a phone for you and your children and your wife, but then you don't use that phone for top secret information as well. and what she did is outrageous. it's criminal. the only way -- only reason she got away with it is because we have a politicized justice department, not a real justice department. >> looks like it. >> just like we have a state department that's pay for play. i mean, the obama administration is a disgrace. they have disgraced the justice department with their decision
5:04 am
not to prosecute hillary clinton and now if they're not investigating the clinton foundation we've got a justice department like it used to be during the teapot dome scandal. the clinton foundation is yelling out for an investigat n investigation. money goes to the clinton foundation. ubs pays $1.5 million in speaking fees to clinton. hillary gets the number and names to turn over to the irs to cut down to $4,900. in the old days when i was a prosecutor we used to call that bribery. when you repeat it as they have done, with clinton cash over 12 times it starts to become something else i used to do, called a rico case. a racketeering enterprise. but the clinton foundation is a straight out and out racketeering enterprise. at least 12 situations in which
5:05 am
hundreds of millions of dollars flowed through that clinton foundation. on the other side in the state department hillary, huma abedin, all the people close to her were doing favors for the people paying the money. >> that's why they call it pay for play. >> and the justice department is not investigating that, then the justice department is a disgrace. >> mr. mayor on top of that you have the huffington post asking them to shut it down. governor rendell said what are you doing here? some democrats are saying snap out of it. >> and in a couple of weeks they'll have the big meeting like they have every september. where it all -- where all the big companies -- i mean, you know the people that have donated to them? countries where women can't drive. >> saudi arabia. >> a convicted money launderer got one of the biggest favors, a visit with the ambassador to lebanon. that was sadari. one after the other.
5:06 am
>> there were some problems. ethical problems. >> they give them hundreds of millions and hillary on the other end, has her or one of the lackeys like huma abedin do the favors. >> let's talk about louisiana. we have seen the images. i talked to trump's team. i know why they went to baton rouge, they were tied of -- tired of seeing the images. the coffins floating down. the president not there, in martha's vineyard and hillary clinton not there. this is what the governor of louisiana said. >> i believe that rudy giuliani got it completely wrong. perhaps for the same reason that you did. i have not been critical of mr. trump's visit. i have tried not to comment, because i don't want to get tied up in the politics of whether it's the president, whether it's hillary clinton or whether it's donald trump. i have tried not to comment and the comments that i have made have been very reserved and so i think he was off base there with that comment. >> what's your reaction? >> well, what he said was he
5:07 am
didn't want anyone to come and politicize it. >> didn't want to turn it into the photo-op. >> that's what he said. and that was directly related to the press release that donald trump put out -- that donald trump was coming. >> right. >> and i think he also made some statements that he didn't necessarily think it was necessary to the president and anyone else to come. so all of a sudden, donald went. he changed his tune. >> he did. >> you know what he said? it helps shine a spotlight on louisiana and he appreciated the good phone conversation he had with pence and he thought it was sincere and genuine. >> so good. i'm willing to congratulate him on changing his mind. if i offended him in any way, i'm sorry, but we got the right result. the president still hasn't gone. the president is still on hold -- i don't know.
5:08 am
on hold -- there are only 18 holes in golf. i don't know how many he played. >> and plus remember what barack obama said about george bush about katrina. >> why aren't people outraged about this? they lambasted bush for less than this. this guy has been playing golf for four or five days and people are dying in louisiana and they need assistance. >> and hillary clinton took off the weekend and is now doing fund-raisers on the west coast all week. >> i think hillary is tired. when i saw hillary at the press conference, sitting down with the police -- with the democrat appointed police chief pretending she's pro police, one of the most pathetic press conferences i have ever seen. >> what do you mean? >> first of all, she looked sick. number two, she looked completely uncomfortable saying anything pro police. number three, it was a complete joke because she's surrounded by four or five democratic appointed political police chiefs. we know -- just go ask any cop right out there, we know who the
5:09 am
police are supporting. they know she's anti-cop. she's the one who found the police officers in baltimore guilty before the judge, african-american, found them not guilty. >> all of them. >> all of them. and she's never apologized to them. and she's supposed to be a lawyer? >> didn't have any police officers -- >> i remind you -- it's possible she doesn't understand the presumption of innocence because she failed the bar exam the first time. >> she did? >> the liberal press will never tell you that. she failed the bar exam in washington, d.c., and then she passed it in arkansas. >> didn't you say at the convention she didn't want any police officers on the floor -- >> she had no police officers on the floor of the convention. she never liked having new york city police officers around her. she doesn't want uniforms around her. doesn't want you knuniforms aro here. >> we have breaking news. donald trump called the control room and he wants to be on.
5:10 am
he'll be on in 21 minutes. >> a good idea to put him on. >> are you outraged by this? he's trying to big foot you? >> i am honored that my -- that my appearance here got his attention and he's going to be on. i'm going to take credit for him coming on. >> all right. >> congratulations on your son's engagement. >> thank you very much. >> oh, how wonderful. >> 28 years old. this woman you approve of her? >> i absolutely approve of her. we approve of her. actually, we talked about that the other day. they're working on -- going back and forth, should it be a big one or little one. here or destination wedding. they want my advice, of course -- >> you could marry them. >> you know i could. except -- >> save money. >> except they're both catholics and i think they'd rather be
5:11 am
married by a monsignor or by a cardinal. >> rudy, thank you very much. >> thank you. wish him all the best for us. all right. it is ten minutes after the top of the hour. let's gone side to heather. she's got some headlines. >> i do. good morning to you. we start off with some serious news right now. a fox news alert. these images will give you chills. a would-be child homicide bomber recruited by isis stopped just moments before carrying out a deadly attack in iraq. police there catching the 12-year-old wearing an explosive belt. well, this coming hours after another child bomber killed 51 people at a wedding in turkey. rob o'neill, the former navy u.s. -- u.s. navy s.e.a.l. who killed osama bin laden joined us earlier on the show and said this kind of enemy is hard to beat. >> i'm talking off camera to my friends, while we're teaching our children about safe zones, trigger words and microaggressions they're training our kids to kill our
5:12 am
kids. you know they're teaching them at a very young age. >> terrorism will be on the agenda when vice president joe biden visits turkey this week. and a federal judge blocked the obama administration's transgender bathroom order for american schools. now, this directive would have affected children as young as kindergarten age. the judge is one of many people challenging the changes that would allow kids to use bathrooms or locker rooms that align with their gender identity. now the directive won't go into effect until that plays out in the courts. ryan lochte's olympic sized lie could get him kicked out of the pool for good. the u.s. olympic committee said he'll be punished for lying about getting robbed in rio. no word on the exact discipline, but a ban is a possibility. he claimed he was robbed at gun point but this surveillance video paints a different
5:13 am
picture. he opened up in a new interview saying that he is ashamed. >> i overexaggerated that story. and if i never did -- had done that, we wouldn't be in this mess. i was immature and i made a stupid mistake. i'm human. i made a mistake and i definitely learned from this. >> well, the olympic committee says that lochte and his teammates let down america. those are your headlines. let's back outside to you. >> thanks, heather. >> okay. a little fire action here, there it goes right there. >> the guy who doesn't blink an eye is rudy giuliani. >> i have to take a little video around with me to go to sleep at night. when i go to rural areas. >> rudy, thanks again for joining us. >> hey, let me tell you what's coming up next. how's this for transparency. why hillary clinton is keeping the press behind these bushes.
5:14 am
>> don't fence me in. rudy, thank you. ♪ americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you
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5:17 am
we have got a fox news alert for you. zika is such a fear in south florida that officials there are now passing out bug spray to the
5:18 am
kids. the students. >> the kids in miami are headed back to school this morning. >> yep. that's where we find brian enson, live with details. hey, brian. >> reporter: hey, you know, it is an interesting time to being coming back to school. the first day of school in the miami area. over 5,000 kids, they go to school in a zika zone. we have now two zika zones in the miami area. we have the one in the wynnewood area, north of downtown. then another zone announced on friday in miami beach. nine schools are in those zika zones and they have had to take p precautions. really scrambling over the weekend. they have to give out uniforms for the kids, now they have kids with long sleeved shirts, long pants on also.
5:19 am
mosquito repellent. given out the mosquito repellent so they can put on that before the kid goes to school. we have 36 cases of locally transmitted zika in this area. it was likely spread by a mosquito and that number is expected to rise in the coming days. >> thank you very much. of course with high temperatures in the 80s and 90s and now they have to put on the bug spray and put on the long pants. and it's hot. >> mike levine said despite all that, you can find a lot of bikinis and the packed beach on south beach over the weekend. people weren't overreacting to zika. >> he's based in tourism. >> right. but heze a bikini when he sees one. >> what do you do the sunscreen and put deet over that? does that work? >> i guess you say to yourself, tan or zika? i'm going for the tan. you have choices in life. >> one or the other. some things are more important than the others, i guess. hillary clinton facing new trouble and donald trump said
5:20 am
there's more to come. he's going to join us shortly. an unbelievable video shows the suspect being flung from the back of a police cruiser during a nasty crash and we'll tell you why it was all his fault.
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
all right. a sailor convicted of mishandling classified information got a reduced sentence from 78 weeks to 12 at 78 months possibly maximum by taking a page from hillary clinton hand book. saucier was sentenced to just one year.
5:24 am
the lawyers for saucier argued that if hillary got a pass with 113 classified e-mails, shouldn't their client get a pass or leniency? the attorney for christian saucier is join us right now. craig, you think that played a role in the fact she had 113 classified e-mails that she sent around on her own server played a role with your client? >> absolutely. we do believe it played a role in our client's defense while also there was a lot of other mitigation for our client. but absolutely i do believe it played a role. >> tell me what christian did. i understand he just took pictures of the nuclear sub he was on. he sent it back to the family to let them know, this is what i'm doing, this is where i've been. >> well, he took photographs. he never actually sent any of the photographs. he took photographs on a cell phone. he actually took the photographs nine years ago. the cell phone wasn't found until a few years back in a
5:25 am
garbage dump. >> so that happened, they went back after him. he was facing up to 78 months. did -- he didn't want to sell this to the russians. to the chinese, al qaeda. >> no. >> he just took them, right? >> that's right. he just took these photographs because he wanted to have some sort of a memento he could pass on and show his kids. >> tell me how you presented this in your case, with the hillary clinton precedent. >> basically what we put in the sentencing memo was the fact that this is becoming a politicized prosecution where one individual that has name recognition and connections is not prosecuted. then they go after someone like my client and it's unfair. you know, it sends a message to the rest of america that justice depends on who your name is. >> and the judge says it didn't play a role, but you believe it did? >> absolutely. the judge made some comments during sentencing that selective
5:26 am
prosecution don't play a role, wasn't helpful in this case. however, i think that the timing of our case, the timing of the decision not to prosecute hillary clinton i think absolutely did play a role. >> there's some more cases in the pipeline including one from afghanistan and others. they're saying going to use the hillary clinton defense as well, because the precedent has been set. what took place mattered and obviously you did not have somebody looking to hurt america by taking pictures of the sub he was on. thank you very much. we're curious to see how this plays out in other cases. hillary clinton facing new trouble this morning and donald trump says there's more to come. donald trump joins us next. and people at one popular destination urged to be on the lookout for a giant python. a story that will send chills up your spine.
5:27 am
mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else? no. not a thing.
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we catch flo, the progressive girl, at the supermarket buying cheese. scandal alert! flo likes dairy?! woman: busted! [ laughter ] right afterwards we caught her riding shotgun with a mystery man. oh, yeah! [ indistinct shouting ] is this your chauffeur? what?! no, i was just showing him how easy it is to save with snapshot from progressive. you just plug it in and it gives you a rate based on your driving. does she have insurance for being boring? [ light laughter ] laugh bigger. [ laughter ]
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♪ ♪ i want to ride to the ridge where the west commences ♪ >> well, it's your shot of the morning. hillary clinton loves to speak out against building a wall on the mexican border but she apparently has no problem fencing out reporters. >> an associate press reporter tweeted out her view of the clinton fund-raiser. >> hillary said there were 8,000 people attending in massachusetts with a minimum contribution of $45. >> another reporter, margaret caleb who's a senior white house correspondent tweeting a similar shot saying the bit she overheard sounded like sanders
5:31 am
stump speech. >> there you go. all right. it's now 29 minutes before the top of the hour. we believe that donald trump is going to be phoning in in just a moment or two. he's busy with his empire. in the meantime, we go to heather nauert who joins with us the news. >> good morning. 30 minutes past the hour, and i have some jaw-dropping video that you have to see. there is a guy arrested in the back of a police cruiser and he somehow manages to get out of handcuffs and out of the back of the cop car when that car suddenly crashes and tosses him outside the rear windshield. take a look at this. it happened to a teenager in arkansas. watch as he blows right out the back of the windshield and he tries to run away from the scene. he was caught just moments later and he was eventually taken to the pokey where he's being held on charges including escape and perhaps no surprise, public intoxication. well, the actress kirstie alley slamming president obama for continuing to play golf
5:32 am
during the devastating floods in louisiana, linking a video of the president himself criticizing president bush back in 2008. well, she added a tweet saying my point is do you think the u.s. wants to see him playing golf while louisiana is under 20 feet of water and while people are dying? and the black lives matter, the group also coming under fire for not helping the catastrophic flooding. there's an online video that says that the group has only promoted a company offering free family photos to victims. we'll get you more on that one later. a giant snake is on the loose. police in southern maine warning campers to watch out after someone spotted this snake skin at a park. there are several reported sightings of that snake dubbed westy. while police try to figure out what kind of snake it is. police are asking people to keep a safe distance from wildlife and to report any sightings. back to you guys outside. all right, we'll bring in trump who promised to call in and he has.
5:33 am
donald trump, welcome back to "fox & friends." >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. let's talk about the clinton foundation. among the people saying it's problematic and shut it down is huffington post. you also agree with that premise. >> well, not the one that -- number one, they should shut it down and give the country back the money they shouldn't be taking money from. countries that influenced her totally and countries that discriminated against women and gays and everybody else. i mean, that money -- it should be given back. they should not take that money. >> honestly, do you think that will happen? >> it should happen. whether or not it will, very greedy people, so maybe it won't. but it should happen. >> i see that your campaign just sent out a statement a few minutes ago regarding this, and you write, it is now clear that the clinton foundation is the most corrupt enterprise in political history. there are a lot of people who
5:34 am
are not up to speed on what the clinton foundation has been doing that you feel is illegal. >> well, i think it's been really well documented in the book and the book has been absolutely approved by so many people. you had accounting firms go in there, you had so many people going in and it's pay for play. i mean, if you look at it, it's pay for play. so many things happen, money is paid, and then all of a sudden, lots of good things -- very, very bad situation. >> so you say shut it down. >> oh, i say shut it down. >> it's interesting because the campaign was asked yesterday, hey, why don't you just shut it down now rather than wait until we find out whether or not she's elected president of the united states. and the spokesperson couldn't really answer that. >> yeah. i don't know why we don't shut it down. he didn't say that, but clearly that's the message. >> look, these are very greedy people. these are people that have skirted the law for a long time. hard to believe that, you know,
5:35 am
somebody like this has a good chance, you know -- a fairly good chance of being president. although if you look at the most recent polls i think things are turning. i think they're turning rather rapidly. it's hard to believe she can be running. to be honest with you, with the e-mails and the crimes she's committed she shouldn't be allowed to rubble for president. >> let's talk about the e-mail scandal. she totally threw colin powell under the bus and she was meeting with the fbi and she said that powell said to use the personal e-mail server. he was in the hamptons over the weekend and he said that's a total lie. he said she was using that e-mail for one year before he told her that he had been doing the same thing. >> well, look, she's a liar. she lies. she lied about the e-mail, she lied about colin powell. i saw that, he was not happy. and it's -- the whole thing is a scam with them. everything is a scam. like grifters. >> there was a column over the
5:36 am
weekend about huma abedin and her mom and evidently they had a journal of muslim minority affairs going. it's a -- it's a journal. she had a title with the journal. she wrote for this journal and you know basically their message is anti-woman as you can get. you understand they were talking about -- they were talking about how it's better for a woman to be subservient for to a -- to a man. and then her campaign said she had no role on the radical journal. >> you know it's interesting because of course that's terrible. it shouldn't happen. it's a lie, another lie they tell. but what about the fact that huma abedin who knows every single thing about hillary clinton -- she knows more about hillary than hillary knows and she's married to a pervert sleaze named anthony weiner who will send anything out over
5:37 am
twitter. she's married to anthony weiner. she knows everything that hillary clinton is doing. she's married to a guy who has no control over himself. >> of course, this was the story that involved somebody with trump, it would have been a big story in the mainstream media. >> if this was trump, it was so big, you'd call up and say, i'm so sorry for you, that's so sad. >> let's talk about your weekend. you had a meeting with hispanic leaders and then buzzfeed had a headline, in reversal, trump talks about openness for legalization to immigrants. have you changed your mind? are you open to leaving the 11 million or so illegals in this country right now -- >> well, first of all -- >> what's going on? >> let me tell you, these are great people. highly respected people in them. unbelievable people. just to tell you about buzz
5:38 am
feed, they guaranteed that i wasn't going to run and the writer said he'll take a year's salary off if i run. and i ran. so, you know, buzzfeed, they're about as accurate on this -- but i'll tell you, we are dealing with people. we have to be very firm. we have to be very, very strong when people come in illegally. we have a lot of people that want to come in through the legal process and it's not fair for them. we're working with a lot of people in the hispanic community to try and come up with an answer. >> so you're not flip flopping? >> no, i'm not flip flopping. we want to come one a really fair, but firm answer. that's -- it has to be very firm. but we want something fair. >> "the new york times" did a story sunday saying that your companies -- they looked at 30 trump properties have $650 million in debt. what's your reaction? >> well, the value -- if the value is $11 billion it's a very small amount of debt. i have very little debt relative to the assets. i guess they said the two assets they were talking about -- they went out and did an appraisal.
5:39 am
$3.7 billion. that's put down on the little line. compared to my assets, i think i have less than 5% or so in debt. which is a very low debt. now, the smart people that read that story thought it was a good story. some people didn't understand the story, but when you get to $300 million or $600 million, but you have massive buildings and big assets that's a very small amount of money. i have very little debt. >> all right. >> mr. trump, thanks for joining us. i know you're headed to austin for another town hall and i'll be there. thank you for joining us. >> all right. that's great. see you tomorrow. coming up next, i went one-on-one with his running mate, mike pence, in indiana. >> look, hillary is in hiding and donald trump is everywhere. >> more from that exclusive interview with his family. that's coming up next. plus, what happens when bullying gets physical? the moves that can help your kids. how to bully proof your kids coming up on "fox & friends."
5:40 am
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get back to great. sixteen gig lexar flash drives just three ninety-nine. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. well, we're back in new york city. but you had a very busy weekend in indiana. >> i did. we went to indiana on thursday night. hoping to get this interview and we're definitely getting the interview with mike pence and his family. then they called when i got off the plane, my phone was blowing up with messages saying we're going to baton rouge to help the families that, you know, need our care. so can you stick around, so we did the interview over the weekend which actually worked out. i got to talk to him about his experience in baton rouge and meet his family. we spoke about policy for 30 minutes before we met his family. so thhere's that sit down with him. you're back from baton rouge, how was that? >> it was heart breaking to see
5:44 am
the flooding and the impact it's had, but it was so inspiring to see the determination and the resilience of those families and also to see the way people are coming alongside. volunteering time and really helping people put their lives back together. >> president obama just announced that he is going to be paying a visit to that area this week. what's your reaction, to the fact that hillary clinton hasn't gone there, president obama hasn't. they spent the weekend in martha's vineyard. >> i think that donald trump made it clear yesterday we were there to help. people can make their own judgments about other leaders. i'm glad that the president is going next week. this may be the worst natural disaster since hurricane sandy. but it hasn't seemed to get the level of attention that it deserves. the enormity of this is -- it is evident when you're on the ground there. >> a lot has changed over the last few days in the campaign.
5:45 am
paul manafort resigning. what was your reaction? >> i thought that paul manafort did a great job during the primaries and during the convention and we all appreciate his service. >> why did he resign? >> i think -- i think paul didn't want to be a distraction going forward. we more than 80 days left in the campaign. we saw a couple of great new additions to the campaign. i have actually known kellyanne conway for many years. to see her step into the role of campaign manager, steve bannon who brings an extraordinary vision and energy to this. i think what you see this week is a campaign that's an a roll. >> has he been including you in some of the decisions? >> donald trump and i talk every day and sometimes several times a day. i think the american people know the person that's running donald trump's campaign for president is donald trump. >> look at how much african-american communities have suffered. what do you have to lose? >> donald trump is telling the african-american community i am the guy for you. and he says by 2020 he's going
5:46 am
to have 95% of the african-american support. why are you laughing? >> well, that's donald trump. look, look, he has a heart for every american. and he also -- he's a truth teller. he speaks the truth. it's been the failed policies of democratic politicians that h e have -- that have harmed people living in the cities. in this country now for generations. and it's had special impact on the african-american community. he's speaking the truth. but he's also -- he's also doing what a leader should do. as john f. kennedy says, we're going to create opportunities for every american and his optimistic view about the 2020 when he's running for re-election, that's pure donald trump. look, we're going to deliver for every american and when the
5:47 am
african-americans and others see the opportunity all they have under a -- they'll have under a trump administration i have no doubt that will grow. >> there's a judge associated with the e-mail scandal who's now said that hillary clinton has to answer questions under oath. what do you think about this? >> it's time for her to go on the record. look, hillary is in hiding and donald trump is going ever where she's gone more than 250 days without a press conference. it's time for her to answer these questions. not just these questions but questions about the clinton foundation. i mean, now we hear that the clintons are going to stop fund-raising for the clinton foundation if she's elected president. presumably because that's a conflict of interest. well, if the american people wonder why wasn't it a conflict of interest when she was secretary of state, the third ranking constitutional officer in charge of our foreign policy. >> this is what happens when you don't get a step on the message. mike pence is on the offensive, so is trump about hillary clinton. >> yeah. tomorrow you'll meet the family. i'm so excited about that.
5:48 am
because they were so sweet and so nice. you'll get to see the inside of what the residence looks like. the governor house. they'll talk about their faith. getting some funny stories about what he's like as a person. >> i know you spent time in indiana and you would have preferred to have been home, but you did great. >> how was the mall? >> i did do some shopping so thanks for asking, brian. we did reach out to tim kaine. we hoped they would take us up on the interview, but they passed. okay, what happens when bullies gets physical? what your kids needs to do to defend themselves. >> but first, martha maccallum. i hear your ride coming. >> uh-oh. better talk fast. thanks. so good morning. as you have been talking about the trump campaign is in overdrive now to change the tide amid reports that hillary is prepping for the white house. we'll dig into the very latest polls which do appear to be tightening a bit and while louisiana suffers, president
5:49 am
obama has a very different response to them than he did to those hit by sandy when he was running for re-election in 2012. governor bel edwards speaks out in a surprising way. you will hear that. john sununu and michael goodwin here as well. see you at the top of the hour. ? the lubricants that improved fuel economy. even technology to make engines more efficient. what company does all this? exxonmobil, that's who. we're working on all these things to make cars better and use less fuel. helping you save money and reduce emissions. and you thought we just made the gas. energy lives here. ... 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day vitacraves gummies.
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did you know this, 160,000 kids a day, they miss school because they are being bullied. >> well, now martial arts athletes are teaming up to put an end to bullying. what are some of the moves your kids need to do and know before heading back to school. some of the kids are doing it back there.
5:53 am
>> you can hear and them and jo you can hear them and you can see them. so i hear that the kids are being bullied regularly. >> you said 150,000 kids miss school every single day and we want to make sure that parents around kids are educated about bullying as we get back into the back to school time. >> as we talk about the kids going back to school in south florida, what are some things we can teach our kids or have the professionals teach our kids so they won't get bullied? >> so first is education. parents think oh, my kid isn't being bullied. statistics show that actually only 20% of time does it actually turn into the physical confrontation. we want to educate our parents and the kids on what bullying looks like, as well as what you confrontation how to protect yourself. >> can i have mr. ryan come to the front? in a physical confrontation, the
5:54 am
first thing to do is to protect ourselves. there's three things. we want to protect, get away and then report it. report it to our parents and then to teachers as well. this is something you can practice at home with your kids or, you know with the families. go ahead and put your hands up. if you want to practice it with us, all right -- perfect. so the first thing to do, get a natural position, okay? so put your favorite leg in the back and so you have a comfortable stance. we want to go and put our hands up and open. this is preventing a confrontation. this isn't going to stop this, but it shows distance, and shows, i don't want to fight. you're not the aggressor in this situation. we want to protect our head, the most important part of the body. creating a shield from here. creating the shield. from here, he's going to put his targets up. take your hands and open them back up again. push straightforward with a palm strike. one and two. one and two. >> one -- >> good, perfect. as we're doing that, there's a
5:55 am
couple of things to do. we can push with the body to push somebody away from us. as we push to the face, obviously creating the eyes to water, to be able to get away. >> this is defensive. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> now you have three young men and women over here. going to show us something. >> right what martial arts athletes are, they're incredible advocates for their community as well. we have three performers here. top athletes. go ahead. you see what they're incorporating in their martial arts athleticism, speed and power. this is really martial arts taken to the highest level. go ahead, guys. and through all of their practicing they become some of the top level athletes. >> wow. >> i think what everyone can do to practice and to get ready for back to school, you can visit our website, and download a bully defense kid and get access
5:56 am
to over 1,000 different bully defense workshops around the country. >> you're doing them all around the country and if you go to our website, you can find out more information on >> thank you so much. thank you for being advocates against bullying. >> no one is going to bully these guys. >> we'll be right back. >> we will, in two minutes. if you have medicare
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♪ well, such a beautiful day we came out for the entire 8:00 hour. it's about 72 and great. i hope you have a wonderful monday. >> we have a huge show tomorrow. don't we? >> yes. we go inside the pence family and kellyanne conway will be with us. the inside story on the trump family. >> dolly parton? dolly parton is coming in tomorrow? >> kellie pickler is coming in too. >> right. these two bonded.
6:00 am
we're very jealous. >> i love dolly. we love kellie. and the milwaukee sheriff. >> in the "after the show show" we'll talk to the young martial artists and we have a hundred people here in front of the world headquarters. we'll talk to them in the "after the show show." log on right now to martha: we start with a fox news alert. donald trump set to go on the attack, ready to call for hillary clinton to shut down the controversial clinton foundation now is his plea. good morning. i'm martha maccallum in america's newsroom. eric: it's been a rough couple weeks in the strum campaign and has many pundits predicting donald's demise. they claim hillary clinton has some major house cleaning to do. >> we expect a major announcement from in trump about


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