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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 22, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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congressman jason chaffetz. good to have you, sir. >> thanks for having me. sandra: keep it right here for "outnumbered overtime" on we're back on tv tomorrow noon eastern. "happening now" starts right now. howe. hillary clinton holding a slight edge over donald trump. >> this comes as the republican presidential nominee holds events in the buck eye state. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> it would not be surprising to see additional cases not only in florida, but promise other gulf coast states. >> new concerns after zika after devastating floods in texas. and targeting children to carry out deadly attacks, who isis is
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training in the caliphate. are we any closer to solving the mystery of malaysian flight 370. the latest on the battle between donald trump and hillary clinton. trump launching new attacks as the developments on the e-mail threaten the secretary of state. >> and i am gregg jarret in for jon scott. all of this as donald trump lays the ground work in a state considered a must win. >> ohio gets all of the attention. appropriate. a brand new poll, shows that donald trump has work to do. 43 to 39 percent. and in the meantime, a federal judge ordered the state department to speed up the review of 15000 additional e-mails.
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>> catherine has the latest in washington. >> reporter: good morning, a federal judge ordered the state department to expedite the review of the 13000 e-mails that was not turned over by hillary clinton. on top of the 50,000 that she turn over. there are six disks worth of data. it has been in the state department's possession for six weeks and has northerly 15000 emaims. the attorneys for the state department said they don't know what the total is but the disk are under review. they are talking about tens of thousands of documents. given be the interest in disk one. the obama administration appointee judge ordered that the state department place priority.
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>> these are e-mails presumably that mrs. clinton wanted no one to see. we'll see them and we want to see them before the election. >> reporter: just to empsideways, there are 6 or 7 disks of data was not given over. one disk has classified information. we'll know more on the next hearing on september 23rdrd. and the state department believed there might be duplicates on the disk. you have to be talking about a lot duplicates to get it down, gregg. >> thank you. josh earnest is answering questions about the iran deal and the way forward in the middle east. let's listen. >> there is potentially billions
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of dollars and the united states succeeded in executing a mutual prisoner release that allowed four americans to come home. all of this was accomplished without a single shot fired and all of it was accomplished with u.s. troops being deployed and an indication how effective the president's tough diplomatic strategy has proved to be. >> was the president aware of senior justice officials were objecting to the sending of cash at the same time as the four imprisonned americans were release >> kevin, i will not get in to the discussions, but the president of course, discussed
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these arrangementes with members of his national security team and there was agreement among his national security team that he is move forward because in terms of them preventing a nuclear weapon and reaching a financial settlement that saved american citizens billions of dollars and securing the release of americans from iran. there is on the record support is from the attorney general for moving forward with this, with this arrangement. >> in regard to the president's trip to baton rouge, did the white house schedule the trip in response to donald trump's visit? >> of course not. >> the local paper said the president is already late to the
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crisis and it is better late than ever. is the president tardy in responding to the baton rouge situation. >> the president is focused on the response on the ground and the people's lives there are turned upside down. and the response from the federal government has been effective and the president and the other members of his team that have operational responsibilities, have been effective and you don't have to take my word for it. i would refer you to local officials in louisiana who said positive things about the federal response, including republicans and the highest ranking republican and who built his career on criticizing the administration. the highest ranking republican official in the state and his response was when asked about this a couple of days ago, he
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said quote. it is nice to have the president visit as long as the team on the ground is working with the elected officials and governor and getting the job done, that's what we are worried b. that's why the president sent his hometown there. and jay johnson to see the damage firsthand and on the phone can the governor of louisiana eight days ago, to talk to him how his state was affected by the flooding and why in that phone call the president was prepared to issue a disaster declaration to make sure all federal resources are mobilized for the recovery efforts. i think the effectiveness speaks for itself and effective way to answer the politically motivated criticism that the president
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faced. >> so a u.s. judge granted a nationwide injunction on the bathroom policy for transgender students. what was your response? >> i will refer you to the department of justice. this stems from the guidance that the department of justice responded. they were getting questions from community groups and schools. and the effort taken was to collect best practice and understand the experience of other school districts and individual schools that implemented policies to address this particular issue. and this guidance was issued again, in response to these requests for information and request for advice. and the primary goal in offering guidance was to ensure a safe
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educational environment for all students. that i think was the motivation of fast majority of administrators that were seeking the guidance, and it was certainly the primarily goal of the administrators in the department of education who are seeking to be responsive for information. it was not a man date. i know it was described that way by our critics. i recognize that there are people who are eager to play politics just before the election. but the focus of the administration is on practical problem solving. we are working with the local school districts to help them address the complicated issue. our goal has been from the beginning, to provide for the safety and security and dignity of students all across the country. so, i guess we have a lot of
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confidence in the guidance put forward and we have confidence in the legal basis for issuing that guidance and we are respectful of the rulings that are put forward. the president back from vacation this week. and we look at the week ahead, the president is heading to louisiana to check out the flooding on the ground. and josh earnest was asked if the president is going because donald trump went to the area, josh earnest was of course not. so, that's just one little bit of news from the press briefing. we'll listen for more. there are new reports about hillary clinton feeling confident with about a return to the white house as president. with a comfortable lead. clinton lays plans for a white house agenda.
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in recent weeks her lead over gop donald trump. and the pace and scale of the planning reflect growing she will win and take placerats with a majority of the senate. we'll talk with the director of the accountability project and kristin tate and the author of government gone wild. this is an interesting piece in the washington post. talking about the questions of the hillary clinton campaign to figure out what is the top of her agenda when she is president. we have this president from catherine herridge, more questions about thefbgo, e-mai what is in them. do you you think it is too early for hillary clinton's time to be worried about the agenda >> i think a responsible candidate with polls suggesting a large lead would prepare for
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what would happen on january. >> are you surprised there is not a clear agenda? >> she wants to have gender paritty and limit gun manufacture immunity which is a major issue right now. victims of gun violence are not able to sue the gun manufacturers and talking about campaign finance reform. this is what a presidential candidate does. donald trump, to be fair has a transition team but does not have the specifics yet. >> and one of the reason that the clinton team is confident can. they have overwhelming support from the democrats, for donald trump, he hasn't said the same thing when he looks at the republicans. what do you think of the disparity? >> hillary clinton is taking for dpranted she is going to win too early. she assuming that donald trump
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is going to run a weak come pain. he's done that until last week. we saw a trump that was still strong and maintain that populs spirit and humble and willing to admit the mistakes. going forward if he focuses on the people and not on himself and taking down his critics with personal attacks, hillary clinton should not be comfortable. >> pointing to his infrastructure. he's relying on the republican national committee to do his work in the swing states. how does that impact what you think about the campaign and does it concern you? >> yes, he needs to do a better job with infrastructure and he is unconventional. and hillary is spending millions on tv ads. he is utilizing twitter and look
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at what jeb bush did. he raised 100 million in the primaries and every pill board had a message from jeb but he lost. trump wowed in the debates and spent little. >> e-mails so far, it doesn't so many like it impacted hillary clinton supporters. but we have another week and another 15000 e-mails that people are raising questions about. does that concern you in any way and what is the impact in her campaign. >> i don't think that it will. the drip, drip is not hitting the polls. there is a legal argument to be made and that is hillary clinton's concern. but the american people are overwhelmed by this. the republican party took it to a new level and took a legal issue. and made it political. >> when you say legal action? >> are you not concerned about
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that. >> i was a bernie sanders and i am fully transparent about this. u.s. attorney general from new york state is investigating the clinton foundation and the relationship with the state department. that is a concern. but going back to donald trump, with the polls this wide, it is over 60 years since a presidential candidate leading by that much. >> and his supporters will say he is not a traditional candidate or traditional year. thank you very much. >> we'll pause with a quick break. don't go away. the right things working together
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can give you an advantage. like trubiotics with immune support advantage. its unique formula supports immune health in two ways. with probiotics that work in your gut. and antioxidants that work throughout your body. trubiotics from one a day. >> 22 of victims were children that were killed in turkey. they are unsure about the age of a bomber.
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he may have been an adult or a child young as 12. this as police in iraq capture a boy before he can pull off an attack. two men cut off the explosive belt before taking him in custody. here's more on the use of children. suicide bombers. and the director of the award winning film. brook. this is what it is about. you took a look at child suicide bombers. what did you find as far as the consider to the question. how did this happen? >> we are researching this in 2004, what we have seen is an increase in the targeting of innocent muslim children. not only suicide bombers but human shields and child soldiers and the total failure of of so- call would human rights, groups.
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like human rights watch. and ammesty intrchlt and coalition to stop the use of child soldiers that have not released cohesive reports condemning this child abuse. children are impressionable. and preyed on islamic media that teaches them in the television programs and political and religious leaders and sometimes their own families they are taught to revere martyrdom. it is a violation of human rights. >> why does it seem it is getting worse? why are terrorist looking to target the children? >> first of all terrorism by the very nature they want shock value. the more are gruesome the attack the better. terrorist groups like boko haram not only using children but
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targeting children's schools to spread terror. children are cheap. the main character of my film was a 15-year-old physically handicapped rumored to be mentally handicapped boy, paid the equivalent of $20 to blow himself up. being impressionable and cheap. they are kidnapping children in afghanistan and iraq and using them as pawns in the battle. >> looking at the turkish media and stories. they wanted to identify the bomber, and they are worried about blaming the child. and they are uncertain about the suicide bomber, i am going to leave that for what it is it. i have to tick a xeshl break, but you mentioned the ideology of the terrorist. i want to talk to you about the
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>> back with brook olstein. terrorist using children to do their work. brook, you told us that children tis it hard to say the word. children are cheap and impressionable and inundated with the terrorist ideology on a daily basis they become a part of the group. the big question for us is how to combat that. >> we have to stop turning the blipped eye of indockination of muslim children. we have to call it what it is
10:26 am
the infanticide. it makes everybody scared to be report. you have the council of american islamic relation, calling out counterfeit terrorism experts as islamic phobic for reporting on the abuse of muslim children as suicide bombers. what is that mean? we have to stop ignoring it. it is go ahead and kill them. and we have to stop funding it. the united states is one of the largest donors to the agency that provides aid and education to the palestinian arab. they run schools staffed with hams terrorist as teacher and they recruit from the schools.
10:27 am
andun raschools are used as rocket launching pads. you could make the argument that taxpayer dollars are aiding and abetting the pre-meditated murder of arab children because we are teaching them to commit suicide in terrorist attacks. >> we look at the aid and where we spend the money. you mentioned that the groups like human rights watch don't want to come in defense of the children. and we have this terrible story that we are trying to figure out more. it is no secret that isis used children before in terrorist attacks to do horrible things. why do you think the stories come and go, and the trend doesn't really stop? >> one of the most a grejous examples of a blind eye is the coalition to stop the use of child soldier.
10:28 am
2004. i interviewed children that was arrested for attempting to blow themselves up. coalition of child soldiers came out with a report claiming that there was no evidence of systemic use of palestinian children in armed violence. so that to me is a slap in the face not only of the children but the parents who want to protect their children. >> you mentioned politics involved and in the meantime we have horrible stories, we want to continue to report on it and offer a solution as well. brook, it is nice to have you on the program. thank you. >> the national polls shows the race tightening between donald trump and hillary clinton. our political panel is here and why those numbers don't tell the stories and the polls that do matter. and thousands of people in
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louisiana, trying to recover from devastating flooding there. and soon they may have more to worry about as officials warn that all of the standing water is a breeding ground for the mosquitoes caring the zika virus. why we should take precautions even if we are far from the flood zone. unforgettable, wherever you go. from herbal essences, blooming now! can turn dinner time, into bonding time.eal that's why she roasts tender white meat chicken to perfection and mixes freshly-made pasta in an alfredo sauce
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>> brand new numbers in the race for the white house showing things tightening up. it gives hillary clinton a less than six percentage lead over donald trump nationally and that means she has slipped recently. joining us is bradblake man. and jessic is a pollster at consulting. jessica, is the recent movement, i refer to it as a smij significant or not? >> i think that everything is significant. it will get more significant after labor day. while it is tightening nationally she is gaining ground in pennsylvania, and crazy things going on in georgia and i know he's doing better in iowa
10:34 am
and ohio. and i don't think the clinton campaign is freaking out about the tightening. she is still 5 or 6 points high and riding high over the convention bounce. >> trump may have gained in the national polls. but it is irrelevant. and 30 or 40 minutes ago. out came the new mamdht mouth poll in ohio. clinton 43 percent. and trump 39, but brad, he is losing not only in ohio, but every single swing state. virginia, pennsylvania, florida, colorado, wisconsin and michigan and north carolina. and i could extend it. >> plose deputy ahead. >> but to brad, that is really what matters, the state polls, right? >> absolutely and more than that.
10:35 am
you have to take the state polls and layer against the performance in counties based on what your performance doing now and drilling down on where those numbers can be changed and the voters are coming from. we'll see more of that after labor day and that will give us a real indication in the battleground state to where it is going. any candidate has to control the calendar and messaging and organization. you don't have the get out to vote you are not going to win. >> television advertising. that is it influential and i looked at the stats. clinton spent 61 million in tv advertising over the last couple of months and 106 million. and trump spent 0 and just started a 4.8 million ad campaign over the weekend in
10:36 am
four states. >> it is nothing. >> is he skunked when it comes to tv ads. they have taken 80 million of ads out for september and october. they are not stopping and the ads out of the swing states and they can go back in, in a flash and they are built to last. there was an interesting article it is all about the calendar and now that kelli ann conway there is a professional there and you also have stephen bannon pulling him to the dark side and 4 million. if trump has all of the money. self finance and get on the air waves and twitter will not win you an election for sure. >> brad, i am sorry, we are carrying the white house news conference and i will make it up to you. brad and jessica, thank you
10:37 am
both. >> another fox news alert. growing concerns that the zika virus is spreading in the united states. new cases in miami beach. parts of the south hit hard by floods, could be hit next. >> i would not be surprised to see cases in texas and louisiana, particularly with the flooding in louisiana, there will be a lot of problems getting rid of standing water. >> we have our doctor and the hospital. and also pregnant with her second child. darria, great to have you back. >> thank you you. >> as a medical professional and a pregnant woman in an area of the country that some are pointing as the next spot that zika can go. >> the cvc is telling people not to travel to miami.
10:38 am
but women live in miami right now and this disease is spreading to texas. and you heard it could spread to other states. and so the key point is, if you are pregnant, no matter where you live, every single pregnant woman has to take precautions as if her neighborhood is the next miami. >> now, what are you doing? >> i have a system, for all of us women, our number one thing to protect our pregnancy. i have the three res. i wouldn't go in them today. but it protects me from zika but keeps me from using more chemicals than i have to. reduce, and repel and rinse. and by p reduce. reduce your bare body. to a atmosphere that is
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a buffet. a long tunnis or long pants and long pants. more and more. and so reduce the bearskin. and repel. jenna, when you were pregnant you were worried about the chemical. we do know that there are two chemicals that any women look for deet or precaradin. i used a lower percentage. if you are going out for 1 or 2 amounts. 10-15 percent of deet less exposure. you are only spraying exposed. and losely. >> we are going to another r. but what about this question for families. back to school time. and kids are -- kids in miami
10:40 am
sent to school with repellant. can you talk us through that. what is the risk to the rest of us that are not pregnant and to our children? >> you are right. if it impacts the unborn child and can cause microseverino a and -- microceph a li. they don't know the full affects. we know they can get a syndrome that is higher risk for older adults, but don't know upon the full extent. deet and precaradin. and three repellants to use on pregnant women and on young children to keep them safe. >> what about all of the questions we don't have answers to yet? how scared does that make you as a medical professional and as a mother?
10:41 am
>> you are right. zika is one of those we don't know the answers to. it is it crucial to remember what we can do and that is it protecting your pregnancy from zika. and it is reduced and repeal and wash it off when you get inside. you will protect yourself from what we don't know the full outcome of. >> i will make sure we post our interview on facebook. i am sure mothers will wonder what to i do? doctor, thank you for being on the program. >> thank you, take care. >> a 15 year old girl sentenced to decades to prison. 15 years old for plotting her mother's murder. her sentence getting another look. our legal panel weighs in. >> and a bizarre prank damaging university property. throw
10:42 am
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>> police in australia are looking for people who pushed crocks in a office. the four people entered the office and ransacked. they had tape covering the mouths. police are not sure why they did this and where they got them? >> any answers, greg. >>g&6k appellate court deciding whether a teen should be be tried again for plotting her mother's murder. she was sentenced to 35 years in prison after a plea deal. she was 14 years old, when she helped her 20-year-old boyfriend
10:46 am
plan her mother's brutal stabbing. savannah is a defense in barns trial and her composure on the witness stand proved she knows what she is doing. and held to a adult standard. ashley merchant joins us. and jonnah is a defense attorney. and johna. on the witness stand she came across smart and wise and poised beyond the 14 or 15 years. did she therefore undermine her chance to getting it kicked down to jv. >> one of the scientific theories is that before you reach age 25 your brain is simply not matured and you have juveniles committing crime, there is a tendency to treat them in juvenile court.
10:47 am
however this is a person that was sophisticated on the stand, she was sophisticated to what she did up to the time she had someone murder her mother. if they plot and plan and manipulative. she took the satellite when -- sa t. >> the teacher said she was sophisticated. >> the psychiatrist said she is clever and manipulated and no dummy. but ashley these are the other factors in pennsylvania law. and the drug wnces of the crime including the level of violence whether the defendant can be rehabilitated and the degree of criminal sophistication and behavior
10:48 am
capacities. what about the seriousness of the crime, murder? >> i think it is going to take more than just the serious nature of the crime. she is not the one who murdered her mother. she set in play and responsible and you have to remember this is an eighth. >> it was her idea and her plan. >> there is a big difference between an eighth grader orchesterating it and doing it. the fact he planned it out and prompted him to do it is a different paul game than if she committed the act of violence against her own mother. you you have to take in consideration he had sex with her. she is not the legal age of consent. and the law said that she is not mature to consent to sex. >> that is debatable.
10:49 am
i looked up pennsylvania law six years ago, and an 11-year-old committed murder and he was tried asap adult. but the judge thinking it is a heinous crime and arguably capable anything. i have to be worried about the public. she will be out at age 21 and capable of committing murder again. >> i would bet money that that will happen. i don't think the judge will not allow her to be tried in juvenile court. they can be heinous crimes. and because they have bad parenting. but the court gets involved to rehabilitate. and the person kills her own
10:50 am
mother. if it were a crime of passion and this child was abused and one day killed her mother. maybe then we can have leniency. and she was a mastermind of the committing it. got to cut it short today, thank you very much. >> thank you. potential clue washing up on south africa's coast as crews investigate what could be wreckage from missing malaysia air flight. we're live in south africa with the very latest. your car got rear-ended
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hello, everyone, i'm shannon bream. moments ago bill clinton released a statement about the clinton foundation and his role
10:54 am
there, regarding criticism while hillary clinton was secretary of state. plus the clinton campaign releasing ads across the battleground states except for two. a federal judge in texas temporarily blocked the obama administration's transgender bathroom room. on "america's election headquarters," minutes from now. fox news is learning new wreckage has washed up on the south african coast that could be from the doomed malaysian air flight which vanished more than two years ago with 239 souls on board. >> reporter: fox news can report people living close to the south african coastline, advised were to look by amateur hunter blaine allen gibson, have located 50 airplane pieces and personal
10:55 am
effects. gibson has found numerous pieces thought to be from the missing mh370. he's a modern day indiana jones who spent over two years scouring the world on a mission, to find answers about the malaysian plane, and has come here to south africa to join up with two others. immediately upon arrival he shared international experts' thoughts on how ocean currents could bring mh370 wreckage to south africa. >> between the three of us we have found 12 pieces of malaysia 370, while the big underwater search has found none. >> with my knowledge about the coast, we can look in places where nobody's been before. for us, it's about finding answers and also paying respects to people who lost their lives in this tragedy. >> reporter: on the one side, the official search for mh370.
10:56 am
hundreds of people still finding nothing. on the other, here in africa, this tiny american-led initiative. incredible odds. these three are giving it their best shot, jenna. >> thank you very much. a story we'll continue to watch. fruitcake. it isn't the most popular dessert, although i happen to love it. one couple claims it kept them together for 60 years. we'll tell you about it. how the not so fresh fruitcake kept their marriage. supports immune health in two ways. with probiotics that work in your gut. and antioxidants that work throughout your body. trubiotics from one a day.
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therthat can be serious,ere. even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. in the final 30, what's the secret that long and happy marriage? one florida couple claims it's fruitcake. they celebrated their anniversary last week with a ritual they have performed every year since they said "i do. >>. >> that does not look like fruitcake. they do enjoy fruitcake, the same cake served at their
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wedding six decades ago. they say the secret is keeping it tightly sealed. washing it down with bubbly always helps. >> i like the bubbly part, it might take the bread take better. >> i adore fruitcake. >> now we know. "america's election headquarters" starts now. bill clinton responding moments ago to donald trump's call for the clinton foundation to shut down. hello, everyone, i'm shannon bream. this just hours after donald trump slammed the clinton foundation as, quote, the most corrupt enterprise in political history. republicans accuse clinton of giving foundation donors special treatment and access while she was secretary of state. trump spoke to "fox & friends" and released a statement. >> they should shut it


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