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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 22, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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money to donate to the flood victims. instead, they bought pizza from a local restaurant and gave out almost 400 pizzas to the flood victims. >> amazing, wonderful. and join us right here to tune in. that's it for us. new developments on the numerous fronts as the clinton e-mail scandal, and a call for a perjury charge heats up. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. we're following several big stories tonight. authorities uncover 15,000 pages of previously unreleased hillary clinton work-related e-mails. some of them are sparking new questions about the relationship between clinton's top aides when she was secretary of state and the clinton foundation. the level of interaction is
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raising eyebrows tonight. donald trump insists he is not flip-flopping on immigration, but his campaign insists he is backing off. how he characterized deporting illegal immigrants on the campaign trail. and new zika cases in florida and possibly a new infection zone which stretches to other gulf coast states. we'll get a brief from what you need to know, from the doctor in charge of the research for the federal government. first up. even top democrats have expressed concern about the drip, drip, drip of hillary clinton's e-mail problems. tonight, a few more drips. new calling for the fbi to take up the case of lying under oath to congress. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more. >> bret, the e-mails were covered by the fbi special investigator who covered the
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scandal on the classified e-mail investigation. based on the subject in d.c. court, hundreds of new e-mails may be public before the election. the ruling from judge james berg, an appointee, the records may be released shortly. these e-mails were sent or received by mrs. clinton and deleted by her team and not among the records turned over to the state department. there are seven disks of data, includes one with classified e-mails. the guess is that there are tens of thousands of new clinton record s in play. >> the intent is to do that appraisal before september 23rd, but again, we're still in the process of looking at the amount of effort and resources we need to comthat. but that's the intent at least. >> judicial watch who brought the lawsuit says that there is more evidence of bad faith.
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>> mrs. clinton sworn to penalty of perjury that as best she knew all government records were turned over. but this court hearing today demonstrated that was not the case. >> the single government record is among the 15,000 e-mails recovered by the fbi, indicating that clinton misled congress in 2015 about what her team determined was personal and what was government business and who should be preserved. >> who oversaw this multi-step process, making the determination which ones we may get and which ones were personal. >> the search terms were anything that you could imagine that may have been relatable, but they also went through every single e-mail. >> the state began to release the e-mails in september, but the judge accelerated it based on the fact that the state department had the e-mails since july. >> catherine, thank you.
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america's election headquarters in depth tonight. former president bill clinton says the clinton foundation will no longer accept foreign money and he will step down from the board if his wife is elected in november. the foundation is also getting ready to scale back operations around the world. tonight, chief washington correspondent james rosen has a fox news exclusive. ex examining the relationship. >> they are examening the relationship, saying that laura graham left at least 148 messages for mills within a two-year time frame, with one of
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the messages referring to an as yet unnamed figure, as quote, our boss. >> it did not preclude other state department officials from having contact with the foundation. >> there is no evidence of messages of improper conduct, but no other individual or non-profit appears so frequently. the records were released as part of an emergency group over the freedom of information act. >> it's amazing they would be making an argument that hillary clinton would be under an ethics agreement. her top employees would not be under that same agreement. >> a blockbuster. >> earlier it was determined that mills spent two days in 2012 traveling to new york to
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interview job applicants for the job. neither the campaign nor mill's attorney would answer our question as to whether or not mills used unpaid leave to do that work or did so on the taxpayer's dime. >> does it smell good? it does not. >> i did hear a lot of people today say who cares? it's not previewed that cheryl mills would go interview people. >> but they are always angling for the secretary's ear from celebrities like sean penn to vernon jordan. cheryl mills left a message for her big-shot daughter, saying please call, i haven't heard from you in so long and wondered if you were out of town. >> james rosen at the state department, thank you. they're trying to pin it on me, that from former secretary of state colin powell, clearly fed up with the clinton campaign's efforts to draw him
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into the e-mail scandal. particularly, hillary clinton's suggestion that her using a private e-mail server was essentially powell's idea. mike emanuel is traveling with the campaign. >> reporter: with hillary clinton's e-mail controversy still lingering, former secretary of state colin powell said quote, her people are trying to pin it on me. the truth is she was using it for a year before i sent her a memo telling her what i did, the suggestion is that clinton would be using a private e-mail and server before she knew what powell had done as secretary of state, but powell never had a private server. but clinton says her practices were like what happened before her. >> it was permitted. >> yet aides say madeleine allbright didn't use the personal e-mail, clinton's personal manager was asked if
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clinton was blaming powell. >> you will have to ask her about the conversations they have had. he did use private e-mail as secretary of state. >> clinton's long-time aide huma abedin was at the center of controversy, they blamed the u.s. for 9/11. nick merrill told fox these tabloid claims are more of the unfounded vitriol pushed by steve bannon and other clinton cronies, the clinton campaign is spending heavily on ads, an estimated $77 million in september and october. this new spot attacks donald trump as being too dangerous to be commander-in-chief. >> and you can tell them. to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> because all it takes is one wrong move.
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>> clinton has been fundraising in recent days in wealthy places leading to this web video docfr the rnc. >> welcome, with frequent stops in beverly hills, hollywood and cape cod. >> clinton's allies defend the fundraising saying it's a wise use of her time when many americans are focusing on summer rather than the presidential campaign at least for now. mike emanuel, thank you. and one of the essential tenets of donald trump's stance is building a wall on the southern border, kicking out immigrants who are here illegally. delivered fin cut and dry tones on the campaign trail. now trump seems to be softening that tone. and tonight, a detailed information on the subject has
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been curtailed. >> donald trump is revising his immigration reform goals. after a meeting with the leaders, he admitted that his idea of undocumented immigrants is changing. >> no, i'm not flip-flopping, we want to come up with a very firm answer, we want to come up with something fair. >> reporter: still, it's a reversal that stops proposing the want on muslims and immigrations. in his first topic it started friday. national polls tend to tighten as the election nears. but trump is in trouble, behind between six and nine points in the polls. historical, no candidate down that low has won the white house. he trails in polls in the crucial background swing states. the latest poll here in ohio where he campaigns tonight shows
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him down by four. trunk's relying heavily on the national party and super pacs to organize his grass roots campaign, he raised $36.6 million in july, hillary clinton has raised $52.3 million in the bank. trump says he will curtail his words regarding the most corrupt campaign in history. >> they should give the money back to a lot of countries that we should not be taking and they're taking money from. and it's pay for play, if you look at it it's play for pay. >> he trashed msnbc, unwatchable. at morning mica is off the wall, not very bright mess, republicans fear their senate majority is in trouble this fall. and now growing concerns on his popularity could result in democrats taking the house has the congressional leadership planning to spend millions on
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ads and organizing earlier than ever before to save the house majority. in addition, the conservative christian group has raised $10 million as well for a separate mass of get out the vote work. >> and another bright spot for trump is that new republican voter registration is up in four key states more so than for democrats. pennsylvania, florida, north carolina and iowa. and the first debate is five weeks from tonight. and this weekend starting yesterday trump began working and preparing for it with briefing books and watching old tapes of hillary clinton's previous performances. >> we may dip into that speech in just a bit. carl cameron with the trump campaign, thank you. staggering numbers on the crisis that is louisiana flooding. more than 2800 people remain in for shelters. a week after it all began. the storm and its flooding have damaged an estimated 60,000 homes. more than 106,000 people have
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registered for federal disaster aid so far with the state saying $20 million has been distributed to individuals so far. let's get the latest on the ground with correspondent will carr. >> reporter: as emotions run high, president obama is set to tour the historic flood damage in louisiana, many residents have a direct message. >> just help us, no red tape. just help us. don't make us jump through all of these hoops. some of us just don't have anything. >> today the white house responding to criticism that the president has taken too long to visit the largest disaster since superstorm sandy hit the east coast in 2012. >> the president has focused on the response and not frankly as concerned with the optics as all of you appear to be. >> reporter: while many homes remain swamped, home runs returned to see what they could save. property after property, we see the residents bringing up all of
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their items, piling up the debris there really all that is left after the flood waters hit their homes. >> kind of seeing your entire life out on the curb, we have two small children, both under two, three, all of their stuff, all of their toys, our clothes, furniture, everything it gos go >> on monday, unwanted guests were hiding behind the wall, others realize they lost everything in everything. >> what we realize is about two to three feet of water. >> 110 residents filed for flood relief, and parishes are declared disaster zones. it's a mentality gerardo said she found after discovering important items.
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>> try to think about one good thing each day, if you see one good thing that is enough to get you through it. >> reporter: and that is a philosophy that has been common in this community. another woman bought the home here because she thought it would be safer. once again she is asking for the country's continued attention. >> will carr, in louisiana, thank you. and virginia governor terry mcauliffe has restored the order on the 15,000 felons, you will recall the original order was blocked by the supreme court. the governor says his office has gone through the paperwork individually to comply with the judge's ruling. and president obama beginning the stretch run of his final term and his top aides insist he still has a lot he wants to get done. tonight, doug mcelway has more. >> reporter: it was a rude
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return to the white house. the president spokesperson today peppered with questions about the $400 million payout to iran. the house secretary blamed the controversy on right wingers in iran and the republican party. >> admiral kerby is no right of winger, he offered a fundamental difference. >> anybody who thinks this is a bounty is foolish. >> he says the president's decision to pay a visit to flood-ravaged baton rouge until tomorrow, noticing that craig fugate was much more effective. >> i think it sounds like lieutenant billy nungusser, a noted obama critic, in louisiana, saying that fema and
3:17 pm
fugate have done an excellent job of supporting fema and louisiana. >> the president's relations with the gop-controlled congress are damaged, his supreme court court pick stonewalled, even funding for the zika threat held hostage with the impasse. with the president heading to laos in september, some fear the project in the south china sea and cyber spy is at risk, because they own much of the u.s.'s debt. the regulations at issue. >> i think the president's strategy is to just throw as many regulations out there as he can and then see if perhaps through the legal system we can get them overturned. into the president's other hope in the remaining months in office are his job approval ratings which rank at 52% still.
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and that, despite the endurance of legislative accomplishments in his term. up next, new zika cases and possibly new zika places. first, some of the fox affiliates are covering the issue around the country. and first, firefighters battling several wildfires which have scorched more than 12,000 acres and at least 16 homes have been lost. fox 46 in charlotte as the financial fallout begins for american swimmer ryan lochte, following his admission that he over-exaggerated in his words his account at being robbed at gunpoint in rio last month. swim suit maker speedo is dropping their endorsement, saying it is counter to their values. and a look at fox 5, one of the big stories tonight. the last dry town in connecticut
3:19 pm
now selling alcohol. the community sold its first drink since 1935 at a country fair friday. vo voters legalized alcohol sales two years ago in order to attract restaurants, but none have opened so far. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back. constipated?
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and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolaxelief
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the obama administration is sending out mixed messages tonight about why a key session of a press briefing three years ago was deleted from its official records. peter doocy has an update. >> reporter: officials at the department can't keep their stories straight about whether or not a 2013 press briefing was
3:23 pm
censored to help them save face or was altered. the investigation has determined whether jen psaki was caught in a lie. the state department's top lawyers spoke for an editor who is a government employee and reports back quote, the technician did not recall a reason being given, but did believe that the requester had mentioned in the course of the call a fox network reporter. the technician indicated the requester may have also provided the start and end times for an edit. as recently as last week, spokesperson john kirby still spoke of a glitch. >> we're not sure if it was done with intent to conceal or with the result of a technical problem. >> the state department's latest attempt to deny the wrongdoing
3:24 pm
also represents a 180 from june. >> what i said to my staff, this was inappropriate. >> this attempted cover-up of a cover-up does not just mean bad communication from the white house, it could mean violations of the federal records act of 1950. because an updated version of that low stlaw prohibits tamperg with the evidence. >> the written transcript as it comes out is sent far and near every day, is the official transcript of the state department. >> it is not clear who would be punished for breaking the law, though, because 34 people were interviewed for the entire probe. one of them remembers an entire phone call where they were given instructions to censor the briefing, that person just can't remember who was on the other
3:25 pm
line. thank you. more cases of zika found in south florida, and the sizika infection zone is still growing. more on the story. >> reporter: good evening, bret, seven new travel-related zika cases announced today and the number of locally transmitted cases now at 37, the cdc is advising all pregnant women to avoid the entire miami-dade county during their pregnancy and the state is investigating whether there is now a possible third active transmission zone. that is in the very popular brickell neighborhood south of downtown miami, which is densely populated with restaurants and other businesses. the cases involve two elsewhere, leading to the suspicion there is possibly a small cluster of cases here. on friday, the state announced that miami beach is now an active transmission zone, including most of the hotels,
3:26 pm
restaurants and nightclubs. 15 million tourists sent about $20 billion there last year, and in the district north of downtown, the first identified zika zone, the state has been able to clear the zone from three pockets within that square mile and there have not been new infections there in weeks. today, also the first day of school in florida, nine sit in the zika zones, and unusually in school, the kids were wearing long sleeve jackets as well as mosquito spray. the governor visited the schools and repeated his call on congress to help. >> this is an international issue, not just a florida issue, we're at the tip of the sphere because of the number of people in the state. >> democrat debbie wasserman-schultz also repeated demands that congress pass president obama's full zika funding request. >> we predicted this for months,
3:27 pm
public health experts predicted it for months. and the republicans have stalled and still have not been able to appropriate the right amount of funding that public health experts say we need. they're playing politics with it. it's not acceptable. >> democrats and republicans simply cannot agree on a final price tag for that zika bill, so congress has not sent anything for the president to sign, but much of the zika battle depends on all the people, removing puddles around your house where the mosquitos breed, wearing protective clothing around your skin and cloths as well, bret. phil keating in miami, thank you. and earlier i talked to the director of infectious diseases, and i started by asking him where the zika virus is headed outside tucson's borders. >> i hope it doesn't happen, but when you have travel-related cases lake we have in florida,
3:28 pm
carlos to 500 travel-related cases which means that people got infected is where and came to florida they have the right weather and environmental conditions, which make it difficult to control mosquitos. so i would not be surprised if we see both more individual cases and perhaps small clusters as we have already seen in florida and other gulf coast state s particularly like texas and louisiana, where you may see that. i hope we do not, but i think we should not be surprised if we do see other cases along other gulf coast states. >> and with louisiana's flooding does that increase the likelihood that that is going to happen? >> well, during the process of flooding, it does more to get rid of mosquitos temporarily, but then after the flooding there is a real problem withstanding water. that will make it a very good environment for mosquitos to
3:29 pm
flourish. so it's a two-stage item. when the flood waters recede, you have a lot of standing water, people are concerned about less the flooding than the post-flooding situation. >> now, doctor, back in may, you said this, new risks even though they're much less risky than a risk of getting on the beltway every morning, which is probably more risky than anything that your patient faces, there is the extra twist with this, when the risk is to your developing baby that trumps everything. >> but now, there appears to be study that suggest that the adult brain is also affected by zika. do you have those -- i mean, do you concur with those? >> well, i think we should be careful about making the connection between that study in a mouse model and anything that we're seeing with the adults in which we have thousands and
3:30 pm
thousands of cases of human adults who are infected with no apparent delitirous consequences whatsoever. you want to pay attention to studies with the mouse but we have to be careful. it may not apply to anything with the human. although you may not want to dismiss it. if you look at the study with the mouse they found that it attacked certain stem cells in the brain of the mouse. but what they did not do, is they did not show whether or not that particular type of infection had any effect at all on the adult behavior of the adult mice. so we have to be careful. when people do studies on animals you have to pay attention but you don't make any other policy studies or conclusions on that until you did good observation in the human system. and in that regard we have not
3:31 pm
seen any indication that there is any damaging effects to an adult. they tend to get infected and clear the virus and they're fine. the only issue that you mention, the important one is to focus on protecting pregnant women. because the fetus of a pregnant woman is the vulnerable party here. >> last thing, doctor, can this be stopped? can zika -- >> we apologize, it did continue, he said that the mosquito -- mosquitos could be taken out in some of these areas. he said a vaccine is a long way away. apologize for that tape error there. thanks to dr. faacsi. and up ahead, how po policymakers view the outlook of grow, the s&p fell one, nasdaq
3:32 pm
up six. and as we head to break, we'll take some of this speech. as we go to the commercial know that it is streaming live on and you can see all of it un unedited there. >> she backed the job-killing trade deal with south korea. and she backed the trans-pacific partnership which she called the gold standard. one bad deal after another. hillary clinton's donors own her. they own her. lock, stock and barrel. they own her. and she will do whatever they tell her to do. and when they own companies and they want that company to move to mexico, folks, your jobs are
3:33 pm
gone. okay? you don't have a chance of the th. that is the way the system works. ohio and the akron area have lost nearly one third of the manufacturing jobs since nafta. one third, think of that. and getting worse. and as you stand here tonight there are companies right now negotiating to leave. okay? you will find out about it. but we'll stop them, just hang in there. and it won't be hard. won't be hard. they have lost nearly one in four manufacturing jobs since china entered the world trade organization. our annual trade deficit in goods, with the world, is now nearly $800 billion. if that is even believable.
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$800 billion. we have some great negotiators on our side, don't we? this subtracks directly from our growth, our economy grew only 1% in the last quarter, what is a total disaster. it is not getting better, it's getting worse. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) you can sit in traffic. or you can crack up. (man on radio) but if it isn't refreshing... (announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. secretary powell has admitted he did exactly the same thing. he had such a distinguished record, you know, i have served my country as well. we both did the same thing. just recently colin powell's e-mails weretroactively classifd
3:38 pm
in . >> she is a liar, lied about the e-mails and colin powell. >> she set up the e-mails on the same day she started her senate confirmation hearings. she literally set up this own server in the basement of their hou house. >> well, you hear some of the explanation of hillary clinton talking about former secretary of state colin powell and his use of private e-mail. well, over the weekend, powell talked to the magazine saying quote, her people have been trying to pin it on me. with the e-mail scandal. >> the truth is she was using the private e-mail server for a year before i sent her a memo telling her what i did. doesn't bother me, it's okay. i'm free. we'll start there. let's bring in our panel, steve hayes, and editor-in-chief, laura ingraham. okay, seems like a direct
3:39 pm
contradiction to what we've heard numerous times from hillary clinton and the campaign. >> she definitely gave the impression that because colin powell did it, or something just like what she did that it was okay. now he contradicted it, and now this a story that just won't go away for her. this is the e-mail story that is merging as sort of by one. this is continuing, you have the lawsuit by judicial watch. you have the congress, the e-mail notes of interviews by her and i believe it will continue. >> you know, people sometimes glaze over this sort of thing. but there are two tracts, the e-mails, the documents, we don't know how many e-mails but documents that have not been seen by anybody. authorities say they just found them. in addition, those that were erased. then you have judicial watch,
3:40 pm
the changes by huma abedin, and more top aides, and the clinton foundation saying, he asked -- speaking about somebody from bahrain in town tomorrow. asked to see hillary clinton, good friend of ours, asking to see hillary clinton through normal channels, and she says she doesn't want to commit to anything thursday or friday until she knows how she feels. she says she may want to go to new york and doesn't want to commit herself to anything in new york. again, this is the clinton found interacting, talking about bahrain, if you see them let them know we reached out to official channels. here is what the state department said about this today. >> important people who had reason to convey information to the secretary, there was nothing that we have seen that implied any kind of untoward relationship. >> and james rosen finding out
3:41 pm
that the clinton foundation coo, laura graham, left at least 148 e-mails to the chief of staff for hillary clinton. there is a lot of interaction. >> they probably just wanted to talk about scheduling her yoga sessions and clinton grandchildren. look at what hillary clinton said back in july. there is absolutely no connection between anything that i did as secretary of state and the clinton foundation. we saw what you just read. clearly she was lying. people are going to try to dress it up and use all sorts of euphemisms to avoid saying she was lying. clearly she was lying there. in addition you have the evidence about bahrain and the terms after, and the e-mails disclosed about jobs being offered to clinton foundation donors. you have the e-mail about the e-mails regarding a person giving a seat on the intelligence advisory committee
3:42 pm
because of his involvement or at least related to his involvement in the clinton foundation. there is a clear pattern here, which is in black and white. what amuses me as i follow other media outlets covering this is they continue to cast hthis as though it were about republicans, they are casting light on this, the republicans. the this is not about republicans, this is about hillary clinton who made repeated statements that turned out to be false, in black and white. >> here is what they say, laura, one state department has said there is no direct evidence of a quid pro quo from the clinton foundation to anything that the clinton foundation does around the world, great work. >> we also heard she turned over all the documents. i don't know what it is about this particular e-mail story, every time they come out to try to clarify, or she answers off
3:43 pm
the cuff, she always steps in it. think about colin powell. he was actually a big ally, a helper to the clinton campaign. now who knows what colin powell will do in this campaign, maybe he will just sit it out. if he just sits it out and says nothing that hurts him. but with all the issues in bahrain and cheryl mills, what people are increasingly seeing is this was set up for the purposes of helping the clintons. it was selling access and influence and selling employment positions apparently. that is what it was said for. there was some benefits, but most of it just made the clintons' lives better. that is why people are sick of politics, you are supposed to serve people, but everybody else exists to make their lives winter storm warning. all the ins and outs get complicated. but i think people are seeing the foundation for what it is. meanwhile, this other story,
3:44 pm
"the new york post" says about huma abedin, the campaign says was a figurehead, not only on the staff, but the journal of muslim affairs, roundly criticized for oppressing women. abedin was listed as assistant editor of that journal from 1996 to 2008. her brother was the associate editor, sister employed as an editor. abedin's pakistani mother remains editor-in-chief. here is what the state department said about that today. >> when ms. abedin was cleared here to work in the department of state, one of her two jobs she held down during her tenure year, was her association known. >> having gone through the security clearance process, and considering what -- the level of clearance she would have needed
3:45 pm
for the job that she held, i can assure you that she was like any individual would be, fully vetted. >> this journal blamed america for 9/11, and had other inflammatory items. >> i don't know enough about this journal but i'm sure now everybody will be taking a look at it in. >> well, you would think. >> these things get attention, the problem is they are often over sshadowed by other things. >> the trump story -- >> think about this day, think about all the things that came out today. what this would do to the average candidate running. >> it would be a terrible thing. and she has had one big piece of luck this year in that she has an opponent who has bigger troubles than she does. >> the good news is hillary clinton can clear it up what she
3:46 pm
gives the press conference. >> the question, they're focusing on it. why is it that judicial watch is doing all the requests -- thank god for judicial watch, what we do without judicial watch, places that are doing work in areas like 60 minutes. >> let alone capitol hill. judicial watch is getting more than capitol hill -- >> again, they're unearthing all of this information. and isn't that what the media generally are supposed to do? they're supposed to be bringing issues to the attention of the american people that go to the basic issues of trust. what is most important, if we can't trust our public officials then we can't trust that they're going to look out for us, first and foremost. >> i want to talk about that, do you think it sinks in? >> yes, i do, i think it would be something whether it levels the playing field between them,
3:47 pm
i don't know. yeah, this is why her numbers are so bad. >> next up, donald trump has insisted he is not flip-flopping, but his tone has clearly changed. the panel weighs in on that.
3:48 pm
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we're going to have a deportation force. they are going to do it humanely. they are going back where they came. if they came from a certain country, they will be taken back to that country. that's the way it is going to be. >> as weeks unfold he will lay out the plans he would implement as president of the united states. >> will that plan have a deportation force. >> to be determined. >> we have a lot of people come in through the deportation. we are working with people in the hispanic community to come up with an answer so? >> you are not flip flopping. >> no. i'm not flip flopping.
3:51 pm
we want to come up with a fair but firm answer it has to be very firm. >> donald trump on the issue of immigration and whether he is going to deport 11 million plus illegal immigrants. we're back with the panel. okay, laura. is this a change in policy? is it a change in tone? what is this about? >> i think it's probably change in tone again, in the end people are going to see two choices one who believes in open borders and basically unlimited immigration and someone who believes in enforcing the rule of law. i think and i imagine what they're doing is they are saying the worst of the worst we know under the administration hillary worked for they released thousands and thousands of felons. thousands and thousands of criminals have been released into our country and committing more crimes. we have got to get those people out of the country. that's going to take some time. that's going to take some work. where they go from there, we will see. i don't believe that hillary clinton is going to get very
3:52 pm
far by saying okay, donald trump sat down with some hispanic americans and they are trying to put together a process that simentz like it will work more efficiently than the previous process. they say he needs to pivot. when he is pivoting they criticize him. is he damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. >> mara he insists it is not a flip flop it is a change. change on the proposed ban on muslim immigrants temporary as he recast that this is different. is it about this new campaign team trying to get nuances there to reach out to independents? moderates? what is it? >> i think that assuming he stays on this path and softens this deportation force idea, it's an acknowledgment that his base is with him no matter. what up until now he seems to be doubling down on this base strategy not reaching out to suburban women, moderate voters. this suggests he does understand he has to reach out to voters who find the idea of mass deportation of
3:53 pm
11 million people offputting. is he softening the tone. i think that's what it says. we don't know what he is going to do about it in the next couple weeks because we have seen a lot of pivots that didn't turn out to be anything. >> steve? >> if you go back to the primary, this was litigated. this was a central reason that many of trump's most enthusiastic supporters jumped on board with him despite the fact that in 2012 he had criticized mitt romney for harsh language and didn't like his self-deportation idea. this was litigated. this was a central part of the republican primary debate. and the kind of immigration policy that we're hearing from donald trump now, through looks and media reports sound like something to the left of what ted cruz was supporting and what scott walker. >> there was scheduled immigration policy speech at the end of this week. we don't know if there is other logistics going on about travel or other things. but it has been cancelled so far. we will see what happens
3:54 pm
what comes out of this speech tonight. you are saying that he is changing in an effort to get other voters? >> i don't think anybody -- you don't dispute that i think everybody believes that he is opening this up for reexamination. >> do you think he will lose his base over. this i don't think he will lose the hardest of hard core bases as you suggest. if you believe, which i think a lot of trump support supporters did this was one of two key issues for trump the reason to have him as the republican nominee. >> how does that make any sense? >> there was a time back in the primaries where, you know, a lot of people, including you were arguing that any attack on donald trump, on immigration or other issues was in effect a vote for jeb bush, support for jeb bush, now he has immigration policy that looks like it's being retracted when it was the most important issue for a lot of voters. >> most important issue is restoring trust in the government that the government is actually going to stand up for the people and that political correctness doesn't run the entire government. i think that's the -- is the
3:55 pm
government going to work for you? are you going to be the servant of the government? that's really at the base of why he is successful. it looks as if this is true that he is going to enforce the law against the worse of the worse. i don't remember jeb bush talking about that. jeb wis-i -- jebbush is talking abos an act of love. >> clinton with a 4 point lead when you add everybody on there, the libertarian and the gen -- green party there within the margin of error. nationally we have seen them get tighter, the swing states not so much. >> the thing that's interesting is the swing states haven't gotten tighter. >> although high might be. >> ohio might be. that's a little unclear. she has a small lead, maybe it's getting a little smaller. we need a couple more polls from the ohio to tell. she is in really good shape in the battleground shaps
3:56 pm
states play with red and blue interactive maps, the path for him is very narrow. he could win ohio and florida and still lose if she gets north carolina and virginia. it's just hard. she has a lot of roots to the white house. he has very few. >> we'll lay it all out for you as the days go on. thank you, panel. stay tuned for a favorite website we like here at "special report." hey, it's the phillips' lady!
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>> love those. earlier we had editing issue with anthony. that interview is on our home page report. see you tomorrow. this is a fox news alert. donald trump has been railing against the clinton foundation, calling it corrupt and that's not all is he talking about at a campaign rally in ohio. let's listen live. >> we are going to have a new immigration screening test to keep people out of our country who don't support our tolerant values. [cheers and applause] we are going to have extreme remember, extreme vetting. we want people in our country, but we want people that have the ability to love us and respect


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