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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 22, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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okay? baton rouge, try to help out. tony perkins church. we'll see you in austin, texas tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. page report. see you tomorrow. this is a fox news alert. donald trump has been railing against the clinton foundation, calling it corrupt and that's not all is he talking about at a campaign rally in ohio. let's listen live. >> we are going to have a new immigration screening test to keep people out of our country who don't support our tolerant values. [cheers and applause] we are going to have extreme remember, extreme vetting. we want people in our country, but we want people that have the ability to love us and respect us.
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we are also going to reject the bigotry up of hillary clinton who sees people of color only as votes and not as human beings worthy of a better future. so true. that is so true. [cheers and applause] the democratic party has run nearly every inner city for 50 years, 60 years, 70 years, and even more than 100 years they have produced only poverty, failing schools, and broken homes in the last eight years, the african-american labor force participation has declined another 3 percentage points
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and it's dropped another six percentage points for teenagers and that's already from the most dismal numbers in history. nearly four in ten african-american children live in poverty. [crowd boos] >> african-american home ownership has declined nearly 10 percentage points from record levels. this is just in the last short while. also, since 2009, another 2 million latinos have fallen in to poverty. [crowd boos] income for latino workers fell by almost another $1,000 a year, again, by terrible standards. meanwhile homicides are up by nearly 50% in washington, d.c. and more than 60% in
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baltimore and up all over the place, no matter where you look. the level of crime in these cities is something no american should consider acceptable. it should not be considered acceptable. [ applause ] >> that is, of course, donald trump is he live in akron, ohio. we will keep monitoring the event for any news. right now, let's listen to what he said about the clinton foundation just moments ago. >> hillary clinton is either too corrupt or too cowardly to meet with the families of those killed by the policies she and obama support. [crowd boos] >> hillary clinton has totally forgotten the first rule of public service, the job of an elected official
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is to serve the citizens of the united states. [cheers and applause] that's what the job is. and if you don't understand that then you are not fit to run for the office of president of the united states. [cheers and applause] if you are not prepared to put american workers first, then you should not hold or seek public office. we're not working for somebody else. we're not working for another country. it's just that simple no issue better illustrates how corrupt my opponent is than her pay for play scandals as secretary of state. [crowd boos. as the evidence has become public over the last several months, i have become increasingly shocked by the
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vast scope of hillary clinton'hillaryclinton's crimin. everybody knows it our country has gone so far behind, everybody knows. it hillary clinton said she turned over all of her work-related emails. [chanting lock her up] shoe testified to congress under penalty of perjury now we learn about another 15,000 emails she failed to turn over and they have just been discovered, i guess today. [crowd boos] >> and don't forget the 33,000 emails she has already deleted colin powell just proved again how
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dishonest hillary clinton is after he busted her for trying to pin the email scandal on him. one more hillary clinton e.coli. her foundation took in large payments from major corporations and wealthy individuals, foreign and domestic, and all the while, she was secretary of state. the clinton foundation accepted as much as $60 million from middle eastern countries that oppress women, guys, and people of different faiths. after the fbi and department of justice white washed hillary clinton's email crimes, they certainly cannot be trusted to quickly or impartially investigate hillary clinton's new crimes, which happen all the time some former prosecutors have even suggested that the coordination between the pay
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for play state department and clinton foundation constitute a clear example of ricco, racketeering, influence, corrupt organization enterprise. the justice department is required to appoint an independent special prosecutor because it has proven itself to be really, sadly, a political arm of the white house. nobody has ever seen anything like this before the department of justice has acted very unethically, particularly the attorney general's private lengthy 39 minute meeting in the back of an air plane before the department's decision. [crowd boos] >> not to prosecute her for crimes that would have been prosecuted against any other
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citizen in our country. >> and you just heard donald trump in akron, ohio, rail against the clinton foundation. we are monitoring his live rally that's going on there now for any news. you guessed it. she is not just getting slammed by donald trump, other calls are coming to shut down the clinton foundation you can still assure the people that the clinton state department maintained at all points distance from the clinton foundation. >> we have seen no evidence of any behavior, any relations with the clinton foundation that weren't completely above board. >> it was pay for play. >> she is thoroughly corrupt and so is the clinton foundation. they need to change the way they have done business. they indicated they will. they are never going to stop. number one they should shut it down job as u.s. attorney. i would indict the clint
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foundation don't just start some new process up all over again. that's all the people live off of other people's money. >> we showed you donald trump's response to this latest news, but here now is colorado governor rick scott. good evening, sir. we have an ad up that basically talks about this. she said they walked out of the white house broke. they started a foundation. today they $100 million how would you do that? >> i looked it up and want to know whether she is worth 100 million or not. he the range we got 11 million to 50 million. i'm not denying that's a huge sum of money, but everyone keeps saying 11 million. 50 million is a lot. 11 million is a whole lot. anyway, i know -- i mean, they gave a lot of speeches but even that is under fire because, you know, there is
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one speech for $750,000 that bill clinton is getting heat for it would be smart tore sit down and answer questions and she'll at the debate, i assume. >> on top of that, they acknowledged now that they are going to stop taken this foreign money. why did they do it while she was secretary of state? if it's corruption now, why wasn't it corruption before? it doesn't make an any sense. >> today outlined something that the clinton foundation has done. do you think the clinton foundation has done any good in the world? >> i personally haven't seen it. i mean, i was talking to somebody the other day about haiti and they said he would not be welcome to go back there but who knows. i don't know exactly enough about what the foundation has done. what i do know is they walk out broke, they start a foundation, and they are worth a lot of money. that's not -- i mean, they are public servants. that's nau not how you become wealthy.
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you don't become wealthy as a public servant. they are trying to get the ad taken down that we have up right now. we are continuing to raise money to keep this message up there this is wrong what they have been doing. >> let me bring the viewers in on this now. because i like to have them vote at home on twitter. here is the question to the viewers. should the clinton foundation be shut down? tweet yes or no using #greta. we'll show you live twitter votes throughout the show. governor scott, so, what should happen? do you think it should be shut down? do you think bill clinton should get out of it? what do yo do you want to do wih the clinton foundation? a lot of money there. i imagine a lot of it is pledged all over the world and i imagine enormously complicated. >> i thought it ought to be shut down. they ought to do what they should have done before. give all that money back. they should have never taken money from foreign governments. especially government -- look, it's governments that don't believe in what the america believes. in they are governments that had contracts or doing business with the secretary of state's office. that is wrong. that should never ever ever happen in this country. we need -- here's why i
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support donald trump. he is a business person. never been involved in government before. she is a career politician. he is going to build jobs. she won't. he is going to destroy isis. she had her chance. >> well, the john podesta who is chair of her campaign issued a statement today and he was going after him saying that donald trump ought to release his tax returns, do you agree with that? and, among other things, ought to tell about his death to big banks. do you agree with that? >> well, i released my tax returns every candidate runs a different race. i released my tax returns in both my races in 2010 and 2014. i know mike pence says is he going to release his. every candidate is different. >> is there a justification not to do so and if he is just being stubborn not to release them, isn't he creating at least for some, some success speption in a lot of people? >> sure, you know, look, the clinton carp is going to try to change the conversation,
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all right. i mean, look. i put out my tax returns. donald trump has to make that decision for himself. the career politician never created private sector job. created isis versus a newcomer, somebody who has never been in politics before. clearly believes in building jobs. if you listen to part of his talk is he doing right now, is he going to reduce taxes and reduce regulation, build more jobs. we want more jobs in this country. >> let me jab you a little bit. you just changed the conversation of whether you thought he should i'm going to tease you and jab you on that one. here have the voting numbers. interesting, 88% of the people think that the foundation should be shut down. and 12% think it should go on which is fascinating. governor, thank you for joining us, sir. >> bi, greta. >> the clinton foundation is not the only headache for secretary hillary clinton. a federal judge ordering the state department to release thousands of newly uncovered, yes, thousands of newly uncovered clinton documents. fox news chief washington
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correspondent james rosen is at the state department. james? >> greta, good evening. hillary clinton has previously testified that all of the work-related emails from her time as secretary of state, some 55,000 pages of them were turned over to the department of state back in november 2014. now, the department acknowledges that earlier this month it received from the fbi an additional 14,900 documents on seven cds that were not part of what mrs. clinton made avisible. state department officials say they have just begun going through the newly recovered documents which are emails which are work related and which are personal. turning over as many as law will alive to legal watch. the group that sued for access to clinton's emails and attended a hearing about them in federal district court today. judicial watch also eliseed a number of separate email exchanges today voluming aids and showing easy access that big time donors to the clinton foundation have enjoyed to the secretary's inner office. separately fox news obtained call records for hillary
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clinton's chief of staff during her four years of chief of staff. cheryl mills. show that senior executive clinton foundation left almost 200 messages for cheryl mills in a two year time frame. those involve conservancy advocacy group citizens united. the state department says it always acted under secretary clinton's tenure to advance u.s. foreign policy interests and no other intent beyond that in mind. greta? >> one where is where have 14,900 documents been that's the first question. and 148 messages left for cheryl mills for the clinton global initiative when she was at the state department. i assume that doesn't include all the calls that connected. straight up messages those are the ones that didn't get threw, right? >> right. these are at least 148 messages left on these telephone logs for cheryl mills there may have been other messages and other calls. we can't say that anything nefarious was transacted as a result of those messages.
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but far and away laura graham, the ceo of the clinton foundation left many more messages than anyone else reflected on those logs on the 14,900 documents and where they have been. james comey told us when he announced hesitate decision in the clinton email scandal not to pursue an indictment of the former secretary of state that they had discovered some work related emails of mrs. clinton's on other people's state department accounts and also, perhaps i think through examination of her server again these are 14,900 documents not clear by any means they are all emails but do do expect a lot of them will be. >> i'm not confident we got them all if they keep showing up every couple of days or weeks. one more time a huge response to twitter poll. vote at home on twitter. should the clinton foundation be shut down? tweet yes or no #greta. reince priebus is here to go "on the record." nice to see you, sir. >> nice to be with you,
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greta. >> i suppose that the republican party is loving this, that these 14,900 documents which may also include emails have surfaced. >> i think it's a tragedy. i mean, i think it's a pathetic example of leadership and i think that maybe james comey needs to get back to work and look at these emails and figure out whether he had it right. i mean, we have -- i mean, had you a great point before. 148 messages to cheryl mills from the clinton foundation. >> it's hard to tell -- i mean 148 calls that's a lot. i can't tell if this is message. >> you are right. if it's messages how many actual times did she pick up the phone and cut the deal? and the fact is you have lawyers for the clinton foundation for bill clinton for hillary clinton, commune indicating to yuma who is working for both the clinton foundation and the state department. you have our precious national secrets being given away by a person running for president. and talking about trust and
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honesty unbelievable. >> the problem at best is irgant. the problem was when hillary clinton game secretary of state the clinton global initiative was told they would not be part of the state department. he would run that over here and she would do the state department. now we find it's cozy. >> it's an addicts to pear. it is something that they set up in order to preserve their status in the world with world leaders taking foreign money. it's something that they created to empower and enrich themselves in the eyes of the world and people that would employ them and use their services. whether it be $500,000 speeches in russia or wherever else that they gave these speeches. i mean, this is something that people should look at and say this person is not qualified to be president of the united states because when they were given secrets of our country, they gave it away. that alone should disqualify her. >> just a side issue, do you think the clinton foundation has done good around the world? >> i have no idea. here's what i think. i think based on what i have
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seen so far, whatever good they have done around the world is eclipsed by all of the negativity and the corruption and the lying and the stealing taking from foreign countries. i'm sure there are good things that they have done. you have to measure whether that good could have better been done by that money going to the salvation army or going to doctors overseas. i mean, because. >> let me ask a quick question. >> in comparison to what they have done, i don't know. >> donald trump campaign -- donald trump right now seems like secretary clinton has him on the ropes a little bit. can he turn it around. especially the fact early voting begins october 12th. >> which is another reason why the fbi needs to get their work done and not sit on this so the american people can figure it out. yes, of course, he had a great week last week. i think another good thing this week. this thing is back on the rails. look at the polling over the weekend, we are talking about through or four points. it's august. i definitely believe this can be back on track and
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whether you see donald trump be tight or ahead on labor day. >> back on twitter, making fun of two hosts on msnbc, calling them insecure and two clowns, so he is back on twitter this morning. >> look, every kay is a different day. i think overall if you look at the last few days donald trump you saw him today before your show or at the beginning of the show, is he on message talking about hillary clinton. i found his speeches last week were fantastic. >> once more he slips. >> you know what? these are things very tough as a first-time campaigner to be in the middle of this media storm. some of this stuff isn't fair. he doesn't want to sit back and take it he doesn't want to sit back and take a bunch of garbage to the media to a lot of people i think it's refreshing. >> mr. chairman, nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> clinton is in hot water with colin powell. he says she is trying to pin her email problems on him. he says not so fast. that's next. what powers the digital world? communication.
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[shouting] [bleep], [bleep], [bleep] >> donald trump supporters spit on, just check out that video showing protesters yelling, spitting and throwing things outside a trump fund raisener minnesota. police were there but no one was arrested. that was the scene on friday. tonight, former secretary of state colin powell hot under the collar because he says
11:25 pm
secretary clinton trying to pin her email scandal on him. secretary clinton claimed when she was secretary of state, former secretary powell had advised theory use a personal email account. former senior advisor george w. bush carl rove goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> before i ask you about the collin powell, secretary hillary clinton issue. you know, it's sl l appalling. i don't care if it's secretary clinton or donald trump supporters. the idea that people are spitting on supporters in this country as people are exercising their first amendment right to go to a fundraiser, even a first amendment right to protester. it's just appalling, isn't it? >> it really is got to be condemned by both campaigns, particularly the clinton campaign. i know they didn't inthat gat -- theydidn't instigate it. >> talk about secretary of state collin powell he sounds a tad bit hot under the collar he says that secretary clinton is trying to pin the email scandal on
11:26 pm
him. your thoughts? >> well, i think he has got every right to be angry. first of all, the story that emerged late last week is sort of weird. i mean, she is sitting at a private dinner with the former secretaries of state. henry kissinger, secretary of state under her husband, two secretaries of state under george w. bush. at a dinner and she asked which one of them what's the most important piece of advice that you have. she claims that collin powell says the most important piece of advice i have got you have your own email account i worked with secretary powell for four years that doesn't sound like something that he would say if that was the question. when he says he doesn't remember the conversation i believe him and don't believe her. it would be shocking if that question were asked and answered in that way. and you will notice, there is no other attendee at that continue his or her says oh yeah when collin powell was asked what was the most important piece of advice he had to give was do your own email searcher.
11:27 pm
that's one point. the second point is yeah, he did provide her information about what he did with a private email account. but it was months after she began using her own private email server he had an account on he used it for inner communications inside the state department. but it wasn't a private home brew server stuck in his basement. and between the time that he served as secretary of state and the time that she came in as secretary of state, the rules were tightened and the department officials were told explicitly do not use private email accounts. colin powell's successor, secretary of state condoleezza rice never used email when she was secretary of state. you know what bothers me the most about this is the house had asked for the emails and the lawyers then sort of threw them, not even reading them. and the lawyers decided knowing that the house wanted them what was quote personal and what was work and they destroyed the personal without anyone else
11:28 pm
getting a chance. and you know, i guess maybe if i were the lawyer i would do that aggressively. it's always sort of stuck with me if you know that freedom of information request that they are records that should be maintained, what in the world were they destroying them after they had been asked for? they had no right to do. so you are right it smells like a coverup and looks like a coverup and i think it is a coverup. we know for fact certain among the emails that they destroyed were emails that they recovered from other people's email accounts that were clearly official business. they did not disclose the emails from a former clinton aide who was stuffed over at the clinton foundation sending her private emails, giving her advice about about libya. we know they consider that personal but clearly connected with her official responsibilities? if we were wrong about this we somehow got this all wrong, she should at least speak up and tell us why we are all wrong instead of
11:29 pm
letting it swirl. important poll in the swing state of ohio. now secretary of state clinton is up a few points over donald trump. your thoughts about this new poll? >> well, monmouth is a pretty good polling organization. shows that he is behind. he has got to win ohio. he has got to win florida. he has to keep the mitt romney states and win something else. it shows he is within striking distance. i think what's interesting is that these battleground state polls, is he not doing as well as you might expect if you looked at the national polls i think part of the reason why is because the clinton campaign has either run or placed $150 million of spot tv in the battleground states and super pac associated with her priorities u.s.a. has put another nearly 43, $44 million in advertising that it's already run. so nearly $200 million of advertising in the battleground states and that's been going on since may 16th when the priorities u.s.a. began running its ad.
11:30 pm
donald trump began on friday he put $5 million up. 40 to 1 disadvantage that's why he not doing better in some of these battle ground states than is he. >> carl, thanks, more "on the record" coming up. beyond has a natural
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tonight, donald trump just wrapped up a speech in the ever important swing state of ohio. new ohio poll shows trump has some work to do there the monmouth university poll of likely ohio voters has secretary of state hillary clinton lead over donald
11:34 pm
trump. were clinton at 43%, donald trump 39%. i'm sure trump knows no republican has ever won the white house without winning ohio. rick klein and anna linskey. rick that four points, been at four points a month now. >> of course it's critical to both campaigns, particularly the republican campaign. those numbers are low. you look at that large number of undecided voters, third party voters. not like anyone has bust through the ceiling. just in terms of the effort that the campaigns have gone through, despite that event tonight, i will tell you my colleague jonathan carl was in akron tonight going to the trump field office that they advertised for the general election, nobody home. nothing going on. >> maybe they are at the rally though. i assume they might be at the rally. >> more people at the subway next door. >> i think one of the really interesting things about those numbers is the 10% for gary johnston in there. you take out gary johnson. >> who gets gary johnson. >> i tend to think that donald trump would have
11:35 pm
gotten gary johnson. >> that's where i think that vote would go. i look back at 2000 -- 1992, ohio results, where 21% went for ross perot and handed that state right to a different clinton. >> i just think that most important thing when you look at these numbers and how important this race is democrats and republicans and the nation overall is i think that debate. when those two are going to be standing side by side. that's when those undecided are going to make the decision in ohio. and that's when the gary johnson voters will decide whether they want to go trump or clinton. >> you can seal the deal there the way the trajectory of the campaign is now, trump needs a break through moment. this is not headed in a good direction for him. he needs to poll this as chairman priebus says by labor day. if that doesn't happen he needs the break through moment at the debate. that's why he is cramming and needs time to study. five weeks left until the biggest debate of all times. >> hillary clinton is very good at the these debates. this is where she stands out. she does a great job against sanders who obviously was
11:36 pm
not quite as good as a debater. you haven't seen trump do a one-on-one debate before. he didn't do it towards the end and it's a whole different animal when pressure is completely on you versus the other person. >> and ground game. i mean, typically the ground game in something like, this especially for secretary hillary clinton my guess is they have a strocker ground game right now more organized. >> they have replicated a lot of what obama did in 2008 and in 2012 able to win the state of ohio. building on that the way that trump -- they are laughing the field right now. trump has so much to do. >> people at least the candidates have until november 8th. i got out my charter today and early voting they don't have -- ohio is coming up really soon. early part of october. they have really got to move. >> that's when that ground game comes in to play. two or three points on that ground game and the clintons know how to do that and they have the money and organization in place. >> does the email stuff
11:37 pm
matter? is that taking anything away from hillary clinton? >> this was a very bad day for hillary clinton. you look at the new emails. the relationship between the foundation and the state department, the idea that there is some 15,000 new documents, including many emails that are out there revelations of new work related emails. it's all. >> it may be a bad day. does it have any role impact? is thee going to lose any votes on this. >> i think if trump were able to streamline the messaging and take advantage of it. it would be a huge day in the marco rubio campaign. it's not. trump is well not equipped to take advantage of stories like this because he ends up stepping on his onus. >> the emonthly storm and clinton storm. merge today into a super storm. >> every day is new around here. anyway, rich and annie, thank you both. >> thanks. >> louisiana is struggling to recover after a week of deadly flooding. we take to you louisiana next. plus, it just went from bad to worse. more bad news for olympic swimmer ryan lochte. that's coming up.
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get ready to speed read the news. lock at this. a child arrested just moments before the child detonated a suicide vest. it happened in iraq. local tv showing police detained the child and removing the belt. the boy is believed to be 12 or 13 years old. no terror group has claimed responsibility. isis says it carried out a nearby terror attack about appear hour before this boy's arrest. child bombers becoming playbook. turkish blaming a boy 12 years old for carrying out deadly suicide bombing at a wedding. turkish prime minister couldn't determine if the bomb indeed was a child. auto people killed and dozens more injured in the deadliest attack in turkey this year. remarkable story of survival. a little girl rescued from a capsized boat. kennedy got stuck when her family's boat crashed and flipped over in cocoa, florida. luckily she was trapped in an air pocket and able to
11:43 pm
breath for an hour. her family calling it a miracle. and that's tonight's speed read. >> this a fox news alert. flood ravaged louisiana, 13 dead more than 60,000 homes severely damaged in the deadly floods. will carr is live in sore resorepresident obama is going o come and see homes like this taken on three to four feet of water. ripped out the walls and gut the homes like this. past 24 hours or so. residents have been taking all of their possessions that were soaked in these floods and they have been piling them up, walls of debris right here of everything they had. this was a crib here. we have seen some other personal items this was the biggest disaster the united states has seen according to the red cross since super storm sandy in 2012. 60,000 homes damaged. 110,000 residents have filed
11:44 pm
to get some federal relief moving forward. just so widespread here. 200 parishes have been declared disaster zones. as i mentioned president obama coming. he is going to see these streets where within the past 10 days we saw 30,000 water rescues. many people not able to get out fast enough to get to safety. when he comes here, he will spend three to four hours. he comes on the heels of donald trump come last week hillary clinton issuing a statement today she will come when the time is right. as the politics plays out with all of this. i spoke to one homeowner that says it's really on the ground about trying to get to the next day. she said it's just one thing that she tries to take away. whether it's finding a personal item that actually survived these floods somebody coming up a volunteer they weren't expecting or something as simple as a hug. those are things that help her move forward. greta? >> will, thank you. olympic swimmer ryan lochte still in hot water. now he has more bad news.
11:45 pm
that's next. >> families desperate for help after the flood. where are our leaders when the people need them? sean is it in baton rouge hearing firsthand from victims. tonight on a special hannity.
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olympic swimmer ryan lochte is seeing his sponsorships dry up. and today four companies severing ties with lochte. this comes in the wake of lochte lying about being robbed at gunpoint in rio. tmz caught up with lochte in los angeles. >> what would be worse in your eyes, you know, if they prosecute you or if the usoc says i you can't swim again? >> you know, i think if the usoc says i can't swim anymore, i think that would be the most hurtful. >> we heard that speedo, you know, has dropped you and they released a statement about it.
11:50 pm
what are you going to be wearing in the pool going forward? you have thought about it yet? is there something that you love? >> i heard about that. you know, it stinks. speedo was great to me. they were like a second family throug throughout my swimming career. i guess it's a new chapter now. >> sports david meeks is here and he just got back from rio. david, i may be one of the few in this country but i think he has been punished enough. anyway, what a story. they are dumping him now. >> we are learning more about it these kind of stories always happen. there is initial report and rebuttal and as time goes by more stuff to filter out. may be more merit to ryan's original tale. >> some of the surveillance tape was not disclosed. there was throw minutes. i don't know what that means or shows. why did this capture everyone's attention? >> i think there was so much attention on rio coming in they weren't going to be
11:51 pm
successful holding the game and a lot of pressure on them. when he came in and said robbed and police officers embarrassed the city and embarrassed the police force. and think there theres was bigger reaction and investigated harder because of that. >> he has apologized to brazilted that. >> next stage, was there embellishment from the authorities? they said he trashed a bathroom. we can't find any evidence that it happened. they said he got in a fight with the guards. can't find any evidence that this happened. the judge said these guys seemed nonchalant when they came back. others say they were terrified. >> i'm an old defense lawyer. security guards look like police. especially if you are drunk. and someone pulls a gun, i'm not trashing some place assuming it did happen. to me, all, the whole world has jumped on this guy. the state department came on number one concern they had was street crime. don't worry about terrorism.
11:52 pm
don't worry about zika. it's street crime. if you are in that cab guys approached a cab who is to say you wouldn't be robbed. >> speedo came out fast. >> as soon as something embarrassing had not being truthful that comes right behind it we don't foe if they are racking to the robbery tale or drunk. he admitted he was drunk that night and didn't like the whole look. >> and ralph loren. >> same thing. >> is that the end of the endorsement? >> ryan lochte is apropos beloved guyen the team. he could be the next bachelor, who knows. >> he is well liked on the team. that is true. >> how did he imagine to get out of brazil ahead of everybody else? he had scattered by the time things had really blown up. >> the answer is that the brazilian authorities gave him no indication anything was wrong. they didn't ask him to stay. they deny didn't investigate this as seriously until it was look like embarrassment to them. >> i would have stayed
11:53 pm
loising ceremony. if i were good enough to compete stay for the closing ceremony. >> you say like bubba watson he wanted to stay around. some of these guys have been to lots of olympics and seen it all. they wanted to leave. that's not unusual really. >> on to tokyo. >> on to tokyo. he said in that tape to tmz it would be very hurtful by had if he were suspended by uusoc. we will see what he deserves. >> hope you will come back as things unfold. welcome bang to the united states. >> thank you, greta. good to be home. >> coming up, i want answers. who do i want to hear from? start guessing. my off-the-record next. >> a trump town hall special two-night event. inside the immigration crisis. tuesday, victims share their first-hand horror stories. then, wednesday, officers sound off on securing the border. plus, the candidates' full immigration plan. hannity hosts this trump town hall exclusive. energy is a complex challenge. people want power.
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hillary clinton just responding to former secretary of state collin powell. secretary powell says secretary clinton tried to pin her email scandal on him. he says that's not true. now the clinton campaign just responderring with this statement. hillary clinton has consistently taken responsibility for her decision to use a single email account as she has said for over a year now. it was a mistake and she regrets it. >> let's all go off-the-record. recently there has been heightened cripple criticism of the clinton foundation. even the editorial page of the boston globe is scandalized and how about the ultra liberal "the washington post." head lion just shut it down. but it isn't just the clinton foundation the emails. personal lawyers starting emails and saying personal before anyone else could check it out. what's with that, right? news today that clinton foundation executive doug band we ho we all know is attached to president clinton at the hip emailed
11:59 pm
huma abedin who is aattached to secretary hillary clinton's hip. emailed that crown prince selma of bahrain wanted to meet with then secretary clinton. email in code. band wrote abedin that the crowned prince is a quote good friend of ours. good friend of ours? why did he say that? wink, wink. of course i'm suspicious. bottom line sometime tore secretary clinton to answer all these questions to the american voter. she talked to the fbi but not the voters. and p.s., donald trump, where are those tax returns? the ones currently not in audit? that's my off-the-record comment tonight. live twitter voting results on your screen right now. should the clinton foundation be shut down? here are the results. they are yes, 90% shut it down. 10%. no don't forget to vote on twitter every night. that's all for now. see you right here 7 p.m. eastern. up next, "the o'reilly factor." good night from washington, d.c. go to my facebook page and like it. there is a lot going on on my facebook page and, of
12:00 am
course, gretawire. see you tomorrow night. welcome to "red eye." i'm tv's andy levey. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. andy? >> thanks, andy. coming up on the big show, ryan lochte is dropped by a buffer of sponsors after admitting he didn't tell the truth about what happened to him in rio. it could have been worse. he could have slept with his best friend's 17-year-old daughter. it is a classic blame it on rio reference. nobody? really? scientists preparing for a trip to mars spent the last year living in isolation. i have been conducting a similar study and it turns out it is kind of great. and north korea launches its own version of


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