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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 23, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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it's been great being outside, buddy valastro, cake boss is on tonight. >> and we'll have the olympic pole vaulter coming in tomorrow who paused for the anthem. martha: there are two big developments in the hillary clinton scandal called pay for play. brand-new emails that have been uncovered. phone records that match up with them and expose deep ties between the clinton foundation and hillary clinton's state department. eric: i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer. she said she turned everything over to the feds. butted the f.b.i. finding 15,000 previously unreleased emails. a federal judge is demanding they be released immediately. martha: huma abedin giving
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special access to the crown prince of bahrain who was a major, major $30 million donor to the clinton foundation. and phone records show to cheryl mills. ierk * donald trump is calling for a special prosecutor. >> the amounts, and the favors done, and the significant number of times it was done require an investigation by a special prosecutor immediately. after the f.b.i. and department of justice whitewashed hillary clinton's email crimes, they cannot be trusts to quickly or partially investigate hillary clinton's new crimes which happen all the time. martha: we have team fox
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coverage. mike emanuel, john rob its with the trump cam and byron york standing by. what's in these new emails? >> nearly 15,000 emails collected by the f.b.i. which could be released weeks before the election. there are a group of emails showing a connection between the long time aid huma abedin and doug bann. one from 2009 with bann trying to get a meeting for the crown prince of bahrain with mrs. clinton. there were 150 messages left for chief of staff cheryl nilts over a 2-year period according to
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call logs releases in response to a citizens united lawsuit. >> mrs. clinton's activities did not preclude other state department individuals from having con took the with the clinton foundation. >> are you enjoying being a grandparent? >> do you wish you had more time, that this campaign didn't coincide with the kids being oh little? >> i think i would be distraught if we didn't have face time. >> have you considered using face time instead of email? >> actually i think that's a good idea report from brian
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fallon said hillary clinton has consistently taken responsibility for her decision to use a single email account. she said it was a mistake but this email issue continues to linker. martha: how is the clinton foundation responding at this point. reporter: they are essentially saying they will change procedures if hillary clinton is elected president. they are also punching back. the campaign chairman john a decembechair, john podestasays o come clean about his taxes. >> the clinton foundation is a non-profit organization that is a world class charity. it provided lif life-saving aids
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drugs to the world and all the donors have been disclosed. they have gone further and said them restructure it completely if hillary clinton is elected president. that's a pledge. reporter: the clinton foundation took attacks seriously with their swift response. eric: there are new questions whether donald trump is softening his stance on immigration. they canceled what was supposed to be a big speech on that issue thursday in colorado. john, let's fairs start with the clinton situation and those emails and mr. trump's call for a special prosecutor. reporter: there is an age-old
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tactic in politics, when your opponents campaign is running off the rails, don't do anything. they decided because of this new controversy involving the 15,000 emails that have just been discovered and whether people were buying access to the state department, they decided to sit back and let that drive the news cycle. last night in akron, ohio, donald trump insisting a special prosecutor has to look into this because the obama administration's department of justice can't be trusts to conduct a fair and impartial investigation. >> the clintons enters the state department as the same pay for play operation as the government of arkansas.
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it has proven itself to be sadly a political arm of the white house at the state department and a special prosecutor should be appointed. reporter: he's likely to talk at lengths with sean hannity and in austin at that big rally. then tomorrow night in jackson,' plenty of opportunity to drive that point home. eric: john roberts reporting from trump tower. martha: in one exchange long-time clinton aide doug band writes to huma abedin. the cp, tore crown prince of bahrain is? town and would like to see mrs. clinton. she replies that he tried to
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meet with clinton through normal channels. but she didn't want to commit. what's the meaning of it? we'll have byron york. byron, good morning to you. clearly hillary clinton didn't seem to think this was a serious thing. she laughed the whole thing off with jimmy kimmel last night. >> they will have to do more than that. this seems to illustrate what donald trump was talking about when he said pay for play. you have a foreign official comes to the u.s., wants to meet with the secretary of state. can't get a meeting through the normal channels. goes to the clinton foundation and the clinton foundation goes back to the state department and says this giels good friends of
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ours and he gets a meeting. martha: the disclosure these aides are spending all this time on this clinton foundation stuff going back and forth, answering emails, setting up meeting. this when syria is imploding. isis is on the rise. no doubt they were dealing with important business as well. but there was a lot of time and efforts going into this. >> there is a revolving door. cheryl mills who is hillary clinton's chief of staff at the start department, came to the state department from the clinton foundation where she had been on the board of directors. after hillary clinton left the state department, cheryl mills went back to the foundation. these are people who are long-time employees of the children tons. if mrs. clinton is in governor n government, they go to
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government, if sheers ou sheerse is out of government they go to the foundation. martha: there is at least a perception. >> republicans on capitol hill have been calling for an investigation of the f.b.i.'s investigation of the emails because this is basically not just the clinton foundation, but now bill clinton himself saying if hillary clinton is elected, they will take a hands-off role in if the foundation. martha: why didn't the f.b.i. investigate her under oath? and why were necessity only scratching down notes and not recording everything for public record. >> i'm told this is standard procedure. this is by hands, sometimes with a computered. they take detailed notes.
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they don't make a transcript or recording. to add to that, now that republicans are capitol hill have gone the see some of these f.b.i. documents from the investigation, they are saying the f.b.i. heavily redacted them and republicans don't know why these parts were blacked out. you will see a fight over that as well. martha: you would think there would be a transcript of her answers'questions. >> they did that interview 3 1/2 hours with hillary clinton on and saturday afternoon and within 48 hours they came out and exonerated her. were they look for process crimes, whether she was telling the truth about every single aspect of this or were they in a rush to make a decision. martha: put it behind them.
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eric: a disturbing new trend by the radical islamic terrorists of isis. a shocking video showing iraqi police removing a suicide belt from a 15-year-old kid. we'll have the details of isis using children to blow themselves up and kill others. martha: with waves of refugees streaming into europe. the head of the european union is calling for an end of national bored nerlts countries in europe. how would that work? eric: some people criticized president obama for not interrupting his vacation at martha's vineyard. the governor asked him to wait for a few weeks, but he will be there today. >> neighbor helping neighbor. we are not relying on anybody
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golf instead visiting louisiana. one woman telling sean hannity she isn't surprised by president obama's lack of action. >> i hate to say this because i love america and i don't want to live anywhere else. and our crew could the best they can do. but i don't think washington gives a hoot about anybody but their pockets. reporter: did you see the president playing golf through all of of this? >> i didn't because i don't have a tv. martha: the president is there today. is it too late? >> it's never too late. but look how long it is. it's been over a week since the floods began. i was in baton ruining when the water was rising. i visited churches and low-rent housing, i went to denim springs. i was there when donald trump
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and mike pence were there. that's ground zero, a 1,000-year flood. the defend staying is terrible, but neighbors are helping neighbors in louisiana. martha: as far as a presidential response. what would you have preferd in terms of a response from the president? what would have been the most helpful. >> the mayor of denham springs said they had seen no federal officials. no one had brought them water or food except for faith-based organizations. the president should have been hearing their story. these people are crying on people's shoulders. they cried on my shoulders. the president out playing golf,
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it makes people in louisiana angry and sad that the president seems to have turned his back on the people of louisiana in their time of greatest need. martha: it seems like the right word even from a distance go a long way. these people feel like the country forgot about them, and everybody was on vacation and not paying attention when this was happening to them. in terms of the visit you had from donald trump and mike pence, was your perception of that. some people felt it was election politics. what was your sense what they were like on the ground? >> they were cheered and have much appreciated. the people of louisiana appreciate leadership. i have to believe the president wouldn't be showing up in louisiana today but for the leadership of donald trump that showed up in the time of need most for the people of louisiana.
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psychological support, if the president is not going to show up, then of course there is a lot of concern over the fact that fema and the national guard or others who may not be on the ground the way they should, we have to ask the question, if the president is not here, no wonder there is a delay in other services. the president himself criticized president bush while he was a senator, senator obama at the criticized president bush, and all the president did was try to avoid creating any problems. but he regrets not having shown up. president obama should have learned from that experience. he should have been here a week
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ago. martha: no doubt when he get there he will see that devastation firsthand. everybody reporting to us from there says how unbelievably devastating it is. we hope you continue to get the help you need, good to see you this morning. eric: a would-be suicide bomber dispatched by isis stopped by police. the group is deploying children as terrorist killers. look at this billboard.
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martha: hundreds of syrian rebels backed by turkey are
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preparing to launch an attack on the isis stronghold along the syria-turkey border. this comes after a number of terrorist attacks in turkey, including a wedding, and the attack on turkey's main airport in istanbul in june. eric: there is a new friend we have been tell -- there is a fru trend we have been telling it about, using children as suicide bombers. the young boy with the suicide bomb belt is believed to be as young as 15 years old. he was stopped in the city of kirkuk by police. and his arrest comes juan day after another child is believed to be the bomber who killed all
6:26 am
those people in a wedding party over the weekend. we'll start with that child in iraq. what do we know with that young boy? >> iraqi police are saying the boy is claiming he was kidnapped by isis militant and forced to carry out this attempted bombing. disturbing video, and compelling video. as we look at it again, showing those iraqi police officers disarming clearly -- obviously we blur his face, but a very upset 15-year-old boy who had a suicide belt strapped around his waist and loaded with explosives that could have caused horrific damage. 54 people were killed in a suicide bombing in a wedding party. turkish officials have not confirmed that.
6:27 am
officials have not backed away from claims that the boy may be as young as 15 years old. there is concern isis is using younger recruits such as children, to carry out these types of attacks as it continues to lose ground in iraq and parts of syria. eric: this is unspeakable and obscene, using children like this. it's a growing trend. reporter: that's the concern. that this can continue, that isis is using new tactics and using groups of children to do this. it's not the first time, as we have seen in the fast, isis has used children to carry out excuses, beheadings, shootings. we have seen the video of that. al qaeda has done the same thing. the taliban has done that in afghanistan.
6:28 am
boko haram in fric in afly afri. i saw that when i was in gassa recently. billboards showing children in my estimation as young as 10 or 11 years old dressed in military fatigues and holding ak-47s. serious concern about isis increasing the use of these young recruits. martha: it was more than a year ago when hillary clinton said she deleted her personal email because there was nothing worth reading in them. >> i chose not to keep my private personal emails. emails about planning chelsea's
6:29 am
wedding, my mother's funeral arrangements and yoga routines and family vacations. martha: we know there were work-related emails. thousands of new emails talk about quite a bit more than yoga. i don't think they found any yoga emails in the there as far as i know. so people want answers. they want to know about the f.b.i. investigation and how it operated. all of this is gaining steam. >> do you think that's just a coincidence? when you donate millions and millions of dollars, what are you asking for? clean food. words you don't often hear. words we at panera live by. because clean food is food as it should be.
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eric: stunning evidence of a potential pay for play operation at the clinton foundation. donors received special access to secretary of state hillary clinton even though mrs. clinton and her campaign insist there was no wrongdoing. not true, says judicial watch. they brought the salute to obtain the emails. they say it's evidence of can flicts of interest and bad -- conflict of interest and bad faith. >> she said all the records had been turned over. but this court hearing today demonstrated that wasn't the case. eric: mrs. clinton repeated she had turned over all or work-related email to the the
6:34 am
state department. >> we went through a thorough process to identify all my work-related emails and turned them over to the state department: >> i turned everything i could imagine. >> you are interviewed, you make a point of saying i turned over everything. >> all my work-related emails. >> how do you know that? >> because there was an exhaustive search done under the supervision of my attorneys. eric: that apparently is not the case. "washington post" this morning front page. donors given access to clinton. they told us this isn't the case. the campaign manager says there is:complete transparency.
6:35 am
>> this is a gross distortion of how our government is supposed to work. people gave money to the clinton foundation and they got access to high government officials who are supposed to be focused on the public's work, not some private interest. the media is trying to set up this new distinction, they are just paying for access, there is no evidence they bought policy or state action. buying access is bad enough. it's disgusting and it's why people think our government is broken and can't be trusted. >> you have no proof anyone bought access. there are plenty of people who would give to a foundation. they may give to the clinton or gates foundation and they may still have business before the state department. that doesn't mean ergo -- >> have you seen the emails
6:36 am
where doug band is emailing huma abedin saying this guy is very important to us. he needs a meeting, and she is responsive to this? >> that doesn't mean through other means or other channels those people wouldn't have gotten the same meeting. you ask like he never sent an people to anyone asking for a meeting. eric: rich, brad, you are not suppose go around the loop to the clinton foundation. let me read you two emails that deal with a big donor. his name is casey wasserman. he's and sports marketing executive necessity beverly hills. his foundation gave $5 million to $10 million to the clinton foundation. hired bill clinton for $5 million on a consulting fee.
6:37 am
trying to get a advisa for a british soccer flair that they can't get. so they go right to huma. here is the email from her. i doubt we dock anything. but maybe we can help with an interview. it makes me nervous to get involved but i'll ask. band responds, then don't. mrs. and continue is saying she's nervous. >> she declined in sought oh many words. she declined the request. that's a curteous way of declining a request. >> brad is earning his pay this morning. casey wasserman could have give to the red cross. all these political donors and
6:38 am
foreign interests, they knew doug band worked for an organization that was tide to the secretary of state. that's plain as day. >> that's not plain as day. you don't have a shred of evidence to suggest that anything untoward occurred. eric: brad, is she going to get indicted? what's going to happen? >> of course she isn't going to get indicted. we have an f.b.i. director that republicans love said no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case based on these emails. they have a dumpster fire on this issue. >> i think it clinton's emails,
6:39 am
the fact she used a private email, people decided about that. but they haven't heard this kind of pay for play. it's a major you will haverrability for her. he needs to make sure this week is about nothing else except for these clinton emails. >> she told us about the yoga in the wedding. and that's not the case. martha: hillary clinton trying to laugh off concerns about her email investigation and her family's foundation when she appeared with jimmy kimmel. she told the late night hosts her political opponent have a new plan of attack, which is her health. >> are you in good health? >> this has become one of their themes. you take my pulse while i'm talking to you. make sure i'm alive. i don't know why they are saying
6:40 am
this. i think on the one hand it's part of the wacky strategy. just say all these crazy things and maybe you can get some people to believe you. on the other hand it makes some sense. i don't know around questioning donald trump's health. as far as i can tell he's as healthy as a horse. martha: just to be sure she was okay, kimmel had her open a jar of pickles which she did successfully, which is always a test of good health. >> i need that rubber thing to do that. eric: get this, one top european official is calling the national borders the worst invention ever.
6:41 am
martha: a fire tears through a home and the hero police officers who saved three lives. >> i didn't call the cops right away. >> you could see the fear on their phase as they are coming down. they said drop baby, and they dropped the baby and out the baby.
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eric: in new jersey four people including two young girls and an infant boy were trapped inside the house. the flames had already spread to the front door when police arrived. >> i tried to get up the stairway by the was fully engulfed. i looked up in the air and she was already jumping. as she was on her way down. eric: they managed to make to it
6:45 am
a bathroom window and jumped to safety. the cause of that fire is under investigation. martha: the head of the european union says national borders are the worst invention ever. i says he want to open all the border between the countries in europe despite a flood refugees from the middle east and the recent terrorist attacks in germany and belgium. good to have you here. what do you think about this comment? >> queue up the john lennon music. what you are hearing is the essence of the european theology. war in nations is caused by nation states. it's one reason why the british just voted to leave. they like their country and would prefer to keep it rather than see it in a borderless
6:46 am
europe. the practical border go to stay day to day security. a borderless europe looks a lot less attractive today than it did back in the dreams of the founders of the eu. martha: it feels like the sentiment in europe is going in the opposite direction of what he's talking about. is that your sense? >> i think that is the increasing mood in the public as a whole spurred by the refugee flows. but it's been building for a long time. it go to the the basic flaws in the european project. this is a top-down initiative driven by people who concluded that making a super state out of europe will stop war on the
6:47 am
continent. and it's failing in many respects. it's failing because the euro, the common currency is failing. people are rarely consulted. when you add on the terrorist threat caused by the refugee flows, it's no wonder it's coming to a boiling point. martha: you are sensing the themes in the election process at home. donald trump talks a lot about the fact that you can't be a country unless you have borders. here is a piece of one of his ads that goes to this. >> in hillary clinton's america the system stays rigged against america. syrian refugees flood in. those who commit crimes get to stay. martha: a similar theme to what you are seeing debated in
6:48 am
europe. >> inside europe which has never been a nation state like the united states. they are as much worried about the plumber from poland as they are from people from outside. this is not fundamentally a racist argument. this is an argument about jobs and the economy. but on top that there are security concerns as we have seen from attack after attack from people outside of europe entirely. the middle east wanted to move to europe for a thousand years or so and they are having spectacular luck. martha: is the e.u. leader isolated within the heads of state. he's the president of the european commission. he's the top bureaucrat in the european union. he represents nobody except the
6:49 am
bureaucrats in brussels. it's this type of extraterrestrial statement and other eurocrats. that highlights the virtues of good old-fashioned government. before you put somebody in a position like that you ought to see if he can get elected in his own country of luxembourg. martha: the new mayor in rome won based in part she want to crack down on refugee infiltration into italy. when you look at these elections, a cozy announced d sarkozy * announced he's going to run in france. >> sarkozy who was thought to be
6:50 am
finished in politics is coming back waging a law and order campaign as he did early in this career, and he said if britain voted to leave the european union, there needed to be a new e.u. treaty put on the table dealing with questions of cross-boundary movement of people. i don't have any doubt this wils campaign. eric: members of one muslim community are putting up this billboard taking a stand. >> our neighbors' view of muslims has gone down because the message of isis has gone up. you can run an errand.
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martha: one muslim group in arizona is making sure residents know how they feel about isis, and they put up this billboard. take a look at that. from hashtag actual muslims it says. one of the people behind this ad says the muslim community wants to set the record straight. and this campaign you may see elsewhere. it started with a billboard in chicago and they hope they will get more traction with these billboards around the country. eric: there has been a spate of
6:55 am
drug overdoses in thanks and authorities believe it's a new synthetic form of marijuana. reporter: the first call came in around 10:30 in the morning. within a very short time, emergency responders were dealing with 18 people apparently sickened by synthetic marijuana. known on the street as k2 or spike. skid row is the center of the homeless population. and spice is popular because it's cheap. but this incident and a similar one last friday show it's also very dangerous. here is the chief medical director l.a.'s fire department. >> nobody really knows what's in there. every batch is different in terms of' potency. and patients smoke this at their own peril.
6:56 am
reporter: the use of spice exploded on the streets last year. the american association of poison control centers reports so far this year there have been 1,700 exposure cases. the worst states, florida with 136 cases, texas 178 and new york with 209. the draw for users is spice is cheap. about a dollar a joint. it can't be seen on most drug test and it's widely available. >> i'm smoking spice right now. i feel perfectly fine. if it's so bad why do it cost soless. they only want a dollar for it. reporter: most of the synthetic marijuana is legal and easily obtainable before it is according to one doctor a public
6:57 am
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martha: fox news alert. we are just learning that the fbi is investigating whether a stabbing attack in virginia was actually a terror incident that could have been inspired by isis. police say the suspect shouted "allahu akbar!" during the attack, and they want to know whether or not he was inspired by islamic extremism. that opened up a whole new chapter in that investigation. welcome, everybody, brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. eric: still good to stay with you, martha. i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer. according to latest reports. he is the suspect. he is a identified as 20-year-old wasil farookky.
7:01 am
he may have been trying to sneak into syria to join isis. here is the police dispatch chatter after attack. >> one male patient with necklace race. there is female with a leg laceration. one they're applying tourniquet to. martha: peter doocy is live in washington. can you confirm they're investigating a an attachment to isis. reporter: he shouted "allahu akbar!" after attacking one of the victims. roanoke police department started to investigate after details like that came in. special agent in charge of the richmond decision quote, the fbi is working with the police department following the incident that occurred on saturday evening. i can not discuss the details of the investigation at this time, i do want to reassure the commune that we are working to determine the nature of the incident. the man in custody charged with two counts of aggravated
7:02 am
malicious wounding is wasil farookky. he is 20 years old. he is being held at the western virginia regional jail without bond. abc news reports that farookky tried to recently sneak into syria to link up to islamic state fighters. last night his trip was to the pines apartment in roanoke. where he ambush ad man and a woman with a knife. the man was able to fight back enough so the that farookky fled and both victims ended up severely injured. farooqui. martha: it i was awful attack. why this line of investigation is being picked up. was there any connection between the attacker and the victims. did he know them? reporter: as of now authorities do not think farooqui knew the man he tried to behead or the woman he stabbed badly with the knife. it is interesting, the roanoke
7:03 am
pd saying victims may have been chosen randomly. the concern becomes the inspiration. that's why the feds are so interested in figuring out quickly if the inspiration was islamic state. martha. martha: disturbing. peter, thank you very much. eric: martha, there is blabbed new evidence of a possible pay for play situation between the clinton foundation and hillary clinton's state department. directly contradicting what mrs. clinton and the clinton campaign has always told us. we've been reporting this morning on those emails. but there are newly-released phone records adding more fuel to the growing political firestorm just weeks before the election. these new phone records show senior executive at the clinton foundation was in regular contact with cheryl mills. cheryl mills was hillary clinton's chief of staff at the state department. well this has caused donald trump now to call for the justice department to appoint a special prosecutor. >> paid the clinton foundation
7:04 am
huge sums of money and throw in big speaking fees for bill clinton you got the play. you got to do what you wanted to do. this is in front of the stay department. long before that you should have seen what they were doing in arkansas. same old story, folks. eric: chief washington correspondent james rosen joins us with more. james, we've been talking about the emails in the last hour but now these are phone messages that seem to add a whole new dimension to the story. reporter: that's right, eric. good morning. these were exclusive to fox news. 180 pages of official telephone logs spanning 2010 to 2012 kept by the woman who served as chief of staff to hillary clinton at state department. chairman mills was a long-time confidante the clintons. she fielded inquiries a cross-section of people seeking her ear, sean penn to establishment figures like vernon jordan. by exponential the greatest number of messages, 148 in all,
7:05 am
were left by laura graham, chief operating officer then for the clinton foundation. one of graham's messages referenced our boss without identifying the individual. former president clinton using initials in a message that read. wjc is looking for her, meaning graham, she wants to talk to you before she talks to him. state department said nothing in secretary clinton's ethics agreement in the obama white house constraining her deals in the foundation applied to her aide. >> i would just add to that the department's actions undersecretary clinton were always taken with the intent to advance our foreign policy interests. asset forth by this administration and with in other intent in mind than that. reporter: the logs were released by the state department to the
7:06 am
conservative advocacy group, citizens united, mounted lengthy battle over these documents and clinton emails. eric: james, republicans, some, are talking about possible perjury investigation? reporter: yes, that dates back of course to testimony about the server from mrs. clinton before the house select benghazi committee. not surprisingly with respect to these documents, key republicans like the chairman of the house oversight committee, see the graham-mills relationship as part of a bigger pattern involving the two entities. >> do we think it is coincidence that the:on foundation an their donors happened to have more interaction to the chief of staff than secretary of state than anybody else? do we think that coincidence? reporter: clinton campaign spokesman brian fallon says the clinton foundation is charity that helps people around the world. it announced major steps if hillary clinton wins white house. eric: they always said there is no conflict of interest the, seems evidence to the contrary
7:07 am
may be piling up. thank you. martha. martha: so the state department also scrambling to explain nearly 15,000 new emails that were uncovered by the fbi hillary clinton never turned over to the state department. >> she said that she confirmed for the court she had handed over or believed she handed over all of the work-related emails that were contained on that were in her custody that she believed were potentially federal records. she provided all of those, as i said that were in her possession to the department. the fbi obviously in the course of its investigation seems to have found other documents. martha: tucker carlson, editor of "the daily caller," co-host of "fox & friends" weaken and a fox news contributor. tucker, good to see you this morning. >> hey, martha. martha: i mean, it is very difficult when you have a separate server where you're sort of running your own off
7:08 am
site government entity that is processing stuff for the foundation and for the state department. the fact that everyone is just supposed to accept this is fine and that she said she turned it over but she didn't and there are thousands more they're finding out there, we're supposed to laugh it off on "jimmy kimmel" pretend there is no there there or talk about or look at is quite striking. >> it's a tragedy. discredits not simply hillary clinton and her presidential campaign but the u.s. government. she ran the state department. they allowed this. you're watching state department flaks to have to spin for her. this is gravely embarrassing to the country. it makes the government look incompetent and third world for good reason. by the way, does anybody think this is end of it? 15,000 new emails nobody knew about last week? what comes next? you see what i'm saying? this is going to be a story that unfolds for years. it has all kinds of very sad implications. keep in mind hillary clinton as of today is likely to be the next president of the united
7:09 am
states. what does that mean? it means it will be pretty hard forker had to dodge a story if elected. that is bad for all of juice i know you're critical of the press on this. if the precedent is set, that you know, we're not supposed to care about this, this is not a story. >> right. martha: this is designed to make sure that hillary clinton doesn't get elected, that people need to do their jobs, and look into this story, if that goes by the wayside, and she is elected president, why would they be careful with any of this stuff because unlikely to change? >> the press has meaningful role keeping the government honest. that is the whole reason we exist. we new year's ago that huma abedin, her closest aide was working at clinton foundation. people basically ignored it. here is the truth, everyone knows it. virtually everyone in the press wants hillary clinton to get elected. fine. they sympathize with her, on her side idealogically. but that doesn't mean you should not cover her. they are ceasing to cover her campaign because they fear it
7:10 am
will help get donald trump get elected. if she was taking bribes with north korea and passed out cold in interview it will get 300 words in "politico." as of today she is likely too. i'm not voting for her. that is what polls say. if she gets ehe elected will they not cover the bad parts? the press relationship with people in power changed that is ominous. martha: in terms of the colin powell of the story, she attempted to sort of sweep him into her vortex, same thing. apples an apples. >> that's right. martha: here is karl rove on that last fighter. >> had an account on established web hosting company, used it for intercommunications inside of the state department but it wasn't a private, home brewed server stuck in his basement and between the time that he served as secretary of state and the time she came in as secretary of state the rules were tightened, department officials were told explicitly do not use private email accounts.
7:11 am
martha: very different. >> well, yeah. for colin powell, this is not new thing. they have been trying to implicate him in the past year since this story broke. one. talking points, colin powell did it too. he hasn't responded. rove makes the key point, he used aol for part of his communication. she used her own home brewed server exclusively for her public communication and work communication. there is really no comparison at all. i don't think he wanted to speak up about this i don't think he wants to be involved in the presidential race at all, yet she forced it. her aides forced it. this is the first talking point. powell did it too. are you attacking him too? you feel sorry for him. he doesn't have anything to do at all. martha: poor martha stewart, you know, lied to an fbi agent and went to jail for it. hillary clinton, they sort of took some notes, there is no account accountability what she said in the investigation. despite james comey wanted to make it clear, this is investigation.
7:12 am
>> most striking part of the whole story. has got you know undercoverred. a lot of people gotten in trouble with the fbi, most of them get in trouble because they lie in conversations with federal agents which you noted is a felony. i never heard ever of a situation where a subject of an investigation is invited in and there is no being sworn in, no tape recording of conversation. literally no transcript of it. martha: that is bizarre. >> is that the rule i live by when i commit a fellly? martha: yours will be recorded, tucker, i guarranty it. >> you think? martha: unbelievable. >> depressing. >> tucker, thank you. >> thanks, martha. eric: that was a great point. great point. martha: i don't understand. how you can speak to the fbi and there is no record, no transcript of what you said? and when james comey was asked in open congressional hearing, did see lie when she spoke to the fbi, he said no. how do you know if there is no comparison of what she said to what the record is? so we're going to stay on this.
7:13 am
eric: ask martha stewart how she feels about this? martha: good question. she was cooking the other day downstairs. maybe we'll bring her back. eric: you know that hillary clinton supporters, they say all this talk of favors of big donors, nothing new. politicians do it all the time but one columnist is making the argument that the clintons take this to a whole new level, brands them clinton incorporated, saying we never have seen anything of this magnitude ever before. martha: donald trump has now delayed a major immigration speech, amid reports that he may be softening his hard-line stance on this. so which is it? what is going to be? will there be a deportation force he has spoken about in the past? we'll speak to one of the senior advisors coming up next. >> we have a lot of bad people that have to get out of this country. we're going to get them out. they go around killing people and hurting people and they're going to be out of this country so fast your head will spin. you can run an errand.
7:14 am
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(announcer vo) you can sit in traffic. or you can crack up. (man on radio) but if it isn't refreshing... (announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. >> i'm not flip-flopping. we want to come up with a really fair but firm answer. it has to be very firm. but we want to come up with something fair. eric: that is donald trump doubling down that he says he is not flip-flopping on immigration. he insists but we're learning now he is delaying that major
7:18 am
speech on immigration he was supposed to give in colorado on thursday. that postponement comes amid reports that he is changing his proposal on booting 11 million illegal immigrants with the so-called deportation force. here is what he had to say about the force back in november. >> are you going to have a massive deportation force? >> you're going to have a deportation force. you're going to do it humanely. they're going back where they came. if they came from a certain country they will be brought back to the country. that is the way it is supposed to be. they can come back but they have to come back legally. eric: boris epstein, senior visor to the trump campaign. boris, welcome. why is he changing his stance? >> it is not a change. you notice everything he said would be donahue mainly. eric: he is backtracking. he is not talking about a deportation force now. where did that go. >> first he will deport all illegal immigrants core criminals. eric: how are they going to do that. is there a force to do that? >> we'll lay out specifics next several weeks. it will be a plan that is fully
7:19 am
detailed that donald trump delivers out there. eric: he talked about, he used words rounding up people. talked about a force, a new immigration agency, going after taking these people out and kicking them out. he is backtracking from that. he is changing his tune. >> he is not absolutely backtracking. all he is saying he is clarifying the first step will be to take the people legal immigrants who are criminals get them out of the country. exact specifics on how will be detailed over next several weeks. the next step will be to make sure we deal with illegal immigrants here that is way humane and enforces laws and enforces constitution. eric: he got a lot of attention back in november when he talked about this deportation force. is he going to rely on the police, on customs, the way obama administration does now? they have removed about 250,000 illegal immigrants. >> george w. bush remove ad lot as well. what donald trump is saying he will want first of all remove the illegal immigrants who are criminals. second, work within the laws that we have on the books.
7:20 am
as well as potentially from new laws in place, and new entities in place to make sure we're enforcing laws on the book, protect american worker and american people. eric: how will he do that? border patrol union endorsed him. they're down on some numbers by a few hundred. i was down on the texas border. is he going to beef up customs. will beef up immigration? will he have a different force by a different name using existing resources now. >> donald trump is without question law and order candidate. he will make sure law enforcement forces are beefed up and that will be a big part of the initiative. we'll lay out specifics over next several weeks. it will not be a change in what donald trump has been saying all along, take the illegal immigrants who are criminals out the country. eric: when will we give the speech? he was supposed to have it on thursday. >> next couple weeks this is agile campaign. bottom line, americans care about 15,000 e-mails came out about hillary clinton.
7:21 am
we need a special prosecutor to make sure she is prosecuted fairly, barack obama and loretta lynch can not do that. eric: eric: boris, thanks for coming in. martha. martha: staying on the topic of donald trump, he is seeking support from minority voters saying inner cities are turned into war zones by democratic policies. how will that message go over and work for him. thrill-seekers at one amusement park getting a little more than they bargained for up there. ♪
7:22 am
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martha: right now president obama is headed to louisiana to tour the devastation there as thousands of survivors clean up
7:25 am
from the deadly flooding they have experienced over the past week 1/2. we have fox team coverage for you. will carr standing by with a look at the recovery efforts, but we begin with kevin corke, live in denham springs, louisiana, which is the heart of the worst of the damage. he is covering the president's visit. so, kevin, what is on his agenda once he touches down there? reporter: we can expect at least three things for sure. number one he is going to meet with his team. that includes fema and of course the department of homeland security. he is certainly going to meet with state and local officials to ask them again what if any federal assistance they may need moving forward. third, we expect the president to meet with people who have been impacted here on the ground by this devastating storm. i can tell you, clearly, martha, sometimes pictures don't really capture the full scope of what we see on tv, and i can tell you being here now, really changes things. you can see devastation, i'm talking about debris fields as far as the eye can see virtually
7:26 am
every direction from where i'm standing. that is what will be greeting the president when he makes his way here later today. we've seen water lines over six feet high. the smell of mold and mildew and rot just about everywhere. reminds me a lot after what we saw with hurricane katrina. that is why a lot of people were so critical the president didn't get here sooner. in particular when you consider contrasting images what is happening here on the ground and president in relatively tony area of martha's vineyard playing golf. martha. martha: we're looking live shot of the president at edwards air force base as he make as trip on air force one, making trip to louisiana. he came over on marine one in the white house. that is the way he travels. he goes off on air force one. he heads to louisiana. he has been criticiz coming sooner. how is the white house responding to that criticism, kevin? reporter: listen i think they're incredibly sensitive to it,
7:27 am
understanding and recognizing what happened post-katrina back in 2005. they have spent better part of i would say a week really pushing back against this narrative that the president was somehow absentee landlord if you will, when it came to getting down here and defending the rights of people in louisiana and being here for them to see them on the ground. yesterday white house press secretary josh earnest rejected comparisons to the post-katrina response under president bush. >> it was different about this situation is that in response to this flood you have got democrats and republicans in louisiana praising the federal response. i think that is the, that is the most significant difference. reporter: and of course the president, as you pointed out on route to here in louisiana as you continue to look at just a snapshot of the devastation again, that is in every single direction here, martha, really striking. it will be interesting to see what his perspective will be here on the ground.
7:28 am
we'll bring that to you on fox news. for now, back to you. martha: kevin, thank you. meanwhile thousands of people trying to cope with the damage that was caused by that heavy flooding. an estimated 60,000 homes have been damaged. at least 40 state highways are closed to traffic still. there is a very beginning of cleanup effort. will carr live in baton rouge with the latest from there. will, how are things going in baton rouge today? reporter: martha, this definitely will be a long recovery process. we want to give you a visual what president obama will see today. we're driving down a street here in baton rouge. we've seen this street after street. debris piled in front of homes. for the past three days, homeowners gutted inside of their houses. they have taken all of their possessions destroyed by these floods. they have put them out here, really walls of personal possessions what is left of them. we're told this could take three months to clear throughout this
7:29 am
entire area. 110,000 residents have filed for federal aid. many are voicing their frustrations to us about problems they're having with insurance. they tell us they thought they were fully covered for it, fining out they're not. these are all things they want president obama to be aware of. take a listen. >> there was a lot saying that, our leaders weren't really doing anything, but, you know, i'm not really, i'm not obsessed with that right you now. i don't care about that. i want to get my stuff out. i want to get my home back where it was. >> i think any big political figure draws attention to the situation we're in, so i think it is good for anybody to come here. reporter: hotels are sold out. more than 2800 people are in shelters. many are just sleeping in their cars until they get help from fema. some schools in the area will be closed until september 6th, because of problems with mold. while this all happens,
7:30 am
residents here continue to talk about ther heroes they encounter. people out doing sandbagging, doing water rescues over the past several days. same people cooking food at night, distributing it in the morning. those are the sense of community the residents they talked to, they want the country to be fully aware of. martha. martha: they said the community has been incredible. they received so much help from each other. that is something we can be thankful for. will, see you later. eric: absolutely true. the clinton foundation pulled in billions of dollars from big, wealthy donors around the globe. do you think they expected anything besides charitable works in exchange for all that dough? martha: slugger hits one out of the park, literally. wait until you see where he hit. the ball landed. fake balls that people have on their window? that is real. we'll come back.
7:31 am
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martha: hillary clinton under fire as never-before-seen emails revealed her state department gave special access to clinton foundation donors but this apparent quid pro quo may just be a part of the clinton business model. bill mcguirk writing in "the wall street journal" this. they are unique having ex-president as spouse not only secretary of state but possibly president herself. if you're wealthy businessman or foreign foundation it might look like a excellent investment at any prays. steve hayes, "weekly standard" and fox news contributor. good to have you here. >> morning, martha. >> the clinton campaign would like everyone to believe this
7:35 am
has been investigated and it is done and people need to move on. this editorial this morning by bill goon points to reasons why that is not a great idea -- bill mcgurn. >> we're seeing revelations about clinton state department and on daily basis. this is not speculation, not coming from republicans launching accusations without facts to support them. this is things we're seeing black and white in emails between state department officials including hillary clinton discussing what would be done for the clinton foundation donors. this is a huge story. it's a huge problem and it is the kind of story i think that would have potentially sunk any other campaign in any normal election year. martha: but argument from the clinton campaign, steve, is that the foundation has done a lot of good in the world. and that nobody was ever given anything with the understanding,
7:36 am
you know, no donation was accepted with the understanding that it would parlay anyone in government, from another country to get what they wanted from the state department. there is no actual evidence of a connection. >> well, as to the first argument it is interesting and maybe nice that the clinton foundation has done good work. it is also totally irrelevant to the question at hand. the question at hand whether favors were exchanged for donations made? whether explicitly or implicitly. the irony to me, i have spent better part of the morning this morning going back and rereading the transcript of::'s nomination hearing from january of 2009 and then senator dick lugar, republican from indiana, said that the major focus of the nomination of hillary clinton's nomination to be secretary of state was the potential conflict of interest between the clinton foundation and her service because foreign governments could think they are purchasing entree into the state department
7:37 am
by donating to the clinton foundation and that is precisely what we've seen. it is what makes this so stunning and so reckless by the clintons. we knew this was going to be a problem. they knew it was going to be a problem. they had to draft a special memorandum of understanding between the obama administration and the clinton foundation in order to avoid even appearance of impropriety. here is something that goes on the appearance of impropriety. you have actual impropriety and it is in black and white. the clinton state department doing favors for donors because they are donors to the clinton foundation. martha: there was also a lot of concern in the obama administration about the foundation. >> right. martha: when they decided to offer her the secretary of state position. you talked about the nomination -- confirmation hearing that followed. you talked about the concern at least, you contend there is evidence there was special treatment given to people if they gave money to the foundation. that was a concern from the white house as well.
7:38 am
here is one more quote from the piece this morning. we're asked to believe it was somehow an accident so many millions of former president bill clinton raked in from speaking fees would come from companies, countries or people who had business before the state department run by his wife. it beggars belief that all dollars were given out without expectation there would be something in return. >> exactly right and we know from the emails it wasn't just that these donors sought access to the state department but they got access to the state department. and again, explicitly, directly because they had given to the clinton foundation. that is discussed in the emails. there is no question at least on that level there is a quid pro quo. beyond that you have a whole series of additional questions, some of which you discussed with james rosen earlier this hour. why was it that the head of the clinton foundation had, as james put it, exponentially more phone messages left for cheryl mills, the chief of staff at the state department?
7:39 am
why was it was cheryl mills as chief of staff of the state department traveled to new york to interview potential new leaders ever clinton foundation. hillary clinton said in july of this year there was sachs absolutely no connection, those were her words and absolutely no connection between her work at state department and clinton foundation. we san say definitely that was a lie. not supportedgy any evidence. that is contradicted. you have so many people, hopefully some journalists continuing to look into this. martha: steve, thank you. >> thanks, martha. ♪ eric: for a change of pace, take a look at this. a minor league baseball player hit a grand slam only to find out later that the baseball smashed his own windshield. look at the play. brandon thomas, outfielder of the gateway grizzlies in southern illinois. hit the home run right over the fence out of the park into the parking lot. soon after went out to the car and his truck, look at that he
7:40 am
shattered his own windshield. >> it wasn't a little crack like down here. it was pretty good damage. i hit it pretty good. eric: wow, what are the chances of that? brandon's team went on to 17-6. he was drafted out of forever georgia institute of technology bit yankees. with arod gone, maybe the yankees need him. martha: donald trump and hillary clinton gearing up to go one-on-one. this is the most interesting chapter to come in this whole thing. she has decades experience and he survived 11 rounds in the republican primary. does either have the upper hand on the debate stage? eric: human stampede. what led hundreds of people in one city to go on a wild goose chase. ♪
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
martha: so crazy, a human stampede in the streets of taipei. a huge crowd of people playing pokemon go. look at this. a wild chase for a rare pokemon stopped traffic in the middle of the city. can you believe this whole thing? local media reports they were rushing to get a snor lax. do you know what that? eric: no. and i ain't running for hit. donald trump and hillary clinton gearing up for showdown in prime time about a month from now. the first debate is held september 26th at hofstra university in new york. both campaigns are digging in with debate prep. mr. clinton and mrs. trump -- mr. trump and mrs. clinton talking about debate strategy last night. >> how do you prepare tore debate of donald trump.
7:45 am
>> i'm here to ask you for your help. you have to be prepared forwack. i'm drawing on my experience in elementary school. >> are you going to be the guy you were in republican, boom, take no prisoners or are you going to be a little bit more measured. >> i don't want to really say that. i'm not sure exactly which way i'm going to go, i may be the way i was, i may be much different person. i don't think i tell you -- if i knew i don't think i will tell you. eric: how will that matchup be like? alexander smith. president of including republican national committee. jessica tarlov, pollster and senior political analyst for schoen consulting. talk about the rumble in the jungle, the "thrilla in manilla," this will be in hofstra. alexandra, start with donald trump, what first does he have to do? >> i think that, huge mistake for hillary clinton to underestimate donald trump. don't forget, hillary clinton was operating in a rigged system where the debates were around
7:46 am
holidays. i remember wrapping christmas gifts around democratic debates. eric: they were buried on saturday nights. bernie sanders complained about that. >> she had one serious opponent. rest were polling in single digits. donald trump competed in prime time, much more watched debates than democratic debates. there were more of them. candidates he was competing with were atop the polls at some point in the race. stakes were higher republican side. one thing he could do to prepare for the debates, watch the 2,000 senate debates between hillary clinton and rick lazio for the new york senate state. that was the year, rick lazio marched over to hillary clinton's podium with the pledge and demanded she sign it. if you remember, the reviews were sort of this, you know, thought that maybe a little bullying. eric: i was up in buffalo covering that moment and when he walked over to give her a piece of paper to try to sign the pledge, donald trump, could be much ruder. are you concerned and worried in
7:47 am
terms of his tenor, attitude, that it could go wrong? >> you know i think, he should be himself. what the american people are looking for, they're looking for something unscripted. they're looking for alternative from washington. they're tired of the old, sort of talking points, tested, poll, focus group tested message that comes from politicians. i think these will be some of the most watched debates in our history. eric: jessica, let me get to jessica. she has to get a chance here. this is what it is going to be like, like, bam, bam, bam, jessica. >> i think it will be. donald trump needs to watch himself, not come off rude, as certainly as rude he was in the debates. i don't think calling her "crooked hillary" in her face will be effective. she can stand there. she has shown herself resilient in the face of these kind of attacks. let him run his mouth. i think that she is going to be a hardcore wonk, which is what
7:48 am
hillary clinton does best. and donald trump is lacking in specifics on all of his policies he was illegal immigration candidate. eric: i has specifics by september 26th. he has been giving policy speech. >> they are still light -- can't appraise the new economic plan with details laid out. this is problem. pushing back the immigration speech from thursday to undisclosed time because they're not sure what is going on. donald trump ran on massive deportation and birthright citizenship for that matter. he has to have a think about it. hillary clinton has been preparing for her entire life. he shouldn't take it lightly. when he jokes with bill o'reilly, i think it is funny, he should have more serious take. she is serious woman. eric: mrs. clinton was joking with jimmy kimmel -- >> she is so adorable. eric: elementary school. that is direct dig at donald trump. thinking back to elementary school, basically calling him a child. >> you know i think it is one of those things, she is, she is
7:49 am
underestimating where the public is at right now. they're looking for someone speak simply to them, to speak directly. we saw in the republican debates there was a lot of substance in those debates. there was a lot of talk of policy. in the end he was one that prevailed. obviously this is general election. it's a different crowd you but at the same time independents are the ones up for grabs. i think they're the ones that are especially frustrated with gridlock they see in washington. hillary clinton is a creature in washington. eric: we're up against the clock. it will be amazing moments. what happens when all the families go on stage to shake hands. see ivanka and chelsea are friends. >> they are. they are frenemies. >> melania and bill clinton, that hug i'm focused on. eric: i'm not going there. martha. martha: i hadn't thought about that. let's go to jenna lee to find out what is coming up on "happening now." >> i hadn't thought of that either.
7:50 am
big developments in the race for the white house as hillary clinton comes under fire, new fire, over her private email server and those other emails that are out. new questions about the clinton foundation and its dealings with the state department. we'll ask the question, does it matter? new questions about donald trump, changes to his schedule this week. we'll talk to the trump campaign coming up at top of the hour. martha: looks good. thank you, jenna. missing for almost two years, a nasa satellite lost in spaces finally phones home. we found you. ♪ if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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martha: this is amazing. nasa spent nearly two years searching for a satellite that disappeared while it was orbiting the sun. they finally made contact over
7:54 am
the weekend but the spacecraft is still in danger being lost for good. we have tariq malik, managing editor where have you been, which were so worried about you! this is what we would say to the satellite. how could you not tell us for two years, right? >> that's right. the spacecraft, one of two nasa built as twins to study the sun on opposite sides of the earth. stereo a was ahead. stereo b was behind. they have been studying the sun, for a good long time, since 2006 when they launched. a couple years ago, stereo b went silent during a communications test and nasa didn't hear from them. they were hoping to restore contact with the spacecraft over time. they have been checking in. just this past weekend came back and said, yes, i'm here. martha: where was it? >> the two spacecraft are on opposite sides of the earth and gradually getting farther and farther away from the earth as
7:55 am
they orbited the sun together. they are on opposite sides of sun from earth in different parts of the orbit. would be over here and stereo a is over here if we're looking to the sun. they were testing whether or not the spacecraft could phone hem again if it experienced an email malfunction on opposite side of the sun. it couldn't call back. it is saying yes, i'm here. nasa is pretty overjoyed about that. martha: i bet. from a practical sense i'm sure it was expensive and people spent quite a bit of time building it, to think they lost track of it and might never see it again had to be a little bit unsettling. >> exactly. having two spacecraft was like the core of this mission, to kind of create stereo images of sun so we could understand space weather and risks to earth and satellites. stereo b, stereo a has been on its own the whole time. if they can confirm this long lost spacecraft is okay, they
7:56 am
could restore that mission. martha: well you know, they are supposed to be on opposite sides of the sun and i think they were twins looking for each other. they found each other and now happening out on that side and they will be back. feel each other's pain, all that kind of thing. thank you so much. it is fascinating and food to have you with us as always. tariq. >> thank you, martha. eric. new fallout as we've been reporting over hillary clinton's email controversy. what newly-released emails reveal about ties with the clinton foundation and the state department while mrs. clinton was secretary of state.
7:57 am
>> ... >> ... >> ...
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7:59 am
there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. bill: surgeons in india performing a fiber operation to help a man survived an attack. doctors say they removed 40
8:00 am
knives from his stomach. the patient admitting he's been swallowing the blades over the past few months. some of the knives were folded, others had blades up to seven inches long. can you believe this? doctors say he suffers from a mental disorder as an and is incounseling. clearly dangerous behavior. martha: on that note , that light note, we will leave you for today. we will see you back here tomorrow. bill: he's okay. martha: don't try that at home. see you tomorrow. jenna: it certainly is a metaphor for something we could apply to our show today. jon: the long knives are out to be eight. jenna: both presidential nominees dealing with their issues as they come campaign west of the mississippi. better than that guy, swallowing knives. i'm jenna lee b1 i'm great in fortran one. donald trump in texas trying to explain what appears to be the shipping position on his


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