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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 23, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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harris: we had such shy people. david asman, thank you. >> i hope i didn't shake things up like charlie gasparino. harris: "happening now" now. and a complete recovery will cost billions of dollars and take years. we are covering all of the news "happening now". flood ravaged louisiana finally gets a visit from president obama. but is it too little too late? plus. >> a dangerous drug taking over the streets of the major city. >> an epidemic of overdose is putting health officials on
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alert. how bad is the problem. and a convicted murderer gets a new trial. but will two former classmates discredit a new alibi witness? it is all "happening now". but we begin with hillary clinton and a fox news exclusive. unpublished phone records sparking new concerns about the ties between the clinton charitable foundation and the clinton state department. >> fox news learned that there was 150 telephone messages for clinton's top state department aide over a two year period. james has the story.
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>> fox news obtained 180 pages maintained by staff assistants to cheryl mills. she served as chief of staff for president obama. they show a wide cross-section of celebrities like sean penn to clinton who said wgc would love to speak with you. but laura graham chief operating officer of the clinton foundation. 148 messages left with mills including our boss. yesterday the state department acknowledged that graham and mills did not share the same boss. >> we have seen no evidence of behavior or relations with the clinton foundation that were not completely above board. in this case, it is it likely
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that what they were dealing with during many of the calls was the immediate aftermath of the haiti earthquake. >> call logs were released to citizen's united that mounted a lengthy court battle. the president of that group said the state department so manied unprepared for the call logs made public. >> it is one thing phone calls after the haiti earthquake and that would be be explained and understood. but that is not about all of the haiti earthquake. >> and brian fallon said the clinton foundation is a charity and announced major steps to take if clinton wins the white house. >> james rosen, thanks. >> more on that story. donald trump trying to paint
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a clearer picture of his campaign platform. he was struggling to provide specifics as he talked to bill o'rielly and they but theed heads a bit. watch this. >> the actual seizure of human beings. taking them from their homes and putting them in a detention center and so their illegal alien status is adjudicated. >> bill, you are the first one to mention that detention center. no, i never heard the term. i am not going to put them in a detention. >> you you cited dwight eisenhower on this program. >> it was in 1952, and who by the way deported tremendous numbers. >> he rounded them up and when you cited him as an example. >> no. i said that, yeah, i said that
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something that has been done in a strong manner. i am not agreeing with that. and i have good relationships with a lot of hispanic people. we are talking about it and we with will get rid of the bad ones and they will be be out of the here bad. there is gang members. and you see what is happening in los angeles. they are going to be be out of here so fast. and the rest with go through the process like they are now with a lot more energy and do it through the system of laws. >> talk about this with your panel. we'll talk about it with mitch mcconnell and former advisor to harry reid. immigration and talk about the border was so central to donald trump's campaign in the primaries and he is the last one standing and there is a hyper focus on this and his plan. do you think he needs more
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specifics? >> well, on one hand it is refreshing for him to acknowledge that he will win the general election with solely a white male vote and he's trying to temper hiss rhetoric and expand on the amount of people to relate to the policies that he is prescribing here. and they pulled back on the speech. maybe that's it. i think he has a larger problem than immigration, though it is it not help. or his ret rubbing which is not helpful. but the number consistently in the polls show they don't believe he's qualified to be president. and putting meat on the bone next three months seems like the best way to do that. >> the question is how specific does he need to be, josh. penny, i told to an advisor in the last hour of happening now.
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maybe mr. trump doesn't have specifics and here's her response. does he? >> donald trump had a very firm policy and clear and simple and secure the border. that is our first and most important priority in this entire policy. he is clear and consistent from day one. >> does he have to do more, penny. that is his policy and got him support issers. >> and a lot of detractors and a lot of people tell you mexican wall built by mexico is not going to happen. but the question is, also, is anybody listening to him anymore. does he have anything left on the issue. he opened up his campaign disparageing a class of people and saying mexicans are coming over the border and they are
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rapist and murderers and build a wall and keep him out. even if he were to get in more specifics and on the third round of advisors saying you have to. they are listening to him. >> and hillary clinton has a response on the issue, and she put out a new campaign adand we'll play it now. >> they are bringing drugs. they are bringing crime. and rapist. and this is a country where we speak english and not spanish. i will immediately terminate president obama's illegal executive order on immigration. >> how effective is that. >> that is effective. and when you are trying to win the national elections, you try to put a ceiling on a candidate's ability to appeal to certain segment of voters. but again, going back to the
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other point which is more important for donald trump. it is not specific proposal. the issue is voters are begging for an alternative to hillary clinton. they are not sure donald trump can do the job. can he demonstrate like he did in the end of last week. >> he was on the right tone at the end of last week before they fired the campaign chairman. and there was an element of humility and seriousness with the security briefings and economic briefings. a lot of economic briefings would be good. less 20000 person rallies and more substance. if they can figure that out, he will improve. >> it is is interesting to see the changes. he cancelled the immigration talk and nevada and oregon and doing a town hall in texas, penny and to bring in the top news story, you have all of the
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questions surrounding the clinton foundation and phone calls between the head of the foundations and security clinton's top aide in the state department. that is what she will have to confront. it is not a policy issue but trustworthiness as well. how damaging is it for her? >> we have a phone log, but we don't know what the conversations were about and we have the department of state said they were alluding to the disaster that was happening in haiti. we don't have all of the facts on this. there will be a lot of questions out there and they will be addressed and asked. it is it a point in which mrs. clinton does have to address. and so there is going to be. >> you think she'sgood job in doing that? >> as this has come out, she's been on many occasions on a front as to explaining what
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the situation was and the policies that were in place between the department of state and the clinton foundation, and obviously as we are learning more and the information is coming out in drips and drabs, it is not giving the full context. some of it seems more sensational than it might be. >> we have folks like trump should step back and others say hillary clinton should step forward. interesting on both candidates. great to have you and thank you so much. >> president obama, arrive nothing baton rouge just moments ago for the firsthand look at the flooding that devastated louisiana. the flood water there damaging thens of thousands of homes and blamed for the deaths of 13 people. kevin has the latest.
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>> i got to tell you. it is good to see the president is finally here. that's what i heard about the resident. they were not saying it in a nice way. it is about like it is about damn time the president is here. you and i talked about he was critized about maintaining the conversation in martha vineyard. the pictures simply tell a tale of destruction as far as the eye can see. we see debris fields everywhere. the president will survey the area and expected to reach out to his staff and time on the ground and find out how things are going. and also going to talk to local officials what if any help they need from the federal government. he's getting a lot of push back about staying up in the vineyard and listen to josh earnest who
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rejected comparison that what president obama did was akin to president bush. >> what is different about the situation, is that in response to this flood. you have democrats and republicans praising the federal response. that's significant difference. >> reporter: as you can imagine, people feel differently and among them gop candidate donald trump. let me show you a tweet he put out. president obama should have gone to louisiana days ago, instead of golfing, too little, too late. we expect the president to talk a great deal about the 127 million that was set aside for flood victims. that is a drop in the bank account when you consider the billions. every little bit helps and we'll talk about the response and hear from the president. back to you. >> we'll keep an eye on it.
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and we'll show the viewers where he is and we'll go to it. kevin, thanks. off to a terrorist investigation in virginia centering on a stabbing attack. it is becoming national news. witnesses say the suspect was yelling allah acbar. and now the fbi is working with the police department and investigating the attack as terrorism. both victims were severely injured. the man managed to fight off the suspect. there is a lot of questions about the background of the individual and whether or not the fbi knew about him. >> new findings about the tragic death of a two-year-old boy dying at disneyworld. what happened before the
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alligator dragged the little boy in the lagoon. >> disturbing footage from a would- be bomber. they stopped the attack. what was horrifying, he was a ♪little boy, the attacker. (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. >> welcome back. new information on the alligator attack at disneyworld that left a little boy dead. tourist warned disney employees about the gators just minutes before the boy was dragged into the lagoon. the report finds that disney had no alligator warning signs near the water when theap malattacked the little boy. >> isis is turning to more ruthless terror attacks with using children and teenagers as
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suicide bombers. in iraq police removed a explosive belt from a young by. >> isis lost territory because of u.s. led air strikes and carried out attacks on civilian populations. and it might be turning to children suicide bombers. yesterday a teenage boy was wear withing a suicide vest. the child said he was kidnapped and sent to blow himself up. this comes after turbish authorities believe be a young boy between ages of 12- 14 attacked a wedding party that killed 54 people. the ongoing syrian civil war is brutal on the region's children. it is estimated 9 million children are affected by the
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ongoing violence. 50,000 or so children in syria have been killed. many surviving and displaced are missing 1 or 2 parents, jenna and making them very easily preyed on by isis and other groups. it is it a problem not only in suicide attacks but needing d desperate humanitarian assistance. >> connor, thank you. there is a legal development involving a judge that sparked outrage after sentencing a former stanford swimmer to six months behind bars for sexual assault. the action that the judge took and plus, new danger on skid row and how police are responding. that's next.
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>> the judge in the controversial rape sentencing recusing himself from a case of child pornography where the defendant wants to reduce the conviction from a felony to a misdemeanor. the judge said some people may doubt he could be impartial p. he was a focus of a recall effort after sentencing turner to six months in jail for raping an unconscious women. >> los angeles facing a growing problem third time in three days. police and fire officials were called downtown to take dozens of people to the hospital after
10:25 am
taking a popular street drug called spice. johnathon hunt has more. >> reporter: it is a national crisis and not just an l.a. one. first call came at 10:30 in the morning and then emergency responders were treating 18 people sickened by spice or k2. rid row is the center of the homeless population and spice is popular because it is cheap. it is this incident and a similar one last friday, it is also very dangerous. >> no one knows what ingredients are different. it is different and what active ingredients and the patients smoke it at their own peril. nspice exploded last year, and continued to be an issue of
10:26 am
great concern on the streets of many american is the ises. and the american center reported that through the end of july this year there are 1682 explosives and meaning generally adverse to the the drug needing medical treatment. worst was florida. texas 178 cases and new york with 209. and spice is cheap. and can't be detected in most drug tests and widely available. >> smoking spice right now and i feel perfectly fine. why do i cough so less. >> they only want a dollar for. it that's all they wanted, man. >> and most synthetic drugs are currently legal. but according to medical expertses, they pose a very serious risk of injury or death.
10:27 am
and their widespread use amounts to nothing less than a public health crisis for the entire country. >> thanks. >> president obama arriving in southern louisiana after devastating floods force thousands of people from their home. they will discuss the critics and fallout. and stocks start on a high note. it is bought record highs on wall street. ...clear for take off.
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>> stocks climbing with the nasdaq and s&p 500 trailing behind the record high. and analyst say it is because investors expect interest rates to stay low for a while. is that the reason, adam? >> it is highs. and that is dow up 40 points. and that really means that surprises that you got. commerce department reported that sales of new family homes jumped in july. and that annual run rate.
10:32 am
it is the best pace since october of 2007. and the median price for a house has fallen a half percent. and the other thing that is driving the market, up eight and half percent and these homes are up 6 and 2 percent. & over all sales are just up one percent growth year over year. and best buy stock is up today as well. jenna, back to you. >> adam, thank you. >> president obama is touring flood- ravaged louisiana with high water that killed 13 people and estimated 100,000 homes. and critics slammed the president for not cutting short his vacation to visit the flood zone sooner. benard is author and former
10:33 am
clinton pollster. and former media consultant for republican campaigns. benard, we have followed the louisiana newspaper and they are unrelenting in their criticism of president obama. one opinion headline read louisiana deserves more from obama, not a sequel to a bush's neglect. do you think that that is fair criticism? >> it is unfair and here's why. the most important thing the president can do in terrible disasters is ensure the response is swift and appropriate and effective and every measure from the federal government is extraordinary. there is a thousand housing inspectors on the ground. that number is expected to increase. fema has delivered million literes of water and meals and blankets and that is above what
10:34 am
the red cross is done. 55 million is authorized and 20000 people applied. >> i get that. >> and a hundred thousand people more registered and so response is effective. let's look at the progress and not politics. >> but look, part of presidential leadership is standing shoulder to shoulder with citizens that are suffering. let me go to you this, patrick. donald trump did precisely that and prompted an editorial in the washington post. president obama has accomplished something that was unimaginable. he helped donald trump look more presidential than the president of the united states. did trump do what presidents, patrick are supposed to do. shine a spotlight on a national tragedy? look, trump was incredibly and
10:35 am
unexpected adept. it took advantage of an opportunity to go to people who needed help. 103,000 and immerse himself in the place. i agree response is is important and i think the president's job is to make sure the help they need. but in politics, perception is reality. and certainly josh and president obama knows that. here's the problem, the president was hobnobbing with the rich and famous in one of america's ritsy resorts and those images were sent to people in a terrible food situation. the president knows better. >> benard 1965, president johnson flew immediately to new orleans after hurricane betsy
10:36 am
just devastated the region there and there he was. i remember the picture. i was a kid. it was on the front page of every newspaper in america. there is president johnson standing amid the darkness and all of these people and he shines a flashlight and he said my name is lyndon bainesc johnson and i am the president of the united states and i am here with you to make sure you have the help you need. he was the consoler in chief and it was vital at the time and he was lauded by everybody for it. shouldn't president obama done something sooner. >> i think the most important is the response. white house and president obama took governor edwards at his word saying plead don't come. you can distract. >> edwards was glad trump was
10:37 am
there. he his elaborate. >> trump ignored what the government asked and swooped in to make a political statement. the governor told obama to please wait and hillary clinton said please donate to the red cross and baton rouge area foundation and i will come when it is not a distraction. >> the white house offered the same excuse. they said the president does not want to interfere with first responders. isn't it interesting that was the excuse that president bush used in hurricane katrina for not going to ground 0 there and senator obama excorerated him for it. >> it is a dull standard of do as i say and not what i do. president obama is done, he's not running for anything. the person who gets hurt here is hillary clinton. i don't know what spa she is
10:38 am
rest nothing. but the fact that donald trump went down there, surprised the republican side and never mind the democrat side. hillary clinton, we don't know if she is going or when. i have been difficult on donald trump. that campaign showed something and shamed the president of the united states to going. i don't agree with with trump too much. but it was too little, too late from a optic. >> you can denigrate it by calling optic. maybe you can demonstrate presidential leadership. what you stand for by literally where you stand and that means often being there. >> but the idea of comparing president obama to president bush is absurd. the response to catrenna was a disaster and 2000 people die.
10:39 am
fema was a mess. and it was a shambles. the response here is extraordinary and president obama you showing up changed things? no. optices would have been better. but in the end of the day people in louisiana want that. >> benard i will stick with you. the white house didn't even call a news conference in martha's vineyard after the golf game and photographs of. that they didn't put a message of support on the white house website. >> but the call shouldn't be to the press. the call was to fema and he was talking to the governor of louisiana. >> why not both? >> because the most important thing is to get aid to the victims and that is coming in huge waves. >> patrick, if the president obama running for reelection,
10:40 am
would he have behaved differently? >> in a new york minute. he had no trouble getting to new jersey. and we know the price that chris christie paid for that. politics and optices go hand in hand. you want to make sure people get support and help they need. it is it a very, very strong message for the president of the united states to be there with people. and call attention to how people can help. donations coming in to baton rouge and parts of louisiana is woefully inadequate. the democrats think the federal government just write a check. but americans like to hear the commander in chief and that's what the president supposedly still is. ask them to come together. >> hillary clinton hasn't showed up yet. >> that's what hillary clinton
10:41 am
suggested. and please get to the red cross and baton rouge. >> that is great. guys, we are out of time. good to see you both. >> thank you, greg. >> new questions on a murder on podcast. a key alibi witness for the alleged murderer may not be telling the truth. how will that impact the new trial? we'll talk about that. massive wile wild rages out west and how close they are to containing the flames. >> the fire people know they are here and they will have a truck if need be. ce policy is 22 pages long. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy. did it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five? no. it said, "blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah..."
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firefighters battling a wildfires in california that is cover canning 58 square
10:45 am
miles. the fire despoied 36 homes and 1600 buildings and threatened thousands more. it is 35 percent contained. mandatory evacuation orders is in effect. but not everyone is prepared to leave everything behind. nnight time it is boxed in on two sides. so the fire, it's, we get our winds that pick up in the afternoon and that is the issue. >> i am not leaving and i know this country. i know how to get out. >> we help each other. you need a hand you get a hand. and close knit and knowing who is out here and if they need help. nsome new information in the saed murder case.
10:46 am
two classmates said a key alibi witness for sa- ed may not be telling the truth. the murder conviction was reversed and granted a now trial in the death of his girlfriend. a classmate said she saw syed in the library giving him a clear ali alibi. the alibi witness believed in his innocence and she would try to help him and she's not telling the truth. a lis wiehl joins us. >> and now the alby witness has now come forward is testified in a post conviction hearing. does it make a difference? >> no, as far as the reversal of the underlying conviction tis it
10:47 am
a legal red herring. it is interesting, but nothing to do with the overturning. >> the judge overturned for are other reason. >> the cell phone tower that was used as evidence in the initial trial had information. >> yes, notes inially that it was false. but the state put on a witness and the attorney did not cross examine the state's witness. the state's witness testified and that person was not cross examined and that laid, and the judge said created a substantial possibility that the results was undermined. >> the alibi witness makes no difference but it might on the appeal? >> it may make a difference on the appeal. if the witness comes forward, it will make a huge deal.
10:48 am
the witnesses lying and we know people lie about where someone was and alibi witnesses. they want all of the information from the other witnesses say this person is going to lie and we told you and they have proof that they believe she was lying. facebook messages are time stamped and saying why are you going to lie for him? that is turned over to the prosecutor. >> the alibi witness wrote to the defense attorney. he didn't call her. >> he believed that as well. >> what if the defense attorney said you know, her testimony doesn't match my client's story. i can't call her. >> you would have to be a dopey defense attorney not to reach out and make a phone call, unless you don't believe in the
10:49 am
witness. that would muddy up my trial more than i could. >> he probably knew she was lying. >> and people come out of the blue and we know the real story. they sit them down and something funny is going on. >> it will make more trouble to put that witness on the stand. we are at that new trial stage, right? you put her on or not put her on. and you have two sisters coming forward. you are back at square at a er or be. >> you could be held in contempt for putting on a witness that is lying. >> and then the cell tower testimony that could be unreliable. and then it becomes all that much more important. >> it is altogether possible that sa- ed could get a second trial. if the alibi witness holds up
10:50 am
who knows. >> retrial better for the defense. >> you need a good defense attorney. >> we know our own play bock and what to do. ñ >> 100 percent record. >> you only took slam dunks. >> no, i always had the bad guys. >> always fun talking to you guys, thanks. jenna? >> rising tensions in the dnz. what south carolina is accusing the north of doing and the fallout next. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time.
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a fox news alert, happening now in louisiana, what you're seeing there is the president touring through one of the most
10:54 am
damaged neighborhoods outside baton rouge, louisiana. he's in an area called zachary, walking up and down the street, talking to homeowners in the area. you can clearly see for yourself the damage in this particular area of louisiana is fierce. the new numbers, more than 100,000 homes impacted, buildings impacted, and billions and billions of dollars in damage. all those people certainly affected, their families' life changed. the president down there today, taking the tour that some have asked of him and others have asked not of him. it's become more political due to the campaign season. we'll continue to watch him walk through these neighborhoods. he'll also be speaking briefly and we'll listen in and bring you that when he does so. right now tensions are running high as the american-led u.n. demand in south korea accuses the north of planting land mines inside the
10:55 am
demilitarized zone that divides the two koreas. b benjamin hall is following it from our london bureau. benjamin? >> reporter: the north koreans have already threatened nuclear strikes on the u.s. today it appeared as this they may be violating the terms of their truce with the south. there are a million mines already believed to be buried in the dmz which divides the two koreas. an unidentified south korean government official have said these latest mines may have been planted so that north korean soldiers couldn't defect. 30,000 american troops and 50,000 south korean soldiers are
10:56 am
involved in drills. kim jong il sees these as a directly it to his rule and he always responded with missile tests. this year the tensions are higher because of deinfectiofde from the state. jenna? >> we'll be watching, benjamin, thank you. we'll be right back.
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11:00 am
the president is expected to speak after touring this hard-hit neighborhood in baton rouge. president obama is facing heavy criticism that he waited too long to show up. we'll go to him live on the scene from louisiana. >> to begin with, i just want to say thank you to the outstanding officials behind me who have been on the ground, working 24/7 since this flood happened. it begins with outstanding leadership from the top with governor john bel edwards. we appreciate all the outstanding work he's done. his better half, the first lady of louisiana, i know has been by his side every step of the way, and we're grateful to her. they've got their own cleaning up to


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